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By | October 22, 2022




Foreign Good to see you on here We got some podcasts coming up with L The Alchemist soon you're doing one Aren't you I'm not sure I don't know I'm supposed to do one with Him like Monday but yeah that's gonna be Good it's gonna be a lot of fun And let's see I got some new products We're going to talk about here tonight This is pretty cool I'm gonna wait until People get on but Uh this is the new radionic magic wand That Uncle Chucky designed it's like uh You know Chuck designed it as a sex toy Originally from what I understand it's It's a it's like you point it's got an Infrared light in it and you I don't Know if you can see that on the camera Or not like Yeah so the idea is that you point this At someone or something and stay hit the Button and then speak your intention so I don't know the way I've been like I've Been I've been experimenting with it in Rituals this is a prototype doc sent me To see if we want to put it on the site And uh I don't know a lot of people have Have asked when we're going to drop it On the site and the answer is when I'm Satisfied with my testing Um yeah we still gotta test it out just Yeah I've been testing this in different

Types of rituals everything from candle Magic spells to to love rights that I do For my clients and um we've also been Taking it out in public recently and Experimenting with it there's a There's a series of magic words that That I'll use from time to time you know When I need to influence a situation or Person on the Fly you know there's like A word for making new friends there's a Word to take power and control over a Situation there's a magic word to win an Argument like if you're getting a Confrontation with somebody you simply Look at them and say that word and it's Like it shorts their [ __ ] brain out Like they're just like get this dumb Look on their face and they don't know How to argue anymore so it's uh it's Pretty pretty interesting so what I'm Going to do is I'm going to start taking This and doing experiments in like Public where I'll like point it and hit The button and then say that magic word Just to see because it's supposed to be Like an amplifier like it's close to Like the power you know the real power Is within the person using it all right But this is supposed to focus and Enhance that power so if those magic Words look I mean if they work just by Looking at someone and saying them then I'm going to see if there's a more Dramatic effect by pointing this at

Someone and saying just just to see I don't know I'm pretty happy with it so Far we had a lot of people ask about it So we we may very well have this on the Site here soon small radionic machine Handheld and there's no dials or Anything so it'll it'll be pretty Affordable but if we think it works and We get some results and yeah Cool according to Doc there's a there's An attorney that he knows that he built One for that actually uses it in the Courtroom to uh to help his clients to Influence juries and judge decisions and Things like that and uh the lawyer says That it works I saw his review on it and He's really happy with it and so I Figure if an attorney is using it in a [ __ ] courtroom somewhere getting Results with it then it's probably worth Worth having I just want to know how He's getting into the courtroom well Attorneys I don't think they go through The same type of searches that we do I Mean like you a regular person probably Couldn't get that in a courtroom because They're going to see that and think it's A Detonator you know and be like oh [ __ ] A Detonator with a button but you know Lawyers they come in the side door they Don't they don't search them like they Do us so it's probably not an issue for The guy all right we got abriella sin in The house welcome what's up Nikki morand

Nikki Moran right Charles 7211 All right what's up guys Nikki says I randomly got up at 3am and Got the feeling I should stay up now I Know why uh well thank you thank you You're all in uh yeah this is a live Stream we're gonna do every Friday night Just uh do some live q a and talk about Different subjects to do with uh you Know magic or products or Projects that we're working on and uh me And this guy all day we get questions we Get questions and emails through the Site through personal emails Facebook Messenger all day people asking us Questions about magic and so part of us Doing this live stream is to to give People an opportunity to ask those Questions because if you get 200 Messages in a day people asking you Questions that you know you have to sit There and explain the answer to then you Just can't possibly get to all of them So this is a way to to save time on Doing that and still answer people's Questions absolutely and the you know The opportunity to get into some really Deep subjects too hell yeah oh yeah so Bring y'all all your questions So Rick had an idea for an upcoming Group right that we're thinking about Doing you want to tell them about that Or Absolutely

Jody's in the house hey how's it going Yeah this uh for those of you that were In the last live stream last week Um we had a Uh a person actually make a Recommendation which I thought about and I was like you know that's a pretty good Idea so normally we will have a ritual Or a group ritual set up where we're Already having an intent in mind we're Going to do this for protection we're Gonna do this for wealth we're gonna do This for one half year but this we're Going to actually be working with uh Doing a sacrificial right to lucifuge Um Lucifer and Belial And of course we'll be offering it so You can have your name put in in the in The whole pot as it were but you guys Will also have your own petition that You for whatever you want to ask of Those entities that you'll go ahead and Do on your end the harm Um so I'll explain more in the Description whenever we drop that which Will be shortly Um but yeah so it's this kind of like uh We'll be harnessing the the energy and The power of a sex official right on Your behalf Um of whatever petition you decide to Make In regards to those three entities So the client makes their own petition

Pretty we're just We're just making the sacrifice in Exchange for what they're asking for yes We're putting the power behind it all Right so I if you think about it that's I mean uh It kind of leaves the ball in the Person's Court you know I'm gonna ask For whatever they want but you know if You ask for something outlandish and Stupid then you're probably not going to Get it that's a good way to waste the Ritual Give me a person asked if we could do a Ritual to make him fly like Superman Like yeah yeah you see me flying around Like Superman I'll help you figure out How to do it too I should have someone Email me today Like flying like Superman again yeah Though it's gonna get super powers [Laughter] Well you know we we know uh you know That the humans can theoretically or They can in fact develop superpowers uh Because it's documented like there's oh There's like eight people in history I Know that the scientific Community uh The people that stand up and say Determine what's real and what's not Have declared superhumans like like uh Bob Munden you know the guy like the Fastest gun that ever lived like you Could draw and Fire Two Rounds with a

Revolver a single action you have to [ __ ] and shoot [ __ ] and shoot each time He would fire at two balloons and all You heard was one gunshot and then both Balloons would explode and so they like You know these scientists come out here And try to analyze this guy and like They're they you know watch him draw Like up close on the camera and like try To slow it down and they're like there's No humanly possible way that the dude Could be this fast and so you know he Had no explanation for what he could do Either he just he was just badass it Really depends on what you want to call Superpowers I mean a lot of stuff that We do we can cause you know well yeah Action at a distance is a superpower but It's something that anybody can do if They do it you know if they know the Techniques so yeah and we all have Capabilities to achieve things that Would be considered superhuman exactly Being a psychic being a medium Um we've got Behemoth effects in the House what's up brother Douchebag where have you been missed you Brother I hope all is well with you JS Yeah I'm doing good bro I wasn't on the Live last week because I was down in Florida and um yeah it's uh you know Just I had to go down there for a few Days and you know I got to I got to Check out the beach and stuff while I

Was there that was cool hang out with Some good friends but um yeah I haven't Been on Facebook lately I got Deactivated my Facebook account no I Don't know I really just got kind of Tired of it uh there's a lot of people Like making fake accounts of me Um like a small group of angry people Um impersonating me on on Facebook and YouTube and things like that I'm just Like you know what I'm just gonna you Know do away with Facebook for a while But just a personal choice nothing's Wrong with me I still have Facebook Messenger so you can still contact me There Yeah everything's been good man it's Just been crazy busy and I don't need any distractions right now I've got like like four major projects That I'm working on I have deadlines and I need to fixate all my time and energy On those Just in Lovell says That device looks cool FYI sometimes if A red light shows up on camera I could test that before using in public Places with cameras it doesn't matter if A security camera catches me with a red Light coming out of my hands you know That's not illegal this training ground Ember is Walmart I mean I think about it like I think That that I don't know I won't say the

Government but I think that uh the upper Echelons Um experiment like do social experiments By experimenting on people in Walmart Because think about it you know if you If you do like a general experiment like On Walmart like everybody that walks in This Walmart gets blasted with this Frequency you know to see if it has an Effect on them you're going to get like 95 of the population in that experiment Because everybody has to go to freaking Walmart or something you know so uh I Don't know I think they I think they do Things like that Alexis says I am now at four machines And only want more that's how it goes Indeed here we go we got a whole room Dedicated to it now we have a whole Spare bedroom full of radionics devices And you know we've got our psionic super Weapon that we built it's like six Machines hooked up you know together uh With the Sonic helmet like at the first Input and then whatever you put on the The last output plate gets all that Power from all these different Machines Working on it so that's pretty cool So you see avrilason which Spirit was Your very first to work with well for me It was Belial I'm actually wearing my Brand new Bilal shirt today what a dear Friend got for me Back and uh I don't know what was your

First Your first spirit that you worked with Shinyaza okay cool yeah that was uh yeah That was one of the first ones that I Worked with also so um yeah let's see Star ruby what's up girl Black and cloak Matthew Burrows Yeah thanks for coming on the live guys Let's see and look for another question Here the the screen is kind of hard to See so I'm leaning up close here Let's see Nikki says you could use magic To make him fly Out of a window Maybe Yeah uh that's that's one way to make a Person fly See Joseph Galbraith positive energy all right Thank you thanks brother let's see so we Have any we have any other uh crazy Questions about magic or radionics or Anything like that Um is to elaborate on on the last uh Question was this first spirit I worked With it was Belial and that was the First spirit that I initiated contact With Like the actually the the first entity That made contact with me was shimmyazen All right that's interesting that Burke And I both have that in common but I Didn't I didn't summon him you know it's Like he he initiated contact with me and

Uh so that would be the first you know Real contact that I had was with shimmy Oz but the first time that I set out to Make contact with the spirit for a Specific goal like the very first Evocation I ever did was with Belial And that to this day is the the most Intense craziest experience I've ever Had that really changed my life and set Me on to the course that I'm on now I'm Sitting here I'm talking about magic but Uh yeah how'd you did you did you evoke Some Yaz or did he make contact with you I have oceaniazza it was interesting When I started Relaxed all right when I first started This path I was looking for what Spirit Should I evoke first and uh shimmy yaza Really Stood out to me and I that was the first In a start day after that but then I Realized uh there are a lot of entities Around that were you know waiting for me To like notice their presence yeah yeah Let's see here Uh Nikki Moran says last week you spoke About chavishov who is the spirit who is The spirit and where does he come from Well Nikki chavachov is a metagod he is Comprised of the 11 gods or rulers of The clip-off so he does hail from the Cliff office Uh overall sins is which Spirit was your Very first to work with you were a

Answer that's all right yeah well Matthew Burrows who emits alive Yes brother Glad to have you Um I'm trying to get a whole caught up Here let's see here no no it jumped so We missed anybody's question we're sorry Is this Jolene cloak how's it going Uh star ruby hey how's it going Uh Ellie Alchemist have you ever used a Wish box and attuned it to unlock the Jump DNA and seen any new abilities uh No I've never done that with a wish box So that's that's really back to the work I've done with below Um you know it's like you know we call It junk DNA because we don't really know What it's for but I don't think any of It's junk I think uh I think we're you Know like Trying to access these these abilities Because I mean we're all capable of Doing incredible things it's just so you Have to like it's like we have these Built-in barriers in our brains that Prevent us from accessing our true Potentials like every time you make Contact with a new entity it's like they Bust down one of those barriers and That's why you get a headache usually Like like pretty much Just about every time that I've made Contact with a new entity especially one

As intense as as Belial Um I get a massive headache afterwards And that headache can last for days it Can last for a few hours but the the First night I made contact with him like After the after the ritual was over like I had the worst pain that I've ever had In the back of my head like like I was Just laying on the couch like holding my Head thinking what the hell have I just Done to myself But um it was short-lived the headache Lasted about three days and each day it You know got a little bit uh less and I Noticed that I was thinking differently Than I'd ever thought before like you Start you start looking at things from Different angles you know most people Like see things like head on or they Might try to step out of body and you Know look at it from like a third party Perspective that's really good to do but You realize that there's so many other Angles that you can come at things and Uh you know if you fixate on a problem And Ask an entity to help you figure it out And they're going to show you from the Point of view that you need to see it From in order to solve the problem It's awesome it's a good question now Um I'm sure you do some cool stuff with the Radionics yeah as far as using a

Radionics box to do that I don't know I'd have to think about that like um You know Belial is the one that that Helps you with with things like that so I mean I suppose that you could like put A Sigil of Belial on the input plate and Then sit there and do your revocation Right there over the radionics machine You know evoke him through that sigil Um charge that you know schedule with Your intention and then tune the dials To the frequency like you could you Could theoretically ask below to and View the sigil with that intention and Then if you get the frequencies right it Might help I wouldn't think that that Would be the only thing you need to do I Think you definitely need to be path Working with an entity Um when you do something like that with The radionics machine but uh yeah that Can absolutely help like let's say You're you know plan on doing a ritual With with Lucifer tonight and you want To to get your vibration in line with His you know sync up at the same Frequency to help you make contact with Them you could put loose residual on the Input plate and yourself on the output Plates and so you're then pulling energy Through that sigil and pumping Lucifer's Energy into you while you're outside Doing a evocation with them you know It's way and then I use it anyway

I would suggest Probably doing the path working with the Nine demonic Kings The Gatekeepers on That I think would uh lead you to some stuff So okay we got a few questions here Jarrett Pope any experience with And his attributes or what he can teach You I have not worked with that spirit I Haven't either tell us who that is yes I've never even heard of that spirit Um let's see Joseph Galbreath says what Advice do you have about orders and or Cubans generally speaking beginner Related stay away from them I've never joined a coven I've never Joined order Um you don't need to do that Uh you can you can learn this stuff on Your own learn directly from the spirits Because you know anybody that you know Like I understand people feel the need To belong to something you know and you Know maybe some of these orders out There could you know potentially teach You things but I don't know things like That always turn bad like even if it Starts out good sooner or later some [ __ ] is going to get in to the top And you know everybody's just pretty Much worshiping that asshole's [ __ ] and Um that's what I think I don't I don't [ __ ] with orders or covens or anything

Like that I mean it could be Advantageous to you to work with clear People yeah first started but I mean you Got to remember just like Jace you know Was implying man it's a very your Spiritual path is very individual you Know and you can team up with a bunch of People to actually do some really crazy Rituals together yeah I like doing that Yeah that's great doing group work but Yeah it is we all want to belong to Something you know it's human nature We're very tribal that way and but Just I would be careful with it you know To if you are going to join a coven just Really just really focus on your your Own development and everything else Don't get caught up in Um a lot of other stuff that you Personally don't feel you need or want To do because you can easily get Sidetracked from what it is you're Trying to do and off in your own little Bubble Yeah a lot of people getting the pickles With these with these groups too these Covens and orders like oh I've got People hire me all the time for Consultations they're like oh you know It starts off you know I joined this Order and now they're all trying to kill Me you know they made me give them a Bottle of my blood so that they could Kill me with magic if I ever left and

Things like that you know so this is I Don't know I Oh I don't like doing anything in a group Setting it's not this and this Not to say that there aren't any uh People that started coming with good Intentions but majority of the time it's Usually to gatekeep and to make Themselves feel special and Powerful as Well as to prey on the people that they They invite and I've never been part of A coven I've never been part of any kind Of group I know you haven't either so I Mean like I don't know what keeps us out of it is Uh those reasons we've just stated So Stephen Ramirez Says what are your thoughts on the idea Of parallel realities do you have any Experience with this well I think There's a lot of scientific evidence to To back up That theory that there are parallel Realities Um it's probably more than one of you in Different realities Living 10 different Lives You know it's uh yeah I think that's Probably true and a lot of times like I Have dreams Um you know about myself where I'm in a Totally different life you know it's Like like a really realistic type dream

And you know it seems like totally Random stuff it's just like in a Different life different situation Different person but it's you and so Sometimes I wonder if like you go into These dream states and uh you get a Glimpse of yourself in another reality But um you know I don't I don't know There's no no way to really prove that It's all just Theory but uh you know if You read like The holographic universe And other books like that talking about This stuff then there's there's probably A pretty good chance that we are in a Simulation so this is a simulation and We're just like plugged into a total Recall chair somewhere playing this Virtual reality game that is our lives Then then yeah theoretically you could You could be uh doing that in other Dimensions as well like maybe you live 10 different lives at once all through This machine and then you know whenever You snap out of it or die in the game And then wake up in the chair like You've gained 10 lifetime times worth of Experience or maybe it's just Entertainment I don't know I wonder About those things all the time Time definitely isn't linear on the Astral I mean there's a lot let's say we We live all our lives we consider our Past lives we're living all of it Simultaneously at the same time

Uh a realist sin says if Bilal was your First Spirit how do you know if he Contacted you or not as a beginner What was the question I'm sorry The law is reverse Spirit how do you Know if you contacted you or not as a Beginner Um I guess I don't understand the question Like like that was the first spirit that I initiated contact with like the first Time I did an evocation in order to make Contact with an entity like that was the First evocation I did now I will say That that his Energy felt very familiar To me Um and there were other times in my past That I could look back really you know What I felt this way then you know Whenever these different life events Happened and so so yeah I mean like like Supposedly like once you make contact With an entity if all time is present to Them then once you make contact with Them at this point in time then you know If it's all present to them then they Will have been with you from the Beginning it will be to the end because They're like they're like they're like Sitting up here watching our life play Out on a TV screen you know and they can Interject at any point in time and make Alterations so let's say let's say You're Midway through your life and you

Summon a spirit and ask them to change Your life you know like like this is What I want all right and so what's the Stop them they're going to do it in the Simplest most effective way possible so What's to stop them to going back to Your past self your yourself in the past And making a slight alteration to your Reality in order to put you on the path To get where you want to be in the Future so it's like you you ask for Something Midway through your life that Manifests shortly afterwards but the Entity because all time is present can Make an adjustment in your past to cause Your future to manifest in that way so It's um whenever I do a ritual you know The way I look at it is it's already Done like the minute that that I Performed the ritual it is already Manifested in the future I'm just Waiting until I catch up to that point In time where it has manifested so I Mean Oh it's uh it's all very interesting When you you have to consider like like Entities they don't they don't think Like us they don't measure then you know Time doesn't exist to them you know they Are you know uh their their omniscient Omnipresent like they are They're so much more advanced and They're not bound by time the way we are In this 3D reality so um yeah I mean if

You summon a spirit and ask them to like Forge you into a master sorcerer then Why wouldn't they go back to your Childhood and start influencing you There in order to help you become that As fast as possible Oh On a similar note Um if you're Wondering what Spirits are around you You know you can always do a reading on That manner to find out as well as Say you're doing some research you're Looking they're reading about entities Or you're flipping through the Croatia If there's one particular spirit that or If you that really stand out to you and They're like for some reason even if you Can't put a finger on it they just seem Cooler or just better about the rest Usually it's because you're drawn to Them or they're trying to call you they Wonder one way to test that is to say Their name out loud and if you get Tingles then it's like yeah that that Sounds good let's do that Charles 72 11. The Munich manual talks about a ritual To make you fly Do you think this is astral travel or a Forgotten method for physical flight you Know I have no idea no idea that's a Damn good question Um eunuch manual well all right so so if

You look at like some of the legends From the ancient past like the the Ancient Kung Fu Masters or you know like They they said that these these martial Artists were able to fly and [ __ ] like They had super human strength you know They you know they depict that modern Movies like some of these ninja movies Were chosen you know they're just flying Around and jumping 50 feet in the air And all this [ __ ] those movies are based On those Legends so I mean I don't know Maybe maybe there is a way for a human To develop Anti-gravity capabilities I mean if we See Chris Angel levitate and you know He's probably really is levitating uh You know if they can do that you know Then maybe they can fly you know there's David Copperfield freaking flies around The the stage whenever he's doing doing Shows and um they can't figure out how And you know if if people Believe it's a trick then you can do Anything in front of them Right like you can you can absolutely do Any [ __ ] thing and they're not going To freak out like they would If they knew it was real okay so a stage Magician you know he goes up on the Stage and you know you know Chris Angel's gonna levitate at some point and Everybody's watching and fixated on that Sorcerer on that stage magician and

Everybody fully believes and expects to See them levitate you know maybe they're Somehow using the energy of the crowd to Actually levitate I don't know I've Wondered about that stuff a lot but um You know there's there's people you know Documented cases of telekinesis where People can literally move [ __ ] with Their minds and um and if we can do Stuff like that then who's to say you Can't fly you know you just gotta learn How I have no idea about it Matthew Burris is to either one of you know the Name for the entity of addiction thanks I want to do a swap The Entity of addiction or an entity to Heal addiction Um Where's the Chris where's the question Again Where'd it go What a question go right all right Let me know the name of the entity of Addiction all right uh yeah I guess the Answer is no I don't know if you were Wanting an entity to help you overcome Addiction then that Will fall He can heal addictions uh Freedom mind From fears restore spiritual health Great curses anytime somebody comes to Me and they're suffering from a Spiritual Affliction that's that's who I Go to First and I've had a lot of a lot

Of people come to me with addiction Problems like heroin or alcoholism and Um I'll either they can either hire me To do a ritual they'll fall for them or I you know also offer to teach them how To do it themselves and you know either Way pretty much everybody has has had Success with that entity that I know of Who's worked with him Let's see Charles 7211 from what I've Heard Satanakia awakens the Primal animal Nature It's cool I I haven't heard of that Entity yeah what what grandma are they In like where can we look them up Matthew Burrows LOL it's like CERN is Just copying us with the radionics but On fleek Yeah yeah CERN does some interesting Stuff Some really interesting stuff like you Know people blame them for the Mandela Effect and it's like you see like a Picture of the CEO of CERN holding up a Sign that says Mandela and then like the Date on it you know it's like I don't know I think they I think they Figured out how to mess with time Somehow it's like you know we're gonna Go back in time and we're gonna alter Something but we don't want it to like Cause a chain reaction that is Catastrophic in the future so we gotta

We gotta alter something that doesn't Really have an effect on us and so it's Like we're going to change the name from Jiffy peanut butter to just Jiff or Change a business logo you know chances Are changing the business logo slightly Isn't going to have a catastrophic Change on the future so I mean those are The little types of experiments that I Would do if I figured out how to like Mess with time so Joe popes had some more information on That satanakia I believe derives from Southern countries South America Colombia something He has said to give the man Powers much More physical in nature to give him Great strength to make him He's also the path the same Okay it's interesting yeah that's Interesting Um How Alchemist says satanakia is Absolutely incredible helps my diet and To run fast as hell he chases me when I Run to get me to go faster That's that's I mean that's funny but I Actually believe that you know it's like What better way to get you to get you to Run faster Okay and let's see what does that say About ND go up one give us his questions Andy Blackwood mentions him in short Detail and explains somewhere attribute

Attributions oh okay cool cool all right Thanks Jared Let's see let's see katula is back Okay hey when doing a pact with Lucifer Is it possible getting everything you Asked for within a month and is there Anything someone can do for Lucifer to Expedite everything you want Okay so yeah it's possible it depends on What you're asking for absolutely you Know if you're doing a pact to become a Millionaire you know then I mean you Could win the lottery in a month's time That could happen I've heard of that Happening Um but yeah I mean there's anything that You asked for anything you ask an entity To give you or change in your life There's a way that it has to happen Perhaps a way that it has to play It so that's where the time one comes in You know it's like you you summon an Entity and make them an offering for a Specific thing they're like I said They're going to give it to you in the Simplest most effective way possible so However that plays out is in order for That to manifest is how long it's going To take so there's really no way to know Um the way the way you can expedite Pax Is is obviously you know like making a Like a sacrificial offering like I've Had people hire me just to make Sacrifices for them like hey you know

I'm working a pact with this entity and I promised them a blood sacrifice I'm Gonna hire you to do it because I live In New York City and I can't do that in My front yard or I have a succubus bound To me and I want to feed her a sacrifice To make her stronger and so I mean in That case you just you just booked me For a custom sacrificial right you give Me the name and the Sigil of the spirit I will go out there and summon them and Say I'm making the sacrifice on this Person's behalf because they promised it To you and they've held up to your end Of the bargain by looking me to do it so I mean those are you know anytime I'm Gonna make a pact with an entity I'm Definitely going to you know because you Always say like I'll do this for you if You'll do this for me essentially you Know like when you're making it packed You're making an impact in exchange for Something I will you know say build an Altar for you in my room and make weekly Blood offerings and I will offer you Three roosters the sacrifices of burning Flesh and blood and you know I'll build A freaking statue for you in my yard Like whatever whatever you put in that Pack that you're offering to do for the Spirit uh you have to hold up your end Of the bargain obviously but um you know A lot of people come to me too that you Know they're like oh all this stuff's

Going on I know what's wrong and it Turns out they've made a pact a lot of Times where they did not hold up their End of the bargain so um yeah be careful What you agreed to because you're gonna Have to have to have to actually do it You know And then you know the spirit has to Agree to it too yeah that's a mutual Thing absolutely Nikki Moran says so what's his plans for Someone Uh well our plans are doing that group Right which we talked about earlier and We will be dropping it shortly with the Description and everything that we'll be Doing so that's that's our selling plans Apart from dressing up like yogurt and Attacking this dude and asleep Laughs Uh let's see here getting a little Behind Him if we miss anybody's questions Repost it guys this thing jumps around a Lot Okay so Nick Moran says why does magic need a Ritual to initiate the manifestation All right so so magic is a science Um and there's a reason that every Culture throughout history has performed Rituals I know a lot of people like to Like to say that oh you don't have to do A ritual in order to do magic you can

Just sit there and do it all in your Head or whatever and you know those People Usually don't have [ __ ] you know they're Like they're you can't see the result of Magic in their life like yeah there's The Law of Attraction where you just sit There and meditate on something and Eventually manifest it in your life you Know but but as far as the act of Performing ritual magic that is a Scientific thing that you're doing that Is that is science if you do X Y and Z In this ritual then it will cause this Effect so Yeah I mean it's like uh you you can't Expect To look up a spell In A Book Like It's a Spell for this you know you do this Spell and this will happen like oh okay Well I want to get that without doing The spell you know it's like no it's not It's the spell I mean the act of doing The ritual is there for a reason because It's necessary to do it and that's why We've been performing rituals for Thousands of years as far back as we can Go and um you know we wouldn't be we Wouldn't be out there chopping the head Off a rooster dedicating it to an entity If it wasn't necessary Jody j said I didn't do it ritual at First I just did a spell worked Excellent

My question to you Jody j is what's the Difference you know ritual spell I mean You even taking the time to do a spell That's a ritual yeah spell a ritual the Exact same thing I mean it's just Tomatoes different yeah different Description like Like yeah you can call like like the Ride of the application you know I call It a ritual but I mean it's also you Know could be called a spell it's just a Descriptive word for what you're doing Yeah Uh Trials 72 11 this is in regards to Senatakia I think the grimoire is the Dragon Rouge Let's see looking for questions here Steven Ramirez asks what do you think Are the biggest binds the system has Placed on us religion public education Economy stuff they put in the food Etc How can we overcome them yeah well I Mean it's it's to me it's all one big Bind like it's all it's all done for the Same purpose and um you know the the Only way to to overcome that is through Your own individual path working now Us that's a cultist that black us Black Magicians we're we're never gonna come Together and you know form a a movement That changes society and changes the World collectively because the truth is When it comes to to the left-hand path

It's all chiefs and no Indians everybody Wants to be king of the world and Everybody's in competition with each Other and you know people are only loyal To themselves typically or they're loyal To you until it doesn't suit them to be They're ultimately loyal to themselves And everybody wants to be Keen so Um you're never gonna you're never gonna Build A religion full of Black magicians and You're just not going to do it and um You know it's like one of my favorite Sayings quotes of Game of Thrones is you Know the crown and the faith or the two Pillars that hold up the world if one Collapses so does the other uh that's Very true like we think that government And religion are separate and they claim To be separate but they're actually not Because Think about this like every you know the Rules and Commandments of of every Religion delect like like of every major Religion the the rules and regulations That you have to follow to be in that Religion and go to heaven or whatever They directly like they directly relate To and mimic the laws of society the Laws of that government body so Essentially what the government does is Creates a religion that compels people To get in line to to have control over Them so that way you get like 90 of the

Population under control because those Of us that don't fear going to hell will Fear of going to prison and those that Don't fear prison will feel will fear Hell and the the percentage that don't Fear either one they'll keep the prisons Full and that's a good thing too because I mean oh that's a that's a huge Money-making system you know when it Comes to stuff that's going on under our Economy public education the stuff that You've listed here I mean the what rules Will you know there's not a lot you can Do unless you know you go out and be Active and stuff and being even being an Activist for something isn't always as Productive As It Seems But you know there's one thing that Belial Um had mentioned a while back he's Saying that this realm is not a Utopia And it never will be you know this is This is the way it is you know so it's How do you it's more important you have People in your corner you can help right But it's about your spiritual journey Your solo Journey here and um you know Navigate this world however you can Um I'm sorry I want to butcher your name Kutaya is back katala Katana is back Just Spirits see higher value in human Sacrifices no so I had this question a While back

And You know because in throughout history We have multiple Um We have multiple Groups of people that did human Sacrifice you know Um But also in the clay tablets they'll Mention like you know hey you know Sacrificing babies to moloch and Lilith And all that stuff so I decided to ask Them Yes of course they were done back then Doesn't mean that the spirits actually Wanted them so moloch told me that Uh they don't they don't at all care for Human sacrifices they will from animal Sacrifices but the reason Um That it was done back in the day was Because of you know mankind being like Oh you know it could have had so many Different you know reasons for that like Oh we need your son because you know Crops and everything else or you know Population control or what have you but No Spirit has ever asked Um for any human sacrifices except for Jehovah but he never straight up asked It's kind of like been a Sinister plot Of his don't forget all oh yeah they're The same they're the same Allah and Jehovah are going to say

Um so yeah that was a big question that I had and uh so I found out that yeah no No Spirits especially aligned with the Clip-off will will not ask for any human Sacrifices at all I never had a never Had a demon asked me to kill anybody so Yeah Animal sacrifices yes It's also a way of upcycling that energy As well Um Nikki Moran says I know rituals work and Need to be done but why do they work Or they work Um You know I've wondered that a lot too And that's part of why I believe that we Are literally in a simulation like like Like the the book holographic Universe Like every magician should read that I Always reference that book like I think That we are in a simulation and I think That God I think that I think that the The the All-Seeing Eye that you see Depicted like on the dollar bill and Everything and they say it represents God or whatever I think that that I Think that we are in a holographic Reality that this is really a Holographic projection that we are all Synced into this to this to the Simulation and I think that the the eye Represents the holographic projector you Know that would be the source you know

That is projecting this holographic Reality into existence all right so These these spells and rituals that we Do you know you see like all everybody's Always referencing their third eye you Know the little pineal gland that's That's right in the middle of your skull Between your eyes that is like our Direct link To the holographic projector all right And so if we can tap into that and Insert our vision into that holographic Projector then it manifests in reality So if we're in a computer program you Know I look at Magic as like cheat codes You know so you're playing a video game You're like oh here's this cheat code You hit all these buttons in this order And you get to like you know Skip a Level or whatever or get a new cool toy In the game and I think Magic's similar To that I think you know magic works Because we are in a video game and these Are these are cheat codes to manipulate That game essentially like though so Through doing these these spells and Rituals these ancient practices that are Ancestors created or that we're creating Now or discovering now it's like it's Ways to hack in to that reality and to Manifest like manifest your will or Manipulate it so that's why I think it Works that's my best explanation I'm Sure other people have just an opinion

But I will I'll put my my two cents in There So on the astral Realm Intention is key your words everything Is so sensitive there you can create Anything on the astral realm just by Your thought alone Being here in this Physical Realm this Is so energetically dense this is the Most dense realm there is and so it Takes a lot of energy combined with your Intention to put it to manifest Something within this physical defense Realm So the more energy behind something You know the the greater the effect That's why we do sacrificial rights That's why that's an ancient practice It's been around for a millennia is Because of the amount of energy that can Be produced and projected towards your Most Ardent uh endeavors So Um Yeah I think that wraps up that question So Leo Alchemist says how is the Experiments going with the new vampire Box not sure if it's a secret but I'm so Curious we have yet to get it should Have been in the mail here today but it Didn't come in a day or I'd be showing It off right now but um I expect it to Be good I mean the regular vampire box

Works great and um you know this is uh This is a machine that that we asked doc Mulder to make for us and I was like man I want like a super duty vampire box and So it's going to have like four input Plates And one big output plate and so um yeah It's it's just it's just going to be More powerful and you can vaporize Multiple things at once so So Let's see Nick Moran says just a thought Is it really a cheat code if everyone Has easy access well I mean if it works Then it works yeah I mean we all are Capable of You know doing things within the astral And uh having all these uh psychic Abilities but not everyone Taps into Them not everyone works on them and Grows on them so I mean a cheat code I Don't know however you want to refer to It as but you know it's not something Everybody's tapping into unfortunately I Mean I've had people say like why do you Teach people magic you know because then Then we're not special because we're the Only ones that know it you know it's Like people want to gatekeep knowledge All right I disagree with that [ __ ] I Don't give a [ __ ] about gatekeeping like You know the way I see it is if Everybody if everybody practiced ritual Magic to better themselves and better

Their lives collectively then we would Have a society of people who were Individually empowered and strong and Capable that could not be ruled Dominated or enslaved so I mean the more People that practice the magic uh for a Practice ritual magic I think the better Place the better the better the world's Gonna get Um but no it'll never be a perfect world And um you know I was you know 20 years Ago and I was trying to figure out how To learn magically I didn't have Anywhere to go you know anybody to learn From I get extremely frustrated with it and Um you know really all I needed was a Little bit of direction in order to tap Into my own personal capabilities and And run with it and manifest the type of Life that I wanted and so I mean it's It's because of the disinformation out There like pretty much everybody Everybody that has the drive will and Desire to learn ritual magic you know They get on Google or they start going To the Wicca store and buying all these Books and they they learn all this [ __ ] there's so much misinformation Out there like anybody can publish a Book on on the occult and most of the Books that are published are just them Rewriting some old [ __ ] that they're Putting their own spin on and once

Someone publishes a book Unfortunately They automatically become an authority On that subject like overnight you know This [ __ ] wrote the book so he must Know everything Um and that's that's really not the case Like there's there's not many books out There that'll give you good information And Um you know like like as soon as someone Starts like looking into magic Witchcraft spell casting you know the First thing they come across is you know The rule of three and Karma and all the [ __ ] you know it's like it's all Nonsense okay if Karma was real then The worst people in the world would not Be in charge of it like the people with All the money and all the power like They're the most despicable disgusting Evil human beings on the planet and now If Karma was real then them [ __ ] would get got and uh we Don't see that happening yes because Karma is a mind [ __ ] it tricks people Into using the Law of Attraction against Themselves so so you know if you do Something that you believe is bad Then in the back of your mind you're Like okay I did something bad that means Karma's gonna get me now and so you you You're waiting for your karma to hit you And you're manifesting that you manifest Something bad happening to you to punish

You for something bad that you did and So so what Karma essentially is in a Gregor all right that we collectively Have created and so you literally create An entity that follows you around and Waits for you to do something bad so They can [ __ ] spank you all right but But like [ __ ] Psychopaths that have No conscience Um they never seem to get their karma at Least not that I've noticed Foreign Death Note in the machine got to fly Have a great night Bros glad to have you On brother talk soon Let's see here so Jordan what field says What happens if you summon a demon for Something but someone else summoning the Same demon like if I summon Lucifer to Help me become a mayor of a city but the Person I'm running against someone's in Ah oh for the same purpose yes well That's gonna be up to Lucifer which one Of you becomes mayor and um you know he Might he might not like either one of You so it's yeah the point it's up to The entity it's like a two Sorcerers Summoned the same demon and asked that Demon to kill the other one like okay What's gonna happen there you know like Chances are you're both gonna get [ __ ] Up But um yeah just at that point like There's so much of your personal power

That's that's going into this ritual That you're doing and so you know if it Comes down to to a battle over something Between two Sorcerers or the exact same Skill level and whichever one of them is The stronger individual and more Dedicated practitioner is probably going To prevail it also helps with the diff You know the kind of Rapport that you Have with that Spirit some of the Spirits might be like well [ __ ] you know No I'm not not gonna get involved in That or he's going to say you know what This guy over here offered me a Sacrifice of burning flesh and blood and This guy over here he just lit some Incense I'm okay which one do you think He's gonna favor Foreign Let's see here Taylor gang says do you have frogletash Or do you know frogletash do you think The spirit is strong for love influence Yeah I've done lots of rituals with Robotash for clients and they they Worked out well so yeah he's it's Extremely powerful Let's see My questions let's see here Marius baltazar Rosenberg says I've Spent a lot of money and time on courses That had no fruition how could I have Avoided wasting my money in time I don't Want to make the same mistake again have

You bought any of my courses That is uh Well that's unfortunately there's so Much crap out there you know there's Some you know yeah I mean okay so so All right my first question is Did you Follow the instructions of the course Did you do the rituals in their entirety Correctly and if you did and you didn't Get anything Um didn't get any results then that Course is [ __ ] and that system is [ __ ] all right so you know I'll have People tell me like I'm just not you Know get I've been trying to do magic I'm not getting anything out of it like What do you mean I'm like well I just Haven't been able to get results with it I'm like okay what spells and rituals Have you performed uh uh well I haven't Ever actually done a ritual of just you Know read a lot of books on the occult I'm like okay well there's a reason why We do rituals all right the ritual has To be performed in order to get the Results it's cause and effect Foreign I was raised Jehovah Witness Catholic Not fun Yeah anywho I came out of the closet to My mother but not as gay but as a Sorcerer I think she rather me suck a Dick instead

Yeah probably that's you and uh everyone Yeah her mother and everybody else's Stuff No that's that's that's rough man Getting raised in a religious household Like that man that sets you back from Day one and I was like I know I know Guys in the 50s that that are you know Walking this left-hand path now do an Evocation and whatnot that grew up you Know in like a really religious Household sit in the front row of a Televangelist church you know and they Say like like they still struggle with That [ __ ] it's like when you get Programmed to think and believe as a Child sticks with you for life and it's Hard to overcome that programming yes Yes my own mother said She told me that I was a spawn of Satan But she has no idea what I do now we've Been estranged for so long but uh I Would say how right she is Um Yeah growing up in a religious household It's not fun So Mario Balthazar Rosenberry said Followed all the instructions Um Well it sounds like you got kind of Screwed and scammed out of your money There brother I feel sorry for you but yes Unfortunately there's a lot of crap out

There and you know if you don't really Know what's really going to do well for You man you just have to follow your Intuitions and see what other people Think about this you know whoever's you Know writing a book or selling a course Or what have you Um so yeah this profession really Attracts a lot of scammers oh yeah well It's like any you know like religion in General like um Yes I'm gonna say like like probably 95 Of the people out there are like full of [ __ ] Probably 95. and there's there's a small Percentage of people that are very legit Okay Justin Lavelle says ordinary Targets feel the effects of a magician's Work more often than higher profile People do why do you suppose this is Might it be that the energy surrounding Well-knowns protect them more yeah Absolutely I mean they work they serve The the force of Domination control and enslavement you Know they have protection absolutely So um You know There's a power in religion Like they if you create a religion In order to convince people to worship Specific deity Then that there's power in that worship There's energy in that worship and you

Know it's that entity let's say they're Worshiping a false entity that doesn't Exist all those people worshiping it and And you know burning witches to Sacrifice to them like they're going to Create an a great war that becomes Powerful and the the people that that Are in power that that Dominate and Control us and enslave us yeah they they Serve the the powers and forces of Oppression you know and um there's there Is power there it's uh It's not easy to overcome Let's see here Jared Pope astral weapons thoughts Techniques you know I can't give you Much Comments too many comments on that I Mean I've been gifted astral weapons From different entities yet I don't know Like the Overall advantage or what you know if There's some particular thing that They're able to do that my hands can't You know it's I'm still trying to figure That out so I can't really give you any Uh thoughts on that I mean you can also Make your own weapon so I don't I don't really know I can't give you uh Many thoughts on that As far as techniques go Um Mary says not yet but he bought js's Courses

Or he has yet to buy your courses but He's willing to do so he also said that Others left rave reviews the same Courses I purchased yet they had nothing To show for their results apart from Gushing over how great the creator of The course was you know it happens man It really does and uh You're gonna have to be willing to just You know if you're going down this route You're going to have to Wade through so Much [ __ ] and crap out there now There are nuggets To be gained even through the most Um illiterate author Right or you know course maker what have You Um just You know expand your knowledge the best You can but don't take anything for Granted take it like a grain of salt Until you know otherwise you know Straight from the sources mouth you know From Spirits and whatnot Um but yeah it's it's really trial and Error trying to find you know a legit Practitioner actually Putting out legit work Let's say what is a question about the Etsy Where'd he go I was asking if the spells on Etsy were Real or something We've had a lot of people rip off our

Site yeah yeah okay so so I mean whether Or not the Spell's on Etsy are effective Depends on the person offering them so Somebody actually like copied and pasted Our entire website and put it on Etsy Selling our rituals You know like like verbatim everything That you know from our website they just Cut and pasted on Etsy and the way I Found out about it is somebody purchased Like a Rite of deification and they Reached out to me and they're just like Hey you know like I had them perform This right and you know it didn't work And you know they said that I had to Wait several months for it to work and Whatnot I'm like what are you talking About you know and then they sent me This Etsy site I was like holy [ __ ] like Somebody ripped off our whole site now There's somebody else on there selling Like master key t-shirts you know like Like the master key is copyrighted okay I copyrighted that So that no one could misrepresent it or Alter it you know I don't mind if people Use it if people put it in books as a Sigil for shimiyaza or whatever Um but the reason I wanted the legal Control over that is so that it couldn't Be ripped off and misrepresented and uh So yeah I mean those those people that Are ripping us off on Etsy you don't Gotta Lori working on it so we'll see

What happens Remember it says there's a beginner and For other beginners who don't know who Are genuine occultists or good ones to Order their books courses Etc You know It is it's a live one there it'll step On it too hard It is a it's it's a interesting pool You'll have to Wade through for sure Yeah Um You want to get some recommendations Um Yeah Evoking eternity that's a great book Written by EA committing and like gives You the formula to build a foundation For evocation once you figure out how to Successfully perform evocation and Successfully make contact and Communicate with these entities then you Have to that you don't need books you Just learn from the spirits themselves I remember last time I read a book on Magic It's been a long time Justin Lobel says I don't understand the Whole being testy with other Practitioners thing why stoop you know What that's a great question man a lot Of people get on this path they get off Like wrong reasons you know this path is Really about personal development as

Well as enriching your own life here on This plane but a lot of people are like Man now I can destroy people now I mean It really comes down to their own Character traits you know who these People are you know that's why that's Why We'll never come together and form any Type of you know effective movement it's All chiefs it's like everybody wants to Be king and um nobody's loyal to anyone But themselves and you have a lot of Jealousy and ego like all these people Walking around these spiritual saying I Have no ego right they've got the Biggest [ __ ] egos out of everyone and It's like you know you people like it's Like jealousy amongst friends you know It's going to result in eventual Betrayal like if your friend's jealous Of you then you might want to start Looking at them as your future worst Enemy you know so yeah That that's that's the main thing that I See causing problems with other Practitioners so you get on Facebook and Be friends with a bunch of occultists Like that's all you really sees people Fighting you know people arguing and um You know it's like everybody wants to Have their their [ __ ] legs in the Occult like everybody wants to like be The one to like they want to be like Rock stars you know they want to be

Popular they want credit you know they Don't want to give credit where it's due They want to rip off somebody else's Work and pretend like it's theirs to get The the credit for that it's like you Know if you want to be famous go be an Actor you don't get famous working in The shadows or practicing magic like This is a very small percentage of the Population that's that pays attention to This type of stuff studies this type of Stuff or looks at our material and Um yeah it's uh I see a lot of people Um doing exactly what you were talking About just just constantly picking Fights it's like how how are we ever Going to overcome oppression if we're Too busy fighting each other it's like It's like if we start looking at it like It's US versus them instead of you know Us versus everyone and that's the Individualistic mentality everybody Should be an individual we should all be Individuals but um you know not to the Point where you can't get along with Anybody else that thinks the way you do It's just ridiculous Jayla Petrova says Hi so Tila what's up girl Oh yeah Uh let's see Adrian Garcia hey guys how Does someone know which polarity they Are when practicing Well I will say one of the first things That Lucifer had ever told me was you

Need to learn to transcend duality in This you know this whole white magic Black magic dark Lodge White Lodge Demons Angels crap I mean you just you Need to rise above and work with both Hands yes yeah I was like some of the Things I do are very dark some of them Will be considered very light and even That is just a matter of opinion and Perception you know like light and dark Opinion perception good and evil opinion And perception what I think is good you Might think is evil and vice versa they All have our own moral compass the magic Is Magic And you know angels and demons are just Different species it's there's so many More Different types of uh entities out there As well like it's it's all it's this It's the same thing everyone wants you Know it goes right into the whole Gatekeeping thing everyone wants their Own Thing Um Joseph galbra says I'm getting off Into my rituals guys much love ah bro Appreciate you coming on yeah Robert says I did order that one Ebooking eternity and Blackmagic Handbook Conor Kendall recently Both of those are great books yeah I Haven't read Connor's book yet I heard It was good I haven't read it yet yeah

The evoking eternity like that was that Was that was really the only book I've Ever bought on evocation yeah it was it Gave me like step by step you know how To do a formal evocation and you know I You know I took took what you know I Thought was was the best for me out of That and incorporated into my own Practice and I still use those Techniques today Um I guess pretty good stuff Just hello maybe some people just want To get spanked by strangers Uh-huh That's what that lives were yeah what Felt like Uh do you have any experiences with Sorry uh sarga Thomas I had a dream About performing necromancy with him a While ago Um I have worked with him before uh love Magic wise I didn't know He did anything with necromancy so apart From that Um I guess I don't have a comment no I've never heard of it yeah he works Under a Star Trek Um Charles 7211 says I had the dream Before I knew he could be used for Necromancy interesting well like I said I I had no idea he could be used for Necromancy so that's pretty cool if You're dreaming about it man you do Something with that that's like the

That's like a really big way that these Entities communicate with people it's Their dreams absolutely absolutely I've I've actually Um discovered entities that weren't even Recorded Through waking up saying their name or Them entering into my dream For fur fans anybody says Jared Pope What for fur those furfer He's an entity I believe I have not Worked with him there's really an entity Named ferfer I believe so Oh you gotta say you got to send me that One Uh Marius asks where can I find details Of js's courses please on our website Lawless metaphysics.com if you click on The navigation tab shop now go down to Our products and then under Subcategories of products you'll find The courses and stuff that we have Available at this time there are there Are several in the works At this time Coming up over an hour here so I think We're yeah we'll be wrapping it up here Soon I try to keep these things about an Hour long you guys got any more care any More questions before we go Was there any more questions below that No that was the last one all right well Look guys thanks for coming on and um Yeah it's something we're gonna try to

Do every week just get on and do some q A talk about you know whatever projects We got going it's fun to do what's us Interact with people Um yeah Appreciate everybody watching and we'll Be back next Friday absolutely and uh as Well in the future we'll probably mix it Up too you know have Nicola on yeah and Uh uh disco mcgall and just the whole Lost metaphysics team yeah or other Guests from other you know websites Whatever yeah it's always cool to have Guests on I don't know I love picking I Love picking my fellow cultist brains And whenever I get them on a podcast or A live like I always learn something you Know myself and talking to other people It's a blast absolutely and just having Something consistent every week They uh be awesome for people to tune in So anyways thank you guys thanks for Coming in and uh Bring your questions all right Hales Y'all have a good night see you guys