LM Fridays | Magick Q&A | Ep. 2

By | October 15, 2022

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Foreign hey guys it's Rick with flawless Metaphysics Just gonna be me tonight unfortunately JS has some Some emergency things come up but uh so You guys will just have to endure me for A while I know no one's really Watching at the moment but uh we'll give It a few minutes and see who comes on Let's see here Mm-hmm So I know there was a mix-up the advert That I put out said nine o'clock Um however the video I did earlier said 9 30 so I was like I just kind of screwed myself on that One so now we're at 9 30. and I think That's probably going to be the Permanent time from now on so every Friday we're going to do 9 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time Um and we're just going to call it Ellen Fridays so right now tonight's just Gonna be me Uh spring questions and whatnot Um and the consecutive Fridays Afterwards you know being JS and I or um Any one of us here at Lawless Metaphysics so I might be just going Like all and I uh or uh Nicola or Who knows so uh in fact if you have any Requests Um we can actually get multiple people On at the same time so if you have any

Specific requests of what you'd like to See Um go ahead and leave it in the comments And uh We'll see about making that happen as Well as topics Um so I know you know everyone can come And bring their uh questions and whatnot While we're live which is great you know And being able to answer During this live but uh if you have any Specific topics uh you want us to cover Perhaps we'll do uh videos we're Planning to do more content in the Future just solo videos talking about Certain subjects so if you have any Topics you want covered go ahead and Leave a comment as well as things we can Start about or start on doing the live So while we wait for people to gather in And whatnot Um We can have something to talk about so Just me waiting and drink the beer So if you guys have any questions go Ahead and uh bring them on See who we got in the house tonight You guys should go ahead and say hi We actually have a few things in the Works right now A few video topics Alchemist The Alchemist in the house What's up bro 10 best hey good to see you brother

See you guys See so we have some upcoming topics Um It's about uh I know Tila Petrova uh She's a great friend of mine and uh Amazing amazing practitioner herself did A wonderful video on um parasites and Kind of like a walk through on how to Get rid of them yourself uh I just want To kind of double up on that and uh make Another video talking about how I do it As well as some more information about Them Um Dan best says question what do you think About love spells You know That's a What do I think about them I think They're great uh I I do have like you Know my own moral compass in in that Regard I think Um working with entities to help with Your sexual appeal or uh like glamor Magic and whatnot or um doing any kind Of inner work and whatnot to uh To help express yourself in a better Better light a better Banner I'm all for That Um I'm all about doing rights to bring People into your life Um and asking our petitioning entities Like a star today or laylao a Layla to

Help bring in a partner that's going to Be perfect for you I'm all about that as Far as targeting people specifically It really depends like I do Uh I do agree with that if if in fact You actually know the person And um you're looking for just influence You know Um Pretty much as far as I would go Personally just strong influence you Know when it comes into like mind Control and all this other stuff I just My moral compass just it's just not my Nature to do so um but Besides that I'm All About It Safe So that's a good question to him thank You And this is I can't get into Pacific course but I'm about to get Ready to do love spell so that she can Leave her abusive husband Who sees just will not let go She's very interested in me and I'm Ready Hmm see that's uh that's a little tricky Situation I know I mean if you two hit it off that's one Thing you know I would probably start With I mean personally you do you man But I would personally personally Do something to help with the Relationships she's already in like as

Far as this abusive husband and stuff Like you know the distancing Um them and uh you know encouraging the Divorce and stuff like that if you know They're actually married but I don't know getting into someone's Marriage that's you know whether it's You know it's not a healthy one or not It's I don't know you do you man Nina the Mystic says greetings everyone Greetings Nina good to have you yakova Says with the Vampire box Is placing a spirit sigil on top and a Target in it would you see that as a Great source of energy for the working Trying to understand what you say what's Up in my mind Are you talking about using the the Spirits [Applause] Um The spirit sigil on top and Target in it I mean I see that as you feeding Energy to the spirit Um you know from the target yeah Absolutely Um I'm sure that'd be a great offering But if that's not what you meant then Um Please let me know Hey no worries man I'm a little out of It tonight too man I'm just like Just doing some work he's earlier and

I'm like So I apologize in advance Charles 72 11 says Rick have you ever Worked with any of Sorceresses cagli Astros material but You could tell how I pronounced that That that's a no I have no eyes All right Nina have a good night So As far as other topics They've got going on Um talk about the power of affirmations Which I know that sounds a little you Know Right hand path ish whatnot but you know Affirmations Um are actually really really powerful Um especially when doing stuff outside Of your body you know when you're Outside of your body in the astral realm Everything's so sensitive to thought Intention and even your words So um I want to kind of dive into that And how you can help with uh stuff like That or as well as you know kind of Reconditioning you know um trauma Responses Um another purpose here is Uh talk about ritual tools and stuff Like that and you know go into depth About what what it means to actually be Really uh Self-empowered you know you talk about Ouija boards talk about

All sorts of things and as well as Having other People aboard that are part of all this Metaphysics and people that aren't as Well So get some interesting conversations Going Amanda Cole welcome welcome This is a lot that we have in a store And I know we've taken a break for a While Kind of like it's been two months or Something like that probably more since We've actually done much on YouTube JS Just did a podcast Um which I'll be dropping that very Shortly Um So we're trying to get back on the ball We've been up to some awesome stuff Which we can't wait to reveal to you Guys but uh in time So we're gonna try to make an effort to Uh to these lives every week and as well As some more video content All right we got 14 people this is not a Bad So How are you all doing tonight you guys Have any questions of Stuff Oh The Alchemist I wanted to tell you You talked about the vampire box so doc Motors actually in the process uh

Actually just put in the mail so we Should get the shortly making this Ultimate the ultimate vampire box like It's like I would say four times as powerful so We're gonna check it out if it works and It's good then we'll probably put it on The site Cool I know I'll be using it [ __ ] yes absolutely we're always up to Some crazy stuff man Unfortunately a lot of it's behind the Scenes so we're gonna try to change that So You guys feel more involved And uh We also have more of a presence here See here Aqua says my ass will order that stat I Got the Genesis box after I got the wish Box because I need power Hey there's a lot to me Um A lot to be done using radionics I love It only it's like you just set it and Walk away basically you know it's it's It's nice to have running in the Background for sure for a lot of things Star rubies in the house Hello Welcome welcome You guys I feel bad for you guys if you Want to watch me chain smoke up here Marshall Baloo what's up bro

Mm-hmm Marshall I know you've been looking for getting It on that Death Note but I have to Unfortunately inform you that they've All been sold out so I have taken them off the site but we've Actually heard it some We decided to actually keep one Um so that's something we'll probably Offer in the future of just adding a Name and whatnot Um but yeah they all sold out and we've Been hearing some great feedback with it So It's Definitely a wonderful success and I'm Glad to hear it black blood says here to Show love and support well we appreciate It brother Uh Charles 7211 is using the vampire box More powerful than using the traditional Methods to drain someone I've been experimenting with psychic Vampirism lately Yeah I was about to say it depends on What you mean by traditional methods you Know if you're doing stuff astrophy I Mean you can do a lot of stuff You know see With radionics you know it has its own Rate if you will that it's going to draw Energy from something right whereas if You're on the astral and whatnot

Um or you know you're seeing someone in Person if you're able to to do that in Person you know Um The rate of flow of energy is going to Be a lot more in person and doing stuff On the astral so not necessarily the Great thing about the vampire box in Like any other radionic equipment is you Can just kind of set it and leave it you Know Also what's great about the vampire box Is it acts it has like a filter built in Per se so let's say someone's throwing Some painful [ __ ] your way Um basically what it will do if you put Them on the uh vampire box it will Actually filter that so you know you'll Just be getting great great energy from It instead of anything painful Black Bud awesome you know what as far As you say that I just thought of that The moment I said it so I apologize [Laughter] Black Bloods said I also love a girl see David Craven work with murmur he's Excellent with psychic Vamp as well Very cool thank you for that David Craven I have not worked with murmur but I'll take your word for it Marshall JS tonight no unfortunately Yeah though some things come up and Taking that off and you know So it is just me holding down the fort

Tonight so Here's what it is but he should be in The next consecutive Fridays that we'll Be doing this Foreign Says it's so funny the vampire And drained of people has really been a Subject that a lot of cultists seem to Be working on lately You know I have noticed that too it's Very Very interesting I know some people have Done some Some interesting group things lately Unfortunately been part of But uh Or been aware of I should say David Craven oh and hello I enjoy Watching your channel I appreciate David Craven thank you for coming on Appreciate your support You guys have any questions Anything just keep it coming I just run my Ginger math it's just Awake Steven Ramirez question about Belial What is it about him that he frequently Sways women Uh well I don't know if that's specific to Belial but uh I don't know exactly how to answer that My friend a lot of entities have that Sway whether they want to or not

But you know a lot of uh I don't know I think it could have a lot To do with his personality I know I know A good deal of women that love working With DeLisle a blow has a He has this way about him he's very Stoic he's very compassionate and loving But he's like stoic in his compassion You know he's he's a very strict teacher Um and he's Charming he could be Charming he's got a great sense of humor Too Mushroom blue I can just imagine seeing in these new Vampire book Selling out a few times again just like His last wanted very Probably Black blood well I'm excited to see this Vampire box Absolutely well we do have a vampire box Currently on our website and while this Metaphysics.com so that is available the New one I was just talking about is Still in trial but if it's a success Then it'll make it on its site Charles Hezbollah was very dominant and Masculine maybe that has something to do With it No doubt probably Okay black butt okay cool cool I'll go Check it out Wow awesome Just don't do it right now man you gotta

Stay in here man you should all Start asking questions Getting some interesting deep topics man That's what we're lacking we need some Deep topics The Alchemist asks how do you like the Scionic helmet honestly Personally I have not used it it just looks too Um I don't know I just I don't fit with A program on that one I mean I know it Works I know it's very successful Um I just haven't used it Marshall Blue's got anything new coming Up soon such as a new group right Uh we are thinking about doing a group Right for Halloween on the night so stay Tuned for that if that ends up being the Case then we'll definitely put it out on Our Facebook Page as well as you know in the Community uh portion here Probably just gonna drop a video about It It is Professor X looking it's The Alchemist It is it's probably one of the reasons Why Um but yeah right now guys just to Reiterate we're actually doing a sale Right now Um so it's just 20 off all rituals and Their respective tiers

Um so originally it's going to end this Sunday but we've actually done so well That we've decided to make extended Another week so uh Yeah just keep rolling Um it's tried it's kind of hard to uh Or not hard I should say but I really Have to think about the type of group Ritual to offer so because obviously we Don't want to offer The rights that we already offer on the Site as a group ritual then you know a Lot of people will be waiting for that Instead of actually getting the ritual So if you have any uh suggestions feel Free to leave a comment Um but yeah I think it's something along The lines of uh protection and whatnot But uh I don't know I know JS has a few ideas so we'll pick His brain later I'm actually surprised that most of the Rituals we've got going on now Um at least the most common ones of Course right the evocation it's always a Great seller and we get a lot of great Feedback with that Um and the seductive Charisma right that Is also That's done phenomenal as it's done more Than I ever thought it would be you know Of course I'm just the facilitator here You know it's really up to the spirits

And you get on but uh I've gotten some Amazing amazing feedback from it Um Black bus as well that's pretty cool I've never seen anything like it Yeah we got a whole sorts of stuff on There We're trying to gradually grow the Website it's also got a new layout now So I'm hoping it hoping that it'd be more User friendly Hmm Marshall says can you give a little Rundown on how your ultimate path of Fortune works of course absolutely so That was another big seller Um You know I was actually hoping to get a Few clients that for that right Specifically that really Uh Really like I had a business in mind Right you know of course we all have the Ideal client in mind right and it's just Wanting to start a business Um just kind of right on ground level or Uh you know just have several you know Opportunities and avenues open for them And just so I could see that giant shift In their life you know and be privy to That I think that would be cool but uh You know I I strongly believe that the clients

That we get are are you know Guided by The spirits you know and so a lot of the In fact pretty much every uh client that We've gotten for that right for the Ultimate Fortune has Um some of them have been wealthy in Their own right Um but it just completely just taken a Life and on another plane Um so to break it down to you The reason I came up with this right Was I wanted it to be like the name says The ultimate path the fortune right There's so many aspects that go into a Wealth right you know there are so many People that still think like Harry Potter world and I use this example a Lot you know you do a wealth right and Poof you know a bag of money is in your Living room you know it doesn't work Like that you know there's so many Things that have to be in play When you have to have an Avenue through Which money can manifest in your life You know if you work at a dead-end job At McDonald's and don't have any other Source of income it's very unlikely that You're going to get much benefit from That right you know Um So you have to have some prospects or at Least be open to any opportunities that Come your way as far as like jobs and Stuff like that so there's some things

That you have to you know do for Yourself but A lot of people have a lot of blocks and A lot of obstacles in their way for you Know From trying to create and manifest that Wealth right Um so I call on two entities Um That really are just amazing at slaying And devouring and the ruthless devouring Anything that stands in your way from The path of attaining wealth Um so I get kick it off with that and Then I uh get go ahead and call him Belfagor and hasbodeus and offer them a Blood sacrifice To help you not only will they help you Gain wealth in your life but they will Actually Be there for a whole ride of just giving You guidance you know uh cosmodations Like wonderful when it comes to like Cryptocurrency and stuff like that he Loves games a chance But he's also great at helping you think Um Through decisions that you need to make Right then the patience you need the Critical thinking everything else is Great with that belfagore all-around Amazing guy uh amazing spirit He's such a like well of course like a Bro to me like I love Belfort then of

Course to kick it all off at the end I Call on zazel and entouratsu and both of Them if you guys know just they're Heavy Hitters by themselves and they will help Create and guide you on creating your Own Empire on this Physical Realm so There's a lot of aspects a lot of it's Very multifaceted and a lot of things Come together and really just take on a Life of its own it really just takes you On for a roller coaster ride but at the End of it you'll be like oh my gosh so I've I've seen multiple clients be like You know this is crazy I've had people Book it twice So if that's if that's not a Um A sign of you know how potent it is but Yeah it's it's a great write I love it And of course I'm biased here because You know it's it's my right but I'm Telling you it does some wonders So let's see where we're at sorry that Was a little long-winded explanation Black blood says I like the fact that It's really unique and I have never seen Anything like it It's very original Blackbird I'm not sure if you're talking About vampire box or what I was just Talking about But yes and yes uh thank you Stephen Ramirez says people who are close to Certain Spirits sometimes have

Alignments with that spirit Or have interesting encounters with them Even before they practice magic do you Have any experiences like this Let me take a moment to release reread Your question sir People who are close to certain Spirits Sometimes have alignments with that Spirit yes Um we'll have interesting encounters With them even before they press this is True you know it's interesting being on This path the more you dive into it Um the more You know connections you're going to Make with certain spirits and more often Than not you're going to find out that You've worked within them in the past You know not just in this life but other Lives And also that you have so there's that You've already established a rapport Right and you're just kind of Rediscovering that Um and there's also a connection where You have like an energetic Um resonance with a few Spirits right Where it's easier to work with them Right Um as far as depends on where your Psychic abilities are at you know you'll Be able to to work with them a lot Easier hearing them feeling them Etc Um so there is that so yes to answer

Your question Stephen Ramirez I have Um I have experience like that a lot of the Spirits that have come to me personally Um I've come to find I've had a lot of a Lot of history with them Um I've done a lot of different linkings With some of them and it's So bizarre it's like uh you know I'll Usually meet in a in a plane that's you Know they've kind of designated and uh You get overwhelmed with a feeling of It's weird it's like homesickness it's Like you know you've you know deep down That you've been there or been in their Presence or what have you it's just Something that touches you and you're Like wow Um I know this or this is familiar to me So yes that happens quite a lot Not just to me but for a lot of people That are on this path Uh David Craven says offer a sewing Ritual it would be a great way for People to interact with the spirit world And to honor the Divine and receive Blessing a great night for witchery Spells hexes and curses I agree David Craven we were just Talking about doing a group ritual So that is in the works we still get to Find out or figure out what it is we Want to do so if you have any Suggestions feel free

Blade and cloak hey all hello Welcome Uh see David Craven says I really like Chronic zazel for money work as well I Have not worked well I mean I have not Worked with clonak at all but I have Heard great things and yes of course the Soft Cell is awesome Both of them are great Let's see go figure actually to be Honest Battlefield works really great Um But in close this chronic is awesome He's really close to the Lucifer I Believe it yeah Black blood says that's good Congratulations I'm assuming black lives you're talking About the right or I don't know thank You Marshall Baloo says I hope I'm not Butching your last name it's funny that You say that with asmodeus because he Has helped me with a game of chance that I've been working on for a while so that Has backfired a little because I got a Little impatient now yes no asthma does He loves it man he's he's great at Teaching you patience Um a lot of other things he's yeah he's Great So I wouldn't be surprised if you lose a Little bit But gain some gain some insight along

The way Yeah see you said but it taught me a Valuable lesson in patience yep see Six is in the house get the likes up How do you feel about friends Barton's Work You know honestly I do not know who that Is So like you know unfortunately I can't Comment Behemoth X welcome brother glad To have you on zazo is my Patron Hello Friends That's awesome I love azazo [Music] So I'm still trying to figure it out but Um There's there's just so much behind the Zazel like he's I believe he is an aspect or a face of a Really really Um Powerful entity That has yet to make up his mind whether It wants anything to do with humanity And zazel is an aspect of this entity So there's so much to zazo you know he's I mean he's saturnian Who's that Augustus what's up Um star ruby says Hey behemoth I should probably read these before I Say them out loud Uh uh see

David Craven says group ritual private Dune supper an open group ritual for the Public with the infernal ones of your Liking offer blood sacrifice and for the Public petitioning in the open fire Um You know that could be interesting Kind of have everyone put in their Petition with the yeah Hmm I like that I actually like that Thank you for that David X been at the hospital all day doing Checkups and the baby to come how are You oh my goodness I'm sorry brother but congratulations on A baby to come man that's awesome And I'm doing well thank you Yes Stephen thank you for the suggestion It definitely does help Ah gotcha Foreign normally we do it for a specific Purpose But I like it that it's open-ended like That so Yeah I think uh you're right on the Money there I think we'll probably do that It kind of reminds me of What we call the birthday wish you guys Have ever heard of that I'm sure JS has Probably talked about it a lot because I Know he he does it as well but If you're able to At the exact time you have to figure out

The exact time you were born and then Wherever you're at you know face the Direction Uh where you were born And on that minute you know you write This you have this petition you say out Loud you know ISO and so you know if you Have your magical name that's even great That is even better Um and they make a petition and then Burn it right at that that moment you Were born And uh Man uh everything I've ever done I mean I've done this for years and everything I've ever asked is has manifested within The year quite quickly so I I just think That's a very Powerful astrologically powerful moment All right Marshall says gotta get ready For work bro see you around later y'all Thanks Marshall for stopping by good to See you brother oh priest is in the House Birthday wish does work you have to time It correctly that is true that's true That's like the exact minute set an Alarm on your phone so you're you're Ready Charles sent me to 11 says what do you Do if you don't know the exact minutes You were born Uh Uh well if you know the you know the

Roundabout time I'm sure that would That would help I mean the closer you Got to the specific time you were born The better of course but being on the Day it definitely has power too City and Flame of The Unborn what's up Guys we got a whole 18 people here That's a lot more than I was expecting This kind of last minute Foreign What are some topics that you guys would Like to discuss or discuss but uh For any future videos that we do to Explain things and teach things Um here on YouTube I would definitely be open to some Suggestions we already kind of a list I Went over earlier That are all about taking in the Suggestions Star ruby says I'm having trouble Channeling demons any suggestions on how I can I can Channel Absolutely I'm not sure what you do now uh But I would always recommend starting With automatic writing Even if Your psychic abilities in your opinion Are kind of subpar or whatnot whatever You think about regardless of your Ability Doing automatic writing will help And

It's a it's a it's a leap of faith I Want to say because you're going to have To trust whatever answer you get you Know it's very hard that was a big Struggle for me honestly when I first Started is you know so what I would do Just have a pen and paper if you're Unfamiliar with automatic writing just Get like a pen and paper you know sit Down in a quiet place and call on the Entity of your choice and half of your Questions already right um and keep it Simple at first right keep it and um Then I would you know call on the entity And ask questions and The important thing here is as soon as You Um ask the question as soon as you get An answer in your head Write it down I don't care if you think You are answering it Um or any you know whatever Whatever you you know you you cast it Out as it doesn't matter write it down Don't analyze them either just keep Asking questions Don't analyze it don't look at it really Until you're done with the session thank The spirit go on if you do this Continuously It'll be your One you're also training your Subconscious to be like yes I trust this Process right and you're really kind of

Peeling back that psychic filter that The inner critic that's always like oh You know that's just you that's this That's You know by doing this continuously you Are showing you're proving to yourself That this is real right and eventually It'll all get Stronger you actually feel the presence Of the uh The Entity as well as with Every answer you'll probably get a surge Of energy like for me that is for me Like I you know I asked a question I Know they're talking to me I feel their Presence you know I even hear their Voice now before I only heard it in my Own voice but now you know there is a Difference like you know It uh but it gets stronger but I would Start there and then you will get more Proficient in it that you can just throw The the pad to the side like I I Sometimes keep a pad nearby just to drop Down note so I don't forget it's because Sometimes when I'm in it Um you know you could tend to forget a Lot of the stuff that you're being told But uh right now it's that's how you can Start and then you know you just You basically work yourself up to be Able to peel back that psychic filter to Be that open Channel a lot of us a lot Of the the blockages and limitations That we have are self-imposed you know

It's really We all have access to all these psychic Abilities and the only way to really get Them better is to work them out and Doing exercises like that is how to Really grow that So I hope I answered your question there Um The Alchemist says other incantation Incantations that help bring the power Of the beings to the temple I meet the beings in specific planes and Can hear and see them but only a few can Actually feel I can actually feel hmm Yes that could a lot that could have a Lot to do with your resonance with them And they're your rapport with them Um And he can date other and conditions Yes uh There's one uh See a a gift Uh sinach Aku it's And you can thank Connor Kendall for That one Um I will probably mess You can message me I think you have my Email on Facebook you can go ahead and Message me or anyone you can message the Facebook page for the spelling of that But that's really helps bring about uh It draws more power into you Um which is great for doing workings and

Stuff like that City and Flame of The Unborn Burning Patchouli and Sandalwood burning Sigils that's it in meditation I'm not sure what the Lotus position I'm not sure what that's in reference to I'll probably find out here shortly here Charles 7211 I often find that I Involuntary involuntarily open energy Channels to people and objects near me Sometimes drawing from it is there any Way to gain more control over this I don't want to take in something bad Yes Shield Um but a lot of people are actually Really naturally gifted with Psychic vampirism and you know a lot of People You know they're they go a lot of people Will be like yeah I'm really empathic I'm really empathic you know and really They're just like vampires You know it's it's because you're really Feeding on the people uh and their Energy and stuff like that Um But yeah you can consciously put a stop To it if you know you're you're really Doing it Um I was just put a shield up and to Control you know what you're getting That to make sure it's good enough bad If you're purposely trying to Vamp

Someone then just as you would Envision A tentacle you should Envision a filter As well that it comes through and even Doing that actually makes a huge Significant difference Uh Steven Ramirez can you give a Specific diet to increase spiritual Sensitivity which foods to eat which Ones to avoid Etc Well Stephen I am not a nutritionist by Any means Normally really You know one to talk to about that Um I can tell you what I do Um And what I have I have come to to learn Um but that's again my personal opinion I guess you were asking that um I would avoid at all cost any seed oils Olive oil is okay you know in small Quantities but I would personally cook With if you're going to use an oil use Like Tallow and stuff like that most Seed oils like grapeseed oil avocado oil Everything else they're actually full of Oxalates and um actually promote Inflammation Sorry yeah just I would stay away from junk food eat Clean Um Personally I'm on a Semi carnivore diet I say cyanide Because I'm drinking beer on true

Carnivore diet all you eat is meat and Water Yeah Some Dairy just stay away from milk Because milk still has you know milk Sugars and stuff like that so you know The creamier the better Um that's my personal thing but you guys Do do whatever I know people have gotten Great results so just eating clean and Um Uh T's help too basically you're going To clean your lymph system And your lymph system will do the rest So clean out your blood and everything Else Um I think the most important thing that I Could probably offer you there is water Make sure you structure your water have Clean water no fluoride because all that Stuff really calcifies your pineal gland Um and it does make it harder to do a Lot of different things especially on The astral When you get out of your body it no Longer matters but if you're still doing Stuff within you're still staying put in Your body That'll affect it Um but if I mean I will wrap this up by saying your diet Your personal preference whatever you Guys want whatever makes you feel good

You know uh everyone's body's different And it does help yes it will help you Spiritually to eat clean But the most important thing if you want To you know really Enhance your psychic abilities is to do Exercises Um work out those those uh psychic Senses that you have so you have your Mundane senses you have that in the Astral sense right so when you do Meditation Journeys and stuff ask Yourself You know what what does this feel like What uh what does it smell like stuff Like that use all those senses and You'll start to notice those starting to Awaken and Um because you you told your your body Basically you told your Consciousness You know uh I want to use this and so It'll some stuff some things will start Happening like you'll be able to you'll Probably watch something and be able to Smell it you know that's Weird things start happening but you Know do stuff like that automatic Writing there are a whole bunch of Exercises you can do All right so I'm getting a little bit Behind here the priest says I purchased Your psych empowerment ritual I'm Looking forward to the elite right Helping with my path working with

Psychic empowerment thank you yes Experience I did see that thank you and Yes I look forward to working with you On that I think uh some great stuff will Come from that Obsidian flame of The Unborn allowance As well you have to allow them to take Control and trust them beyond the Christian fear that resides in the Subconscious If you're talking to like if you're Talking about the psychic abilities and Stuff Yeah I mean The control portion and the trust I Would definitely agree with that like I Said a lot of the blockages and Limitations that we all have are Self-imposed And it really has everything to do with Um every our life experiences Um in childhood you know any authority Figure parents saying hey that's not Real that wasn't a dream whatever or are You not having very many you know Paranormal experiences as the kid or are Growing up or whatnot you know you only Have this Physical Realm that you've had To contend with up to this point and so Dealing with anything beyond it it's It's quite a stretch for a lot of people And so you have a lot of things that you Have to work through to be able to Accept the fact that you're able to do

That you know Um so there's a lot of barriers you have To work through for yourself to even Um Get there the argument says hell yes Thank you brother absolutely Obsidian flame of the unicorns let's ask A specific demon like asthma Deus his Presence is undeniable Indeed indeed I'll add one more to the List King baimon He's he's fun Very physical Um check your moon placement as well and You'll find more stuff okay Charles 72 11 says interesting I never thought of a Shield I usually imagine a blade cutting Tendrils Yes you could do you can Envision However you want to as long as your Intention is like I want to stop this You know Um but if you like walk into Establishment and you're like a man uh I Don't want to take anything in Especially if you're used to vamping People then I would Shield yourself like Have I intention I want to Shield myself To not you know Vamp anybody you know But be careful when you do that because You might stick out like a sore thumb Like people kind of kind of like keep Their distance you know You know some people like being fed on

You know it's I know even though they're They're consciously not aware of it that Moving of energy You know it's kind of like when you give Blood you know you're when you give Bud Your body's forced to make you know more Blood and stuff like that it feels you Feel great afterwards Maybe not immediately afterwards but the Same the same concept applies when Someone Fancy See black blood says I'm on a diet of Eating clean as well that's awesome Great for you Um yeah like I said Eating clean is great I mean I am Definitely not a model of Uh eating Perfection because I'm drinking beer and I'm smoking Cigarettes But yeah for the most part Menace Just keep away from junk food and that's At least stuff in the right direction I'll eventually get my act together Don't worry There's hoping Rafael's been On me about it Blade and cloak says I'm fasting today It feels great hell yeah Um Black glasses I boil Oh I boil all my water It's great oh yeah

Giannina I hope we can say your name Right because how can I order an extra Plate for my vampire she thank you Um well you could simply send us a Message through the site I'd have to ask Dark motor how much she'd we don't offer That on the site at this moment it's not Up as like an accessory you can buy but We do offer it like you know if you Message us we'll ask stock motor how Much you'd charge and um Yeah well I'll make it happen for you All right David Craven says oh well maybe to too Much info but I enjoy feeding off of my Sexual partners they are just [ __ ] boys Anyways Also while Feed what are you guys doing with the Energy How are you using it to improve your Life Uh well I think that's kind of a first Question I mean because there's the Nuances with that I mean There's so many things you can do Sexual Energy is is pretty potent So you know if you work with a incuba or The Um you know an incubus or a succubus What they will do will help you really Feel that Sexual Energy and they will Feed off that transmute that and feed it Back to you however you need it to be

You know Um so in a sense If you're vamping your partners then you Can put that energy towards anything you Want you know manifests something or to Awaken and Empower certain Um Energy centers Uh whatever I mean the sky's the limit But it is pretty powerful energy Void says hi all hello Alchemist says psilocybin opens up that Spiritual side for you for sure In ayahuasca I will agree absolutely I I personally am not I don't really take Any any uh I haven't done too many um Stuff like that I have done Ayahuasca And I have done DMT and those were Definitely Life-changing David Craven says yes I used to I'm Power And enhance other areas in my life great To me personally I often like to empower David I like to off uh usually feed that Energy to my lower dantean it is if That's one of That's Energy Center that actually holds And retains energy So you can really pump that up And so that's what I use and you can you

Could do so much with that Raise your Kundalini you can do all Sorts of things Veronica says hello again hello Veronica Uh Forgive me if I butcher your name Avrila avriela sin hello Obsidian flame yep you understand you Understand the DMT I know what you meant David Charles 7211 would using a shield cause Difficulties when you intentionally Tried to drain someone No It's uh In the moment you put that intention Like I'm gonna Vamp someone then you Know it shows irrelevant Um Especially when you're doing stuff like That intention is key people really Underestimate that like you do so much And I I'm definitely a big believer in that Only because when once you're able to Understand how that even affects them Um everything you do in the astral like You realize that this Physical Realm is The same Uh I have a question do you guys perform Any type of forgive me spells Hmm Uh we don't have anything specifically Like that but we do offer offer customer

Tools so you can feel free to Uh send us an email at support At Lawless metaphysics.com or through The contact form on our site Wallaceminophysics.com and we can kind Of go over uh what kind of Rights you Know would be best for you and when it Comes to Um forgiving and I I guess I have to Find out more what you mean are you Having trying to have someone forgive You or you know You trying to get to a point to forgive Someone so it depends on what you're Doing but I in either case yes we could Help and yes we can do that Uh the boy says curious to know if Anyone has effectively cursed anyone With just a candle on focused intention I'm sure I'm sure intention is key I just I just You know it's uh Depends how skilled you are It just comes back to the psychic Abilities you know the the more you grow It the stronger it gets and yeah you Wouldn't you realize throughout the path That You really don't need anything I know I know when a lot of people get On this path they're like man it's great I want to have this giant amazing altar I want to get this I want to get an Anatomy I want to have all these

Different candles and all this other Stuff I mean all those things are Advantageous to you for sure but when You boil it all down you really don't Need anything so yes just having a Candle and you focus with your intention You can You can do some stuff I um it's all about how much energy You're really pushing towards that Endeavor that's one of the reasons why We do sacrificial rights is because of The amount of energy we can push towards That manifestation of desired intent Charles sent me to 11 says I curse Someone with a candle and a cardboard Effigy yes huh say there you go prime Example Okay I've I'm sorry I I really have you have to I don't know how to pronounce your name Avariella Uh I didn't mean on here I meant uh Through uh a confidential email you can There's a form on our uh website uh Lossmanphysics.com or you can uh email Us directly at uh support lost Metaphysics.com But yeah no you don't have to come All right let's see what time we got Here 9 24. we're coming up on an hour Guys So uh Let's see if we get any

Good questions on here Before we uh wrap it up Veronica says I Went back and listened to JS about Reading evoking eternity by EA I went Ahead and bought it tell him thank you For the recommendation Well that is there's lovely Veronica I'm Glad you got some worth out of that Um EA is not part of Lawless metaphysics Just let you know I know we've had them On the channel and stuff like that and We are friends but Um he's not part of Wallace metaphysics So I mean I'm not really in touch with Him on the daily so If I ever do talk to him sure I'll pass It along Alexandra okay that is much easier to Pronounce Thank you All right star Ruby's question when Performing a spell curse and there are Not any results within a couple of Months should another spell course be Performed yes Uh it depends on what you did but I'm Just gonna I I will say there's no harm in doing it Again I mean you kind of want I mean we All aim for you know immediate results I Mean I know some things take a while to Kind of manifest depending what you did Um especially if you hand it over to a

Specific entity like you know Um You know I I give this person as a Sacrifice whatever do do whatever Um if you are cursing someone in that Manner then you I would leave it up to The spirit then in that case Um or petition them to do some more Stuff but Yeah if you don't really see any results Do it again Void says we're working with multiple Spirits enhance or expedite that work Trying to think What uh you're referring to talk about Psychic abilities yes absolutely working With multiple Spirits in general will Help you and expedite you on your path Absolutely they all have something to Offer you I mean I have gone out of my way to call on Certain entities uh to help me you know I have had a certain You know thing that I wanted to Accomplish Sought out the right entity I thought Would be great for the task right Um but most of the time I've had a lot Of spirits come to me and say hey you Need to work with me you need you know And I want to teach you this and whatnot And so so many different Spirits have Different Specialties and different Things that they actually

Um Would really really help you with Um I was about to say that uh [Music] They know Often I would pay attention if any Entity comes to you because chances are They they all know where you're at Psychically they all know what you need To work on Um as well as they already know they're Best suited for you Um so yes working with lots of different Entities will only expedite your your Path for sure David Craven says attack at night while Your target is sleeping also make sure They don't have protections Yeah sure You know It's a lot of things I can Say about that but we are on YouTube so I do have to keep that painful talk to a Minimum The Alchemist says I have tried I have They head to bed They have you all back on Fridays take It easy brother Take it easy good to see you brother I'll see you next Friday You are quite welcome star ruby Oh with regard to cursing Uh We'll avoid in that

When you say in regard to cursing Uh sometimes sometimes uh it depends What you're doing I know that's not a Really Direct answer but the reason I say that Is because if you do offer You know your target up as a sacrifice To a certain entity it is kind of I Would think a little disrespectful to Then encroach upon that again right if You were like you know got some other Entity involved to do something else and Like taking away that energy that would Have otherwise been for the original Entity that she had to set up it depends On what you You uh ended up doing but if you're just You know having them to like do their Worst you know uh then yes sometimes you Can have a whole Legion after someone That's great Um or you could do stuff yourself and Then I mean there's a lot of things you could Do on Astro uh but yeah more entities Sure I would say more the better Gianna s says when it comes to animal Sacrifice would you do different animals For different outcomes Yes Um we use chickens Uh obviously that's what we we offer With all our rights chickens are just Great but yes there are different entity

I mean sorry There are different animals that also Provide like a different type of energy Right like using a serpent it has a very Very healing Um Energy about it and rabbits or rabbits Really uh Spike up that libido so yes to Answer your question that is very much The case Blaine cloak Okay let's see Veronica says how and what source do you Use when you research different entities There's a lot of info out there there is Um that is a trouble that's trouble that A lot of people have you know go through Um Because the Internet is filled I mean Just Google something you'll wave Through so much crap out there And so What I I mean personally I reach out to Different entities and ask them directly Right but I wasn't you know that wasn't Always the case obviously I wasn't able To do that Um I would say follow your intuition Follow your intuition and don't take Everything for granted until you know Otherwise Um it's great to have that approach Um But yeah I mean it's great to to enhance

Your knowledge in every way and you can Read all a bunch of books and you know Take everything with a grain of salt Because there are nuggets of gold and Everything Um until you're able to actually make Contact with the entities and view you Know get the information straight from The horse's mouth then You know Uh you have a different experience there Like there's a lot of things that I've Read that I've come to find out that Aren't true you know Um But yes it is difficult when you know You don't you're not able to have that Consistent conversation with an entity It's really hard to To fill your brain with a lot of stuff And not know whether it's true or not But it is great to learn however just Don't take it for granted Until you know otherwise Alexandra said how was your Ayahuasca Experience just curious if it's personal You don't have to share Oh no it's that's totally Um not personal at all uh to be honest My Ayahuasca Journey or experience was Really not that That profound like in the moment now I Know it was kind of life-changing for me Because it helped me like unfold a lot

Of things and it really helped me a Shadow work to be honest Um but in the moment Um I don't really get much of it to be Honest I I didn't even know what I was Doing at first I was doing like this Work away thing in in Hawaii like years Ago And I was part of this Uh group if you will Don't want to call it a cult but it Probably was and there was this Neighboring property with a bunch of People that Definitely were a call and uh they're Like we we're doing the ceremony we're Gonna they call it a church and like oh You gotta be part of it and of course I Was going with the flow Beckham those Days and I was like okay we're drinking What now [Laughter] Uh the person who was in charge of it All Um Ashley came up to me after we did Like our first drink and asked me if I Saw anything yet I didn't know really What she was referring to I'm like what What are you talking about and she goes Oh you will now she gave me a second Guys so honestly I just saw geometric Shapes and everything I just sat there And just

Just looked at the whole Uh scenery about around me and just kind Of like took it all in and then fell Asleep But a lot of things uh like my Perceptions and awareness kind of Shifted after that moment uh so I was Analyzing things a little differently And I I would attribute a lot of changes In my life from uh from that time on From that experience Child 72 lemon do you think blood from Different parts of the body has Different properties You know that's a good question I Um I wouldn't think so Um Oh yeah I don't know ma'am that's a good Question Ah voice is okay that's what I was Wondering thank you of course All right David Craven have a good night Brother Happy someone to you as well Giannina says so much info thank you of Course absolutely Uh void says how well does iron help With protection like have you or anyone Ever laid some around your personal Space and have that be helpful Uh uh yes I have used uh like a little As long as it's like pure iron not steel Right steel has you know high carbon

Content iron does not it's like a pig Iron Um it it does have a lot of protective Uh qualities to it and Um I will say that has some benefit I I Obviously won't rely on that Um But they do say that I've heard so I Don't know how true it is but I've heard That some Gin actually don't like iron Um obviously I don't think that That applies to The vast majority of the gym But it does have protective qualities Just like you know most gemstones have Certain qualities about them it's It's to that level I wouldn't rely on it But it's nice to have Um Alexandra interesting Yes About the only Gemstone I really I mean I do you can Tell I love gemstones but the only one That I really think has great Significance to it apart from moldavite Is quartz's Crystal Because you could do a lot with quartz You can program it it's like kind of an Empty slate uh I'm sorry an empty slate As well as it's like a huge amplifier of Energy So having lots of courts around really Really helps And uh yeah you can program for all

Sorts of stuff and just carry around With you Put a piece of quartz in your wallet you Program it so you know to bring more Wealth and prosperity in your life be Surprised what happens Alexander says have you worked with Moldavite before yes We talked about the wallet thing I have Moldavite in my wallet that's what those Bulges Yes It has an interesting Resonance to it It's uh can be quite intense I've heard Uh for other people Um Personally I just fell drawn to it I Like it Um But uh For me having something green in my Wallet is great and so moldavite Happened to be what I wanted and I like Moldavite and there's even moldovite Pieces on here I love it Charles says EA talks about obsidian a lot Obsidian is great I like obsidian it's It's very protective I like obsidian I like uh jet I like Um

Black tourmaline It's probably one of my favorites City and Flame that I'm born if they Like iron they're not gin spirits We just identify them by what we know we Don't know all spirits still in 2022 a Cosmological understanding is lacking Or hour Well as far as knowing all Spirits Absolutely there are millions Like I've come across A few on my path that has never been Recorded before Oh it's cool but yeah there's millions Of them out there Uh if they like iron they're not gin Maybe hap maybe happier right I don't Know I don't really have that much experience Working with the gym Blade and cloak blue tourmaline Hmm I've looked it up that actually Sounds cool Veronica have you experienced any Resistance from astral entities during An evocation more like distracting Phenomena when you're trying to make Contact Absolutely I think that really Happens a lot to people who Well that's not necessarily true I was Going to say it really happens to people Really just getting started I mean You're going to have all sorts of

Distractions and and stuff start Happening to really keep you from like Almost like it's keeping you from doing What you're doing Um and I don't know exactly why that is Um but every now and then you it's a Weird phenomenon it's kind of like that Resistance to actually perform a ritual Um I really don't know what to really chalk That up to I wouldn't say necessarily That it'd be astral entities Um I mean think about it you you if You're calling on if you are calling on Some really powerful beings That's like The worst moment to be brumrushed by any Other experience any astral parasite or Whatever that's that's the one point That they Would not interfere with you But yes there is a phenomenon about like That that resistance I know JD has Talked about that in the past JD Temple There's there's something something to That Um I've experienced it I still Experience it from time to time Playing Coke says I have one set in a Ring It's awesome Alexander which Stone do you recommend That will protect you from people's Negative energy towards you

Like I said I like stones they're great But I wouldn't rely heavily towards them I mean it's just like a little like Think of it like a little bonus Point Like it's They definitely have good properties About them and they can help And a lot of myriads of different ways But uh I wouldn't rely on them to do Just that right Um For instance protection I would not rely On a stone just protection but it helps And it's answering your question Uh yes black tourmaline is great Also Um Hematite hematite is awesome it helps uh Grounding and is actually very Protective As well Uh I never talk about you know the Efficacy of some of these stones but Jade a lot of people don't realize Jade Is actually really great when you're Doing necromancy you're working with any Uh you know Yeah any type of necromantic workings You know to Jade helps against death Energy so it doesn't like physically Affect you as much I see that a lot a lot of people do some They get into Uh necromancy and you know work a lot

With the dead but that takes a toll on You because death has it you know no Matter what if you're if you've become Attuned to it it'll still break you down Uh physically It'll like make you ill Over time so you have to guard against That And Jade helps I mean like I said I Wouldn't rely solely on that but it Helps JD's great for that Siren songstress do you have any tips For protection absolutely I got lots of Tips Uh some simple ones are to Shield often As well as set up Awards wherever you're Going to be you know like in your Bedroom or your house set of wards Uh if you don't wonder what that is I Won't get into here but um Yeah that's basically you know having Certain entities You know protect your space Um also calling on other Um Spirits for protection Um Also calling on your higher self Your higher self you can make a contract With your higher self and do stuff for Protection Um learn how to Be able to see yourself in the astrals You can protect yourself doing a lot of Things in the astral Um also we offer a radionic device

Called the hunter killer system which This is designed to run 24 7. and what That does is it intercepts any Paperworkings they're not your way and It gets dissipated So when it comes to protection there are So many things you could do but uh I would uh I think if you're new to starting Anything I would just Uh ask your higher self to help you out With that And I would also ask for Help with certain entities Tuku That's a good one Let's see Alexander says you have your third eye Open right yeah Yeah you know what I want to address This just because Um I've seen it as a like a big fad Everyone's like oh I gotta get that Third eye open you know and um So much to the point that people Chase that high of like I will get my Third eye open as if there it isn't Already which sometimes is the case but Not always you know they're just Expecting that you know whenever their Third eye opens that all of a sudden Boom their whole world gets turned Upside down you'll see faces in the

Walls and all this other stuff like They're expecting That all I have to do is find this Secret Mantra or the secret pill or a Certain ritual and all of a sudden boom You know You're going to have that intense Experience no I'm not saying you might Not saying you might not have a crazy Experience but oftentimes people's third Eye is already open if you can imagine Stuff if you have a good imagination Your third eye is already open Now just because it's open doesn't mean It's open fully And how you open it fully energy work in Doing a lot of especially third eye a Lot of uh Visual technique techniques going on Meditation doing like meditation Journeys and stuff like that Yeah All to work out those second senses But yes most people's third eyes are Open They're There are many rituals you can do to Help in that process to help Satan is Good for that Lucifer is great for that Uh the Paca is good for that Um That they will help you but It's really up to you to strengthen that But yeah most people's their eyes open

The reason I emphasize that is because I Too was uh On that uh On that wavelength when I first started I was like oh how do I do this I did Everything and everything I could think Of just waiting for that one crazy Experience but then I realized oh my Third eye is already open But yes it definitely got stronger the More you work on it but uh A lot of psychic abilities are that way Um a lot of people expect some crazy Stuff to happen but most often you have To really Just kind of reel back take a step back And and Um Most often when you'll have these Epiphanous moments you're like wow I've Done that all along or I've I've been Able to do you know X Y and Z before it Just wasn't as as potent so you wouldn't Really go down that route but You know I'm not sure if I'm making any Sense but Discovering the abilities you have is Half the battle And once you know uh or familiar with Them Then growing them is all you need and That comes with dedication and work Charles 72 11 says evocation also helps With the third eye after doing this I

Found I could physically see spirits Sometimes Yes Evocation and invocation Um both of which will help immensely Um invocation is great possession helps In so many ways because there's a lot That the spirit can do within you Um to really like you know clear out Some blocks and Tweak a few things Java chop Is also really great Uh there are a lot of spirits actually That come to mind the Most spirits will help you a lot of them Have Specialties of course But a lot of them will help you in that Regard Charles 7211 it exposes you to different Energies and you are You can adapt to them So I will say you do adapt to them Oh I will answer I will I will say yes you do it's interesting So I noticed when I first started on This path man like There was a time that I didn't really feel anything and but I Just had to Um trust and I was just trusting that Okay they're there or whatnot and um But then it was like something shifted And then now and then I became like

Super sensitive To the point that uh when I called on Entity I knew that they were there and Then I completed the evocation because My heart rate was just skyrocketed and Go through the I thought I was going to Have our exact I mean even though I was Calm my heart was just racing out of my Chest and I'm like wow it's like so fast Like I'm gonna have a heart attack And uh it was crazy and I could feel it My hands my hair was stand up in the Back my neck I mean like I was so Sensitive to their energies [Applause] Um And uh that actually only lasted for a While only a little while and I kind of Missed it and was gone because I kind of Liked it and I kind of like I kind of depended on that physical Sensation Uh but uh I think the spirits I mean one I think you You get used to those Energies Um over time and so it doesn't really Affect you as much But you have to really rely more on your Psychic senses over time But yes you can yeah The more you uh invoke spirits and evoke Spirits yes you it's all training your Subconscious basically you know it comes To seeing spirits

It's not always that you're You're psychic abilities are the problem A good portion of it is but a lot of the Spirits don't purposely show themselves To you in a physical manifestation Um and that is for your comfort level That's for your convenience because Having a full-on physical manifestation Like that can actually be quite jarring To be honest even if you're like yes I'm Ready for this I am totally ready no Matter what you know you're never Prepared And you can it can you know actually Cause like some memory loss like you Know you won't be able to really Remember a whole lot of it and other Stuff like it's it's pretty jarring so a Lot of it is for your comfort level You know Um I have mentioned uh To be honest I haven't As far as a physical I have not had a physical manifestation When I say physical myth I mean because Of course I've seen entities appear to Me and all this other stuff but I mean Like a solid thing right in front of Your face where I'm like shaking their Hand and all this other stuff Not In this Physical Realm in the astral However yes but it takes a lot of energy

On their parts to do so too and it's not Always necessary Um But most of the time yeah you can see Them in front of you and it's Kind of like wavy sometimes it seems Very solid But that like I said it's not always Because of your psychic abilities are Lacking or anything like that Uh Alexandra Um Let's see I always wonder what the astral world Looks like It looks a lot like this row Think of it this way The astral realm is a carbon copy of This realm With some subtle differences You'll notice Let's say you travel to your living room In the Esther Realm Your wooden coffee table might identify As some Modern Sleek something or other Like it'd be like everything's where it Should be but like maybe your furniture Is a little different So it's not it's not this realm it is The Astro it's a different realm but it Is the carbon copy of it aside from Certain things colors look so different In the after realm like I can't even uh Describe it there are subtle differences

But at first it could be like you know What's going on where am I you know like Did I just Sleepwalk or what's going on Until you see your body you know so There it's very similar But the astral field I mean the astral Realm is such a vast vast ecosystem of So many different spirits and everything Else like once you get out of your house You can go to so many different places So many things uh so it's very very very Very expensive Uh Uh let's see Yes I like these spiritual topics too Alexandra I know we're actually going on For a long time here but that's kind of What I want to aim for on these Um Lazelle on Fridays is actually having Some deep conversations about some of This stuff you know and for you guys to Get some Um some help and also I can learn some Stuff too you know from you guys so It's just a nice good chat Um Let's see Veronica Is it wise to keep Evocation rituals outside of the home Especially if there's children within The home space Um Veronica to be honest When it comes to calling on certain

Entities like like Um these higher beings it doesn't really Matter whether you call them outside Your house or inside your house The whole inside outside house thing Really only applies to certain Um experience like ghosts from my Experience Um and that in that case you'd up invite Them in but most often the times they're Already there in and they do what they Want Is if you're worried about your children And stuff like that most at least every Spirit that I've worked with is are very Very respectful of you know your loved Ones and your children and everything Else like that but if you you know if You have any reservations about that you Could always stay You know this is it's your place you're Calling them And um yes yeah they're usually really Respectful so I wouldn't you know it's Not a worry that I would be I mean Depends on who you're going on but for The most part you know any poetic uh Entity or that from an economicon or Stuff like that yeah I think you're Totally fine That's why setting up Wars is helpful As well so you can you know depends There's there are portals all over the Place

Even if you didn't even open them and so Sometimes Spirits just pop through Random random spirits uh just pop Through your house man [Laughter] So setting up protection is great Adrian Garcia what's the difference Between an Angelic Spirit versus a Demonic spirit You know The only real difference Is they're just think of it like this There's different species Demons uh or Daemon is actually a I Believe a Hebrew word Hebrew Greek I Don't know it means teacher whereas the Angel that means messenger right they They actually work well together Um a good example of that is marbles and Raphael But uh Other differences with most angels are From Um actually most because not all but Most come from the sephiroth And most demons hail from the cliff off They are different species different Spirits all together definitely have Different energies about them but you Know what some angels actually They actually have this um similar uh Presence to to a demon Um And uh I wouldn't chalk up all the whole

I would try to look past Duality as the Best the best you can you know the whole Demons are evil and angels are good That's That's not even remotely true I mean if You want to do some smiting angels are Great at that They're just different That's the way I can put it and they're Not the only types of spirits out there Either there are so many different other Species Charles says I I have never had a Perfectly solved manifestation either That's very rare it's very rare like I Said you really don't need it you really Don't need it and a lot of times they Purposely don't show you certain things Just so you can work you know if you had Everything Hand it to you on a silver platter I Mean what is there to really work on You're not going to have that motivation To be like oh man I really need to get Better at when I asked about vision and Other stuff you know so a lot of the Things that they do is for your own Benefit Um betterment and your own evolution Ah Alexander like similar to the upside Down World from The Stranger Things You know I watched the first season of stranger Things

Uh Uh I have not followed since So It's been a long time too so I don't Know I couldn't say but probably you know I'm Actually shocked And surprised that some things that Hollywood puts out it's like wow Someone's tapping in something because That's actually somewhat accurate uh Most most movies and stuff Um especially horror is totally Inaccurate Um but every now and then some of the Movies they put out and they do Something like that with like a Different realm and all the stuff that You know some of it's very similar it's Very very surprising You know it's interesting what people Really come up with you know uh That's the whole You know like people who like who wrote A token who wrote uh Lord of the Rings You know uh at that time that was that Was really new and like you know you had Orcs And elves and dragons and all this Other stuff you know and that's very Popular in today's I mean people talk About fantasy and stuff like that right But those things actually exist on Different Realms mermaids exist and Dragons exist in on different Realms and

So I think a lot of us turned in to like This Muse as you would call it and um I think that's where a lot of things Kind of Come over into this realm you know all In our thoughts fantasies and stuff like That we're we're tapped into something One thing I always remember is something That Lucifer just said and he said he Said um I'm paraphrasing here because uh I'm like exactly wherefore I ever had it Written down but he's he was saying what Makes you think that the thoughts and The formulations that enter your mind Are from Spirit You know a lot of the things and Especially when you're on a path working With a spirit Um A lot of times they'll inject thoughts And things Um to get you to you know go down Different rabbit holes to learn this or That or whatever and stuff like that a Lot of a lot of the things uh that we go They think about you know sometimes are Guided by spirits [Music] Void how do you go about setting up Boards I will probably make a video on That because that is way I mean it's Simple Uh but it's it's a lot to get into Tonight

But I'll probably I'll save that for a Video topic to put out Veronica last season is the best I'll Take your word for it maybe one day I'll Get back on track Boy that's how I felt about hereditary In a dark song I haven't seen a dark Song I have seen hereditary to be honest You can hate me but I thought it was Weird Like um I love mermaids yes Uh Uh dark song is only a film about the Abramlin Veronica the entertainment Biz takes a Lot of esoteric knowledge and puts it Out there as original concepts for sure Sometimes sometimes And I know they do do some research when They're putting out films not a whole Lot they don't really go too deep But uh in the movie hereditary I think Uh VK johannam actually uh He kind of coined the term we thought Pandemonium And you could see that that they Actually used that from a site like Inscribed them on the walls and that's Where I got it from VK I thought that was pretty cool Uh Alexander says how can we tell if Some of our thoughts are caused by Spirits

You know it's really hard to to make That distinction I mean unless you I Guess would ask by yourself I'm like is This from someone so I don't know I've Never really asked myself that I just go With the thoughts Um but you know at least at this point I Mean like I have conversations all the Time with Spirits in my head this sounds A little crazy but you know especially If I'm struggling with something you Know Um And you know we'll have this Conversation back and forth and you know They'll talk about like why they've Brought such such to come to pass and You know am I thinking you know I'll be Asking am I thinking about this the Right way and everything else and then They'll kind of correct me or what have You and stuff like that far as you know You know being like is this my original Thought or is this from something I you Know I guess unless you're asking for Every single thought I I Really don't know I will say there is a difference between Them talking to you And actually intercepting thoughts into Your mind So yes you can in that instance you Can't tell the difference The more you work on it

Because if you're you know if you're First starting and trying to awaken the Your abilities to hear Spirits then it Will sound like your own voice for a Little while A trust gets better Uh Floyd didn't VK Supply the schedule Or whatever for Kingpin and that I'm not Sure I wouldn't be surprised if that was The case but I don't know Uh Playing cloak at the void I like the dog Barking with no neighbors around and Also the Hat Man with the Sig You have a hat man with a sick that's Interesting Hmm That's another thing I keep hearing About everyone talking about the man With a hat I'm not sure if that's Been a while since I've seen that uh Movie so I don't know if that they were Actually Talking about the man with that But He's actually awesome Spirit everyone's For some reason so scared the man with a Hat most most often probably because People see see them or see them but No he's an amazing Spirit a very very Protective Spirit he's a great guide Especially for us um saturnia and stuff Great spirit Um

Charles 7-11 sometimes it is difficult To trust what you receive yes but Therein lies The discipline Um and the the difficulty on this path Like it takes work I mean I know some People and I will I'm guilty of that too Because when I started man I wanted I felt like if I just reached this Certain point like that everything would Just you know become easier and uh my my Second abilities will Be amazing and everything else and I was Chasing that high uh but it really comes Down to just work it takes work and Discipline and I think that what weeds Out a lot of people but it shows the More work you put in in the discipline That you have self-discipline and Working close with the spirits you know You it's with great reward it's tough I Was just I did a podcast with uh Tila Today Tila Petrova In I probably did not keep a whole Incoherent thought on there because the Topic was just I just threw it up last Minute but we talked about Something like that you know it's just Like the byproduct of being on this path Is shuttle work and that's super super Important if you're really serious and Dedicated on this path that's going to Be brought to the surface all these the

Trauma and stuff that you have to Process and Everything else and trusting Um what you're getting and what you're Receiving is part of the process and That is like the bridge that is the Bridge to awaking a lot of different Things like I I wouldn't be where I'm at Now If I didn't make that leap And Also It's not like oh I've mastered that and You know I'm great I don't have to worry About it anymore no it's it's a it's an Effort every single time I'm channeling It definitely gets easier over time but There is still a struggle Um sometimes you know to make sure I'm Not in my own way and choking off that That flow of uh being a conduit Like for the longest time I had a hard time controlling things Like I wanted to control everything how How possessed I got Um how the evocation goes everything Like I just wanted to control and that Really got my own way and uh I know Lucifuge kind of like sculpted me a long Time ago because saying I was super Stubborn because he was trying to Possess me and it was uh even though I Was on the outside willing I'm like yes Let's do this but you know internally

And my body was kind of fighting it You're it's interesting when you figure Out that your subconscious and your body Have uh Have different motives than your actual Conscious thought And especially when you're leaving your Body like if you really get deep in Meditation and you start you can start To leave your body and your body will Freak out because you're conscious while You're doing it that's the key if your Body can fall asleep and your mind's Still conscious You're Gonna Leave Your Body Um Being conscious Uh while that's happening and your body Will freak out and you will snap back in And you'll feel like you just got the Biggest Electric Shot you've ever had Anyways Taylor Gang have you tried distance Hypnosis Uh not technically no Um I have well I have done stuff similar Yes I won't go into that Um but If you're talking about using a candle Flame and you know projecting your will Into something you know no I haven't Done that Um I have actually traveled to people

On the astral realm and done stuff But Uh what is a good Mantra to use when Meditating says star ruby That's a good question and I Unfortunately would not be able to give You that answer I don't know Uh you can ask the entities for a good Mantra you know Um and maybe they'll give you something That's specific to you I actually don't Use any mantras when I'm meditating Um maybe because it's the purpose of why Meditating is a little different between Like Journeys or going natural and doing Something Um but I know mantras help Um so Uh unfortunately I can give you much Information on that Hmm Alrighty guys Cross says a mirror is effective for Projecting your will into people Oh Taylor gang says I'm talking about The service you provide on Lost Metaphysics hypnosis ah I apologize I Don't do that service that is actually Js's service so that is something he Does Well guys we're actually getting we've Been on here for A long time but I appreciate all of you Guys I will take

Two more questions if you guys haven't And then I'll probably wrap it up And in the future we'll probably keep These for about an hour People's you know people watch this After the fact I'd be amazed and shocked At me I don't know who's got time for Two hours I will tell JS he said hi Taylor Gang I was curious to know how Strong and effective it is Depends on the target but yes it's very Effective that's why we offer Um but it depends on what you're you're Wanting to get across it's great Um Actually for a lot of things for like Addictions and stuff like that or um Just really strong influence really it's Not going to like that's not mind Control mind you it's not mind control That's a little different But uh these it is like accepting Thoughts To people and it is it will get like a Strong influence to do stuff and Sometimes that's all that's needed All right thanks for all good advice Good night all right good night Charles Thanks for stopping by Boy this was really good you guys should Come back more often yes thank you Boyd We plan to every Friday 9 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time that's

What we're gonna stick to I put an Advert out for nine and uh I also said Past sale video that I was doing 9 30. so I kind of screwed myself on That but from now on it's gonna be 9 30 PM Eastern Standard Time Every Friday Uh you guys are welcome Thank you good night I think we're going To wrap it up also as a reminder we are Doing a sale Um I the code is in the description Element bonus so you get 20 off these Are those not for radionics but all Rituals in their respective tiers so no Matter what tier you get and whatever Ritual it's all 20 off Um It will be extended for one more week Just because They're having great feedback with that So one more week and then it'll be over So take advantage of it because we don't Offer that very often the last time it Was several several months ago so you Guys have a good night you guys been Great thank you for your questions I'll See you guys next time next week Friday Lbjs will be here and uh yeah we'll have Fun Hail The Inferno Empire see you guys