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By | December 10, 2022

Alban Arthan – Yule Group Ritual




All right what's up guys welcome to Another Friday All having fun Happy merry Friday night Yes All right so just me tonight again Hope you all haven't gotten sick of me That would be great Um so anyways updates before we get Going so the shimmyaza group ritual has Come to a close Um and that will be being performed here Shortly Um due to weather conditions to spend Postponed Um but that also brings me to The next group ritual that we're doing No we're just like pumping them out man I don't know Um so this is A group of ritual that I've wanted to do For a while Um but it hasn't been the time of year Yet so it's a two-part thing so they're Going to be separate rituals however one Of the tiers in the ritual that's Already on the site Um does include a free seat to the next One so what it is it'll be you know Celebrating the Pagan Celtic holiday Uh also known as Yule or albanarthan So What Sorry I got distracted them so what uh

That uh Group which will be for is Petitioning Um This she's known as like the queen of Winter she's very Very powerful Celtic goddess her name is And she's actually another aspect of Brigid I didn't really make that Connection right off but I did ask her And that is the case uh so during the Winter time during the winter solstice She becomes but Um when it comes into spring and into Summer time Um then she's more properly known as Bajeed Um it's probably not the best way to State it but that's that's usually where Uh Um Most people In that tradition celebrate them or so Um what this group ritual will be is Petitioning to Um make this season to be as Transformative on your spiritual path as Possible as well as bringing about Massive prosperity and abundance of the Year to come in the second part of that Ritual will be called on inbox which is On February 1st and then I'll be calling On Brigid for that but the same petition So feel free to check it out it's Already up on the site the Link's in the

Description Um I wanted I know I talked about this in The last Live that I did That I wanted to create a ritual that Had more more value I wanted to really Put something else into it so I broke it Up in tears Normally we have two so you could be Part of the ritual or at a second Sacrifice if you'd like for your you Know a personal sacrifice this time I Have three tiers Um for this Um and since we discussed the importance Of familiars and treating them like Family and really um incorporating them More into your practice uh last live I Decided why not Um add something like that Into the ritual So what I mean by that is I know that a Lot of people struggle with I know some people Um I know there are some people here in This chat that probably have no problem With it but I knew I do know that there Are some people that struggle with Getting the names of their familiar and Their sigil and so one of the things That I offer with that ritual if you get The second tier is that I will Personally Channel a name and a Sigil of

One and you're familiars not at all Whoever comes forward first and wants to You know wants you to really be aware of Them that's who I will channel the name In sigil for so like I said go ahead and Check it out if you like that's all I Want to say on that matter we can get Started stop Child 7211 hello Welcome brother it's always good to see You star ruby hello good to see you Every yellow soon glad you can make it Hello Nina the Mystic Greetings everyone hey Starbucks Oh I like that that's Starbucks [Laughter] What's up Nina Abraham Garza Welcome What are my thoughts on Balenciaga oh Man we're getting all political up in Here aren't we Well I mean I think it'd be safe to Assume where I would probably stand on That But for those That don't dare do that I will say that I think it's atrocious And you know it's It's not necessarily shocking to me There's so much of the crap going on Like Balenciaga that people just turn a Blind eye to or just don't seem to like

Connect the dots but You know finally that's really coming to Light so Is what it is I think it's disgusting But is what it is Squirrel is a interesting one we live in All right Eminem hello Let's see sin what's up All right Everyone says I've been going down the Rabbit hole these days about Hollywood And the elites oh I bet that is a fun Journey What have you found out what new Conspiracies have you have you uh Indulged in Yes Nina Um js's group right is still on for Tuesday Um if I hear otherwise I'll be sure to Let everyone know The reason it got pushed Um was due to weather I mean it's been Pouring here non-stop for I don't know a Week straight now it hasn't let up I Mean it'll lit up for like an hour or Two but we have you know you can't Really do anything if Everything's a mud hole I mean here in Georgia we just got red clay everywhere So it's just Sopping mess just to Chomp around and it Was so much fun All right guys

I know I keep saying this but I want to Try I want to try to keep This uh this live short tonight so let's See All right So let's get this kicked off If you guys have any questions let's get Going What are we going to discuss tonight Stephen Ramirez who was the first Spirit You summoned to visible appearance and What was your experience like hmm Let me think about this [Music] The reason I gotta think about it is Because I didn't have an experience Where You know one day out of like not seeing Anything all of a sudden poof I had this Giant manifestation and I was like oh my God Um What started happening was I started Seeing things out of my peripheral Right and uh I took that as a sign of like come on Man my astral site's getting better you Know I'll be I'll wake up In the morning I'll be looking at my Door and I see this giant like Looked like some Beetle Bug thing that's Like you know obviously From the astral realm it's [ __ ] giant Crawling over my my door and I'm like

Holy [ __ ] So I mean there's little things like That um start popping up and then Rituals I'd see stuff and orbs flying Around so It's kind of got used to over a period Of time seeing things but the first holy Well I had quite the physical experience With Um Uh Sartay But I think The one that really really got me Um good so to say uh would be my Familiar a SIM card I don't know what it was About him but like his energy like I was Not used to his energy at all And um My heart would just my heart rate would Just go through the roof it'd be Pounding in my chest like I'm like oh my Gosh I'm gonna have a heart attack Anytime he approached like I could feel It it was like all this pressure started Like build on my body and my my body Would freak out even if I was calming my Mind my body would freak out and then I Saw him and it was like um I'm not going to describe what he looked Like that's a little too much Information but Yeah it just popped up

Scared the crap out of me y'all stood in Uh when I was sitting in my car talking With someone and that's the crap out of Me So Hopefully that answers your question sir S81n asks do I participate in baneful Magic Do I participate I have been known to do some painful Work time of time It is not my go-to I don't take pleasure In it usually Um I just think there's so much more you Can do in your path than You know Curse someone I spend a lot of time Actually reversing a lot of [ __ ] and Really just negating some of the crap People throw at me Which is crazy I don't know what I did With anybody else but People love doing that crap I love throwing it back in their faces But just a I don't know just for shits and giggles To do stuff like that None not not really a fan Avrila sin I found out a lot actually But I knew some old things too for years Um don't you love that when you Come across some information that kind Of like fits like a puzzle piece to Something you already knew you're like

Yeah that makes sense I knew it Did you know There is a new Um let's say semi-new it's been out for A little while Um it's a show on Amazon Prime I believe It's either on Amazon Prime or Netflix It's called yeah Park Um I want to talk about I can't even Remember the name Apocalypse something Talks about Um this uh I can't even remember his name Graham Grab something Hancock maybe oh Um anyways he uh he talks about how we Had all these civilizations even before The Ice Age and stuff like that and the Empirical evidence that he's found and All this other stuff um it's very that's A very interesting show I loved it but It's gotten so much hate from people on The far left it seems they're all have So much hate about it and I don't Understand it and what reasoning you may Ask I haven't I'm the slightest coil I think it's because it goes against What most mainstream archaeological Archeology really believes but I don't Understand how that has anything to do With The far left but whatever everything's

Political nowadays Child 7211 is interesting a few weeks Ago I had a spirit appear as A particularly large male organ Very cool Is that belfagore or asmodeus who's that I've never really had Entities like a pure I want to take that back I've had some entities up here like in Like an animalistic like uh beastial Form but there still had some kind of Well with the exception of maybe one or Two Um the most most of them still had like A human form and most of the time when I Um Sea Spirits is always in a human-like Form and I think that's just me I don't Know but uh yeah I haven't seen Like objects or like uh organs or Um most things in my animalistic form I think the only ones that I have is as Moloch Um asmodeus I think that's it Well and then now I left the tap but He's he he's showing me two different Forms And then below I think that's it yes there are they Have come with like some kind of Beastial aspect Oh I'm forgetting another one segment

She also she has that light that iconic Lion face Child saving to the Levin says satanakia Very cool Oh yeah I bet that was a an interesting Experience Nina says yes it goes against the lies Told to us indeed indeed There is a I don't sound like conspiracy not but There's just so much that just is Purposely hidden kept secret which it's So obvious and and if you're on the Spiritual path and you're able to Communicate with entities you get to Find out a lot more and you're like yeah It's just yeah Yeah like uh So I found this out a long time ago when I was Channeling shinyaza Um That You know the story where they've they Came down is that incarnated into the Flesh and and had their way with women And all this other stuff and you know All the Watchers descended They didn't send on this Earth they Descended in the earth in the middle and Yes there are beings in the middle of The earth I will say that at the risk of Sounding like a nut but that is true

All right Everyone's sin asked what do you think The deities think of the elites I don't know I've never asked Um my assumption would be they don't Give a [ __ ] You know I think the world is the way it Is you know Bilal once told me that this Plane will never be a Utopia It's just not meant to be So And we're not to change the world or Save the world that's not our job I know It seems like a wonderful cause to To call to action for But You know he emphasized you know you need To work on yourself you know that inward In uh inward journey and you can help Those that are in your corner you have Your corner you have your space right You can help people that come to you and Stuff like that but you know don't think You have the responsibility of taking Care of the whole world or trying to Change it in any way it is what it is What rules will rule So Empires rise and fall all the time S8 one in says azmadeus was the first Spirit I evoked he manifested as a thick Dense cloud of smoke He drove me to fits of Rage I avoid Working with him

Sounds like he was testing you I have noticed that with some Spirits When you first contact them they'll come In like all all hard man and they'll Make you super uncomfortable Or try to scare you or something It doesn't happen all the time but I've Known that to happen from time to time And they will say they're just kind of Testing and see what you do So my advice Would be to probably work with him still Call on him again You asked do you often sacrifice blood To Spirits I do I do The reason being is You know you can you can give incense And and you know food and flowers and All sorts of things you know and offer Them to entities and that's a really Wonderful gesture that's amazing I mean But If you want to really give raw energy it Comes from blood life force energy Um even sexual fluids those are more Potent Offerings and those will be well Appreciated so I do in fact most of the Time When I work with an entity You know I'll always give him some blood Hannibal says didn't Admiral Byrd meet The beings in the middle of the Earth in Antarctica yes absolutely I think I have

Yet to to I think he wrote a book but I Have yet to read it but yeah he he Really claimed that he uh if he met them Something about like I don't know the Full story obviously but something about He was flying over Um I guess the South Pole I think it was And all of a sudden he came to this Clearing where Um it was just like a rain forest it was No longer ice and all this other stuff It was just like A small paradise and it's all this giant Hole And I don't know what possessed him to Decide to fly into it but he did and his Aircraft was actually just apparently Taken over Uh by other Alienware aircraft and Um they just guided them to the ground And He met some things there And came back to tell the story so Everyone thought he was nuts People probably still think he's nuts But I think he wrote a book about it I don't think he's nuts at all because I Believe that is true That is my personal opinion Andrew Willard what's up I'm late but Here well I'm glad to have you Andrew Thanks for coming on Child 7211 I had the experience with

Lilith she was aggressive in the initial Evocation yeah absolutely Yeah no I I really think that's a thing Like uh like I said it doesn't happen All the time I mean at least for me like Uh if I'm calling on an entity that I Hadn't called on before sometimes it's a Little Almost say awkward but it's kind of like Hey what's up man you know and just like You're feeling each other out You know Um but a lot of times like I'll come Across new entities because they'll come Through and introduce themselves to me So it's just a different Dynamic but I have had some entities Really uh show up in an aggressive way As you say Uh Java chop did that to be uh Asmodeus actually did that too It's interesting that you mentioned Essay one in about asmodeus and that he He uh was like a thick dense Cloud he Was very shadowy when I first Um encountered asmodeus uh he was a big Shadow figure and uh he really just It's interesting because some sometimes I'm not sure how to articulate this but You know sometimes entities you know you Could feel them they have their their Aura and stuff like that but sometimes It's like they can amp it up to like the Umpteenth level and that's what osmodeus

Did so much so that I was like Immediately nauseous and I didn't know Um I mean I was just struggling to keep Going with what I was doing and like man I'm not sure how much longer I could Take this As with this was like that Java shop was Like that See Hannibal says I want to read it as well Yeah I'm curious Every Ellison someone mentioned Balenciaga earlier what's going on with Him Yeah I have no idea what's going on with Him now I don't keep up with it But yeah I mean I am aware of things That they were doing and everything else And yeah I think it's disgusting Um star ruby is let's say I perform a Ritual and I don't see any results Within a few weeks should I perform the Ritual again if not when should I Perform the ritual That's a good question Well Not everything is going to happen Instantly you're you probably already Know that Um So it is reasonable to assume that it's You know it'll take its time you know to Manifest the question is like like

You're asking how long do you really Wait right it's been a few weeks depends On what you've asked for right some Things really take time That being said There's no harm in performing it again There's no you can You can perform it as many times as you Want Like there are some rituals that I do Several times in a row And separate occasions Each time you do if you're putting forth More and more energy Um You know there's another aspect to that Where you know if you don't see any Movement Um you know I'm not sure it really Depends on the ritual like I said but if You don't if you're not seeing any Results [Music] Um Any Acknowledgment that there's something Moving there then I would probably dive Deeper and find out why you know calling The the entities that you've called on Are petitioned to and You know ask find out what's going on But like I said it doesn't hurt to do it Again you can do it as many times as you Want

First you don't succeed Do it again And also find out if you feel like You're doing something wrong you have That gut feeling like I said Calling those entities that you called On for the right Find out Andrew says don't forget to hit that Like button absolutely we all like likes On the YouTube channel And people just subscribe if they Haven't already You know and comments love comments All right See here Foreign Says every ritual creates change a shift Occurs on an atomic level that is in Favor of the sorcerer in his or her will I've done hundreds of rituals and have Seen my life changed That's very good point that's awesome I'm a big fan of repetition I'll keep Saying that over and over again Repetition with everything That's how one implements change in the Reality Alrighty guys See if we get any more questions here What do you all want to talk about Let's see come up with something here Mm-hmm Has anyone

Ever Um Done a ritual to Initiate Through the tunnels are set And if so how did you go about doing it This is curious and if anyone has any This is the ad for that or tell me about Their experience I'll let you know why I Asked There are some things that have come to My attention which is very interesting Andrew Willers I don't know if this is Related but I have more success with Spells and getting results from demons But hard to utilize for helping others Any suggestions Hmm not exactly sure what you're you're Asking there Andrew Um I mean I don't understand what is hard Um To utilize there for helping others If you could elaborate on that I'd be happy to share my thoughts Every other sins I'm learning the Popular Wednesday dance oh Man you guys are going to hate me I Tried to watch it everyone talked about It I tried to watch I got as far as like one episode and I Was like no I can't just Came sorry So I don't know

It was not my ting But I'm I hear everyone loves it Everyone that Talks about it though S81 in says have you ever really messed Someone up using baneful Magic Uh mayhap I don't want to say that here On here Saying that this is on a YouTube channel The rest assured I've I've done my share Hannibal When I started driving oh diving deeper I had experiences with Arachne She guards over the tunnels from my Understanding I had some crazy things Happen with her Very cool yes sir acne as well as other Spirits including sithrichor sithrichor Is actually the metagogue comprised of All the 22 Demons of seven Um so there are many entities that can Help you initiate through that Um The thing is the reason I brought that Up was so I've come to find Everyone talks about these Tunnels of set right That there's 22 tunnels and it connects Each clifa right Um that I found out they're an entity That it doesn't exist and like what do You mean I mean How does it not exist If

Is such a widely held Um Idea or belief Right that that exists and what are People really initiating through you Know if it doesn't exist and then to Which they clarified and they're saying Pretty much you make your own path Right you make your own tunnel whatever Changing if you're ever looking above And able to see the different uh Realms it's like uh like flashes of like Pathways if you will that are like Always changing So there's not a concrete structure Called the tunnel's ascent it doesn't Exist however Learning to Traverse between the Realms Is what that is and that's what you're Initiating into And I thought that was very interesting I was like um See Chris Gordon welcome brother Tell us about times you had Spirits Visit at 3am Oh man I don't know about 3 A.M probably around That it's Late at night around that time early in The morning Let's see Uh I think the very first Time I've had

An incident that really woke me up Was uh I like Heard lots of wrestling in my room To the point where like I knew that it Wasn't anything else it hadn't been a Spirit or something And then it like shocked me Like that seems to be like a trend now Like they just shock you at least for me Anyways and uh I wake up and I Immediately am aware of a presence in my Room and I found out it was Lilith And I had never called on the list or Never worked with her before so this was Cool it was a cool surprise And I was like a kid on Christmas man I Was like oh well welcome welcome you Know what do you want some incense you Want to say no I'm just getting out of Bed being like Oh what can I get for you And I was like well what do you want to Talk about you know She told me she just like she said like Very few words to me And I asked her like uh if she wants Some incense and all this stuff and what She wanted and she told me and then I Asked like what she wanted to talk about And then she she said nothing And like the word nothing and I was like Oh okay well Can I do anything for you you know she's

Like no she told me to go to sleep I was like oh okay I'm like I'm thinking To my head this is kind of weird you Know she just shows up and I just kind Of just tells me to go to bed again And I'm like oh okay I'm like you sure There's nothing like you want to talk About or whatever she goes no just go to Bed I'm like okay so I just go to sleep And then within like a few minutes I Feel all this energy coursing through my Body as she was doing some energy work On me And later I found out she told me she Was doing stuff uh to help me with my Shadow work That was my first visit unexpected visit That was interesting Um I've had Let's see A grot bottom a lot She came to me And I had no idea who she was at first You guys were probably not surprised There are a lot of entities you guys Mentioned and I'm like I have no idea I've never worked with them it's like I've only researched a few entities About an entire time I've been on this Path the rest of the time I'm just Always introduced to others and they Just come along and I dropped up my lot Was like that I heard some noise and I was laying down

And wasn't quite asleep yet heard some Noise in my bathroom And I was like We have a ghost roommate too so I Thought it was Charles and I was like Um I told Charles like leave me alone When I'm sleeping right just keep it Down But I was like he wouldn't do that he's A bro he wouldn't he would be messing With stuff and then oh but I just Decided just kind of like well whatever I'm not gonna worry about But it was like because it didn't get my Attention like she wanted it she decided To zap me Like I said it's a shocking thing like Uh it's like all it's like a pop in the Ear but like static everywhere and it's Just it's almost like a loud clap in Your ear like when you're I'm like Laying down the pillow it's like Jerks you awake I'm like all right I'm Up and then I'm like I feel the presence Coming closer And and she introduces herself And at first it was hard for me to get Her name and I was like oh okay and then She gave me another name which I forget At this point I'll have to Ask her again but it's like a Jewish Name Anyways she was like I've been trying to You know get in touch with you and blah

Blah blah yeah but that was cool she was Really cool I just immediately got up And I was like oh let me get you some Incense welcome let's talk and blah blah What you know why is she here and Everything else it's always I for me It's so cool when they show up and it's Just like you know party Especially if it's an entity I haven't Heard of before That's happened to a few I've met some Unrecorded entities At least assumingly unrecorded like I Haven't found I've tried to Google and Then I haven't found anything Um one which was really cool Um her name is doll cadessa And she came to me one night and uh Like I was like half asleep like in that Kind of like trance like slipping in and Out of Consciousness and I this name Pops in my head doll cadessa I'm like Well that's kind of a cool name like oh Yeah and it like got louder and I was Like um is this something like and I had Just gotten some just adopted some cats So I was like maybe this is the name I Need to use for my cat but then Immediately I Was Made known that you Know an empty entity was there And then uh started talking to her What's cool about dark Odessa is uh I don't know she had this interesting Personality like she uh

She would answer you But with very short answers and so you Just kind of like you had to keep asking Different questions like beat around the Bush you know and um She told me that she did not hail from The cliff off and that she was a rogue And immediately that's like a red flag For me right But then she told me she held from a Higher row Outside of the cliff off And she's somewhat succubic so I was Like okay she's a rogue succubi that's Another big red flag but then come to Find out she's not Um she's actually Um She was created as In her words a weapon of the Gods and She was created by Helios also known as The god of Aries Persephone And Thanos and yes Thanos is real he's Not what people think in Marvel Characters or whatever but yeah Thanos Is a real entity very powerful and uh so Yeah she is the product of being created By them she's the messenger of Zeus And uh she could do some crazy stuff That she told me that Alexander the Great was forged by her very hand that She would like you know whatever that Means I would assume that would mean

Like she was very influential in Everything that he did Um so that was pretty cool And I was approached not too long ago by Another unrecorded entity that I have Yet to really talk to him and look into But yes Fun times Anyways let's get back to the chat All right [Music] Hannibal said my intention was to start Working With tunnels and she came to me that's Awesome hell yeah Jordan Whitfield hello glad you can make It We were all just talking about how you Know we all missed Jordan but there here You are And we are all doing well thank you we Hope you're doing well too every Allison I feel you I didn't like the story that Much either the show sucks but I watched It anyways because I got curious that's That's how it is it's you love hate Watch stuff you're like it sucks but I gotta find out what happens next Andrew Willard I'm able to cast spells For myself successfully and get results Working with Spirits for my own personal Endeavors awesome but when I try to cast Spells for others it doesn't seem as Effective

Hmm I've also asked Spirits I work with to Help others in my close Circle but they Don't seem to see the results can the Spirit sometimes be picky and does Others believe beliefs affect my spells Ah that is a that's a good question Andrew Miller I'm glad you And brought that up Um so yeah it may sometimes seem like They're not getting the results I know That is also a possibility it doesn't Mean they they aren't but if in fact They aren't then yes I would look into It Find out What's going on Um people's beliefs have nothing to do With it you can believe in the Boogeyman And the spaghetti monster and think that Everything else is made up the hen That's your belief only affects Your ability to tap into your psychic Senses that's the only time that belief And ego really stand In your way right but as far as Affecting others and they're you know With magic and it doesn't matter what They believe it doesn't Christians think they're all well and Protected that's not the case Um but yes to answer your other question There Andrew

Um Can the spirits sometimes be picky That is a yes I didn't think so at first I was like You know I guess because of my Experience with some of these entities I'm like wow they're just you know all Of them are really I mean they all have A strict side and they they can be Somewhat Um Flippant like a human Um could be Um but they are well intentioned and They're all willing to help you evolve And you know there's this overall Benevolence to them Which I thought you know uh Translated to pretty much everyone else Right Uh but I found out that's not the case That spheres actually are picky and they Don't like some people I've Been Told I was hired once Um I've been hiring multiple times not Just once but I was hired this once and Um Spirits were like during the ritual They were telling me all sorts of stuff About the person In a negative way I mean this was like a Really nasty person And I was surprised that I didn't pick This up doing you know during like a

Consultation Because I'm usually able to you know Feel People's Energy Um But uh yeah they normally I'll put like My blood on their picture as well you Know and Empower them and they told me Uh like don't you dare put your blood on Their picture and I was like oh okay It's like yeah we don't really like her And I was like oh okay I'm like well Like I kind of wish I knew this Beforehand I was like Do you uh like they also said yeah we Really don't want to help her either And uh I was like well uh would you mind Doing X Y and Z for her Um in exchange for the sacrifice like Yeah yeah we'll do it but yeah and that Kind of like It really threw me back I was like wow You know Spirits really do have Preferences and they don't necessarily Like all the people It's a pretty safe bet if you're a Respectable upstanding person You know we all have faults we all have Flaws for sure but you're striving to be A good person Chances are every spirit's gonna like You but if you're a piece of crap You know even then sometimes they're They're more understanding than we are But uh yeah they definitely are picky

Um It also depends on what you're trying to Do for your friends too Andrew Um Spirit's always know best as far as what Needs to be done you know and if if it Goes against their will for that person Then that's not gonna Take place I've had uh Conversations with Raphael With uh someone hit me up Um to do a healing ritual And she had a lot of problems a lot of Problems To the point where I was like wow that's This is going to take a lot it's going To take a lot to really You know make it an impact and I was Talking with uh Raphael about what can Be done can this all be healed first off And he told me no He said he told me what could be worked On what could be healed But there is also one thing that she was Going to have to live with that is not Going to be touched and I was wondering Why I was like well why take care of all This but not that And it's The way he said it I'm paraphrasing but The way he said it was like it was it's Almost like It's part of her journey and part of her

Path to always struggle with that I mean take that for what a for what Whatever you want I mean it kind of Sounds like oh you know make people Suffer but You know there are reasons And I think they're all for your Betterment I don't think it's Suffer suffering for the sake of Suffering it hardly ever is that Um See S8 one ends is in the last chimaza Group right ritual JS said he was going Underground for a while after that right Is he still going to be involved in Ritual work or has he taken a break from Ritual for hire Um I can't really speak to that entirely He has mentioned Um wanting to to quit doing ritual for Hire And just do stuff for himself Um but I'm taking that at face value I Mean he he's grown man he do whatever he Wants you know so uh I don't know I Don't know I don't know there's nothing Set in stone at this point David Craven says hello beautiful Hello David Steven Ramirez do you have any Experience in potions or ingesting Magical concoctions I haven't ingested any magical Concussions

Unless you want to count like ormus or Colloidal stuff which I highly recommend Colloidals are awesome Really great Um very Myriad of things Uh Experience in making potions I actually don't have any experience Making potions like all around potions For A certain I don't know how things might not I have Made concoctions for my rituals but I Haven't gone about me like I want to Make this type of a lecture and this Potion that I'm going to use and have on My shelf or whatever I need it I haven't Done that Thought about it but I have not MC any book recommendations by create For creating your reality I'm currently Reading reality Tran surfing written by Vadim Zeland great book Long though about seven to eight hundred Pages Very cool Be curious to see what you think of it Okay finish Um [Music] I actually can't think of any books I Would recommend and that's not to say That's not saying like oh I haven't There's no good authors out there I'm

Sure there are Um I personally My I have a Shelf full of books that I Have bought and have never read Maybe I should do something about that But um there hasn't I mean I have uh Read a lot of a cult Um books and stuff like that Um and they all have some really good uh Good stuff to them but it hasn't been Anything that really stands out for me You know Um so unfortunately I can't really give You any great recommendations Um some of the I will say though Other books by Samus dredwood Or decent Now me saying that the content is decent Is not me saying that psalmist Redwood Is a cool dude I don't think so I have My own Personal opinion of the dude and there's A reason he's no longer You know associated with the cabal or Anything else right but that doesn't Mean the content that he created which I Think he actually stole from a lot of Different people I could be wrong but The content is gold So anything that sounds dread would uh Like the right of 13 tongues Um stuff like that he's he's written Some good stuff L The Alchemist hello brother welcome

What's good hearing about your Experiences overseas makes me want to go To the UK Big Time German techno rave Time Oh yeah no I love it I love it over the Over the UK man I hopefully one day I'll Just live there it'd be amazing It's like I can't really explain it I Know a lot of it's funny you go over There everyone wants to go elsewhere And um but it's like man Everything about the UK I just love even The weather I just love it which is one Of the things everyone hates Uh Andrew Willard random question is EA Quetting coming back is book the book of Azaza literally changed my life Um I have no idea I have no idea what Quitting is up to I mean I've spoken to The a couple times and we've done a Podcast together but I'm not in regular Contact with them so I have no idea Um but yes the book of azaza was a Really good book Good information in there S81n says A lot is a wonderful entity that she is She's just she is so cool man like When I first like really went to the Astro with her you know she came up to Me and sort of like you know walking Around me like circling me had this like Seductive like look on her face and like

Touched my face and like was speaking This language in my ear and all like oh Gosh that uh that she told me that Um That anyone that has a problem with me Has a problem with her in her opinion And uh basically talk about you know the Type of production she's going to you Know give me and all this other stuff And it was really cool but she's she has That personality of like uh just badass And uh shouldn't take any [ __ ] from Anybody she's very productive like a Mother it's really cool It's just very similar to Lilith Yeah I think she's just a little more Wild Not to say Lilith isn't amazing because She is But I just got a soft spot for her Okay Hannibal says that makes sense about the Tunnels I can see how finding your own Path can be the most important for each Individual ultimately we need to pave Our Own Way indeed absolutely like I Said that was the nurses I was given and I was like oh that's cool so yeah Uh s31n says EA weddings books are Written in a poetic fashion a lot of Weight behind the words he's written I've slept to his audiobooks very cool I'm glad you found use in it Gabriella Sins is how does Lucifer's voice sound

Like Been wondering about it I mean I don't even know how to How do I explain it He's I have no idea how you explain Someone's voice he's very soft-spoken But Um That's not to say I mean it may not be The best way to describe it I have no Idea how to how to Describe it Um Yeah I'm sorry [Music] Lucifer always I have like this this running dialogue With him all the time Which is Um more so than most of the spirits that I work with Um And uh he pops in from time to time like Even if I'm like thinking something Right or I'm going through stuff and I'm Like thinking you know this train of Thought or whatever he'll pop in and say Something you know sometimes and It's it's Quite comforting sometimes All the time it's quite comforting Very wise individual very wise And he's like

He's like the Mack Daddy man he's always Overseeing everything that I do and and Um everything I do on this path Like his hand is in everything who I uh I'm introduced to or where my path is Headed Um what I do in my daily life what I Should be doing everything it's like his Hand is in all of it so I mean that has Really nothing to do with his voice but I don't know how to explain it it's not Gruff or anything it's like what you Would imagine Um A 40 year old Built man That's has that Charismatic Saw Almost sensual like Um soft Very nurturing voice To explain other than that All right David Craven I love Lilith She's wonderful she has taught me Vampirism and how to create servitors I hope spelled that right Uh did not But that's okay Uh yes little is awesome I'm glad that Those experiences she's great I haven't Really worked too deeply with us I mean She's she's had me initiate through Us through some things

Which were really Instrumental in My path But she comes and goes she's not I don't Really work too heavily with her Andrew Willard says right I loved his Audiobook for zazo anyhow David Craven most of the Divine only Answer in short phrases and sentences Yes indeed I've noticed that for sure I Have come across entities that will talk And talk and talk though Talk so fast that you can't keep up So there's that exception to the rule But for the most part yeah Always very ominous and Just quick quippy short phrases Star ruby says I have never worked Lilith but I'm always buying with Jewelry for some reason and I don't know Why I wonder if that's a sign that I Need to start need to work with her I bet on it Yeah if you're drawn to their sigil or Drawn to just everything about them That's usually a sign yeah if you're Perusing a book and you come across a Sentence even the name and the entity There's just something about that entity It just seems cooler than anything else It's a sign You know I've been Scolded sort of I mean that's a little harsh not

Necessarily scolded but like the strict Talking to because I've ignored some of The signs unknowingly that they're Reaching out to me like I've had Abaddon Was one of them Abaddon was like I have Been trying to reach out to you and Apparently I had not noticed So Yes Yes if you have that Intuition or Something about them reach out to them Charles 7211 says some medieval Occultists believe that Alexander the Great was a sorcerer he was indeed He was indeed Excuse me the same with uh timogen also Known as Genghis Khan He was an amazing Amazing Sorcerer Trial 7211 says what are your thoughts On lycanthropy I've been reading stories Of people who say they encountered Werewolves Man I have no idea I've heard of stuff Like that and I guess some people would Call them kryptoids or I I have no idea You know at this point I mean I've seen Some crazy stuff so I think it would be silly for me to Dismiss the possibility But I I have no idea man I have no idea Until I meet something that fits that Description

I'm not going to put much stock into it But probably real Andrew Willis I've not worked with Lilith but do work with heck a day hell Yeah that kid is awesome She's formidable oh my gosh Familiars hellhounds Oh She's Awesome and frightening at the same time David Craven one of the things that Happens often for me is that people that I love or are good to me receive Blessings others that aren't End up cursed even without me doing Anything Yeah that sounds like Pretty sure sign that uh you've got some Entities looking out for you I've found that I mean People trying to curse me or do Something against me and their life Falls apart You know and I don't know about the Whole thing until later So there's that I mean now I get like Images and pictures like uh you know People doing something I mean I've I've Been given pictures like this dude's Doing something and I'm like who the Hell is that like I'll even know this Dude Yeah they they do things Without you knowing

Mm-hmm Andrew wheeler says that makes sense I've got the wrong impression because I'm lucky to have seen only the loving Or strict way thump on the head when I Need it I've got the wrong way Indeed indeed Andrew Since I bought books too and I've never Read them I'm not advocating for this by the way It's just my uh My lack of Devotion to reading books at This time Priest good to have you on good evening To all thank you Rick I got the Opportunity to learn from ritual work That I will go through tests to prove Myself to work out my problems hell yeah That's awesome One of the best things one could do on a Path is get in a position where you're Open To receive guidance and instruction some People Are closed off to that even if Even if it's not readily Um Aware Or in your face you know some people are Kind of closed off you know but if You're always Making sure that you're in that space to Receive and and guidance and you know

Whatever whatever they have to say and Have you do then And you'll get so much from it You know I I would take that same Approach when you're doing divination When You're seeking information about Something Don't go into it Seeking confirmation for what you think It is Never do that because then you'll Convince yourself Then you'll give yourself that Confirmation and that would be wrong So go into it I'm biased willing to hear Any side or anything just be open to Receive it and sometimes you'll be Surprised Star ruby says same here I have so many Books I haven't read Yep Hannibal says hell yeah I'm working with The blighted now hell yeah Because stroma is awesome I love latex Drama I have not really worked with the Blighted myself but I had had the Pleasure of working Um with lady castroma and she was really Cool Andrew Willard I didn't hear a voice of Spirits I don't hear voices of spirits I Get an impression of their energy and

Images in my mind but I'm sure they Speak to people differently depending on Your abilities absolutely absolutely Whatever your dominant sense is Spirits Know exactly how psychic you are and Where you're at but they will always Push you to get better And just because they know you can only Perceive x y and z Doesn't mean they're always going to Cater to you either right they're going To push you But yes Um For me the hearing the hearing didn't Was a hard one for me I think my most Dominant trait is feeling energy Um so my body is so sensitive to energy Now That's like my most dominant Psychic sense at this moment but all These things have kind of like come Together over time and now you know You're really experiencing every bit of The ritual and your your um Your time spent with spirits and stuff Like that in a totally different way Because of Different senses that you have Yes praise Lucifer Alexander Great was a sorcerer a Realison asks yes indeed he was How good of a sorcerer I don't know but He was

The Alchemist says Genghis Khan for sure Was a sorcerer hell yeah So you're all familiar it really should Be uh the right of defecation and Basically the the whole thing about that Is you're making that sacrifice to you You're absorbing all that energy right Um people have done that for uh Millennia And Genghis Khan on his deathbed he had He ordered like I forget exactly the Number but it was like so many like 200 Horses Um all these different types of animals And then the servants that buried him And came back had to then sacrifice Themselves To him at the end so like he had so many Sacrifices after he died like really Just I could only imagine how that Propelled him But yeah he he's There are stories where he would be able To summon like a tornado to wipe out Um this enemy Army before he would go in And finish him off So There's Crazy stuff he's done David Craven I never wanted a witch War I always respected others who are Witches but for some reason many have Come against me I just shake my head and Think what they sow is what they reap

Indeed indeed I don't get it either man You know I I feel like we all should be Helping everybody and Like I don't know like I said like cursing Doesn't like I don't Wake up and be like who am I cursing Today you know I just I don't care I've Got other more important things to do With myself you know doesn't mean I Don't protect myself or dish out Whatever it's thrown my way Um but yeah I don't get it Some people they are on their own path You know Every other sense is my phone service Froze so I'm back All right David Craven I learned to stop Teaching others I loved continuing the Art But I was giving others a loaded gun They weren't ready for Sometimes that's what they need though You know extra little push But you know you can only help people You know so much right I mean I guess I could say I I give Advice from time to time but it's really Just I like to think it's more so just Encouragement right because I've got my Own path and I've got my own faults and Stuff and and I certainly don't know Everything and I don't pretend to you

Know Um if I can offer advice and Encouragement I will Um But there's only so much You know you can do everyone's on their Own personal path And you know everyone's experiences are Going to be different and they might Have to go about something totally Different than the way you did So It gets tricky Yakima says God dip have phenomenal Night Rick Thank you brother have a wonderful night Thanks for stopping by David Craven says hell yes I hear them Often And can feel energy but I always got Visions lately my vision Come as a Daydream or at times I feel The Earth shaking under me hell yeah Gianna s welcome Any spirit for help in University and Mission or academic work thank you guys For sure I think for a second it'd be really good Crow cell croquel And asmodeus That's what I'm getting That's who I'd recommend if anyone else Has any suggestions feel free Let's see um

Andrew Willard exactly it's not like Listening with your ears but rather your Whole body Absolutely Jordan Winfield is Magic Stronger by location I heard that for East Far Eastern magic is very strong if Alexander and the gangles use magic to Conquer the world it makes sense maybe The British Empire used magic as well Um you know that's an interesting Thought but I Personally I don't think so I don't Think location has anything to do with It That doesn't mean that there aren't Points in this on this planet That can behoove you during stuff like You know being on the Ley line or all Sorts of stuff Um so there's this place man what's it Called So that tip of my tongue it's it's uh Domir Damir probably damir it's in Italy it's It was founded in like the 70s it's like A group of these hippies came and they They found there's basically this this Plot of land that had all these Intersecting Ley lines And they built up this like this church It was basically this underground Temple That they dug Um and They have grown this community

To like something of its own little Country like they even have their own Currency they have their own schools Everything they're completely Self-sufficient in that in that that Place Um and they do some crazy interesting Stuff there I mean all sorts of Different experiments man they get They're doing experiments where they are Able to hook leads up the plants and Have plants do like an orchestra and Then do some crazy stuff I knew a friend Um that actually made a documentary About them But uh he said while he was there that Time just moved slower while he was There and it was just like he felt Better like health-wise and everything Else so I mean there's There Are Places on this planet like Pinpoint places that would behoove you You know extra energy and all this other Stuff for magic but I don't think truly Location geographically has anything to Do with it David Craven says estheroth for studies That's a good one hell yeah Child 7211 say The British courts were Filled with magicians especially during Elizabeth the first I believe it Charles I believe it Andrew Willard says curses take a lot of Energy and time I don't curse unless

It's extreme I've seen results from my Own curses firsthand Indeed Get Petty when casting curses I've only Casted a spell on a friend that made me Mad once and watching the results Uh taught me how serious effects can be Absolutely You know I've also noticed that um You know your guides and spirits will Definitely intervene on on your behalf If someone's throwing stuff your way and You don't deserve it So there is that if the spirits don't Feel you deserve it they're not going to Let you get the brunt of it if at all Um people who are nasty pieces of crap There's a reason they get wiped off very Easily Freedom Fighter my money magic is not Working I'm getting pissed off wanting To rob a bank at this point stuck in Poverty spirit's not helping That sounds like quite the predicament There freedom fighter What are you doing for money magic I mean there's so many Things I would have to ask you to To try to work with you Um but money magic man there's a lot of Factors that really go into it you know To really make get the most out of doing A ritual So

Feel free to elaborate if you'd like Look you know who you're working with And do you have a are you currently Working right now or you know what's Going on You can always just email me too Um emails listed on on the website Eminem do you use Santa Muerte Um I don't use santa morte But Um I do have an altar for her and I do work With her I don't use her but I know That's not what you meant but Um I've also promised that I wouldn't give Her time and devotion Um So that is in the near future Jordan Whitfield thank you for answering Absolutely Freedom Fighter said using Angel magic Gallery of magic and demons of magic Packed Magic We'll email you thank you so much okay Yes email me We will Get to the bottom of it and see what's Going on All right guys we're coming an hour and 14 minutes If you guys got any more questions Throughout or some story time or what we Can

Do that and then uh I have to wrap it up Here [Music] Thank you Eminem For coming on How's JS every Olson yes He's doing well as far as I know You know we do live together you know he Was a roommate but we do our own thing Man it's Half the time I don't know what he's Doing and half the time we don't know What I'm doing I'm assuming he's great S81 ends his thoughts on Glacial ebola's Uh I have no idea what that is I probably Do and I'm just it's not coming to mind I don't know I might have to expand on that sir Or ma'am I don't know That sounds familiar I want to feel really stupid if I know What it is and you tell me Foreign Let's see I want to do real-time Google In here Glass Yellows Let's see what that is Oh of course yeah I do feel stupid Okay I know I have not worked with him

Obviously no I actually have not worked with a lot of The uh Spears of the equation One day I will one day I will I think my personal opinion It's a blanket statement Uh that all the entities in the glitch Are just amazing Like you can't go wrong I had uh one entity and I had no idea he Was in the question I should probably read it at this point But uh I had one entity valve for Um come to me when I was doing like this It was a little early on in my path and I was just doing like Like meditation Journeys and just like Really trying to work on my psychic Senses And I found myself in like this jungle Place and like there's this giant Like pool with a waterfall and it was so Serene and I was like you know I'm just Gonna go for a little dip I don't know You know I was just playing around in my Mind right and on the astral And all of a sudden this entity shows up And jumps in there with me and just Comes by me and starts talking to me And he tells me his name's valve for And he gave me some advice About you know uh feeling spirits and Stuff like that

And how to really hear them Better But yeah he just like came out of Nowhere while I was in la la land Basically So that was pretty cool Eminem says what happens to our souls When we die do we reincarnate It depends The nuances About what happens when you die or vast Um there's a simple answer and I could Say That yes you will reincarnate but there There's a lot of different things here We're actually We only have X amount of lives In our reincarnation cycle that we are Contracted to right so Um You know you can either Ascends or transcend sorry transcend the Cycle of reincarnation And you finish up then you can go on to Depends on what you're doing you know or Your path working you might be ending up Working with some of the entities that You work with now and then probably have A position that you're supposed to do Whatever you know that's hard to really Even Fathom because you know it's contractual In this this life that you're living That you're not going to know everything

Right that you've ever done it's only When you Not only after you die you actually have To transcend the veil right crossover is What it's called To join your oversoul that's when you Get reunited with everything that you Are then you'll know you know just Because you die and you're here still You're on the astral plane but you're You're here right You know you're not all wise or anything Else you haven't connected with your Over soul and stuff like that's what you Know all these ghosts and stuff are Um It depends on the life you've LED too I Mean there are people can be you can be Destroyed You can be empowered and and going on to Your next life you could take a break in Between reincarnations and go to a Certain place and study there are so Many different things that can happen Um Tila Petrova Um has a video on her Channel where she And VK jahanam actually sit down and Talk about this so I'm not going to go Too much in depth but they have a Wonderful video on there we've been Talking about all the different nuances And stuff and I 100 agree with their Gnosis from what I've gathered on my own Foreign

A lot of what I know about That is uh comes from the conversations I've had with Thoth And uh been very enlightening David Craven says Freedom Fighter I feel Like you need to work with A planetarium spirits Sure Andrew Willard try working with Mammon He's helped with me with money yes Do you know that man that's like an Ambassador To England I didn't know that I don't Even know what that means but that's a Rank But yeah man was good with money Let's see Priest I have a money-making ritual that I do once a week I work with the Titogramma Tom for money magic it will Not fail it is both Angelic and demonic Very cool Everybody listen my mom says she's seen Six psychics so far and for some reason Her aunt's Spirit never comes through we Don't know why but my grandfather always Comes through that's what I've been told Yes Like we all have Our own path right It's There are a lot of ancestors that will Stick around to help you and agree to You know help you on your path and and

Be a guide for you but then there are Others that are Um destined if you will to move on and You know carry on go into another Reincarnation or Or go elsewhere and do stuff So if they're not coming through it's Probably because they're not around They've crossed over So any anything that come anyone that Comes through Uh during like a psychic reading and They're channeling the Dead It's from entities that have not crossed Over Um or They have and we're tasked with being Your guide Or volunteered to do as well that Happens too S31n says imagine becoming deified as Your own God when you die There's so many things that can happen And um like You know on your path and you will You will find out certain stuff Hints of things Like Thoth had told me that you know It's contractual that we are not able to Know everything right like as we would If we Merged with or integrated into our Oversold once we cross over however we Can seek certain information anything we

Seek for will find like if we want to Know stuff about our past lives we can Find that out if we want to know our Purpose and what you know what's going To happen after you die or you know if You still have to reincarnate or you Know whatever you know you could find That out too Some people go on and join Certain ranks and Legions and work under Certain entities I know personally that I'm Kind of aware You know I'm being led to uh I don't want to share too much Information But I you know I've been told bits and Pieces of things that I'm going to be Doing Let's see Every other sentences what does Crossover mean Um well a lot of it's It's a term that a lot of people use and I think they either use it loosely A lot of people think that crossover Means you when you die and that's not The case When I say the term crossover I mean That you are gone from this place you're Still in the astral but you're beyond This realm and you cross over a veil To where then you can Integrate with your oversoul again

And most people don't have a problem Cross scalpers sometimes like the moment They die they're You know going on if you've ever heard Of the term psychopomp uh that is an Entity that helps guide you after you Die like they'll meet you after you die And they'll take you on to help you Cross over When I met with Thoth For what I thought was the first time Um He made mention to me like Thoth was so cool man like Um he had reached out to me Earlier in my path like it was Like hey I'm here Um kind of like hey if you want to work With me or whatever I'm here it wasn't Like pushy or anything and he was just He wasn't uh aggressive to get my Attention in the beginning Well he never was Um but that's the way it felt for me and So I kind of just forgot about it for a While you know and I was like oh oh yeah There's Thoth oh yeah there's Thoth and It keep you know keeps coming to mind And so one day I decided to Go ahead and call and Thoth and Link With him and Whatnot and uh when I met him it was in This uh

It's like this giant Library it was all with stone like it Looked very egyptian-esque right and you Know that bird mask thing that um he's Always Um Drawn to look to have there's actually a Mask it was like hanging up on like this Pillar and it came forth it was bald he Had like Some stuff on his face like kind of like Like a painting kind of thing like an Egyptian-esque kind of um and he had the Scroll in uh in his hand And it had my signature on it and he Showed it to me and um immediately I was Felt I was like met with his energy and Um This feeling of like familiarity and Like I know like this deep Love and and um affection was just like Coursing through me like I have known Thoth for so long And uh It was like man I I can't believe I was Like remembering certain things too it Was uh it was a surreal experience but Anyways that scroll He was saying that he was showing it to Me That that was that was the very life That I'm living right now that I had Designed So this is another topic for another

Um video because there's a lot of stuff I would love to dive into about that but Yes help Design This Life and I've Always asked his opinion He told me that I never had a problem Crossing over He said I've always would just make sure To pop in and come see them every time I Crossed over And that uh You know that he really enjoyed that I Come and talk with him and ask his Advice and help him I mean have him help Me uh with like drawing out the plans And stuff about the life that I'm going To agree to in this incarnation Um so It was it was really interesting Forget the point I was trying to make But Yeah There's a lot to unpack there which I Was thinking about doing a podcast with Disco about it But I don't need your time All right guys let's see Oh yeah where's crossover mean yeah That's what it means To cross over the Veil From this realm Uh Freedom Fighters honored to talk to You I have enjoyed your videos with Jess Uh yeah appreciate you coming on man

David Craven says I keep the image of a Crown when I invoke they place it on my Head but I'm so humble so I don't know The symbolism behind it of course I Looked it up once again I'm humble Um David I went over this in Uh I think last was the last week's live Yeah so what the crown means it's it's a Marker it's an indication uh A level of apotheosis that you've you've Gained And uh according to maimon he's the one Who told me about that Um that there will be many crowning Moments along your path But that's what it signifies I mean you Can get all sorts of gifts I mean I've Had uh many entities give me all sorts Of different stuff but when it comes to Like placing something on your head like A crown whether it looks like a crown or An animal skull or whatever it's a Crowning moment which Um is either decided upon by an Individual entity and they could do that Of their own accord or a consensus the Entities that you work with like okay You're ready this is time this is a an Achievement that you've made you know You've gained this level of awareness And apotheosis So that's that's what I would say is What happened there Or at least the symbolism behind it

Bloody Mary welcome you know in the Movie Tron is that short for Metron Uh I have no idea I don't think I've seen Tron Uh avriela sin that's interesting okay Let's see all right guys I think we're at the end here And go ahead and wrap it up I want to thank you guys for coming on Joining me here I'll probably see you all next week or I Know I will see you all next week Anyways I appreciate you guys being on Here and your support and make sure to Like the video make sure to comment if You feel so inclined and uh yeah I'll See you guys next week