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All right welcome guys and wait for Everyone to get on board here a few People on here So it's just going to be me tonight I want to try to keep it short tonight Um so yeah time to bring questions and Whatnot let's get some awesome Conversations going As far as Updates let's see js's group ritual Uh we'll be ending on December 6th Instead of the Third So got a lot of sign ups or he has so We're going to extend to the sixth So that's pretty much what's new in our World I had a lovely Thanksgiving about you Guys what you guys been up to the past Week Got star ruby in the house hello Charles 72 11. hello we'll see you guys back you Guys are like the frequent flyers of Um LM Fridays Damn best what's up brother Good to have you good to see you here I think one topic I want to talk about Amidst all the questions coming in Um or astral parasites It's kind of been A trend that I've noticed a lot of People start talking about them a lot of People having issues with them Um Sorry I know Tila Petrova if you all

Know who she is wonderful practitioner And she did a video on her Channel Um pretty much it was like a Say like a journey meditation As to uh getting rid of Astral parasites And stuff now you can do that with your Own accord and I watched it absolutely Amazing I think you all should just Check it out But I also want to kind of go over Um the way I do it which is uh a little Different but there's so many different Ways it's going to cut but this will Also Um Just help you do a lot of different Things you know it this is Actually training yourself to see your Energetic body you know so the benefit Of that is you're able to scan yourself And see if there are any um parasites Around on your India whatever Um but also other things going on within Your energy body so something I'll talk About in a little bit Jordan Whitfield says what's going man Hope you're doing amazing what's up Ma'am I'm doing great about yourself good to Have you on Damn best says I just helped out one of My friends from Facebook on that matter I don't know too much about clearing out That type of energy I know a little bit

You know then it's actually really Simple here is really simple Um I mean If you take most things in magic or Using your psychic abilities and stuff It's actually Very simple We just tend to complicate it so much After adding so many different layers And things Uh on stuff but uh You know and and people really get Caught up in the hype with psychic Abilities and feeling like they have to Jump through so many Hoops or you know Swallow this pail say this Mantra do This crazy ritual and boom the whole World's going to implode and um all of a Sudden there'll be You know mad psychic but it doesn't work That way it's actually so simple So simple we happen to miss it and uh Oftentimes we're Off on different tangents and different Paths and missing the point entirely and It's really hard it is kind of like a Minefield for people to really Good on course and what how you know how To really approach Psychic abilities and stuff like that And it took me for a while when that's For sure See here

Rustangs77 [Music] Goats Scots Welcome cheers from Nova Scotia hell Yeah thanks for tuning in man what time Is it over there Damn best says I recently had quite a Few people from Facebook hit me up to Try to get them back into everything With magic I don't know why but I feel Like this may be my calling to help People yeah they help absolutely Do what you feel you're led to do You know Follow your intuition that is what I Recommend highly to everybody follow Your intuition You know you have your You have your gut instincts about people And uh the more the better you get at Reading people the more information Come to you but um Yeah follow your intuition man it Surprises me uh how many people aren't Really in tune with their intuition Like they'll uh I'm not exactly sure how to articulate It it's like They get the initial Um Intuition and the the uh initial feeling But then they'll do the opposite Of whatever that feeling was it's almost Like it's like some kind of reaction

It's this very weird But uh Yeah the more in tune you become Listen to your intuition the stronger it Gets And then they're enlarged purpose you'll Find out we all have a purpose You know apart from the main one which Is Evolution and growing Brad Grands good evening looking for Tips to get past mental blockages on Wanting to get out and perform rituals Hell yeah man well welcome welcome Um Dan best says there's something weird About people coming to me for help it's Like there's a certain amount of respect I tend to tell most people could go to You guys with questions I hope that's Okay Um Okay yeah I mean Sure Absolutely I don't mind but I'm sure you Can answer a lot of questions yourself My friend All right Brad Graham will get to you here in a Second don't worry I haven't forgotten Uh rustang 777 I'm just gonna say rust Back it's 10 35 here and raining like a Bastard Yes sounds like my kind of weather my Friend It's nothing like raining and crazy

Storms outside and you just cozy inside That's my thing I love it this is Probably why I like UK weather at the Most I know a lot of people hate it But that's my cup of tea Abraham Garza says good evening good Evening ma'am Journal writing helps Indeed it does So Brad Graham You're looking for tips to get past Mental blockages on wanting to get out And perform rituals Uh just so I understand you clearly Are you saying you want tips on how to Get past blockages that are keeping you From performing rituals I mean that's what it sounds like so I'm Just going to go with that I would just say just do it man let's do It there is this resistance you know That even some people still have no Matter how far along that you get in Your path it's like oh because you know What it takes you're like I gotta do This I gotta do that and everything else And you know it's just the Classic Resistance to want to do something I Mean I'm not sure what reservations you Have Um but my advice is just to do it you Know uh you can procrastinate all you Want and I don't mean that to be Offensive or anything like that but you

Can research from every angle you know If you want to be On a well versed and make sure you know What you're doing before you jump ahead First I respect that but there's only so Much research that you can do and There's only so much knowledge that You're going to be able to gain without Having first to have gone into ritual There comes a point where you actually Need to just dive in right and that'll Actually open up other doors for you you Know So that is my advice Just go for it my friend Rustang says any tips for evoking demons To physical form would below be a good Entity to begin with Well Any entity will be great most dentists I Should say let me rephrase any most Entities would be great As far as the evoking demons to a Physical form Uh uh that is between you and spirit [Music] Um Me personally I have seen a lot of Things manifest physically in my in you Know my field of vision But not so solid that You know I can't like shake their hand right Um I haven't personally doesn't mean

It's not possible I'm sure it's possible But it takes a lot of energy for them to Do that and it's not always necessary in Fact I don't think it ever is But uh that that can't happen So a lot of the times most from my Experience and my my nose is I have been told that they do it for Your personal Comfort uh do it as in Not really appear that physical Um Just because it could be a jarring and Shocking experience So I know how much we all want it You're never prepared as much as you Think you are you're never prepared for That Uh as far as uh There's no like trick we're staying There there's no like oh man I need to Just really study hard on this and Practice this and then it'll happen it's There's really nothing standing in the Way of that I mean except for maybe your Psychic senses but that's only half the Battle If you're able to you know Really dive into your psychic sight and You're pretty pretty decent with that Then that's only half the battle right The other half is the entity wanting to Do so So other than that there's not much else To it

Let's see rgd what's up what do you Think about vampirizing an astral Parasite I've been thinking how the Vampire box could be used for that Yes you actually can For sure I mean the sky's the limit whatever you Think of You know You can uh it depends I would say a Dependently entity like Some of them were just nasty man Um and uh initially they can't forge any Kind of relationship with him then in That case you could Yeah you could do that And I'll either destroy them or try to Work with them like come to some accord Or they can help you you know do some Painful stuff if you wanted to or just Do that In fact you can also you know ask your Familiars or tell your familiars any Parasites come around they're yours you Can have them you can feed on them Nina the mystics in the house greetings And best says let's work for me This work for me is writing down or what Works for you okay it was what stopping Me but I also writing down what you want To happen the stupid simple but it works For me burn away what is blocking you go Into ritual Oh okay I see what you're starting to

Say to it best okay yeah Things like that could definitely help The physical action of you Taking a piece of paper writing down Those things in a symbolic gesture Burning it away Is it like you know thank you for me That that can work just it works just as Just as well as affirmations too Nothing wrong with that S8 One in says thoughts on Pazuzu I think Pazuzu is amazing To be honest I haven't worked much with Pazuzu But He's a powerful protector I do know that Brad Grant says I had planned a three Pillar right for the night of the Eclipse And unfortunately we had 30 mile an hour winds that night now I Just can't seem to want to get outside And do what needs to be done hmm I understand brother I understand that Makes me think of something else though Just to keep in mind if there's ever Like a really strong resistance out of The ordinary it's not just you know Oh it's raining outside or it's the Weather or I don't have that much energy Or Etc you know Apart from the norm If there's something really nagging you

At the back your head you're like There's something about this like I Shouldn't do this Then I would do some divination find out Why and it could be because they want You to change it up and do something Different or they're trying to tell you Something that you need to include or What have you so do pay attention to That Like I said pay attention to your Intuition my friend if you ever had any Doubts do divination It's what I say You want to know about certain people Divination That's just crazy that blew my mind when All this Stuff drama wise was going all around For a while I'm like man these people Call themselves practitioners Should just do divination find out for Themselves just You know the Mystic says no JS nope not Tonight Just me All right Charles Summit 2 11 says you Could make some kind of agreement with a Parasite to vampirize other individuals And then share the energy between the Two of you yes you can absolutely Absolutely And they I've seen some weird weird Parasites man I just can't get over how

They look sometimes it's like Video games can't even come up with I Don't know man I couldn't imagine some Stuff Tess Marie hey Rick hello Miss Mercury's in the house hello Say All right we got 16 people All right if we get to 17. Yep just got to 17. look at that all Right I was gonna say if we got to 17 I'd start talking about how I uh remove Parasites That wouldn't be held up we're back down To 16. look at that I jinxed myself Foreign How was my Thanksgiving Tess asks it was wonderful amazing I'm not a bit I you know personally I Don't care to celebrate too many things You know that's not anything to do with Current events or anything like that I'm Just this nature I am half the time I Don't know what day it is until someone Tells me So I'm I'm naturally kind of a reclusive Person Very introverted And I like my space I like my time Just do me but you know sometimes Hanging out with good friends and Quality people Lovely how was yours Rgd says much less perverted jokes when JS is not around

Indeed not that I would mind his jokes Just mentioning absolutely well see That's kind of like why I like to do Things Um or do this every now and then by Myself just me it changes the vibe you Know and Uh nothing against JS or anything like That but we're all individuals here Right so So different crowd different kind of Questions different Um Behavior All sorts of stuff so yeah I'm always looking forward to doing Stuff like this getting on here and who Knows the types of questions you guys Have man I like going deep stuff man Let's see test Maurice is a lot of us Pagans not so don't celebrate I noticed But I love the holidays I'm glad yours Was good though mine was too thank you Awesome glad to hear Uh rustang says do you have any books of Yours in the works No I don't Um but that is something in the Far future That I will I've been thinking about And I don't think I am at the point on My path Um Where I feel like I can come to a good Conclusion with the book that I want to

Write Um But it will be in the future I plan on It so we'll see Won't be anytime soon I want to basically I like I like teaching people Uh to some extent Uh but I really like Having people question this reality and Really getting people to think outside The box And become aware of this spiritual realm These other entities like you know the Whole reason we're here you know that is Not a lot it's really talked about in That regard you know people get on this Path they're like yeah I'm gonna dress Up and I can look all Sinister and dark And now I can hex people and do all this Stuff and you know Yeah you can you can do all that stuff But you're kind of missing the whole Picture Why we're even here And everything else and so I you know That that is something personally that's I love diving into and if I were to Write a book in the future it would be About kind of my journey on this path And really who these beings are And how you can you're you could find Out your own purpose and while you're Here

And uh how to grow and actually Step into Magic So it would be a very beginner friendly Book About whatever to write one Um [Music] Tessa's come over Laura I'll feed you What about me too skinny I need some More pounds I got like a black hole in my stomach or Something Mm-hmm Rusting ass have I ever worked with Jesus or Angels yes and yes I have I work a lot with Raphael Him and I have a very close relationship Um Apart from him Uh there are a few angels that uh I'd like to eventually Uh be in contact with but I haven't to Be honest Um I have just as much respect for Angels as I do any other spirit Um it just depends on whether Allegiance Lies in my opinion so that leads me to Jesus Um He's a pretty cool dude [Music] Um See I was actually instructed by Lucifer

To channel Jesus And uh I'm not sure if I've told this Story before I probably have But uh I'll keep it quick I swear yeah I Was you know I grew up in a very strict Christian household And So later on in my life you know Stumbling upon this path and getting to Where I was I had certain resentment Towards Jehovah and everything to do With Christianity Not necessarily like it's their fault Per se because it's not you know I I was Indoctrinated into it by my parents and Everything else right but I still had That resentment in my mind You know I I still had that dualistic Thinking you know and uh I think Lucifer Wanted me to Break me of that so you really transcend That Duality and he he told me that I Well first He said you know what I like about you It's your Christ consciousness And at first I was like oh that's a cool Compliment and then I was like wait why Are we bringing up Christ And then uh he was like you should Channel him I was like no I'm not gonna Do that But you know it just kept nagging on me And I was like you know what okay fine I'll set aside my Grievances and I'll do

It just to see just to see and I really Had an attitude too man I had an Attitude when I Uh began to evoke him And even when he was there I I acted Pretty rude to be honest Um which I regret but He quickly Um quickly uh Set that right I should say in his words And he actually was not who I expected He was uh Yeah he's very cool so the most potent Name for Jesus is yahushua So I don't care to really talk much with Jesus or Do anything personally with Jesus but he Was really cool when he was very Instrumental in helping me understand Certain things I don't like Jehovah But that's just me Let's see test Marie says you and Js Two gotta make you guys some Goods Absolutely absolutely Rusty says I've tried to summon those [ __ ] for decades with no success LOL Yes it's a Yeah I've never summoned Jehovah I don't Think I ever will man like I don't want To invite that Um around and it's really It can really restrict you and hinder

You in your practice any emissaries from Jehovah can do so So you're best off to actually rid Yourself of any emissaries or any Influence whatsoever From Jehovah and you could do that by Making a declaration you can do that by Calling on marihim Um and he will obliterate any connection Any ties any emissaries that come from Jehovah And just a crazy crazy experience That'll come with that Um test Marie oh um I was happy to get To spoke yesterday too Uh Miss Mercury says have you ever Encountered the Labyrinth of nightmares Shadow work on steroids Uh I can't say that I have I've been Through several labyrinths but I don't Know what the names were Doesn't sound like a place that I want To go though Nina says I did the reverse baptism yes That'll do it too absolutely All right we got 20 people look I wasn't Even looking So I guess I was talking about Parasites now Michael says where's the ball guy [Laughter] He is off doing his own thing So It's gonna be just me tonight

All right good questions guys good Questions I'm gonna talk about astral Parasites Desperate says I've had nightmares during Shadow work But usually I know what they mean There you go that's good Thank you Yeah things that happen in your dreams If you're able to interpret them it's Usually your subconscious playing out Scenarios in order to Reveal something to you and you know What everyone in your dream there's a There's a purpose for each of them like Not sure you'll ever remember to do this But if you do Go ahead and ask anyone in that shows up In your dream whoever it is Ask them What purpose do you serve in this dream And your mind will be blown Also you can easily uh Do astral traveling from your dream just Become lucid Microphone does that mean my Ginger is Deadly oh hail now That just went over how much I love My privacy I like my my Alone time What day is the group right Uh it is not the third Um

It is now extended to the sixth of December and that is the final day Trill greats as why is Christ cool but Jehovah is not That is a good question that is personal Preference For me that is my personal Uh thoughts on the matter And I'll explain to you why I think that Way but you are all inclined to think However you want So first off Jesus Was Not a son of God or anything like that Like the Bible would tell you he was Just a man but he's possibly One of the best Black magicians ever Live in my personal opinion now he is Guardian Angel her was his Guardian Angel but Um I it might have been but I do know For certain his Patron sanatos Which if anyone knows who Sanitas is he Is the one true king of demons You can't just go around and summon this Dude you have to have permission And given Blessings by not only Lucifer But Arachne Before you're able to even do so And I come these you know there are not Many entities I would say come with Caution and warning labels but he's one Of them

Um so yes He had a very very powerful one true King of demons as his Patron And he also throughout his life Did several different rituals including If you're all familiar with the story of You know Legion and the pigs and stuff Like that so I learned this from VK Um So Legion his name the demon called Legion his actual name is rot And Rod actually set some light on the Truth of what happened during that story And that story is kind of like bollocks The only thing that really happened is Actually Jesus actually made a sacrifice To rot during a ritual that was it that Was the only encounter they ever had Um he worked very closely with Lucifer And Jehovah And He has equal respect For both But Lucifer and Jehovah were closer then As he has said But they obviously aren't now so Jesus He has his He's considered an ascended Master now Um and he has his allegiance to Jehovah So therefore I don't really care to work With him But My through my talk with him his demeanor How he was I had respect for the guy he

Was really cool and he answered like Honestly all the stuff that I had asked Him Um which totally gave me a totally Different perspective on him but yeah I Mean I just think it's cool he's cool I Just don't care to work with him Jehovah On the other hand I don't like because Of things that he's done And the things that he he does you know It's very Sneaky and I don't know I can go on and on another Interesting fact is So there is uh an entity that is Mary You know Jesus mother But that's not what people pray to when People pray to marry they're actually Praying to a female version of Jehovah a Female aspect of Jehovah I'm like oh Anyways let's see here Hopefully that answers your question Again that's my personal opinion you Guys can Do whatever you like RG says duh does the kabbalistic magic Connect you to Yahweh or not I don't think so but that's open for Interpretation Michael says accepted my dreams Mr Roark Is a raccoon for some reason Very cool I've always wanted to be a Raccoon Test Marie says I've had conversations

With other Mages in my dreams but I Never remember what they say just them I hear you I hear you I've had other People that I knew Walking to my dreams And apparently I've walked in theirs Who knows what that's all about Rustang says I was Hardcore Christian For 30 years I am now basically atheist How would I go about evoking Jesus if he Is truly real You would get his sigil Well I don't know where you're at on Your path if you're even on a path Brother Um So I would suggest if you're working With certain entities at the moment you Can ask them to help you and assist you Um you can ask your familiars and Whatnot if you haven't Um Otherwise just call it on them and Vibrate the name yahushua Yeah I'll spill it It is the most potent Of his names I have a schedule he gave me it's very Simple It's just I'm not even going to do it in The air never mind it's just a cross With a circle around it with two little Circles on the top portions Of the cross

I was like that's very fitting I had a Cross on it Uh Thank you But I hear you man Transitioning From Christianity It's a hard one man you get Indoctrinated hardcore and it it gets Ingrained in you it really does And it's really hard to to see things Differently But once you do the new there's like no Going back because it just it seems so Absurd to you And I never thought I would see it the way I Do now you know back when I was a kid But yeah it's the world's a totally Different place Um Things that are really going on Beyond This physically dense Dimension will Blow your mind And that's what intrigues me to keep Learning and like man what is this what Is that you know it's crazy absolutely Crazy and then you you find the role That Jehovah plays and all of it and the Truth behind Jehovah and Jesus and what What he's about but I will definitely Tell you it is not about capture the Flag version of capture the soul it's Just

That doesn't exist I thought it did when I first got all This path I really did I was one of the Stupid Deeds I was like man I'm gonna sell my soul to The devil And then I can have finally have a great Life Boy was I wrong You can dedicate yourself to things That's a different thing but no you Can't your soul is not something that Could be sold it can be destroyed It can be destroyed But selling it it's not a thing Chris Gordon what's up man Glad to have you on Mustang says it's hard to accept that You have no answers when you grew up Believing you had every answer in the World but it feels like a true Born-again experience to let it all go It does it's really freeing but it can Also be kind of scary because I feel and I definitely don't speak for Everyone here but I feel that there are A lot of Christians that You know are Christians because of the Security and the safety net they feel Right they're part of this community and Some of these communities they're really Genuinely care about people you know do Stuff in their community and all this Stuff I mean it's great to be part of

Something That you feel is great and Noble and Everything else As well they got everything mapped out Just like you just said you know you had You felt like you had all the answers They feel like they do too you know I Had to recite catechisms when I was a Kid which basically are Uh premeditated answers for questions You'd ever be asked by non-believers Right Such as who wrote the Bible what Happened this blah blah blah you know What is this you'd be well prepared for Anything anything just to keep you Ignorant and dumb stupid Pretty much So it's really hard I mean every you Know They like to shun everything keep their Mind closed you know if it's it's the Devil's work it's the devil's work People think that the the devil's behind The government that ain't the truth Jehovah is Let's see It just says I did the same as a team Yeah Let's see Taylor gang says had anyone Has anyone ever used the fourth Pinnacle Of Venus and if so how to use it I have not so I cannot help you I'm Sorry

Be interested if anyone else has Something to say about it All right Promised so we'll talk about astral Parasites After Let's see what's going to lose this I Think a lot of people like Christianity Because it gives them reassurance that They will experience Paradise after Death absolutely absolutely You are right on the money sir Metaphysical mama says love the fourth Pinnacle this was my first experience on The left-hand path cool I think I got Some thumbs up there Rgd says is there some technique that You use for healing more often than Others Yes it for me there's not like this is My go-to right it really depends on the Situation at hand so I have different Techniques for different situations yes I can go through them Um But yes Child uh 72 11. yes that reassurance you Know and that's that's the main thing That got is life after death Because most people don't know what's Going to happen A majority of people don't know what It's like what's going to happen when You die

What happens Everyone talks about reincarnation Everyone talks about this or that but Nobody knows this is why I really want to emphasize people to get Out of their body and yes that is Possible But once you do You will No longer have any fear whatsoever no One can tell you otherwise Your fear of death is gone And that's the number one thing they Hold over people once you know what Happens when you die and where you're Going after you die and what you'll be Working with and what you're going to be Doing That fear goes out the window And in fact it'll change your whole life You know perspective on life too All right Let's talk About astral parasites You guys type questions I'll look at it Later So on the astral Realm It is vast it's absolutely best think of It like this So I mean we all think of these Different Realms it's like so distant From us But they're it's so close think of it Like this the the plane we are on

Is uh the most physically dense Dimension Um that's why we're able to like Actually It's just you can get knocked outside The head with something you know You could punch a wall I mean you have That that dense energy here Um but then what lies beyond that with Layers it are different dimensions and What layers directly over that Is the asteroid In the aster realm we are actually able We are built so also we're able to Perceive both this Physical Realm and The astral Realm Um but Due to how some people were raised due To external forces and everything else In this life Sometimes we are bogged down with a lot Of different things and not able to Perceive it as we should Unlocking that working on that it should Be everyone's goal because you could do A lot of things with so anyways On the Astro realm it is a vast Ecosystem of so many different creatures So many different creatures I'm sure they all have names I'm sure There's so many different species I don't know I just label Entities negative entities that just Want to feed on you as astral parasites

Because that's what they are I don't Know the specifics as far as like oh That's such and such and whatever I don't know I haven't really looked Into it much but I do know That they will all look crazy and crazy Different from each other I've seen things that look like bugs Like little beetles and stuff I've seen Things that look like aquatic plants I've seen things that Look like one of those dudes from that Big rock dude from uh I don't even know that movie Some dude looked like a rock and he's Got tentacles and all this other stuff Um seem crazy crazy stuff I've seen Something that looked like a swamp Creature foreign Basically But they uh They all look crazy and different I've Seen things that look like little fleas And Um some things can lay eggs in your Astral body it's crazy like I said it's An ecosystem out there And it's so diverse it's so weird So so Much more expansive than this realm is Um so I am just going to Walk you along how I Um get rid of them but in the process

Where I'm really showing you is how to Scan your own body And that will come into that will come Help you with not only astral parasite Removal but other things going on with Your astral body you could do chakra Work that way you can help yourself Raise Kundalini that way It's interesting it's hard enough to Wrap your mind about it but It's good so I'm gonna set this down Basically you're going to Get yourself into a meditative state Just want to relax And you're gonna You can take whatever process you need To I'm not going to go into too much Depth here But whatever you need to do to relax Your body you can start like working Your way up from your toes all the way To your head you can clench my your Muscles and then release Um you can just focus your awareness on Your breath Taking big deep breaths slow deep Breaths And You could do Yeah there's a lot of things whatever You can you can Google it whatever's Best for you to get into a meditative State I'm assuming a lot of you already

Know how to meditate so you just get Relaxed what I want you to do is Actually Um feel like you're falling out for the Bottom of yourself you're falling out Out of yourself and you're just Descending You're ascending to a darker and darker Place and you're falling and you can Count down if you want You can say five seconds or 10 seconds You want to feel The cold you want to feel Um you actually falling what that feels Like And you want to see it getting darker And darker and darker and you're going To arrive at a place which some people Would call the void Now people can call the void and the Abyss and things like that different Things Or they can call this the nothing You choose It's just vocabulary here but you want To arrive at this place where it's all Dark around you and then I want to take You want I want you to take a moment Just feel yourself there And you could do a lot from this Position But in this instance I want you to Shift your perception from outside your

Body So basically I want you to then project Your sites outside the body and looking Back at you I know it sounds simple because it is And it sounds absurd but it's not But the more you do this and the more Trust you have you might be Blown Away About what you see okay so you're going To be scanning yourself from how to tell Now you may show up blurry you're like Okay you may feel like your brain is Putting in little fragments where it Should be and trying to imagine yourself Or whatever whatever Just throw that by the wayside you are Scanning yourself So take your time take your time even The same story at first To analyze yourself Notice what you look like Notice like every feature about yourself Scan your self from head to toe If you do this enough This will actually help your astral site But anyways The Simplicity of this is what you see Yourself you're going to have the Intention to see your energetic body And however that'll show Don't Force anything just like I'm just Gonna see you know with that intention Of mine okay I want to see the energy Body boom it's going to appear however

And this is that fast and it is going to Appear how it is And then you do the whole scan down And you might see some crazy stuff And if you follow your intuition here You can see something crawling on you You can see something like implanted on You Um and if it looks bad if you don't like It and your intuition is saying that Doesn't belong You can destroy it Okay Uh chances are you won't even have to Like really expose your energy body To see them either Um but in this instance this will help You So you just scan from head to toe and What you can do from then Or from there Is you can grab a hold of it And it's Remember how I said you shift your Perception outside yourself You're also going to have your astral Double there you're shifting into So it's like you're helping yourself It's very interesting to think about That way but that's how it is so if You're going to just be there sitting Meditating in this space while you also Are going around and taking these things Off

And your imagination Is the limit there you can do whatever You can grab them and crush them you can You know freeze them and then crush them You can set them on fire you can throw Them off in the distance you do whatever But it works And If you see any like you can see like Some black Gunk and things and different Portions of your body you can grab that Out and throw it away you can do Whatever and like I said something that Just doesn't feel right that shouldn't Be there remove it And then after you're done with that Some parasites leave wounds And you're going to have to patch those Wounds now you can patch it with just Some energy and stuff like that right But that's temporary What's a more permanent fix is actually Taking I'm just going to call this Astral DNA I'm I'm calling it I'm copying Um Disco mcgall here because I think he First coined the phrase astrodina it's Just you so you just grab a little bit Of you And you're actually going to amplify it In your hands and just go around just Like do a batch job it sounds silly but It works And then once you're done once you've

Healed All the wounds that you've seen and You've grown over your body Then you're going to then Shield Yourself And then you're going to transfer back Your perception back into You and then You want to slowly come out of Meditation and that's it very simple But yeah all that stuff um it may sound Silly like man this is all my head trust Me do this with people do this with Other people now if you're going to do This with other people What you're going to do is you got you Have to connect with them first So You could take a picture of them and you Stare in their eyes If you know the name of your personal Metagod then you can say that and repeat That chant that While you're staring in their left eye That could also bring forth information And stuff like that be careful you do That too though Someone's got protection and stuff no So non-practitioners totally fine Um But you're going to connect with them You're going to say their name over and Over again after you've you've made that Connection and then you're going to get

Into that position That meditative State into the void and Then you're going to call them forth and Then whatever comes you know it's them So what I recommend If you're going to dive in and do this Have one of your familiars there with You or one of your guides ask them to Guide you through it And man will that help you because they Can tell you things that you're missing They can show you things you're missing And they can also instruct you to do Some other cool things with that person Or with yourself that you wouldn't have Otherwise thought of Um so I've also gotten I've I've tried to perform an astral Parasite removal From a certain individual And man they were flooding out of her Like you wouldn't believe and then Others came into the void and just Started to attack me because they did Not want to be [ __ ] with That was ridiculous man I was like Trying to catch my bearing and uh Luckily I had my guide there that just Helped out too so it's always a good Idea To have a guide that helps helps in your Learning right that's what we're here For to learn Um but yes do this with other people as

Well and you will see this isn't just in Your head you have to trust what you see And the more you do it the better your Your uh psychic vision gets Like scarily so to the point where you No longer feel like you are in this Present moment you're there you're not Here you're there Everything you feel smell everything You're there and that comes in time and Practice but people can feel this In real time like I actually did a removal with someone on The phone They're on the phone With me Um and I kind of told him what I was Doing and they were kind of skeptical I'm like man all right whatever And I just saw all this stuff and I was Just removing things and I saw this Gunk Under around different organs and Everything else and I was just cleaning Up shop They started crying They started just they just felt like They hadn't been felt in years And it really hit them and they didn't Know what the [ __ ] to make of it And yeah it's it's crazy you know really Bad parasitic attacks or attachments but Sometimes are lifelong I would say a Parasitic infection is probably the best Way to classify that can manifest in the

Physical way you know you can have Really pain with your knee and you might Not be too surprised when you go in to Look at them on the astral and find Something attached to their leg So also things with eyesight hearing all Stuff And you know what I think it's good I offer this as a Service or I did I don't very much more Unless someone emails me I've had Someone email me recently about it Uh I'd rather just give it away for free It's simple it's simple and I think it's A powerful tool one will help you get Better with your psychic senses and two Keep you from being fed on and other People your friends who want to help Them out You know Because if they had their way You would be totally consumed and Drained and by the time you die they Might just if you didn't have any Alliances with any or once alliances but If you weren't working on your spiritual Path and didn't have like you know Powerful figures to come guide you after This life any psychopomp or whatnot They can devour you So it is important and imperative to Really get on top of that especially if You're a practitioner Especially if you're a practitioner

Because you are like drawing moth to the Flame your aura it's brighter and more Powerful and they can sense it If you also do linkings If you ever wanted to do a linking with Um a spirit you know that's a very Powerful permanent Bond but that leaves A mark on you like a tattoo You know any kind of dealings that you Have and you might have had them from Past lives too I know I've had a link From a past life that glowed as soon as I was in the presence of this entity Um but those markings kind of tell you Your story it's just like ancient Cultures you know people would have These tattoos and it's like a story of Who they are Same goes on the astral realm and for Other entities to say oh he's with So-and-so or she's with whatever And that'll usually protect you As well parasites Doesn't mean you go out and get a Linking and then you're like oh I don't Have to worry about parasites anymore no You still be cautious still scan Yourself but like I said those things Help See ya Very simple But very powerful You can do you can also scan your home You can do all sorts of stuff man

Uh right let's get back in here Charles 72 11 says I think Connor Kendall wrote a love Ritual that utilizes the fourth Pinnacle Of Venus oh cool cool see this another One I gotta look into that test Marie says How do you stop the fear of leaving your Body I keep doing it naturally and I Pull back and always I never could go All the way out of my body I hear you says that happened to me and I didn't know what the [ __ ] was going on I would get really deep in meditation And it would happen like almost It happened consistently for a while That it was like man That's how I thought that was like a Marker right it was like that's how I Know I'm getting really deep in Meditation It's all of a sudden it was like I'll Almost lose consciousness And which is like really hard to do Because you're sitting falling asleep When you're sitting it's very hard to do Um But uh part of it is to keep your mind Active right if you lay down you're Gonna go to sleep and then you're gonna Miss that opportunity right because your Body has to be asleep and relaxed and Like going through its process of going To sleep but your mind has to still be

Active so while you're sitting in Meditation you're just Um pairing yourself up for that Opportunity And Then I would feel like I'd just be jolted just like I just Slammed back into something it's like That that uh feeling I don't know if You've ever guess had where you're like Falling in a dream Um and all of a sudden you just jerk Back awake or you just fell off Something or something like that that's You leaving your body or you're trying To beat your body but the moment you Become aware of that sensation your body Consciously freaks out and you get Slammed back in your body in fact when You start venturing out the hardest part About getting out of your body is Staying out of your body because the Moment you have You know a thought of yourself for you Turn and you see yourself bam you're Back The moment you venture too far and You're like oh well it's I'm actually Getting real far and then you just you Have this thought of yourself and Bam Back in your body and it sucks So how do you get over that test I'll Tell you I still have trouble with it

It's but it's training it's properly Conditioning your body Just like we've all been conditioned By You know our authority figures in our Lives or parents you know that that's What's helped create this inner critic That we have Um which we have to then Uh to combat we have to recondition Ourselves and that that is another topic For another time and that's where Shadow Work comes in and all this other stuff But you also have to recondition Yourself For all things spiritual including Leaving your body Affirmations Come up with some affirmations that you Think will help One I like is I am an avid astral Traveler I can get out of my body whatever I want I can leave my body whenever I want I'm an avid astral Traveler Say that to yourself five times a day For a month let's see what happens But affirmations I know people can scoff At all day long but they help because This you do something in a repetitive Motion or a repetitive manner sorry It'll recondition you it could be Anything you can do this for shadow work Too I am not my emotional trauma I'm not

These emotional responses and triggers I Am calm and Collective I am Affirmations work if you've you're doing Them repetitively Same with getting on your body doing These or same with like trying to Remember your dreams I will remember my Dreams in fact make a point to like do Like a prayer before bed You know where you're you're saying These affirmations but you're also Asking your guys to help you And yeah a lot of crazy stuff can happen There are some exercises tests that you Can do to help get yourself out of body But uh To tame your body's natural or Subconscious Um reaction affirmations help Metaphysical Mama hello my activation Untrained and unknowing in the beginning But willing to learn okay was to connect To spirits of Venus including Lucifer it Took me a while But wore my Pinnacle for a while to Connect Very cool from there it was a learning Experience but totally awesome the Connection of spirits is key absolutely Absolutely I recommend Just developing rapport with spirits I Mean what are you what are we really Doing if not working with Spirits you

Know I get that a lot I've heard people Being like well I just do my own thing and I work with My own power and my own energy you know But sometimes sometimes I'll call on an Entity But I don't want to owe them anything It's not so transactional it's not In fact A lot of them are not willing to help You and invest their time in you is Because they they see the potential that You have to grow and evolve that's what We're here for to grow and evolved That's why we have X amount of lives That we sign up for to grow and evolve Um So what's the best way to do that Teachers mentors Your ancestors can help you your Familiars Build some Rapport and they will help You they'll help you discover your your Purpose here And you know things about you things That are hidden about yourself I mean yeah a lot of people This is just my personal opinion and I Hope it doesn't offend people but I'm Sure it will I don't take too many People seriously that are on this in This field per se Um that talk about spirits in that Manner

Um that like oh I don't want to owe him Anything Or it's you know so transactional it's Not it's really not It depends on how you It's just like with regular people it Depends on how you approach them and Talk to them man if you're kind of rude Or have this mentality and uh or like You treat it that way They're probably going to do the same Thing You're like oh yeah what are you gonna Do for me you know respect respect Mutual respect But yeah They're here to help you they help you To learn and they're the most loving Compassionate Spirits who I've ever work with That's how you learn and grow Anyway someone off on a tangent I Apologize Uh metaphysical Wellness is I connected Well with astroth I asked Roth it's Awesome child 72 11 says what are the Best Spirits you would recommend for Domination Domination Hmm you talk about like mind control and Stuff like that Uh I don't really play too much with the Domination thing sometimes sometimes and

That's more of a painful and a painful Manner I don't do that when it comes to Love or anything else friends or what Have you I just that's my moral purpose There but Babe Works you're trying to you know Incept thoughts or Have an entity go forth and really twist Their psyche and everything else there Are a few Uh Uh I only say one Charles and that is uh One only because she's pretty well known I would think EA has mentioned her Um in some of his writings her name is LA dillock She helps with that But uh her she Likes messing with women more so than Men so I've heard So there's that Every Ellison hello welcome welcome Sorry I came almost near the end well We're sorry too we missed your presence Henry Perez says how can you hide your Aura so parasites Won't See You Ah That's a good question There are many ways you could do that Well There are many ways to conceal your aura That's what you're talking about it's Concealing your uh and But Lyle could help you but there are Most entities will help you with that

Um Learning how to conceal yourself Okay ball That's who will help you They just came in ball will help you Uh um Let's see Nina asked how much you charge for an Astral scan and removal I charge 3.99 for it but I have Just talked about how to do it yourself And Um Trust me You should you know you should start Doing that and learning I mean even if You just want to go through ropes and Try it out trust me it's worth the Investment of time Um but if you're still not convinced or Whatever and you still want me to do it By all means you can just send me an Email In my emails on the site Um but yes I really do think gas needed I mean I know it sounds simple and You're almost like went out loud trust Me that's how you start Test Marie it happened to me as a child As well like I'm being pulled out of my Feet Absolutely It's it's really a crazy crazy Experience leaving your body

So there are tests I was talking about You know different exercises that you Could do or I was mentioning it rather I Didn't tell you any Um But if you do those exercises You know eventually some things will Start to happen And you might Um come to a point where you're actually Experiencing the exit of your body like You're in the process of it And it's the most uncomfortable weird Thing ever Um and as far as I know it's pretty Universal there's a lot of people that Can go oh yeah that that's similar That's exactly what happened to me so I'm just gonna think and assume that That's it for everybody but It'll feel like you're having massive Tremors and Via well your your body's Still right because you're like asleep Like your body is going to sleep but you Feel this vibration and almost like a Pumping of energy throughout all your Extremities And then like Just loud roar like a jet engine and it Like you could feel it like coming over Your ears and like you feel really Uncomfortable because it's like you're Feeling all these like as if it's like Sound waves you're feeling or something

But it's like this massive vibration of You like getting out of your body that's The only way I could describe it but It's like it's loud it's like a Roar and You're feeling this so That could be kind of like No scary and disturbing Feels Like An Earthquake yep exactly Um But yeah there are ways to safely do it You know those people that have those uh Near-death experiences You know every time so you can exit your Body through trauma where your bias oh It's I'm done boom then just it's like Ejection right That abrupt ejection due to trauma can Leave wounds So This is why healing and stuff and really Scanning your body is important because You'll start to see all these things Things that have happened to you in past Lives that haven't been addressed right So anytime like when you die it's like That that you know it's not peaceful It's not a trauma or something like that You know it can create fractures and Stuff Or wounds And it's a necessary fractures but Yes yes You know almost everything you do in Prints on your astral body it really

Does everyone you've ever made love to That imprints on you Um If you commit suicide in a past life You're more apt to do it again it's Imprinted on you So Don't do suicide not a good idea there Are realms Where people will actually have to Um I know of his existence not saying that This happens to everybody that commits Suicide but this is an example because This is that exists there is a place Where people who have committed suicide In their life will have to be stuck in This place and relive Their um that life until they've made a Way through Not sure that happens to everyone that Commits suicide but I know that exists So don't do it But yeah everything Everything is imprinted in the rest of Body Odo says what was the breathing Technique you were using during the Write last week Uh I don't know I don't know it's your Right list oh for that one part oh That's just an involuntary action my Friend I don't have no I don't have a

Breathing technique but if you If you know any of my good friends They'll tell you that I'm like a Hoover Vacuum It is just And this I haven't always had it but A good good majority of my time on this Path it's really developed strong it's Like my My tick my indication of energy like any Time Energy starts coming through me It's like I can't control my breath it Does this weird thing Um and it's kind of like a confirmation I love it because it's kind of like Confirmation for me and stuff you know When I'm talking with the spirit you Know I'll feel that energy coming Through I'll hear them and I'll just the Breathing thing so it's it's weird I Don't know anyone else's ideas it's just It's just weird But I've you know I've gotten to a point Where like I've had such strong energy Like in the presence of this crazy crazy Spirit I'm gonna say crazy powerful Spirit and I'm sitting here like Hyperventilating you know and I'm like What is going on you know I'm like calm In the inside but it's just really weird So yeah it's not a breathing technique My friend I'm just weird That's where he says thank you Eric that Really helps for sure for sure

Let's see Charles 7211 isn't Le dillock a love Demon I guess she could do both You know what to be honest I wouldn't Even classifier as that I don't know Exactly all that she is she's Out there on her own She could be very sadistic So please take caution Uh but yes she loves Um playing with people Depends on how she feels And she'll tell you as much It's up to her how she feels what she's Like that day That's the door lock But she could help you Um with different alchemical practices She can help you learn Um like mind control and stuff and Hypnosis and things Chris Gordon Tunnels tunnels leading you with Spirits At the end of it experience anything Similar Uh yes Chris Gordon Um not so Not so much the tunnels per se I think I Know what you talked about but Um There so if you heard the term psycho Pump that is essentially a spirit that Helps you cross over for once once you Died crossover

Um And actually cross that Veil Uh to meet up with your oversoul and Everything like that Uh so sometimes if you have spirits that Greet you after you pass over or get out Of your body sometimes they'll be your Familiars ancestors relatives that have Just said yeah I'll Stick Around help Um guide you in your your path Um so yeah you can be met with a lot of Different spirits and if you're working On this path you'll probably be greeted By whomever you're closest to or Whole bunch of people are spirits the Tunnels thing I've heard a lot about that especially With people like near-death experience And stuff like that and I don't know Exactly what that is Um Because there are so many things you can Equate that to if you go through a Portal and going somewhere it's going to Look like that You know like this light at the end of This tunnel and warping speed like in Star Trek It's crazy so Um rgd what kind of spiritual exercises You do regularly to keep your energy Clean in mind clear Well I will tell you what's great to do

And I do do them But not as often as I should So I I have no no uh Model of efficiency here myself but What's great to do Ground is great make sure you're always Grounding and moving that energy get Into some kind of thing like Tai Chi Tai Chi is great you're just always moving Energy you're learning how to manipulate Energy Other stuff you know do Reiki or Something like that I'm not sure freaky Reiki is Can be great because what you're doing Is learning energy work energy Manipulation However the sigils and everything you'll Be taught and all that stuff the current That Reiki is in the rate the current That is Reiki very weak very weak and I Don't actually care for it there are Other currents that you can tap into but The The process of moving energy Manipulating energy That'll help So you can actually do tai chi and stuff And that's to start moving stuff Grounding and moving energy Um Chakra work And

Just you can get meditation You can focus On each of your chakras Where other at least the seven main ones On your on your spine then you can also Work on your Zeal chakra which is right At the back of the base of the head and Now you're So these colors that you'll see on Charts of what chakras look like they're Not Universal okay They're not they can look so different And it depends which you you know it Could change the colors could change They could all look weird they can all Be one color they could be I've seen it All That is the the colors that you will see On a chart I think are pretty common but That's not always the case Um so you can work individually on each Chakra and just meditate on it feel it Feel it there within you And just feel like you're drawing in Energy from your feet And just pumping each Chakra up until it's like They're filled with energy you feel it And then you go on to the next one Um that's a good exercise another one Is working with the three dantians Which these are just energy centers that You can actually store energy in once You like really build up that energy

It'll stay for a long time So You got one in your heart center and Your abdomen here And then Put on your your head and you can Envision these little balls And you're just going to grow them and Grow them and grow them with each year Which thinking of like uh do it like This That you inhale you're basically going To inflate ball and when you exhale You're gonna like Empower it Right and you just do this over and over Again Until The ball just gets outside of yourself a Good a good portion outside yourself Then move on to the next one and then The next one And Yeah It'd be interesting when you actually Really focus on the your head one and You're like you revisioned it out to Here Like your uh your astral hearing might Improve Um but yeah stuff like that Is is really uh really good you can call On your entities uh your spirits to help You your guides uh you might be Instructed to do certain things like I

Have been instructed Um to call on certain spirits For working on my chakras Um and I'll tell you this Um with zazel and Satan you can call on Them to really bring in this Uh like brownish red energy Into each chakra you work your way up And then you call Lucifer Kind of this light really almost trans Translucent White bluish white energy to come back Down Make your way down Afterwards That's a good one There's there's so many Things you could do I'm sure YouTube is filled with But that's what I like to do every now And then But What I'm doing stuff on the Astro or Creating things I'm always moving energy Um but where I lack sometimes is Grounding And that's what I need to get better at It's just taking the time to ground I really sin so For Those who commit Suicide they repeat their lives all over Again on repeat once they learn to stop Uh that that was a reference to one Thing that I know to be true Um and that's

I guess uh said before as a disclaimer I Don't think that happens to everyone Everyone that quit suicide I don't know I don't know but I know that is a thing For some So I don't know like the nuances with What happens or what can happen once you Cross over So varied There are punishment plans I mean I think I mean I won't really go into it now Um because I know that VK Has done a video explaining some things And then VK and Tila in this latilla's Channel together they made a video about The nuances and stuff after life and I Agree with all that gnosis And they go into into some depth Um so there's there's crazy things that Can happen and wonderful glorious Amazing things you could do It's insane in fact the more you explore On the astral the less you want to be Here So there's that Child send me to 11 says whenever I Tried to get out of my body I would get About a foot away before I was pulled Back in like there is a big rubber band Trying Tying me to my body yes Absolutely It's like your body's got its own

Gravitational pull And I know people talk about oh there's This like silver cord that's connects to You and if it's severed like you're out In space or something like you'll just Float away and this will never come back To your body but that's not a thing that Doesn't happen I've never seen there's a Chord right but you do have that Gravitational pull like I said you just Merely think of your body the hardest Part about your you know your body is Staying out as Charles has stated That's where words come in Proclamations declarations affirmations They are important Especially in the astral Realm You can pretty much navigate wherever You want just using your words And your intention At your thoughts they're all powerful so You get out your body and you know your Outer body make a declaration be late I Am staying out of my body until I say Otherwise make that declaration In fact If things start to like It's it's interesting trying to navigate Through or in that plane when you're out Of your body so some people might have Trouble with like things being really Like skewed and whatever and you'd be Like I want Clarity right now you know Boom things will get better I mean I

Want to be stable I want to you know Whatever words are powerful Do Foreign What's Tai Chi You know what I know I just mentioned it I don't know a whole lot about it what I Do know is that it is an ancient Practice of learning how to manipulate Energy and it's it's I think it's promoted for like you know Health and well-being and just moving That energy grounding yourself Making cheese balls and all other stuff So apart from that I really don't know what else to really Say about it but it's a great practice And it helps a lot of people and it'll Definitely help you in on your path Energy manipulation is very powerful you Do a lot of stuff Henry Perez says are there any practices That can be done to stay Lucid during a Dream I have trouble staying conscious During a dream yes this is where Affirmations come in When you're waking reality So that way you can have it ingrained in Your subconscious Because if I were to say hey man Next time in your dream do this Chances of you remembering the chances Of that even being brought up Very slim

You know Um so this is the reason we do Affirmations is to remember stuff Um so There are triggers and things in your Dreams just doesn't seem right Pretty much you coming to the Realization I'm just in a dream you can One of your affirmations could be Am I Dreaming Am I Dreaming you know because If you able are able to say that within A dream Then The whole dream changes you become more Aware and that's when you become or Lucid So yeah it is a struggle it's trying to Really at least my Approach is to get Those things recondition yourself get Those things engraved in your Subconscious so that they'll come out When you are dreaming And start you know if people have Trouble remembering their dreams too Another thing is when you wake up in the Morning I know we all use alarms you know if we Have to get up somewhere and go Somewhere or go to work or whatever but Alarms can be so Abrupt So there's no helping that if you need To use an alarm but anyways when you First wake up at the morning

Don't move Don't do anything crazy just lay there Relax as soon as you woke up and then Start recounting your dream what Happened to the best of your knowledge Put it all together think about And then you can get up and go across Today because the moment you start Moving and everything else you're kind Of like grounding yourself and what Memory you had at your dreams gone So you know affirmations and prayers Again with some of your Familiars and stuff will help you with Remembering your dreams too So Repetition everything repetition Byron says Henry DMT helps but if you're Not into that sort of thing I highly Recommend makuna Korean seed hmm sounds cool DNT oh man Uh I've heard some crazy stuff and crazy Stories with DMT I have the done DMT Once I've done DMT with uh I did DMT with JD Temple That was a crazy experience But uh for me my trip was just I mean my I was just gone like I had no Awareness whatsoever of my body the Weight of my body anything I had no awareness of it that I was just In for a show and I just saw so many

Different Things going on it was like uh some some Really what you would think of like a Trippy slideshow is what it was and uh You know there's a whole bunch of snakes Everywhere intertwining into these like Geometric shapes and these knots and Crazy stuff and writing and craziness And then you know I had a guide there That showed up and started walking me Through you know what this meant what That meant and I was instructed to drink This bowl of something and that was when Like how they raise my Kundalini and all This crazy stuff and And uh I came out of it within like five Minutes man I was just It just like I was sober as sober as I Went in or before I started like It's crazy Um but yeah I've heard people like me like I was out In the stars and doing this and People have some crazy experiences man But that was mine I realized is I understand everyone Experiences a different yes indeed Absolutely absolutely Thank you Same with everything else we are all Individuals all individual practitioners Their own ideologies methodologies Don't take someone's gnosis for granted Man back it up with your own

You know Come up with your your own gnosis and Things and psychic abilities everyone's Like everyone's we all have access to All our senses they're all within our Wheelhouse But um You know some will be more prominent With others than others are That's just how it is We're all different Let's see This is Chinese exercise yes there you Go it's a martial art yep See I should be explaining this stuff Not me Every listen says do you have Interesting Adventures while after Traveling work I do indeed I do indeed and the The most bizarre and crazy ones are when I am with different spirits And then usually I they they direct me To a place And it's usually something symbolic to Them or the reason for our meeting Etc And you get to see some craziest Landscapes And uh Yeah Very interesting Makes you just like Sit there afterwards and just be like

What the hell did I just experience I Could just it's kind of like you gotta Come down from a high Alex B says hey nice to see you your Techniques are wonderful Whole New World Do you have something for healing Uh Uh yeah Sure do something in this stuff well Just For those that you have missed it Luckily this is recorded so you guys can Go back I talked about scanning your Body and stuff like that Uh when you're doing so and uh like I Just talked about patching up wounds and Whatnot Um Your intention is key with everything That you do on the Astro realm like you Can think like hey I wanna Um just really Feed this healing energy and you can Even Envision the color it's going to be I'm going to feed this into that you Know and it's crazy sometimes Foreign Because we're in the beginning your mind Is going to be fighting you're going to Be fighting yourself right to my did Um am I making this up am I imagining This Or am I simply just perceiving What is going on

And then in time you will see that You're just witnessing your intention Come to life and it's instant A lot of things that we just chalk up to Imagination Very powerful Uh so yes back to Healing you can prompt Yourself with so much energy you can Draw on an energy source like the black Sun or something like that Um you can ask an entity to come help You As far as uh that's just with your Energy body and whatnot physically Keeping your energy moving will help Foreign Stagnant energy can produce a lot of Physical ailments You can get like swollen lymph nodes all Sorts of stuff Um [Music] When it comes to Healing I could do Energy work on people Um but I often just feel like I'll leave It up to the experts you know I will Call on marboss And Raphael To help with healing And sometimes they will guide me to do Certain things like I said before always Work with the spirits and the entities When you're going out even if you're Just

You know I'm going to do this meditation Journey Invite an entity to come along with you Because through this they will they will Give you some some wisdom and show you Different things so yeah the same goes When I'm doing something or doing a Ritual I have them guide me And I don't really talk a lot in my Rituals I'll depart from just calling Them in it really they're just majority Of the time I'm in ritual I feel like I'm elsewhere and I'm having Conversations with them and stuff about The client and what I needed to do and Everything else so I just when it comes To Healing I could do You know energy healing but I'll leave It up to this usually the spirits I'll Petition them to help And then get directed as as they say Let's see Stephen Ramirez says when People talk about the black Sun are they Really talking about Saturn or some dark Solar construct It's interesting you say that Stephen There are so many different black sons That are talked about in different Literature and different religions Around the world believe it or not Uh but they are not all one and the same When I refer to the black Sun I'm Referring to the black son of figurion Um yes

Needing the mystics are you having a Black Friday special It is Black Friday Uh no I don't know Like I said at the time I don't know What day it is until someone tells me Like you Nina Um No but I will do I will be doing a group Ride of my own after JS does his Um I'm still working out all that I want To do you know I want to do something that's uh Provides a lot of value Um and something that's not really been Done So I'm still trying to tweak certain Things here and there but I will be offering a Group ritual That Foreign [Music] A higher price Than You know the classic 199 price But it'll also be a greater deal Um because you will get a lot of things For Uh whatever price I put it at as well as A sacrifice too And it's going to be cheaper than Personal sacrifice option that we have I Don't know I'm not sure exactly how

I want to construct it so Don't quote me on that I might just do The 199 I don't know That's pretty much the only thing of Mine wouldn't do right now But there might be a sale in the future Nina says BF discount Uh Let's see Name of the Mystic says I have Experienced this many times love lucid Dreams and asked her travel had a zazel And Lucifer visit me Oh yeah oh yeah I've done a lot of Traveling with the zazo He's taking me to some cool places it's Really cool places And you know what it's so So I have been To certain places that really evoke an Emotional response from me Like and I'm not just saying like oh how Beautiful this is like wow I'm looking Around on admiring the landscape and Everything I'm like just so beautiful But it's not only that it's Like some places they just seem familiar Like like almost like you have a Deja Vu Experience right Deja Vu means already Satan right we all know what dijava Means Like you've been there before and such a Long time ago you you feel the the Distance of time since they've last been

There and it's like this homesickness And it just It'll almost bring you to tears and it's It's so bizarre it's so bizarre but I've Been to places that really bring that Out And uh yeah it's it's crazy There's also some of the places he Brought me to did that Have real Sin says I wonder what Azazel Looks like I can tell you what he looks like to me But you gotta keep in mind entities will The spiritual appear to you However they choose to And some of them have different aspects To them too and they will appear it's All going to be for you right something Symbolic for you whatever their clothing Is it's symbolic for you That being said There are very common appearances that Many of them take Uh that most people could be like oh Yeah it looks like that too you know I've seen that too but it can always be Different I have seen Lucifer in like Three different Um ways But you know you know without a shout Out of who that entity is Just different uh zazel to me He was very When I first met him he was actually

Kind of sitting on like a like an old Medieval wooden chair like almost like a Throne Um And he was very Gauntlet looking And he had a like almost like a 17th Century Um Linen shirt on or you know kind of that Really flowy Um Really wide sleeve uh shirts it was kind Of rolled up Very gone very pale But his veins you could see his veins His veins were like black And his skin had like this this grayish Tint to it a very piercing bold yellow Eyes He had Long uh dark brown hair Kind of a clean shaven face he had like A little stubble That's how I've seen the Zozo Other people have seen the zazo the Looking like he was like really really Hairy I've heard of that too Let's see everyone else says and Lucifer Too Well the three things I've seen Lucifer Show up as I'll make this really quick I've seen Lucifer show up Like uh long blonde hair it was kind of

Wavy just like the slightest wave to it Piercing bluish purple eyes Um And very plain clothes The first time I actually got to see him It was a very symbolic moment like he Like the his dress was purposeful he was Only wearing pants just like these Regular plain brown pants he was Shirtless and that's how he looked and You know he smiled as he approached me But that was The reason he chose to dress that way or Whatever or appear that way Was for something I'm not going to share But Um so there's that and I see that that Face and everything else I've also seen Him like with really straight Blonde almost white hair Piercing blue purplish eyes more so Purple Very white Ivory skin just Like uh Of marble God is just powerful white Robes everywhere just His presence is so potent And I've also seen him as a really Skinny gaunt Batman Not with the cape or anything but a very Slender shadow figure with like pointy Ears kind of like what you'd see with The Batman thingy You know there's no uh features where I

Can make out like face and everything Else just like a shadow And that wasn't for two so those are the The aspects that I've seen I've also Seen his Dragon which is his Dragon one Of his Dragon aspects is Crazy but yes All right let's get caught up here we're Getting Pretty sure on time here Child 7211 says I have always seen azazo As a giant vulture and then I later Found out that a Zaza roughly translates As dirty bird That's pretty cool Charles Hell yeah I want to add something too I'm not necessarily About his also but So I had dreams when I was a kid I would Call them almost nightmares because they Were kind of terrifying Um it was about this like T-Rex like This dinosaur All like uh just giant massive And I would always be trying to hide in My dream always trying to hide so it Wouldn't see me So yes in a way it was kind of Terrifying but it wasn't really it was Like I was so focused on just hiding And that was not just a one-off Occurrence That was a repetitive dream I had when I Was a kid

And I've always wondered about that I Was like that is so weird and one day I was working with this I found out Sometimes Lucifer can appear as a T-Rex And I was and all of a sudden it just Clicked I was like whoa so yeah entities can Appear however they want Nina the Mystic says azazo is Very good looking has snake by piercing His lip that is cool testimony said They're all different to everyone some People said he's red I saw him as a Black mist yeah like I said it's all Symbolic to you I think you know they All and they have so many different Aspects to you I just belong I I uh I Was doing something with blonde and he Showed me his female aspect and I was Like he has a female aspect that is That's just crazy Yeah all different and they appeared to You in any way that they see fit Nina says they always come in their Grotesque State it's a test don't be Scared I have heard that I've heard that a lot Um I personally haven't experienced that It's it's interesting it's like uh Um Yeah human looking after a bit yes For me most of them the only one that Really Didn't

Seem so human-like or didn't have like Human Um features was narolethotep He looked like this massive swamp Goo Glob Very dark and but his energy said it all Though It's got intense intense energy and he's Cool I love him I've also seen him in a Different actually they go back because I've also seen him in a different uh Aspect and he was human-like It was actually really cool looking Um but most most my experiences with Entities they will have certain aspects To them like you know I've seen horns I've seen all this I've seen one look You know have that that goat bottom half I've actually seen that Um With uh Moloch that's it uh but they've all Relatively had have that human Feature For me when I see them Um Needed the Mystic they turn human Looking after bed you know I read that Okay Lucifer is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen I I love his energy And I I love I can't say enough about Lucifer He is my Patron he's also my guardian

Angel believe it or not I was just like What But yes people don't know that just Because the term is guardian angel I Hate that term but it could be any Spirit it could be it could be any Spirit it could be a demon Elemental Spirit it could be an angelically an Archangel nightmare Angel it could be Anything It's Your Guardian but Yep this would be Mine And uh he was the very first one on my Path that is really Well he's he's had his hand in Everything And uh it took me a little bit to Realize that but he is uh Is so present in my life and I am Absolutely thankful and grateful to him So anytime working with him man it's Just like the Water Works man he will Bring it out in you he's got just so Much love Alex B says thank you I know JS has Weight loss ritual do you have something For weight gain and physical power and Strength Uh don't Alex be but I'm sure come up With something Absolutely A realistence is interesting Can these Spirits appear in human form If they want to oh absolutely absolutely

Hell yeah Uh Uh like in real time Yeah I don't know what you mean like in real Time yeah they can appear however they Want to however they want to How are you gonna know Is their energy Feeling them that's why you build that Rapport people want to ask about Imposter Spirits I've never really truly Had that problem But that's how you tell the difference Um or one of the ways to tell the Difference you know if something doesn't Feel off or feel right their energy is Just not what you know your body knows Um you could also ask them to sign their Name apparently from what I hear if you Haven't signed their name like nothing Else can mimic it so that was one way I Don't know I've never done that but There are so many ways to do that In the Mystic Lucifer has also appeared As a child yes Yes You can Rgd Michael and Lucifer are known to not Really like each other is there anything That one should be cautious of If you want to work with them both You know rgd I've never heard that one that's

Interesting I'll keep that in mind or I'll see about that see if that's true It's true okay That is true Um it's not Hold on Okay it's nothing serious you can work With both it's So you'll you'll come to find that You'll there'll be some spirits that Don't like to work together For example bune and King pymon It's nothing against you But if you're if you're going to work Heavily with one they'll prefer the Other one to not be around And it's a respect and they're very Respectful to each other too It's it's just like hey if you're going To work with me I don't want that energy around you know Set in Anubis That's another one too Um now I've heard from a friend of mine Said he came across this problem with uh Pymon and dune And he has worked with Bob But when he tried to enter into he Wanted to Have a deeper Deeper path working with one of them And that's when it came up And they're like it's just best if you

Just pick you just choose who you want To work with right Now I'm not sure if that stands for all Time or whether like during the time You're working with this spirit Don't be working with the other one You know and maybe when you're done with That then you could do I have no idea You'd have to ask do some divination I know um One of my friends was saying that pie Mom was like trying to get him to choose And being funny you know he had a sense Of humor and he was like you know Bune is a Duke and uh I'm a king you Know just playing that card just being Just being funny but yeah no they really Spirits are mature man that's mature Their Spirit they're Gods They they don't act like us humans they Can sometimes but when it comes to such Things like that it's just really I Don't know I'm I've been amazed how Respectful that they can like not like a Certain entity And they're like yeah don't work with Them whatever nothing against you Whatever And they won't expect you to get Involved in whatever they got He just asked to be respectful that's All There's that's not to say that there are Some entities out there that aren't

Going to like be cursing out somebody Because they they got some Choice words To say about people too so don't They're not all just all around Benevolent Hmm all right guys I want to wrap it up Here in a little bit Uh child 7211 says does anybody here Seem to allow in a corned creature like A stagger bull Uh Let's see what else people said test Marie I've only heard bilal's voice he's Always a black figure too with red eyes Haha okay Adrian Garcia I had a dream about a Wooden bull statue covered in blood what Could that mean Adrian that could mean anything honestly Give me anything so I had I'm not even Gonna speculate So I'm sorry I can't help you there Every lesson real time meaning you are Awake and they visit you in human form In a public space [Music] Um Every listen yes you can see them I see Them in public Yeah I could see you know they really Haven't approached me in public ruse But I have seen things on the astral Realm in public around people on people Etc

Um so yeah Uh but Charles without belisle How he appeared to me He appeared to me once as He's taken several forms but one that Really stuck with me Was that there's a really uh like almost Like a bull he was just a massive giant Uh man that was just so buffed out I Mean just powerful just powerful but he Was all black All black red eyes he had horns Like that of a bull and they had like Gold veining all over them It was very impressive very impressive And uh that for me took when he was Showing me something about He took me to this uh What ancient Rome looked like after some War had been raged like Um Buildings were burning or smoke it was Just disaster I couldn't see anybody But he was giving me some speech About Empires and things like that But yeah I love Bilal he's cool I've heard people talk about that They've seen him and like he looks like A punk rocker kid sometimes like spiked Hair a gel spiked hair and stuff like Someone you've seen from like the not Some 90s band I've heard that too

With like frosted white tips with black Hair [Music] Enri Perez asked do you know any a Lucifer's incarnations Now I do not I do not Even know if that's a thing to be honest I have no idea If Lucifer has I know some entities will Wow this is going into Dolly different Tangent it's not necessarily them Incarnating But something similar Um I mean that could be construed as a like An Incarnation but not really Anyways to answer your question not Really and uh I haven't heard of any True Incarnation Lucifer Doesn't mean it doesn't exist it Probably does I'm just not aware of it all right guys Well I love that you've all come on and Join me here and great questions you Guys great questions this is what I love When I come on here especially by myself We can get into some deep stuff so yeah Get your questions together and we can Dive in that's the whole reason for real On Fridays And I love it I love going and talk

About stuff so I really appreciate you Guys here that's what helps make things Happen so make sure to like And Subscribe And I'll see you guys next Friday Take these guys