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Hey guys this is Eric and JS with Another episode of LM Fridays I'm doing wonderful work how are you Doing Okay I was in the mirror earlier I got a new Jacket by the way I was in there I was Like standing in the mirror like doing This number doing that number Yeah I want to wear the new jacket on on Ellen Friday but we have brand new T-shirts uh let's say lost metaphysics They are available on the website also Absolutely got new merch got t-shirts And brand new hoodie as well as like a Hoodies yeah where's my hoodie oh you Want to buy one I want you to buy me one You could buy one it still cost the best Money All right yeah so I'll be getting the Hoodie too but anyway our Ruby's in the House hey hey What's up Nina hey yeah we're just kind Of like goofing off here waiting on some People to log on Let's see oh now you guys are talking Sweet to each other okay Work welcome to beer bold and black Magic Hahaha Best cast is in the house what's up yeah So we got some we got some new radionic Equipment we just put on the sites uh Along with the new ritual that we're

Going to talk about tonight of course We're going to be doing Q a Um you know we get questions all day Every day on Facebook email and every Other platform that we dare to stick our Nose into we get questions all day every Day so what we're we're starting to tell People is that if you want your Questions considered then ask them on Ellen Friday because you know you can Answer 10 questions a day You can't answer 100 so Behemoth X What's up boys what's up brother Congratulations by the way yes Congratulations We're excited for you sinners in the House hello everyone damn best hello sin Yeah With a y And two wins That feels extra simple let me say it For sure it was extra something rupe's In the house rupe guys Grady cut you Guys live hell yeah every Friday now 9 30 P.mulder is in the house what's up doc Moeller doc Mulder builds our [ __ ] all Right he builds our radionic stuff and Um yeah his dude's probably built more Radionics machines than anybody alive And we got a brand new radionics machine That we're going to show here in a Minute like so my favorite machine is The vampire box because it's the

Simplest machine there's no dials any Dumb ass can use it including me and you Could do so many different things with It all right it's like probably the best Self-defense mechanism that I've ever Found if if you know you have a person Cursing you Then you put a picture of them on the Vampire box with a picture of yourself Everything converts down to energy that They are sending towards you yeah Whether it's demonic evocation or Sympathetic magic whatever everything in Reality converts down to energy on some Level there can be a Consciousness Behind that energy but it's still [ __ ] energy all right So this vampire machine has a filter in It and if someone is attacking you Sending painful energy towards you then This will intercept that energy run it Through a filter and purify it and then Pump it right back into you so by by Putting your enemy's picture on the Vampire box with a picture of yourself You are intercepting neutralizing and Then therefore feeding off of that curse That they are throwing at you so we we Reached out to Doc and we're just like Man we want a super vampire box all Right and he's like well what do you Mean by that I was like I want the Vampire box on steroids I wanna I want You know four to six plates that I can

Run four to six operations Input plates to where we can Channel all That energy to one single output plate So if I got you know six [ __ ] [ __ ] with me we can put them all in The box and that's all I have to do is Put them on there and flip the switch or If I want to go to the zoo and take Polaroids and zebras lions and tigers And bears and I can put them on there Too Dan best asked if you've done any more Experiments with the wand the wand yes Yeah we just put that on the website so We like the wand we think the wand works So we just added what today yesterday The day before yesterday it is available And yeah I think it's pretty [ __ ] Cool it can fit in your back pocket it Looks like a pack of cigarettes in your Pocket so um yeah the thing is uh very Interesting I've I've used it in nearly All my rituals that I've done recently Since I got it And uh recently hit like a a Breakthrough like broke through a glass Ceiling And um yeah I'm really happy with it We got questions any questions before I Show the new vampire box No all right so this is it this is the Super vampire box We got light reflecting off of it but Anyway okay so it has four copper input

Plates this is the on off switch it Plugs into the wall here you will Receive a cord when you buy the machine It has two different input Jacks so that You can hook you know the little extra Plates that we sell that have the wire Going to the copper plate or if you want To do some kind of crazy experiment Where you hook a wish box or any other Type of radionic box into this one to do An experiment you can do it so all four Of these input plates are wired into This single output plate in the side So what you do is you put a picture Yourself with your name and Birthday Written on the back and then you put a Picture for bodybuilders professional Athletes [ __ ] that are messing with You or pictures of animals that you want To see what that energy is good for and To pump into yourself you simply put Them all on there and then turn it on And leave it running and within about 10 Minutes you're going to start really Feeling A difference It's quite the machine it's quite the Machine yeah it's a little simple a Little reverse than the traditional Vampire box that we We have on our site wherein Um the slot is now the output instead of The input and these four plates are the Input

So yeah do I need to go get an original Vampire box to show people what we're Talking about so they don't get this [ __ ] mixed up I think most people see Yeah on here I've seen the okay all Right cool so yeah the input slot is is Uh on the original vampire box the the The input slot is the output and the Reason it's on the side is because we Wanted so many input slots I wanted so Many input plates and so it only made Sense to put the output on the side of The machine instead of having four big Ass holes at the side of the machine Let's see here Trill Gates s never bought a box before Do you have to consecrate it to cause it To work hell no this is science It's science it's cause and effect Anybody can do it you don't have to be a Sorcerer or a magician to operate a Radionics machine Especially not this one like this one is Simple as turning the damn thing off you Know like are other ones like this one Right here All right let me show you this is Actually a new prototype too this is Like the the new genesis box the we're Making out of plastic instead of wood But you know this has dials on it has Frequency dials it's got nine of them You know so you're putting you know this Is your input this is your output this

Is also your stick plate so you're Setting your operation you're sitting Here using the stick plate turning the Dials in order to get to the right Frequency that you need to be at in Order to make the operation successful All right I think that's the simplest Thing in the world but you would not Believe how many people have written me Saying that they can't figure out how to Tune the dials with a stick plate so Anyway we all have our challenges but The vampire box does not have any dials All right it's designed to sync up to The correct frequency just based on what Is sitting on the plate and what is Inside the slot To answer your question Dan best yes it Is plastic Um yes not wood But no you don't have to consecrate it You don't have to do any kind of crazy Ritual with the Radiology machine it Works because it's a scientific thing It's causing effect Yeah All righty guys well we're well prepared Tonight to answer any of your questions That you may have Um I'll select the hero you guys are Doing How are you doing Rick I'm doing well Brooke just had a birthday I won't say

What day it was But he he is he has gotten a year older Yeah and so I think that we should get The Shamanic spanking paddle A gift for a birthday I'm good Okay yeah that's a bad idea I'm just [ __ ] with it dude all right You guys got any serious questions Laughs I'm reading Dan best's uh comment there Yeah we just we just adopted two kittens I don't I don't think we have room to Adopt anything else Nina asks any plans for the full moon Eclipse you want to tell her about your Your new group right all right Um yeah I'll have to look up and see What the date on that is because I want To run this ad for about 30 days to get People a chance to sign up for it all Right but the next group ritual I'm Going to be offering is an initiatory Right with shimiazza and the Watchers And you know something I thought about Doing years ago but I keep getting I keep getting messages from people Asking me to do this as a group right You know I love getting opinions from Folks we'll get on here and say okay you Know we just did this group ritual you Know what what would you what would the Majority of you guys like us to do next

Time if we continue doing this I want You to think we're going to continue Doing it because We're getting some really good feedback On it so The next ritual that I'm going to do Entails working with shimyaza and the Master key which is also our business Logo What's behind me All right so I'm going to Perform a group right where I summon Shimyaza and the Watchers all those who Are named and unnamed And I'm going to ask Essentially make a petition on behalf of Each name that I offer Into The Cauldron To not only initiate them into their Current which is entirely their choice I'm just facilitating the operation I'm Not the one initiating you no one can Initiate you into anything except for The spirit of that Pantheon But I'm I am facilitating this process To take place Um this is for serious magicians and you Guys will have your portion of the Ritual that you need to perform on the Same night all right and I prefer it on The same night but you know [ __ ] happens And you can't do it uh on the night that I perform my end I you know I honestly I Don't think time and space really matter When it comes to the entities if you do

It then you did it doesn't matter what Time and place you did it it happened Because all time is present to these Spirits so anyway The night that I do it or at your Convenience you will print out a paper Master key all right master key printed On paper I like to use cardstock you Will charge and open that by verberating The name shinyaza just like you would Any other sigil you're going to ask for Initiation you're going to ask to attach Yourself to dip into this current and For that current to flow through you and For you to be able to feed energy into That current and pull energy from that Current and then utilize that in your Magic now number one thing that shinyaza Did was he taught root work and sorcery All right he was also elected to be the Leader of the Watchers according to the Written history that we have not because He was the most powerful but because he Was the wisest he was the most Knowledgeable that's my personal opinion That's why I think they elected him I Think that they're all equal in power They just have different abilities right But the one who Has the most knowledge should probably Be in charge so I mean that's the way I Think about it so that's what I think Happened But um so what you're going to do is

You're going to charge and open this Master key you're going to ask for Initiation to be connected to the Currents and you're going to prick your Finger Trace over the master key Entirely in your own blood and then You're going to burn it as an offering To shimyaza and the people that I've Walked through this initiation like I Printed it in the book of the Zazzle or The compendium of the zazil a few years Ago And everyone that bought that book was Performed at ritual has contacted me Um and with with good results I've yet To have anyone say oh I did it nothing Happened I've yet to have anyone say That that it had a negative effect like Everybody has had a good experience with That And so the spirit is the one that Initiates you you can ask for initiation You can be turned down too so you need To be serious if you're gonna do this And Um you know I think that we we make ourselves worthy Of things by putting forth the effort to Accomplish them and obtain them All right so someone can say only those Who are worthy will be will be initiated Into this current and um you know I've Heard that before in in a channeling Session I'm just like okay well what

Makes us worthy of it I said you make yourself worthy by Putting forth Time and effort and blood into Accomplishing what you seek so I think That everyone who takes this seriously And does in fact make the blood offering I think everyone will be pleasantly uh I Think they'll be very pleased with the Results again So that's the group ritual it's a Sacrificial right I will be chopping the Heads off many chickens that night and The ritual is going to have two tiers You know you can have your name included In the ritual or if you want the option To add a sacrifice onto that ritual like An individual sacrifice which means After I perform the entirety of the Group ritual then afterwards I will make A separate sacrifice on your behalf and Um you know I'm not gonna say you have To do that in order for this to to work Out it's going to work out either way These are just for people who want to Want to fuel their Ascension into the Current it's more about respect than Anything I think like you know you're Giving the entity a sacrifice to give Them praise and honor it doesn't mean That you have to do it but it is Appreciated and I believe that we Benefit from It's uh the only other thing that I

Wanted to add is those who do add a Sacrifice we'll get one of these sigil Plates I got my good friend Knox to make Me several of these master keyplates and And for those who booked the individual Sacrifices I'm going to consecrate this Plate in in the blood of the sacrifice And then send it to him in the mail just To have on their altar as a permanent Open gateway to these entities So That's that's pretty much the rundown That's everything about it that I cover Everything If you have any questions Thank you Jessica thank you Nina Um I guess Nina says it was Tuesday it's Tuesday Tuesday yeah Uh yeah I actually do have some [ __ ] Planned for Tuesday this is gonna be a Good day Okay troll Gates ass Effects of using the wand effects of Using one the best thing I can tell is That it's used to influence people and Situations So Um you know Uncle Chucky uh designed This to be a sex toy all right where is It sitting close we got it right here Over there so somebody asked a question About it we just said it's over

Okay yeah so okay This is the radionic magic wand you push The button the light comes on you point It whoever you want manipulate and you Speak your intention or simply intently Visualize your intention some people Like to say it out loud other people Like to do it in their heads but anyway It's a way that you can affect a crowd Of people or a single individual so Chucky developed this as a sex toy and Built the first prototype and then he Took it somewhere where he could Demonstrate it And it worked it blew people's minds so Then you got a hold of Doc Mulder and Had doc start building these things doc Sends me a prototype and we've been Playing with it I've been using it my Rich rules I've been using it in public And I'm satisfied that it works so um It's a way to const concentrate and Amplify the power the personal power of The person using it all right this is Putting out a [ __ ] ton of juice and when You put your juice behind it and program It by speaking an intention or or Stating an attention telepathically you Amplify this [ __ ] so you could walk into A room and say a magic word to cause you To create new friends all right I just Did a video about this earlier y'all Haven't seen it yet it was like like the Word um if you walk into a room and say

That word then it compels the people in The room to make friends with you so if You were to walk in a room hit the Button And say that word then it would amplify That uh significantly which you may or May not want to do that because man People drug people get on my nerves You have a lot of people you're gonna Have to beat them off you with a stick Afterwards I'd rather point it at one Person They don't want to be friends with Gabriella says Hey guys hello good to Have you Damn best says I do have a serious Question what would be the best way to Open the master key Yeah Master key Central Like I'm assuming he's talking about the The ambulance oh sigil okay okay I was Like man is there a message I don't know That no okay yeah the the best way to Open it is with blood all right so You're going to print it out on a piece Of paper I like to put two fingers on the corners Of the sigil I stare into it I speak the Name three times then I verberate it Like a mantra Well I'm staring into the master key and Then it actually it starts to flash like It actually starts to disappear and

Reappear off the paper and I I typically See a blue light Um like a like a blue for lesson Fluorescent light around it but uh That's that's how you're opening it it's Like making a phone call you know it's Like the sigil is the energetic Signature of the entity and the name of The entity produces its frequency when You speak it and so by using their Energetic signature and vibrating the Frequency of the entity's name you're Opening it's like making a phone call You're opening a doorway to communicate With them and if you offer blood upon That sigil and then burn it or anything Else for that matter then it is Transferred the energy is transferred to That entity in exchange for what you're Asking for so in order to hook yourself Into this current you essentially have To do the blood right all right because You're you are linking your energy with The energy of the current you are Dipping into it and the current is Circular and everyone can put energy Into it and pull energy from it and each Person that Taps into that current makes The current more powerful Same the best Damn best says do you mind if I ask how Expensive they will be if you're Referring to the new uh vampire box that We have out there it is 5.99

Um what's that 199 it's 199 yeah Uh let's see here Alex B happy birthday Thank you nice to see you I don't know What you do but you look good are you Going to offer more online courses on Your website who looks good me or him Because I think he's the prettier one Huh which one which one of us you Talking to as far as uh online Far as courses go I do have some planned In the works Um and it'd be geared more towards uh Beginners and whatnot talk about like Really uh opening up your psychic senses Really working those out Um and self-empowerment and whatnot But that that'll be some time but that Is in the works what about you oh yeah I've actually got several more courses That I want to drop Um I don't really want to say too much About them because then somebody will go Like put a cookie cutter course together And drop it tomorrow Um but yeah yeah I've got I've got two Courses that I've actually been thinking About making for a long time that I'm I'm probably going to start recording And so yeah I can't tell you exactly When that'll be available but there will Be more courses coming soon Charles 72 11 says the word to make Friends is Uma o-u-m-a Um

Yes all right I got that from Um The book called telecult Power written By Rhys P Dubin it was like the first Book I ever bought on Magic and it's Like you know this guy was like you know It was like a studier of the occult he Wasn't necessarily a sorcerer he just he Just like traveled the world and studied Different things different system and Documented the things that he witnessed Working or experimented with and got Results with it so he compiled them all Into this one book and then printed it Out and And it's not like a cookbook it's just Like it's a whole bunch of different Stuff meditations techniques magic words Um there's even some spell work in there It's it's a it's it's at a beginner Level you know that's like where that's Where I began and it's very simple and Easy to do and there's a long list of Magic words like command words and it Says that uh it says that the when you Speak these words it calls to action What is called the little people of the Spirit world the little people are Spirits that are according to the book Attempting to earn the right to become Human all right and so I did some work with these entities and What they explained to me is that they Are our future our future

Um ancestors yeah I guess that would you Know ancestors passed they're they're They're they're the people that are Going to Incarnate into our Bloodlines In the near future all right so they Have a vested interest in keeping our Bloodline alive so that they have one to Incarnate into and so they will help you As much as you ask them to and um you Know I speak these words and you know There's one to win at games a chance you Know I've used that word to win at games Of chance and it actually works and we Worked one time it wouldn't work 10 Times in a row it worked the first time I said it but um yeah there's there's One to incite romance within a person so If you were going to approach a person You're interested in in a nightclub you Look at them and say that word first and Then you'd walk up and introduce Yourself so it's uh pretty interesting There's one to win arguments there's one To take power and control over any Situation uh I've memorized these and I Use them in my daily life and I'm Telling you they work so tell call power Is uh definitely something you want to Pick up if nothing else for the list of Magic words Foreign Steven Ramirez what are your thoughts on The osafi's idea if not races and Civilizations that preceded ours like

Atlantis and Maria Well I don't I'm not too familiar with The osafi's idea Um but I will say that uh it is my Personal belief and opinion that yeah Um the human purpose being here Is to for Spiritual emancipation to Transcend the cycle reincarnation I will say that also Karma doesn't Really play into it at all Karma's not What people think it is Um but as far as The rest of that I have no idea Um Yeah I'm not sure all that you're asking There so that's pretty much all I can Add on that if you want to if you want To emphasize on that question I mean We'll try to try to answer it better but It's a little bit of a confusing Question Let's see Dan best that's what I've been Doing this adding my blood I like to Draw it through before I add blood and I Usually speak in this Mantra Allah Yeah okay so I'm glad you mentioned that A wash Todd alosh talashtu is an Incantation that was discovered by EA Coating and it's the incantation to Initiate or reinforce spiritual pacts So if you are attempting to summon an Entity for a specific purpose you're Going to enter into a pact with them You're going to make an agreement with

Them you're going to say I'm asking you for this and I'm going to Offer you this chicken as a sacrifice in Exchange for what I'm asking and by Speaking Allah That is that is a way to initiate that That is a way to inform that entity that That you are are doing this for a Purpose and you mean business so so yeah Um I would absolutely uh speak that I Speak that in most of my rituals Whenever I'm opening the Sigil of a Spirit and begin to call on them I'm Usually speaking that incantation Thank you Let's see Albert Ellison whose birthday is it it Was mine Um See Alex P says you both look great thank You thank you everyone said what's the Name of the book again It's it's telecult power telecult like T-e-l-e-c-u-l-t And you know the last word is power and It was written by Rhys P Dubin that's The name so definitely check it out you Can get it for like 10 bucks on the Internet There's a lot of good stuff in there Following fires on the house what's up What's up She goes hey wow I finally made it to

One of these five streams hope you're All doing well it's about time it's About time you made it yeah no thank you For calling seriously yeah we're doing Good because I'm doing good are you Doing good I am okay we're both doing Good Mast Cass Hey it's your cousin do you want a new Mask Uh Um I always want a new mask The Ambassador I started feeling my mom To I started telling my mom excuse me to Speak that Mantra she freaked out the Results that happened in her practice Yeah I believe it yeah you know um you Know I did my very first evocation ever Um I didn't really know how to do any Vacation okay it's like a decade ago Before I really delved into learning This stuff and you know I memorized that Incantation I spoke it over and over Followed by the name of the spirit Telling them to come come unto me I kept Repeating that incantation and you know It took me like three days to make Contacts and that's where everything Changed for me like that was the turning Point in my life that brought me to Where I am now So it works it does it really really Works

Sit I've realized since nice happy belated Birthday work thank you every listen Charles 7211 how either of you have Either of you ever worked with any Spirits under Belial Yes Um Since For me since I started performing Magic Damn best Belial was the first entity That I successfully evoked I've been working with him ever since Then this is I'm still learning as I go It seemed the most natural to me to Speak those words Very cool oh yeah I'm a firm believer in using whatever Works all right like that's that's I Mean I'm gonna I'm like I'm a scientist before anything else you Know it's like if I I'll I'll study Things and experiment with things if it Works then I remember it I put it into My toolbox To incorporate into my personal practice If it doesn't work then I usually I Usually ask myself why it didn't work And then revisit it go back to the Drawing board and usually attempt it Over and over again until it does work But um you know something's either real Or it's not and there's a lot of people Like creating chaos magic out there

Which is cool that's cool but at least Be honest about what you're doing They'll make up names and make up sigils And descriptions of an entity and then Put it out there on social media what They're trying to do is create a Gregor They're trying to create a tulpa by Getting all these other magicians to put You know to to use that sigil and evoke That name whatever and Um you know if enough people do it then You actually will create a Gregor you Create a conscious form of energy that You know is becomes as powerful as you Feed into it but um you know the the Entities that what I mean by an entity That's real and they pre-date humankind Like they're they're ancient gods they Are creatures from the ancient past and The future like all time is present to Them that's why we fear them as Gods Because there's so much more advanced Than we are That um We can never fully understand what we're Dealing with Gabriella sin has Js Have you seen Bilal face to face before Yes Yes And um The first time it mesmerized me And the second time it it terrified me To my very core

They can I can show you whatever face They want they can materialize however They want And or project images into your head as They want so if they want to scare the [ __ ] out of you they absolutely can they Can look inside your soul and see your Deepest darkest fears that you didn't Even know existed and project that to You in an image that will rock you to Your very core all right so yeah I've Seen face to face Um Four different occasions Because uh I even got a picture of it once like Like I'm standing in the in front of the Fire Working with Belial and there's there's A Red Orb above the fire and the smoke Coming out of the fire made a perfect Face that you can see facing me Um from the side and it looks like I'm Exhaling this green ectoplasm and I'm Just like you know it's like like it Looks like this green gas floating Around and coming out of my mouth it's Pretty pretty freaking wild so yeah it's Uh You know this this never gets old it Never ceases to Be amazing and exciting and the rabbit Hole goes as deep as you're willing to Follow it so we never run out of stuff

To learn or stuff to experiment with or Experience And Beth says JS have you worked with Zozo no No you know about Zozo the Ouija demon Um Yeah there's a lot of stuff online about Zozo I've watched a lot of the videos Some of them I thought were real some of Them I thought were [ __ ] Um but no like I've you know maybe if I Knew more about Zozo then then I would Be inclined to work with him but I Really don't I mean it's like all you All you find online is you know people Telling scary stories about the time They dabbled with a Ouija board so I Don't want to I'd want to know like who He is and what he's about before Attempting to make contact with him if If it's in fact a real entity so Um if if if the videos that I've seen Are real then there is definitely Something that goes by Zozo that is Moving that that that plan shut around When no one's touching it but no I Haven't had a reason or a curiosity to Work with him yet Floating fire says yeah Bilal can Definitely be scary Alex BS Well he States I did the wine right and Coffin Left my body felt better for a moment

But I feel like I need to do something More powerful can you suggest me Something more powerful that I can do Against curses yeah I mean the best the Best thing you can do is an evocation Without fall it's like hey P f a a l Um a fall is the Angel Deliverance he Can remove any curse free the Mind from Fears and relieve people of addictions And restore them to full spiritual Health So yeah if I'm if I'm in a real pickle That's that's who I summon and uh the Type of ritual that I do with him is I Call it creating their own antidote they All have a Sigil drawn out of McCandless Man sense and a glass of wine so I'll Prick my finger with so I'll prick my Finger and Trace over the sigil in a Vocal fall and I'll put one last drop of Blood into that glass of wine and Stir It Up in my finger and after I've Summoned him and made the offerings and I'll set the glass of wine on the sigil And I'll ask him to consecrate and Infuse that elixir with his power and Essence so that it will become the Antidote for my Affliction you know I'm Putting my cursed blood in there and Offering it to him and asking him to do His thing energetically to create an Antidote out of that wine and then when You drink the wine it purifies every

Tiny cell in your body and saturates you With the energy of the fall from the Inside out and that wrist has never Failed so far every time I've done that For myself or someone else that worked Fine fire science is there any spell you Guys don't want to work with ever again No need to name names but any experience That maybe went too far I I can't No I think anything at least for me Um anything that I've embarked upon that Ever seemed to Ridiculous like I felt like I got Overwhelmed away You know in over my head I usually ended Up working out for the better I mean It's everything you do every path Working you do with the spirit is For your benefit I mean that's what it's Designed for I haven't reached a point I haven't Gotten into anything like man I am never Doing that again At least for me what about you all right I'm going to answer yes to that question There have been some rituals and Experiences that definitely Went too far And There is at least one thing that I can Name off the top of my head that I Regret doing That was really the first spell that I

Ever did It was a it was a painful right and I Did it on a person that I later found Out was not guilty of what they've been Accused of And I was not able to undo that and that Person is no longer with us and they Should be so I I do that's why I always Tell people like you need to make sure Before you throw in some painful [ __ ] at Somebody because it's really no Difference than pointing a gun at him And shooting them it might take longer For them to die but it's usually a lot Worse than a quick death and so Yeah that was uh that's that's the main Thing I regret the other stuff I don't Really regret but there are things that I do not ever want to go through again And I hope that I don't I'm glad that I Did and it was necessary but it was not Fun and I yeah I hope to never be in That state again but um It had to happen And this uh says I am working with Zozo He does not like Ouija boards I've yet To use one with him I definitely Recommend working with him oh yeah That's pretty cool man do you have a Sigil for Zozo Abraham Garza greetings good to see you All doing well good to see you Abraham Yeah thanks for being here bro yeah All right guys

Now's the Time to bring all your Questions for up here at uh 38 minutes So far I think we're going to try to Keep these at an hour sorry All your wildest questions Bring them on you've got the Greg Jess Here to answer them all Child 7211 says do you think draining a Lot of people's energy and offering it To the spirit could be as powerful as Something Or sacrificing a chicken oh yeah yeah I Mean it takes longer all right so you Can actually do that with the Vampire Box all right you can put four pictures Of four different people or animals or Even like a monument like the Great Pyramid that emits a lot of Psychospirational energy and power you Put those pictures on here and then you Draw the Sigil of the spirit and you put It in here and then turn it on and You're you're feeding your energetically Sacrificing those people or animals Slowly over time to The Entity using a Radionics machine so yeah I mean it it It doesn't let's just say the energy Doesn't hit all at once so I mean if you Were to like you know go sacrifice a Chicken to a star day then she would Absorb all that energy right then and There but if you were to take a Polaroid Of that chicken and put it on the Radionics box and sit there and feed it

To a star day you know it's probably Going to take a few months for that Chicken to wither away and die and um No difference though not really I will say that Amia using a box like The vampire box and you are feeding the The Entity that energy you know a steady Flow Um the one thing that I think is missing Unless of course the target dies on upon The vampire box is that life force Energy Yeah absolutely So when you when you sacrifice a chicken It's like an explosion you know you're You're you're making this circle this Energetic Circle That represents the center of the Universe and it's not just to keep you Know it's the circle's not to keep stuff Out it's To concentrate and contain that energy It's more to keep stuff in than anything Because we're calling entities from the Outside to come in and Surround that Circle and feed power into the ritual All right and then you know the triangle Of manifestation to me that's you know Yeah the manifestation for whatever I'm Summoning but it's also there to contain The energy of the sacrifice so Whenever you cut the head off that Chicken it's like an explosion of Psychospiritual energy leaving that body

After you got the head off all right and Then everything about that body Transmutes or comes down to energy you Know the the blood spilling the blood in The fire the fire fire transmutes energy It transforms energy it doesn't create Or destroy it it's it's transforming you Put something in there it burns away to Ash All that energy is being transformed all Right and so fire transmutes the energy Of the sacrifice the burning flesh and Blood into a type of energy into Psychospherical energy that Spirit can Fully absorb and you're trying to Contain that explosion within the Triangle and within the circle so the Entity can absorb all of it Right like we don't use we don't use Circles and triangles for protection you Know like traditionally you got the Circle and out here you got the triangle And you know the the western style Sorcerers writing God names of the Circle and then using the the triangle To try to like trap and constraining the Entity while protecting himself from the Entity all right there's a reason why Western Sorcerers don't fare very well In life period because that's Disrespectful for one the circle doesn't Keep anything out the triangle does not Bound and constrain that entity you know It's the whole the whole method of

Western sorcery is is disrespectful in Nature so we don't put any barriers Between ourselves and the entities we Have our Circle that represents the Center of the universe when you stand in That Circle you are the Creator you are Entering the god mind and then the Triangle is made inside the circle and We stand in the Triangle of Manifestation inside the circle because We don't put any barriers between us and To try to do so is foolish If real sins is how's everyone's Halloween Good yeah they did a great group ritual On that one That's pretty cool yeah that's the night We did the group rides is there anybody Here in the chat that participated in That I'd love to hear their feedback Yeah that was awesome Pulling fire says personally I don't Believe Spirits give a [ __ ] about Some drawn on circles and lines they'll Just barge straight through this is true Yeah yeah and you can write all the god Names you want in there it's not gonna It's not gonna keep anything from Walking through it's not going to stop Them from stepping into it any more than It would stop a physical flesh and blood Human being into stepping into it The spirit goes where it wants to go

If you try to control them and You're asking for it For it a lot of things that you do or You know for your For you you know doing casting a circle And all sort of stuff it's It's to guide your intent and stuff like That but we in reality Um it's none of none of anything is is Necessary and your contact with the Spirit doesn't stop the moment you step Out the ritual either you know it's Every day It's every moment of the day anytime you Want to connect So those things are symbolic you know I must need glasses all right Says could you create a Sigil designed To influence some person And feed that situle with the same Person's energy via vampire box almost Like creating a vampire that influences The person in a certain way abso [ __ ] Lutely bro absolutely that's like that's The type of out of the box thinking that I love and yes you can absolutely Create decidual create an a Gregor to Influence a person and then Energetically feed the Gregor with the Person that they are assigned to Influencing absolutely that's awesome You should do that I'm gonna do that I'm gonna [ __ ] do that

Yeah absolutely Let's see Yeah if you guys don't have any more Questions we're probably gonna wrap this Up here pretty quick Um you guys keep a lookout for my group Right and I'm getting ready to drop Check out the new vampire box and the New handheld radionic magic wand as well As my new weight loss ritual um that's That's pretty badass too Yeah be sure to like And subscribe and Check out our website Lawless Metaphysics.com Alex pieces can you suggest to me how to Do a simple Vibe version of your three Pillar right on my own All right so When it comes to simplified the answer Is no because my my rituals are as Simplified as possible I don't believe In doing nonsensical [ __ ] to make Things complicated everything I do has a Purpose everything I bring into the Circle is a tool that I need for that Working so I can't make it any more Simple the only thing that you that that I could do to modify that so that you Can perform it on your own is to minus The chickens that are sacrificed in the Three pillar rights and if you wanted to Set up in your bedroom inside a circle And use like a basin you know like a Like a like a silver Basin with some

Some burning alcohol in it then you Could lay you could perform the indoor Version of that ritual by you know Laying out your circle your Triangle Building a small smokeless fire in the Middle and then having your sigils and Then either using strictly your own Blood for the ritual by pricking your Finger or you could get small sacrifices Like like say doves or quails you know That's something that's small that you Can control the blood flow you could Absolutely do that indoors and if I have To modify a ritual like that to do it Indoors because of the weather that's That's what I do so so so yeah you can Do it in in the house you can do it Using your own blood but it doesn't Become any more simplified than it does If I'm doing it on a grand scale outside Lord uh I'm sorry if I butcher your name Serrano how to work with the gin Well you would work with the Gin just Like you would with any other Spirit Um if you want to be introduced to them I would do a path working with shaitan And the shy teen Gonna get introduced into You know their Um their Pantheon Um that might be a An advised approach to take But you can go about it however you want Uh to embassess if you can message you

On messenger yeah I've still got Messenger Charles 7211 says have you ever used any Of the bremelon squares for example Evoking the spirit of the square and Then offering your blood upon it as you Would an ordinary sigil yeah I've done That before have you done that before Yeah Uh I actually got good results with it I've done that Approximately six times Over the years and each time I got Exactly what I asked for so Absolutely I think these squares were Originally Made for like uh For a lot of uh Agents like to call multiple Spirits at Once yeah Let's see I think that's that's about it yeah see I can answer a few more questions guys And I think we'll wrap it up Alex B says I can do it outside with Chickens just how do you do it okay so If you want to all right I can give you A brief description here if you want Like like sit down with me and do a Recorded video where I'm giving you Step-by-step instructions we can always Do a consultation but all right so Essentially what I'm doing is three Pillar right is it's it's a ritual

That that I designed for an impossible Task like something that that everything Else I tried to do had failed things That had succeeded in similar situations Beforehand and this pushed me to to take It to another extreme so so a breakdown Of three pillar right you know I've got A circle with a triangle in the middle Of the circle and I've got a fire Burning inside the triangle like in the Center all right and so I've got three Chopping blocks set up around the site And I have three sigils all right I'll Select the three entities that are best Suited and specialized in the area that I need to cause change all right so so If it was uh if it was a healing ritual Then I would summon three spirits that Specialize in healing all right or or if It was a painful right vice versa and so What you do is you move in a Counterclockwise Circle you blood each Sigil and as in Trace over it with your Blood and you summon each entity one at A time you summon the entity you make Your offerings and throw a powder Bull's Blood on the fire I'm spitting Wine Into The Fire and burning incense you know I've got different offerings if it's Like astarte then I offer a bouquet of Flowers into the fire or fertilized egg Is whatever the offerings that those Entities prefer is what you want to Bring into the circle with you all right

So you're going to go in a circle you're Going to kneel down and evoke each Entity and make the offerings and think Them for coming all right then you're Going to go and evoke the next entity And then the next entity and then you Will come around after you've made your Offerings and you will state why you're Performing the ritual I'm doing it for a Client to hold up their picture I say I'm summoned you here on behalf of the Person in this Photograph they've Commissioned me to perform this right And to offer each of you a sacrifice of Burning flesh and blood and exchange Change for helping them with this Whatever it is I'm trying to accomplish For them I state it all right and then I Make each entity a sacrifice all right So I will chop the head off the Sacrifice spill the blood on the sigil Spill the blood in the fire place the Chicken in the fire and then I will I Will do each one one at a time and then Take the three sigils with their Photograph and offer it into the fire With the blood on it at that point while You're watching the blood and the Sacrifice burn you want to stare into The flame and intentionally visually Like like or intently visualize what You're trying to manifest like see it Playing out like a movie in your head While you stare into the fire by doing

This the fire is transmuting the energy From the sacrifice it's giving the Entities The energy they need to then go Forth and manifest what you're asking For and so what you're doing here is You're programming that energy you're Staring into the fire watching that Chicken burn And you are visualizing and stating Verbally exactly what you're trying to Manifest once the chicken is incinerated Then you will thank each of the entities For their help and anything they are Willing to do thank them for showing up And close out the ritual so it is done And then you have three separate God-like beings all working on the same Task together with their different Specialties and Yeah that's uh that's one of the most Potent rituals that that I have in my Arsenal so if you do that I think you'll Be pleasantly surprised with how it Works out Nina has can we use the master key Pendant in your group break yeah Absolutely but you still want to have One on paper that you burn okay Because that burning that blood on the Master key is essential in connecting Your energy to the current of the Watchers but yeah wear your master key Amulets and feed it a drop of blood Whenever you prick your finger and Trace

Over the central Child 7211 if you don't mind sharing Which squares have you used Money squares I actually don't remember the name of The square that I used this was very Early on in my path Charles so how do I Use the money ones yeah I don't I don't Use them at all I was doing lots of like Money spells back then so And uh yeah I tried the whole Maryland Squares I tried several other money Squares and it's like what I would Notice is like I do I do that ritual you Know open the money square and put my Blood on it and burn it as an offering To the edge I would I would get like a one-time like I'd get some money you know like I would You know sell a a job or something at The time I was painting houses so like I'd do a money spell and I would end up You know getting hired to do a job to Make that Like it gave me the opportunities to Make money and there were a few times That I got like unexpected money from From other areas that were pretty Interesting but um Like like That's that's something that you Typically do for a one-time situation Like I can't pay my rent I need 500 Bucks I'm going to use this money Square

This money sigil I'm going to blood it And ask for the money that I need then You usually get it um yeah I guarantee If you're putting blood on it you're Gonna get it but um you know as far as a Wealth ritual that is designed to change Your path change like set you on the Path to wealth of success like you want To use evocation you want to work with An entity like Zoom talak um Builder of Empire is the spirit of Wealth and Prestige that's the wealth Right to offer on the website and that's Designed to to follow you throughout Your life doesn't mean you're not going To run into hardships you absolutely Will because we all do but um that's the Entity that changed my life Uh feeling better The best Let's see you know Double o x Let's see what you did there What's some other versatile Spirits Other than satana depends what you mean By versatile I mean most Spirits are Most spirits in the gowatia are you know Versatile same with the seven two Spirits of the shemhama for us I mean it depends on what what you mean By versatile I mean a lot people have Listed their Specialties those that have Recorded Um anything to do with some of these

Entities but there there's so much to Them that yeah you can ask pretty much Most things for them And best just in case nobody has said it I want to thank you to uh what you do Especially helping people like me Oh yeah man absolutely thank you I Really appreciate that um You know honestly that's like that's you Know we get paid for what we do but it's It's like the most rewarding part about It when you get like an email from a Client saying hey you know you you've Changed my life or I got exactly what What hired you to to ask for me to Receive like oh that's like the high I'm Always chasing you know whenever I you Know if I do a healing ritual and that Person is like spontaneously healed and I'm like happy as [ __ ] for weeks and the Same thing goes for for painful rights Too Um If you get instantaneous results in Something like that that's something That's deserved and that's a cause we're Celebrating so That's like this is like a drug to me Like I'm addicted to what I do and as Long as I manage that addiction and use It in a way that benefits me instead of Self-destructing then it's a healthy Addiction It sure as [ __ ] keeps me out of trouble

Yeah on Saturday nights instead of going Out partying like we're in backyard Shopping hit off chickens and that keeps Us out of trouble and it keeps improving Our lives in every way possible Lord extronu who's the strongest Jinn or Entity you've worked with Yeah he believes definitely Free Abraham caraza says they free yes Absolutely very powerful yeah the shy Tan are above the effort but um they're All extremely powerful So you know Iblis Iblis would be who they're referring to When they say shaitan you know there's The shaitan it's like there's the Satan It's like it's a race it's a race it's Not one person but the Mack Daddy King Is is illness as far as I know So I mean if there's if there's other Gen out there that Trump illustrum we don't know about them Let's see Machete 848 any plans on writing a book Not at this time I've been working on two different books For like six years I don't know when they'll be published I Don't know when I'll be finished with Them I have to finish the path working Before I can publish it it's like It's like I've been documenting it in Handwritten grimoires as I've gone and Uh you know unfortunately my handwritten

Remors were stolen from me about a year And a half ago But luckily I remember everything so I'm Rewritten the information and I'm Eventually going to compile All of that into a book into two Separate books but um right now I'm Focused on an even bigger project So um you know I'll make sure I publish The books before I die I can leave the knowledge behind At this moment It's not going to be anytime soon that They're finished because I'm still Working through the system Say Alex B that's cool thank you Jace We'll definitely purchase it if you Offer it as a course on your site okay I'm gonna do that Veronica says good evening good evening Veronica David Craven hello How was your sound ritual Pretty good yeah no we had a freaking Blast And um yeah we're looking forward to Hearing back from the from the people That participated in that because I was I was some intense work Abraham Garza says I had a dream a witch Tried to steal my book Yeah I had a nightmare that really Happened Um along with a lot of other stuff I'm Actually seeing like my stolen

Merchandise being sold on another Person's website right now And I have a court order stating you Have to give me this merchandise back That has has a whole other situation but Uh yeah I had like three handwritten Journals that were grimoires every Ritual experiment trial and error that I'd ever done along with with a whole List of entities that I discovered with Their name sigils descriptions and Rituals that can be performed with them They were all taken from me I'm hoping to get those back but but Like I said luckily I remember the Information and um yeah if you haven't Worked through the system you're not Going to be able to successfully You know there's only one way to do this Stuff successfully and that's to Actually has to actually do it The Craven says I made a book of rituals And spells to pass along to my brother Daughter Also cool James Anthony what's up brother I wonder where you were man you gotta Hit me up soon Alrighty guys we're at now or right now I think it's time about wrapping up what Do you think no I was trying to wrap it Up um yeah that's everything we want to Talk about check out our group rituals Coming out check out the new weight loss

Bill and if you're interested in the in The new heavy duty vampire box I think you'll be happy when you get it As well as the merch that we have now oh Yeah t-shirts and new t-shirts hoodies And Gucci shirts and hoodies nuts yeah Yeah I think we should make a Speedos With the master key on So like a speedo with a master key it Says Lawless above it on the front and The metaphysics across the back Only uh There's just a string there's just a String on a speedo right it's like a Manthong so we'd have to write it Sideways going up the ass crack foreign All right well thank you guys for coming On make sure to like And subscribe to Our Channel if you haven't already And we'll see you next week oh yeah love You guys take care