Magic Wand | Radionic Podcast Ep. 7

By | September 20, 2022

Coming soon to our site: Doc's new hand-held, radionic device.
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That little light is sort of like a Telephone and and I tell you what you Have right there is basically a radionic Magic wand [Music] All right what's up guys JS Garretts and I'm here with our good friend Dr Mulder Um you guys you guys already know who This man is but if it's your first time Watching he's the man that builds all Our awesome Radion equipment that uh Most of us designed by Charles kazimano And he's got some some designs of his Own there too that we've put out and We're going to jump on and talk about a New device that he's uh creating today So what's up doc how you doing oh I'm Doing fantastic how about yourself there JS I'm doing great man I'm doing great Oh yeah I just got a new cat she'll come Over oh yeah yeah everybody yeah do that Give me I've got her ah yeah there you go this Is my new girlfriend she's nice I Haven't named her yet I just uh found Her at a gas station the day before Yesterday yeah she she needed a home and I needed a I needed a friend so yeah I'm Very very proud of her I like her she's I like her already she's adorable yes She is they're right there next to me But uh all right so I've not opened this Yet just got it in the mail okay you Have uh told me about this yeah for what

It does and this is the Prototype that You built you are correct so What am I looking at here this is a Little black box I see a light on it I See a place to plug it into something And then there's a button oh beautiful Okay let's go to the top uh first off uh That's the pressure switch on the top uh How you holding this just usually hold It in your hand like that and you press The uh button with your thumb there you Go and if you go directly in the camera When you press that button you'll notice That led lights up Yeah there you go you can see it now Yeah what that is that's infrared and That means like if you're in a Restaurant a bar a public place and you Were to press that you won't be able to See it with your with the with the naked Eye you want to be able to see with a Digital camera okay so all right is that Like a laser uh no it's an infrared it's Okay but okay it's like it's like a Laser beam that you can't see It I guess you can go that far but But two different animals but close Enough for government work uh but anyway The whole idea of that that's again That's Charles casamano's uh brainchild And that that uh little light is sort of Like a telephone and and I tell you what You have right there is basically a Radionic magic wand okay all right so

What what the deal is a way to talk uh Chuck taught me is a pickup coil inside Of the uh inside of the box and the Pickup coil is tied into a amplifier Which is or which is also uh uh goes on And off in conjunction with that Pressure switch okay and uh like what You do for example it's just again an Example of some of the things you can do Uh take that machine so you see uh uh Hot uh somebody at a bar that that you Like to I'd like to carry on a conversation with See how it does yeah yeah break the ice That kind of a thing what you would do Is you appointed that individual and you Kind of project the thoughts of like hey Let's uh talk let's see where it goes uh Whatever uh to try to make them uh more Aroused at your presence it's just more Receptive to your to your advances Perfecto all right so there's there's Actually a magic word for that go for it That um you can look at someone and Speak that word and it's the the word The meaning of the word is new friends Right so it's like it's like if you if You walk into a you know into a bar or Whatever and you want to you want to Make some new friends you can just say That word in general yeah I've actually Had some people test this out you know I'm like hey just next time you go over Here whatever say this particular word

Like people that I work with Um because you know I I could test Things all day and get results from them But I need I need someone else to test It too to see if the same results before Right and um yeah so I mean those those Command words work really well and uh so I'm thinking if you were gonna if you Were gonna point that at somebody and And say one of those command words I Mean we would amplify the the way this Works okay yes exactly uh you know when The magician uses a magic wand okay it's What he's doing he is when he points That wand at something he's focusing his Intent through the wand the way I Understand it I may be wrong here but These folks saying his intent his Mojo His woo-woo uh his energy through that Wand to the point toward the target okay Yeah that's the way I understand it and What that does is it focuses his energy It focuses his magic toward a particular Objective to help it manifest Yeah I mean it's like using the sight on A rifle um you know and and like yeah There's there's all kinds of like Different rituals and stuff that you Hear about people using to make their Magic wand I mean it's like there's this One that's I think I heard EA talking About this there's this whole ritual That you do and then you go out into the Woods and you find a certain type of

Tree and you know cut and carve a wand At it and then like Cover it in your blood and your semen And uh you know do this yeah there's This whole original ordeal to create This this this wand right and um you Know you see like all these pictures uh Part of me wonders if it came from like The Egyptians um because you need you See these like uh you know pictures Carved and carved in the stone and They're holding a cone look you know it Looks like a pine cone or something and Uh supposedly you know they used to use Cones to like levitate and perform Surgeries and all the stuff and so they Think it was some type of like sound Technology all right that they're Somehow able to to it was probably like A piece of technology that they were Able to utilize sound as either as a Weapon or to levitate things stuff like That and so like I don't know I wonder If that evolved into the magic wand Where you know you you use that it's Like a way to to like you said bring That energy down in into a fine focal Point and and launch it towards Something and you do that through words I agree Exactly and the way Chuck explained to Me is you know you you send that energy Through the palm of your hand uh and Then the pickup coil inside of that

Device will pick it up if that energy is Immediately Amplified up to 200 times it Goes through a specialized Crystal which Is tied into that light and that light Is a carrier wave of of that intent it's Kind of like a telephone that we sell And uh it's the same basically the same Principle it's using light to carry out Or to carry on with the uh with Protecting that uh that energy or that Intent Into The Ether or whatever or Toward the target target to make them do Certain things uh chuck would always kid That he would like uh watch TV if there Was somebody on TV he didn't like it Just you know point at the TV at them And do his little exactly exactly yeah That's Chuck and uh but uh but anyway The point of it is uh you don't have to Point it directly at somebody you can Also point it at a something represents A Target or represents a situation uh There's just a million different ways of Doing this it's uh the limitation is the Operators it's something The Operators Say how they can use this and also You'll notice on the back of that device There's a plug-in and what that will do Is like you take a lead like we use for A helmet or like your tying uh yeah Exactly exactly if you're like a uh you Know like you're trying to put machines Together for 100 killer machine or 100 Killer setup

Uh that thing you'll be able to put into The output of a machine tune the machine For whatever the intent is or whatever Energies you're trying to project toward A Target uh have that plugged to the Back of the uh that uh uh that Particular device I think uh Chuck calls It uh the handheld resonators what he Calls that particular Um all right so Yeah I got I got one of the other Machines here too so all right like so That's the the output Jack correct Correct I would plug my wire from here Into the back of this to the machine for An operation and then while it's plugged In hold that and and point it like That a picture or okay okay Well you know I'm gonna run wild Experiment with this oh exactly exactly You can use this like for anything uh Whether uh you know for uh looking for a New relationship uh say uh you're at a Banking uh you wanna you're applying for A loan you want that Banker to be Receptive to your application and to Make it go through with no issues or Whatever you could be in the lobby and Point it toward the bank uh that uh Officers uh office uh before you go in There just kind of you know uh prep the Atmosphere prep everything you know get That get the Mojo going uh for that uh You know for that transaction or you

Know try to get that loan I mean or Anything like say you're in a car and You gotta you get pulled over by a cop You can have it in your hand and just Kind of like point it toward the cop car With an intent like you're just gonna Give me a ticket just let me go there's Nothing to see here just you know and uh Just uh you can transfer thought forms With this exactly immediately and Immediate and plus it's so small it's About the size of a pack of cigarettes Yeah so it's so small you hold it in Your hand you keep it in your pocket and It's just very you know very intrusive But it has a lot of uh a lot of Different possibilities of using it and Uh I just want to this is one of the Things that Chuck has been you know been Wanting me to build for him and or kind Of get out there you know to the general Public and that's you know we did this Before but I've redid this model I made A little bit more user friendly I did Some uh some I did a few a few little Things on the inside of the circuitry to Make it more efficient and you know make It more powerful so that's uh the latest Generation that I have there and uh so Yeah it's it's definitely an interesting Thing uh you know again for for your Audience here uh just think of it as I Said earlier just as a radionic magic Wand okay all right I I mean yeah I mean

My wheels are turning here like I don't Know this is a cool new to I don't ever Thought of anything like this exactly Okay yeah I'm sure that I'm gonna I'm Gonna perfect Um Utilizing this through experimentation I'll get together with uh rook and I'll Get together I'll probably have Rogue Stand across the room yeah it'll be like Pointed at him and trying to project a Thought and see if he can pick it up oh Exactly well he and I can already do That it's weird man like like Driving something and say something at The same time and I'm like all right did He project that into my mind or did I do It to him you know it's like well you Got two people doing ritual work Together all the time like you I don't Know you get synced up So you tell me you and Rourke have grown Close yeah yeah you're like finishing Each other's sentences now Nah so yeah I'll probably I'll probably See if we can uh do some experiments Like that no no I have to play with this Out in public a little bit I'm gonna Brainstorm on how to use it and uh yeah If I'm you know after I'm done testing In every way possible Um then we'll put it on the site and That'll be that'll be like a cool new Toy oh cool let's see how many um you

Got more of these or is this yeah well That's the Prototype that you know I Wanted to give you that's a special Edition the very first of that Particular generation I built two uh the Second one I gave to uh somebody else Who want to try it out and uh but I Thought ah you know it's my buddy this Is you know my pal I I'm going to do Something really nice for you so I went Ahead and sent you the Prototype the Very first one that came off the Assembly line so that's an awesome Birthday present man thank you so this Is something that I would see and buy You know if I came across at a website I'd be like oh I need that yeah just Just to play with oh did you have a Birthday just recently or something yeah Yeah let's have a birthday Um I I turned 21. You've had a hard life there Js No I'm actually I'm actually 37 this Year and I'm just so cool My dick still works I'm all right I'm Okay yeah oh yeah I'll be getting Worried here in another decade or two But oh yeah yeah yeah And I'm the guy that was born on Halloween right yeah so yeah that's me How I'm a Halloween babe so yeah I I bet There's a lot of people out there that Take a oh Halloween oh we could really Use your help yeah yeah

I gotta I got a friend that was born on Halloween at like midnight and she's She's pretty witchy man this is pretty Like just naturally witchy so I don't Know oh well what can I say hey uh you Know uh I know we're kind of shifted Gears a little bit but you know uh Uncle Chucky's been a little bit under the Weather here and uh I just kind of Wanted to give him like a little toast You know before we kind of cut off here If you don't mind I just want to say Yeah absolutely Um I'm gonna have to grab a beer though If we're gonna do a toast All right no worries Hello ladies and gentlemen [Laughter] Oh well My new cat's sitting here with me like My old cat used to do good for good for Her she's a striker yeah I like her She's got good vibe I like her Yeah all right so You um go ahead to Chuck to Chuck Yeah keep uh You guys keep chucking your thoughts and Prayers and uh yeah we'll have him back On here again soon yeah really yeah yeah He's a tough little bastard man he'll be Back All right you know I don't know what it Is but I seem to surround myself with Some very difficult people from time to

Time and he's one of them but I still Like the old bastard I don't know why I Just like him this is pretty hard not to Like Chuck man yeah he's pretty yeah He's pretty uh he's a pretty good guy But you know again he's uh because of Chuck that's where you know that brought Us to where we're at today with you know Combining magic and radionics I think he Was pretty much one of the forefathers Of actually coming up with that idea and Even writing about it yeah he's the First person that I know of and um you Know it's like I got into radionics After coming across his YouTube videos Right exactly all right what the hell is Up with this and uh I don't know it was About I don't know a few weeks later I Got my first device you know went to Town with it and I'm like all right it Took me about four days to be completely Convinced that it worked I was through Experimenting on myself so I don't know I'm gonna come up with some interesting Ways to use this I'm sure oh fantastic You know and like like basic uh you know I like to I like to use technology to Replace like basic techniques too just Just to make it easier for the masses You know like you don't you don't got to Spend years you know learning how to do Magic in order to make the same thing Happen with you know pressing a button You know it's like uh it's not for

Everybody so it's we're trying to we're Trying to arm the people here Um with some cool stuff exactly easier So I'm probably gonna take this and uh Yeah I've got I've got a a particular Right that I do experiment wise where um You know when I was talking about Sending thoughts to like roaring across The room well we can actually do this at A distance and um you know it's done With a with a freaking a candle and a Person's photograph you know sit there And it's like that flame acts as a Gateway and if you you say specific Things to to get this going but Especially like you know if the person Doing the experiment has some some Telepathic juice then most people will Pick up Um whatever it is you're transmitting And so I'm gonna try to I'm gonna try to Do something like that without without The uh perfect original techniques You're like if I just point this at Someone's photo or even like a candle Flavor and see if I could send thoughts Uh to my friends like that perfect Perfect Yeah I'm uh I'll I'm going to be taking This taking this when I leave the house From now on to experiment oh yeah oh Yeah uh again you know we're just kind Of you know covering the Gambit here and Uh and like I said it's just really

Interesting stuff I you know I've just Uh I've gone you know I've gone from all Different levels of radionics from one End of the other and it's just uh amazes Me Uh The type of devices that are available And for the you know the purposes or the Multi-uses that they have and I think This thing right here what I like about Is uh it's very uh unobtrusive I mean You just pull out your pocket and just Uh you know just to you know be honest a Lot about it and just kind of point Something just like turn your head Mash A button and it's a you know set an Intent their Direction Um very good stuff and it's just you Know really easy to use and I figured This is the kind of thing that your Audience would really get a kick out of And have a lot of fun time you know and You know messing with and again it just It and another thing to it really it Just works hand in hand with magic and Uh it's just a again another perfect uh You know combination there you know no No I I think so too man I like the idea And uh like I said I'm gonna run wild With it man after I've after I've had Some time to to to figure it out and Whatnot then yeah we'll we'll figure out What we're going to price it at and put It in the cattle perfect perfect yeah I

Imagine this would be pretty affordable Um yeah yeah I I think yeah It's like two We realized that that hey some of these Devices may be out of the budget for you Know some people and that's Understandable but you know we're able To bring something to people that's very Effective and will be within the budget Range of a lot of a lot of individuals And and that just kind of opens the door You know to bring you know to spread the Tech to you know a lot of people out There and hopefully uh people will uh Find it as uh as amazing as I do yeah I Mean once you get into using this stuff Um it won't be long before you can Afford bigger and better toys too Exactly exactly um I have one last Question is just take batteries uh yes It's a nine volt battery inside of that And that nine volt battery should last Anywhere between I would say about three Years two to three years under normal Use okay because all you're doing Whenever you match that button your or Smash the button okay for real you're Not sitting there holding it down you're Just like you know the operation will Probably take what 10 15 seconds maximum Maybe and then after you get finished You just release the the circuitry Immediately shuts off put it back in Your pocket and go into your next

Operation and uh when the battery runs Dead you can just change it out right Exactly exactly it's real simple to do Just uh you'll see it where you'll be Able to pop it open and uh pull the Battery out carefully On you know unsnap it put in a new Non-volt or standard nine volts or radio Uh you know transistor radio battery That's how that you know just reconnect It put everything together snap the Cover back in place and you're Off to The Races Sounds great man well I can't wait to I Can't wait to test it out yeah and uh Yeah yeah thank you so much for sending Me that oh it's my pleasure yeah it's Gonna be fun thanks for coming on Brother thank you everybody thank you For watching um if you're if you're new To our Channel then thanks for checking Us out please like And subscribe if You're one of our long time viewers then We love and appreciate you guys so hail The infernal Empire we will see y'all Soon bye now [Music]