LM Fridays | Magick Q&A | Ep. 11

By | December 17, 2022

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All right welcome guys well guys it's Another Ellen Friday Y'all brought questions and all the good Stuff looks like we got star ruby in the House little girl and Charles Charles The freaking pliers yeah This really is the the place for Questions because we can only answer so Many and like It's like a lot quicker to sit here and Spit it out than it is to type the Answer to a really complex layered Question on Text you know so if you got some crazy [ __ ] you want to know then hit us up on The line okay but there's also another Aspect to that is what people ask like Some really in-depth stuff it's like all Right well I can break it down just a Little bit but then email Yeah I guess it depends on the question Uh beers yeah okay so our good friend Vincent I don't know if you want me to Say his last message we're just going to Call him Benson Um last year he sent me that giant case Of like all these specialty beers and Stuff to try on the on the line that I Used So he sent us another package for Christmas we got sweet thing this but Yeah his is called lump of coal holiday Special and this one is Santa's butt it Literally has like a picture of Santa

In his butt in your face on the beer so We're gonna try these I don't I don't Know what to expect here I don't know That's a stout for me so that's good News I know but it's called Santa's butt like How good can it taste Through I'm here right here somewhere a Little cold that's exactly what I Deserve for Christmas you deserve a Spanking the better account I'm using my Lighter oh give me that give me that you Got to get it just there's a certain way This is a [ __ ] this is not a bottle Opener guys it's a [ __ ] can opener But I can't find the damn bottle opener So that's what we're using It All right oh yes cheers Merry Christmas Guys Um interesting I like that one It's actually not bad I was going to say it probably tastes Like someone pissed it out of their ass But I mean no it's actually pretty good Ale it's uh it's not brown out oh no It's a winter Porter I don't know what The [ __ ] that means six percent alcohol It's not very strong but it's a good Beer all right geez those are all my Favorite styles here's a Santa All right let's see Marshall Mike what's Up you guys Sanders in the house damn Best

Yeah behemoth What's up brother yeah he goes All the cool ones show up man uh so this Is what we're gonna do an ad for Santa's Butt yeah do you have anything you want To try it it's good I'll try you wanna Try this one yeah Yeah I'm not gonna put my mouth on oh you put Your mouth on it I was just gonna like Dribble it you know It tastes the same Yeah about the same that one's this One's a little stouter yeah Sorry I'm kidding guys I'm Audio is shaky says Behemoth what about Now Is the audio okay Okay cool cool thanks brother Let's see Dan best JS thank you for the Advice the other day on messenger just Want to make sure I did not break that What is they rating on this box I am Loving it Break that rating Oh man I'm not I know we're talking About a radionics machine here but I Don't know what you mean by like break That rating So yeah just like yeah yeah We talked about a bunch of [ __ ] dude It's been a few days so just yeah give Me a hint just what we're talking about

There oh yeah what's up Connor Good to see you brother let me shout out To our brother Connor Kendall um Yeah he's been a good friend Connor's Been a damn good friend and uh yeah it Was a pleasure to meet him when we went Out to Wales this past summer we had a Blast we went to the Rippers We went to uh A very classy joint Cardiff yeah yeah And Cardiff that was like probably the Coolest coolest Party Town I've ever Been to like made like I've been to Berman street during Mardi Gras in New Orleans and I was just like man that's Got nothing on Cardiff that's it's [ __ ] awesome In the middle of the day in Cardiff Getting I was not there it wasn't there I was there ahead of time I was looking At the the the Cardiff Castle there but I was getting ice cream of all things [Laughter] And All of a sudden my eye catches like a Whole parade Of people just nude people on bicycles Just whole train go save people it was a Bunch of dudes They were women too man I mean there was Women there oh yeah they're all in this Whole parade and like everyone even the People behind me were like man I thought I've seen everything yeah people are

Covering their children's eyes Like I heard it was all just like old Saggy ball sacks dangling behind the Seat in the wind it was like laughing in The Wind You want to ride a bicycle naked they Regret that [ __ ] and you're going to Skin your pecker off like seriously it Was it yeah I would have thought you Know that kind of group had been like Hippie type you know really hairy but Now man they were streamlined they were Trying to be more aerodynamic or Something I mean they were shaved and But bald everything So they were skinheads I don't know man I was like that's too funny I love Whales I mean I mean yeah I mean I kind Of I kind of hate that I missed that Just because then I could really say I've seen it all you know That's too goddamn funny man See Damn best is so I just thought that the Red light on the box I thought that I broke it thank you for Telling me that I did not oh Gotcha gotcha yeah yeah no worries bro Mike says rated R for radionics [ __ ] Yeah I love radionics like That's just awesome Behemoth X says JS with the leather Jacket you look like Rob Halford

I don't know who that is but I'm sure He's handsome too Take it as a compliment s Connor it's a pleasure to meet you guys Too and yeah we know how to party Yeah we're coming back Like maybe maybe this coming summer Let's see famous is the classiest place I've been to this year's Walmart open no That's [ __ ] because he has a Costco Card That's one of the reasons I hate that Love partners because he when he got his Costco card he was just like can't help It was like one of those commercials you Know it was the funniest [ __ ] skit I've ever seen Um dude I still laugh about that you Should repost that like every so often Marshall says just when you think you've Seen everything you haven't no indeed Say that about me Yeah I wonder uh what we'll see next Time we go Okay and best says I do have a question Has either one of you ever worked with Your ancestors Interracial I am experimenting with this and it's Very powerful but I also have quite a Few ancestors that were witches Does that say interracial that's what it Says in a racial is that what you meant To say to invest experiment with working

With your interracial ancestors Um I never asked them you know anytime I Was working with my ancestral spirits And never I never got any real Clarification on that Um so but yeah I don't know like maybe You could call on a specific bloodline You know entities attached to the Specific bloodline but uh I mean yeah I I don't know I don't really think skin Color matters at all when it comes to Magic or Spirits or that the spirits Care About any of it really they were they Really don't I know I know a lot of People are like oh I don't you know I Don't think I could work with odisha's Because I'm not black or whatever no it Doesn't matter well I've heard a lot of Different magicians say that oh you got To stick to the To the the bloodline the magic of your Bloodline or whatever so you're not Supposed to like delve into other Systems you're supposed to just stick to Like whatever your bloodline background Came from and I don't agree with that I Uh I learned something from everywhere And I've got my own [ __ ] system and That is the system of my bloodline yeah See So I've worked with a few of my Ancestors not many but a few and they've All been different races right

Um The Vessel you carry in this life really Has nothing That really has no uh Inherent value right you you probably Were so come back as a possible you're Probably a black person in another life You know it just don't know could have Been the Hebrew you could have been all Sorts of different things I'm coming Back as a possible Yeah Well I had an experience with a possum The other night it was awesome I have a Video to prove this I was seriously free Petting free handling the wild possum in A tree like I went out to feed the Chickens and this little [ __ ] was like Trying to tunnel under the chicken coop When I walked out of there I guess he Was after some eggs or something so he Just like went up the tree about head Height and just sat there and like walk All the way up to him and turn my camera Take some pictures I start videoing and Ended up feeding him I was like man That's like we should catch a possum and Like slowly tame it and swap you know Like make a cat It'd be like a giant Stewie that Couldn't hide from us because we got a Rat called Stockholm stew and if he gets Away like if you set him down for a Minute and like look around like he's

Gone and because he wants to chew the [ __ ] out of everything and we have to Really watch him because if he gets Loose we have to catch him with a Raccoon trap you know it's like one of Those big traps we've literally set that [ __ ] up in the house to catch him I think if we had a giant possum that he Couldn't hide from us we'd always be Able to catch him Possibly who doesn't want a possum Ask what are you working on right now Oh there's a beer Um no that's a good question uh we're Gonna launch it right now might as well Tell them we're doing um all right so We're doing one more group right it's uh Gonna be a New Year's right And um yeah that's already up on the Website it will be me and this gentleman Both performing the ritual And uh it's gonna be it's gonna be Pretty crazy over the top Um I mean everything we do we try to Like do it to the extreme but Um it's gonna be both of us so it's Gonna be awesome Yeah so it's not not just to celebrate The Pagan holiday of yule but no you know we Will be calling on Collier which is a Celtic goddess and she's considered a Queen of winter So we'll be summoning her

Um for prosperity and abundance in the Coming year So it'll be it'd be really cool Um personally I'm working I'm doing a Lot of Shadow work lately That's that's always fun Yeah Charles 7211 says Most systems tap into the same power Using different techniques yeah It depends on like how far up the ladder You wanna you wanna go you know it's Like it kind of spreads out further down You get and so yeah you can just about Trace it all back to the same same Source that's why people would refer a Source all the time when it's different Avenues to get in touch Hijack the holographic projector to Insert our own reality our own will into Reality using these techniques uh yeah Jordan's in the house welcome Jordan Hello Jason Rick hello everyone I hope You all are having a wonderful night Hell yeah Connor says hell yeah man another Question for you both what's in an Experience each of you have had Magically spiritually speaking what you Consider the most mind-blowing You want to go first oh you go first That's like a tough choice but I know It's like but it always comes back to Belial with me um I don't think anything over top that the

The first knife that I made contact with Belial it took me Took me three days like 72 hours Straight of trying to summon him trying To evoke him didn't really know how to Do it evocation properly it wasn't a Sorcerer back then it was my first Experience and so I just memorized his End and incantation to help conjure I Was kept saying it over and over again But yeah that's when that's when Everything changed for me and I was I Don't know that probably always be the Craziest Night of My Life Um At least I'd like to think that like [ __ ] I don't know what else because what else Could compare to that one but uh so That's that's mine what's yours man I don't know it's hard to choose it's Hard to put something above all right They're all unique in their own way you Know blind and mind-blowing wise it was The craziest results you've got Like mind-blowing [ __ ] results Probably be the one I did uh healing Ritual I did for someone with problems With their lungs And stuff um and you did a crazy one for Me with my back and that was like Instantaneous I think uh the one that recently that Was kind of really uh

Really cool to witness to really kind of Shifted my perspective a little bit was Uh I was doing this um Linking with palm hadox also known as The Geisha Khan Which is a metagod that's comprised of All 72 Demons of the Croatia and my Higher self met me Beforehand and showed me a bit of the Contract that I had for this life Revealed some information for me and Then While talking with the Geisha Khan He He also explained some stuff that I'll Probably be doing after this life and so That was kind of cool and I don't know it it linked a lot of Different things like all your Channelings Sometimes fit together but sometimes They're matching puzzle pieces that you Just can't seem to fit together and some Of the stuff that was said that evening Really made it all click and so that was Kind of like whoa That's cool yeah yeah oh God you must Noses from anything on Beyond this life People ask me like what do you think Happens when you die being a sorcerer You're going to go to hell I'm like [ __ ] I'm already building a [ __ ] Castle There you know that's my goal Wait right on brother but uh no I I

Don't know I mean part of me feels like Your belief system has a lot to do with What happens when you die like what do You think happens what do you believe That happens like wholeheartedly what is Your religion that you're brainwashed Into believing he'll hardly tell you That happens if you think that you know There's a hell and you're a sinner and There's only so many people going to That heaven Um and the rest are going to hell Um and that probably got filled up you Know a couple thousand years ago then And yeah like maybe maybe you do really Go to hell if you believe in it You might Like that's what the bright light at the End of the tunnel is that everybody sees That's Hellfire yeah Uh would be hilarious Let's see Alchemist is in the house What's up brother Did you ever get a chance to work with Andros jazz not yet Um I've actually got an operation plan For him uh this week but uh I have not Done it yet I'm looking forward to it Um I hear he's quite uh quite the badass So I'm looking forward to uh making his Coins if if he'll give me audience Their best says I need to apologize for My first question Autocorrect really messed up I meant to

Say yes either one of you asked for help From your ancestors and ritual I have Been experimenting with this Yes I have Often really often like I'm always Calling upon the spirits of my bloodline Um those that are those that are named And unnamed those that I do know about And those that I still have not uh Figured out yet but uh yeah I mean that That power you know it's in your blood Like that power flows through you you'd Be a fuel a fool not to like try to Harness that you know and uh yeah so It's uh it's like when we're calling on Our familiars you know like like I do That for almost every major operation I'm going to do a call upon every spirit That I've ever made allies with And Um ask them to to surround the ritual Space and not only feed power into it But protect it and amplify the operation And success Yeah they're there to support you for Sure Charles 7211 says how has your work with Asthma days been going Mine's been good Um I've done several rituals with asmodeus Recently and um That's like I just started working with Him you know a few months ago and the

First time that I summoned him evoked Him was actually on behalf of a client The client actually constructed their Own custom Magic Ritual and paid me to Execute it and they had already done all The negotiations and everything like Like they just had to like lay it out For me like this is what you do is what I said and it's what I'm paying you to To offer them And uh that was really freaking intense Which inspired me to continue working With asmodeus That's what this is got several sides to Him I found out he has a Reaper aspect Not only a shadow aspect but a Reaper Aspect a Reaper No not necessarily like a cycle pump but Like uh Um worse you can work with him Um doing necromancy and stuff like that Working with the dead no that's cool Yeah I didn't know that either damn best Do either one of you have legal advice For someone like me wanting to get into Ritual For Hire I've had quite a few People start to message me and ask me For help so far I'm doing Rachel's Rituals for free All right yeah um my first piece of Advice to you is not to do that for free All right I don't care if you're Charging one dollar all right if you Don't want to charge the person because

They don't have money and you're Emotionally invested in their cause make Them put a dollar bill in the [ __ ] Mail and send it to you because that way There is at least an exchange all right There has to be an exchange And um You know my other piece of advice and I Don't know what this guy's gonna tell You but um he might feel differently but I've noticed that over the years of People that have done like free magic For for nothing in exchange and I'm not Saying about lately you know like like a Lot of a lot of them are practitioners Like they'll do it right for me I'll do It right for them you know or if I Really [ __ ] need something they'll Show up and be like hey man I'm gonna do This right for you I'm like okay well I'm I'm here when you need it in the Future if you do yes I mean it's but Just like doing like like Johnny do good Missions to help people that uh You know Tell people just for the just for the Sake of helping them what I found in my Personal life is that a lot of them will Turn on you like that and I seriously Had a guy turn on me he was my neighbor Like we used to hang out over there all The time and [ __ ] they like broke his Teeth and had an abscess it was like Late Saturday and I asked me to come

Over he came over and asked me to do Like a ritual relieve the pain and I [ __ ] did that for him for free I Didn't ask for anything and it worked Like his whole side of his face went Numb after I put blood on it and then uh I don't know he quit inviting me to Barbecues after that he quit letting his Kids play with my kids he started Telling the other neighbors that I was Like this evil satanic sorcerer that did A crazy Black Magic Ritual on him and Tried to steal his soul properly you Know probably and things like that he's Like you know what was the shadow move Around the roads it's like he totally Freaked the [ __ ] out on me and then like Labeled me a evil person so I mean [ __ ] Doing [ __ ] out of the goodness of your Heart if it's a loved one if it's a fan Family member best friend a spouse Something like that by all means like You have a reason to do that Do that but but if you're just like oh That person really needs help yeah go Ahead and do a free ritual forum and They'll be the first one to like string You up and Lynch your ass I think in that regard and he probably Was just scared that it actually worked And he's like man what if I haven't Gotten myself into yeah yeah it was like He immediately jumped to oh did you just Did you just steal my soul or something

Like that So no you know like Like his own paranoia right now but I Have a lot of friends in the occult Community like other other people who Charge money to do ritual work Um For others that that called me whenever They really needed something to to do One for them And uh yeah anytime I just did that then Those were the first people that turned On me a year and a half ago whenever Some [ __ ] so I remember that too but Those that have actually done rituals For me those that have you know there's Been guys that have done free rituals For I've made them send me one dollar in The mail like put it in an envelope and Mail it to me Yeah I'm inclined to agree with you the Original Point and that is uh I think there has To be some kind of transaction there you Know here even if it's like a dollar as You said it's some kind of transaction Unless of course you're doing it for You know a loved one someone you know And whatnot but yeah yeah because then You know you're doing it for you too Yeah And a lot of the times the spirits are Going to be doing stuff on your own Behalf yeah right not necessarily be for

That person yeah I mean if you got like A you know a loved one that's dying or Something awful and oh I'm I'm doing it For me you know I don't want to lose That person that's how I look at it if I'm doing a ritual like to heal somebody Without their knowledge And plus it's like the ultimate Experiment because there's no placebo Effect all right if you do a ritual for Somebody and they don't know about it to Heal an incurable illness and magically Disappears then that is 100 Proof to you that your ritual caused That as a scientific cause and effect it Wasn't because you told them you were Going to heal them and they went to bed And they believed in it so [ __ ] much That their body magically healed itself That's what any rational you know or Person like trying to assign a rational Explanation to it we would call it Placebo effect so so the way to Eliminate that is to try to heal a sick [ __ ] that doesn't know you're Gonna do it That's what will give you confidence Be fan O2 s any tips on giving the Vampire box a boost maybe linking two Boxes together via a jack yeah yeah you Can absolutely do that you can not only Will the vampire box hook up to any of Our other machines like any of our wish Boxes the Genesis all those will hook

Into a vampire Bike and you can actually like really Start fine-tuning that [ __ ] and amping Up the operation and yeah I mean the way I see every box you hook together is Going to double the power Alex B nice to see you He says hey nice to see you both you Both look great I did the three pillar Right It was awesome curses were fighting to Escape my body like who will escape First never saw something like that Before [ __ ] yeah I know GS has weight loss Ritual I want to ask him if he is to do The opposite like weight gain ritual how Will he do it any ideas or suggestions Things oh that's that's actually a Really good question I actually was Thinking about that the other day like If I can actually do a ritual for Someone that is like that like Absolutely cannot lose weight and then They start shedding pounds like crazy Could I do a ritual to like make a Scrawny [ __ ] like me big and Buff maybe I imagine I would do it Pretty similarly to the weight loss Still and would be the opposite I'd probably call them a different Entity But do the same ritual only the the goal Would be the Opposites make them gain

Weight or gain muscle mass or what if What if I wanted to make a fat person Even fatter I bet I could do that too Totally just do the opposite of the Weight loss Bill we'll call it the Fatter and fatter spill The super size that's the that's the That's the [ __ ] you spell I'm gonna make my ex so fat you know I'm Sure you want this Disclaimer and all Haha now all the feeders all the Husbands that are feeders are going to Be hitting me up talking about can you Make her bigger The Alchemist says Speaking the truth People won't appreciate it And usually don't do their work for the Spell to Manifest this is true yep Jordan Whitfield Says have you ever had a spirit turned Down in offering Um Yeah in exchange for something yes They're saying like like they won't turn Down your offering if you're making an Offering but like if I was like saying If I give you a rooster to help you win The [ __ ] Lottery they're gonna be Like no You know but sorry Um I mean most times they'll accept it just Because it's a gesture even if they

Don't necessarily like it like you were Talking about in exchange for something It's like you're making an agreement Would you do this in exchange for that You know You know unless it's something good but Uh Yeah otherwise it's just a gesture Um that they'll they'll accept Um I have had entities kind of [ __ ] with Me Out of pure humor I don't tell me that Instant smells like [ __ ] yeah yeah I was just like really you know like in The middle of the ritual and the Entities like that incense smells like [ __ ] it was like this brand new instance That I got these like these long sticks You know I stuck around the fire pit it Was frankincense and myrrh mixed Together I was working with Belial and He likes frankincense I knew that so I Bought some frankincense and it came in It's frankincense and myrrh and I'm like Okay well there's still frankincense in There you know so I [ __ ] light on far I'm like right in the middle of the Ritual and I swear I hear him say that We had an instant smelly You know stopped what I was doing I Leaned down and smell and like and it Does smell like [ __ ] so I pulled them All up out of the ground and choked them Out in the woods you know and went and

Got some different incense I went and Got some [ __ ] Patchouli or something Like that but yeah they can they could Definitely uh dislike their offerings For sure Oh yeah The only time I've ever been told no Or like a you know the refusal to accept It was a humor And that was from Lucifer I was gonna Give him cinnamon uh cinnamon sticks and He was like no don't do that I don't like that don't ever give it to Me don't tell your clients that either They stop telling your clients to tell Somebody that yeah Cinnamon whatever he's like you better Write them yeah [ __ ] I don't know if You're wrong I mean he did it like so You know matter of factly and like yeah That's funny yeah he was like stop Telling your clients that too I'm like Man oh okay like I thought for sure he Liked cinnamon Um and then like I was pouring the wine Form I was going to offering wine he was Like oh that's enough and like I was Like man did I piss Lucifer off like What's going on I didn't like halfway I'm like going around the fire spitting Uh the the wine and now here I'm Laughing he goes I'm just [ __ ] with You he's like I'm totally give me the Cinnamon I'm like you sure he goes oh

Yeah you don't think I have a sense of Humor like I don't know he thought it Was funny I thought it was funny after The fact but not during but not during I Was like don't [ __ ] with me like boys Told him to burn his pants and he took His pants off and threw him in the [ __ ] fire and finished the ritual in His underwear that was the funniest The rooster the rooster was like a Monster like we've got a hen a decent Sized hen we've got a rooster that is [ __ ] massive like a 20-pound rooster And I'm like I look at that rooster I'm Like man about that some business it's Gonna be really hard to hang on to Set up and I was like you want the Rooster he's like yeah give me the Rooster so I'm look over after we make It our sacrifice at the same time look Over it he's just like his [ __ ] pants Like from I mean they are covered like All the blood from the rooster he got on His pants and so Rory looks at me he's Like should I burn my pants yeah So he did I have this thing with soon Talk I don't know It's ever since I started working with Interlock at least you're wearing Underwear yeah yeah that was otherwise That would have been weird for sure no I've had this thing with soon talk ever Since I started working like it's Nothing you know like out of malice or

Anything like that it's like uh you'll [ __ ] with you sometimes because it's Like our thing I don't know like I'll be Like poor and wine and I spill it a Little bit and be laughing like and then He [ __ ] with me every time like I get Um like a you know a rooster or chicken Or whatever and like something I could Normally just handle all of a sudden Just goes berserk and you know Spots will be a little bit but that that Moment I was just felt so bad that I had All this Blood like hardly any blood Made it to the fire like it just all of My pants and I was like no No okay I got it yeah I got to offer my Pants I gotta Burns got the blood on it Those are nice yeah it was pretty nice Pants Not that I put too much stocking jeans But you know I only have so many See Uh let's get caught up here Sandra premiosis Dental metaphysics man I'd be into that what deity would help For dental work raw foil but it it could Not fix his broken teeth but yeah you Still have to go to the dentist yeah um No he was just in pain it was late Saturday night The walk-in clinic was closed the next Day he didn't have insurance or whatever Uh didn't want to go to the hospital and Like this is a dude that previously told

Me that magic was [ __ ] like I told Him what I did because we've been Friends for like a while you know and he Was constantly complaining about Everything in his life and one day I Just suggested that you know he you know Do some do some ritual work and he was Like oh that's all crazy Rich [ __ ] No that's real you know if you like [ __ ] playing Dungeons and Dragons go Ahead I ain't doing that I'm like all Right man that's cool you know what we Do is a lot different than Dungeons and Dragons but uh if um if you I'll tell You what man if you ever need anything You don't know where else to turn you Come [ __ ] let me know and I'll make a Really proud of you It's like two months later he shows up At my house at like 10 o'clock at night And I go out on the porch like what's up Man I thought it was weird that he's There and he just starts talking about This random [ __ ] you know he's Telling me about his day and the whole Time I'm thinking why is this [ __ ] here and why does why does He look like he just got punched in the Face like his cheeks small you know and So like he stopped he finally just stops In mid-sentence and starts holding his Face like dude what's wrong with you He's like oh and he tells me he's got Two broken teeth two broken molars that

Are abscessed Like swole the [ __ ] up baseball industry Abscess and he's like you know I don't Want to go to the hospital he's like you Know can you help me I'm like what do You need like a like some Motrin or Something I think I got some aspirin Up my help And he's like no no you know what I mean You know what I mean I only need some of That crazy Rich [ __ ] that don't work Are you asking me to perform a ritual For you because that's what it sounds Like you're asking me to do and he's Like yes please this is everything you Can do but yeah come on inside [ __ ] lay down lay down on this Earth and uh yeah it freaked him out so Goddamn bad that it worked like because It worked that he like never spoke to me Again Whatever The invest says they don't do rituals Anymore for my family members other than My brother My parents the rest of my family have Disowned me so now that with them the Only family I need anymore are demons And angels They're your man oh yeah I mean we're Not all blessed and lucky enough to have To to have a good family or come from a Good family and buy a good family I Don't mean family with money I mean

Family that's [ __ ] good to you you Know not all of us have that um You know I've got a great relationship With like my dad and my brother Um got a good relationship with my with My half-sister other than that Um yeah I'm I don't have anything to do With uh the other members of my family So I look at my family as like my friends Like who's gonna [ __ ] be here if I [ __ ] need something you know this Guy's my family You guys are my [ __ ] family everybody Watching here has been watching this for A while and supported for a while so I Really appreciate you guys Essay one says I want to Target someone For a spell I don't know much info about Them so I wrote their name phone number License plate do you think it's a strong Fetish link Yeah yeah absolutely I mean you can I've Heard people using people's phone Numbers But this is weird but it might actually Work like one of the Matrix yeah Absolutely what you could do even if you Don't have a picture you can have a Piece of paper write the name You can Envision them in your mind Think about like conversations you've Had with them their voice what their Voice sounds like what their face looks

Like look at them in their eyes Envision That and pull that energy through you Know if you know the name of your uh men Of God You Can chant that too that'll Help bring forth their energy but you Can saturate a plain piece of paper with Their name on it with their energy by Envisioning them really walking into Their energy so yeah you can make a Strong fetish sleep with hardly anything It really comes down especially if you Like what you're saying is if you can Make that connection to that person Through whatever you know about them That you can pull their energy into Something yes absolutely And another thing is evocationally I've Had to do like rights like against People that you know like retribution Rights for clients and stuff where I Didn't know who the perpetrator was I Might know their name or it might just Be like this person did this to me and Got away with it we still don't know who They are but I want their ass to get it All right well I might not know who they Are they don't know who they are but the Spirits know who they are exactly so I Use the I use the fetish link for the Victim you know I use their pictures I'm Doing this on their behalf this person Did X Y and Z to them and you know we're Asking you to seek that person out and Assassinate their ass and um you know

You may or may not get confirmation you Know if you don't know who it is you're Not gonna know if they get hit by a bus Tomorrow so Um but the few times that that I've done That that have got confirmation it was Like it turned out the person was guilty After they got hit by the bus so I mean That was that was pretty [ __ ] cool Yeah I mean if you know who you're Talking about the spirits do you know You could be as vague as I mean not purposely but if you don't Have much to go on you know the spirits To know who you're talking about who You're thinking about as long as you're Bringing them to mind they'll be able to Pick that up I really want to tell the story about The dude who lost his [ __ ] arm I Don't know Scary oh yes It was a result from the the retribution Group right that I did several months Ago um Somebody got back several people got Back to me and told me that that was Successful for them but but there was One case in particular is it especially Heinous case that that came with an Especially heinous punishment and I was Just like Oh [ __ ] when I heard that because that's One of the things that you hear and

You're just like no matter who it is You're like oh [ __ ] Like oh you almost feel bad for them um If you didn't know what they did to Deserve that but Yeah yeah as much as I'm gonna say Let's see And she says you're my sorry yeah great To see you guys any tips or book Recommendations about chaos magic I'm Reading Robert Anton Wilson books at the Moment many thanks love from the UK Oh yeah Um any book recommendations on chaos Magic Uh yeah I don't know I mean I don't have One chaos book organizations on chaos Magic yeah I mean we what some of the Stuff that we would do I guess we would Consider chaos magic but I don't know I Know I haven't read any particular books Specifically on On chaos Magic I can only name one this Is me giving you guys a serious [ __ ] Hint here But The best example of chaos magic I've Seen is the Sun and necronomica It's almost there [ __ ] works Uh my my opinion on economicon is might Be different aspects of our Duke They're all like uh like Marduk being a Metagod I could be wrong here but I feel

Like Marduk is the men of God of all These individuals yeah yeah like the 50 Names of Marduk yeah So Uh I don't know man you could I think The whole whole thing about chaos Manager is just do whatever man whatever You want to do and you can make your own Sigils do your own things make your own Chance to empower certain stuff and Mostly the sky's the limit I I know who Wrote that I know Simon is he's a chaos magician Yeah It is [ __ ] badass Hill Simon Freedom fighter greetings honored Deceive and JS hello welcome Joins us thanks for answering again you Guys are awesome hell yeah The Alchemist retracted the message oh Man why you gotta do that Is probably trying not to offend us He was looking out for don't offenders I'm bald and he's a ginger we're really Sensitive But not so much to him because he has no [ __ ] soul but I mean he He still has feelings you don't need a Soul to have feelings right Come on Pretty sure I have one somewhere Charles 7211 says JS what was your Experience channeling the spirit of the

Stink bug I think you said you did this In the past yeah yeah I've talked about That at all Podcastly years ago All right so I started figuring out to Like you know different uh you know it Was kind of like a studying the theory Of animism you know like everything has A spirit And so I'm like okay well that's true And every goddamn animal out there every Insect even plants should have Spirits Right so I started trying to like make Contact with certain wands and um I've Done this this style called the animal Spirit spell like Infuse you with the Primordial energy of all different Animals after that I started having like Crazy experiences with animals like I Seriously just have like a deer walk up To me in the ritual Circle the other Night I have a an owl fly up to me in The driveway and I just sit there and Like locked eyes with him like almost Close enough to touch them for several Minutes and you know I was putting a Possum out there the other night that Was [ __ ] cool like I started having All these experiences with animals like Rabbit Fox I was having like Hawks and Buzzards flying into my car while I was Driving just all kinds of [ __ ] and so Anytime I had like a crazy encounter With an animal or insect or even a

Arachnid Um then I would start trying to make Contact with the entity of that creature While it was in his presence and uh yeah I kept seeing stink bugs like every [ __ ] weird like every time I turn Around I got one crawling on me all of a Sudden I stink bugs all in the house but They weren't stinking you know they were Like really nice I could pick them up And they didn't smell bad you know like They didn't Like sting like they're supposed to Because I guess they release that set Threatened or whatever but anyway yeah I Had like this pet stink bug for like a Day just hung out on my shoulder all day Um so anyway I started like trying to Make contact with different spirits of Different like primordial entities you Know nature Spirits whatever you want to Call them and I found there's like some Some real [ __ ] power there like you Can actually speak to them and they'll Give you like sigils that do specific Things they'll tell you what to call Them and I'm just like okay where'd you Get that name I was like that's what the First [ __ ] human that tried to Describe me called me I'm like oh okay Cool Um but yeah yeah that's uh that was like A really like potent protection spirit And uh like a spirit of protection as

Well is like you know like cloaking like Helping you cloak yourself when you're Doing operations that you don't want Your energetic signature being traced Things like that The Alchemist says the Ecstasy oil is Super badass and it used it radionics And goddamn yep I can only imagine what You're talking I'll put that [ __ ] on Radionics boxes a lot of times Like I've gone through like one big four Ounce bottle and four little tiny Bottles one ounce bottles and um I'm Ordering more because I'm out of it uh Using all my love rights I use it and Protection rides I use it uh and just About every [ __ ] ritual I'm doing I'm Wearing that [ __ ] all right like because It's I don't know it raises my Kundalini Energy every time I touch my skin And uh that's where that's where most of Our power comes from the magic so yeah Uh put it on for just about everything Stephen Ramirez Asks I see that astray teaches Love and War what is the connection between the Two why does she teach such contrasting Things I don't think the contrast I think the same emotion that Creates love within us the same like We're driven Love and War driven by the Same energy Yeah I mean it's it's like that that Passion that fuels love or that passion

That fuels war or the desire to kill Your enemy or or make war on your enemy It's the same kind of crazy it's the Same [ __ ] energy Um It's it's no different and that's why It's so easy to go from loving someone To hating someone after they break your [ __ ] heart you know it's like the Opposite of love is not hatred or anger It's indifference it's when you get to Where you're completely indifferent to That person in that situation that's the Opposite of love so if you still hate Your ex then then party still loves them And um If they deserve Revenge Vengeance you Know if you should take Vengeance on Your ex for doing something horrible to You then do have love for yourself don't Do without hatred for them because it's Hatred for them it's not the opposite a Lot there's still some love in there Somewhere so do it how to look for Yourself that's that's the advice I give My [ __ ] self in the mirror okay it Doesn't mean I'm right at all it's just The best way for me to look at it All right Priest says thank you Jace and Rick for The path working in my pact I developed A ritual for healing through five Spirits and it was fantastic it was Spontaneous healing

Awesome very cool glad to hear about it Yeah we we know exactly who you are and I'm really glad to uh to hear that man Yeah oh yeah absolutely making progress Brother Victor Freedom Fighters like signature would be Good for attack I believe for the link Yeah yeah that's a finish link I mean Yeah I mean the most strong the most Potent finish thing is going to be DNA Maybe that's hair or some blood or Fingernails whatever Um a piece of that person I mean because That's them there's really nothing you Can't do with it but but yeah just Writing a person's name down And forming a link to them you know it's Like it's like it's pretty hard to do a Spell on somebody or for somebody if you Don't have a clue who they are you don't Know what they look like you don't know What their name is none of that [ __ ] You know that's that's typically not Going to be the case because if they've Gotten on your radar uh to be doing a Ritual whether it's for a client or for Yourself you're going to know who that Person is or at least what they did all Right but if you don't have a clue like Say it was someone like you know robbed Your house with a ski mask and never got A call you don't know who they are but You know what the [ __ ] they did and you Would summon an entity that would be

Able to know that information Who they are in accordance to what your Description of what they did was like They know They know everything you know at least They know all the [ __ ] we don't know Jacobus says your phone's gonna die I Want to have a great night enjoy the Festivities oh yeah man we're glad to Have you going bro We'll enjoy I'm probably not gonna drink Any more Santa's butt I mean it was a Good beer I mean Santa's butt tastes Good I can honestly say that but uh I don't Know only I could drink more than one But I appreciate you got some that was Some good [ __ ] and it did not taste like Someone pissed it out of their ass That's that's good here I was expecting That but it didn't Freedom Fighter says Signature would be good for attack I Believe the link we already said that See how many vampire boxes would be Considered a good amount to have on Standby says 80 fan 02 So that is personally your own Prerogative there Um it's nice to have one I mean you only Really need one but if you want to have Multiple operations going at the same Time then more the merrier That's what I would say Charles 7211 says you can even make a

Strong link by making a rough sketch of Them while picturing your face that's True if you're able to It's very powerful you being able to Envision something while you're writing You can Yeah I'm talking about chaos magic while Back you can you can make sigils and Stuff Um specifically for certain person or Thing or what have you just bringing it To mind feeling it yeah that's powerful So yes absolutely you can do a little Doodle while you're thinking of them and That's that still will have some of Their Essence in it The S81n See I'll wait till JS gets back here Uh damn best says you guys are my Brothers I love you guys and everybody Here this is what real love looks like Communities like this Hell yeah well I appreciate that Dan I'm Sure we appreciate You know having a community like you Guys just coming on and Shooting the [ __ ] You know We like uh like being on here as much as You guys Just something to do right you know And uh I don't know it's nice to have a Community where you can talk about

Things like this Beer I'm okay I'm getting one yeah so s81 Asks any thoughts on cursing someone With guland Foreign Wait a second Let's see Have you worked with the spirit goulomb No no I have not my best bet sa1 is to Try it out now try it out evoke them First evoke them first chat with him Make sure you like his energy Etc and See if you guys can work together I mean That's the only way you're gonna find Out I mean even if we both had Experiences with the spirit doesn't mean You'll have the same experience it's Going to be different you know we all Just like different people we get along With different people right so you know Make that connection see for yourself You make that that decision you know What's good for you But if goulon is that's a specialty then Chances are gonna be great See Yes the spirits are real like if they Actually exist You know somebody can sit there and like You're talking with chaos magic earlier They sit there and like make up [ __ ] all Day long I can make up screwy names and Little squiggly sigils and you know they

Get enough of you to believe that those Are real and you do rituals and Sacrifices to them and you start Creating a thought form that becomes a Gregorith becomes a real [ __ ] entity Over time all right but but like for Those that are not a great horse that That you know have not been created by Us You know if you can make contact with Them and they actually exist and um yeah They can really really do some [ __ ] And the gray horse can become just as Powerful if you uh feed him enough you Know so then it gets to where it doesn't Even matter how does it matter how any Spirit came into existence doesn't Matter anymore than how we came into Existence not really Freedom Fighter wondering how good a Signature from a letter would be on Attack regarding someone I have never Seen someone who denied me access to my Own account in a face or other about it I mean do an evocation combined with the Ritual don't just do a sympathetic right Using their signature you know colon Entity colon like a spiritual assassin If you let mad about it or You know an entity that you work with That you know is willing to bring about Some retribution for you Send a promise's best ritual I heard of Is JS scorpion mirror I want to hear the

Testimonials of that working Oh some guy uh put a comment on the Video I did talking about it saying that He did that curse on somebody and they Cut their face off in front of their Entire family and I read that I was just Like Oh [ __ ] Uh I don't know if it's true or not I Don't even know who the person is it's a Made-up name on there but like yeah I Mean if that if that really happens then Yeah that'd probably be the worst thing I've heard of uh come coming out of that Ritual Damn best says the handheld radio on its Box is it really designed to be a sex Toy I'm not sure I've not tried it yet But I've gotten a few women to turn Around and flirt with me if you know What I mean Yeah he's talking about this little bad Boy all right I actually had it sitting Over here so I'm going to tell you all About my latest experiment with it but Yeah that doesn't surprise me and yes Uncle Chucky did invent this as a sex Toy and from what I understand he Um appointed someone that was like Hanging from the ceiling and made him Orgasm over and over because Chuck's Just a badass like that and he made them I said damn didn't I I don't know I said It now of course it was my ears have

Something of course it was a woman Goddammit like Chuck his Chuck is a man On that but uh When it comes to experiments you really Do have to ask yeah but anyway anyway Um so yeah he invented this is a second One And so I took it to Walmart the other Night And I you know you know the experiment Like like that oh I forget the dude's Name that one of the crowd one of Crowley's apprentices asking for a Demonstration so he's like sees this guy Walking on the sidewalk and Chloe starts Walking behind him mimicking the guy's Movements and he drops to his knees and Throws his arms up towards the guy and The dude falls on his face all right Supposedly that's what happened so I'm Like I'm gonna try to do the same [ __ ] Somebody using this and so like I go to Walmart and I didn't really see anybody That I wanted to make fall on their face Um while I was in there and so I was About to give up on it and I'm outside Flipping my [ __ ] in my truck and this Car pulls up this big tall goofy looking [ __ ] gets out and you know he Kind of looks at me weird and he just Takes off walking you know I'm just like Oh yeah here we go I have this jacket on I like to pull it out of my inside Pocket and pointed it at him and I

Really intently visualize and fall on His face and I said stumble you know and Then I just started getting put in my Pocket and nothing [ __ ] happens Instantly all right I was just like damn It okay I didn't do anything I'm gonna Hang on watch this guy until he gets out Of sight and see if he falls and so the Dude like gets up towards the doors of The store and he like straightens up and He gets his dumbass look on his face and He starts like looking around and Getting stumbling back and forth in Different directions it was it looked Like he was trying to decide which door To go in but couldn't figure out what to Do he was the weirdest [ __ ] ever and so He's like you know he didn't fall on his Face he didn't trip or fall like I was Imagining so but he did he started like Stumbling around and was idiotic trance Type super so uh I don't know I'm gonna Do that again and again and again and See if I get the same results and maybe Maybe I can tweak it where I really can Put her on her face because that would Be hilarious that would be absolutely Hilarious I believe this conversations turned on The painful stuff here oh let's talk About something good yeah I just don't Know how to heal hemorrhoids there is a Ritual for that All we need is a picture of your bubble

I'm kidding Um I know original calls him boys I Don't know when to heal him Never tried I will answer this I say one Says sometimes I feel like an active It's not like painful so it hasn't Worked because it doesn't destroy my Target fast enough That really depends on who you're Calling on and also who your target is I Have come to find that you know Spirits Protect other individuals because of you Know whatever it is that they view has Value in that person if they're a piece Of [ __ ] person then chances are you'll Wipe them off the face of the Earth Pretty soon If not you know then They're only going to allow what they Deserve at all right Um not only that but uh When it comes to evocation yeah I mean If you summon an entity and ask them to [ __ ] like wipe somebody out And their allies with that entity or the Entity looks at that person and looks at You and situations like no you're the [ __ ] You know then they're probably not going To hurt that dude or the chick but you Know they you know If they if they if the entity wants to Hurt him and they deserve it then yeah It's gonna happen pretty quick and it's

Probably gonna be worse than what you Thought it was The entities protecting more than you Think they do Um if you're just being evil and you're Trying to hurt somebody that doesn't Deserve it but you won't do it anyway Then use sympathetic Magic use Sympathetic magic and your own personal Energy your own personal power you be The judge and jury don't if you want to Bring in some outside Consciousness some Other ancient god or demon or something That has a mind of their own and you're Doing some [ __ ] [ __ ] that you know is Uncalled for them they're probably not Going to help you it just depends on the Team that you better pick right if you Do pick the right one they might not Give a [ __ ] if you're right or wrong but Um there was something for something Petty and stupid and you're insistent on Doing it anyway then use your own Personal energy Priest says I'm looking forward to Working so much more with shimmyaza the Shaman King I am looking forward to Hearing from his answer Oh yeah brother you know the videos in Your inbox bro Freedom Fighter says the Mantra jsu's to Bring below to appearance I used it After two hours of me using it to my Water line broke I was able to fix easy

Just wanted you to know how powerful it Was for me Oh yeah yeah it starts when the water Line breaks I've had a flooded basement a few times I don't know if it's because of ritual We were doing or not but That messes at some point soon I'm going To get the vampire box I just have to Come up with come across 600 bucks it's Not about 400. yeah I don't think They're good they're not that expensive Anymore yeah they might my x uh Partner I used to work with like drove My prices up before they left Um so first thing I did when I took Control over my own business is bringing Those back down where I thought they Should be oh yeah Isaiah just says what The [ __ ] excellent testimonial oh yeah Prima asks Which radionics item is that do we sell It yes we do sell it that is the magic Wand that is on our site yeah It's all good yeah it looks kind of like A Detonator you know that's a button It's got an infrared light you know and You're supposed to like point it you Know like you point them on something Then um it's also got a an input jack Here so that you can plug it into Another radionics machine so I can Seriously like hook it up to a wish box To like amplify the power of this thing

And I can even set that wish box and Frequencies and use picture Representatives of whatever operation I'm trying to do I mean this I don't know it's pretty [ __ ] cool like I was really skeptical About it when I first got my hands on it I'm just like I don't know like I Understand radionics and how that Machine works and you know part of how That works is that the thing continues To run at the same frequency non-stop so It's like continuously broadcasting that Desire of yours into this holographic Reality to manifest it physically Whereas this is like a boom it trigger It say something like well So the best I can understand this Operates off the power of the person It's like a way to harness your personal Energy and intent and focus it down to a Focal point and so like how good is this Thing I think the better the better the person Holding it the better of the tool this Is yeah I think it it just focuses and Amplifies your own energy I think uh doctor who creates these um And put it there's a pickup coil in it Which basically a Taps into and is able To pick up the energy created by your Pump Shopper and Amplified it and then Send it towards your target so Essentially it's kind of like a wand

Yeah but yeah there's a lot it's Harry Potter issue as that is yeah I think It's hilarious because we're always Making fun of Harry Potter as Black Magicians you know we're always telling People this is a [ __ ] Harry Potter Dude you know well Now thanks to Uncle Chuck if Dogma over It's starting to turn into Harry Potter Yeah we got radiotic magic wands now That's hilarious to me Um but yeah I mean it [ __ ] works I Mean I'm not gonna not put it on the Website it before it works it's just Hilarious Uh Charles 711 I'm pretty sure the fart Ruins from the golden broke Was hemorrhoids That's cool I I created this curse Called bleeding butt [ __ ] and the you Know consistently Here Um given someone who wants um pretty Much like like chronic bleeding Hemorrhoids and uh yeah that's that's Pretty nasty it's pretty nasty and uh You know it's a great thing to do to Someone that that likes to assault Others it's kind of put it like I don't Just like throw curses around rapist Pedophiles all day long And it's like a hobby like guilty Pleasure of mine all right but like Ex-girlfriends and [ __ ] like that no I

Don't [ __ ] curse people Mr Mercury is Magic and monsters hello Sounds funny guys the sound is crackling Sound how's the sound now It's a better cat [ __ ] up that Microphone dude I don't know came out of The other day I was laying on the floor Like they grabbed the cord and yanked It Off Ah that was good I don't know we've been on for an hour It's about time to go in you know yeah So the essay one says I feel like when You evoke a spirit like bazuzu and it's Hard to play an enemy with malady and Illness Isuzu will gather his Legions That destroy the target regardless of How innocent they are Maybe I don't know I guess It depends you know Pazuzu just like any Other spirit will make his own decision Well I think if that person works with Pazuzu then you're gonna have a lot more Time convincing him to kill them if like They're making sacrifices to him you Know I was like All right it goes both way lately you Know one person might say like okay if You're gonna attack another Soldier then Don't don't call on the same entities That he works with to try to attack him All right but at the same time if you Can convince the entities that he works With to turn against him and then attack

Him then I mean Yeah I guess it just comes down to the Real sorceress I mean that's what it Really comes down to there's nothing There's no such thing as [ __ ] writing Involved Right and wrong is a matter of opinion We all got different opinions and none Of us around all right so so I mean it Comes down to the opinion of the entity You're working with and yeah if they Don't give a [ __ ] if you can commence Them to to do it then yeah it's going to Get done 80 fan 02 I think last question we'll Wrap it up It says are Christians immune to vampire Boxes absolutely not no it doesn't I Don't think anything's immune vampire Boxes it's a piece of Scientific Technology You know none of us are immune to Radiation It doesn't matter what your belief System is radionics will do its job The radionics doesn't care what you Believe in not let's just say that and What you believe in does not care about Radions You know like Oh oh Jesus isn't going to be like oh no That's one of mine I'm not gonna let That radionics box hurt him no no Definitely not you know the people that

Tend to suffer Affects the quickest or are actually Christians because like they have zero Protection all right they worship a lot Of pain and suffering that wants them to Suffer on their knees so why is it gonna Why is the Christian God going to Protect one of his one of his sheeple From an evil sorcerer like me if I Decide to Target them he's not because He feeds off their suffering the more They suffer the harder they pray and the More they pray the harder they pray the More [ __ ] energy he gets I mean yeah It's open season on this [ __ ] And they don't realize it but they're Always you know they're always suffering The worst it seems yeah well I will say even Muslims beat upon Christians every religion beats upon But you know what's funny is you know Yeah it really doesn't matter you should Believe in this funny that I find that There are a lot of Christians that Actually have demons as their Guardian Think that's pretty funny I would not be surprised about that yeah Yeah and it's funny they're gonna Believe what they believe but you know Their Guardians trying to get them to Realize what things really how things Truly are well a lot of people that I do Work for are Christians yeah I won't lie About that you know people that hire me

For rituals and stuff they're just like It's funny because they'll always as Soon as I get on the consultation They'll sit down and be like I'm letting You know that I'm Christian but you know I really really want Satan to do this For me if I pay you can I get out of Selling my soul to the devil I'm like Okay let me explain you what we're doing Here and now you're not selling yourself It doesn't [ __ ] matter what you Believe in this is science you know but Anyway you can self-sabotage right Through your own idiotic Actions for sure but um no I mean Blackmagic is a science it works no Matter what you believe in these spells Work whether you believe in them or not And they're going to work no matter what Religion you're a part of Whether they're good or bad they are Gonna [ __ ] work and all you gotta do Is do them correctly Hell yeah that's why I love them because I don't have to be a good person to do Magic We all know I'm an evil man with a penis I embrace that I think we're all individuals here we All have our own evil penis too we all Have our own moral compass [Laughter] All right Well I think we're gonna wrap it up I

Think we're gonna wrap it up all right All right well we appreciate you all Coming on oh yeah thank you guys make Sure you love you guys make sure to like And the video and comment if you like Check out our group right we're gonna be Doing on New Year's it's already on the Site everybody on the site link is down Below in the description it's gonna be Fun See you guys see you guys