NEW Scalar Balancing Mat for food, water, energy, health.

By | November 10, 2022

This Silicon Scalar Balancing Mat has been programmed with the IDF frequencies to open the Scalar Field and increase Vitality.
Works great on Food, Bath Water, Improve Sleep, Reduce Computer Fatigue and for SE-5 Radionic users, can be programmed for specific purposes, ie. Pain, Garden, etc.

When I got the first Scalar balancing mat I tried some Different types of foods on the mat and I tested them for Vitality before and Afterwards with the se5 And what I found is that with older Foods that we're only reading in the low 80s I could get them up to about 96 Percent in about three to five minutes And then to get them up to 100 percent When they were really kind of older Foods it took probably 20 to 25 minutes To get them all the way up to 100. if it Was normal Foods where I just put them On there for two to three minutes and Let's say before they read oh just below 90 or so they would go right up to a Hundred within two to three minutes Now here's something else that you can Do with the scalar balancing mat you Could charge like some sacred objects This door J for example you can put it On here and actually imprint the scalar Energy into the door jig or if you have Like a little statue or something and You want to add a little bit of extra Energy to it you could put that energy Into your sacred objects that's yet Another way to use the scalar balancing Mat So another way to use the scalar Charging mat is to put it into the Bathtub And here's something that we discovered

Today when we were taking a bath with it In the water Is we're trying to feel if there was any Energy Coming from the mat and this is what we Discovered When you put your hand in the water and You feel like how much pressure it takes To push down into the water and then go Across the mat to see if there's any Energy it actually pushes the energy up And you can feel it pushing the hand up It's amazing I'm going to do this again On the other side So here it's just sort of like a neutral Feeling and then when I go across to the Mat Especially when I get toward the center It just like pushes it up and I mean I Could push it down I can push down but It takes more energy to push it down and Then you really feel that energy coming Off of it it's really cool And the water feels like softer as well Kind of a more silky feeling Now another way to use the scalar Balancing mat is to put it underneath of Your mattress pad when you sleep So we'll pull back the Covers And then pull back the sheet and there Should be a mattress pad normally there Is underneath of the Sheet

And then you can place the Scalar balancing mat I'm going to put it About at my heart chakra area And then cover it back up So that when I go to sleep tonight It'll be about right there under my Heart chakra And yet another way to use the scalar Balancing mat is to place it on my work Chair where I sit and work out the Computer And that way I put a small pillow on top Of it and I actually sit right on top of The scalar balancing mat it makes my Workflow go a lot easier and I feel more Energized and I don't get as tired when I'm working at the computer it's amazing Now for those of you with an se5 of Course you can program your scalar mat With specific tunings I suggest using the pulse mode with the Output cable And then running your Program into the Scalar mat now the scalar mat has Crystals in it as well as magnetic Powder in it And those are mixed in with the silicone So they're under pressure and creates Somewhat of a piezoelectric effect which Is driving the antenna And so you can program this with Whatever you want there are only two Tunings inside the mat to begin with and

One is to open the scalar field and the Second one is just Vitality so it adds Vitality to basically whatever you want But you can program it to use More tunings and add more tunings while You're making a program now in this Particular case I have my picture so I'm programming it For myself Now if you don't want to use a photo you Can just put the tunings in if you just Want to run the subtle balance program For example from the Standalone mode you Could do that or the agricultural Program and then put it out in the Garden and let it radiate those tunings Out into the garden so there are just a Lot of different ways you can use the Mat and it's uh pretty amazing I mean This is really great technology Foreign