LM Fridays | Magick Q&A | Ep. 4

By | October 29, 2022

Note: I apologize for the sudden end of the livestream. It was due to technical issues. As well, the chat replay doesn't seem to be working on this live.




Hey guys It's another LM Friday So Let's get this party started hopefully You all have brought your questions And here to get some answers oh just Good old chat So Js It's away on his own notification Yet again so Here you guys want to be with me tonight So I enjoyed last time You guys bought some really cool Questions so hopefully we can dive in Pretty deep tonight with some stuff So we got watching today Or tonight I should say See we got three people Hope you guys are all enjoying this Wonderful Time in between eclipses I know it's definitely affected me And um a lot of other people that I know Great times time of renewal Time of arriving at a place of Resolution for many people So who do we got in the house tonight I think next week I'm gonna probably have a disco Um On together so that'd be great The Alchemist is in the house what's up Brother Uh he says I got signed up for the group

Ritual stoked and this week has been Wild for sure oh yeah absolutely well I'm glad you signed up brother it's Gonna be great Um yeah for those that haven't seen the Uh the new advertisement for the uh the New group ritual so the new group Rich Was just going to be very open-ended We'll be making three sacrifices one to Lucifer one to below one to lucifuge to Empower your own petitions that you'll Write in your own hand Um at the night of the ritual so you'll Write it out you'll put a you know a bit Of your blood it drops fine just to kind Of put your signature on it and you're Gonna burn it thank the spirits blow it Into the wind So being a participant of this right Um you'll be like Kind of taking on uh that sacrificial Power that we'll be creating As well you also have an option to Create or I'm sorry to purchase an Additional sacrifice for a very very Reasonable cost Um it's actually probably the lowest Cost you ever find for a sacrifice on Our site so I know it's not uh The great heads up uh we'd only draw a Video like a day ago Get it while you can All right Let's see trial 72 11 is in the house

What's up brother good to see you again Radionic power station that could only Be Dr Mulder Yes Dr Mulder is in the house Damn best good to see you brother Aha I believe it Um Alchemist you and I are going to have A podcast in the future which would be Great why definitely happened Get more people on this interviews do Some stuff create more content slowly Getting there so be patient with me guys Getting there Radionic power station Doc motor says you are correct Rick Yes I figured since you just said your name All right [Music] So what else do we got going on We've got the group ride coming up Um Got a podcast coming up with disco McCall Um we're also talking about possibly Doing a live together Um as well As with Doc motor doing the radionic Stuff you'll be able to come on live With JS and uh doc motor I may have Chucky as well uh where you know you Guys can ask questions live similar to What we're doing with Helen Fridays so That would be cool can I have like a

Whole panel So yes Podcast The Alchemist podcast with disco McGaw Some other interesting videos on some Topics All right Elka says greatness takes time I'm getting hardcore radionics what have You been doing with it Yes greatness does take time And dedication you know it's uh Uh for me it's been a struggle trying to Find the balance with stuff you know I Got the biz you know things in the Business I gotta work on but my practice The majority you know my own My own things you know self-empowerment And whatnot you know so I get caught up With that I'm like yeah Gotta do stuff for the business we gotta Grow so we're getting there Um red Onyx man what I have been doing With it You know what What I've been using lately the vampire Machines Just because they have a great filter Out and just you know using it to draw On energy and push it elsewhere you know It's great you know all the other boxes Do that as well Um and I've I've set it up you know Three boxes at a time kind of like 100 Killer system and uh done a lot of stuff

With wealth Um empowering different practitioners Including feeding my own familiars so It's definitely great to have and work On and kind of like set it and leave it You know as long as you check the Internet check in on it from time to Time Because sometimes you might have to Adjust the the dials from time to time Especially with like the hunter killer System you know I would say check in Like I don't know every month or so if It's if it's an operation like that it's Going to be running 24 7. What about you brother what have you Been up to with radionics For people here would love to know What's just the uh the hardcore Alchemist mind is up to Foreign I have uh mentioned this in the previous Live that I did solo Um so I'll bring it up here again three And right uh if you guys have any Uh suggestions some topics you'd like to Cover Um go ahead and leave it in the in the Comments because I would like to start Implementing opening up on live with a Topic in mind and start talking on it And you guys could all chime in we can Get going from there that Wednesday was Just kind of wait until

Y'all get going with questions probably Should be doing this beforehand but like I said I'm always doing stuff until the last Minute and I'm like oh yeah Got a lot tonight commitments Gotta love it All right It's The Alchemist says yeah I get that It's growth on all sides indeed I got an operation with Belial taking The livestock of a slaughterhouse Vampire box with belfagore and exorcism Clearing energy with St Michael with the Genesis Very cool I like that idea of you know Tapping into the energy in the Slaughterhouse That's a lot of energy my friend Uh see number six says how would you Avoid Or identify a trickster Spirit to posing As another Spirit during the ritual that Is a good question Um So I would always if you if you're calling On a spirit that you don't have much Rapport with uh you've never called on Them before Um Then I would always have a spirit that You do have Report with Um with you you know call them fourth

And open the ritual with them and then Call on that Spirit Um You know usually I see that trickster Like those imposter kind of things Happening for people who are kind of Beginning it's not to say it doesn't Happen to other you know people but the Thing is the more you work with certain Entities the more Rapport you have with Them they're always going to be in and Especially your familiars you know Um they're always going to be around you It's so like When you're building up that that Protection or that Posse if you will I Mean a lot of these imposters aren't Even going to buy I mean that's the Worst time for them to ever pop up Anyways you know you're calling on a Great powerful entity You know If they excuse me sorry if they want to Get you know killed or destroyed then That's the perfect time to show up but Um they'll try to trick people in the Beginning you know oh I'm I'm so and so That would be my My Personal advice on that is you know When you're first doing stuff like that Have an entity with you corner it's the First that you know Hill herzen says feel their vibration

Yeah Yeah Um You know I wouldn't say that's the end I'll be all you know because there are a Lot of different entities out there that Actually can emanate you know similar Frequencies to those uh that you work With So that's that's not always the case I Mean that is something you should Probably take into consideration with You know everything else for sure Charles 7211 says you can draw a lot of Energy from the worship that takes place In a church Oh yeah Especially this Pentecostals churches Man they get wild bad Dan bessas it was starting to happen Recently left me When I started to call upon Zozo What started What started to happen to you I'm trying To ask Understand what you're talking about or Referring to Dan best The Ambassador first time working with Him I had a few different entities show Up Very cool I have not worked with Zozo but I did see that uh the human X actually Did a giant ritual with him so that'd be

Cool to check out I know that's on YouTube Angelo could a siphon energy Could I siphon energy from any entity or On a vampire box You ever call Vlad tapes Um Yes absolutely You could certainly use any sigil Providing entity for any operation I do that in healing rights and stuff Like that you know I'll put someone on a Box with you know on the input have a Sigil of marboss and Raphael Um I think you do that for yourself as Well Number six says how do you feel about Bible Magic Have you done ritual with the god of the Bible what is it like Not sure what all Bible magic entails Um I'm assuming you're referring to Jehovah And no I have not done any rituals Jehovah nor will I Um I have however uh channeled uh Jesus Or Yeshua and he's actually pretty cool I was actually told By Lucifer to dusarg which uh really Caught me off guard this was like kind Of in the beginning of my path Um earlier supports like you know what I Like about you is your your christ-like Consciousness

And at first I was like you know it's Kind of a comp that's cool that I was Like wait why are we being Christ into This and I still you know at that time I Had such a resentment towards anything To do with Christianity because of you Know the childhood that I had growing up In such a religious household and then Coming over to this path right Um and knowing that pretty much Everything I've ever been taught or Known to be true was practically a lie So I held that resentment even though They personally don't have anything to Do with it it's just the Dogma the Religion but anyways uh Lucifer told me That I should shiml Um Jesus and so I ended up doing so and He's actually pretty cool not what People think Definitely not what people think and he Definitely has some Choice things to say About the Bible So he's pretty cool I know some people Actually call on him for painful stuff As well So that's pretty cool yeah I don't work With Jehovah At all you know Jehovah has many Different aspects he's also the same as Allah And uh It's quite curious To think about uh

You know while there's been so many wars Between Christians and Muslims and Everything else Seems like a Sinister plot to engender Human sacrifice So he's like the only Foreign That I know of that is ever asked For uh Human sacrifice The Alchemist says what do you see the Jinn as fire Elementals and would that Make as what is the king of Fire June I Also see him a vampire King who looks Super Sly hahaha Well Um again this is going to be my personal Opinion on that Um I see the gin As Um They're just different spirits that Actually are on the sub-astro So that's why they're Um They're able to be more physical right On this realm you know there are two Things that people usually tend to Cringe at or be like oh you know and That's usually working with the Loa or Gin right and the reason being is Because of how physical they could be And what they can really do within this

Physical Realm Um so the law are usually like they're All elevated dead right like the get a They're all elevated dead you know um so They're they're able to influence this Realm quite heavily the Gin has made it From what I understand They're very tribal and they have their Own tribes and they're around overlays Ours they're just in a different Dimension but Um so close that they could really uh Impact this this realm and Um Boast gin don't care for humans at all Some do some care some don't as far as Being the king You know what I've heard several things Along that line of those lines I've Heard that Belial is the king of gin I've heard Um you know Chaitan you know there's been a lot so I Don't know exactly I've also heard people saying that all Spirits are gin but I don't think that's Definitely not true I don't know what the what to think of The whole the who's the king of Jinn So I hope that answers your question As with this can be very vampiric though Yes The Alchemist says ascended masters are Really badass absolutely

Absolutely and some of them will help You and be guides like sometimes spirits Will bring an ascended Master to you As a as a guide towards whatever path Working you're on It could be very confusing because you Could be like you know who the hell are You in my house You just miss them and you realize They're the ascended master that you're Supposed to work with So but yeah like I said I Think Jesus is Really cool Angelo says all of these different Entities stem from different cultures so Do you think there is more than one Afterlife just the whole Heaven hell That's a great question Angelo yes There are the nuances after death They're just Oh man there are so many Realms within The astral so yeah there are hell Plains For sure they're just not what you think They are they're not you know Realms of Torment and stuff like that but there is Purgatory there's that and there are Um You know Heaven Jehovah's Heaven does Exist So does Valhalla so there's so many Other different Realms the astral realm Is just so vast Filled with so many different Realms and Worlds

So yes Um every culture that's had some kind of Idea or you know Some type of afterlife realm that they Envisioned will be drawn to that when They cross over if a lot of people you Know Um There are a lot of things a lot of Realms that have been created by thought By by enough people believing in this Thing but then there are Realms that Obviously And you know exist whether or not that's Even the case Number six s do you use the L -i-r-p and the lbrp I I apologize Mr six but I have no idea What that is the abbreviation of so if You wouldn't mind enlightening Enlightening me that Charlotte 7211 says never evoked Jin Before an asthma day appeared to me as a Fire with a face and a voice It's pretty cool Yeah another thing to mention like so Spirits will appear to you in a personal Fashion right so There are Some spirits that usually have a pretty Common appearance and form that they Take that most people will be like oh Yeah that's that's so it's all you

Appeared to me like that too but though It might be subtle differences like what They're wearing like it could be some Brooch it could be you know It all is personal to you it's symbolic In a way Um so all on how they manifest to you is Personal to you Um and like I've seen Lucifer in three Different forms Um asthma Deus personally I saw him Very you know with the human features Um Had kind of a lion-ish cat-like features Almost very dark very dark like uh Almost shadowesque The Alchemist says yeah you killed the Question I have yet to work with Loa for That exact reason I Uh yeah I haven't worked with Alora I Don't think I will Um Personally just because that's you know It's not like just it's not like diving Into Another path working well I mean it is To some extent but it takes so much Dedication and like they don't always Like the other spirits that you work With you know it's like oh you work with Us now It's only us just throw all the other Stuff away but you never know You know

It's really between you and the spirit Spin there's there's so much stuff out There that people will get keep and say You can't do this you can't do that or Whatever I think it really just comes Down the spirit man whatever works for You and whatever the spirit's okay with Okay Number six says all good The abbreviation means the Lesser Invoking absorbing ritual of the Pentagram Okay Um I'm not sure what that is The Lesser invoking absorbing ritual I have no idea I apologize I can't even think of What you're possibly referring to Because it seems like that's so specific Like there's like a Some ritual or something That's not just like invoking so Aqua says they become the path working And indeed indeed now I will say I have been told that you can work with The get a which are the elevated dead Right Um so apart from most other uh Loa you Can work with the get a and not really Be initiated to a house or anything like That Um you just would have to work with Baron

Um seven day and uh Brigid And because they both rule over and they Get a and yeah that's that's kind of Like your own thing Dan Bess says what do you personally Think about death curses Um What do I think about them Um Definitely exist Um I won't go in too much detail here Saying that we're on public platform But uh I think people should Think of curses Just as like pulling a trigger on a gun You know You gotta be mature and Yeah not curse everybody that you know Pisses in your your fries or whatever Foreign Yep Oh you've been banishing ah banishing Okay So number six asks about the Lesser Banishing ritual of the pentagram I have not done that but I do banish Things from time to time not always Um the reason being Is I have a lot of wards set up so I Mean I have a lot of protection so I'm Not too worried about most things right Um And also I like the build up of the

Energy right I have so much clifothic Energy in my room man that's ridiculous And I love it because it's so nurturing To be in Catholic energy is really Healing Um it's empowering animals actually love It too by the way So I don't like to you know banish all That energy and stuff like that also you Know you never know who pops through You know you could have other entities Do stuff for you make an agreement you Know have an ally I should I was just Talking with disco not too long ago and He was telling me he actually made some Kind of agreement with a parasite Some kind of parasitic entity and so now He works with them But if you want to do a banishing ritual Um Most anything that you'll find on the Internet will work just fine Just it's as simple as just calling on Entities that you want To help you with it and ask further help To banish Whatever Blaine cloak says I never banish Now I have I have come across I have Moved into places Um that had a whole bunch of crap and I'll you know of course I'll banish Everything well first first I like to Sift through what's there you know

Because I never know and then if they're Cool I just like you just chill out have Fun Like we have a you know a ghost roommate Here he's pretty cool he keeps to Himself But uh yeah I do banish sometimes just Most of the time I don't Trial 7211 says have you ever worked With any dead deceased magicians before Let me think about this because If you're talking about ascended masters Yes Um just people who were Magicians in their life and are now Deceased Yeah Um Let's see the best way to Tell you about this without going on too Many tangents Um yeah I have uh I'm not sure what You're if you had a follow-up question With that Um You know we all we actually all have Ghosts we have ghosts of yourselves out There from past lives and stuff just Little shades of you So you can actually call on all of them So technically those are dead and Deceased Um magicians have also come across

Um Ghost that was actually Um a sibling of mine in a past life And we both were magicians in that life Um there are also You see the the purp one of the big Purposes of why we're here what we do is To evolve right and I'll be doing a Podcast with disco here shortly about You know the purpose of why we're here And stuff like that so I won't go into Too much detail but There are Realms uh run by certain and Ruled over by certain Um spirits Specifically comprised of magicians that Have only come so far I'm not sure the reason for all that Apart from you know that's another way For them to evolve and stuff like that Or I have no idea Like what it takes to to be part of that Or what you have to miss out on to end Up there I have no idea But I do know that's the thing Charles Yes his name is Charles I'm assuming you're asking about my my Ghost roommate it is named Charles Any ex the Yakima says any experiences With barashakushu I think I am going to do a vampire box Of the sun energy to empower the wish of

Bearish Kushi I have done a few writes with him Um not too many I probably should I was Thinking about doing Doing something that one of our clients Kind of you know Uh came up with kind of gave me the idea I was like yeah I may have I'll think About it you're doing kind of like a Sacrificial right to bear shakushu and Um get like some real Um Real Vellum well not Vellum Um I can't even think of the word Real parchment paper And like uh just soak the edges with the Blood of the sacrifice and use that as Kind of like wish paper And just something along those lines so I have not done that because it's kind Of like way at the end of the priority List but that was one thing I was Thinking about doing with pressure But working with him the vampire box That's pretty cool Foreign Guys we are 30 minutes in I guess I want To keep these to about an hour so bring All the questions you got Let's see I'm gonna do my best because I Obviously don't know everything My knowledge is like I only got my personal experience to Work from here

And I'd rather speak from truth than Faith you know Number six says how did you get better At communicating with spirits Did you do a lot of meditation and Breathing before that or Are you able to physically see spirits Or do you perceive them only when you're In trance There's some great questions kind of Loaded too Um Let's see I want to start with the last question There number six are you able to Physically see spirits The question is yes Um Sea Spirits most the time it's in my Mind's eye now I do see things and Peripheral a lot in most people do I Have seen things in front of me not Really that solid like I've said it on a Few podcasts I've never really had a big Physical manifestation and what I mean By that is not that I haven't seen Things manifest in front of me it's that That solid like you could touch them and Everything else so physical right there In front of you I have not had that nor Is that necessary it takes a lot of Energy for both spirits to manifest on This plane but of course they can Um

The thing is And this is the best way that I can Articulate it and I don't I don't Necessarily know if this is true Uh but this is just how I see it and how I How it feels to me so since working on My abilities and seeing spirits in my Mind's Eye Um When I am kind of in a relaxed manner in A relaxed state it kind of overlaps this With my eyes open it overlaps it like a Project what's ever in my mind's eye Right in front of me so it will seem Like it is physically manifesting within This realm but if I'm next to Joe schmoe They're not going to be able to see it So Um The whole thing of whether or not I know It's true I think it's Um What I mean by that is I think that is the telling of how Psychic you'd be you're becoming and how Your abilities are growing not Necessarily that you know all of a Sudden this Spirit Manifests for you you know Excuse me another thing to Excuse me Another thing to keep in mind is Spirits Sometimes choose

Actually most often choose not To manifest in and appear right in front Of you because it's a very shocking Experience it's for your comfort level Only Um So yeah As much as you think you're prepared and You're like yes I want this you're never Prepared for when it happens It's very jarring So most often times they don't and also If you get everything served to you on a Separate platter you're not going to Have anything to really And no motivation or desire to really Work towards working on your abilities Um Let me see if I could wrap up the other Two questions here Did I do a lot of meditation and Breathing before that or I do a lot of Meditation Absolutely that is key for a lot of Things Meditation And it's not always meditation can take Many forms and that's not just like oh I'm just going to clear my mind you know That's great too but you know I do a lot Of meditation Journeys when I'm doing Stuff on the astral I mean all that's Considered meditation but yes working uh Doing exercises like uh doing like

Meditation Journeys Um That will definitely help you know as Long as you're like Thinking about Wherever you are I could say if you're Traveling in the astral Are you going on a meditation Journey Let's just keep it simple you're going On a meditation Journey And you want to ask yourself all the Senses you know what is this what does The air smell like what does this rock Feel like what is you know how what's The temperature here you know what do I Hear what's you know ask yourself that That kind of will awaken things within Your subconscious just be like yeah okay Let's let's start with those senses Um so meditation is key they're not just Your abilities but many many other Things Um how do you get better at Communicating with spirits Do automatic writing Um and then meditation Journeys Um Yeah work with them it's like a muscle Start doing stuff And it'll get bigger and better and Stronger in time Ciao 7211 says that's interesting I draw From solar cosmic energy sometimes to Feed my set of bodies okay

Alchemist says well that is badass I Have to head to bed have a phenomenal Night all right brother good to have you On have a wonderful night And we'll be in touch for the upcoming Podcast star Ruby's in the house hello All right Taylor Gang what's up Nina the Mystic hello Nina And Alex B What is the best way to break a curse Well it was like Many ways the skin of cat friend but I Would say the most Most efficient I think for me would be To Colorado fall And the oh fall is the angel of Deliverance and he that's one of his Specialties as to you know breaking and Curse it against you You know pumagara is another one Um but most most entities will help you With uh most uh You know any of the non-demonic Kings Can really help you with that Angelo Says do you ever get that intuitive Knowledge that comes out of nowhere and You just know something All the time my friend all the time There is something that lucifuge told me A while back And I think I've mentioned this in a Previous podcast that

He was saying what makes you think that The knowledge or the thoughts and Formulas that form in your mind aren't From Spirit we are always guided Something not many people realize you Know of course we have our own thoughts And things like that but oftentimes we Are influenced and guided by these Spirits And uh so yeah you gather notices that Way the more you do the more the more You work uh with your higher self Um and your psychic abilities the more Your intuition will get stronger And yeah you'll be able to receive and Download notices In fact when I'm channeling entities It comes and you're basically The Interpreter because it comes in so many Forms sometimes you hear them And or you know they'll be talking Within their It's also a combination of them talking And then you getting these Impressions Energetic impressions of what they're Talking about what they mean Um and as well as you know seeing Pictures of things and Visions they'll Just pop into you I mean it's a lot it's An influx of information that you have To sort through and interpret Um so yeah and you're with you know it's Not just the ritual it's just throughout Your day

Um so yeah Foreign Number six I will add To your original question of how to get Better at communicating with spirits I will say all these exercises I Mentioned with automatic channeling Meditation I'm doing meditation Journeys Um You can do I mean there's There's so many exercises and things you Could do to play around with and you can Really have fun there is actually Um I saw I was watching a documentary a While back and there are a few different Organizations and they all have Different names one of them is called Eurovision and they actually teach not Only kids well especially kids young Kids because I guess they're more Impressionable you can really start from A young age and so there are there are Some organizations organizations that Prefer to only work with kids but others They work with Um you know elderly people people are Kind of slowly losing their eyesight Have glaucoma people who are actually Blind working on them to actually Uh work on their psychic senses you know They don't always promote it in that Manner they're just saying that hey you Could tap into your own Consciousness And be able to look outside yourself

Which is your inner vision And so uh you could see kids with these Eye masks on that completely block out Everything they're completely blind and They can read a book or they could say They can tell what you're holding in Your hand and you know they can run Around in like a whole theme park ride Bumper cars up completely blind And uh it's it's insane it's really Insane the things that you know us Humans are actually capable of doing But you then you know do your research Man there's so many things you could do To to learn but it's just that Repetitive nature and trusting that is The big one learn to trust Learn to trust and that's a hard thing For many people I think that is the Hardest thing for all of us is you know We are working against ourselves we're Working against our own ego and that Psychic filter that has been built up From everything we've ever known in this Life thus far So You know you're gonna have that inner Critic you're gonna get in your own way Like I tend to say a lot of the times Most blockages people have are their own Self limitations Foreign [Music] I'm sure

I can't And I'm sure that's possible That again I mean I'm not working Towards it either I don't really care And fly around like Superman I I don't know but I do believe that Some You know there are some people probably As you know stage magicians as you see Probably made some kind of contract with With a gin in order to do some stuff Like that but I'm just speculating I Don't know Tyler gang Let's see I'm gonna back up here a Little bit sorry guys Alex B Alex B says nice but how they do it do You put it in a sacrifice and they eat It or how I'm not sure what you mean Alex B I'm Not sure if you're referring to Something early in the conversation Oh you're about curse breaking I see Just ask I mean there you can ask Student entities to help you you know And like I said it'll fall is a great One Um there's a ritual where you can just Have a glass of wine over top of a Sigil You could drop your blood in there and Ask him to make that wine The Elixir That you need From the antidote to break that curse

That's you know There's one thing you can do But really just asking It comes down to you really don't need Any any tools Angelo asks if I want to be empowered by Lucifer's energy Is that something I can ask for in the Group visual of course absolutely like I Said Um before the petition is your own you Can write whatever you want for your Petition Um Yeah no my whole's barred on that one as Long as it's practical you'll receive it I feel like can we levitate uh I don't I Don't think that's very practical my Friend Sometimes kind of like you know separate Fantasy You know separate uh reality from Fantasy here Uh priest asks Monday ritual still Available Yes it is absolutely still go Actually getting quite a few quite a few People Um signed up which is pretty cool seeing That's kind of it's last minute as it is Tyler ganks asked if I do this sound Right would I be able to ask for like a Companion that could help me with Exactly what I want along the lines of

Lusted attraction mind control from Whoever what You can ask for whatever you want my Friend You can ask for a familiar if you want To you know Seeing that we're doing the right with Lucifer luciferge and Belial then maybe Your petition should include You know I'm asking Uh Lucifer or Belial or lucifuge for a Familiar that's going to help me with This amount Would I 100 get that companion you ask Okay Um I can't guarantee that but I see no Reason why He wouldn't Um most often people were granted Familiars when you're entering A New Path working Or sometimes if you're you know You're working with an entity they will Grant you a familiar So most people obtain familiar through That process So you asking for one and they see that You're worthy or you know That it would help you in some way then Yeah I'm sure absolutely I don't see any reason why you wouldn't Basically All right geography 524 says hello just Tuned in

Hello John Nice to see you here All right every other sins here Hello Charles 7211 says what do you think About vampirizing entities It depends on weather today Lesser entities Rogue entities that come About parasites go for it You know other people I mean I mean Other people Like beings from the cliff off and the Sephiroth stuff like that I would not just vampirize them Or feed off their energy however when we Talk about radionics and stuff like that Um yeah you basically you're asking you Know you're opening then you have their Sigil you're opening their sigil and You're asking them to use their energy Have their energy flow forth for this Set operation Right they're going out and just vamping You know Go for it see what happens But yeah like lesser entities you know No problem Playing cloak asks is kingpym on a gin I've heard some suggest this I wouldn't be surprised If you know he's considered a gym I mean He is actually quite physical I mean he can be in it his workings

But as far as that goes I have no idea A real a sin asked or says who's ready For Halloween Huh I am Getting there It just came by it just came too quick This year's going by so fast I don't even have a pumpkin I don't know I can't remember the last Time I carved a pumpkin But I'm looking forward to that one for this Group ritual that we're doing and other Personal stuff for sure Taylor Gang asks is it familiar a helper In everyday life or something specific They are bound to you To help you with Yes everyday thing their their purpose Is to help you along your path now Sometimes when they are granted to you They're given instruction by whoever Granted them to you you know where they Will not help you in you know this Manner of that manner Um the reason I know this is you know One of my familiars has has told me some Things that you know what they can and Can't help out with and stuff like that But the thing is you have to keep in Mind you're familiar you gotta treat Them like calmly because they are they Are bound to you they're going to be

With you and they're going to help you They're going to be super close with you Um in fact I was actually kind of Um Taught well I was talking to one of my Familiars Earlier last week and he had some Choice Words for me and uh saying that uh I need to come to him with stuff you Know because I've been uh you know I'll Be Thinking of an entity that okay I'm you Know I want to do this and this is this Perfect entity for this and whatever and Whatnot but I don't even go to my Familiar and be like oh is this Something you can help me out with You know so I mean that's what they're There for that's You know so uh That is something I want to start doing From here on Obviously there are things that the Familiar you're familiar with really Won't be able to help you with that's Why you ask you have to you know do Divination Help you with most stuff in the mundane Yes Priest says you and Jay is Garrett Performing this ritual or just you Brother uh both of us I figured since It is sowin Um we should probably both be doing the

Right since we both part of this Business here Um then introdishi what's up man I haven't seen you in a while Playing click says I have two large Pumpkins but will not carve them I keep Them for as long as possible when they Rot I replant them Sounds about right that's pretty cool I used to do that when I was younger Just replant Pumpkins and watermelon I used to like Just spit the seeds everywhere at the Garden and I'd have Watermelons for the next several years I've had one pumpkin last 12 months Outdoors That's pretty impressive Doc motor says my birthday is on Halloween That is awesome brother Who was that Potent time to happy birthday my friend Every other sin asks where's JS Garrett's jscares on vacation while you Miss him this is me tonight No he's on vacation So you guys will just have to deal with Me tonight Um and it's it's you know Ellen Fridays Aren't going to be just Um strictly JS and I either You know we'll be mixing it up you know It'll be me sometimes solo

Um me and disco uh JS and Nicola Or you know any Yeah any combination like that sorry I Just saw a chat here Taylor Gang asks what type of stuff can They not help with specifically if you Don't mind me asking Ah that is going to be personal And that is going to be up to your Familiar It's going to be different for everyone And every familiar So even if I were to tell you what mine Are Um with my you know familiar I have Several familiars so they're all Different right and you know what I say Is not really going to help you in any Way So it's just you're just gonna have to Do divination And if you've been on this path for some Time Chances are you already have a familiar All right avrila since what Monday Ritual are we talking about here we're Talking about the sound ritual that we Are doing we're doing the cell in group Ritual there's a video on our Channel Discussing it Um as well as you know it's up on their Site at lostbetaphysics.com Symmetry what's up bro symmetry says What do you think of the Cryptid known

As Dogman You know I don't know I don't have really any comments on that Man I think that's that stuff is quite Interesting The whole crippins or If that's the correct term I don't know Like Mothman and You know the chupacabra I don't know man I don't know JS definitely believes that uh Uh Sasquatch is real Um I'm inclined to think so I don't Think about it You know there's a it's there's an Interesting um If you guys have ever heard of missing 4-1-1 that's quite an interesting Documentary to watch It's a very interesting fact that Although so many people thousands of People every year go missing Without a Trace in national parks So I'll say on that Doc motor says you're doing a great job Well I thank you sir A try a try You guys are what keeps it interesting I'm just here for the questions and like I said earlier I'll try to think of some topics to kind Of talk about when we first get on that

Way I'm not just waiting for people to Get in the chat Foreign Alex B do you have something more Powerful than the wine right like Sacrificial right and how can I do it Uh Uh absolutely I mean if you're able to Do a sacrificial right for sure if you Want us to Um or any one of us to perform it at all The Smith physics we'd be more than Happy to Um you would just have to just email us And yeah get in touch with us And we'll get on chat and talk about What's going on and whatnot and really Do a custom working for you But uh I really say I really think that well it Really depends on what's going on but I Mean the simple curse can easily be Broken by just calling on in the fall 7211 says the missing 401 phenomena is Fascinating it is indeed very Fascinating There's just so many Mysteries out there Man so I'm at the point where I think I'm inclined to believe a lot of Different things Doesn't mean we'll put stock on stock in It until like I actually like have Physical proof in my own right but I'm Not going to dismiss it either because

There's a possibility Seeing crazier things so Charles 7211 says on future live streams Would you consider doing live rituals Like on Uh BBM black magic Yes we can consider doing that I do want To Uh say that this definitely is not Um Booze and black magic this is you know a Totally different business totally Uh we're not doing the lives isn't Necessarily because of Um Because of js's old stuff either I just Think it's a great idea Um to do it every Friday I mean that was At least a good thing on their part Um We could do live rituals for sure I Don't um I think that might be more of js's thing To do live rituals on here like my Rituals are a little Um How much for Library [Laughter] This is so great but I think I I might Actually do something in the future like That for sure My thing what I like to talk about Are all these topics like the things you Guys are asking you know when it comes

To you know Anything to do with magic you know to Help you uh along your path Um any queries that you have or You know Deep topics as far as like you know Purpose here Um different things about the cliffhof What have you That's more of my area I love talking About Foreign 524 said I never Got into radionic stuff but 40 years ago I would combine every nine volt battery Device together that I could think of Like an EIN volt calculator radio Walkie-talkie Etc the combining was entering Entertainment Very cool Yeah I mean There's really not a whole lot to Radionics man It really is it's actually really simple Which is crazy because you know how Effective it is I've realized since this I bought Moldavite oil the other day oh cool And then you've used it twice so far Ah what have you used it on if you don't Let me asking Hold avoid oil Very cool

Alex B says I want to do it but I don't Know how Can you give me some simple guidelines Well I mean I think I've just kind of Brushed over Those guidelines I mean pretty much all You do is just I'm calling or fall I have a Sigil call No fall State your purpose if you want To do the wine thing you could do the Wine thing where you just have a glass Of wine put it on a Sigil And ask him to bless it and put a put a Drop of your blood there in the wine And ask him to make that the antidote For you know whatever the hell is you um You could do that for anything like for Addiction or you know breaking out a Curse or Whatever you know as symbolic in that Way of you know having the wine and Drinking it afterwards So it doesn't get any simpler than that My friend If you're talking about sacrificial Rights that's a little different topic That You know there's a course on our site About you know the right idification so If you do the right identification you Could do pretty much anyway Sacrificial right the sacrificial right Is it's really no different than you Performing in the right you're just

Adding a sacrifice She offer 5 24 says I used to be into Electronic experiments That's cool man yeah that's interesting They're interesting for sure I thought About messing around with some uh the Brainox stuff I want to actually do a series of Experiments Um Like uh It would have to be a controlled Experiment of course but uh like having Two glasses of water One on like two different machines Uh on the output and Put something on the input on one Machine where it's like sending Wonderful great empowering energy and on The other it's very destructive painful What have you Um and over a course of a week see the Difference between the two if there is Any difference between the two glasses Of water I've also thought of putting like a Picture of antifreeze on the input of uh Or like a Polaroid of some antifreeze Um on the input of a machine and have The output of the Polaroid of a glass of Water that I will then put in the Freezer and see what happens I haven't Done this so I have no idea but these Are thoughts that I've had

Pretty cool Nano Mystic says have a great night Good night Nina thanks for stopping in Avriela sin I haven't used it on Anything yet LOL just on the palm of my Hand's only very cool What intent are you using it for were You uh mentioning in the last Um podcast that we were doing our last Live we were doing about like money Manifestation and stuff Because that'd be interesting That was the reason Top motor says the greatest part to Radionics is the operator One thousand percent Reason magic in redox works so well Together Indeed indeed Lane cloak says will grape juice Substitute for wine not really into Alcohol absolutely You could do a glass of water Totally Absolutely you know it's interesting is That I was doing this packed with Lucifuge long time ago And he wanted grape juice not wine grape Juice but real organic grape juice That's Just dolly go for it my friend It's just it's symbolic anyways So you can have a gatorade bottle you Can

Ah Sky's the limit my friend use your Imagination follow your intuition Symmetry asks safe way to draw blood From the hand Sets You know I used to Use knives and stuff like that because I Thought it was cool I was like yeah I have this this is my Blood drawing knife and you know kind of Emulating VK for a moment because I was Like man but he's got some balls man He's just like That I could never do that but I was Like I'll just you know just Nick myself And get the blood that way but I'm like You know what I'm gonna look In probably I mean these scars are gonna Be visible because they I do start to Scar easily so I'm like man people want To think I hurt myself so just stay away From that plus you know it's dangerous Gotta say that so lancets Simple and effective And you can get a lot of blood you know Get like a 28 gauge Lancet That works decent Yeah Glenn cook says diabetically I said I didn't even see that thank you blink Coke Foreign Angelo asked if I have a metaphysical

Item can I place it on the output To connect more with the energies or Spirit I'm not sure we're here The entirety of your question there but Yeah you can You can put it on the input like a Decidual uh of an entity on the input And U on the output Child 7211 says you could run an Experiment like that with plants instead Of water and see how the health of the Plant is selected Absolutely Absolutely There have been several experiments uh Done with plants that are really Fascinating man Um even like like if you have indoor Plants grounding your plants will uh Keep them alive like longer and make Them healthier Um that and feeding them ormus making Your own like wet method or Miss really That really helps with cops and plants And stuff like that Every other student says I don't think So Well I know we talked about moldovite last Time It's pretty cool I do I keep a piece of All the bike in my wallet I love it

But do keep me apprised what you end up Doing with the oil I'm curious What does one use moldovite oil for He says thank you very much for your Counseling I've learned to let go of my Issues and still learning blessings to You brother and your family well thank You priest yes my pleasure That's the thing it just The hardest thing I will say about Anything on this path is the dedication It takes It does take dedication and things take Time you know psychic abilities and Things like that don't come overnight I Mean you might have epiphanous moments Or breakthroughs and all sorts of stuff But it's not without you doing the work And uh it comes in time And you will only get better you will Only get better the more you work on it How fast That starts to happen it all depends on You And the entities that you work with Every other sin says I could do a Protection spell After my boyfriend came home yesterday After dropping me off from work a random Guy came up to him and put a gun towards His head for an attempted robbery oh I'm Sorry to hear that Uh I'm assuming you're asking about the Uh

The Sound ritual that we're doing If that is what you're asking then Absolutely you know like it says Open-ended petition so we're calling on Lucifer Lucifer so If you include them in your petition That you know asking them for whatever Protection what have you yeah absolutely You know so you continue he didn't Rob He didn't Rob anything though because he Realized he was poor so he threw his Phone and wallet towards the floor and Ran off Well I'm glad I didn't take anything but it Still sucks I'm sorry to hear that Um Geoff 524 says I would love to be able To put biofeedback and other skin Conductive sensors into the radionic Devices Very cool I mean It's all RAM on energy And we all Nothing actually needs to actually touch Your skin I'm not sure exactly all that You're uh referring to this skin Conductive sensors Um I mean you talk about like having like Nodes and stuff plugged on you or Whatnot but Um

We have this device that we're about to Launch on the site just talking to Um Doc motor about it is this handheld wand Thing and it has the pickup coil in it That you're in a it's able to harness The energy from your palm chakra And you know there's nothing conductive And this is just plastic right here you Know so Nothing conductive needs to be touching Your skin in order for it to harness Energy You meant how I'm sorry uh every Ellison Let's see How can you do a production protection Spell It's as simple as asking Um certain entities for their protection If you have any entities that you Normally work with and build a rapport With then you can simply ask them that You can also do contracts with different Aspects of yourself you can do a Contract with your higher self you can Do a contract with your Shadow Self In fact those that want to really kind Of amp up their their psychic ability or Their potential of really growing their Psychic abilities Um You can do a contract with your egoic Self as well But yeah it's as simple as as far as

Those contracts go it's not Transactional necessarily it's more of An arrangement that you make with the Different aspects of yourself it's as Simple as writing something out I so and So you know you know Want this and that and you know help me With protection and this and that just Write out your whole list of Desire that You want from your higher self read it Aloud you can blood it to seal it burn It and pull the Ashes In The Wind I mean You can do that Um you can also ask many different Entities Um That is kind of like a specialty that Most entities will be more than happy to Help you with Um if you work with the netronomicon and All any of those economic Um Spirits tuku is a good one Azero Ludo is what I'd recommend Um Lucifer Um Belial any of the nine demonic Kings Java jar Um there I mean the list goes on so any Anyone that you have rapport with be More than happy to help you with it Um and that's for Spiritual protection I Realize you're just talking about Getting robbed and stuff like that Um

You can All right You can probably ask your familiars for Help to avoid certain situations and Stuff like that or You know physical Confrontations or what have you On dross on dross would probably be Really good for that actually Yeah yeah he's coming through here so Yeah Andres Andros be really good Is the father of Malthus It's pretty cool He can actually another thing that Andros can do is help you uh program Your astral body for astral projection So for those that want to learn how to Get out of your body You can help with that Trough says okay that handheld seems Interesting it does I personally have Yet to try it out I've heard great Things JS has messed with it a little Bit Um yeah it's actually really simplistic In nature but uh it really helps like Harness your energy from your your you Know Palm chakra to really project that Intent It's uh it's quite interesting Think of it like a magic wand As silly as that sounds but it is Hmm So s81 in

Asks what are your thoughts on working With least a few drove Cal for success In business I think that's a great idea Lucifer is great for that Lucifer is also great for personal Development in all areas especially with Psychic abilities to Um and wealth especially wealth Taylor Gang As if you do animal sacrifice for Lucifer if you do an animal sacrifice For Lucifer does it expedite the entire Pact Or only one wish at a time Are you referring to the The group right we're doing or just in General Because yeah animal sacrifice You know the reason we do that of course Is for the energy the amount of that Life force energy You know the more energy you you know Project towards your goals you know the Quicker and more effectively it Manifests Um that's why it's an ancient practice It's been around for a millennia So yes I mean it'll help animal Sacrifice works I mean it'll help Anything if you're on a path working Um It it will definitely help really push Things along

Um Most of the time later so There is a path a Lucifer path working That I have on our site that I offer Lawless metaphysics.com and that is the Sacrificial right wherein I do make a Sacrifice to Lucifer on your behalf to Really start you guys off right Um and more often than not Lucifer will Probably use that energy transmute it And give it back to you in a Constructive manner Just like a you know like a succubi Would you know when you're doing sex Magic and stuff like that if you're Working with closely with the succubi You know that's what they'll do they'll Feed they'll get you to start Um really raising that Sexual Energy and Then they'll feed off of it transmute it And feed it back to you in a way that You you know To empower you in the ways that you know They see fit and what you want Um The whole One Wish at a time thing it really Depends on what you're asking for uh I Wouldn't like I wouldn't list off like a million Things you know because then you're kind Of like really dispersing the energy to Get you know thinner and thinner so I Would keep it probably to you know

Anywhere from one to probably three Things personally but you can do Whatever you like Charles 72 11 says crew vest from the Book of zazel is supposed to be good for Protection Very cool thanks for that I haven't Worked with him Uh take your word for it Charles 72 11 says could you do the same Thing with a flashlight Um Technically Um Yeah I mean of I would liken a Flashlight to that of like an athame I Mean it's just a tool for you to project Your intention and channel energy Through Um but it's not going to be like the Handheld device that we have that's a Little something different that's like Amplifying the energy that that it's Um taking in from you So there's a built-in amplifier in it Um Taylor gang says I'm actually four Months in that right Hmm Are you When you talk about right are you Referring to the pact that you were Talking about Uh I dip it I mean if it's a pack then

That all depends on what you've written In your pack as long as you're keeping Up your end then you have no problem But if you're offering a sacrifice I Mean It's a Lucifer as like a thank you then That's awesome or to You know accelerate certain things Whatever that's all up to you my friend It's never a bad idea I'll tell you that Every listen says where are you from Work seems you have some type of accent Here and there If I had a dollar for every time someone Has asked me that I am from the US I'm from Maryland Actually originally I'm from Maryland But I have lived all over I used to travel for the work that I was In Actually used to be a chef if you can Believe that I've done so many different vacations in My life I was a firefighter medic and Then Um off and on throughout in the trades Doing construction and stuff like that And I traveled as a chef Yeah Last thing I did was build houses Um I've heard the whole accent thing I I Don't know I've traveled a lot and Maybe that has something to do with it I

Don't know But that's just how I talk Some people say I sound Australian some People say I sound Scottish or British But I've been in the UK I do not sound Like them but I don't know I'm just your weird Ginger Taylor gangs is the right elusive for You offer oh yes Yes Well in that case if you talk about the Path working Um and you did the one that was on my Site then yeah Sorry about it you know if you bought it For me I don't recognize your your uh The name on here but uh Yes the sacrifice that's what it's for Um but you can always offer another one If you want By just offering of your own blood from Time to time or you know Anything that's a gesture of Goodwill I Mean you can go get some chocolate and Get like you know some alcohol or some Flowers that you picked or whatever it's A gesture it's meaningful it's like hey I thought about you You know And those are all meaningful but if You're looking for something that really Has like energy then you know sexual

Foods your hair blood those are all very Significant and energetically potent You know everything else is kind of like A gesture you know like a kind gesture Like people will offer food and stuff Which is great but it's just a gesture It's not really the energetically Potential S81 in asks what are your thoughts on Working with sorry katanas I have not worked with sargatanas I had thought about it at once uh once Upon a time but I never actually did Original with him Um seems really really cool actually and I believe if I'm not mistaken that he Works under astarte And he's actually really great for Um love Magic Um Things along that line those lines I've heard good things I don't know too Much about them I'd say go for it I'm all for I am all for working with Different entities and if they're Written about chances are they're pretty Cool because there are millions and Millions and millions of different uh You know species I mean uh Spirits out There all men are a species Um some of them are nasty some of them Are great and majority of them that we Know of

Are amazing I've I've definitely come across many Different spirits that are have been Unrecorded Like no one no one's ever heard of them Pretty cool actually I will say what I Won't say her name uh but I was recently Approached by this one entity That she told me That Alexander the Great was forged by Her very hand Meaning she was a very strong influence In his life Um I know it's pretty cool learning about Her Yeah she's unrecorded no one knows who She is So Chances are if you've heard him they're Pretty cool they're safe bet to work With Blaine cloak says I like the accent to Be honest reminds me of a Belfast one All right You know Um I have this thing though is it okay so I Actually used to live with a whole bunch Of Mexicans growing up like I would say Oftentimes I'll say I'm right I was Raised by Mexicans but really I just Lived within uh you know we're not still A minor

Um and I think that tweaked some of the Way I talked and stuff like that but Then I realized like as soon as I'm Around other people my voice would Change too and then when I was over in The UK like I'll pick up some of the uh Some of the terminology and stuff like That and really kind of I mean my whole Voice would would tweak Uh unbeknownst to me right it's kind of Like that chameleon thing and then I Like catch myself I'm like oh man I hope They don't think I'm like mocking them But yeah It's just how I talk Every other sins is I have an accent too Even though I was born and raised in the USA so that makes two of us Cool Accents the coup I stick out like a sore thumb here and I Live in the south right now Everyone has a long Southern draw I did a there's a little funny Uh comedic sketches for those that Remember of uh Playing yogurt make stingy And that I like I tried to put on like a Southern twang to it Odo asks have you talked about all this Before or am I having deja vu I'm not Sure my friend I know I brought up Several topics that uh have been Mentioned before in the past

So possibly Alejandro Molina as what do you prefer To use to solve a problem more naturally A self-created ritual or use a radon Device That really comes down to preference my Friend and what you're really doing It depends on the problem Um The one thing I will say about Radioactive devices Is it's your I use them for projection Of energy towards whatever my goal is is That something that's ongoing right Um Wherever if I want something and Sometimes those those effects Uh take place immediately right some People can feel like if you're vamping Someone something can actually feel that In real time Um from the moment you turn the machine On And uh also When the machine's off too if you still Have your thing set up like just because There's no electricity running through It doesn't mean it still won't work Um so keep that in mind Um But