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Foreign Guys it's another Friday well I'm Friday Here Just waiting for everyone to follow in The house Hope everybody had a good week We've had an interesting week That's all I'm gonna say is it's been Interesting To say the least [Laughter] Looks like Star Ruby's in the house star What's up girl how are you So I have my Corona See you have a land shark yes You're trying to be different [Laughter] Let's see Brad Grant what's up man how's It going hey so yeah we've had a we've Had an interesting week Got a lot of stuff going on for sure and Um yeah I've been committing to trying To get on here and doing this every Friday evening do some live q a talk About whatever we got going on Yeah see Charles 72 11. hey what else What's up now You guys doing good and I'm not seeing Doc in the chat yet he's he's supposed To be on there too though so if you guys Have any questions for Doc Mulder uh Hopefully he'll be on here soon If not I'll test I'll text him and ask Him where he's at

You know I'm surprised how uh because How fast this year has really gone by So I can't believe it's already in November almost mid-november let's see Alicia Franco oh we love you too girl And uh yeah I saw your uh comment that You left on my on my old on my video for My old Channel I've been meaning to get On to respond I just haven't got to log In yet See test Marie hey how you doing girl Dan best what's up buddy see You just got one of the handheld Radionic devices Are also known as the magic wand I can't Wait to get it and use it yeah Definitely Um yeah I've got you on my on my Facebook Messenger Um take it out and play with it when you Get it and see see what you think you Know get someone that's willing to let You experiment on too just like have Them have them just kind of like sit There and close their eyes and Just pointed at him and uh I guess Depending on who it is he might Determine what you want to visualize When you use it I'd say do a blind study too you know Have someone willing to sit down like You're talked about but also like do it On someone doesn't know what's going on Yeah that way

It's not really biased see Nina the Mystic what's up girl glad to have you Okay and Um Yeah so I guess we can talk about the group Right that I'll be doing I'm planning on Doing December I've been planning on Doing December 3rd I might move it back To December 5th I was looking the Weather might be shitty so um yeah the The date I'm still not 100 Rock Solid on That but we do be doing it at the Beginning of December I want to give Everybody 30 days to have a chance to Sign up for it and uh this is going to Be the one and only time that I do this Ritual you know this this group Initiation right with shimyaza and uh People have been asking me to do it for Years I didn't feel Ready to do it until now Um that's probably the last group right That I do for a while so um yeah I'm Looking forward to that Oh yeah Damn best says hell yeah I'll let you Know what all I do with it uh I have a few ideas oh Yeah we'd love to hear that feedback for Sure cool yeah a handful of people Bought them recently since we've gone on The site Um I don't think anybody's received it

Yet though like they've all been recent Purchases so I'm looking forward to Getting some some feedback let's see BMW 9661 do you guys do Kundalini Activations Um no no Um that's kind of something you have to Do yourself I think I don't really I don't I wouldn't really feel Comfortable myself activating other People's kundalinis Um You know and we could definitely do like A ritual to help you with that that's Something you're working on doing but That requires a lot of meditation a lot Of visualizations and disciplines to to To be able to raise that Kundalini Energy on command And um you know I was talking to my Friend Robert Bruce a while back about This And he was telling me that that whenever You first begin the practice of starting To raise your Kundalini and you do it Successfully that breaks down your your Natural defenses he said that it left Him wide open to an unwanted possession Now he's the only person I've ever heard Say that Um but he was you know speaking from his Personal experience just uh you know During the time that he was doing that You know he was also an exorcist at the

Time and he felt like that broke down His defenses so I would say to to make Sure you take extra precautions if You're working on doing that Um Yeah but it's it's something that It's something that people have a lot of Trouble doing and I hear a lot of people Are asking about you know how to raise Kundalini the the first time I did it I Was uh it was during my Ayahuasca Experience and um you know that you know That obviously obviously helped it Wasn't even something I was trying to do It kind of spontaneously happened But um ah I saw benefits from that so It's definitely uh definitely benefits From doing it I just say I don't really Know enough about it myself to be trying To trying to activate that for other People now I think that doing a ritual Like like the deification right you know That's definitely gonna enhance and Intensify whatever you're working on so They may help you do something like that If you're working on doing it so There are several ways to go about Um Raising your Kundalini if you want you Can put consultation with me and I can Go through them for you But there are also other practitioners That will help walk you through that Process and it's more so I'm walking

Through you walking you through the Process of you doing it yourself I know Tila Petrova Um she has uh a service where she does That as well and I've actually done that With her a while back and that was Awesome You pass out Is that so no Did you pass out well yeah when raising Kundalini Um it actually Feels like a like a fist going up your Up your Gooch through your body and then Exploding out on top of your head like a Bunch of snakes and people go Unconscious Um that's that's the term raising Kundalini but as far as like you know Activating Kundalini be able to to pull Energy from there Um yeah it's just two different things I Was just wondering I don't know if you Made you raise can any working with her If you were trying to activate again Well you have to activate it before you Raise it but yeah you can raise your Currently you don't not everyone passes Out everybody I've talked to has Definitely leave you feeling like uh Sense like you're drugged you're just Happy with everything and just it's just So euphoric and a lot of your senses Will just really really brighten and

You'll be become super sensitive to Things for a while Let's see here let's see test Marie says She'll be back soon want to come on say Hi appreciate you thank you Tempest says I do believe this will be the start of Me getting into Radionics I've been going I've been Going doing my research I have a feeling I will be purchasing quite a few things From you all in the near future very Cool yeah very cool yeah you probably Really like the helmet I love the helmet Let's see testimony Where did you see Hills is where did where did I go to do Ayahuasca I went to I went to Orlando Florida uh there's a church called Soul Quest and you know they had to become Ayahuasca Church in order to protect Them legally uh from law enforcement Because the powers that be do not want Us to have Ayahuasca and where were you When you did it you're on Island right Yeah I was in Hawaii why So uh but yeah anybody can go uh to Orlando and do it I think I think the whole trip cost me About like 2500 bucks you know that's Including like you know the hotel I was Staying in and stuff but um yeah it's Like a three-day experience Um you know so

You'll drink you'll have the opportunity To drink Ayahuasca you know three to Four times during the weekend and it's a Ceremony there's lots of people there um There's lots of volunteers that are Keeping an eye on everybody to keep Everyone safe Um I thought it was I thought it was a Cool place to go I kind of stuck out Like a sore thumb you know it's like There was more of the the white lighter Type crowd that was down there but they Were all nice people and you know nobody Nobody was too judgmental so um I think You'd like it there I think it's a lot better what you had Going on there there's a lot uh Structure I mean the whole point of Doing that well it was like a two-hour Shamanic ceremony before they even let Us drink it and they they had like the Shaman like they poured all the shots of The Ayahuasca and he's sitting there for For like 30 minutes blessing the the Liquid before you drink it Um yeah I was really structured you know There's at least two sets of eyes on Everybody at all times I don't know yeah That's uh I don't know I was laying There and yeah I could hear just like I'm in a room full like 30 people laying On the floor there's just like people Screaming and puking and pooping their Pants and all kinds of [ __ ] and uh I

Don't know I didn't get nauseous I Didn't get sick like it was like the Most euphoric uh experience I've ever Had is pretty amazing I'd like to do it Again I haven't really felt the need to Do it again since I did it but I know I Definitely will this maybe maybe time For that Next Step Yeah What I did was not show [ __ ] at all I Wish it had been I just like I want to do it one-on-one With a show on the next time like Instead of doing it in like a group Setting I just kind of wanna just kind Of be off be off in the Woods by myself This time because I felt like all the Commotion around me lose I mean it was It was a great experience and it didn't It didn't stop me from having mine right But I think if I wasn't listening to People crying and screaming and puking And I might have gone you know deeper Into the Journey but I don't know what's worse hearing that In the background Or even white liner jargon in them yeah I feel like it's just so many layers Just coming out With Ashton Kutcher where his dad's date His ex-girlfriend she's talking about Tripping and you know all the grades of

Sand were babies and [ __ ] Yeah those people that they make fun of In the movies the the White light people like they really are Uh like that it's not saying they're Wrong I'm just saying it's uh you know Sitting there having a conversation with A bunch of them as someone that does Does what I do Um I don't really have much to say I Guess I just kind of listen and take Notes Child 7211 says a while back I did some Meditation stories Kundalini and around The same time I got attacked by an Entity I could even feel tingles as it Touched me It was one of the few times I got Attacked by a parasite yes when you Start raising your Kundalini like I said Earlier all your senses get heightened Um temporarily sometimes the last a few Days but yeah if you have attachments Parasitic attachments and stuff you will Immediately become aware of it and Mostly I think that's because they know That you're you're going to be able to Perceive them and so that they're just You know strike first kind of thing I Know in the first time that I uh raised My queen and Delaney I saw things Crawling up my walls and I was like [Laughter] Yeah it can be a scary experience but

Man it's it's awesome Damn best says I would like to see if I Could use radox to help keep my little Brother calm I do believe the chakra box Would probably be best for this Uh you about had a heart attack this Morning Wow yeah I'm sorry to hear that I'm Hoping he's doing okay now I know I know You're talking about I see the pictures Of you and your brother on Facebook And um yeah I think you could use Radionics to like calm someone down like You can reverse frequencies and things Like that so So let's say let's say your brother was Having like an anxiety attack like you Took a picture of him like Polaroid and You printed out the picture You write his name and birthday on the Back and you could literally write like Anxiety attack or or blood pressure you Know something like that and you put it On the machine and you using the stick Plate you tune the dials to the Frequency of that person's energy and That anxiety that they're feeling and Then once you get the dials set then you Would sit there with a calculator and go To each dial and subtract that frequency From a hundred all right so and then and Then you would you would you would use The dials to to reverse the frequency in That sense like I mean if it was on if

It was on 50 then you obviously would Not move that dial but you know if it Was on if it was on 10 then you would Put it on you would subtract 10 from 90 And so you would put that dial or 10 From 100 you put that down to 90 and so On and so forth and you know it would uh You know theoretically dissolve that Energy Let's see Did it work this time Chase uh wasn't Even talking about what we did what I Don't know did what worked you know did I miss did we miss something Um It was something you were saying it must Have been thought Nina let me know what What it was that I was saying that You're asking me if it worked I don't Know and I'll I'll answer you So it's hell herzin let's plan a trip to Peru for Ayahuasca that that's probably Where I want to go next time I do it Just be like one-on-one or you know go With go with like a friend or something And just be like a not not a huge group People you know like a smaller Individual you know more one-on-one time With the with the shaman I want it to be More of a learning experience you know I Want to learn how I could incorporate Ayahuasca into into my rituals that you Know the in-person rituals that I've Done for people because that's that's

Really what I was thinking the whole Time I was there I was like man I can't Imagine you know doing doing like a Hardcore healing ritual on someone under The influence by Ayahuasca because it Does it makes you know everything It opens your perception to everything Makes you so much more uh tuned in to to Not only yourself but others I think it Would be awesome Says what up what's up Alchemist what's Up brother just got done using my War Machine radionics box with Andross Radionics is the future Tech absolutely Oh yeah that let me know how that works Out Um Andres is uh actually one that I've Been studying recently I haven't done Any work with him uh yet but that that Definitely sounds like an entity that That I need to work with or that I want To and uh yeah that's let me know how That operation turns out He's pretty cool I don't know I got an Elixir of the the Ellie Alchemist sent Me in the mail to test out I've actually Been I've actually been trying that um I've used it twice so far in Virtual Experiments and um I don't know it's It's it seems pretty complex in in how In the different ways that it can be Used so I'm definitely going to give you Like a write-up and review on it uh Whenever I'm done done going through all

My different experiments that I want to Try with it Canvases What I have been doing is looking at Older pictures of Mannheim playing when We were kids the picture of them happy I've tried to focus on bringing that Emotion back into him in the present Yeah well yeah you could you can do that Um you know I'd say you also you don't Even have to use like old pictures of Him like you could uh You know print out print out a picture Of like a random person like laughing You know like like like a like a happy Baby you know it's like there's nothing Happier or cuter than a baby when it's Laughing you know that's like like Really pure good energy and you can Seriously put that on that picture on The input with your brother on the Output and try to to pump him full of Joyful energy you know and that might Help with the anxiety and things like That And it says LOL never mind got my answer Oh okay okay It's probably about Ayahuasca oh oh okay Cool I'll be right back guys y'all Caught up with some good questions now At the same time All right Jordan Whitfield hey guys hope You are doing great I was wondering when Would you choose to use radionics over

Calling Spirit sorry if this was asked Already No worries welcome Jordan glad to have You Uh yeah it really does depend on what I'm What you want to do Um I almost always first and foremost Calling the spirits but if I want Something in the background usually for Me personally it's just vampiric work Like if I'm drawing energy from a source And probably into something else that's When I use radionics or to consistently Pump uh intention or energy towards a Certain thing then I'll use radionics Most often I I just call on the spirits All right okay Says I definitely will thank you I definitely will thank you I actually Need to send you the oil I realize the Oil and the sludge Two different things all right cool yeah Um Yeah I like to the the question that Jordan just asked I like to I like to Like feed Spirits with radionics like Like it was the spirit of wealth and Prestige or something like that you know Put their put their sigil on the output And you literally you know get get a Picture of anything that that any type Of energy that you want to feed to that

Spirit and put it on the box and it's Just like you know it's the same as Making them a sacrifice eventually like Over time if we feed them that amount of Energy so I mean you can you can do that To like Empower your Spirit guides or if You were gonna you're gonna you know Summon the spirit to do a specific task For a specific person you put the sigil On the input plate and the picture of The person on the output and then Perform your rituals it's like you Merging the two together Yeah if you're doing any painful working Can you use that first too all right Let's feed them to the entities first For a little while yeah Star ruby asks is it possible to remove An evil entity from a person So how would you go about doing so Yeah well there's there's definitely More than one way to to skin a cat Um you know like I've used exorcism to Get rid of things Um I actually had a possessed person That I set them down And the IT set them down in a circle and Had the triangle in between us of course I was in a circle and I evoked the Spirit into the triangle therefore Pulling it out of the person that was Able to negotiate with it Um work does a lot of uh parasite Removal astrally

Um so it's just uh really depends on What type of spirit you're dealing with Um I definitely recommend you know if It's a parasite then you know I say pull That [ __ ] out and kill it yeah but if You're dealing with something that's Really powerful try to negotiate with it Before you go in there you know throw a Holy water at it Um so yeah there's there's I think the Best defense against the tank is another Tank you know and um so if if there's Something attacking a person or me then I'm going to summon a bigger better more Violent entity To to go to war on my behalf or on Behalf of that person uh that's uh it Just really depends on what I'm dealing With Um if it's a parasite I usually hand the Person over the road he's pretty good at Going in astrally and removing things Like that so just it all depends on what You're what you're dealing with Behemoth X says [ __ ] oh [ __ ] dude Um I didn't know you once went live how Are you guys no sleep for me baby does Not sleep at night yeah I remember those Days man uh yeah first of all Congratulations again and uh really Really love seeing the pictures of you And your family like you guys you guys Are a beautiful family unit and um yeah We've been trying to do these lives

Every Friday night at like 9 30 p.m at Least here recently I don't know yeah um Sorry you're not getting much sleep bro But that's the that's the the joy of of Having a new little one I used to like Be able to wear like I got to where I Could actually go to sleep while I was Rocking my daughter in the rocking chair While she was a baby I was like you you Subconsciously would keep moving the Chair and uh if you stopped then she Would start screaming again so it's uh I remember sitting there thinking like [ __ ] I don't know how long one person Can stay awake Without dying the hardest thing for my Daughter was You know like she'd fall asleep like That if I were picking up walking around Whatever But she would always know as soon as I Put her down like and then you know she Cried everything else so it was like That secret transition time Putting them down and getting them to Stay asleep that's That's why I just eventually got to Where I could sleep in the rocking chair At least for a few minutes I remember the first time her mother had To to leave she was like Which is probably like four or five Months old the first night that she Spent away from her mother and uh that

Baby screamed for for nine hours Straight like for nine freaking hours And I was sitting there thinking like How long can how long can you scream Without losing your voice like she never Lost her voice either I mean she was Pissed off and I I guess it took about Nine hours for her to Tire herself out But um yeah I was just sitting there Saying how grateful I was to have that Little angel you know but his yeah a lot Of sleepless nights Foreign Thank you I hope you are doing well as well I think that was a typo Who Joseph Galbraith says just got off work Saying hello to everyone hope all is Well what's up bro appreciate you coming Home Speaking of Texas Dan be careful of that Zozo sigil can you just be careful Um I'm curious I have yet to watch that uh Video you did but he asked about uh About Zozo I saw one that you did about Zozo um it Was like an evocation you were doing Yeah I don't think if you've done one like Like talking about the work you've done With them I haven't seen that yet I'll Have to check it out

Yeah yeah last last week's live Dan was Asking about Sozo and I've never Personally never worked with him Dan sent me a sent me a Sigil that he Uses and I haven't I haven't used that Yet either I've been pretty wrapped up In other stuff I think we talked about this Earlier the only thing that only time I've ever heard was Zozo is people Talking about with the Ouija board you Know they call them Luigi demon Which um Yeah you know I think I think most of the time the Ouija board Stuff is [ __ ] like I've seen some Videos where it convinced me that the Person was you know really interacting With something but you know I went and Bought a Parker Brothers original Parker Brothers Ouija board years and years ago Seven years ago just just to try and see If it worked it was unopened and um like The I I was I was working hardcore with Belial at the time I was like I would Sit there with this you know Ouija board And I would uh I did actually make Contact with with one entity it was a Deceased person but they weren't they Weren't really strong enough to move the Plan [ __ ] you know it was like I was Getting most of my answers like Telepathically Um and then I was like all right I'm

Gonna call the lotto see if he can move It well I was like dude you're about to Piss me off like oh okay uh well I'll Just put this away then and he's like You know you're pedaling backwards you Don't need that okay so I never really Never really delved into Ouija boards That much um I don't know I've seen seen all the Scary videos on YouTube some of them are Funny and one of them was one of them Was convincing where the girl started Laughing uncontrollably and she couldn't Stop she started convulsing and started Screaming maybe she was getting Possessed like that that looked pretty [ __ ] real but I don't know I don't Know I'm like oh man I wish I had those Experiences I mean I I got a Ouija board Uh when I first got on this path and I Was like yes this is gonna be my first Mode of communication you know yeah But then I Um I was told by my guides to uh Consecrate it so that just like with any Divinatory tool to concentrate to make Sure nothing else can use it that you Don't want it to you know I don't want Some weird thing kind of third but I Haven't had much You still got success yeah I still have It yeah we'll get out and play with it One night if you want see if see if we Can get it to work

I'd love to work it'd be cool if it did But I don't know I guess I haven't Really get much of uh Like you said uh like you just said now It's like for me it's Yeah it's it is a step away a couple Steps back yeah just like doing Automatic channeling to Moving the pledge [ __ ] one letter at a Time you know I really like dousing Rocks like those were good for me at Least and uh I was teaching my daughter How to use them and uh you know she's Like Dad I want to learn how to use These I'm like Okay cool so I explained To her how it worked and we got like six Envelopes just plain white envelopes and You know I followed up a dollar bill and Put it in one shuffled them up and put Them stacked them on the you know across The floor in a straight line and I was Just like all right so you know stand Here hold them racing still and I want You just ask where the dollar is and Then start walking forward and you know It'll cross whenever you get on top of The dollar and my daughter was able to Find the dollar like consistently every Single time and So I was able to do the same thing with The dollar Um I could you know have someone hide Something in the house and sit there and Be like where is this and rods would

Point in that direction yeah you know They'll cross whenever you get over top Of it so it's really cool and you can Sit there you know if you're doing an Evocation and you're having trouble at Communicating you know hearing the Entity and you sit there and ask yes or No questions you know have them cross For yes or spread apart for no kind of Like you'd use a pendulum and then you Can actually spell [ __ ] out with them You know you can say what is your name To the spirit you just gotta hold Rule Still and say your abc's you know you'll Spell spell it out one letter at a time Each time you hit the next letter the The the bars will cross And um you can get pretty accurate Information like that Let's see here Amarillo sin What's going on I'm glad to have you Says uh new Jess was a father didn't Know you were a parent yes heroic is a Father too yeah a 10 year old daughter Uh Dan best says from my experience with Working with Zozo he does not like the Ouija board But that just may be my experience with Them people have scary experiences Trying to work with him with that yeah Oh he loves talking with him If I was like a badass demon and a bunch Of punk ass teenagers started goofing

Off with a Ouija board trying to talk to Me I'd probably mess with them too I've ever seen some YouTube videos this Dude I know he was in contact with Zozo I could just tell you can tell With someone's actually getting slightly Possessed And this dude was all like yeah I wanna I've heard all about Zozo and all this Stuff let's try to contact him he's all Being snarky and [ __ ] and uh he's slow Like he'll take long pauses and you just Be like feeling out of it and it just Could do you know ask these stupid Asinine questions and that I remember One response Was uh uh he asked something that says I Forget the question but his response was Like what it was along the lines of like What are you gonna do to me or something Like that and then it was like Snap Crackle Pop and he was trying to put it All together like his mind was elsewhere He was trying to like put it together Like understand what it's spelled and I Was just laughing my ass off I was like This dude So I I saw one cool video I don't know If this was real or not it was this Teenage boy he didn't really say Anything he just he's in his kitchen he Turns on the camera and you know he's Got a Ouija board on the on the table And he like takes a shot glass puts it

Upside down on the middle he puts on These goggles he's like all right here We go and he slowly brings his finger Down as soon as his finger touched the Glasses like it exploded I think I've Seen that I'm like Okay how the [ __ ] would you fake that I Think it was one dude somebody's sitting Back there shooting it with a BB gun or So I don't know man but it looked like It exploded in every direction so I Think it was one of those uh there's a Guy on YouTube he's like he moved into This place is like haunted with pretty Angry ghost or whatever and He was just documenting Um this goes pretty much going off you Know and he was like well I just you Know you can't fight this [ __ ] and you Know you'd be breaking glasses and all This [ __ ] around them But props to him he was like not really Scared he was just like this is what it Is Uh anyways let's see I remember a video Where the dude got like I think they Called a dybic box and like so he gets He gets it in the mail and he's got one Of those EMF meters just like ours and Like you know he put the EMF meter up to The box and it would go off you know and He was shaking it around and stuff you Could hear like a crystal rattling Around in there he was like yeah you

Know warned me not to open this but [ __ ] It I'm gonna open it anyway so he opens It and you know there's leaves like oh There's nothing but a crystal in here And then something flies off the shelf Behind him he just gets up and runs out Of the apartment he leaves he was like [ __ ] this and he like runs out of his House and leaves the camera on yes it's Like man like like why would you take Off brother I mean that's what you're Trying to do right you're trying to like Get some documentation you're trying to Make contact with something real and It's like as soon as they as soon as They they see something happens like oh We're out of here you know it's just uh Don't don't go looking for it if you Don't really want to find it Ah says Hola LM another radionics question a Recipe for home protection I live in a neighborhood With a lot of property damage lately and Have been thinking how do you utilize The wishbox 2.0 I think skin when you Say property damage do you mean like Vandalism Type damage is that what is that what You're talking about that's what I would Assume all right so all right the best Thing that I can think of as far as Protecting a property or a residence Would you know of course be to you know

Take a photograph if I want to do that I Get my Polaroid and I go outside and you Know I'd back up to where I could take a Picture of my house and I'd put it on The radionics box with a I'll put that On the on the output plate and I put Like a Sigil of a spirit of protection Like like a fall or as a Ludo you know One of the entities that I work with Protection and I put that on the input Plate I'd sit there before I would turn The box on you know I would I would Charge the sigil I'd call on the entity And state you know what my intention was And then you know after I made my Offerings and you know asked for what I Wanted then I would tune the dials and And just leave the machine running so You're constantly feeding energy through This Sigil of protection into that home And property and what you're trying to Do is essentially put like a force field Around it all right another thing that I've done is uh you know each Each each property has you know there's Land Spirits all right so so if you move Into a house Then there's a ritual you can do where You you call forth the spirits of that Property the land Spirits the the tree Spirit some people call them Fae little People Um make contact with these spirits of That property that reside there live

There and propose that you become allies I made a sacrifice to them and asked Them to protect my homes that I will Respect you and be your ally we can live Here and piece together and in turn you Know I'll feed you sacrifices every so Often and you will protect my home and Property and anyone who lives here and That's that's been successful and I got Like a really like a really strong Powerful response from these land Spirits I wasn't really expecting that Like there was some some very powerful Entities there so Charles 7211 says there's a silly video On YouTube of an elementary school kid Trying to summon astroth I'm sure that was entertainment yeah I got I think I saw one where dude was In a graveyard and he's you know he's Got the hood and the robe and everything And he like wrote he like wrote down Something like something like an Evocation he was supposed to say on a Piece of paper and it's like so damn Dark in the graveyard you can't see Anything so he's just standing there he Reads this off the paper and he takes a Razor and like Cuts himself on the leg It was like we Are doing stuff like that and it's like What are they what are they expecting to Happen they have like no gold for the Operation I mean it's like you know your

Chances are you're not going to see Something poof in front of you you know Like Darth Vader on Holograms I say Um you know it's like if you go into you Know a ritual with a specific goal you You you call on a specific entity you Make your offerings and then close out The ritual I mean you know you you know If it worked or not because you'll get Exactly what you asked for as a result Of that ritual and I've walked out of Rituals thinking that they didn't work I Was like oh you know I didn't you know Receive any like communication from The Entity nothing you know and but I still Finish the ritual anyway you never leave Something like that unfinished and just Walked out hoping for the best and it Was like the very next day I got exactly What I asked for from that ritual I'm Like okay well you know why why do I why Do they need to make their presence no You know why do they need to do Something to prove to you that they're There you don't need to see them you Don't need to hear them you know a lot Of times I'm doing spiritual like an Evocation the only time Spirit speaks is When there's something like that that I Really need to know like if I'm doing Like a wealth right for a client you Know it's like I gotta a message you Know telling telling me to relate to the Guy to get rid of his business partner

So his business partner is going to [ __ ] You over all right so I tell the dude You know this is what the entity said And that's typically the only time sun Talock speaks is when there's something Wrong like that that the person needs to Hear in order for the right to succeed And so the the guy didn't didn't listen To the advice and it was like six months Later he's writing me saying man I Really should have listened to you you Know so they made a pile of money and Then the business partner ran off with It so Yes I always pay attention to what they Tell me A crow what's up girl yes hello Join the show Say yes theft and broken windows and Cars Yeah okay so yeah that's that's one Thing you could do with the box like we Were just saying on the schedule of Protection and a picture of the home uh You can also sprinkle protection powder Around your around your home and Property sprinkle it you know in the Doorways in the yard and Um maybe maybe summon an entity of Protection and ask it to to stand guard To you know leave a familiar Spirit to stand guard like a ward over That property and deter anyone that Means you're the property owner

Let's see Dan best Someone was powerful rituals I've had the opportunity of being a part Of there's no words spoken silence Is a ritual of its own all right that's That's actually a really good point so Uh Someone that that I've been working with Uh recently has been kind of walking me Through A New Path working Um all the rituals are done in silence Like um this it was weird for me you Know it's like how am I supposed to do a Ritual and not speak you know it's like My it's like my main tool you know is my Voice and um so yeah this this Particular entity is uh instructing me To to learn how to to perform ritual Without having to verbalize things and That's that's been pretty interesting And sometimes I feel like it's more Powerful if you are completely silent Are you still doing things physically You're just not you're not speaking Evocations you're not speaking Contributions things like that it's Pretty pretty intense Foreign That's that's interesting because uh Yeah it's there's definitely Been some changes going on I don't know Some of them I like some of them I don't Like

Um there's been a lot of Life Changes Going on for me anyway I'm going in some Different directions I think it's going To be better for me Um In the near future But the transition of change is is Painful and you know whenever you're one Of the spirits you work with and they're They're trying to tell you something You're not listening Um then it's like they're going to force You to do it you know it's like uh It's like don't don't ask us for Something specific and then get in your Own way or getting our way of making it Happen for you You know that's what I'm having to do is Just embrace it and not resist it Absolutely Dan best says Lucifer has been one Entity at least for me I can just give Him my blood Think about my desires and be quiet I Think that we have got to Spoil With inspecting instant results or Something to happen yeah I think spell Check [ __ ] him over there I think was Expecting not inspecting yeah Absolutely yeah I mean there's like Something it's like sometimes we do a Ritual and we do get instantaneous Results

It's like holy crap I was like but it's Not always going to be that way you know It's like once that happens it's like You expect the same thing the next time And um you know sometimes we'll do Rituals it might take a year for it to Fully play out and manifest especially If it's something big that we're asking For you know it's like the the small Things that we do out of necessity and That's you know it's like the more the More um The desperation the more desperate the Situation is it's like the the more Phenomenal stuff that will happen Spontaneously at least at least for me It's like there's a power in that Desperation it's like most of the most Of the breakthroughs I've made or you Know especially ritual breakthroughs Where I'll create something new and Powerful it's always been out of Necessity and there's always been a hint Of desperation there to what I'm trying To do it's like failure is not an option I have to do this And um as opposed to just doing Something because you want to see if you Can We'll see Ellie Alchemists I haven't had What I've wanted manifest yet from the Halloween ritual but the law has been Around me quite heavily since then with That Insidious laugh yeah you know

Whenever he starts laughing you know It's almost like it's almost like blood Chilling you're like it's like you're Laughing too nervously like yeah oh [ __ ] Why is he laughing you know but um yeah And I I don't know I don't know what any Of the people asked for from our Halloween ritual and I think that you know it's going to Depend on what you ask for as to how Long it takes it to manifest you know It's like there's a way things have to Happen you know and I'm just like You know playing it's not Harry Potter You know you just say a word proof that Happens you know it's like you know when You ask an entity to do something for You and they agree to do it they're Going to do it in the simplest most Effective way possible They're not really concerned with their Personal Comfort either if you got to Suffer a little bit they don't care and Um it's there's there's a way that Things have to happen and there's a way That things have to play out in order to Manifest physically it's like they're They're in the invisible World working Behind the scenes to stack The Dominoes To fall in the direction that you're That you're you know in order to get you Where you're trying to be You know there's still a way that things Have to play out so it's like if you do

A ritual to to bring you your soul mate Or something like that well you know if Your soulmate lives you know 20 miles Away then you're probably going to meet Them a lot quicker than if they live in Freaking Japan or something and there's A way that you know things have to line Up in order for those two people to be In the same place at the same time and For that uh attraction to to flourish And uh as to be at the right time as Well so it really just depends on how Many changes and how much the entities Have to alter reality in order to get You where you're asking them to get you I'd like to speak on on that a little Bit too Um it's just come up several times today Actually we uh someone just left a Review on our site Uh and the thing was that I mean as a Review based on something they just had Done So I guess they're their expectation was to Get instant results like the very next Day I'm like why are you leaving a Review You know that you know without You know waiting you know to see what Happens Um Anyways it's people need to manage their Expectations in regard to what it is

They're they're really asking you know Like JS was saying there are things that Have to take place in order for it to Happen if it's something simple you know Sometimes the spirits will just give it To you right Um and rather quickly too we've seen I'm Sure we all see miraculous things happen But it depends if you're asking let's Say for like a wealth ritual and you Want something big you have lofty goals There you know a lot of things needed to You know Need a change you know the spirit if They're if they want to help you and you Petition them to help you they're going To want to either tweak something remove Something from your life or change Something to make it uh make it possible For those opportunities to come into Your life and then You know they're also going to teach you Something too you know if they just give You everything on a silver platter what Are you really learning so they're going To guide you through the rabbit holes You need to go through they're going to Help you get through all the challenges That it comes with with the knowledge And wisdom that you need to get there so You'll come out at the end with having What you asked for but with the Knowledge and wisdom that comes with it Other than just rather than just you

Know being given it to you know so part Of the Part of why we're on this path is for Self-betterment and Improvement and with That comes you know learning and wisdom And knowledge and so that's that's an Aspect to all the things that we ask for So it's a process Um so yeah manage your expectations know That your things are going to have to Fall in line things have to be tweaked And you're going to have to learn Something along the way yeah almost like The guy that you know Does a wealth right and then expects There to be gold in his living room the Next morning yeah yeah so no it's not How it works that's why we do a Consultation with all our virtual Clients you know to sit down and make Sure that they have realistic Expectations and explain to them you Know how this process works and it's Also to screen people you know to you Know screen them to to make sure that That we're not wasting our time that it Is something possible and realistic for Us to do so yeah um yes yeah I didn't See that review but you have to show it To me there's also that aspect of the Learning part you know like I think a lot of people on their Estimate that you know that's a big Thing

Um you know that's why those are the you Know We get the people that are like yeah you Know they want something to you know Magically appear but then they're like Well I also get this mysterious check in The mail you know and or you know Something crazy if someone's gonna Actually find them and be like yo of This awesome job you know sometimes it's Not like that happens but you know and Uh You know a lot of people are like well You know if you're able to do magic and Stuff why don't you know why don't you Win the Powerball why don't you hey I Try to do that yeah I try to I try to do That working with Belial he just laughed At me and said what would you learn what Would you learn from it he's like I'm Not giving you 100 million dollars [ __ ] why would I do that I'm Saying well because I really want 100 Million dollars yeah you know but give You 100 million dollars you're gonna go You know buy an island and probably Spend it all on coke and hookers you Know you're not gonna you're not gonna Accomplish you know the path where you Set out with me from the beginning to Accomplish you know like no no there's There's things that I want you to do and That you need to learn and you need to Learn them the hard way you know

I'll help you I'll help you with Finances will help you become Financially stable but uh now you're not One of the Powerball And then there's the things you can Expect Okay is that the road to get there is Going to be easier because of things That they're tweaking in your life and You're also going to learn they're going To be there to guide you throughout the Whole process you're at a better Advantage than anybody else because you Have the spirits behind you helping you And teaching you and guiding you yeah I'll meet you halfway yeah you gotta you Gotta work for it too exactly Let's see Steven Ramirez I understand JS is an empath do you have Any tips on how to cultivate empathy While still having your own boundaries All right so so I wouldn't say that I'm An empath all right like like whenever I See people you know saying oh I'm an Empath it's like they wear it as a badge Of honor you know I actually view that As a weakness Um because because you know the people That you know the type of people that Label themselves empaths they're the Type of people that that really like Feed off of other people's pain and Suffering I think it's like oh tell me All your problems so I can coddle you

And then go out feeling good about Myself afterwards and then and you know Action Impact that that you know they Literally feel the emotions of the Person sitting next to them crying well That doesn't do them any favors usually All right and so I I would say I used to Be like that when I was younger but I've Had to I've had to learn to put up Boundaries like exactly what you just Said Um how to empathize with someone to Listen to them and possibly give them Advice or help them without letting Without letting their pain affect me and Cause me pain I'm sorry you know that's Like that's like a personal force field That you have to put up around yourself To where you know you don't you don't Get contaminated by other people's Energy by coming in contact with them And being in the same room with them and You know I'm not going to say that There's like a ritual you can do to put Up those boundaries it's more of uh Changing the way that you think and feel About stuff it's like if someone sits Down and tells me something awful then Yeah I empathize with them and I care And if I imagine what it's like to be Them then then I can pretty well tap Into those emotions and somewhat feel What that person's feeling but I don't Like to do that why would I want to feel

That now I've got a a boundary there That prevents me from doing that and but It doesn't prevent me from understanding What they're going through and giving Them the advice that they need if They're coming to me asking for advice But as far as you know people that that You know just go around go around uh Looking looking for people to to confide In them and that will sit there and cry With anybody because they like to do it It's because they like to do it and they They're feeding off of that I don't um I Don't typically like those people very Much Let's see Gordon said only when JS is Drunk Yeah no uh I'm like a goofy drunk I Don't really drink that much anymore Like I drink beer every day just about But um you know as far as Far as uh slamming shots on the lives Like we used to yeah but kind of Outgrown that Alchemist says I have seen things Manifest years later after I stopped Getting a [ __ ] and forgot magic is one Hell of a ride is that what it is see it Is there's a roller coaster yeah there's Been times when I've given up on Something like all right that didn't Work and it's like As soon as I released my desire for it It manifested you know there's been same

Case where I did a ritual two years ago Asking for something specific and never Got it and I was just like all right [ __ ] I don't even want it anymore and Then boom I'll get it I'm just like Okay there's there's a lesson there That's like releasing the desire at the Time that you perform the ritual because As long as you're sitting there tapping Your foot waiting for it it's like You're counter manifesting it you know It's like you're working against Yourself through the Law of Attraction You're more focused on not having it Than you are on having it so um yeah That can that can work against you Damn best says I have made a rule All of my rituals unless I can see it Manifesting in my life and it is Reasonable whatever I'm asking I do not Do the ritual only if I could see it Then the ritual can start Okay yeah So you're saying that you make sure that Your goals are realistic for you before You before you do a ritual Um yeah I'd say I'd say that's that's that's a healthy Way to look at it but also don't ever Don't ever say I'm not going to try this Because that's not possible because you Never know what the hell you might be Able to do until you try so Yeah don't underestimate capability

Golden says being golden has nothing to Do with financial advancement Okay yeah It refers to the showers Golden showers yeah that has nothing to Do with financial advancement that's What I thought as well Okay then best says I don't mean to brag But this goes along with what we're Talking about I did a money ritual for My dad since I do not work he's now Gotten the job of his dreams that's Awesome oh yeah H says magic has taught me the meaning Of Non-linear non-linear results are often Times never what I envisioned Yes Absolutely Yeah you know the the The entities They don't think like we do like they See everything all happening at once And a much broader perception of reality Than we do a lot of times we're we're so Laser focused on what we want that we Don't uh that we miss a lot of things And Um you know magic says science to me but It's not an exact science and I might do The same ritual for two different people And they get two different results or Two different outcomes or it works for One person but it didn't work for this

Person but Um you know it's like whenever something Doesn't work you need to ask yourself Why didn't it work you know and then go Back to the drawing board and make the Alterations that you need to make and Keep trying again and again and again Until until you get the result you want Let's see Damn this is in the rubric and the Ritual took about six months of work on His part for him to get to this point Uh-huh Charles 72 11 says what do you think About astral lycanthropy Attacking someone in their dreams in the Form of a wolf To vampirize their fear I've never I don't I don't know Try it and see I know you can Shape-shift on the astral but you know It really depends on whether or not the Other person is going to be able to see It it might sense you But I don't know shapeshift is really Going to do much for you if they can't See it Golden says [Music] Well that's nice Let's see Yeah okay Golden you got something you want to say

Just say it I think it just did yeah say What say what you really want to say bro Foreign Guys so let's Get some really good questions out here We'll answer a few more and then I think we'll just wrap it up yeah I'm About ready to wrap it up for you guys Are running out of questions What do you think about answering oh you Already answered that didn't you yeah I was saying that You know shape-shifting and stuff like That I mean You're trying to vaporize Their Fear and Stuff they're going to sense you if they Get afraid they're gonna have fear but If they can't see you I don't think it Matters whether you Shape-shift into a werewolf or a Or a banana you know Let's even make sure we didn't Miss anybody here Alice Morningstar says have you guys Ever worked with a dramalek Um okay I have not uh but I know EA has He actually did a video on this a while Back So that would be that would be who I Would recommend asking about that entity Um if you're thinking about working with Them I'm familiar with you know who the Entity is and But no I've never I've never done a

Ritual with him not yet Alice oh Did we just get it yeah we just go okay All right yeah we just got you though we Just got it Let's see here Let's see did we miss anybody else I don't think we did I think we got Everybody else Yeah if we ever miss your questions guys Because this thing jumps and moves kind Of fast sometimes especially multiple People are sending questions in just uh You know just just repeat the question Or let us know that we missed you and We'll get back to it we definitely want To answer everyone's questions I think you got everything all right Cool well uh yeah I guess we're gonna Wrap it up thanks for coming on guys and Um yeah we really we really do this just To uh get on here and do some q a and Interact with our friends so thanks for Coming on Stay tuned like And subscribe say golden Says thanks you're welcome very welcome Sarah damn buses thank you guys for Doing these live streams I know that you Helped me out a lot both of you thank You for giving your time absolutely well Thanks for coming on thank you and thank You to star ruby appreciate you being Here you guys have a great night we'll See you next week