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By | December 3, 2022




Hey hey guys welcome to another LM Friday And yes I see someone Asked here it's just me tonight yes it Is just me tonight again you're just Gonna have to suffer Uh JS is preoccupied for this evening so I again I'm just gonna be here by myself Which is great Um so yeah I hope everyone's doing okay Into another Friday and I'm looking forward to diving into some Subjects tonight so if you guys got some Cool subjects cool questions or you Really want to kind of talk about [Music] We can dive in All right let's see Damn best hello Nina Um Doing free readings on Nina that's Awesome good luck with that that'd be Awesome Best way best way to to get going Really to work on a lot of your psychic Abilities doing stuff for other people Um Priest welcome He says the group right for shimyaz is Still open or closed for this weekend it Is still open Um we moved the date of closure from the Third to the 6th so you still have to The sixth

Um To uh get on with it I know that you Already uh purchased it but uh if you Want to do I know JS we'll talk about You wanted to do extra stuff but so you You still have some time Hell Horizon it's in the house Welcome welcome star ruby welcome Disco I don't believe my eyes Is it truly you brother I'm heading home now if you want me to Jump in for a little bit Sure Um I'm not sure how to do it just Through YouTube I was we had trouble a While back trying to Figure out how to do that on YouTube I Think we're about to do and the future Is uh probably do Zoom or stuff like That Um and then broadcast from zoom into it But he said yes is it possible disco is It possible let me know if it's possible I don't know what I have to do I I think I looked for this last time there's no Like invite Or maybe I don't know but yeah Hmm I don't see anything but hey if you know Disco let me know That Yeah yeah Hey Charles 7211 just entered the chat

Hello brother Might eat 24 howdy howdy howdy All right so how's everyone doing Tonight Anyone got a question to start us off Here I got a question What It's the one thing you guys been Focusing as of late magic wise In your path I'm gonna get a little bit more people Coming in I want to share something that uh Kind of experienced here recently I want to talk about familiars and Whatnot So hopefully I'm not just running my mouth and Talking to myself that which is Oftentimes the case Um you guys might be able to grab some Value from that Hopefully Uh discus says oh I know this one Probably do probably Mentioned it to you [Laughter] Charles 72 11 says psychic vampirism Very cool my friend How are you doing how are you going About doing that are you using radionics Boxes are you doing a good old-fashioned Way

Are you doing it in public you um Or I should say in person Or are you doing other stuff Elaborate my friend curious What's everybody else up to Foreign [Music] Now we're down at nine Must be the crazy Ginger I also uh I just got done watching this Show you guys have ever heard of it it's Called it just came out on Uh Uh I don't know if it's on Netflix I Think I I might have watched it on Prime It's called the act and it's even though You know it it's based on real events But you know there is some you know uh Dramatization and you know um what do They got to do to make it into a show But it's based on monchausen disease and You know Munchausen by proxy and uh it Was Crazy it's not very common but uh There's like eight cases in the states I Believe Um and that was pretty crazy I found That pretty enlightening I love watching weird stuff like that But yeah okay so Nina says I'm getting ready to dive in drive in The snow early A.M And vending and venting at a witch's Flea market very sucks about snow but

Very cool Robert as a newbie trying to learn to Get into Uh things in various States Any advice how others succeeded in this Absolutely well you know what I go on And on Robert so uh feel free to Elaborate any questions where what's What's a good question that you have or Things that you're struggling with And we can perhaps kind of go over them Says which is flea market what a state What state Yeah man Uh are you in like a Massachusetts or Oregon I'm trying to figure I I haven't seen Which is flea market That'd be cool to go to actually It's child 7211 says I use a combination Of methods Lately I've been experimenting with Evoking the person's search using a Black mirror and then vaping them Very cool Hell yeah black mirrors very underrated Very potent you go last but not just Like Shadow work I think that's kind of Where A lot of people tend to go to uh when Talking about black mirrors yes it can Be great for shadow work but you can Also do a lot more as Charles has Alluded to

Seating in the midst of who knew it Would be snowing this early in December Oh and you're in Canada All right I heard it's cold up there Um I've been in States like That are notorious for getting pretty Cold but not ever snar like it would Never come to like a snowfall but uh Every time I'm there for some reason It's just like worse blizzard in history Like I was in Reno once and I arrived in Reno crossing the Sierras And like it was probably like the the Coldest day in recorded history with new Uh and Reno and um it was a blizzard Going on and it was just like Snowing and it was it was a mess I mean It was almost like a white out you Couldn't really see where you're going In a big city or not that big city but It's bright it's like a mini Vegas So Yes weather's been doing some crazy Stuff Vancouver Robert says gamma State trance States Hmm My advice Robert It's not think too heavily on it I know A lot of people talk about this right It's like It's kind of like that unicorn you're

Chasing You know it's like you know all I gotta Do is get you know if I find I get Myself into this Theta gamma state that Um you know then I'll be able to clearly Communicate with entities I'll be able To see things you know it's all about Getting into that state you know the Same thing with like I just need to get My third eye open and you know people Fall prey to that and I know a lot of People like Use that kind of like as an advertising Stick you know just like oh get this tea And open your eye or do this and that You know and these binaural beats will Get you there you know But it always seems like unattainable Because if you're not getting the Results or you're not seeing Experiencing the results that Everyone Likes to just like throw out there of What happens when you get in the Theta Gamma State you're going to believe you Haven't got it there and that's all you Need is to just Define something some Way to get there and into that that Trance so that can be kind of a pitfall The truth is chances are you experience That all the time You I mean when you go down let's say You're driving down the road and you Don't remember driving for the past past Few minutes you know you're like your

Mind was a blink you're kind of off in a Trance and whatever you know that Happens they even talk about that in Like driving school I think but that's a Transcendent State and it's you know From anytime you're daydreaming you're Kind of already in a lower state it Doesn't take much just Instead of really focusing on like have I hit this marker yet just be relaxed When you're in ritual and in fact if You're just focused on what you're doing In the ritual to be relaxed Everybody just focus on all your senses And everything Um and what you're feeling what you're Hearing and everything just being super Relaxed you're going to be in it Um it happens and you get so deep and Ritual just by Getting into ritual Like this happens as a uh A byproduct but It just happens you know I've gone into A ritual and and not known what I did or Said or whatever but just because I Started and I was just focusing on what I was doing and who I was calling on and Feeling them and everything else like You know my mind went to a totally Different You know level so we're so If you're meditating you're already in It you're already in it if you're able

To just relax and close your eyes and There are chances you're already you're Already getting in there And if you're wondering well man all This didn't happen you know if that's True and I didn't see this hear this Whatever That has nothing to do whether or not You got into your trance state It has a lot to do with where you're at Psychically So I hope that that answers so just keep It coming Robert whatever else you got Man what's what's dive in and Investigate 72 of the Charles 7211 says does anybody Here experience snow Vision it looks Like TV static imposed over your vision Oh yes I have I think people call that like I've heard uh eek wedding Um [Music] Um refer to that as like static rain or Something like that Um But yes I've seen that a lot Um that's usually when you're already Kind of in the trance State you're You're bringing your your focus your Vision back you're not really looking at Anything in particular you're just Having your gaze placed wherever and You're you're in here right and so the

Outside world will tend to blur And not only that like once you're Focus and attention is brought away from It Then things start to happen Um like you might see little What I call Sprites I'm like could be um that's just what I'm gonna call them I don't know what They are but they're like little specks Of Light that they're just like zipping Around everywhere come check you out and Then they'll just go away and It's really bizarre Please make the temp warmer so it rains Instead Hmm And he says yes we meditate all the time Good that is awesome I think that's just a a must if you're Getting on any kind of spiritual path You know it's It's a great way to shut out the outside World ground and You know look in with yourself and You have so many amazing experiences That way Robert says so it would have more to do With blockages emotional psychological Etc Yeah Robert it has a lot to do with many Different parameters there I mean There are a lot of variances

With uh what could be blocking you Essentially and it could have been a lot To do with emotional trauma it could be You know you're not really Doing lots of stuff with your Your chakras and stuff like that like Emotional Trauma really does play a bigger role Than people really Give credit for you know And that can impose a lot of A lot of difficulty but you also have What's called like the inner critic That's formed from you know your Childhood Um formed by you know people in Authority roles like your parents or Your teacher or something you know That's it's kind of form this inner Critic this Voice that's like oh that's not real or You know that's just this or that you Know it's always also criticizing you You know so you know that can form also With trauma and everything else that you Have to recondition yourself for Um so when it comes to you know anything Spiritual and and Awakening your psychic Abilities it's not too far off from that Stuff you're really going to have to You know recondition yourself and you Could do that with exercises and whatnot Uh meditation is a good place to start Um

So yeah it does not have much to do with Whether or not you're getting a trance Because I guarantee Robert if you're Doing anything like trying to meditate Or whatever or sit down to do a ritual You've gotten into that state that's not The problem if you have any problems I Should say that's not it you are hitting That you are getting into a trance it's Just Uh that's which is what we do we're We're always in and out of these brain Waves Throughout our day Discos it appears that you need to start With an app that had the capability Yes disco that's what I was saying I Think Wow I might be able to do this next week Just go Um I think what it is is I'll call you On zoom and then I can broadcast it from Zoom since I have a I guess the pro version of zoom and then We can broadcast from zoom over to YouTube I knew in the past that you were Able to just like click on someone if I'm not mistaken and be like oh you sent An invite to come join you but it Doesn't seem like that The case anymore we try to get doc motor In one and we just couldn't figure it Out All right

Hello Harrison says what I see is Emanations coming from my eyes to Whatever I'm looking at kind of like how It's portrayed in movies Yeah absolutely I'm only shocked about How right sometimes like Hollywood gets It and I'm not sure if they do it Purposely it's like they're tapping into Some kind of news but how they portray Certain Realms or Random Crap I'm like wow that's not too far off From what it's really like so it's very Interesting Disco I'm going to report the stream From you being too sexy Do what you gotta do bro do what you Gotta do Okay Well I think we've kind of gone in with Some time so I'm gonna go ahead and Start talking about familiars So if you guys think of any awesome Questions at the meantime feel free Let's really Dive In Stop and I know we've brought up a lot Of different stuff with like psychic Abilities and whatnot in the past but I Do not mind going into them since that's You know A main focus for me personally but Also feel free to ask whatever you like So

When it comes to familiars It is pretty common practice That If you enter into let's say you start And embark on a different path working With the spirit where you get into a Certain current Um it is always kind of customary it Doesn't always happen but it's pretty Common I said I would think is a common Practice as you'll be granted a familiar And what is a familiar familiar is a Spirit that Is from whatever current you're in Initiating into That will now be bound to you Now There is some schools of thought With what should be considered a Familiar right because there are some I know this to be the case there are Some what you'd call shards of Of a spirit that will be given to you in Assimilated into you so it's not really A fully I mean it's something you can talk to Right it's conscious but it's part of You Right it's not like it's separate entity Um and some people will debate whether Or not you even call that a familiar Right but that happens Um so in this instance I'm just you know For the sake of this conversation I want

To say that a familiar is an external Spirit that's going to be bound to you Right and why it is because they're Going to become like a personal guide to You to help you along your path and Um they're also tasked By whomever gave them to you To do X Y and Z and they'll be also Instructed believe it or not That they should not help you with x y And Z2 Right so they also have like their set Of commands if you will Now I'm sure this might be you know old News for a lot of you people who Um who are on this live but for those That you know don't know this is why I'm Getting into it Um So the reason we have these personal Spirits the same reason we have a what You consider a guardian angel and I Think we've gone over in the past that Just because the term is Guardian Angel Doesn't necessarily mean they are angels You know it could be anything any type Of spirit they could be a planetary Spirit it could be a demon it could be An angel an archangel a nightmare Angel It could be Um Jinn it could be A lot of different Types of spirits some people some rare People don't have

Um guardian angels and that's you know There's not a mistake to it or anything You were just not meant to have one Um so the entity who actually grants That his name is zemzara and he doesn't Really have anything to say really to Humanity or anything that's just his job That's what he does he appoints Who would be best to be your guardian And um Some people have two that's rare but Some people do have two Um some people have one most people have One Um it's just it's not about like who's More special or not it's nothing like That it's just about what's right for You on your path and what is the purpose Of a guardian is to help you on your Path of spiritual enlightenment To help you in this mundane World while You're living this life To navigate have you navigate certain Things within your life to bring you to Certain epiphanies so that you can then Look towards your spiritual uh Well-being Familiars are a lot like that they're Also personal guides that are help you On your path and as sometimes they're There to help guide you specifically in The current that you were then Initiating into Um I'm sorry I got distracted I'll

Answer you in a second Um There are other things Um you have other guides I should say Because guides I think is All-encompassing terms for all the Spirits that surround you at all times Not all times but majority of the time They're they're coming in and out They're there to help guide you they're Not always Um Some Spirit from some current that you Initiate into right you're not like Gathering Um guides like Pokemon you know You also have guides that could be Ancestors And you could have guides that aren't Even ancestors they had nothing to do With your bloodline they have nothing to Do with you and any other life But they could be of the Dead And this is a great example Um so I don't know if you guys have ever Heard of a man named Derek Acura I Believe his name was he was a famous Psychic Um British guy And he was part of a lot of different Shows and Um I ran across from years ago And of course I make sure everyone's Like kind of legit I'm always skeptical

Right as everyone should be right oh my God is this guy legit turns out he was And so then it tricked me further I'm Like this guy's legit And I remember watching something where People were asking like trying to dive In to see how he did what he did how he Was able to communicate being a medium And everything and he talked about how He had this guy uh this guide named Sam And Sam was in his life when he was Incarnated as a human He was um uh some lawyer of some tribe In Africa But he was tasked to be his guide Uh while he was you know being a medium And they actually had a soul contract Together That once Derek passed away he will then Do the same job for Sam when Sam Reincarnates that Sam did for him I Thought that was very interesting so Sam Was not an ancestral Spirit at all He was a Lack of a better term a ghost But he was their tasked and had a soul Contract to help him and to have this Certain arrangement So you can have guides from all walks of Life Um So yeah I mean it Nothing would surprise me at this point There's just so many things like once

You get out of your body per se You know you might run into a lot of Them And you might find that some of them Have kind of stayed back And or like have not Made themselves known to you [Music] Um Some of it is actually out of laziness Like I just you know I'm I said I'd Stick around to help this guy but You know until he notices me or whatever I'm just gonna do whatever That happens Um other times they're waiting until you Find out about them or you've reached a Certain Um level per se and then they will come And talk to you So that should be kind of an eye-opener For some people would be like you know What you probably have more guides Than you're aware of and you probably Have more familiars than you're aware of So to be good do some good divination on That part to find out I've come across people that don't have Very many guides to be honest with you And I I've actually found some that Technically have guides like they are Contract to debt and tasked to help this Person but they're all off doing

Whatever didn't give a [ __ ] about this Person And I've come across that too and I was Like wow that's unfortunate Um So yeah I've seen so many different Things it makes me You know I wonder And what everyone's doing and whatnot And You know it just goes to show they have Their own agendas and their own you know Personality and everything else so treat Them like family So this leads me to the point what I'm Talking about here so now I'll go on Tangents So what happened to me recently I was talking to one of my familiars It's actually The first Familiar that I ever Really Um Got introduced to And um He's been with me for quite some time And so I have this certain reverence for Him And there's certain love and respect and You know I I just noticed Something was off like Me talking with him like I felt like he Was annoyed with me

Like there was just some kind of a rift There and I sensed it and so I asked It's like hey are you like mad at me or Anything he was like no I'm not mad But I was like okay is there something Going on like what's wrong if I upset You or disrespected you in any way To which he replied yes So naturally me being like Oh my gosh You know how what did I what have I done To upset you like what how can I make This right Right And therein You started to say That his His problem that he had Was that I would go To other entities for certain things Like if I had a desire in mind even if It's something Piddly Right something small I would be like Who what spirit is best for this and Then I'd go out and evoke them and do Original with them and Etc Right his grievance was that I didn't Come to him with anything And I was under the impression that you Know hey he's going to be around I want To you know treat him nice and give him Things and everything else and he was Going to help me in return But it never crossed my mind that I

Could just go to him to ask for a lot of These things and that's where he was Like let's you know I'm your guy I'm Your personal guide here You know you should be coming to me like If you're going to be you know calling On a spirit and giving them stuff you Know hey I would like to be that that Spirit you know that way you can bolster Me because if you boast or me and Empower me that always it's only going To help you too right it's like you're They're like you're Posse So why wouldn't you And it really clicked but nothing it's Like I just also kind of a little Ashamed of myself and embarrassed so It's like man I don't know why I didn't Think of that before And um so I was quick to make that right I'm like you know what from now on you Know and I just made sure to check in With every other familiar I had and We're like hey you know if we have any Grievances or whatever you know how can I make this right you know so I also had long discussions with them What they uh were tasked with and what Their they were uh what they're not Allowed to help me with right and what They are and what their Specialties are I mean I kind of knew some of their Specialties but You know again and that's that's a flag

Right there like having known what They're good at I should have come to Them more often So The moral the story Is you already have for those that are You on this path guarantee you have lots Of guides and probably some familiaries That you're probably unaware of do Divination find out who they are Get a name get a Sigil and treat them Like family have an altar specifically For them Because they in turn are dedicated to Helping you on your path there is no Other spirit that is more dedicated than The guides that surround you and those That are you know your guardian Um those that you're linked with Etc Right they have your best Um Interests in mind and they're going to Help you and Propel you on this path More than most any other Spirit would Not to say there aren't great powerful Spirits that could do a hell of a lot of Stuff that's true But your guides first and foremost Should be like your family so you should Treat them as such have an altar to them Give them incense if you're going to do Any kind of painful work you know just Feed them energy You know you can you uh Charles you

Talked about you know psychic vampirism Vamp some stuff and send it to them you Know Empower them Because as you Empower them Then the more powerful you get in return Like the things that they can do for you Right so a lot of these spirits that Become people's familiars or have the Are available to be familiars They really they've usually met a Certain criteria right The Entity that Has given you this familiar knows that They can help you with X Y and Z and Like I said they're tasked with what They can and cannot do for you right And then they're Bound for you bound to You but You see they're kind of I wouldn't say underdeveloped in a way But at the same time they're kind of Undeveloped you know they this is also Something an evolutionary thing for them As well by being a familiar and being Bound to you to help you on your path This is an involvement for them so yes There's something they want out of you Too it's a mutual situation at least it Should be So Um just bear this in mind this is you Know it may seem trivial it may seem Like oh yeah yeah I know that you know But I'm serious this this is Um Monumental and uh it has

The Paramount importance to you and your Path Um especially with your psychic Abilities too that you know I know I Bring that up a lot I love it You know it's I think Like I I've said in numerous lives I love people that Focus or at least I Like to encourage people to focus on Getting out of their body and really Improving their psychic abilities why Because one when you get out of your Body that fear of death goes out the Window you know what's going to happen You when you die you know what's going To look like when you cross over you Know maybe not cross over the the veil Into joining your oversoul but you can Find out a lot more about yourself and What lies on the astral Realm And Not only that but the same with your Your psychic abilities the more you work On that the more you realize what's Truly in your Warehouse Or your your Um Your wheelhouse I'm sorry Um but also the more you'll realize what You know human beings are actually Capable of doing like there are so many Things that will blow your mind to be Like wow you know I've heard of this But I always the skeptical about it and

I thought people were just making [ __ ] Up But it's no these things you can do You know it takes work everything takes Work it just doesn't come to you like That but those things are of utmost Importance especially when you're on This path you know people want to You know I know everyone comes onto some Type of spiritual path for a variety of Reasons Right Uh it could be you know hey I know magic Works And I know I can call on so and so to Get X Y and Z I want to make my my life Here better I want all these physical Things Or uh I want so and so to hurt You know you learn how to curse people And hex people and all this other stuff And sometimes that's all people get in This for Right but you know there's so much more And working on your abilities will give You that Clarity of mind And certain it will grant you certain Levels of apotheosis Um where you will greet the world with a Different awareness and have a different Perception and it may help you with your Understanding we all have questions if We think about it we all have questions About why we're here and I'm sure some

Of us at some point in time has dealt With nihilism right You know like the thinking that there's No reason for anything and why we're Here and everything else that's just Worthless why even be here what's the Point of life you know that's nihilism Right You know we've we have all these Questions And we want answers to and you know this Some people join and get on spiritual Past to find these questions out and You'll notice they're all different you Know religious texts and and doctrines Out there they all try to answer this Question Right and some people are in the search Of right and don't necessarily have Those answers you know this is the same Thing You know this is a spiritual path Um where you're working with a certain Pantheon of spirits now you can dabble And go all over the place if you want to Right but the end result is the same You're trying to ascertain these uh Questions that we all have Therefore we have a better idea of how To live in this life and what it means To be alive here Right so I and there have been many uh Entities that have really emphasized That like

You know how grateful you should be like What an honor it is To be alive in this human form in this Physically dense realm that we're in Like what an honor how amazing like you Should know how lucky it is to even been Born And you think about it and you're like Man my life is shitty and I had I've Suffered I've done this I've done that You know it's uh supportive of like wait Am I lucky like what is the point you Know but there is there is one and I Want everyone to find it out for Themselves Now I can give you my gnosis and I can Share things that I've come to learn Right But if you listen to me Then you know it's no different than Listening to anybody else right and You'll get lost and all this other stuff So don't trust me on this find out for Yourself Right and I encourage people to do so Um but anyways I'm sorry that was a Long-winded Um explanation and multiple tangents Later Let me jump back into the chat here Hahaha So disco you asked what are your Thoughts on how to tell whether you are Communicating with the entity intended

Or a trickster spirit Well there's a lot of ways I think that All depends on your level of psychic Ability and what you were most prominent In Um so some people And I know we've talked about this in The past That we are all We usually drawn or I don't want to say Drawn but we usually have a pretty Dominant psychic sense more so than the Others Right and they usually stand out and They're different for everybody right Like there are people really good with Like Claire gustin's which you know that You know it's like taste And then there's those that you know I Don't forget all the terms there are but There are people that are really good With smell and Um and really feeling energy and those Like the astral site and you know We all have our More dominant sense and usually we're Bringing that with us wherever we go When into ritual so when it comes to Sensing a trickster spirit Um For me personally It's all for feeling like if I have some Rapport with a spirit you know what they Feel like you know their essence you

Know who they are and so in your Intuition will tell you otherwise like Hey You know this this doesn't feel right You know Then you could question Um but even if what the mistake is Let's say you have a trickster Spirit Show up this the the mistake here is not Necessarily that you may have not Noticed that they were or not But to continue with your ritual without Having like vetted this individual if You had any type of Um resistance there By all means vetted out And what I mean by that is you can ask Them to sign their name and it's you Know that's I haven't personally had to Do that but I've heard that only only That spirit Can sign their lit name or something Like that like it's some astral wall I I don't know the validity of that but I've heard many practitioners Come together on that Accord Another thing is Um you can ask your guides Your guys will tell you I think it's Actually it depends the spirits that You're working with it's the worst time To ever have any trickster come about Right it's usually because you know Anytime you experience that is if you're

Really not Getting anywhere With Um Not all the time but most of the time It's you know if you're not really Getting anywhere on your path you really Don't have any great rapport with any Spirits and everything else these these Other Spirits are going to come in and Try to mess with you and be like oh yeah I'm I'm Lucifer I'm such and such right And and they'll usually fool you but It's like the worst time if you're Really working with entities and you've Had this Rapport it's the worst time for Them to come in and try to impersonate Anything because they will get destroyed Like that and they're very afraid Um like I know below has killed many Spirits that have come like showed up Before he showed up Um So yeah Uh just use your intuition if you have Any inkling whatsoever that you know Something could be off and I don't know Who's here divination ask your higher Self ask your spirits And you can also add call on another Spirit alongside them and whatnot so There are a kind of ways to To remedy that situation Yeah

Hopefully that answers your question Jessica I know you were just asking Just a throw out questions here So disco says I came across a person That had a parasite attached to her and Had convinced her that he was a guide Yes Yes I've seen that a lot And I've had parasites try to convince Me that they were a god This is why I'm a big proponent Of having your guides with you when you Are Doing stuff on the astral in instances Like parasite removal or or just doing Anything with someone else on the Astro Realm having a guide there with you Will help you be like yeah he's not Telling the truth you know So yeah they can be sneaky sneaky and Then think like pull a fast one Alex B says hey nice to see you your Stuff works for astral parasite removal But sometimes they come back how do you Shield on long term against them See what disco is there if a parasite Comes back to you there is the option of Enslaving the parasite and making it Work for you Yes disco that's great That's a great point Yes the You gotta think about what drew the Parasite in in the first place a lot of

It happens to be emotional turmoil which Is very evident in your energetic body Right and those wounds attract also your Power like you know you shine bright With your aura like you're a powerful Individual you got lots of energy and You're just looking like a tasty morsel Over there you know I'm like man that That Ginger over there was me you know Tasty treat But uh So yes you have to you know that's why Shadow work is so important and you'd Work on yourself and your own Development Um you know where you'll no longer be a Tasty morsel sorry to say Um so yes I would Shield often And I would also I mean there's so many Things you can go about protection wise Alex you can Shield often Um There's nothing I mean You can put a shield around you right And just like leave and forget it kind Of thing but it's going to wear down Over time you're going to have to you Know re-upp it so to speak and Re-empower it and everything else so you Should just Shield often Um you can create a servitor to help Just you know destroy and block some of These

Um Disco also has a service called the Astral fire Shield which is absolutely Amazing Um and I'll let you I'll let him tell You about it it's amazing I um I've I've Been pretty uh to his his work and also Recipient of that ritual and it's Absolutely amazing Um but yeah there are so many things you Can do also with your guides You'll notice that sometimes you're Familiars and your guys don't jump in Just You know Just Cause right I think a lot of it has To Do with um you having to learn Unless asked like that was one thing I Asked Lisa for a long time ago I was Wondering how that all worked like Obviously I'd gone through so much crap That would have been so much easier had They just jumped in and done something About it right and so I always wondered Like hey do Do you guys like need my permission or Something do you need me to um say hey Can you help me with this To which the response was no we don't Need your permission Um However if you call on us we will do you Know we'll come to your aid but it's It's

A lot of it's for your own development Right Um you're going to have to experience a Lot of stuff not everything is going to Be you know handed to you if anything on A silver platter You're gonna have to work for it you Don't have to go through the you know The the maze yourself Um but If you're cognizant enough To be like hey I need some help with This or like I want to set this up for The future and like make a deal or a Pact with your your guides or whatever Think Gray But you know how are you going to how Would you have come to that conclusion Had you not going through X Y and Z Right So let's see here Discus says Your ancestors are also invested in you This is correct absolutely Like I said we're surrounded by a lot We've got a lot of people invested on Your your Spiritual Development Um Nancy's got to go have a good night Thanks Nina Says I agree work so glad I call on my Team hey hey absolutely good onion Chris Gordon who set what they can or Can't do Who said I'm assuming you said said

Chris Gordon Um I think you're referring to am I Familiar with my familiar was you know With the conversation that I had he was Talking about you know what he can't Help me with and what he can't and I was I was really trying to ascertain whether Or not that was just his personal Preference right or whether he was Commanded to do so by the and you know The entity or spirit that gave him to me Right Um and I say gave them to me it was you Know I don't mean that in a derogatory Term whatsoever it's more he he stood up And he was you know he was asked like Who wants to like who would be best Suited To be Works familiar and he stood up and was Like I'll do it you know so it was of His own accord right but That Arrangement still he was given Tests what he should be focused on Helping me with And what he cannot help me with I'm not Going to share that for privacy reasons And stuff like that but it's very Minuscule in the grand scheme of things It's just worthy to note that that is a Thing Um let's see Robert what's the best way Of divination how do you develop these

Psychic abilities well Robert Um I'll jump back to you Robert once I go Through the rest of the the questions Disco says nah man it was good rant yeah Yeah and he was asking for those that Might have this question thank you man I Appreciate that Captain Huckleberry in The house because I know a couple Scorpios that have psychic smell Yeah I I wonder if that's funny I mean I Wonder if that it is funny I wonder if That's really true I haven't really made That connection But I actually do have that psychic Smell Um The way that came about was I mean Watching something on TV and I could Smell it and uh I could I could see things and smell it And like At first I was like is that my Imagination like what I think it would Smell like but sometimes it like really Took me off guard whoa Things that I was like oh you're Assaulting my nose with [Laughter] It was quite a trip Watching porn at one point in time I'll Tell you that Don't recommend it if that's your son You get the smell uh or just like the Sense that you're dominant with

Thankfully I'm not dominant with that One but you know Um that's all relative too like you can You can work on all your senses and you Can make one more down at the other but People tend to have one that stands out About the rest Um But yeah you can work all of them Equally Chris says what happens when a spirit Dies Well they cease to exist Chris Like Think about this way Energy doesn't simply just evaporate Right that doesn't even make sense but The energy has to go somewhere either Absorbed by something you know or Whatnot right energy just is transferred From one thing to another if you destroy The Consciousness that is that spirit That energy you can Give to something else you can absorb it Or it goes back to what you call just Source But yes their Consciousness ceases to Exist Charles 72 11 says interesting there's a Magic square for revoking familiars you Could maybe do a blind evocation using The square to find out who your Familiars are Yeah

That's a good thought there I mean I Mean that's do it that sounds great Disco demonic hydroponic I might have just read your whole name There Disco Yes even if that trauma is temporary They can find you again yes I have one That works for me and he is territorial So he attacks all the parasites that Come around absolutely Like disco had mentioned earlier you Could have one you know strike up an Agreement an accord with some parasite It's going to help you and that'll be Your defense it's not going to want Anything else to come around oh no no no This is my dude like we got something Going on you can't be privy to this so That's kind of smart when you're in There Disco Foreign Also I think if I'm correct Jessica was Talking about how this parasite that he Kind of uh came to terms with helps him With his painful magic too gives him Tips and Whatnot Um this says what your familiars can do Is based upon their karmic debt hmm And Mike 824 is the servitors familiars And gollums can also be left over from Previous incarnations Yes I will I believe that is so Um

Not always the case I mean yes that Happens But sometimes the term That the familiar has done like their Tour of Duty so to speak could be up in That pre in that previous Carnation Incarnation and then there are times Done right so you could have a totally New set Etc and you can also have ones from Other lives and whatnot so that is a Thing but it doesn't mean like once You've had them in like five lives ago That they're still going to be present They might have done their term right It's an evolutionary thing for you as Much as it is for them Disco says when I see a picture of a Person if I smell something good like Cookies I know they are a good person And the opposite is also true yeah That's a good point Thank you his Ginger Majesty [Laughter] Hmm All right guys we got any more questions Before I jump to Robert here Oh there's one thing I want to say Don't worry Robert I'll get to you in a Second So I know in my previous rant I was Talking about levels of apotheosis so I Learned this from a maimon So I was doing I was actually linking

With a maimon I was doing this link And it was really during this this this Time he was He had this emphasis on me remembering This moment it's like remember that We're actually doing this And he gave me a few gifts and one of Them happened to be a crown and he put The crown on my head now I have received Crown like things placed upon my head in The past uh one by Lilith and others um But I just thought of them as gifts you know I didn't know really what to make of Them but I was like oh cool you know Thanks Um but a maimon the difference here is a Maimon actually explained to me why and What it was and what it meant so in Addition to what else he gave me He'd give me this this this crown And he placed above my head And he told me This crown There are many crowning moments Upon your path and each crown Is like a a marker it is a level just to Crown your achievement and different Levels of apotheosis Right and it is some it can be up to the Spirit to do that to you know of their Own accord they can decide this is the Time Or it could be a general consensus among

Multiple entities you said like yes he's Ready or she's ready Right So that is a thing and that is something That they they encourage and you know That is something we should all be Striving for right the farther we get Along on our path You know the more our perception changes Towards you know your own life this World around you and not only that but The Divine so We will never never in in this capacity Be able to understand the Divine in its Entirety we just can't it's impossible There's no way that we can until we Cross over the veil and join into our Oversoul It's impossible You know But that being said we can do the best That we can and that's what we've got to Do we gotta do the best that we can and The more that we grow along this path The more P the pieces of the puzzle that We gain And the more like I said our awareness And perception changes and those times Are marked by crowning moments of Apotheosis so that's something to keep In mind that that is a thing that's Something we should strive for within Our path Not just

Hey you want a car so and so hey I want A new car hey I want to help with this And that's you know this that and the Other something mundane It's our spiritual Transcendence Is is Paramount here In our Evolution it goes hand in hand All right Discus says where did you get the jacket Walmart if I remember correctly This is probably the first jean jacket I've ever owned I have one more but it's Black so you can really hardly tell it's A denim but this has been around the World with me Um Let's see Robert I can't get into a whole lot Robert Because that opens up a whole Um different can of worms and Robert On my site or on our site Lawless Metaphysics.com Uh if you go to contact us page there's Going to be a list of there's a contact Form you can just use that or you know There are personal emails that you can Go ahead and write and um so I'll get Into it a little bit here but if you Want to go deep and really you know get Going you can always just email me or Just Get a consultation but uh best way is a Divination that all is preference right Uh some people while using the Ouija

Board I don't but you know some people love it Some people love using tarot cards That's a big popular one Um I don't really use tarot cards I mean I have in the past and I'm just not that Great at it And um There's also divination I mean not so Awesome also divination to denomination Uh pendulums I love pendulums I used That when I started like it's just so Simple as long as you like consecrated Of course so nothing else can mess with It just like any other dividitory tool Uh So that's that's the place to start There there's other different practices If you just Google it there's so many Things out there you know like grounding Rods I know or uh What are those dowsing rods or whatever I know JS is a fan of those but Um Use that in the beginning You know and as you progress in your Path and in your abilities you might be Able to you know you start learning how To do automatic writing and then you can Go on from there to where you really Don't need those tools Um Developing your senses Meditation is a good way to start doing

Meditation Journeys Um Yeah just go on YouTube man and look up Meditation Journeys man they just help No matter what it is I don't care if It's some white light or whatever It's it gets you in your mind and you Start being able to like work on your Astral site and with that you can ask Yourself many different questions within When you're in a realm like hey what Does this feel like what does it smell Like you know what's what's the Temperature like and all this other Stuff you ask yourself that and you you You know try to reach perceive that Those start to awaken your psychic Senses it tells your subconscious like Hey Or your conscious mind but eventually Through repetition gets to your Subconscious Like hey we could start really like Working on this like hey we won't need To activate this you know hey you know Um so repetition is key doing exercises Like that that really gets you to to uh Feel outside the box it's going to start Activating those senses and the more you Do it The better like I talked last week about Parasite removal the more you do stuff Like that just scanning your body and All stuff that'll help you with the

Astrocyte doing these exercises will Only help you Um really work on those abilities now There are specific exercises that are Really tailored to certain senses and uh Like I said we can go over that you know If you hit me up Robert we can we can Dive in man I'll give you some some Awesome stuff Um so yeah Let's see here Mike 824 says it sounds like atheists go To the spirit afterlife and Spirits go To The Atheist afterlife Oblivion Uh I'm not sure if that was to be funny Or a statement no offense Mike How I read that It doesn't matter what you believe in This life Right because one well it does matter I Should say but not like you would think It does right So Let's say you don't believe in anything You're an atheist right you just you Don't believe there's anything spiritual Or whatnot you know You just haven't had that moment where You you really wanted to face that and I've known some ignorant atheists like They've had stuff happen in front of Their eyes And I mean like miraculous [ __ ] that Probably would have turned anyone like

Okay this stuff's real And they would just You know excuse it away and be like yeah Like or if they can't explain it in Their mind they'll just be like I just Can't explain that I don't want to think More about it or anything like that so Um anyways You only know what you know within this Life Right and just gathering information About past lives and all this other Stuff like that's you so uh That's hard enough This conversation I had with Thoth He told me That it's contractual Through you know every life you make you Make a contract about it Now the details of which and what is set In stone what isn't It's very finite There are a lot of moving Parts there Nevertheless You agree to it to some sense And you've actually some people actually Take part in the construction of their Life or what they choose I'm going to do this I'm going to go That and whatever and sometimes we've Even made promises to empty entities About what we're going to do in this Life Um like for example I know that I made

Azazel a promise to do something in this Life And that goes you know I'm not going to Say that but it goes hand in hand with The purpose that I have within this life Apart from just evolution in general Um but it's contractual in this contract That you don't remember everything you Can never know everything in its Entirety until you cross over and join With your oversoul right purposely Because that's how you evolve If you are a new you were you know this Amazing powerful being you've had all This knowledge of all these lives even Though it's kind of if you incarnate Within your bloodline you have that Advantage if you know how to awaken that Um You would not go through this life that You're living right now With the same fervor Okay And that's purposeful Right so you could have had many Different religions you could have been A like an extreme religious zealot in a Past life you could have been an Atheist In the past life Right I know is optimal To be on a spiritual path and actually Build rapport with some of these Entities that are by your side I know

Some crazy whacked out Christians And that's not to say you know go Anything against Christianity I know There are some amazing people that are Christians unfortunately but Um that have demons as their Guardians Right of course they find that amusing But it's trivial and the it's really Trivial because you still have to go Through this life you still have to Evolve and you still have to learn and That's what they're going to help do They're going to help construct you know Things that happen in your life and They're going to help with the best they Can whether or not you come to the Awareness that hey There's a spiritual realm and this is The way things are Etc it behooves you to do so in fact you Can speed up that evolutionary process And really go far once you do But that's not always the case for People it's not like oh there's a lost Cause because they're an atheist or Whatever say hey they don't get it in This life hopefully they still have Lifetimes left because guess what We don't all have just unlimited lives Until we figure it out we don't there is A set amount what that is is dependent On what you signed up for believe it or Not Could be you know a thousand something

Could have been like 20. You know and it all depends like to you I don't want to go into whole doomsday Thing here But you either make it or you don't Right this is why it behooves you to Work on your spiritual growth You know as an individual and evolve Because that's what we're here for That's what we signed up for Um this is something I want to say for Another podcast perhaps with disco I Know we talked about it about the reason We're here and all this other stuff and And uh more Enlightenment with Um you know conversations that I've had With Thoth Um But yeah guys it's it's a It's crazy roller coaster we're on And so yeah it doesn't necessarily you Know being an atheist in this life You know given you have more lives to Live after it it does you know Oh well sucks but Hopefully you'll get it right in the Next life because like I said you only Have X amount of lives to live And you have better got you better get There to where you're supposed to be to Transcend the whole cycle of Reincarnation Uh see disco does your crown have blue And red jewels on it hmm

But she's picking up on Disco It does have a few jewels on it It does have a blue one I think there is I don't think no there might be yeah There's a red one on it It's like uh like a rose gold looking Crown thing Which is the same same thing like okay So I got um You get also gave me a trident And um it was like a rose gold color Thing too but like towards the end of The bottom it was kind of like a smoky Black smoke thing it was kind of cool Looking Yeah Um Henry Perez good to see you What is a good exercise to strengthen Your subtle body Shock will work Energy manipulation learning how to Manipulate energy so you can move energy Throughout your body Doing extra you know practices and arts Like Tai Chi will help uh with with the Whole energy thing Um Yeah if you want to strengthen it you Know like I said energy work is great Calling on entities to help you uh Fortify your energetic body not only Your energetic body but your ass will Double but they're good things too Ball can help you with that

Uh there's some entities in the Necronomicon that can help you with that Uh Mike 8 24 says it wasn't meant to be Funny it was meant to be hilarious Noted all right Uh Hector Leach is Kanye crazy I wondered if I'd ever be asked that I Was wondering because I was like I was Wondering that myself I was like man This guy's out of his mind like Maybe I shouldn't really talk about it But I will just get my personal opinion Of a man that I do not know Um From what I have seen He has good points and I feel like he's Reached some sort of awareness they're Like hey man this Things are right this is really you know He's also in this class if you will Where he's you know uptight with a lot Of people that are you know do a lot of Stuff in this world like crazy powerful People so I'm sure he's seen a lot of Stuff That doesn't excuse him whether or not He has any kind of mental illness Like he see it seems like he's a little Far out there sometimes like I don't Even know man so there are some hints of Gold in there if you want to say but I don't know I want to thank him as a mentor honestly Someone you know I don't know

David Craven hey you uh it's been a While nice to see you again ah nice to See you too David Glad to have you on Jordan Whitfield hey everyone I hope you Are all doing well hello Jordan I'm so Glad you made it Let's see Yeah sorry disco he corrected me Qigong There you go Tai Chi whatever Qigong is the practice Discus is hey why didn't you read my Comment about atheists I don't know what you mean you retracted Some Disco Um Yeah yes okay Child 7211 it says I had a friend who Had a great ability to see entities I Would see one and then he could usually Tell me what it looked like without me First describing it to him but he is a Christian I like how you ended that but he's a Christian It's unfortunate I mean it is kind of Funny but it is Sad too you know it's unfortunate Because a lot of Christians really Dispel everything around them and and Just you know keep themselves kind of Closed-minded

Even if they see something that really Questions their faith or questions the Doctrine that they've been Um brought up in Or subscribed to That they'll never go further to Research like you said I you know he saw Some stuff he's never going to be like What is that or have any interest beyond That he's like wow that's crazy you know But whatever not gonna go further but That was like his opening that was his Like You know initiation as it were like Man I've seen some stuff throughout my Life which gave me Um It gave me the idea like there's got to Be something else out there there's got To be something other than what I've Been taught You know I've known that it was always In the back of my head you know and Unfortunately it took me a while in my Life to actually get to the point to Find out But having seen a lot of different Things and and um Having things done too Um it really uh Really made me question And if it wasn't for that I don't know If I would ever have found where I am Today

But it's sad that when someone gets that Opportunity as it were They just shut it down Because I'm assuming that's exactly what Happened since you said he's a Christian Like 8 24 says your lustful Renegade Right is still working it's magic and I Got it during tax return Season LOL well I'm glad to hear that Mike Yes you know I was actually just talking To JS about that right Um I've I've had a lot of success with You know many of my rights but Especially with the Lesser Renegade like It's Or I'm sorry unless we're Renegade uh The seductive Charisma lustful Renegade Is a Is uh right that I used to offer I don't Anymore Um it was a cheaper version of the and Let all be less powerful than the uh The seductive Charisma right but um I've had a lot of awesome feedback with That right and a lot uh with a lot of Different things that I didn't Necessarily expect to hear about Um and I think I might be uh doing a sale I Think JS and I were talking about doing A sale Um for like Christmas I'm not too sure yet Um but I was gonna go into that but

Definitely uh seductive Charisma will be On sale Um I just think that is a potent right Not only because I know it has that Appeal like you want You know to appear more attractive and It's not just appearing okay you know Yes it's like glamor magic to to an Extent but it is actually permanently Altering your auric field right and Um essentially The Vibes you've put off Right but there's much more to that it's A multi-faceted right right I didn't Want to offer a right that just had that Right there's there's more to the Equation there Right if you want to actually Come across and be as genuine as Possible to be attractive and powerful And Etc Um a lot of inner work is involved so Yeah that sucks it's not gonna lie that Sucks because you're you're going to be Inviting that to happen you're going to Be inviting these spirits that I call on To really dive deep into your site have You dive deep into your psyche and face Yourself with things that are obstacles To you that are in your way and it could Help you Um really process a lot of different Emotional trauma You know and see yourself in a better Light

And that that's genuine change permanent Genuine change in your life Um And it will it'll just leak out not just Into your Um sexual prowess or how you uh stand Out to the world but you know all the Way into your social pool and everything You do Um it just helps all around it's it's Actually such an empowerment for you That invokes permanent change Um with four different entities that are Absolutely amazing And man they could do some awesome Amazing things that all to help you Is awesome now I'm a big believer in you Know doing things more than once Repetition right I'll say that about Second abilities I'll say that about Doing rights You know it's not one and done but with The I will say with the Um Less uh the seductive Charisma type That from the first ritual That will be permanent change and if you Decide to do it again or Um You know Make out a plan like oh every year I Want to do something you will get Phenomenal change it's not like oh I Just had this once and that's all the

Change I'll ever get know The more you do the better and I'm not Just saying that to just sell it I mean If you don't uh purchase a right for me You work on that endeavor Continuously You can do some amazing change in fact One of the people who have had amazing Results with the seductive Charisma Right I'm not going to say any names Um just for privacy's sake but he was a Psychotherapist Okay and he was just I mean I mean days After I performed this ritual he was Like whoa He was like man they all these entities Made themselves known to me and like he Was just you know he kept messaging me Telling me every time like he would come To some crazy Um Epiphanous moment and he's like man this Is like so fundamental to my being this Is what I needed man I'm realizing this And that and this and this is changing This and amazing and you know and he's Gone from that to actually developing a Rapport with these entities like a Really deep Rapport and he's talked About how much they've helpeding him With X Y and Z and he's gone far and It's been amazing like his the Transformation is my I mean this is a Psychotherapist this is a mental health

Professional like to the extreme You know and uh he found value Extreme value and that really really Um Made me feel great I love hearing that Kind of feedback man but yeah that is Probably one of the best rights I've put Out there aside from the ultimate path Of Fortune which I've seen that play out Like amazing So anyways enough talk about the right Travels if you want one This is your probably time to get one Um Let's see Chris Echols I have a familiar Scent to me by King Belial how can I Openly communicate with him Well Chris I would call upon your familiar Uh just I mean you don't have to know His name or his sigil just call him I Would actually set The scene if uh So to speak by Um calling on guides that you do have to Be present making sure that you know Everything is kosher right and you call On your answer you're familiar You know and Then you can start having that Conversation you can ask him for a Sigil You can ask him You know for a name and Etc or you can Have someone else do that for you if you

Can't do that yourself you I'm sure you Can hire people I mean Um yeah I hire people for that Um But yeah it's it's very simple to to Channel a Sigil But Um Just just trust Like uh Whatever word comes to you man and you Can also give them I mean if he's okay With it you can also give him a Different name if you wanted to I won't Necessarily recommend it but Yeah there are many ways to to make Contact and communicate even with your Abilities not being You know where you'd like them to be It can be done but just calling them Forth having their presence known will Really really help you Charles 7211 says I don't know if he's Done anything since then haven't talked To him for years Yeah let me curious to know I mean yeah David Craven says I work in healthcare I Laugh because so many of my of Co-workers see ghosts in the hospital I Also see entities surrounding people Most of my psych patients can see past My glamor yeah Yeah It's uh

You know it's interesting there are some People that Have mental illnesses you know Unfortunately but They're also prone to like being able to See certain things that other people Can't and I wonder if that plays a role In their psychosis too I mean obviously That's not the entire cause But if you think about it if you you Know you have this schizophrenia right Which I'm sorry to say or I'm not sorry To say but for those that don't know Schizophrenia is not You know just someone who could speak to To entities no that's that's an actual Mental health issue right that doesn't Mean that they aren't also privy to Being um Aware of things and that also I'm sure Plays a role in stuff so it's it's very Interesting and I think the reason for That is is they've distanced themselves Some from so many things and their Psychic filter as you would call it it's Kind of like Dash because they're Dealing with so much right there's so Much internal dialogue of craziness and Everything else uh It's like um I don't know I think they're prone to Believe whatever and you know I think That willingness Um also helps them be more aware

But yeah anyways sorry about the tangent But uh yeah that's pretty cool seeing uh Seeing that in hospitals and stuff I've dude and having people like Having them your patients you know see You and we're like wow like they see Things around you it's crazy I've been dude I went I was going Through uh A little quick story time oh man I gotta Wrap it up too I'm doing a long time so I was over recently not that recently Several months ago I was over in Wales Um And I was staying at this one Castle I Can't think of it for the life of me What that was like used as a prison I Mean it's been around since I think 1100s uh but it was used later as a Prison In some atrocious Acts Happen there Um it's craziness but anyways it's it Was turned into a Airbnb now so you can Actually go and stay the night there and So I'm sorry not an Airbnb a hostel Um so you can spend the night there Which I did Um but anyways I was like I wonder what Kind of ghosts I'll come you know come In contact with Um and this is also at a time which was Interesting for me because a lot of Ghosts seem to

Move away from me And I was noticing this I was going into Like some of the most haunted places in Britain And I could feel them I walk into a room And all the ghosts that are there just Oh [ __ ] he's weird and [ __ ] go away And I was like it was really frustrating Me I'm like how can I communicate with These ghosts if they keep going away I Found out later it was because of Santa Marta Um and she was trying to get my Attention Um anyways That did not stop uh this from happening Was Um there was a ghost that I had met While staying at that castle And she told me her name I can't Remember it now Um but it would definitely sounded like I think the last name was like Bartholomew over something like it was Some old British name And uh all proven proper and everything Again She said she was very close by I'm like What oh cool you know I was thinking Like buried in the grounds whatever but I look out the window sure enough I Didn't pay attention before but there Was a cemetery right across something I'm like oh I'm gonna die if I go over

There and find her grave with the name She gave me sure enough I found it But anyways the point I was getting to The really my new point was I was going Traversing through the graveyard And I had some the ghosts actually come Around And say that I was evil Called me the devil And all this other stuff like they Really were Sort of scared of me Except for of course that one ghost that Was just like she was going on about how Cool this was that she got to talk to me And everything else like it was like she Was lonely or something like it was just Cool for her and she was totally Brave And everything else but these other Ghosts man They're all like you're devil you're the Devil and you're you know with Satan oh I mean it was crazy Um let's see And see me as a wish yeah Uh Henry Perez what is your take on Crossing the abyss Oh man that could mean a lot of things I Mean Thank you I know many practitioners have different Schools of thought as to what to call What right so the place that I end up Going when I'm doing a lot of things on

The astral firsthand I will end up I Will start in what I call the boy but a Lot of people call that the nothing and A lot of entities we'll just call that The nothing like they'll be cast into The nothing and they'll be talking about Other things right and they'll refer to This place as the nothing and also the Abyss being something separate from that Place Um There is An abyss your doth And in fact you have to cross the Biff If I'm not mistaken I could be wrong Here but you have to cross the abyss to Cross through doff Um And that could that's that's like a Whole initiation as well Um and take care when you do this uh Because it you know Initiating through doth is Can be hard And I know there are some practitioners I don't know them personally but I've Heard this from other Practitioners that I you know That I know that are amazing and Everything else but they're talking About people that they knew So I'm hearing the second hand That Like to approach like so there's qurans

On That you can actually go and Um ask him as well to initiate but They're there are some people that would Just like go up and demand Like be like oh demand that I cross Through the doth and all this crazy Stuff and whatever and he takes that he Like first laughs in the face Unbeknownst to them they don't you know Probably not there psychically but He will just basically destroy the crap Out of him and then you know So take care you know Who helped me in the first go around was Abaddon Um but yeah you just ask what's the Entities to help you anyways I'm sorry I'm not sure if I really asked answered Your question at all I'm sorry Henry Mike 824 I got the lustful Renegade Right and a week later I got kissed by a Model if I get the seductive Charisma Right do I get four wives and a mistress I don't know I can't guarantee anything That's between you and the spirits man What I can guarantee is that I will Perform the ritual efficiently and Successfully right so what goes on Afterwards is between you and the Spirits and they know you they know your Life they know what's going on with you And they're going to inject themselves Into your life and help you in any way

That they see fit not that I but then Obviously there is an intention when Putting forth this petition to them Right and they will go about that Petition however they see fit I know you were being kind of funny but Yeah I just I want to put that out there Too because part of my job And what I feel like I have to do is Manage expectations too and I've had People come to me and ask me all crazy Stuff like what's what can I expect from This like can I blah blah blah Um Yeah no you can't get the seductive Charisma and then go expect that Um Miley Cyrus is going to propose to You sorry it's not gonna happen David Craven says it's funny because one Of my patients was freaking out calling Me a Satan worshiping [ __ ] I was like Damn I can't even not Yes oh man the Yeah it's funny but also it's kind of Like a you know Firming in a way man even though it's Crazy like I was walking Uh in a Leicester Square I think that's What it's called in like London And it was very crowded at this time and I was walking down the street there's This old like Jamaican lady having like These pamphlets or whatever and she's

All preaching Jesus and everything and She like singles me out in the crowd as I'm walking to the underground She's like yeah yeah sir Sir you need Jesus And I was like oh no no don't have time Today and uh but she she followed me and Was yelling at me and be like I need Jesus and everything else like I know She sent something right and it was Funny because the person I was traveling With my girlfriend at the time Um she was like it's funny that she she Pointed out and and you know picked out The the only like Satanist in the in the Crowd assuming like and uh yeah that's Kind of funny Disco says I'm gonna have to hit you up About that right man sounds cool hell Yeah man for sure This goes let's find out the familiar's Name and start talking to it that's in Response to Uh The person's query yes absolutely Unwillful dweller hello this is anxiety And insomnia are serious enough woes to Hold me back From performing ritual initiation to Open the gates Initiatory grimoires are somehow unclear On this sorry if I'm off topic by the Way and the topic is whatever you'd like

To be honestly I mean that's the whole Reason we're here man we just dive into All sorts of stuff And you know and we can discuss it Amongst ourselves here and I obviously Do not know everything No claim to and I think my knowledge is Very limited you know so I'll help the Best the way I can if I can't answer it I can't you know Um If you're talking you're talking about You know anxiety insomnia and stuff like Holding you back and And this reminds me your question or Your query rather Reminds me of A podcast that I did with JD Temple and That is also here on the Lost Metaphysics Channel I believe Um And we talked about that you know I don't want to talk about Yeah I'll put out caution labels on how To approach certain things for sure as Anyone should right But I don't want that to be a deterrent Right and if you feel like you have Emotional instability you know yeah Think twice okay if you think anxiety And insomnia yeah take those things into Consideration Right but I don't want that to be a red Flag for you people I don't want

Um you people Um I don't want you guys to be deterred By the hard work or what's going to come Out of any initial you know initiation Into anything right because this is at The end of the day it's for your benefit This isn't like oh welcome to get beat Up no this is for your own Evolution and Your own betterment you're going to come Out at the end of the tunnel better than You were when you entered All right and you know I get it you know I I used to be Not scared per se but concerned Or like overwhelmed sometimes I felt Overwhelmed like you know there was a Point in my practice where the the tone Of a lot of the spirits I worked with Changed And it was a noticeable change it was Like because when I when I first started You know I had Lucifer just so loving Compassion and that's not to say that he Isn't still he is But it was like yeah you got this the Whole the whole um feeling of everything Was like I'm so proud of you you've come So far you've you've you've learned this You've done this like we got your back We got you this is awesome I'm just so So Um encouraging And it's great and it was like they're

Holding me by you know my hand right and Guiding me through stuff and it was Amazing and for me that was just so Important because of what I had gone Through my my childhood to have those Figures in my life be so supportive like It's not a lie for me to say that Lucifer has been more supportive to me Than my own family right and Um but anyways this change is change Happened where It was like it became more serious And it was like okay You gotta do this now In fact when I first started working With azaza the first thing he said to me Was like okay we're going to do a pack Now and I'm like oh okay what's what's This pact and you know he waited after Me he's like we're gonna do this I'm Like okay and then like anytime I I Would be introduced to another spirit It's like okay we're gonna do this all Right introduce to another Spirit okay You need to work with me we need to do This it became More serious not to say it wasn't Serious before but it was like the whole Tone shifted it was like time to get to Work you've come this far you need to do More right and it's not I'm not saying That I've reached some Pinnacle of Success that's not true I'm I've got Leagues to go and we all do and um

But it is indicative of where I've Gotten to on my path where it was like They were no longer guiding me by my Hand And it was like okay you need to get to Work you need to take this seriously Let's do this you need to do this and You know every entity that I Um it was like I was taking on so much And I did become very overwhelmed you Know get initiated through this and then Initiated through that and you know and Being warned You know like you know belong this is One of the scariest things that Um apart from java chop but balam was Like To partner with me He was talking about balam himself You're going to have to take on so much Responsibility like the responsibility I Am going to put on you It crushes people And he says you will either succeed Or you will be crushed in the process He didn't give me any words of Encouragement he was like but you got This bro no it was you're either going To make it or you're not And hey if that wasn't enough I'm not Going to help you He specifically said that I am not going To help you with this this is something I cannot help you with

This is something you need to learn to Rely on your own self To handle And if that isn't scary like oh [ __ ] What have I got myself into How am I going to handle this is this Going to break me is this where I go Insane like is you know then Java chalk Oh my gosh all right to his presence was Ridiculous like when he approached me He like showed me his In his purest form his energy body and Oh man I I was so nauseous so nauseous Because it's such A powerful energy was waiting on me like Like like an elephant on me you know it Was uh I I almost I tried it took everything For me to stay conscious and like stay With what he was saying Because it was so potent like I mean I I Had like a headache for like hours after Like splitting migraine Um but the things he said to me and I'm Not going to go into detail on that but That was scary that was so scary but it Was all for my betterment you see But nevertheless it's still scary Um anyways the point I'm getting to Is you're going to come to points in Your life Or on this path where you're like man This is scary this could be overwhelming Etc take caution

Understand that you can only do so much And you can say no All right but it is in your best Interest to do so right if you feel Called to initiate through X Y and Z do It Right how many people are suffering now Like That's just life life is suffering You know and the way we deal with that Suffering Is we take responsibility for our own Lives right and we take action even in Perfect action and still action and we Learn and we grow and we build the Structure within our lives and we're Always you know Chasing that meaning for life In that value to live a virtuous and Good life right that's what keeps you Out of nihilism and that complete utter Respect because you're going to suffer Guess what you're going to suffer either Way That's just life right So if you're afraid of suffering you're Afraid of being overwhelmed or all these Trials and tests that are going to come Your way It's no different than what you're Dealing with on a daily basis now You know comparatively Um and sometimes believe it or not some Of the trials and stuff that you'll face

Come up in your everyday life and you Won't sometimes won't even notice You don't just don't be overwhelmed It just that's just the way it is man You're gonna be better for it you'll Come out at the end like I said it'd be Like I am so glad I did that you know you Might have reached totally different Perception on things and everything else And like man that was awesome or Whatever you know Just you know Some things might seem daunting But just do it man it'll help you it'll Help you Uh I'm willful let's see Let me go back here Malice says being unwillful is enough of A woe as well Very good point I'm so glad you said That thank you so much Chris Echols says can I still get on the Group right tomorrow absolutely like I Said we're closing on the 6th or I I Don't know I'm in charge of the website A dual admin stuff so I'll be closing it But this is js's ritual so you have till The six to sign up if you want to Uh Mal says what do you fear dweller oh You're Asking him okay Uh discograph says ghosts still have the Beliefs they had when alive that's true

That is true just because your crossover Doesn't mean you become all enlightened You know I mean not crossover once you Die because I I want to say crossover to Me means something else Um Once you die you become all this Enlightened amazing individual Um that's not true I'm sorry if you're An [ __ ] in life you're probably going To be a bigger [ __ ] in death because You're going to learn hey I'm not Restrained by laws anymore I could do Whatever I want I could be the most sick Pervert ever If you trust me they're out there right But uh Yeah and a lot of them are scared to to Leave where they're at and you know There's it's a vast economy out there Man unless then I asked to Ramen this is Probably like the first they've ever Seen any of this and they're like what The hell and they're they are scared They are scared about their entities Like like the entities that we work with Um so until you cross over and join with Your oversoul you are not going to get That benefit of knowing all of what You've gone through like everything that You are Right Disco says the abyss there are hills and Mountains

I actually was in a like Purgatory Realm The Java chocolate it was It was uh the best way to describe it Was Baron It was cold in some spots like chilling Cold but it was also hot in some spots Like sweltering hot And it was just a Barren landscape of Sand like almost like a desert but at Night Um And Then There Were Trees and it was Hard packed Too it wasn't like you got these sand Dunes and so there were like Dunes but Very hard packed right it was like Nothing could grow there even the trees There were some trees there but they Were all dead and everything oh it was Interesting crazy landscape Uh on waffle dwellers is more than fear Is out of respect I know a Draconian Initiate he told me I'd go nuts right Away but I do not like orders in Dogma Yes that's that's that's it right there Brother Or or you know I'm not um didn't mean to Assume your gender I don't know Um Yeah a lot of people like to gatekeep Man A lot of people They're like yeah don't do what I've Done it's super powerful it's too super Scary care careful you'll go nuts you

Know but I I've achieved this what I Don't know man obviously take people's Considerations for what they are you Know a grain of salt But ultimately They're not you Their life is not yours and you know you Have your own experiences in your own Life and your own path it is individual To everybody as we are all individuals So don't let that Skate It Away people You know if it seems like he's Gatekeeping then and really dogmatic and Everything else just throw that aside Man like like I said earlier when we're Talking about familiars and guides and Everything else they're there to help You Along your journey as well and help Guide you you know spiritual the Spiritual path is You know what we all should be striving For So whatever you're inclined to do Whatever you're led to do It Disco says it is an empty my experience Talking about the this yes absolutely Um There's also yeah there's so many Different places too right that could be Considered the abyss the great nothing Or whatever you know and Beyond The Cliff off before you have like the Trans-clefothic Bales and stuff like

That you know Excuse me malice says sometimes you have To explore for yourself but always Remember your way back home when things Get too hectic absolutely good advice Physical says no on the anxiety and Insomnia I've struggled with that for Many years and my work in the occult has Helped me absolutely that is a good Point Disco You know Yeah don't Taking part in in You know all these rituals and Initiations and stuff and working on Your your spiritual path It's not to hinder you it's to make you Know better right and a lot of the Things that we struggle with emotional Trauma anxiety insomnia Etc Right those need to be worked through That's how you become better and that's How you become all that you are you know In order to become everything that you Are You have to become everything that you Are Right Um I don't I'm not I'm paraphrasing that From piemont kingpymon and he said Something along those lines basically Like you know you got to become Everything that you are and face Everything that you are you know

And so yeah all those things can be Helped and worked on on your path Let's see where we're at here guys Getting close to getting wrapped up We've been on here for a while And Chris Gordon's asked any experience Or experiences with aim Um I can't say to have I have not heard Of that entity Because I've heard of Amy there's also Not only is there a demon named Amy There's also an angel named Amy Um but aim no I I have not Um this was I used to have to take meds And I no longer have to because of the Mental strength I have gained through The occult if you want to message me I Will help you work through that awesome Hell yeah Yeah disco is a great great source if You haven't heard his story like how he Came in on the cult which is just Phenomenal we have that on the YouTube Channel as well Um yeah a great video podcast I do say So myself Foreign Freedom Fighters is greetings greetings Freedom fighter Disco says honestly anxiety is a Blessing because once you overcome it Everything else will be a cakewalk Absolutely absolutely I mean that goes For everything

You know when you're faced with Something Um anything in your life where you're You have this certain element of fear to It and you Get yourself to do it Right that's it doesn't mean that you Necessarily get less fearsome it just You become braver Like well I I can do this now and then You're able to go far like if you look At some goals that you want to do for Your life and you set them out and aim High aim high man but you know I know That fear will come crashing like man That's a lot I don't know if I could do That whatever take it one step at a time And the more you do the more steps you Take the braver you get like The More Steam and motivation and and momentum You gain and you're able to combat a lot Of things in your life so yes when it Comes to anxiety and stuff like that Whatever you're you gotta face face it Take a step and you'll get braver and You'll get better Freedom Fighter says I have done some Packs the magic hasn't manifested I will Keep trying Okay I'm not sure what all to say about That Um I had I I'd come into question how you Made those packs and with whom and uh

Well you know what the parameters were And whatnot but Yeah I'd address that do some divination To find out what's going on Um Disco says Amy's in the glacier Very cool Well that just goes to show I haven't Gone through all the equation That's yourself Oh man Child 72 11 says Rook style is always Top-notch I appreciate that Same with you disco appreciate it Jessica says anxiety produces a fear of Everything in a way Um so to overcome it produces bravery to The same effect absolutely absolutely That's a good way to wrap it up All righty guys I will take Two more questions I'm gonna wrap it up Every Ellison glad to have you here glad You could join us at the tail end of me Getting off here welcome Foreign I think we're at this point We got 10 minutes left That's what I'll say you got 10 minutes Left cap it to two hours I know I keep Saying we want to keep these things in An hour but it never seems to be that Way because we don't initially get going It's a little bit later on so show up Early guys come on

So yeah I'll take a few more questions And then we'll just Call it a night Foreign To you Everyone says I just finished watching The final episode of the new Wednesday Show cool The Wednesday show I don't even know what that was Talking about the Friday show Oh oh I know what you're talking about now Never mind sorry All right guys Nine more minutes this is the countdown If you ever get a chance go over the UK Guy Do it it's amazing I love going over to The UK man I honestly wish I could live There to be honest it's it's just my cup Of tea man I love it and some of the Places you go to it's just got so much History you know you know anywhere You've walked because the UK swell it Really is like anywhere you walk you Know people have been there for Thousands of years thousands of years And yes you could say the same thing About this country in America Um But I mean there are a lot of things That happened over the UK like that Really I love and I love medieval

History and all this other stuff man But there's a lot of relics still there And there are Actual castles that have just left been Left to you know deteriorate and fall Apart and no remodel has ever been done On it so it's it's what it was like back In the day but you know semi-destroyed But no one's ever tried to refurbish it Or whatever and you actually have to Hike to go find it you know there's some Crazy stuff and some of the uh The entities you run into Some interesting crazy awesome stuff The British museum is cool too I got Some awesome stuff Um That was actually where That was a cool thing Um so I was going through Kind of like their Egyptian section that They had And I was also you know going there with Uh my girlfriend at the time and we were Going through this section looking at All this stuff and uh Foreign Out of nowhere I just had all this energy just hit me Like a brick wall like so much energy Like I almost I just started crying And my girlfriend at the time looked at Me and was like you okay what's going on And I'm just like what the hell and I

I heard my head segment And I was like what And then I like kind of turned to kind Of like Orient myself because I felt Like so disoriented like it was just bam It just hit me and I turned boom I'm Right in front of the Statue of sekhmet Which is Egyptian goddess Um Keep in mind I did not know who suck That was Until that point But she was like you need to work with Me and I was like oh crap and I was like Okay [Laughter] Of course you know later you know if I Know what what she wanted and everything Else but that was cool like just out of Nowhere man just going about your day Going through a museum and Bam here's Your introduction pretty cool Says thanks for your time love the JS Video about the blue experience Outstanding hell yeah that's awesome Uh Chris Gordon says peace Um every lessons this Wednesday Adam's Show on Netflix okay yes I I realize That way too late I was like oh Uh I'm going for dwellers says thanks Again yes I know that I overcame both Once but they came back with inventions After some chained events dealing is Harder this time somehow like relapsing

But the way is clear also yes it's a Struggle man it's a struggle But you know what it's a fight worth Fighting Because you can conquer it S disco says the UK Yes the UK Uh let's see Thanks a lot to you as well Rook Thank you Chris Eagle says you guys are awesome Thanks so much for all your help Absolutely that's what we're here for Have fun Alrighty guys I think I want to wrap it up so Thank you guys for coming on as always Thank you for your presence thank you For your questions and we will see you Next week I never know who's going to be On next week but it's just gonna be me Or Jesse and I or perhaps disco and I or What no I don't know until Usually the day off so Keep your guessing But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the Time tonight and make sure to like And Subscribe if you haven't already and Feel free to comment And any questions or anything in the Comment section so anyways you guys have A wonderful night Cheers