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All right what's up guys Jason Rourke Here for LM Fridays and uh yeah we're Gonna be doing some uh demonstrations For you guys tonight How have you been this week not too bad Not too bad I've been good too I Actually I actually lost three pounds This week I said before or after breakfast Somewhere in the middle yeah It was after I went to the bathroom No Um let's see let some people log on here Oh I think for those that are gonna Watch this after the fact and kind of Explain what we're doing okay yeah so All right so we we keep getting requests For a demonstration on how to break Curses how to break curses how to remove Curses how to protect yourself from Curses like everybody wants to know About curses all right and so the we've Talked about this a lot uh working with This entity but we've never demonstrated It all right so the the spirit that we Work with are good one of the spirits That we work with for this the best one That I've found is uh this guy oh fall And uh I think he's first I think he's First mentioned in Constantino's evoking Spirits and then the EA writes EA Coating writes about this guy as well And uh Evoking eternity I believe so this uh

This entity it says that he can uh You're calling it for protection says That he can remove any type of curse or Spiritual bondage relieve addictions Free the Mind from fears and restore Person to full spiritual health all Right so breaking a curse is not the Only reason that you could call on this Guy like if you were suffering from Heroin addiction or something something Crazy like that an addiction even I've Even had clients come to me with like Porn addictions and I'll walk them Through this ritual and it straightens Them right out so Um anyway we're going to show you guys How to do a ritual to either either Break a curse or relieve an addiction or Free your mind from fears and ultimately Restore you to full spiritual health so What we need for that is you're going to Need a Sigil drawn on paper And I'll show this a couple more times If there's anybody doing this with us Live you want to go ahead and start Drawing this All right and of course we have some Incense we have a single candle and We're each going to have a glass of wine And something to prick our fingers with Because you will be tracing over the Sigil in blood as well as putting a drop Of blood in a glass of wine that's the Crucial most important part of this is

Because what you're doing is creating an Antidote all right so you're taking your Cursed blood putting it in a drop of Wine and then you're setting it on top Of this bloody sigil after you've Activated it and summoned the spirit and You're asking them to consecrate and Infuse that wine with their power and Energy so that it will become the Antidote for your Affliction whatever That is if you're suffering from anxiety This will heal that if you are suffering From you know symptoms of a curse Nightmares or rational fears or you just Want to like you know stop doing drugs Or something like this is the perfect Right for that and I think it's really Beneficial to demonstrate yeah so I Think I think we'll uh go on and accept some Questions and answer and stuff like that Give time to people uh for people if They want to join along Um so like you said what you need for This right um Really the only thing you have to have Is the sigil a glass of wine if you Can't drink wine it can be water grape Juice something like that uh something To prick your finger with of course like A burn plate like something like this This is this is a you know metal Bowl It's on a stiletto so whenever you we're Gonna light a fire in this and that will

The Stiletto keeps it from getting so Hot that it burns through the table so I'll be pouring some Everclear in here We'll light it on fire as a Manifestation base while we are opening The sigils and calling when will fall And once we once we make contact with Him we will we will Trace over the sigil In blood as an offering to him and we Will put in blood drop of blood in our Wine all right after we drink the wine Then we are going to burn the sigil burn The bloody sigil as an offering to him When you put blood on a Sigil and burn It that energy is fed to the spirit the Fire transmutes the energy from your Blood Essence into a type of energy that The spirit can fully absorb and so That's the best type of offering you can Make so the candle in the incense are Just kind of bonus it's great you know The the incense is just a gesture you Can use any type of incense Dragon's blood Sandalwood Santa was like Pizza everyone liked Pizza everybody Yeah you know Sandalwood so oh yeah Dragon's blood here about three sticks So you want to really I mean boil it all Down you really don't need a whole lot Of anything you just get the the uh Sigil of a fall if you don't have a burn Ball you can just take it outside and Burn it yeah I'll drop the ground and Burn it yeah

Um Yeah yeah so well we'll probably show Part is the antidote yes absolutely and Like like JS said you know it doesn't Have to be wine it could be grape juice It'd be water it's just symbolic it's a Liquid that you're going to take within You creating that antidote yeah I Actually sat down and did this ritual With my daughter Um a few years ago she was being Homeschooled at the time and her mother Had taken her to the a home school that Was affiliated with this church and These people were like really fanatical And she picked up some type of negative Spiritual attachment while she was there Like she came home and was having so Much anxiety and it like she didn't even Really talk to me about it she told her Mom all about it I'm sitting there I'm Sitting there she wanted me to play a Video game with her you know I was Sitting there next to her on the couch Playing a video game I just felt like All this anxiety come into me from that Side of my body and I look at my Daughter and I was like that's what She's feeling right now so I start Talking to her and asking her questions And it was like all the classic symptoms Of being tormented by some negative Spiritual attachment so I sat down I got A glass of grape juice and my daughter

And I sat down and did this ritual Together now my daughter did not prick Her finger because she was very young I Didn't want to stab her in the finger With a needle so I offered my blood on Her behalf onto the sigil and simply Consecrated her grape juice on top of it Her glass did not have any blood in it But it was an instantaneous effect you Can call that placebo effect if you want To it doesn't matter to me I don't make It doesn't make a [ __ ] as long as it Works as long as the person is healed I Don't care what the explanation is the Ritual works so I think that that everybody that Participates in this is going to see a Dramatic effect in themselves Immediately afterwards yeah so we'll go Ahead and take some questions and get This party started and then we'll come Back to this and allow some time for Some people to get stuff together if They want to tag along yeah we got Nina The Mystic what's up girl Charles 72 11. What's up Zender I'm sorry guys this is a long Ways I don't want to butcher anyone's Names Romeo Xander promio Because I want to know about curses the Same old spiritual baths not going to Cut it no Um you know doing a spiritual bath a Salt bath

Um you know I mean you can get pretty in Depth with a spiritual bath you know you Got different potions and additives that You put in there and a ritual you Perform over the water water and memory Is like a really powerful thing whatever You program that water to do it's going To affect you when you soak in it so Yeah that's a great way to like cleanse Yourself but if you're dealing with Something really [ __ ] nasty that's Probably not going to cut it so yeah This is this is what you would do yeah Now this now this uh really works for Majority of things obviously not Everything like it depends on what You're really dealing with Um she might take some drastic measures And dress this up and dress this down as Much as you want but this is a general Rule really takes care of most things Yeah so Um the the the one time that I was Dealing with something really nasty and Um I I'd perform this ritual I summoned To fall and uh asked him to help he Actually didn't break the curse for me But he told me what I needed to do to do That for myself and immediately and so That's uh I want to tell the story of That yeah go ahead okay all right so Years ago I was working I still am but I Was working on discovering different Primal Spirits I call them the master

Spirits of certain animals and by far The most terrifying one was the spider I Called it the master Spirit of the Spider And gave me a Sigil it's pretty crazy so It'll look like a baby and I gave a Command word I didn't know if it was a Name or a command word But um so anyway I I'm working with this Entity and it it shows me a vision like Downloads a vision of me putting a drop Of my blood into this web of a wolf Spider which you know they're the big Brown hairy spiders that make the Tornado looking wet and uh putting a Drop of my blood in spiderweb and then Saying that command word followed by my Name And that was it and it explained it to Me it was an initiation of some type That that's what I needed to do in order To initiate into that current and Actually be able to wield the power of This entity was this was twice as [ __ ] scary for me because I had a Arachnophobia at the time I was scared Aspire that's the only thing I've ever Really been scared of heights and Spiders and uh interestingly enough I'm Not afraid of spiders anymore after Doing this but it was one of the most Devastating path workings I've ever done So I come outside the next day and There's this huge wolf spider web on my

Front porch you know I wanted made its Web right next to the front door we've Actually got one on our front door right Now or by the uh yeah one of the front Doors but um Yeah front door the back door no I'm Pretty sure it's a side door where this Thing is now but anyway so I do that I Come home from work I like nut it up all Day I was like I'm gonna do this soon as I get home so I do I prick my finger put A big drop of blood in there say the Command word followed by my name and That was it and so I go sit down in the Living room and I'm like trying to write You know I was writing a book at the Time something I'm still working on and Like I got like just had this confusion And anxiety start to set in on me like Immediately and so then I start hearing All these different birds out in the Yard like like Hawks screaming crows Calling this like all blue jays Screaming I'm like what the world's Going on in the yard so I walk out the Front door of these two giant red-headed Woodpeckers like fly right by me you Know like I could almost reached out and Touched them there's a there's a hawk up In the tree screaming at me there's two Or three crows up there screaming at me And these little birds like came and Landed on the ground and were all Chirping at me and I've got like Blue

Jays Flying at my head and I'm like man If I didn't know better I think they Were trying to warn me about something You know like this is my anxiety is Starting to to gradually go up and uh by The by the time it got dark I was in Like full-blown panic attack mode like The worst fear and Terror and panic I've Ever felt and didn't have a clue why They had no idea why so I uh I go uh I go to my my temple and I Do a reversal and I'm thinking somebody Must be throwing some [ __ ] at me so this This is like Design This reversal it Amplifies whatever someone has thrown at You and hurls it back at them so I Performed this reversal I felt better For like two minutes and they hit me ten Times as hard I'm like oh [ __ ] so I Summon a fall and I'm just like please Help me I don't know what the [ __ ] Going on I don't know what what is wrong With me I just I need help and you just Said you cursed yourself dumbass like What What do you mean he's like yeah you put Your blood in that spider web and said That word that's you know that's a That's like a really nasty curse you Just did to yourself bro and I'm like oh [ __ ] like what do I do to get what do I Do to break it he's like well you're Gonna have to go torch the spider bit You know you have to burn your blood out

Of the web and you probably don't Apologize to the spider for [ __ ] up His house so it did I took a torch Lighter out there I burned that whole Section out of the web and I sat there And roasted until it was nothing but Ash And then the anxiety and everything Stopped and I go to bed and I wake up The next day I got six big welts on my Chest with bang marks in the middle like Some some type of spider poisonous Spider had bit me uh to pieces and I was Bedridden for a week and I was sick for Two weeks after that and so after I Recover you know I go back and I summon This entity again the spider entity I'm Like why the [ __ ] would you do that to Me he said you had to you had to receive My bite to respect my Venom That's it that's all he said I'm just Like holy [ __ ] oh yeah that's That's a Hardcore path working But um yeah yeah that's the only way to Initiate with that entity is to is to Not up and do that good luck yeah All right let's see what we got Um See Alicia Franco happy National occult Day is it really I have no I didn't know That was a thing love and respect to the Great one and only Garrett there you go Yeah sometimes I don't know if you're Making fun of me or not girl but I Appreciate you I really appreciate you

And uh yeah this is a this is definitely A team effort here we got uh there would Be no Lawless metaphysics without the Both of us but thank you uh she also Says Alicia says how can I help my Brother from being [ __ ] whipped by his Cheating son To be ex-wife or soon to be ex-wife Cheating son what what no are you using The sale all right he is very stubborn So this retro this ritual help him will This ritual album Um I don't know because uh we're not Really dealing with a spiritual Affliction or a curse there it's uh You know it's he's he's got a he's [ __ ] Whipped by a cheating woman so um I don't know like you you could perform A ritual with oh fall on his behalf and Ask him to like straighten him out You know like I guess that could be Considered a type of spiritual health But I don't know man Felicity is the Most powerful thing in the world there's Not much you can do to defend against That except for except for cut that evil Thing off down there I think you know Yeah I think what you'd really benefit From is doing ritual with Belial on his Behalf that would be a better grow a Spine you know and to detach from any You know attachments that are not good For him I also want to straighten me out Forcefully

It wasn't a I didn't go willingly you know I have to Get my head slammed into a wall oh my God you've kind of straightened me out On that one I wasn't much different from Your brother there Uh see Trill Gales I'm assuming one can Just print a picture of their target and Point the wand at the image for a quick Attack yeah if you want to use the wand For something painful Um now now printing their picture I Would I would also write their name and Birthday if you know it on the back of The picture and then like I like to do Like this energetic exercise with the Picture before I use it for something Like that well I'll stare I'll hold it In my left hand I'll stare at the person In the eyes I'll say their name over and Over and then I'll sit there like I'm Trying to like reach with my astral hand Through that picture and like pull like Vampirically siphon some of their energy Into that photograph just to make it a Really strong fetish link and if you Want to amp it up one more Notch you can Put the photograph on the table and then Set a black handle on top of it and then You sit there you stare into the flame And you say their name over and over and Over you're trying to you know that Flame is a gate way and you're trying to Like open the gate between you and them

And then once you do that then you sit There at your magic wand and you know Say whatever you want negative Affirmations positive affirmations it's It's all about what you're projecting Let's see The Alchemist welcome brother Holy [ __ ] that is one hell of a path Working God damn what up fellas yeah we I just did a podcast with all the Alchemists yesterday it'll be out in a Few days probably a few days no sorry Yeah is it already out okay he already Dropped it Yeah so y'all check that out Let's see increase because the JS I need To get a consultation with you are the Reply from shmiazza can I purchase more Than one right and sacrifice to shimyaza After I already purchased the first Right with sacrifice yeah oh yeah yeah I Mean if you want multiple sacrifices Then then yeah I can I can definitely Oblige you I always say the more the More blood the better you know it's like Every time you every time you make a Sacrifice in that Circle it's like You're detonating a little bomb in there Releasing all that life force energy and Feeding that to the spirit on your Behalf so I don't know he did he did a Deification right for me uh I guess it's Been about a year and a half now uh Where he sacrificed five chickens for me

Instead of just one and he just asked For any physical ailments I had to be Healed and like he didn't even know that I had scoliosis I had scoliosis from the Army it wasn't like super bad but it was Like a 8.7 curvature you could see that [ __ ] you know if you looked at me with My shirt off And so so not only did I have like a out Of body account of the experience that I Remembered it's only a handful of people Have ever done that and that was the First time for me but I woke up the next Day and I felt like I've been beat with A hammer up and down my spine like it [ __ ] hurt I'm sorry man I must have Slept wrong you know kind of felt like My spine had been on a device being Twisted And so after about 30 minutes like it Stopped hurting and I quit thinking About it but every day for like a week And a half almost two weeks I'd wake up My spine would just be hurting like a [ __ ] and so finally finally the The first day I woke up and I was like Yeah it doesn't hurt anymore good I Guess whatever I noticed like halfway Through the day I was like man my back Doesn't hurt at all today like I Actually I actually think I'm standing Up a little straighter you know and [ __ ] And so I called my wife I'm like hey Babe take my shirt off and I was like is

My spine still crooked and she's like uh No it's not it's [ __ ] straight And uh there's nothing else I can Attribute that to other than that ritual If you'd told me you know we're going to Try to fix scoliosis with a defication Right I would have been like well I'll Try it but there's no [ __ ] way you Know but uh it did it totally did so the More the more power you generate the More that which is possible Hell yeah Um All right yeah that was about five Sacrifices right yes I think you made one sacrifice to Shinyaza and then like four to me so Total of five yeah It is Right Very welcome people So Lucifer says can I see the wand Is it thick Um it's not very thick I mean you can Hold it in your hand easily Um Do we have the wand around here Jess Do we have the wand around here I got my Room Yeah someone wants to see it Yeah we'll show it here in a second I'll go grab it The Alchemist asks can you use a scionic Helmet by itself

I I would say no I have a cyanide comment If you can use it by itself Yeah well Chuck says you can but I've Always plugged it into a box yeah Neither have I I don't well I haven't Really used the helmet but I mean I Would assume that you need at least like Some kind of apparatus that has a jack Um because it has a battery in it yeah Charles 7211 says Have your experience with tarot cards on The radionics boxes thing going I think he's referring to you Jess What do you say he's asking about your Experiments with tarot cards on the Radon Xbox oh that works good yeah yeah It's easy you just uh you just pick out Whatever type of card you want to draw Energy from and I usually I usually Stare at the card like I'll scry into it Like I would a Sigil like I'm you know Thinking about the intention I'm trying To have with that operation you just put It on the box and you put the the tarot Card on the input plate picture of you Or whoever you're trying to influence on The output between the dials and just Leave it running I think that the machine is upstairs Okay let me run up there and get it all Right Xander promio says I tried making a Psionic helmet once and didn't go very

Well Probably be the same as my success there I don't know what that would go Oh The Alchemist said I just want to Walk around with the helmet On in a public in public and called Professor X You know that would be cool so you know Make it kind of like not very noticeable Put it in like some kind of everyday hat That you would wear That would be interesting If you ever do that do let me know it's Like this isn't just any ordinary beanie This is This is the best beanie ever All right guys I just want to show off the wand now and Then we'll take a few more questions Everyone if anyone's got some questions And then I think we'll get started here All right this is the radionic magic Wand it's this little black box With a jack And a button and an infrared light no I Don't know if you can see it like comes On I'm going to be a button so yeah Essentially just point this hit the Button State your intention and you're Somebody was just asking about using the Sonic helmet that's what this Jack's for Right here so you can put your psionic Helmet on and then plug it into this and It just I mean it just amplifies the

[ __ ] out so so if you had like a picture Of someone or something you put your Helmet on you tune the dials plug it Into this and you point it hit the Button and just really intently focus on What effect you wanted to have and speak It I like to speak it out loud you don't Have to but I like I use words a lot in My magic See all right Yeah it's like it's like the size of a Pack of cigarettes you can carry it Around with you in your pocket Have a lot of fun in Walmart for sure We gotta do that I'm gonna point it at somebody in a big Moo Cow buying a truckload of donuts Like don't eat that and they're just Like And put it back in this instant little Thoughts what would your mama say yeah I'm gonna see if I can make somebody Stumble with it you remember that Experiment Crowley did where he's Walking behind the dude on the sidewalk And he starts like mimicking the guy's Movements yeah and then he drops to his Knees and throws his arms up and the Dude falls on his face like I wonder if You could do that with with the uh Magic wand Baby because what curly was doing was Trying to embody him he's like Essentially trying to possess the guy

And that's why he was mimicking his Movements he was imagining being in that Dude's body and he imagined stumbling And falling and then he literally Dropped to his knees and it's like that Energy hit that dude and he literally Fell on his face that was that was Documented and there was witnesses to That yeah And then best is in the house hello Dan Uh the old Alchemist says there's Definitely a fun tool to have I shot it at myself today to program my Mind today to get rid of a stomach ache Did that work That's pretty cool I'll try that yeah I thought about using it on myself I Haven't yet to like just like you know You take it and just put it right there And hit the button and Say positive adverb I don't know how You'd really test it other than like Feeling the difference in the energy I Don't know but I don't know program in Your mind like that's a good way to Experiment with it get rid of a stomach Ache it will no longer be a ginger yeah I will grow hair yeah Pointed at my junk he will grow Sand best of the year I got it and uh Or not he's waiting to get it you'll get It tomorrow morning so very cool look Forward to seeing what your experiments Come out to be yeah experiment on you

Know friends family I mean like like Experimentation for positive [ __ ] like That's a good thing you know it's like If I'm experimenting with like healing Magic you know I'll be experimenting on People that I care about And um You know I may or may not tell them what I'm doing because uh anytime you say That you spontaneously heal somebody With magic they'll always point the Placebo effect we were talking about Earlier you know it's like okay how do You get around that you do it without Telling a [ __ ] all right if this If the subject has no idea that you're Doing a ritual to heal them and they're Spontaneously healed at a distance then There's no denying that that's the real Effects of your ritual uh taking place There has nothing to do with their minds Or their belief system because they Don't know about it So The Alchemist says it did work and You do feel the energy wave very cool You know it was invented uh Chuck Uncle Chuckie uh invented this to be a sex toy Originally like I guess he went to he Went to one of those dungeon dungeon Clubs or whatever and they had someone Strung up he's sitting there pointing it At him and making them orgasm over and Over It was I I wasn't there I don't know I

Didn't see it but like this is Reportedly what happened and how this You know it was the first prototype for One of these and so you know doc Mulder Got his hands on it refined it a little Bit and like made something something Pretty cool so I can see Chuck doing It yeah I just see Chuck out in his [ __ ] Driveway pointing it at a plane trying To make it crash you see that too Let's see Jenny from sa says hello again From South Africa I was definitely Guided to this life because I'm under Psychic attack currently experiencing Depression anxiety and Nightmares that Make me That wake me up with painful cramps and Sweat okay yeah so yeah you come to the Right place on the right night this is The sigil all right Just kind of take a good look at that if If anybody needs me to hold it up again Here in a minute then I will but this is The sigil and the name is oh fall I Should probably write that on there yeah Write the name oh type it in the chat Was it okay okay We go That is the name of the spirit that we Are summoning All right and Beth says there's a few People I want to use it on my super hot Neighbor for one who's been trying to

Get in my pants why is why is your super Hot neighbor having to try to get in Your pants bro is it the other way Around are you just trying to get her Pants Like come over and ask me sugar he's Playing all right let us know how that Goes Oh [ __ ] okay she has a ring on her finger That's why so you need to tell her to Behave you know point it at her and tell Her tell her to behave Yeah don't mess don't mess around with The married women for sure Neep All right Let's see well I think I think it's all quite all right so We're gonna get set up and do this right Right I'm gonna walk you guys through it We're gonna walk you guys through it and Tell you what we're doing step by step And then we're literally going to do it At the same time so I'm going to grab Glasses Right I'm just gonna let the instance Here I got Some Everclear here that I'm actually Going to pour in this Basin as a as a Fire base for the manifestation you Don't have to do that and you want to be Careful not to set off your smoke

Detectors because it doesn't produce Smoke but it does produce heat and that Can set them off I'm just uh I'm I'm All About Overkill So yeah we're gonna we're gonna light a Fire And let's see we need some alcohol Alcohol IC Right The only thing I don't like about stick Incense is it just gets everywhere So cones are the best but you It's really kind of hard to find cones And everything that you want man I got a Shelf full of all different types of Incense because I've had some weird Requests Um So what I ended up doing with any kind Of stick incense is I'll get like a Glass or a planter it's just a ceramic Um Bowl but I'll fill it with like sand And stuff like that so you can just Stick this little sticks in there and That way all the Ash and everything that It falls instead of just getting all Over your table and stuff this is a wide Enough circumference that's just gonna Um just drop in Less mess no make no messes yeah All right And uh for anybody who ends up watching This later and wanting to recreate this

Absolutely all you gotta do is just just Do do the ritual along with us you know It doesn't matter if you see this video Six months from now let's see We got another alcohol We need a glass of one Okay best says they don't last that long For me that's my only problem with stick Incense I've been burning cinnamon Yeah it doesn't really last long that's Why I usually burn like a lot of sticks At once like I go through a lot of it Says but you know um I experimented trying to make my own Incense it's actually pretty simple but You really gotta let it dry and I mean Really dry even if it feels dry you Still gotta dry it some more otherwise It'll mold Um but yeah Conan says I'm just a big Fan it just lasts longer And a lot more incense I got some really Good incense from India one time it was Like it was like these they're bigger Than the normal cones it was the best Smelling [ __ ] ever and it would burn for Like an hour so I bought a case of it And I've never been able to find it Since uh there's a name for it roshna Got me some of those it's interesting or Something do is Something it basically it's made from Pressed Flowers that are repurposed from their

Like Temple flowers given as original Offerings and they'll use that and Repurpose it and make incense with it It's actually really it smells really Good Yeah Uh see some incense makes me sneeze when I burn up inside there's certain certain Brands of dragon's blood that'll do that To me Um the high quality [ __ ] doesn't yeah And the sandalwood lavender rose like I Can breed those and it doesn't bother me At all damn best says I'm going to start Making my own candles they've been Getting too expensive lately I've Thought about that too but I think the Way I'd want to make candles would be More expensive because I would like to Uh instead of using the kind of like Palm wax or soy wax or all those other Types of waxes out there I would use Like half and half beeswax and Tallow Maybe more energetically potent but of Course that comes at a price See Dan best question are you two Offering wine In this is this required for the ritual Or you don't have to use wine but you Need something that you can drink all Right so if if all you guys water it Doesn't matter all right what what Matters like you're putting a drop of Blood in the liquid all right and then

You're taking your your cursed blood Your diseased blood like whatever your Affliction is if it's anxiety depression Addiction that Affliction is in your Blood all right so you're putting a drop Of that in the wine and then you're Gonna set it on top of the sigil and ask The entity to consecrate it to infuse it With his power and Essence so it becomes The antidote for your Affliction and When you drink that wine The antidote will saturate every tiny Cell in your body with that with that Energy to purify you Yeah it's just really simple I mean you Use water Kool-Aid Uh Gatorade whatever really doesn't Matter I had a guy like use beer that's All he had he booked me for a Consultation he's like I'm [ __ ] Cursed I need help I'm like all right Let's set up and do this and all he had Was a beer so he used that and it worked For him so and it's really hard to read So far away uh so Xander Premio says Balaji Old incense is the per in the purple box Will blow your mind off look that up oh Yeah okay yeah yeah there's this company Out of Canada that makes a really cool Incense I forget what it's called but I Ordered something from them a long time Ago and it was wow it was awesome and You could tell it was all like uh

Natural uh essential oils he made it Used with it and everything else like Really good nothing chemical about it Hmm The best says this is an interesting Operation do you mind if I ask where you Get this Ritual from I like this idea I Created the ritual but I got the I got The spirits Um from evoking eternity and it's also Uh the first place he was talked about Was in Constantino's evoking spirit so Essentially essentially found the entity In a grimoire and worked with that Entity and this is just like what they Told me to do and it made total sense You know to create an antidote for your Affliction so I mean uh but but nothing Nothing about this is like new or Original you know putting blood in wine And drinking it on after blessing it on The sigil I mean that's something that We do in a lot of our rituals know it's I think the the first time I ever did That was with EA coating uh we were Doing a ritual in his basement because The weather was really shitty and so we Were working with Mephistopheles And um you know he had me draw a Decidual on a piece of leather like a Permanent sigil that I could keep Forever and we put the wine on the sigil And put a drop of blood in there to and Asked him to like Infuse it with his

Energy and become his blood essentially You know same thing the Catholics do and Drinking the blood of Christ we're Drinking the blood of demons and angels So Um but but yeah so I mean I just kind of I just kind of put this together based On what I thought scientifically made Sense using other techniques that I Picked up from different places Charles 7211 says I thought a fall was Originally in kingdoms of flames could Be wrong though I'm pretty sure he is in Kingdom kingdoms of flame too Actually no he isn't Those are all discovered those are all Entities that EA discovered kingdoms Blame Um you know before EA's work were so Fall mentions constantinos evoking Spirits That's the first place I know of that he was printed I don't Know where the author of that book got It from I do something similar to this right but Ever since I met JS and he introduced me To this Uh working with the fall in this manner I was quite impressed and now I use it Like I said it doesn't you know it Depends on what you're really your Afflictions truly are this will take Care of most most everything

Um so yeah I highly recommend it Then this is cool it actually makes a Lot of sense when I get blood offerings I usually Partake in the blood myself there's Always been a weird connection when I do This This kind of explains it indeed What I find funny is like and this isn't Just me that's experienced this it's not Always but like I've done like a lot of Rituals with clients like live where We're doing something like this you know Putting blood and wine working with the Spirit and it's like people will get to Literally get intoxicated off of like One little glass of wine like this and I've experienced that too like you know Just drink the wines all of a sudden Like man I feel like High I don't feel Drunk I feel like freaking high like That energy that you just took in to Yourself having a euphoric effect on you Oh yeah you can program any kind of Liquid like water you can have just tap Water on your altar and ask certain Entities to really charge it and Everything else and you take a sip of That It's like taking drugs yeah one of my uh Something else I learned from EA years Ago is you take a take a bottle of water Just like regular like Dasani whatever You drink take a magic marker and write

The word energy on it and stick it in The fridge for 12 hours and drink it in The morning instead of your coffee you'd Be surprised how much [ __ ] energy you Get from that and so Um I was sick one time I had some kind Of nasty flu bug that I couldn't get rid Of and so I took like a regular bottle Of water and I drew the Sigil of Raphael On the bottle and I sat there I charge To open the sigil called on him traced Over the sigil on the water with my Blood and left it sitting on top of his Sigil on the altar overnight and then Drank that and it cleared me up in like A couple of hours I was feeling like Completely better so yeah let's see Charles 7211 says I wish I could do this Ritual along with you but I'm in the Contract with Palau now where I Currently only work with him well that's Fine that's the beauty of YouTube Bissell It'll be here yeah it'll be here when You're ready if you need it you could You could always uh you know do a Similar type of ritual with the Lyle you Know like belial's a god You can do anything he wants so I mean If you think you're suffering from a Curse or something I don't see why below Couldn't help you with that unless he Wants you to suffer which that could be The case too it just depends on what

You're doing Alexander promio says there's a video on YouTube of invoking spirits of insects In Cameroon That's cool yeah you got some sigils for Some insect entities uh like uh noran The fire ant demon like that's that's Probably like the most intense insect Entity Um Did a ritual where I bought a cow heart And like I stabbed a hole in it with a With a ritual blade and had a picture of A Target that I shoved into the cow Heart And did this whole evocation to try to Like pull their soul like their Essence Into that cow heart and like force them To energetically possess it and I cut an Oak stake and I went and found this this Fire ant hill and like I set the the Heart on top of the ant hill and just Drove the stake through it and left it Sitting there for the ants to slowly eat And I was going for a heart attack That's not what happened though what Happened was was actually better and um Yeah I think we I don't know it's been long enough we Could probably talk about that but Um I said who's uh Copeland right Maybe maybe later I don't know it was This was a group ritual so I'm not going To talk about it because the other

People have participated but enough Priest says what is the reasonable Max For sacrifices if working with shimmyaza Or with working with shimyaza without Burning yourself up with the fire do I Need a consultation for that purpose This isn't got your group ritual Oh uh I mean no there's really no Max Um you can do as many as you want man As long as I have chickens I mean if I Run out of chickens and and that's a Problem yeah but I've got a lot of them Right now so we should be good Yeah we get them in you know so many Lots you know so I mean even if we wanted to do some math Massive defecation rights for ourselves Doing like 20 chickens we don't always Have 20 chickens yeah Uh Abraham Garza said good to see you Guys this evening yeah thanks for being Here man oh yeah All right Are you ready to get going yeah All right those of y'all that Participating with us just do it along With us and uh for those of y'all that Don't want to watch this and maybe do it A later date just take notes come back Replay the video time doesn't really Matter um doing it along with us and It's going to work for you But my Flame base in here

You definitely don't want to put too Much because this does burn for a while And gets hot Yeah don't touch it afterwards yeah That's that's a good point when the Flame burns out and whenever you're Cleaning up if you grab a hold of this Thing you're going to take the skin off Your fingers I've done that I've done That So we don't Want you to do that All right all right so we got our wine We've got our finger prickers Those handed Time Um I guess we could leave the light on Like it is yeah okay I gotta be able to See as well yep So we're gonna start First off by just staring into the sigil And thinking about our intention Yeah so you're you're dropping mind You're getting into what what people Call the Theta state Yeah you just just gazing at the Decision Not staring too intently Just you know that's where your eyes lay While you're having these intentions and Thoughts And just focus on the outcome you want To either relieve a curse an addiction And we all want to restore ourselves to

Full spiritual health After I've dropped mine we like to speak The name of the spirit three times and Verberate it three times You just look into it and say Overall Oh fall It will fall Now we're going to vibrate the name Oh Foreign I like to then follow by speaking the Incantation to initiate spiritual packs Which is I will say that three times Too I'll wash Todd I lost you Or fall We evoke you And you invite him to come unto you by Saying oh fall come I will follow come He'll fall come Over Mighty angel of Deliverance comes Oh fall Breaker of curses um Oh fall angel of protection comes Will fall Who can restore one to full spiritual Health come Here our words see our signs And know that we request the universe to Bring you before us Come now

Forth from your dwelling and gracious With your presence Come now unto us and lend us your power Come now Restore us to full spiritual health Of all come I think we've made contact I feel him Pretty strongly now for you and things Will say Yeah it's here No Then you want to thank him this is like Making a phone call The sigil is the energetic signature the Name of the spirit is the frequency So we were calling upon Him using these Techniques so once you feel the energy In the room shift you know he's there Then you want to thank them For showing up You can say oh fall we thank you Eternally for answering our call for Your Swift and full attendance There's some in you here So that we ourselves can benefit From this operation but so that we can Also demonstrate to others how they can Benefit Through working with you We ask that you free our mind from fears We ask that you relieve us of addictions We ask you to remove any type of curse Or spiritual bondage Has been placed against us

We ask you to restore us the full Spiritual health and provide us with Your Divine protection Please accept these offerings on our Behalf Now you're going to make the blood Offering I like to prick my left ring finger Because that gives me the most blood Please accept this offering of our blood Of all You're going to put several drops onto The sigil Enough to trace over it completely if You can One drop is going to be enough but I Like to give as much as I can get You're going to put your last drop of Blood Into your glass of wine Get my finger in there and Stir It Up So You get the blood throughout the wine Then you're going to trace over the Sigil In your blood And this is what it's going to look like Foreign To consecrate the wine Held out until fall Mighty Angel Deliverance We offer blood upon your sigil If you all for our blood into this wine I ask that you bless Consecrate this wine upon your sigil

Oh Confuse this elixir with your power in Essence So let me take within us your strength And bless this liquid with your power And Essence so it will become the Antidote for our affliction Or storing as the full spiritual health At this point you'll probably feel Like electricity is coming through you Down in your arms through your hands and Into this wine Once that sensation is complete Now we're going to drink it We drink the blood of all fall Take within us his strength So we may be restored to full spiritual Health Thank you thank you thank you Oh We thank you for Thank you eternally for answering our Call Thank you eternally For your willingness to help us Thank you for allowing us to demonstrate Your magic In front of those who would choose to Work with you in the same manner This right calls for blood And we offer our own May I go forth as an offering to all Fall To give him praise and honor

All right Oh Fall Oh fall Oh There's that smoke alarm I was telling You about Thank you for Eign [Music] Foreign Anyway once you burn the sigil and you Thank the spirit that is that is closing Out the ritual you'll thank them for Answering your call thank them for their Help and then once this bowl cools off Enough to grab it then we like to take Our ashes and blow them across our front Doorway we'll just open the front door And blow them into the wind And that's it it's very simple it takes I don't know 10 minutes to set up for it five minutes To do it and uh you'd be surprised how Beneficial that is like After you do something like this you're Gonna wake up the next day feeling Different you're going to feel You're gonna Feel clean you're gonna Feel like like you've been purified of All your [ __ ] and so if you're in a State of anxiety or a state of Depression struggling with addiction or You just think some [ __ ] throwing

Curses at you Um this is this is Probably going to take care of 98 of That kind of [ __ ] We have any questions about what we just Did Let's see damn best says you two are Really lucky that you can do rituals Together and not everybody can handle Being around me when I'm in ritual so The fact that you do Are so in tune with each other is really Cool oh yeah yeah well I mean There is an element to that for sure I Mean me personally I'm a very Njs can attest to this you know I'm a Very solitary practitioner man I prefer Doing things myself like by myself Right I don't and usually if if we're Doing some kind of thing together now Usually like a JS Tech lead or whatever I mean I'm taking leads sometimes but It's You know and there depends on what we're Doing if it's something he creates and He operates if I create then I usually Operate so I'm just you know any other Person that's kind of like a battery Really you know you're just adding more Energy feeding more energy into it and You're getting the benefit of the ritual Too yeah I mean if you got if you got Two people in there doing a country you Know doing an evocation and it always

Feels more powerful to me even if the Other person's just watching you know Even if they're just in there You know with you Um yeah it's like a battery Um And um I think every every person that Participates in a ritual Like doubles the power of that and That's why that's why covens come Together and form in the first place That's why people do group rituals is Because you're generating more power Yes it's definitely uh advantageous for You but you know it comes down to Personal preference like for me I Personally like to do things you know by Myself you know I have my own thing of You know in process of how I do things And everything else and I think it takes away you know following Someone else or doing something else you Know within a ritual It say for me it kind of takes away From my you know how you describe it Like intention or something I don't know I I just I'm I like doing both Personally I don't like being the Operator all the time like sometimes I Like to sometimes like some of the Rituals that we do where he operates and I'm just in there you know essentially Being quiet I'm still doing doing what He's doing you know

You're partaking in the wine you're You're offering a sacrifice you're just Not speaking the conversations like it's Kind of nice to sit back and let someone Else take the wheel and just focus all Of my energy and intent on what they're Doing and what the ritual is to benefit From it You know it's like uh it's it's working In silence versus working verbally I I Don't know I like doing both really it Depends like if you like you say you got A coven or something like that and You're like a bunch of people I think you can orchestrate a really Powerful working not only just because You have the members right and multiple Practitioners but if you each like if You orchestrated in a way that you each Had like a job to do per se right we're Like you know you're you're summoning so And so you're summoning so and so and You're putting your intention towards This and you're putting your attention Towards this I mean all together some of That is incredible it'd be really potent It's just finding people that are Serious that will show up on time like Be where they're supposed to be when You're all supposed to be there and are Going to do what they're supposed to do And take it seriously that's the hard Part yeah so you got lots of lots of Covens lots of orders lots of Internet

Groups and you know it's like you might Have like two or three serious [ __ ] in there and 20 people That are essentially LARPing and it's Like oh pretend you're you're not not Pretend but you'll you'll plan to do Like a huge group ritual and then you Know it turns out that only three or Four people actually did the ritual know Like that's the kind of [ __ ] that I've Witnessed most of these groups are not Organized and half the members are not Serious and the groups that are Organized in this area so the [ __ ] rule in the world that's What I believe Well Definitely there is some uh benefit to Having to come in and multiple Practitioners and stuff like that I Don't know I kind of really took this on A tangent here yeah but uh But uh you know like I'll personally I Would never join another man I'm such an Individual you know our practices are Individual anyways no matter who you are You know this is your journey and you Know you're going to be meant to work With whomever you're meant to work with And Etc and you have your own ways and You'll develop your own skills and Everything else like that we're all Individuals when it comes down to it so Covens can I mean you can get a lot out

Of it it can be advantageous to you but Personally I would never join the Covenant be part of some kind of group Like that at least at this moment you Know I'm just so individualistic like That so what I finally start doing is Acting like gang bangers almost they're Like black magic gangbangers and like The closest thing I was ever a part of Resembling a covenant it wasn't a Covenant it was just just a group of us That decided to start doing group Rituals together you know and um you Know it it played out just like you Would expect it to you know you got one Idiot at the top pretending to be like The Mad King it was a Publishing House And it was not it was not become a Living God Hate that before anybody jumps to that Conclusion and it's like you know so You've got like one or two people that Are like you know the ring leaders Trying to like tell everybody else what To do and it's like they form their Little hierarchy even though you state Coming in this is there is no hierarchy We're like 10 individual sourcers that All bring different skill sets to the Table from different systems and we're Simply going to come together and work Together in a group setting in order to Benefit all of us all right it lasted For like a month before it got stupid

And I was just like I'm out you know but That's that is kind of like The way things go I mean us as humans we Are so tribal we want to be well we like To be part of something that has some Kind of structure to it some hierarchy So we'll feel better about ourselves or Feel special I am such and such a rank That I of some title that I've given Part of something or you're a leader or Something yeah or you're above somebody Or you have something to attain you know It's like people gravitate towards those Structures you know and that's not just The magic that's you know anything else In the world everything you know yeah But you can lose sight of yourself and Your own spiritual path by joining Something like that yeah and uh it's It's prone to Not be that beneficial you know It's it's crazy to me you know I see all These people I was doing uh Kind of like a podcast or interview with Uh dark sorcery he's a really cool dude His name is Alfredo he does the dark Sorcery YouTube I've heard of him I've Never I've never talked to him though Yeah he hit me up and wanted to do a uh Like kind of like a YouTube video with Me while I was in the UK I was like sure Why not he's a really good interviewer I Like him but some of the questions that

Uh he came up with I was like wow you Know it's like I I can kind of see where They were coming from and One of my answers to some of his Questions like you know like what label You know I'm paraphrasing here you know But it was like what do you call Yourself yeah what do you call yourself What's that label what's like you know I've never been able to answer that yeah I'm like I say personally I say which Because I feel like that's like a All-encompassing term you know but black Magician yeah something like that you Know what people are familiar with right But you know people come up with all Sorts of man-made titles man I'm the High priest of such and such an order That I create I mean what really is that You know that's nothing more than Something a title that you've given Yourself or an organization that's Giving you that they've adopted you know Something that sounds cool But really that that is no more than Just you know words you know I've had I've had people sit down and ask me like You know in interviews like what are Your credentials I'm like yeah Like like everything I've done Professionally and they're like oh what Are your magic credentials Oh yeah I'm just a [ __ ] crazy ass Hillbilly that decided to start

Summoning demons and sacrificing Chickens in his backyard one day and Made a career out of it you know like There's no school for this Um you can give yourself a title you can Even put together a group of 100 people On the internet and give out Certificates or join the satanic church And get your own little ID card you know But it's so tempting what does it mean It doesn't [ __ ] mean anything wow It's so tempting though it's so tempting To just make your own [ __ ] up man like a Secret Lodge and you know we're gonna Have this hierarchy and he's outrageous There's always somebody at the top That's the Incarnation of some entity You know I mean it's just one step away From the sex club that's what I'm saying Uh let's see let's get back to Some people say we've been over an hour Sis let's wrap up these questions and Let these people go I see some folks Dropping out of the chat unless y'all Got more stuff you want to talk about I Ain't got nowhere to be right now yeah Let's see Uh let's back up here a little bit Jenny From SAA says thank you so much for Sharing and illustrating this ritual Jason rurik dark blessings to the two of You oh yeah as well and that best says The few people have done rituals with The few people he's done rituals with

They always tend to poison the ritual if You will be asking something dumb like Didn't work Yeah yeah I can see that so if I'm gonna Do a big group ritual like I'll be Extremely picky about who's there all Right because like you know they're Going to be like serious practitioners That that I've gotten to know or Otherwise you end up with some Do Lolly That shows up and they're snickering or Acting a fool and I'm sorry if you start LARPing in my ritual circle like I'm Gonna beat the [ __ ] out of you all right Like intending to be yeah like yeah like That's that's I've seen a dude do that I Wasn't there Could have been my ritual I didn't beat The [ __ ] out of him but yeah he's doing A ritual with somebody that I know that Is a very serious magician and this [ __ ] starts faking being Possessed and doing some of the Stupidest [ __ ] I've ever seen and like Totally like just tarnish the ritual and I'm like man that's why I don't do group Rituals with people I don't know because If somebody acted that way in our Circle I don't know we might end up getting Arrested they'd end up being the Sacrifice What are you guys doing thanks for Coming Mike uh See

Alex Alexander promio says the Vatican Imagine the power that pumps out of that Place at holiday time yeah I'm sure and If you have a radionics machine then you Can hijack that there's a lot of stuff Under the Locking key in the bat no Doubt they got it all man there's a Reason that the Vatican is still so Powerful even though they're supposedly Not powerful no that's because of what Is locked underneath the Vatican and Their secret archives Yeah there's there is power there There's power there the Vatican was Really no different you know doing they Were doing the exact same thing that the Nazis were doing you know going on Crusades all over the world and you know Trying to obtain Artifacts that they believed held power The Ark of the Covenant the Holy Grail On and on that's what you know the the Knights Templar was based on you know Was was doing this and the same thing That the the Nazis turn around and doing You know they were hunting the Lost Ark And the Holy Grail too it's like they Believe that these artifacts have power And that they're not actually what we Think they are based on the movies that They're actually pieces of technology That that Hold great power that that a small Force Could use to take over the world

Essentially and Um yeah the vatican's got some serious Badass [ __ ] well throughout history the Vatican the pope or whatever it had Amazing immense persuasion and influence Over you know any other monarchs you Know it's like if you want yeah I mean The only one that really defied him Throughout history was Henry VIII yep But yeah they're you know If you wanted to be considered that's Why Christianity was so Um widespread was because The doctrine was like in in the king or Any Monarch or whatever was appointed by God who can question that you know it Was a god-given right to be a ruler or a King or anything like that so you know If you wanted to become a king or be you Know whatever you know you had to have The blessing of the Pope and the church And stuff like that and so you must send Him many fresh Altar Boys I mean they Were hand in hand with all the monarchs Throughout history throughout Europe you Know and they had that power and they've Been collecting [ __ ] for time well if You think about it they still do yeah I Mean like like it wasn't that long ago That the pope was over here touring America In conjunction with the Obama campaign Yeah and uh yeah you have you have you Have Obama that yeah supposedly is like

Muslim I don't know if he's ever Admitted that publicly but like that was That was the General consensus is that He leaned towards that religion that's How he was raised you know that why Would the pope be over here like helping Him with his campaign and advocating for Him they still have that same power it's Just all worded differently now you know Nothing's really changed I don't think no not a whole lot it's Just a secret you know what's Interesting is so many people I know This is way off topic here but this is a Theme that I've run across time and time Again is that you know Everyone likes to Think that especially if you're hardcore Christian right you think that you know The devil's everything you know if it's Not for God's the devil the devil's out There doing all this [ __ ] with the Government and all this stuff and you Know the the reality is Jehovah and everything else that Influences all throughout politics and Everything else you know and uh It's crazy some of the [ __ ] that you Find out in the spirits tell you Um Dan best says I just noticed that you Two are smoking I think that's funny if You're smoking tobacco Uh Echo I think he meant there we go is It grounding herb heck it wasn't running One no no we both smoked yeah

Um I have no desire to quit smoking I Like smoking [ __ ] it And let's see do you have any Experiences how do you say that name Lil Davey 20 little Davey 20. do you have Any experiences with asthma Deus thanks Yes okay so actually last night last Night I did a a ritual for a client Where I uh summoned asmodeus and made Him a sacrifice on behalf of that client And I had a pretty crazy [ __ ] Experience with him and he actually Issued me an invitation to work with him Personally like now I've done rituals For clients like the custom rituals like All right so the custom ritual like my Clients are practitioners of themselves They live in an area where they can't Get away with chopping the hood off a Rooster in their front yard all right so They will construct a ritual and Negotiate a contract or an agreement With an entity and then they will simply Pay me to carry out the sacrifice on Their behalf or him he has he does the Same thing and uh so does Nicola and Disco but um So so I summoned him and like there was Four separate entities that were present That got sacrifices during that ritual Asthma Davis came in like Super strong and and whenever he came in It was like he lit me on fire for a few Seconds like it literally felt like it

Felt like a fire started down here and Just kind of like moved up here and Engulfed me just for a few minutes and He's like you need to work with me [ __ ] Not just for clients you need to work With me yourself and so the really cool Thing that happened right before I lit The fire and started the ritual I'm like Out in the backyard and I hear something Walking around in the woods you know so I've got I've always got a pistol on me When I'm out there not because I'm Scared of bears I'm scared of meth Abilities you know we have methodies in The area so you know I've always armed Um but but anyway it was this big ass [ __ ] deer and like I hit it with the Headlamp I see its eyes and it kind of It walked right up to the edge of the Ritual Circle and just stood there Locked eyes with me for like five Minutes and I'm just I'm standing there Holding the gun with a with a flashlight Pointing at him you know it was not the Least bit scared of me and so after a Minute I'm just like you know after like Five minutes sitting there staring at This deer like 15 feet away at most I Like decided I'm gonna try to pet him it Was like can I pet you and I start Walking towards him he just kind of like Looked at me turn around and just walked Off real slow

I'm like that was [ __ ] weird it's Deer season you know this time of year You got you know 10 000 rednecks out Here shooting off guns every day killing The [ __ ] out of these deer They don't come near humans this time of Year in this area yeah they know yeah They know it's deer season all right so It was like I don't know if this deer Was possessed was it really a deer I Don't know it was it was really strange But then I performed like this crazy ass Ritual afterwards with asthma Davis and Had an awesome experience so yeah as the Days is awesome and it's multifaceted And he can help you with a lot of Different things I think The first experience I've ever had with Uh esmodeus I was doing some kind of Like meditation Journey or whatever and He actually showed up out of nowhere And like his presence was so strong Later I told him sure he later on told Me that he was kind of like testing me In some way I'm not sure what but Anyways his pres he allowed his presence To be so So strong it made me nauseous now I've Only been nauseous with a few Spirits And Others being Let's see lucifuge when uh I was trying To get possessed this early on in my

Path I was trying to get possessed by Lucifuge I got really nauseous Um And then Java choth I was doing linking With Java choth and Java chop kind of Like really Show me his like true energy body is Like purest form and that was so intense When I had a splitting headache for like Hours after anyways Um with asthma this you got yeah that Strong energy man I felt sick to my Stomach it was like every time you get That nausea you're like Um it's like it's like purifying your Own energy But he came in pretty strong it was Crazy I was like oh man I don't know if I if I can stand to work with that but Later on I I called on him and he told Me that he was testing me or something Um but uh he also told me he'd uh He's gonna help me uh Learn to work with other people's Shadows like you do a lot of different Shadow work with asmodeus Um but yeah he is multifaceted he can Help you with so many things he can help You with business he can help you with Um critical thinking he can help you With you know love and less sexual stuff Um and apparently like Shadow work as Well Um yeah the reason it's called Prince

Persia and he's a He's an awesome entity to work with I Know I'm going to be working with him From now on like after last night that That rocked me to my core it was [ __ ] Awesome I know someone that had uh was Doing some kind of work with him like Some path working but they uh of which The details like I don't know but they had like a dildo If they they put his sigil on the base Of the dildo and uh was doing some kind Of like sexual work with her like you Know being able to conjure that Sexual Energy and have them transmute it and Feed it back to women they had some Craziest experiences I'm going to get a Pocket [ __ ] tomorrow not getting a Dildo he loves working with women [Laughter] I can see that I can see that I had this Idea years ago called make a voodoo dick All right you know you got these these Molds you can buy to where you can make A mold of your own penis for your wife Like if you're if you're so insecure About your small penis that you don't Want her buying a dildo that's bigger Than your penis then you can make a mold Of your own penis that she can use while You're out of town that way it feels the Same when you get back all right So what if you made a mold of your penis And you put like your blood and your

Hair your DNA and that mold and then Like like like evoke yourself into that And like did everything that you would Do with a [ __ ] voodoo doll only with This fake penis well could you go on a Business trip and your wife used that And would you be able to feel it all Right possibly I never did this I Thought about it it's a cool idea and The one thing I kept coming back to is Like man that woman ever gets pissed off With me she could just like hammer a Nail through that Voodoo penis and that Would suck So so yeah maybe maybe uh maybe not Maybe not yeah Right you've been good today Oh yeah let's see uh every other sins in The house hello glad you made it yeah Let's see Um there's another question up here miss Anybody's questions Uh see JS last year that would say Jenny from Sa says JS last year did a radionics Curse on my behalf working with Abaddon Since then we've bonded and have a great Friendship I often feel his presence Okay yeah that's awesome yeah that's That's awesome and and yeah I still Radionically work with with Abaddon like Like on my own personal hunter killer System you know like uh avadon's a Badass I mean they're all badass and

They're all badass in different ways but Yeah if you make allies with an entity Like that Um You're you're doing okay for yourself For sure I'm glad to hear that I am Yeah yeah I once I once lived with uh This uh so the guy I used to work with I Used to build houses before I did this Professionally and uh He was a very much an atheist but it was Interesting because his uh Guardian Angel was Abaddon It was so cool I was like wow that's That's crazy I wonder if the atheist was A guardian angel that's a demonic King Yeah you didn't believe in any any of This stuff except you know he also lived In the haunted house that I lived in at The time and he you know he would talk About all the crap that would happen to Him but he's still I'd be like I don't Know but it was crazy but uh yeah Abaddon uh evadon's pretty cool like uh I I just kept hearing his name popping My mind every time I was talking to the Dude and I was like what is it that Abaddon wants what what does he you know What and uh come turns out it turns out That he wanted me to tell him that Epideon was you know reaching out to him But also Abaddon was reaching out to me And he kind of you know yelled at me in

A way because I was supposed to be Working with him and it wasn't so I was Like okay But Amazon's really [ __ ] cool man you Could do I'm calling him for like every Duplication run I do too hell yeah so Dark oh can I see the mold please oh you Talking about my penis mold all right I Don't have any more but I'll tell you What this this is pretty close it's it's A it's about the size of my pinky but it Dangles all right it dangles when you Wiggle it yeah the whole mold itself It's not bigger than the wand yeah That's eight inches right yeah that's Eight inches yeah tell me it's eight Inches sure What rule are we using Let's see Uh let's see Alexander promio says hijack the Vats Power how I have a three dial box please You pronounce an aerial Google Earth Image of the entire Vatican City and Then you put it on your radionics box on The input plate with a picture of Yourself on the output plate you tune The dials I would do it Let's say you're wanting to hijack the Energy from Christmas or whatever Do it do it at midnight on December 25th And leave it running all day And then perform whatever type of Magical operation that you want to

Perform hijacking that energy and Feeding it into your ritual So what JS was talking about earlier About really saturating a photo of Someone to really I mean saturated with Their energy making it really powerful Finishing you can do this also with Other buildings or anything really and What you would be doing you know if You're not calling on the person's name And it's like an out of an option it's a Building you know a geographical site What have you you can call on your Higher self You call in your higher self and asked Bring forth the energy to saturate this Photo of this place you're thinking About this place you're thinking about Being there everything to do with this Place you're calling on your higher self To help you and you're really just Grabbing that energy in your mind's eye And just pulling it forward and let it Saturate the photo so you can do that Not just with you know a person's photo But you know a place like the Vatican And stuff like that you could go around Your your neighborhood or your city and Take Polaroids of every church and put Them all on the radionics box tune the Dials on Sunday morning and just take All of that energy so the reason the Polaroids are so much more powerful than You know just printing out a picture per

Site it's uh you're capturing that Essence it's um a little stronger Energetically but you can still take a Printed picture as opposed to Polaroid And really saturate it with that energy And it'll be really potent I mean the Thing with polar is you don't really Have to do that exercise yes like we Would if a printed you know it's like if You take a Polaroid of a person and put It on the box it's the same as taking Like a clump of their hair and put them On the box whereas if you print the Picture out and there's a little bit More you need to do to like saturate it Like what he was just talking about Absolutely so it's going to take Polaroids all the churches yeah You know you can uh Oh man that reminds me VK Johanna Released uh right a long time ago where You like uh basically open up a portal To uh Bringing it was one of the cliphonic Realms something like that and uh he Later devoted just like what it would do Is um It would create portals in the the Churches around the area I have to talk to one more about it I Don't really know much about it but That's cool it was interesting it was Like some of the churches around their Clothes

That's really cool yeah don't quote me I Don't really know the whole thing I've Talked to PK more about it but it was it Was interesting what he was talking About Um I think we're all caught up on Questions aren't we yeah it looks like You guys just talking amongst yourselves In the chat yeah we've been on for like Almost an hour and a half so yeah I Guess we're getting ready to wrap this Up guys I've got some some ritual work I Think we've all got some ritual work to Do tonight yeah and it's it's a good Night for us it's clear sky it's it's Cold as balls outside but um the wind's Not blowing so at least we got that Going for us cold as balls cold as Eskimo balls let's see Uh Malika malice Malice says the church is saturated with That look at what it produces You know you can actually vampirize like A Pentecostal Church man all the energy See a lot of people they get caught up In these churches man they're all Singing and crazy and they're like oh I Feel the Holy Spirit and great you know There's a lot of energy there and They're creating it You can you can Vamp the [ __ ] out of That I'll tell you the one thing that's Probably got more power and devotion

From worship type energy than than like An aerial picture of the Vatican is a Picture of Mecca All right and so every time they have These huge ceremonies at Mecca where They're going in circles there's usually Two or three people that get trampled And killed during those and those are Considered as offerings to Allah you Know he took them he sacrificed them Like oh yeah there he is I'm gonna go Ahead and [ __ ] step on him because Allah's gonna take him Um that's that's some hardcore Devotional [ __ ] right there So yeah you can try that you can try That too Crazy stuff I'm talking about Jehovah Man oh like I I just found out later That Um or not later earlier I found out Earlier that um The stat like when people worship Mary Right or are not worship pray to Mary Right in churches and stuff like that It's actually what there is An entity that was indeed Mary but That's not what actually people are Praying to people realize don't realize That they're actually giving all their Praise and energy and worship towards a Female aspect of Jehovah It's not actually Mary Glad I didn't know that yeah it's kind

Of sexy actually yeah Jenny from sa says JS I will book a Consultation with you for some follow-up Workings just want to find out when you Guys are available And how your schedule looks like seeing As it's almost the holidays Etc well we Will be taking some days off for like Thanksgiving and stuff but uh Um this month's like my slow month so I Mean if you book a consultation you Actually get to pick the date and time That you want to jump on and chat so um Well yeah yeah anytime with the schedule The way it works with the site pretty Much anytime that's available I mean You're gonna have to pick your time Regardless but generally during this Time of year I mean you're not booked Out more than two weeks at a time so not This time of year yeah so yeah it was a Pretty safe bet but yeah anytime you Want to see how far out or booked you Just look at the the availability when You go to purchase Let's see blood the black pylon it says Finally caught the tail end of a live if Doc is on I had a question for him does The electrical polarity going into a Radionics box matter Doc's not on uh Doc's not on but I will Answer that question for you I know that Does not matter Does not matter whatsoever as long as

There is a current going through no Matter which direction it goes It works you gotta tune the dials just Right yes if it has dials it mostly These boxes don't need electricity at All but having the electric current is Going to boost it like a thousand fold And it does not matter about the Polarity at all and if you if you live You know all around the world and you Have different electrical sockets you Know Um it I think doc provides like an Adapter to the plug-in so you no matter Where you live in the world it'll buy a Box you get a whole bag full of adapters Yes so yeah you're good to go as soon as You open it but um Yeah they don't need electricity to work There's lots of boxes some of the first Radionics machines didn't have Electricity running through them that's Just like an additive that's like a Bonus that's like something to give it More power you know it's got the you Know it's got these uh you know filters And circuits and things like that in There that's taking that energy and you Know pumping it into the output plate Tuned to the correct frequency that you Set on the dots so um yeah you're good To go about absolutely Let's see He elaborates and says a powered one

That is Per POS or [ __ ] I don't know oh Pros or Cons oh okay Um the pros being at more power yeah Yeah it has electricity then you Generate more power yeah Black violence is cool I built one and Powered it for an extra kick thanks for The answer for sure Where are the kitties they we actually Have to put them in the room and shut The door when we do lives now otherwise They are like crawling on our shoulders And yanking wires out of the computer Um I came in from ritual work last night And they were fighting over a dead mouse That they found and killed and um yeah So they're they're a handful And we just we can't have them out here When we're doing lives and we also you Know they're like our children you know We don't really want to put our Kids you know we don't want people Seeing our kitties yeah not many people Know that I have a daughter but that's Purposeful it's like so you know No pictures of my daughter on there Um some of my kidnap our kitties they're Too cute Um yes Alexander promio says I still Have my cardboard shoe box for a Young's Box see that's the cool thing is radonx Is so simplistic in nature you really You just gotta understand the

Fundamentals about it it doesn't need to Be fancy like even our boxes I will say Aren't the most polished thing out there I mean the quality I mean it's quite Equal they're not for Aesthetics they're For you yes exactly So I mean I'm not sure all that you know So Doc's the one who builds them and Puts them together and whatever Materials he uses I'm you know He's more geared towards just making it Work and be potent it's not he doesn't Care whether it looks aesthetic or like You know yeah like I've got a three Thousand dollar radionics machine that's Built in Germany with you know it's made Out of solid steel lifetime warranty all That works [ __ ] great pretty slick But I've also got like a 400 wooden Radionics machine that does the exact Same [ __ ] exact same thing it's just a Watch It's all about how it's it's put Together in design Jenny from essay says perfect thanks so Much please work don't feel bad it's Just that JS have worked with me on a Situation in the past and it's the same Situation I need follow-up work one Huh that's cool I I don't feel bad That's cool Yeah I got clients that worked with me For like five six years the book came to Do rights you know it's just I would do

Different [ __ ] you know it's whatever You're trying to do is whoever's best For the job when it comes down to it you Know it's like um I don't know yeah we're all we're all Good at certain things and we're all Individuals when it comes down to it we Are all individual practitioners and we All have our strengths and weaknesses And you know it's like I don't know like You go to a therapist or you go to I Don't Wanna Comparison there but you know like yeah You like someone you work with someone You're comfortable with someone you want To stick with them that's just the way It goes you know you get results you're Just going to go back to where you you Got results so that's that's the way it Goes I'm not offended we got we got Plenty of clients in each of us so it's Okay and you know what we also got other Things in the works too not just magic And stuff like that so you're starting On only fans Just the point is that he's my cameraman We do this The point is we decided to do this Together Um to really bring information more Information out to the public we wanted To do this I originally wanted to do This professionally just so Um I could bring more awareness to the

World about what demons and you know Other beings really are and you know This the spiritual growth that you have On your path you know and uh we aren't We aren't necessarily relying on this For any kind of financial means this is Just What we do we like to do so it's our Hobby and we're good at it so we get Paid for it yeah we put out just as much Free shoot as we do as as far as getting Paid to do stuff professionally it is Work though it is work so like man now We committed to doing every Friday It'd be easier to punch a clock every Day I've actually thought about going Back to punching a clock a few times you Know just because man Uh running your own business is not easy Yes Turning down people is not easy either We get some crazy requests man And you know that's it's interesting you Know you gotta that's three screen People before we do rituals for them Interview face to face to make sure that You know somebody wants you to turn them Into a dolphin probably not going to Happen yeah our fly like Superman or That that's yeah that's the reason we Have consultations is because we can sit Down to you sit down with you face to Face kind of get to reading what what's Going on in your life what's your whole

Situation what we can do to help you if We can at all and if we can't we're Going to tell you we can't or you know It's just it's it's a Partially just managing expectations And seeing whether or not we can help You You know and some people have some Outlandish ideas and I don't know what He's saying there ini Perez Says instead of placing crystals in Metatron in a Metatron Cube can you draw Different powerful sigils and in the Middle circle you draw the sigil that Was created by you so you can charge it Or would this not work I'm not sure exactly what you were Trying to say the Metatron Cube that's That was where it confused me yeah I I I'm pretty sure I've seen a picture of a Sigil called the Metatron Cuba I've Never worked with it Um I would say okay so so since neither One of us know how to answer that Question I would say think about it from A scientific perspective all right if You have a technique that you know works And you want to modify it using another Technique that you know works and then You put it together in a fashion that Makes sense to you energetically as far As how it how energy actually works and Flows to and from an operation then Chances are it's going to work and if it

Doesn't then you got to ask yourself why Didn't it work and then you go back to The drawing board make some alterations Come back two or three more times if That's what it takes and you'll get you You'll eventually figure out what the Hell you're trying to do you'll get it Right eventually yeah I'm not exactly Sure what all you're asking but if I Were to simplify your question if you're Asking about like I don't know it seems Like chaos magic you're creating your Own sigil can you charge that absolutely You can charge that with other things Other Other energy sources you can use Radionics to do that man Um The day 20 says hey quick question funny You said you worked with azadeus last Night do you guys feel him around me I'd Have to be around you to know the answer To that question yeah like yeah that's That's the five days late man I meet People in person like ah why don't you Get off me what do you feel for me I'm Like man I'm just trying to enjoy my Coffee okay Um no like I really have to be in this State like it's a surprise we were in The same room then I could answer that Question or or Um video chat yeah video chatting like But yeah we I'm not I guess I'm not that

Sensitive so I can't answer I'm also not In control of that either like When I'm in it's interesting with it When I'm in Um Consultations with people you know prior To a ritual you know sometimes entities Will pop in and have something to say You know and it's just because of that Person they're like oh yeah tell them This or yeah yeah I've been trying to do This or like I've had entities a lot Yeah I've had entities kind of like be Like he needs to get this through his Thick skull like I've been trying to Tell him this blah blah blah you know It's always awkward and they give you Like a message that sounds like a verbal Spanking and they want you to relay it Yeah you really don't want to do that You know it's like you're sitting there And you're like how do I word this in a Way in the entities like no you [ __ ] Telling this Okay but that'll shoot the messenger Here yeah yeah but let's see that only Happens when you're in like a Consultation we're talking face to face We're talking you know I'm in the zone You're in the zone and the spears come Of their own accord you know I'm not Just it starts as like a tingling in the Top of your head it just like comes down And then you just essentially vomit out

Whatever the entity is trying to say You know that's that's something anybody Can do if they're if they're tuned in You know Um neither one of us are psychics he's Kind of a medium really he's really good At channeling better than I am at Channeling I was I will say this because I all right so it's been kind of a Fad as of late because I want to say That because I've talked to a lot of People that are really focused on their Psychic abilities as of late right I've Been talking about how to grow them how To get them better you know there's Something you guys have to keep in mind Is that we are all individuals we really Are we're all individual practitioners We're going to have individual strengths So don't be jealous of anybody or you Know hey this person just claims he's Able to see spirits and I really can't See spirits or something like that you Know just throw that out the window Don't compare yourself to anybody Because we all have different strengths You know what I'm saying and everything Else can be worked on too Right like there's some people that have Uh really extreme Um Claire Augustus you know they could Taste [ __ ] man like from across the room It's crazy you know but we all have Strengths you know and it's

I don't know where I was going with that What are we talking about We're all good at different stuff we're All good at different things absolutely We all have the ability to do all this [ __ ] but we're all like inclined you Know one person one magician might be Really good at healing [ __ ] yeah oh it Might be really good at cursing [ __ ] know doesn't mean that the That one can't do the other oh whatever You're good at I know we were talking About sorry guys they're going tangent And I'll lose my train of thought Um yes we all have different uh Different abilities and we you know like You said we all have the capability of Doing it all right we have that within Our wheelhouse it's just a matter of Working on them and we are inclined to Be better at certain things than other People and other people want to be Better inclined uh to be better at other Things than you you know that's just the Way things are right and you'll figure That out the more you you work on it Right Um When it comes to channeling spirits and Stuff like that you know it's like it Comes in a myriad of different ways you Know like It the spirits know where you're at Psychically they know where you're at

You know if you you're sitting there Frustrated because you can't see spirits Hear Spirits Etc you know they might Really go with what they know that You're really strong at is like maybe You could just feel their presence Really strongly you know and it that Information comes in a myriad of ways it Can come like actual hearing them it Could be like you know interpreting Visions that come through you or energy That comes through you all sorts of Stuff So it says So Malika just Retracted a whole bunch of stuff I'm not Sure if you I didn't catch it yeah if They retracted I'm not going to repeat It though okay all right That one's the next one Jenny or this One oh yeah Jenny from sa says oh yes I also wanted To give you a funny fact on the word Uma that you chant to get friends LOL in My language of Africans the word Uma Means grandmother That's cool yeah very cool that's Interesting I want I don't know where Reese P Dubin Got that word from you know they didn't Really say the origin you know it's just Like this is a magic command word to do This so I don't know that's interesting Dark elf asks what's the most outlandish

Idea you've been told I don't even know At this point I don't know how to rank them I mean it Was just I don't know I thought it was Some bizarre stuff man I've had Go ahead I was gonna say the most common Outlandish idea is that some some wacko Is going to form a cult that's going to Spread like wildfire and take over the World you know I hear that pretty often You know everybody that has like the Name of a demon or something in their Online LARPing name has has some kind of Grand Vision about opening the gates of Hell and all this other [ __ ] Um like I don't know probably flying Like Superman literally like somebody Hire me like I want you to do a Defecation right for me and make me fly Like Superman I'm like okay [ __ ] You ever see me flying like Superman Then I'll try to figure out how to do it For you I think he's I'm not sure but I think He's probably implying or referring to Excuse me about what Spirits have told You other things like you know anything Most outlandish things beers have told You oh okay I'm assuming I mean that's Revelation like like um you know me Asking questions that I'm curious about And getting actual answers there's no Way to prove it so why would I go on and Talk about it you know like I'm really

We were talking about the hollow Earth Earlier yeah we're really curious about Stuff like that and you know we'll do We'll do evocations with spirits and ask Them questions about these types of Mysteries you know and get answers that Really make a lot of sense but there's No way to prove it without having the Means and resources to actually go and Prove it so it's interesting the the Information you get from Spirits you Know and people's different different People's Um gnosis as it were you know They're so We Can never truly understand the divine We could try all we can do is do our Best we as humans cannot comprehend the Divine and it's Its entirety it's just not possible so There's there's so many levels to a lot Of it and Uh what would seemingly be contradictory Gnosis are just actual matching puzzle Pieces that you just can't seem to put Together But they work they do you know if Like I'll just take things you know An example Um you know a lot of people say that you Know well we're We're pretty much the embodiment of Everything or all the universe and

Whatnot and what and um But we're actually separate like uh Trying to think of a good example I would say medigas is a good example Um you know it's like a metagod is you Know two consciousnesses like combining Into one to create a certain Avatar of a Being You know and uh but those You can say that they're the same being Which might be truth because they are When they're that metagod but then it's Also not true when they're not so There's different levels of reality There And to make a PP yeah Um Most Atlanta yeah mostly we get told all Sorts of crazy stuff and a lot of Entities have a sense of humor you know Lucifer [ __ ] with me once man when I Was doing a ritual for somebody Um So I've always offered him cinnamon Right because I know he likes cinnamon And I was in the middle of a ritual And this was the ritual I was calling on Him anyways And I was about to offer him like a Bunch of cinnamon sticks in the fire and He tells me Like really like uh firmly like kind of Like almost like Don't use like I don't like cinnamon and

I was like it really caught me off guard And I was like what he said yeah don't Don't give me that and I was like oh Okay and this this whole time I'm like What's going on like I really felt like I'm you know missed you know misstepped Or something I was like oh okay this Whole time I thought he liked cinnamon And I'm like putting cinnamon back I'm Like okay And then I'm like well I'm just gonna Offer him some wines I'm like pouring The wine because that's enough and They're like what did I do to piss off Lucifer like what is going on and I'm Like you know making my way around the Fire and I'm offering them the The uh the wine and he told me he's just [ __ ] with me oh no I'm sorry let me Backtrack a little bit That's the important wine and stuff like That as our sorry as I'm coming back and Putting the cinnamon sticks back he goes Stop telling your clients that Oh because I would tell people I'm like Lucifer loves uh cinnamon And uh I was like man what did I do to Piss Lucifer off and like as I'm making My way around the the fire then like I Hear him laughing he's like I'm just [ __ ] with you I'm like what because Yeah no totally you know I'll take the Cinnamon and I was like he goes you Didn't think I had a sense of humor huh

Yeah I was I was just really beside Myself because like I wasn't like I know I wasn't in the mood to laugh Along be like oh yeah that was funny Because I was like what a really you Know and be concerned for a second but Yeah like some spiritual will [ __ ] with You just just cuss and be funny like I Know I remember telling you like I was Channeling a Sigil for lucifuge because There's really not one out there Um there is now yeah there is now but um Yeah because he found it Um anyways I was asking lucifuge uh the Last time I actually had contact with Lucifer I was doing a pact with them Um but uh where he was talking about how Stubborn I was with possession and Whatever anyways if I call him and I Asked him for a Sigil and You know the way I channel sigils is I See it kind of written out slowly in my Mind's eye and I'm just copying in a Piece of paper I don't necessarily see The whole thing put together until I Open my eyes and look at it And I did this and I looked at it And it was like a perfect seashell And I was like that's That's a seashell And I could hear Lucifer's laughing and Be like I just wanted to see if you Would draw what I gave you But

Yeah the one that's messed with me the Most is soon tall up soon talk yeah oh Yeah I've told that story before though Where he killed all my chickens and Stuff and yeah the other funny thing is Like I'm uh I got some incense sticks One time they were frankincense and Myrrh I meant to just get frankincense I Didn't mean to get frankincense is Pretty good but anyway I'm like All right so I go out and stick them Around the fire and light them and I do The the I perform the evocation he shows Up and I'm like right in the middle of Speaking the petition he like he doesn't Speak very often when he does he's just Like really short to the point he says That incense smells like [ __ ] I don't Know Oh I was I put I put the paper down I go Over it I like I like bit over next to The fire and smelled it in like man it Does smell like [ __ ] like literally the Incense smelled like [ __ ] dog [ __ ] When it was burning and I'm like oh my Bad you know so I get all the incense And like throw it out in the woods you Know like hang on let me go get you Something But uh no soon talk it's got like a Really dark sense of humor a lot of These a lot of them do yeah a lot of These Spirits have a sense of humor man I like I'll be really getting into it

Right man I mean like doing stuff and Then they just start saying some of the Crazy stuff like something not to do With the ritual I'm like what it just Like totally throws me off I was like What yeah I remember that one right we Did together uh with soon to lock where Uh like I know what you're gonna say Yeah so I like I mean we were making the Sacrifice dude I don't know what it is But soon to walk [ __ ] with me sometimes I mean like you know like all of a Sudden the wine spills or something like I mean he [ __ ] with me sometimes and You know in in humor Uh so Um We've got to make a sacrifice and uh so We each have our own chicken and stuff Like that I gave him the big ass rooster Because I was looking at this rooster I Was like man That's a big [ __ ] rooster I'm gonna Give that one Rook you know [Laughter] Yeah so anyway let's check the blood off And I'm really struggling to get a hold Of this chicken you know I'm like trying To grab swings and stuff like that and All that blood got majority that like Got on my pants almost all of it was Yeah and I felt bad I was like oh my Gosh I was like man I and I looked at Him and I was like

Because I had this nagging feeling in my Head like you know you should just burn Your pants and it was soon to lock Telling me to burn my pants and I just It was the most outlandish thing I've Ever heard I heard it too yeah he should Burn his pants like I heard it in my Head and then Rook looks at me and goes [ __ ] he's like should I burn my pants Like yeah I'm like all right I want to Do it I like strip down and just like Throw my jeans in this in the fire he Finished the ritual in his underwear With his pants burning That's What I Call dedication At least you had underworld yeah and Soon till I found that pretty funny yeah That's the last thing I remember from That right is hearing him laugh like in The back yeah yeah Let's see uh black pollen says also I Wanted to mention you all inspired me to Pick up a copy of Telecom power the Words work but not always how you expect Uma probably won't do that at Walmart Again yeah that's a loose cannon you Walk into a facility and say that You got to consider the type of people That are there that are going to try to Make friends with you afterwards all Right there's some weirdos up in there Are you going to bring them out all Right so you typically want to go to an Area where there's Attractive people

That you would like to make friends with Like like a nightclub with lots of Pretty girls whatever and then say that Word as a loose can and put it out there And yeah you walk into Walmart you're Gonna have a whole bunch of wall Martians trying to suck your balls it's Gonna be really awkward really awkward I read the book Telco power now it's Interesting so I don't necessarily and I'm sure it's the same for you I don't Necessarily subscribe to his his train Of thought Manny he's he has to talk [ __ ] about Satan in the end of the book Yeah yeah Yeah the word of the power actually Do work and they're great now another Thing he talked about is uh telepathy And uh you know Being able to pick up on people's Thoughts that's actually true like all The stuff that he listed out the the Um exercises and stuff like that that's That's legit but yeah that's the same Goes with every other code book you're Going to find out there man they're all Going to have nuggets of gold but you're Gonna don't take everything you know Take everything like grain of salt man There's there's nuggets of gold has to Prove it yeah don't just take it for What it says this is another person's Nose use it yeah use it and see if it Works

See Jenny from essay said you guys make Me giggle and I really needed that so Thanks of course I have to go now and Get ready for work it's my on duty Weekend keep well just work hail and Dark blessings oh yeah we love you girl Thank you for being here yeah Uh Malika says I can't even maneuver a Cart at Walmart [Laughter] I don't know what it is but every time I Go to Walmart I always [ __ ] up aren't They yeah I always got that one wheel That squeaks yeah Yeah it's from all the methabilities Putting their giant obese children in There and pushing them around and then Filling it up with 500 pounds worth of Groceries Hi I'm so sorry I just realized it's Malice not Malika I'm so sorry oh you've Been calling Malika the whole time yeah Okay guys it's really small print on This computer so yes that's why we keep Leaning in so we can read we are farther Away from the computer and then yeah Then it looks because we were then we Were doing this you know we want you all To be able to see the altar you know Unlike the side view mirrors of a car This the objects are farther away than They appear ever really sin how do you Hear these Spirits speaking to you I Hear them loud and clear in my head all

Right like telepathically like a voice Is literally saying [ __ ] it's like it's Like it's my own thought speaking in Words but it doesn't come for me it Comes from somewhere else and there's Usually like this tingly energy feeling Whenever something flies into my head Um there's only been like two occasions Where I've I've heard an audible voice And honestly I was so deep in trance I Don't know if that was really audible or Not but the way that you know is like The situation we were just talking about Where wherever I'm hearing soon talk say He should burn his pants and he [ __ ] Looks at me and says should I burn my Pants it's like we're both hearing him Say the same thing at the same time the Same [ __ ] ritual so you know that That is not coming from you that is Coming from The Entity and I what I Think it is soon taluk just really Wanted to see if this [ __ ] was Stripped down and burn his pants and he Thought it was hilarious and he took That as as a respectful gesture all Right so um yeah I go with the flow and We go with the flow and they tell me to You know strip naked and and burn my Underwear too I'm gonna do it Well uh like we were just talking about You know when it comes to channeling Spirits and stuff like that it's going To come in a myriad of ways for multiple

People not everyone's going to be able To hear them loud and clear in their Head you know at first it might sound Like your own voice right until you Really uh work on that but it also come In the way of like energy and and Pictures and visions and all this other Stuff that you're taking you're Practically taking all this in and Interpreting it Um Like I've had somewhere when I first Started uh doing automatic channeling Um the spirit really pushed me to start Doing it for other people which I was Really nervous about because one I Didn't want to be wrong I don't want to Be letting my ego you know I've been Told time and time again with these Spirits that I need to trust myself and Like if I'm not trusting them you know What they're giving me then it's kind of Like [ __ ] on them you know it's like You know Um but anyways yeah trust myself and all This other stuff I was going through a Period of time where I was really Struggling with this because I didn't Want my ego to like take off and Everything else you know I wanted to Trust what was coming through and make Sure it was accurate and Etc and the Last thing I wanted to do was actually Do this for other people right because

What if I got something wrong what if You know what if it wasn't right what if I you know was just thinking this and it Turned out to be wrong it was a really Big hump I had to get over But I decided to do it I'm like okay and I'll just as a tester I'll put it out There you know Um I'm gonna do some readings for people And I through that I saw how the spirits Were really working with me like uh this One day I had multiple people come to me And they all wanted Um to work with Belial or talk with Bilal which was interesting because I Originally put out there whatever Spirit Whatever Spirit you want to you know Chat with you know I'll see about Getting a hold of them and whatnot but It was interesting but law was really Working with me that day he brought so Many people to me Um Anyways it's a long story short uh when I first started doing this I wouldn't say that I necessarily heard Them word for word what was coming in a Lot of it was for me anyways lots of Energy it would course through my body With so many different emotions and that Would influence what I'm writing I'm not Sure exactly how to explain it the one

Big thing that really blew me away was There was this girl that I had met only Once and we were Facebook friends And she saw that I had posted on Facebook being like yeah let's do some Readings for people and then she hit me Up and she she doesn't work with any you Know any entity uh she's not really in The cult at all and she was just willing To give it a try And I asked okay well who do you want to Contact or who you want to hear from or Ask questions to and she had no idea I'm Like thinking of like maybe her guides Or something right Um Immediately a name Pops in my head Athena and I was like okay well I'm Getting the you know the name Athena Let's go with Athena she goes okay cool And I call in Athena and Um Keep in mind I have no idea what I'm you Know she had no question in in mind or Whatever and you know Athena popped up And I was just the moment Athena showed Up I was just flooded With this energy from Athena and I just Started writing and writing like I Didn't know what I was writing like you Know sometimes when you write something And you're like thinking your head like Reading it in your head while you're Writing it I couldn't even do that it

Was just like I was writing but all this Energy was just out of this world man it Was popping through me I started crying I was crying while I was writing it it Was just so heartfelt And um it wasn't till the end where I Just thought she was just that presence Was just gone and left and I was like Looked at what I had written and it was It was basically Athena talking to this Girl saying how much that thing has been Around her and that she's like um her Guide and all this other stuff and you Know wanting her to have awareness of Her own presence and also compliments Towards the girl and everything else Like it was just so heartfelt like felt All that energy all that and I was just Interpreting the energy not necessarily Hearing them in my head I was just Interpreting that So it really depends and that has Shifted from time to time like it's Added other characteristics into my Channel and stuff like that but it's not Always you're you're not always going to Hear them word for word in your head It's going to be a mixture of so many Different things it's going to come Together in a culmination of you Interpreting it all and putting it Out there on paper or just telling it to Someone and that'll grow in time it'll Get stronger too and to the point like

You don't even need to write it down Like it'll they'll that's where Possession comes in you know they'll be Able to speak through you So anyways that was a long-winded wow I Think we had a lot of really what great Uh questions tonight I really enjoyed Doing the ritual here with you guys We've been on for like exactly two hours Yeah so I think we're gonna wrap this up Uh we both have uh ritual work to get Into tonight so uh I want to thank all Of you for coming on and joining us Thank you everyone that's going to watch After the facts and um definitely let us Know if you participate in this ritual We demonstrated tonight if you decide to Recreate this or do this at a later time Shoot us an email on the website Wallacematophysics.com let us know on The next live and if anybody has any Questions uh you all know how to get in Touch with us all right absolutely well We appreciate you all coming on Oh yeah is this job probably almost an Old view yeah that's probably one of one Of the better lives we've done but yeah We're gonna try to keep it in the future I know we keep saying it like keep it to An hour but yeah Coming in and we don't have any where we Got to be I'm cool with being on for a Couple hours it doesn't bother me yeah So so for future reference for people

Man just come keep tuning tuning in at 9 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time bring your Questions if you want to see more Demonstrations let us know yeah Absolutely like we've got a lot of stuff That we've never shown anybody so Um there's only so much we could do on Camera too yeah this was the most the Simplest most effective thing we could Think of at the moment but yeah if you Have any any uh you're gonna bring a Goat in the living room yeah Like all right now we're gonna strip Naked and nah we don't strip naked all Right And then bring on the grape jelly it's Great jelly yeah but anyways we thank You guys for coming on make sure to like And subscribe if you're not subscribed Already and uh y'all have a good night We'll see you next week love you guys Foreign