Nicola’s Amazing Potions | Product Review

By | December 13, 2022

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All right what's up guys JS Gary here And I wanted to do a product review on Some of the products that have been Created by the lovely Nikola Lux fierre That we are now offering on our website All right so as you all know I always Test every product that we put on the Site before doing so every radionics Machine every potion everything uh even The rituals that we put on there so Um anyway I've gotten a whole plethora Of products from Nicola over the last Few months that I have tested and proven To be authentic and real and that I've Also given to other people to test and Give me their feedback and I gotta say That these are some of the most badass Potent products that I've ever gotten my Hands on I've bought lots of powders and Oils and things like that from other Websites some of them worked some of Them did not but none of them blew my find the way that some of these Products have so the the first one I Want to talk about I've got four Different ones here There's about a dozen but I've only got You know I want to keep this video short So first one I want to talk about is the Ecstasy oil the sex magic oil as you Notice this bottle is totally empty And it's my it's my sixth or seventh Bottle that I've purchased from her so Uh yeah this is used in Sex Magic

Whether it's Solo or With a partner and I also use an all my Love magic rituals and um I gotta say Ecstasy oil is the correct name for this Because if you put a little bit on your Body then that part of your body feels Like it's on ecstasy and that is no Um you put some of this On your nether regions and you and your Partner are both going to be screaming So the next product I want to talk about Is the Cupid's blood all right this is This is a a medieval Love Potion it Comes with a write-up explaining it and It's it's in a spray bottle you just Shake it up and spray it on you before You go out Now one of the things that this can be Used for is seduction like you it even Says in the instructions you can Literally spray a little bit on your Hand and then touch someone and it will Seduce them all right Um I gotta say that this also works all Right this also works very well if you Spray some of this on you and go out to A public place then uh you'll be amazed In the way that people respond to you And if you combine all these products Together that I'm showing tonight then Then you're going to have an interesting Time

All right so the next one and this is Probably my favorite this is the most Potent and glare on the camera and uh Well you can see it this is the in cool Magic potion now this can be used for Just about anything Um it's it's definitely one hell of a Badass Love Potion like you can Seriously drip some on the floor where Someone is going to stand and walk Across and I've done this like whenever Nicola first introduced me to this Product she dripped a few drops on the Floor it was like come stand here and I Come and stand on top of it and it was Like it didn't come up from the floor it Was like it was like the energy just Like came down and I was totally Mesmerized and entrance and I was so I Was totally mesmerized and entranced by The power of this anku potion and so Another thing that this can be used for Along with pretty much all her products From what I understand is protection all Right like I have a a power ring here With the master key on it it's missing Some paint that's actually buried in Some asshole's forehead he has a Permanent master key right here which is Beautiful it improved his looks forever But yeah you can drip some of this like On on your your pendants your protection Seals whatever and it will amplify that Protection uh to a degree that that but

I've never quite quite experienced and You know I think um I think that that The potency of her products testifies Even further to the power of blood Sacrifice sorry Nikola is One of only two other practitioners in The world that I know of who practices Blood sacrifice animal sacrifice and the Creation of her products as well as the Practice of their rituals and that is Guaranteed to take anything you're doing To to the umpteenth level all right so So this is by far the most potent and And best product that I've gotten from Her Um I'll say the the excessive oh is my Favorite but this is the most potent all Right And one other thing that I wanted to Talk about here is the Rejuvenation and Beauty oil all right so so this is Something that's applied directly to the Skin like every single day And um yeah I've I've definitely uh used This it's almost empty as well and Notice the significant difference in Like the way that my skin looks and Things like that after I apply that it's It's a magical potion that's it's like An anti-aging potion it works very well And the last thing that I want to Mention here is this pendant that I'm Wearing all right like she made this for Me it has liquid inside it it's actually

I think it's the anku potion in here and It's a pendant that she she created for Me she made it by hand she ritually Charged it and blessed it and gave it to Me to wear and it is to uh it's for the Purpose of bringing more love into my Life like genuine love in my life and it Is absolutely worked for me uh 100 Percent So I decided to test all these products out At once all right so there was this Nightclub that I went to a while back I Went in there and had a drink hung out For a couple hours and I don't think I Was spoken to by anyone not a single uh Person uh acknowledged me or even acted Like they saw me all right and so after I got these products I was like you know What I'm gonna go out in the same Nightclub and I'm gonna put all these on Like I spray I sprayed this stuff on I Put the the sex magic oil in my beard Like beard oil and put the income potion The anti-aging potion on and I go back To the same nightclub and I just I do The same thing I did before just got a Beer and sat down and hung out and Literally every single person that Walked past me uh took notes and and Actually made an effort to speak to me And I was actually approached by by four Different women who would not normally Look twice at a guy like me and I

Actually uh had three of them give me Their phone numbers uh before I left Without my asking all right and I was Completely shocked and awed at the way That these products worked and it was Effortless all I had to do was apply Them with my intention and it had a Noticeable effect on every person I came In contact with and yeah I did leave With four or three three phone numbers Um with you know women that normally Wouldn't look at me now did I call these Women no hell no I didn't call them Why because the only reason they gave me Their number is because I'm Wearing these products all right but That was the whole point was to test These products and see if they work and They absolutely did so Um yeah I recommend these to anyone and Everyone who is serious about magic Definitely recommend them to anyone who Is single and looking to attract a lover And Um I don't think you could possibly do Better anywhere so um I'll definitely be Uh ordering a lot more of the Ecstasy Oil in the near future as well as you Keep his blood and the inku potion and The anti-aging one I'm going to keep Ordering that too Um you know I'm not that old yet but but I'm getting there