NO WIRING RADIONIC MACHINES! More Radionic Tech Breakthroughs!!

By | December 2, 2022

Radionic has been developing the ultimate radionic technology for some time. New Wireless transfer energy allows the removing of all “connection” wiring between Amplifiers, Main Boxes, and Transmitters. This process increase the energy flow by 89% or more. TRaditional wiring actucally hurts subtle energy flow. #radionics #psionics #orgone.

Welcome everyone Dr Thor here get ready For gnosis well let's talk about the Next level of radionic Technologies Which of course uh on The Cutting Edge As we've always been is radionic Tech And my engineering which has uh been Um in this particular area of course Radionics is relatively new but I've Been in for 30 years been making Machines for over 30 years designing Writing books on it as well and been in This entire area of subtle energy Physics and alternative science for over 54 years so it's important to understand My background on not only have I written Over 35 Books five courses been on the BBC CNN the Art Bell show Etc but I'm a Very studied person with a doctorate in The occult sciences and a doctorate in Sutter energy physics from really the Only legitimate people that have ever Taught that So it's important to understand it's Also important that we move on past this Ridiculousness of technology that is Really basing their Technologies on a Hundred to 120 year old understanding of The subject matter Now certainly we all need to honor and Respect and take the uh the cues the Guidance from uh the interesting Technology of radionics And unfortunately none of the people in Radionics have ever talked about really

What makes it work what are the energies Involved here well how can you possibly Use energies or particularly build Devices and machines that assist this Process if you don't understand what the Energy is and this is something that is Um been ignored by pretty much everyone And they haven't investigated thing Since the original energies or came out Now uh Abrams the person who kind of Started all this Albert Abrams the San Francisco Doctor Who Came From a very Wealthy family and who got into this Certainly didn't call it radionics he Called the electric reaction of Abrams But there really wasn't there's a again Like most things there's a confused Process going on here of what he started Out with which was mostly what could Have been frequency generate Traders This moved into other things then he Started making what is considered now a Classical non-electric type machine uh He would never tell anybody what he put Into it Um he wanted to make lots of money from It apparently to start his own hospital But didn't live long enough to do that Certainly the concept is fascinating but There's not really anything new about it The only thing new about this process is That it was now hooked up to some suto Meaning false electrical circuits And of course people had different

Variances of these electrical circuits Ruth drown uh who really took over from Abrams uh was a person with a lot of Electrical background and made a lot of The equipment that she used again was Some was very electrical dealing with Competing Competence competence whatever that the Actual flowing of electrical energies Through the body's capacitance And this is what she would put people in And so forth and these are all working On the kind of the electrical body but She did not produce a lot of these Machines the machines that she actually Started to produce were basically the Classic unit we have today which is the Flow pattern I call that flow because It's a flow of energy uh non-electric Units and uh she then being the uh the Spokesman for this entire field taking Over from Abrams and of course being Harassed within the United States uh Went over to Europe and started uh the Whole radionic industry in Europe a lot Of things people don't understand it was Not started by de la War it wasn't Started by other people who are now Running the radionic association who Have this loose connection to them I Wasn't started by them it was Ruth drown That went over there and started Everything and Delaware took over as Well as many other people and the reason

I mean basically the industry was given Away okay uh to the British because it Became quote illegal in the United States at least medically certainly These machines are 100 legal but you Cannot in any way make medical claims on This or anything else for that matter And I agree with that I don't think People should be making medical claims Do they have the right to use it for Whatever they want well a hundred Percent yes so that's where we get into Problems here but we all know that the Medical industry itself is a giant con And most of the alternative Practitioners are cons so everybody's a Con living in a delusion putting money In their pocket justifying what they're Doing when they have very little success We see what the regular medical industry Success are just go to your local Graveyard So the whole idea their work is there so So the whole idea is that all this stuff Is the reality uh that is going on out There but so roofed round one over there And there's hundreds of cases of um her Helping people particularly in Europe Medically curing them people claim this And I don't know what to make of any of It you know I'm a person who has to see Things and have it verified just because You get good or bad results means Nothing you know what does it do in

General and what is the value of it People misuse everything out there People are delusional they cure Themselves through the thought of it all Which is what these things are these are Thought machines there you could almost Cause uh call a call a radionic machine A placebo machine to a large degree the Way most people use it now we brought That past that level to a point that We're using actual uh subatomic energy Fields subtle energy physics which is Actually actually using the essence of Creation so this is quite different and It's of course completely and totally Non-accepted by traditional loser Science So we need to understand so Ruth drowned Did all that to roofed down supposedly Was tested on a couple of occasions and Failed horribly now I still go by the Reality that she was told to fail and if She didn't fail there would be big Trouble I think that was part of it but She was tested on many occasions she Claimed to be able to stop bleeding and Everything else and you know that's a Pretty dangerous thing to do and Apparently there was a test with some Dog or something where they cut a major Area on them or even an artery and she Was unable to do it and the dog died now Is all this real I don't know I can't Believe anybody anywhere on either side

Of the aisle they're all in it for the Bucks they have no credibility they are Not seeking truth they are seeking their Own personal ego and filling their own Pockets which never seems to end and That not only goes for the doctors and Their criminal activities but the Criminal activities done by all these Other people these alternative people as Well and you name it it's very difficult To find I found one credible Acupuncturist uh who uh tried to keep His prices down and helped people I've Found no other house they all want big Tickets I've never have a doctor offer Me a free service I've never had an Alternative person offer me a free Service they want lots of money or even A discount because you have to go to Them all the time so I have no use for Any side of the aisle like everything Else I'm a person of the golden mean and That's the center path that works either You get off that path you get in the Corruption or whatever it is so it's Very easy to run from the con artist Establishment people over to the people Who claim they have the answer do they Yeah if they do they have a big ticket On it let's go to Deepak chokras rich Man uh Healing Center in La Jolla Otherwise known as the Bel Airs not even Beverly Hills it's the Bel Air on the Beach where the Super Rich Live and

Everything he does costs a fortune so The whole idea and he lives in opulence I guess that's part of his Indian Teaching yes Give me your wallet your big big wallet And give me your wife and get out of Here So the whole idea is this is the kind of Crap you run in from everybody so the Whole idea is that's what uh the world Is all about so I don't trust any of Them we have a problem here and then we Have a problem here with them not really Understanding anything so it's a Fascinating and holds the key to Everything in life is the practice of Radionics and you're not a radionic IST If you're not part of the radionic Temple you are pretty much on the path Of Destruction you have no idea what You're doing this is the answer to Everything yet it is a personal path Which takes your personal raising of Your Consciousness to get it to evolve And ultimately Ascend so it's not easy You just don't say I love what this I Got I read it in the book no it doesn't Work like that you have to perform and Prove yourself which again just shows That this is the ultimate path so We've got to be very very careful of all Of the information that's out there and The problem is because of corruption in General because of unbelievably

Ridiculous policies and laws from around The world anytime you want to try and Get something uh research something There's a problem and to a certain Extent I certainly understand this if Somebody wants to sell you a bottle of Air and say well just take this air for Five hundred dollars and it's going to Cure you and I got 10 people that said They did it well there's a problem here And this is what happens with all that So the problem is is what that generates By putting laws and putting uh Power in One particular Community only is that You breed corruption uh with the and That's the way it goes with all of those Things so we have to find ways around it We do have ways around this but I don't Think anybody should make any claims Certainly your doctor who has a history Of death and the entire factor and Making money off of the dead people he Murders and gives them bad operations And everything certainly is not a Reality to go in nor is believing in a Lot of these false claims made by people The Um I call them the alternative medical Um Tech worker evangelist types that are Out there screaming they're curing you And none of this stuff works whether It's from a false god or from a false Machine so we have to be careful what Does this do how does it work you should

Be participating and using these kind of Amazing energies after all when you come Down to everything in life including Regular medicine you're talking about The fact that the skill of the Individual is it surgery that works not Really it's the surgeon and why do some Surgeons have huge success rates and Other ones have mediocre success rates Why well the point is it's very uh Interesting to actually know that so Um We have to look at all these things and Understand so the next Revelation here Is to move away from all that and I know What works I have all the information we Are developing right now there's no Research going on I'm developing right Now we're moving into the Final Phase of Getting into the next level of actual Um empowerment through what can be Considered radionic or psychotronic type Devices which are based in your Consciousness that are Amplified Now we are coming out of course with the Uh traditionally tight but not really uh It's hard to understand all this and if You're not a person who really is Involved in this you don't get it but We're coming out with the Scion Generator which is the mass marketable Manifesting machine that everybody needs You have a computer you have a cell Phone why don't you have a manifesting

Machine why aren't you empowering Everything you're doing in life you can Sit there and say I went to school I'm Learning a course I got to pass this Test I got this grade I have this Certificate well that's all wonderful And you have to do that in the real World those are called channels but There's a lot of people that have high Education have great skills and are Getting nowhere that's because they're Not mad I did I did put the energy I got The certificate doctor door I should be Rich well the point is this world Doesn't work like that the people who Are rich and famous are generally Connected people and while they do go to The school so they're rubber stamped Their ignorant friends and given a Certificate it made dumb I got Stanford On here I mean as dumb as you get see That's not a regular dumb certificate That's a high quality dumb certificate So the whole idea is you've been rated Dumb and then they take you in the Companies and they finance you all the Same people that have the same dumb or Similar certificates but you've been Verified by the system that you believe What they tell you to believe are you Kind of can read and write uh even Though I'm not sure how true all that is But uh the whole idea is that's how it Works

Uh so what you're not getting anywhere With that you have to empower yourself And we're going into Times where people With a lot of skills uh are not going to Get jobs they're going to be on the Unemployment line with everybody else And be in terrible situations because They are not empowering their life get Out there and Empower your life plain And simple you do that uh by um Actually using the technology and Learning how to use it which is of Course assisted by a technology which is Important because you can't maintain a State of altered Consciousness Projecting out the energies you need Past three or four minutes so this is Where the machines take over and do this 24 7 and assist the entire process why Even if you could why would you spend Hours and hours Pumping energy into something when a Machine can do it for you and it's a Necessity it just makes common sense I'm Not going to walk to the supermarket I'm Gonna take a car simple as I I'm not Going to do stupid things like that so The whole idea is why waste your time And energy doing that the difficulties Of it the fact that it's difficult to Carry things if you don't have a car Where do you put all this stuff so your Time is wasted doing that use technology Just makes sense secondly well maybe you

Can do that to do shopping you can't do That in manifesting you can't spend Hours and hours concentrating you need a Machine the Scion generator is the Answer to that and the core of the cores We're also coming out with our News Latest which is going to be called the Uh Tesla Vortex laser 9 which is going To be based in this pure energy transfer With the least use or at least the not The major involvement of Electromagnetics we're moving over to Energy flow purely the picking up of These um informational energetic Fields Through photons and transferring them Which by the way is not something that Is groundbreaking and I don't do Anything that necessarily is a hundred Percent invested invented by me or Discovered by it I use known Technologies to hire better levels now Lasers have been transferring Information and you probably don't even Think about it every time you go to the Store and they scan something with that Red laser you're picking up information From a box With a light beam and bringing it into a Computer I don't think people think that I think people think it's some sort of a Physical process that you're somehow Punching numbers into a machine and this No it's not you're transferring energy Through photons into the computer and it

Does it very quickly faster than you Could punch in these huge barcode Numbers Does people get that I don't think they Get it every time you use a CD a DVD Player you're using a laser that takes The information from the disk and puts It into the system so it takes all this Stuff with you know Blu-rays 4K well They're all working on laser Transmission of cruder information so we Need to understand that fiber optics you Heard about that people a lot of fiber Optics radionic machine 35 years ago so The whole idea is that you're moving Energy through and this is what Everybody wants they just converted all The the Crude copper cables over to fiber optic Comprende people are so the whole idea Is all your computers all your fast Internet speeds aren't done through Crude wires they're done through light Beams so hopefully I forget everybody Gets that and of course that's what our New Advanced model will be our our Professional model as of this time we'll Be using that technology so it's Important to understand that and Important to understand how valuable That is so we're moving away from these Wire systems we're putting out one final System which is again quasi we're using Some electrical

Um capacitance and things but we've Moved away from that we're not going to Be using copper plates anymore we're Using energy plates and we have figured Out how to not use wires anymore we Don't need to use wires to transfer Energy from one unit to another so if You have a radionic box you don't really Need that wire anymore you need the two Energy transfer disks that I have Designed and been testing for many Months here that will transfer the Energy from a box into an amplifier now Amplifier just for the sake of ease will Have a electrical connection that you Connect the amplifier into the Transmitter uh if you want to we will be Giving people disks as well so they Don't have to do that so being freed up From wires as has been happened with Bluetooth certainly is a fantastic Benefit to everyone that's happened in The last 10 years we went from wires Over to Bluetooth which I is just Wonderful not to having to have Something connected to a computer or Particularly with headphones and other Things have a wire I was using wired Headphones about 10 years ago and they Got caught on everything if you're Moving around particularly outside they Get caught on different areas there's no Way to keep those wires and they're just A pain now you can just Bluetooth it now

You can just Bluetooth the actual Radionic machines you have no more Transfers no need for wires there's no Need for any of this stuff if we use Them we're using them mostly if we're The very minor herzian effect that you Get from all of this there is about two To five percent it's hard to say how Much of it is but it's a very low amount Of energy is transferred through herzian Frequency Fields now you do produce These as a human being we have herzian Fields that come out of your mind your Head puts out these it's shooting Electrical Fields all the time but this Again is an illusion yes these are Critical but really what's Happening Here is the transfer of information Using that as a carrier wave Now you need that for those crude things Well when you're using higher energies Particularly manifesting energy you Don't need any of that little extra Boost you get from the electromagnetic Which will go to the Target anyway by You just working through the process What you need is to transfer the subtle Energies and the subtle energies are now Transferred through very particular Designed discs these discs are printed On CDs so that's what a disc looks like It's a basic CD and this is a great way To do it at low cost and it has on the CD a special type of energy that has

Been put in there but it's not the Energy it's not that little uh program That goes in there which is a very Particular type it's not your typically Classical digital crap this is based in A very high digital signal that actually Is not digital so but it doesn't work by Itself anyway the key to it all is not The actual information that's on the Disk this is nothing more than an Activator signal by itself it doesn't do Much you have to activate the very Special sigil that's printed on the C D This is the key so they synergistically Work together this trade this triggers This that is triggered and that combines With the other one so by putting Multiple disks underneath each and every Item that you want so you put on your Radionic box you put it under your Amplifier box you put it under your Transmitter you're done there's no wires Needed again that's that's BS thinking That's backward we should call that uh BW thinking backwards thinking So that's there so if we're gonna keep Going back to this electromagnetic Fallacy the stupidity that's involved With electromagnetism which in general And the use of electricity which is Amazing and uh really totally and Completely misunderstood we still don't Really know what electricity is and why It works like that but it is a

Kindergarten start and it does help Society and electric devices run this Entire world including what you're Watching and listening to today so it Has its place but I don't think that That is really the ultimate answer and We need to get away from this stupid Battery based nonsense and move over to Other ways of generating power which we Can do as well particularly hydrogen and So many other things but the bottom line Is that when we get into real high tech The top of the top Which a lot of cultures say the cherry On top the top of the top is uh moving Away from electromagnetic curtsian Fields and moving into subtle energy Physics and the transfer of this Non-hurtzian energy through non-hurtzian Ways so if you're going to transfer Water and you're gonna well I'm gonna I Want to move War I want water Trey over Here Dr door let me go get the wire for That wire yeah I use electrical wires And I I stick that in the uh in the Water valve Oh did you learn that at MIT Yes sir I got a double triple A from Them I got a little paper here So the whole idea is that this is of Course what you're doing So that wouldn't work but of course if You're from MIT or the common scientist Hey it's working

I went to school and showed me it uh so The whole idea is you're you're not Using correctly and it's just what I've Talked about like transfers to like we Have to be careful that you're not using Apples and oranges and that's exactly What we're talking about here so if You're going to transfer subtle energies You don't use primitive uh metal bearing Metal based wiring that is valueless for The transferring of that so you're using It again as a psychic crutch and we need To get away from that because that hurts The process and by depending upon and Using conducting material like copper And other precious metals in that way Now there is a place for copper gold and Silver because they generate micro Currents which help move the subtle Energies and microcurrents are not Currents and they're not really herzian In the bigger picture so but the whole Idea is that if you're using that as Your primary source you're missing the Point just as the factors you're missing The point if you're going through Computers and stuff there's nothing that Computers are producing that is radionic In nature now if you sit in front of one Of these idiot programs and you Concentrate on it well what's happening It's Placebo baby you're using psychic Power again and it's not going to Continue because there's nothing that

The computer holds where's the energy What is it holding I program dots and Dashes what are we talking about here That doesn't make any sense at all and Again you're using something that is not Working with the energy that you're Doing there but you're getting some Results because you've turned what is a Crappy expensive computerized nonsense Into something that is Um psychic in nature and that's how all Of these things work so if you're Getting any results you like your little Crappy little uh joke thing that you Bought these pseudo computer garbage out There and all that of course if you're Using any kind of program Um you are a computer program and of Course you all get result well of course You do you're concentrating on it you're Just psychically powering does that do Anything but I don't know if you get Results or not because when I trace People and track them to their results I Find out that they're not getting Results and they're certainly not using The right technology you've got to Understand of how these things work so It's time to dump the wires flush them Dump them burn them get rid of them that May be fine for some electrical device But it is not fine for you you got to Plug your toaster in well I think we Should keep that technology where it

Deserves into your toaster and microwave Or crap like that should be so the whole Idea is that we got to move away from That entirely this is the next level People you'll never see this from Anywhere else they don't have the Background they haven't done the study They haven't reached the state of gnosis As I have they ain't got any ideas Anyway I'm working I gave me a paper Door I'm a certified idiot oh yes you Are you're called an engineer Can't fix my car but I'm an engineer I Knew lots of them Daddy was one couldn't Do nothing right total Bozo so the whole Idea was Um and everybody knew where bozos and it Was just an idiocy party to watch these Stupid Stooges I think they knew Something so the whole idea is that's The people you're betting on they're no Different uh Engineers today or not and That's why we have so much crap that Doesn't work but you know the bottom Line is we know in the engineering stuff Because it breaks all the time you know One of the biggest problems in business Right now and with Amazon everywhere is All the returns there's too much returns And things don't work right they're not Made well they're not designable I got a Paper saying that I'm a bozo what are You talking about I designed stuff So

Um we'll get back on your horse and go Do what you do go back to your Institutions of stupidity and tell them Make something that works bazos so the Whole idea is that wow these are the Things that we have to look at so let's Get past all this wiring stuff so we're Taking pretty much all the wiring out of Our particular units here Um To no longer include that in the actual Reality of what's going on so there will Be some minor wiring for convenience Stake and for understanding but we're Going to be eventually getting rid of All the wiring plain and simple so we Don't need the wiring it's not essential To the process and it hurts the process If you're trying to use uh high energy Conscious height Consciousness energies Sub uh Atomic energies if you're using Informational energetic fields and Trying to put them through common wiring You're decreasing the energy is what We've found out so I've tested this many Times now wires without wires and wires Using the new energy plates the transfer Energy plates and there is a huge Difference because now the informational Energetic field is Flowing purely Unhampered to its particular Target to Manifest so we do have to keep that in Mind of how these things actually go And all of that needs to move away from

That so we'll be using uh in the future As I said we have a base model coming Out but a lot of these things have been Highly Amplified with non-electric stuff Electric is your anime we don't need That now uh we are still going to be Using Um Amplifiers tube amplifiers which are Quasi-electric sure they want on Electric but the the way that these um Actual tools work is in a non-electric Way non-hurtzian way so that's important To understand we also change at the Subatomic level at the very base level Of these machines what we do is we Change their energy flow through them And we do the same thing with our Transmitters so we are going to move Away from all of that I know this will Be a problem with a lot of people Thinking that if it's not electric or if It doesn't have a wire on it it doesn't Work this is something of course that Has been always looked at and a lot of People don't want non-electric machines And of course I understand non-electric Machines the way they used to be made Which is basically wires with Potentiometers connected to them on Dials well I'm not those are not of any value which Is why I moved away from those and Didn't produce that kind of a machine

And why I moved away from just the boxes The energy cells these are much more Powerful than you're gonna get with one Of these basically empty radionic boxes Which just have wires Um and uh pots and dials and may have Some little solid-state Pizza garbage Amplifier in it you know all this stuff So those are worthless which is the Reason why I never really produced those Um they are psychic crutches and they Allow you to put numbers in it otherwise Known as rates that a lot of people Think are Miracles uh so the whole idea Is that a number is a Sigil put together By using numbers it's not numbers you're Not counting something you're not Figuring something out the numbers form Sigils so Um people think that's good and they use Those Etc but that's very primitive Technology for really ignorant Buffoonish uh uneducated boobs who know Nothing about this field except they Want to pick the your pocket so they're Selling you low-level junk so the whole Idea is we have to move past all that Into the higher level technologies that Are out there and this is the next step No wires wires decrease the energy flow Of informational energetic Fields it Actually decreases the energy flow from Them and using lots of that using as Many people do metal plates copper

Plates Etc are not helping it because That's where the exchange or the Movement of Electromagnetic energies herzian Fields And radionics as I've told people before Is not herzian-based if you want to get Involved with frequencies then you get Involved with a frequency machines Rife Technology as it's generally down now Rife used herzian energy Fields a very Varied amounts from very high to very Low this is a whole nother area of study And if that's something people think is Better because they're using what they Think is a physical field when Ultimately it is not a physical field it Is ultimately works on the energetic Anyway but a lot of people think well This is what's real because uh the guy Over there told me did you see it's got A paper there though it's a good name on It yeah wow so the whole idea is you Believe that because the great Successful wonderful Society where we All live to be many hundreds of years Old nobody is diseased there's no Poverty there's no killings and murders There isn't any comic book religions That wonderful Society tells us because It works so well yeah if you live in a Delusional world like religious people Now so um yeah it works real well if Yeah it's a comic book world baby you Want you're living in Disneyland the

Problem is is the minute gear kick it is Over for that day you go out into the Jungle and they eat you up So the whole idea is that you have to Understand that that's why you're into That so ultimately the highest way of Working is with radionic type subtle Energy machines the bottom line is that Um there certainly is a place for Frequency type machines and we need to Investigate both but they're apples and Oranges and ultimately frequencies are a Very primitive way frequencies are Created through subtle energy Fields Subtle informational energy Fields Create frequencies ultimately so that's Where it all comes from and I like to Start from where everything comes from Come from the Creator energy the mother Father of everything is is those fields And that's what we need to work with and That will change all matter so we need To do all that uh to make sure that We're on the right track so I'm getting Rid of no more wires we're moving away From all of this stuff and uh we will uh See how that goes uh in the future here As we explain this and we're going to be Making numerous numerous videos on Everything now we're finally set up to Do that properly and uh without getting Too particular of how everything looks But it'll be clear and wonderful and You'll see everything and the bottom

Line is that everything will be in Videos with of course longer audios but These will be for all access members They'll be for patreon members remember Uh to like And subscribe to this channel Remember to become a patreon member and Support this technology uh the only Reason this isn't making world changing Results right now is we just don't have The backing to do it the plain and Simple is we need heads and bodies and Workers to do things and this costs a Lot of money it's as simple as that I've Done amazing things basically on a Shoestring for the last 30 40 years I've Been in business with a lot of outside Harassment from those satanists and Those corrupt people out there and the Point is uh we have still persevered and Are at the next level and we are doing Quite well now we're going to get this Technology out and though those who are Smart will jump on it and don't think That everything is here forever people It is not here forever if this is Something that you are interested in Jump on it and jump on it now to a Certain extent every day is a question Whether production facilities will Continue of course things are basically Okay but the bottom line is you never Know from one a day to the next I would Jump on this now make sure you get Particularly this Cutting Edge

Technology or coming out in the next few Months with and then we will be able to Move ahead uh in the reality of the World that goes for anything that Radionic Tech offers grab it now courses CDs products Whatever It Is Everything Potentially is a problem as we have People who cause problems who infiltrate The organization and everything else I Mean that's you know if you're doing Something of value that's just going to Happen uh this is the way it is so and Of course there's very few people that Support them but if you want to be on The said the uh someone who's done Something in this world if you want to Go to your next level of karmic uh Evaluation and where as the ancient Egyptians uh used to do is um Weigh your heart against uh what was it Something ridiculous a feather they'd Weigh you A feather which uh Is supposed to represent of course how Difficult it is to prove your good deeds So if you want to be one of those people That Ascend and go to the quote elite Special Club of people who get it not The masses of boobs that are on this Planet then you better participate on a High level and you better use this Technology to help yourself survive and Prosper in the very coming tough times Because the people that have this

Technology are going to be the ones that Are successful and of course you can Always use all your old Technologies From whomever you have we have clearing Plates we have other things you can Always use extra radionic machines but You still need to have the best of the Best out there made in a particular Fashion so we have to Um understand what is the reality of the New tech and there's nothing we can do About as things evolve but other Machines aren't worthless but the bottom Line is is that they are low level You're going to get very low energies And you're not going to manifest Anywhere near so it's going to be Anywhere from five to ten percent Compared to the new 10 technology So do keep all that in mind but the Moving away from this nonsense is Critical and supporting this Organization so join patreon become Somebody everybody can afford at least The very Basics you can get lots of good Information that way you're not going to See instructional videos here of any Great extent uh all of the instructional Videos the Advanced Training are going To be on patreon and in all access which Is the main area as well that has three Schools three libraries has huge amounts Of training that's where the action is Patreon is basically a place where we do

We talk mostly similar to what you're Hearing here and show some special Things and have lots of little extras And giveaways but the whole idea is that Um You need to participate to help we Should have tens of thousands of people Uh supporting this organization paying a Tiny bit of money if we had a thousand People paying five dollars a month which Everybody can afford that would mean a Five thousand dollar income for not Having to work a business that means Technology Leaps and Bounds would be Through the ceiling so that's the way The world is and the reason why things Don't really happen and materializes Because it's there are eight billion People on this planet uh but people that Get support are evil people who are Generally are corrupt and they all work Together and the rest of the people are Left on the outside looking in Um of course what they have come up with Is such a joke it's amazing who they Hold up as their uh people that they Follow old psychotic men who write books Think they're super villains and of Course the uh satanists who start Satanic or organizations And continue to do that and then Die Young and their whole family dies young Telling you that they have a Life-affirming tool and what they really

Have are death machines so You of course listening to this Hopefully haven't bought into that and If you have some of this stuff make sure You get your clearing discs we have a New disc that you just slide under the Machine and you take care of the most of The test of the toxicities but you got To remember if you have a machine built By a hardcore evil Satanist you're gonna Get what you deserve now a lot of people Have been falsely uh tricked into this Because they don't announce this but That's exactly what you've got you want To work with that well I would write off Whatever it is you paid for that and get A hammer out beat it with a hammer and Throw it in the trash so nobody else Picks that up and uses it because that's What it's good for and if you're dealing With subtle energies here and if you Deal with toxified crap machine means That are have evil energy in them to the Highest possible level these people are Into every possible deviant activity That you can possibly think of including Being involved in rings of international Pedophile Rings uh human slavery this is What these people are in this is not a Joke satanists are not just an Alternative thinking these people are Rotten and evil and we have to watch That and of course you have to be Careful because that philosophy goes

Into pretty much all of your churches Who support all the criminals that do The same thing so there certainly have Done nothing with their 2 000 years of History I think after two thousand years You've made change you should be flushed So the whole idea is that's the bottom Line with all of it so we need to get Rid of the stinking feces and take and Start flushing more often if not all the Time get rid of the garbage and start Moving on to the next level of Technology and it's here and it takes The support of people and not a lot and It doesn't even take a lot of people it Just takes an active group of people Assisting and we want to thank all those People who do assist us all the time who Keep this business going for over 40 Years who have assisted on every level But uh so you know we continue to plot Along and you know it's just reaffirming The fact that this organization has Problems with a lot of bad rotten people Who want to blame the system when they Are the system or people in general you Want to support them you want the Society you like this you like millions Of homeless you like disease and Suffering everywhere keep supporting These people that's what they're into Keep filling their pockets so they can Sell you garbage that acts actually Kills you the list of people who have

Been murdered by toxic Technology is growing every day this is Not a joke people this is potent Technology that works and if you've got A machine that is producing toxic Energies well you know like so many Things Yeah well you talked to me in a few Years buddy you'll find out how your Life falls apart how you get sick like All these people how it affects you Mentally and everything else so the Point is is that you're down a a road of Evil hell that's gonna destroy you so I Don't think it's a joke and the fact That you are not supporting people in a Minor way again you're participating With and being part of the process of Evil everybody can do it nobody's asking For all sorts of huge uh contributions Or so forth but you know if enough People get together with pennies uh the Bottom line is that change can happen Unfortunately everything in this life is Based on money so if I have to do like I Have to do do regular business stuff Well I can't get the research done That's just as simple as that so you're Losing so all of this is coming out this Is Cutting Edge stuff there's nothing Like that don't believe all the crap out There and all the things came out but And it doesn't matter what so-called Other organizations uh have uh done in

Terms of paraps parapsychologists know Absolutely nothing you know some idiot Is pushing a device that he says because The pair organization uh which was a Princeton researching Um psychic powers and stuff what do they Know about anything those programs were Underfunded and everything else and yes They're interesting programs if they're Done by a very close-minded group of People who have produced nothing so the Point is they don't know what they're Talking about when it comes to this Technology there's only one expert in The world and that's me everything else Out there is just a bunch of garbage Produced by people that don't know what They're doing whether they're sincere or Not but most of them aren't most of them Are filling their pockets with junk Technology following the most horrible Stooges on the planet who have never Achieved anything ever losers who lose Their homes who can't have relationships Everything else comes because they are The losers out there they don't not There producing what with their Technologies doing what dying dying Young their families Die Young what are You talking about these people are prime Representations of the face satanic face That they willingly admit to and run Organizations involve the most devious Activities so you want to be part of

That do you want to be part of regular Society because Society is doing so many Good all we go everywhere is see the Beautiful clean air the Clean Water Everybody's healthy everybody's doing Fine there are no Wars anywhere there's Nothing is that the society yeah well That's not the society you're buying Into the society that has the opposite Support those who are making changes and The world will change and you change the World by changing yourself first Hopefully that's clear everyone as usual Uh anyone who has any questions uh Certainly we're always open uh through Our email contact and you can go to our Website go to the upper right here and You'll see the little uh you can click On the link to the main website So on and upwards until next time