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By | September 10, 2022




I was going live oh my god oh my god We're live hold on man i didn't did My hair look okay it looks crazy what About my eyebrows They're on fleek Oh you know it'll just have to do So oh are we live already we are oh my God we are alive well it's a good thing I didn't ask you how my nipples were Looking before Okay anyway what's up guys uh i'm i'm Just garrett brooke douglas And uh yeah we didn't plan for this we Didn't advertise this but uh we decided It was time for us to go live uh we Haven't dropped any videos on youtube For a while because we've been Very very busy doing some really cool [ __ ] that uh you know we're not going to Announce it yet but when y'all see it You'll all know exactly what i'm talking About So Yeah we uh we traveled the world for a Month and we've been working on some Pretty heavy projects and we just you Know we took a night off And decided that we couldn't go live Last minute here yeah we don't want you Guys thinking we we deserted y'all but Yeah we have been busy just like jay Said but uh We're attempting to get going and start Putting out more content for you guys so

Yeah we've been busy as of late but uh Yeah we got a lot of cool stuff to drop Yeah it'll be coming here shortly so Anyway i think that we should start Tonight off with a shot absolutely Hopefully you all have something to Drink uh we'll be drinking some malar Grow and no they are not paying me to Say this but i will say this is a damn Good tequila My only question is do you want the big One or the little one The little Brad brand in the house what's up what's Up brother dan best Good to see you brother All right Yeah i know those guys justin I've been waiting for the next vid i Know yeah We have been uh I'll tell you the last two months have Been insane Like not only Professionally but but i think in both Our personal lives too like we've Done a lot of personal path working And uh A lot of um Very interesting and awesome Opportunities have presented themselves Indeed so uh but you'll hear about it Later yeah it's been it's been awesome So we can't wait for uh y'all to see

That Here's to uh here's to that You sure you don't want the big one no I know i know big ones i don't Drink something Cheers guys [Music] That tastes like gasoline okay does not Taste like gasoline alicia franco holy Hell what's up girl Out running errands but just couldn't Help to say what's up and excited for Your new content shots mike we're very Appreciative alicia Didn't invite me to the shop hey [ __ ] you live five minutes down The road you want a shot get your ass Over here he said i'm here to troll i Know you are right okay okay Laura jane mercury what's up baby doll Hey hey Thanks for joining us Joseph none I'm sorry behemoth x Yeah all right but yeah thanks uh Yeah thanks for joining us man Let's see from ghana and need your help Can i join the illuminati You know all these people from nigeria Oh yeah like it it okay so so the other Day i heard from somebody that seriously Gave 10 grand to one of these nigerian Ghana illuminati scammers Um

I'm surprised people still fall for that Or ever did in the first place i mean if You if you think um if you think there Is a group called the illuminati that Rule the world you know made up of the Elite class do you really think that They would be yeah would they be Recruiting people off facebook no no i Don't think so whatever somebody tells Me they got scammed by those guys i'm Just like well You know stupidity is the greatest sin But uh yeah let's see mike rivera i'm Coming for a shot I love you come on over here the only The only condition is bro if you if You're going to come over here then you Got to do the peanut butter jelly live On youtube all right me and virgil me And erica scoot over and give you a Space right here in the middle and turn On some peanut butter jelly time and for All those in the audience you know i i Can't i can't even express to you what a Treat this this would be to actually Witness this okay so we got abraham Garza says hey you guys been thinking About you guys cool to have you on Brother thank you glad if i'm out of the Darkness jd temple hey what's up brother Jd one of my favorite people in the World dr j J thomas says was just about to have a Cigar well this is the perfect time

Definitely yeah i'm actually out of Cigars man we can't get more i'm out of Cigars please i have to settle for a Cigarette Rash nakanda hello Hey rajna we love you sister thanks for Joining us Let's see sarah says hi and she loves Y'all hey we love you too girl but You're [ __ ] awesome One of the coolest people i've ever met So You know whenever he and i went to Virginia last year it was actually Exactly Was a year ago today did we hit virginia It was it was a year ago today and we Hit virginia and hung out with uh jd and Sarah for the first time so that's it's Actually pretty pretty cool i didn't Realize that until they said something Yeah Nicola Oh Best sorcerers on the planet uh well you Know we could say that if you were Sitting here next to us all right then That might be might be somewhat since we Have joseph none and jd temple here too Which uh you know this you know nicola Jd temple joseph nunn on live if you Guys ever want to call in you're more Than welcome we [ __ ] love you guys we Respect you guys i'm so happy to work

With y'all happy awesome yeah i mean After this crazy break youtube we Definitely Are trying to get back on board here With more content but uh also Some interesting videos where we bring Other sorcerers that um you know we're Friends with and whatnot and respect Their practice to come on board and talk About all sorts of different issues to Provide some really educational um Content for you guys Oh yeah we've got a host of ideas it's Just implementing it so I mean like my only question is what do We put out first should we put out the Adult diaper series first Or what should we put on the cucumber Series Because they're both like neck and neck I think we should just start with the Super glue one the super glue okay so he And i were having a this has nothing to Do with magic Honestly But all right but i do want i want to Hear their feedback i want to know what They think so we were just like you know What would be the best torture For For for a really evil [ __ ] like A like a pedo or something like that Don't look me in that you have the Dementia mind

I think rainbow the first thing that Come to mind was like super glue their [ __ ] shut All right and feed them laxatives and i Was like no you know what would be worse To to put super glue on their ting tang And then cram it up their ass And that way every time they piss they Are literally pissing in their own ass And it could only become like a reverse Enema that is like projectile exercise Type vomiting And about the time i said that was about The time this guy threw up It's so No more alcohol for j.s no Says i'm wondering how you describe the Difference between shaman and his Sorcerer the difference between the Shaman resource mask uh okay yeah of Course it depends on who you ask but the Truth is there's really no difference it Depends you know those those are labels That we use as societies and cultures to Describe people that do the exact same Thing All right so so a shaman is a source for A sorcerer is a shaman Um there's There's really no difference other than The types of magic that they practice or Ritual ceremonies that they practice So yeah it really does depend on who you Ask because you know we all accumulate i

Mean people that like labels and stuff Like that yeah they have a specific Reason why they call themselves a Certain thing you know whether or not They You know maybe they spend or dedicate a Certain amount of time to a different Pantheon than others or or whatnot it All depends on their performance what's The difference between a witch and a Country woman you know like all right Like just depends on like what part of The world you're in is what you refer to Them as they do the same things You know it's uh you know back before we Had you know Availability to emergency rooms and Walk-in clinics and things like that Like the uh you know the the town or Village shaman or the town or village Witch midwife whatever you want to call Her underwoman herbalist you know that's Where you took uh someone when they were Ill And You know modern medicine has made some Serious breakthroughs but it still Cannot do Some of the things that old school Which doctors did You know back when our parents were in Diapers I mean we we call ourselves Practitioners um metaphysical

Practitioners which i think it's just a Really all-encompassing term i mean We're all We all work with spirits here i use the Term practitioner so i don't have to put A label on myself that's exactly yeah It's like are you are you a sorcerer are You a witch You know what what color wizard are you Yeah you know like i get stupid Questions like that i'm like you know What no i'm a scientist i practice Metaphysics so i'm really drawn to like A terms practitioner i'm really Drawn to cooking so it makes me a Kitchen watch Kitchen witch okay cool I hear these labels all the time i'm Like what are you talking about hell the Alchemist what's up brother hey hey it's Been too long since we chatted uh we got To do another video soon bro so Ah jd says i usually say a witch doesn't Necessarily perform spiritualification But a stereo would I like that that's a good description Like rovero says put out the shimyasa Spankers first Yeah are you gonna tell them what you Made me for my birthday or not because i Haven't received it yet Michael All right stewie maximus says so great To see you streaming live on friday

Again Yeah we're gonna try to make this Regular occurrence yeah we're gonna call This beer [ __ ] in black magic yeah Guess who's the [ __ ] me Me i was going to say go get my blue wig I can't go get my blue wig why can't it Be here well i mean it can be you don't Have to wear a wheel you just let your Hair down You don't want to compare nipples with Me [ __ ] All right i'm going to lose Abraham garza great to see you guys Doing well Yeah we're doing good so yeah we want to Jump on here and chat with you guys live Talk a little bit about what we're Working on and of course it's open Question night you know you guys have Questions about what we do or anything In general um if we can answer it and we Will if not we'll tell you we don't [ __ ] know Um so star ruby says hey everyone hello Star what's up girl sofia noor hi guys Hello Oh yeah alchemist yeah message me Tomorrow bro All right yeah well if you guys have any Questions And that's what we're here for let's get Our q a i know this is last minute Normally we'd put out an advertisement

But this was something kind of like you Know we need to something i want to tell You guys about is the death notes all Right so so Y'all are all familiar with the death Note project that that we did it's been Like six seven months it's been it's Been longer than maybe eight nine months All right and so up until then we hadn't Like like i'd heard from people that That purchased one because there was Only only eight people that got one and Everybody was like i haven't used it yet I'm just like why not there's like well You know it's like When i got it i was just like holy [ __ ] I need to respect this it's like Actually scary you know like when we Think about it four years so so a client That bought one i talked to him last Night they they finally wrote a name Down in one of these books and it it Worked scary fast so uh We're both we're both happy about that Very much so yeah and uh you know that Was something we didn't cut any quarters On you know it took this guy three Months just to make the books by hand And it took like another six months to Put together the rituals and actually Do the work necessary No expense spared i mean we went all out I mean even the ritual like you said it Took a long time you know if we did a

Sacrificial right to every single entity That uh we have their sigil in the book That we've already uh channeled and Talked with and they're down for it not Only that we also did a sacrifice to Each book individually to make it you Know a living thing So it's got it's got some power behind It yeah so sophia Says anything about the necronomicon and The 50 names thanks a bunch okay what Exactly do you want to do not know about Them well Okay so what i can say about them is um You know i've been practicing hardcore For about five years before i picked up The necronomicon And Started working with the 50 names and um I will say that it's hit and miss On a few of them I've done dozens of rituals out of that Book with the 50 names And i'll say that that Eight out of ten have hit home spot on Worked immediately and there was that That 20 That kind of left me unsure all right so I have i have my different theories About that especially when it comes to Like chaos magic and whatnot like i'm Not even I'm not even gonna delve into that too Deep but

Part of me thinks that The entities that people typically work With the most out of that book Like bar shakushi or the worker of Miracles Um and and as well do the spirit of Protection uh those are the ones that Seem to hit home the fastest like Instantaneous it's the scary ones There's like four painful spirits in That grimoire And those are the ones with the most Time delay on the results And i'm not sure if it's because it Severely like warns about working with Those so less people do Or if it's because those spirits like to Play with their food for a while before They eat it i'm not sure But uh there are a few there are lots of Words that yeah there are a few spirits There that i mean it's kind of like a Favorite there you know azra ludu is Amazing sugrum surum Yeah i mean the backstory Of how the necronomicon came about was Kinda You know bull from what i hear shady Shady um but the you know the necon is Kind of like an amalgamation Which happened to have All these spirits that uh Actually Pretty amazing um so like i said we got

You know a few that we really work with A lot that yeah they They come through you know what it says About marduk in there um you know that Essentially you shouldn't summon him Unless all else has failed you know it's Like life or death type situation All that has failed you've tried Everything else and it has not worked Only then would you summon marduk and so He me and this guy actually came to a Situation like that about a year and a Half ago This was a life and death situation On behalf of a dear friend And I won't go into details but he and i sat Down and probably did Five different extreme Workings to try to fix this problem And Nothing worked like like the typical Methods that i had used 100 times in the Past to fix a situation like this failed Us And i'm like All right well i think uh i think this This this calls for uh calls for the big Guns and so we did we sat down and we we Respectfully summoned marduk and uh Asked him to do exactly what we had Asked the other entities to do Yeah he delivered like very next day Um that person is no longer

Dealing with that situation and they're No longer in danger of losing their life So uh okay It's it's it's a very real book whether It's chaos magic or whether it's an Ancient Translation from samaria like either way It works and that's all i care about Yeah all right guys We'll try to get to everyone here so raj Nakano said will you be making any more Death notes no not Not in the near future no so we actually The moment we announced them we sold Pretty much all of them we only have Like one left If we were to if we were to start making More of those and putting them out there Then It would take away from What they are which is a Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own Something that people will pass down to Their to their successors to their Children things like that there's only Nine in existence And um You know we we specifically Stated in the ritual that we did With these that we wanted the correct People To have them like the people that were Supposed to have them that deserve them That would treat them with respect to

Have them yeah we don't want just Anybody to have them you know no you Know we wouldn't want to ship some of Them out there you know if you want one You can make your own yeah but uh yeah So sophia says i love baroshikusu yes These Awesome miracle worker there But haven't worked with the others okay Definitely try the others that's what I'm looking for yep Uh she goes getting bullied in the court System Yes amazing for him for that if you Haven't worked with belial which I'm guessing if you had then you Wouldn't be getting bullied anymore so Yeah that's that's definitely who you Want to work with in the main legal Situation yeah nina the mystic says Greetings everyone what's up nina hey Time to talk All right The alchemist says i am on a two-year Path working with You're gonna you're gonna butcher that Name i am i'm afraid to pronounce it i'm So sorry no Luca Luga luga lugala [Music] He's a [ __ ] badass with a name like That i would assume so To your path working i guarantee that's

Probably pretty uh Worthwhile then Nicole what is one major difference Between the necromancer between Necromancy and working with archangels Such as raphael I'm sorry what What is the major difference between Necromancy and working with Archangels such as rock oh Apples and oranges But i could usually has to do with you Know working with the dead and Whatnot yeah Let's see major swing And and archangels such as okay so so i Will say that that working with Archangels um They're not limited To what you can work with them for Like most people would say if you're Going to work in necromancy like which Archangel would do something they're Going to say azrael you know the angel Of death Um raphael but raphael Is Badass in the sense that he can raise The dead all right Now i'm not saying that i've done this Working with raphael but he can actually Bring bring a soul back to its body After it is departed as well as heal the Physical body to raise the dead and that

Is a type of necromancy so i i'm yeah uh That's actually that's actually a really Good question It's something most people when you say Raphael they think about like healing You know they think of war yeah they Don't think about necromancy so so yeah I mean like but i'll say if a loved one Was laying there dead on the ground in Front of me and their body was still Warm that's the sigil i'd be drawing on Their chest in their blood And attempting to uh Evoke life back into them so that's Really cool Even the war part i mean i don't even Know that you know but when i first Channeled Raphael he was telling me how much you Know more That he's a lot more than just a healer You know you can call on him to curse Your enemies and everything else and He was also venerated um by a different Name and i'm not sure of the name but he Was venerated as a god of war i feel Like he threw us a curveball there girl To see what we would say about that Mm-hmm But uh no that's that's a really cool Question let's see Says yo it took me three months to get It right i believe it [Laughter]

I don't think i'd get it right in three Months though get what right the name That i just butchered oh yeah yeah it's Kind of one of the things you have to do Said i just finished the ritual with Lyle tonight love working with him Absolutely man he is he is Just Paramount to to what we do Make us another shot You want the big one this time No you can take it no we've stretched You out with the little one now let's Give you the big one rachel says does Jesus have an experience with Planetary spirits oh yeah yeah um You know give you give you an example uh Miss mercury and i are gonna do a video About uh uh working with uh the actual Planet mercury Uh for the upcoming retrograde it's a Ritual i developed a few years ago where I essentially you know it's like all Right i'm gonna put all print off all The planetary seals of mercury Open each one of them and make blood Offerings onto each one of them to cause This chaotic energy of retrograde to Work for me instead of against me um so So i'm really big on working with the Planetary energies of mars and saturn I'm starting to study and delve more Into to some of the other planetary Injury energies other than mercury but

Uh So far mars and saturn have been have Been the primary ones that i've worked With yeah it's it's very interesting Working with different planets and stuff Like that but they all have If you work with them they all kind of Come together and have this avatar that It projects and then you can work Directly with that avatar You know like i don't know if many of You are familiar with abraxas So it's come to my attention that Abraxis Is the avatar for this universe Um it's very interesting Um but yeah working with planetary Spirits can really help you with um i've Not worked with abraxas uh I don't i don't honestly don't know much About that anthony i've heard you talk About him but he came to me in a weird Way man i was like Came to me in a dream and like i woke up Saying the name of roxas And i had no idea who that was except i Mean i had intuition that it was a Spirit so i was like i gotta look up who This is you know and Um yeah i started to learn more about it Is very very interesting another thing That uh also linked with Mars And the avatar uh from mars mars said

Something interesting which i really Can't offer any information too much Information about because i'm still Trying to figure it out but marge said That it was the gateway not many people Realize it but it's large is actually The gateway to working with the other Planets Um Yeah that's what it sent to me it's Interesting i don't think you need a Gateway i Uh let's see Yeah void says hi all hello Just in the middle what are you what are Your thoughts about creating an entity Spirit and working operations with it I'm assuming you're talking about Servitors and they could be Um They can be just as powerful as as a Deified god or goddess if you make them That powerful that's the great thing About them they're made for you by you Yes all right but the problem is is most People with the create servitors they Don't know how to make them powerful Enough to actually do things All right there's I mean obviously you create a name a Description a sigil for an entity you're Going to use your blood to Give birth to it um to give it a Consciousness but then how are you going

To make it stronger you can program it To feed Off a circle certain things and become Self-feeding like say this thing follows Me around everywhere and it vampirizes Other people's negative energy and Becomes stronger all right and so then Every person every [ __ ] that i come Into contact with gets their negative Energy absorbed by this gregor that Becomes stronger and in turn they feel Purified they feel good when they walk Away from me so it's like a win-win but You know if you want to like get into Creating A servitor and making it really powerful Then that's where sacrifice comes in Like blood sacrifice Uh sacrificing your own blood your your Own semen sexual fluids and of course There's the The the i'll i'll say the energetic Human aspect of it but i'm not even Going to get into that so yeah it's as Powerful as you make it so then best Does anybody know about any other Rituals to get rid of pedophiles Well there are lots of rituals but i Don't think it would be appropriate for Us to be there's 44 magnum 38 special and oh yeah my favorite the 12-gauge shotgun yeah i don't think it'd Be appropriate to be talking about no Too many painful stuff here on live here

No Um let's see James anthony what's up brother Good friend of mine there Well i said i had the same experience With Marcosias I hope i'm not i'm hoping i'm saying That right appearing in a dream and Waking up with their name in my head Kept mulling over until i looked about Yeah i mean if if a spirit is searching You out to to connect with you they're Going to go every route they possibly Can and a lot of it happens to be in the Dream world so that's happened to me Twice with certain spirits coming to me And and um i'll be i will get wake up With their name in my head Um also nursing this [ __ ] man Yeah yeah I totally forgot i don't want the big One You can handle the big one There's a difference between can and Should Okay All right that's it for me two is enough Boy it says i knew it was an entity from The glowing amber gold eyes the eyes are Always a tell when working with spirits At least for me Well yeah i mean All different types of spirits look and

Present themselves in a whole manner of Different ways see sophia's laughing i'm Not sure yeah she's probably laughing I don't know she's probably laughing at Me or you i don't know she's probably Laughing at you there's no context well That's that's probably more likely No i'm the funny one yeah i'm the funny One aqua says with the vampire box and Or wish box would you say six months of It being on is equivalent to a chicken Sacrifice and chew I would say that's probably more than Just a chicken Equivalent yeah all right so so okay so When you put the This is why i love radionics When you get into the forbidden Subject of sacrifice That's a way of slowly doing it all Right so if i were to take the vampire Box And put uh say a polaroid myself on There and then a polaroid or a picture Or some dna of like a professional Athlete or somebody that just disliked In general Normally you wouldn't want to vampirize Somebody that's a [ __ ] bag that has like Sludge energy disgusting energy but the Thing about the vampire box is it has a Filter in there so you can literally put Something painful on there And it will filter that [ __ ] out and

Feed it into you as well energy Which is why if if you know someone is Actively attacking you Energetically or putting spells on you Whatever you put their picture on the Vampire box with your own It intercepts that energy that they are Directing towards you that painful Energy runs it through a filter and Feeds it back into totally neutralizes The curse or acts or whatever And Just Allows you to steal that person's Strength that they are projecting Towards you so so i'm going to say like If you were to take let's let's say i Was take the vampire box i was to take You know a a clip of works Pretty bad hair And put it in the input and then take Like maybe some of my beard hair and put It on the output and turn it on and Leave it running for a while then after A few weeks he would start to get sickly He would start to be tired all the time He'd start to feel depleted and when Your Body gets depleted of that energy your Immune system gets weak and you're Eventually going to get very very sick If you leave that [ __ ] on there for any Length that was that was another point i Would think yeah and if you if you leave

It on there long enough then they just Might you know End up in the ground i don't know but Also yeah if they get sick and stuff Like that you're going to absorb that But not with the vampire box that's well Oh if you're using a regular radionics Machine then yeah you're going to start To absorb that sickness into yourself But that's why the vampire box is badass Because it has that [ __ ] filter in There so you're essentially just going To drain this person Continuously Until they have nothing left to take Yes Sophia says no you made the comment Oh this is the comment you made shooting Put a Oh yeah yeah I'm not going to tell y'all to Do anything naughty now but yes if you Ask me what is the cure for pedophilia Tell you it's a 45 We're all pg rated here man so six says Will you guys do another round of death Note grimoires in the future I went to your website and saw only two Left when they eventually run out can People make a special request for sure So we've already kind of briefly covered This in the beginning um if this says Two on the side i might have to change It because there's only one left and no

We don't plan on doing any in the future I mean we're gonna make some other types Of stuff yeah other types of books but The death note that's that was a One-time deal yeah you know Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity there Yeah Um the boy said would you say the Vampire box works faster than say using A triangle of art I'm not sure what you mean by the Triangle or the triangle of art is You're referring to a triangle Manifestation that you would put either In the middle of a circle like we do Because we stand in the circle with the Entity or your traditional western Sorcerer is going to put the triangle Outside the circle with the tip facing Them to put attempt to put a protective Barrier between them and the spirit Which is total [ __ ] that's why Western sorcerers are not that Impressive and mostly all you hear is Horror stories about people that picked Up the keys of solomon and started Practicing with it yeah Talking about restraining spirits and Whatnot yeah try that yeah just try it Yeah try summoning a [ __ ] what Happened And constraining it in the name of the Christian god go ahead and try that yeah I'm kidding don't try that i'm not sure

How that really compares though it's Like apples to oranges though no Like the yeah it's it's Can we read the question again so i can Put in the proper context where to go ah Says Um Where'd he go oh there you go vampire Box works faster than say using a Triangle of art okay so the two are not Even related yeah um the vampire box is Done is is created to do one thing and That's vampirize Something To take energy from one thing one person Place or thing and put it into another Person place or thing the triangle of Art is a triangle of manifestation that Is typically used in evocation James anthony says gotta get Got to get the vampire box oh yes It's a great tool to have in your Arsenal for sure i mean it's it's We've got a bunch of them we got a bunch Of them and you know we always want more You know it's like there's always one More picture to put on that [ __ ] It's very very handy rashikanda said can You evoke or summon your own true self Into being if it has been repressed for A long time due to trauma There are many who go through life like A possessed meat suit unknown to Themselves okay so

Yes you can call on your personal Metagod or your higher self So there your your soul is made up with Several different aspects here so you Have your astral double Right and you have your shadow cell you Also have your higher self you also have Your mini god which is combines with Everything combined including your Spirit animal right Uh or your anim your animalistic aspect Right and all those are different for Everybody i used to think everyone had a Dragon aspect but i met some people that Don't that have different stuff So yes you can call them and you can Poke your money that would be great But yes you can call on them and you Know you work on that integration that Is possible Let me re-read your question here Trauma anything to do with the trauma You'd have to do shadow work for To to integrate that portion right to Integrate your shadow Um you can yeah you can definitely Summon yourself yeah you can You know if you know the name of your Meta god you can Call on that and slowly start to Integrate and work with it um If you don't you can still just say you Know i call on my higher self and my med God or what have you um

And you could work with that i think Trauma doesn't keep you from doing that Um I hope i'm answering your question right Here There are many who go through life like A possessed meat suit unknown to Themselves well you know unfortunately In this society we're all about escapism You know it's like no one wants to face Themselves who they truly are You know and so we all look for avenues Of which you know we can reinvent Ourselves You know So you gotta you know okay so all right So what what is becoming a living god All right and And not not to be signing the website Become a living god but they've taken a Philosophy i mean Like like that's straight from Christianity like what does christian Mean christ Like someone who strives to be Christ-like what was christ according to The christian religion he was a [ __ ] Living god in the flesh not saying he Existed I'm saying that is the concept behind This philosophy in this thought someone Who becomes a living god in the flesh so If you think that your higher self is Your god self all right this this

God-like being that's hovering above you With a [ __ ] little tentacle plugged Into the base of your reptile brain Animating this physical body in order to Experience this physical life all right So how could you become a living god if That's the case the only way to do so is To undergo full possession with your Higher self to take that god self And cram it into this [ __ ] meat suit Okay So if you were to do that all of a Sudden then you probably explode just Like you do on tv when something like That happens But If you are able to strengthen this Physical body to the point where it can Hold more and more and more of that Higher self then the stronger you make Your physical body the stronger you make Your mind and the more of that higher Self you can bring into this physical Body in order to wield the power of your Higher self in your god self so if you Ask me The the goal that we're all working Towards here is not ascension It's working backwards we're working Towards d sension all right we're trying To get all that up here into this down Here and then you can really play and Have fun with access to your full Potential

No one's done that yet except for like What david blaine Chris angel david copperfield those guys You think are doing fake magic tricks on Tv i don't think they ever done even That they're not that [ __ ] no they're Doing real [ __ ] well yeah but i don't Think that's because of that i think They're a lot further along than we are Um Well Yeah Yeah we can i mean Calling on your higher self or your meta God and working with them and trying to Integrate a lot of that Is helpful and it's You can only grow Your body can only take so much this Physical vessel can only take so much But this is also like It would be wonderful if we were able to Just call on our metagod or our higher Self and just Ask to integrate completely and fully And in its entirety and then we'll be Able to be all knowing we'll be no we'll Be able to tap into all our past lives Um we'll just know Everything that we have accumulated Within our oversoul right but it's also Contractual why we're here Right There's a reason why we don't remember

So many things right it's because It would take away from what we're Supposed to be learning here right if we Knew we were all omniscient and um And being able to know all knowing and Know the full Um Aspect of our power if that was good Yeah you know this would take away from The experience that we're supposed to Have here so i actually recently had a Conversation with thoth and he said as Much He said it's contractual the fact that You're not able to understand and know And remember everything in its entirety That is a reason it's something you sign When you decide to come into this life Right however you're able to Gain information anything that you Seek after right if you want to know More about your higher self and you want To know more about past lives you've Lived anything anything that you seek After you can download the information You can't find it out Um and that's that's also part of us Being part of this path of the path of Remembering who we are and everything Else but we'll never know into its Entirety until we cross over So that that is just my personal opinion Here Um so let's see let's hope we're not too

Behind here Hopefully Yeah i should know there's not too many People watching Um Let's see blade and cloak says hello Hello my friend Um Boy was saying i was thinking maybe you Could do it the same way if you didn't Have it I'm not sure what you're referring to You see the triangle of manifestation Earlier The alchemist says i haven't been using Polaroids on my vampire box just writing Out people's names And or writing the word sun And it seems to still be working great Well i mean according to uncle chucky You don't need a polaroid or dna all you Need to do is print out a picture Because we're in a holographic reality And that is a digital copy Of That code that has been inserted in the Holograph it's still a great fetish so But i i'm about overkill like if if if All i have is a picture of you then yeah That's what i'm put in there if i have a Polaroid then i'm gonna put that in There because it's saturated with your Psycho spiritual energy and if i got Your hair or your blood i'm gonna put

That in there because it's a stronger Link to you and i'm all about overkill Yeah why not if you could why not i mean Even even when you print out a picture You know you can always Really call on the essence of that Person get their energy body closer to Really saturate the picture to make a Really potent fetish thing i mean if you Can why wouldn't you Um but you it's definitely not Necessarily you know you could just Write their name Just like that um rush to condo says Thanks guys i'm planning on starting a Podcast soon we'd love to have you and J.s on there well we look forward to Your time yeah Girl we love you Was referring to boyd says was referring To using a triangle manifestation in Place of the vampire box due to the lack Of it Like like we talked about before it's Really not comparable i mean it's It's like saying should i use one's a Piece of technology That you don't have to do Any magic to use like you you put Something in the input you put something On the output you flip the switch and Turn it on that's it like you don't need Any training You don't even know how you don't even

Need to know how to [ __ ] meditate in Order to use that like any any dumb ass Can pull that vampire box out of the box And set it up and use it all right Whereas if you're getting into Doing the same type of operation with a Triangle of manifestation then you're Obviously somebody who's familiar with Ritual practice and you've figured out How to do the exact same thing with two Different tools so yeah i mean like Technology's nice it allows people that Ob you know otherwise wouldn't be able To create action at a distance or tap Into this stuff to do so at their Convenience um The lazy way essentially i mean no no Offense but i would liken that question To be like should i use my car or my Driveway to go to the store You know it's they're very very Different you should use your driveway Yes see how that is your driveway will Get you there quicker yes If it stretches It's connected Is it connected no Uh well i need another shot okay you Need another shot you need you need to Take the big one this time blane cloak Says i find triangles to be stronger Than circles You know it Personally

I mean i ate i'm all about do you man Whatever you feel is great but Personally i don't think Really angles are used with circles yeah And yes you can use a circle without a Triangle or yeah you could use a Triangle without a circle like there are Two separate tools or you don't have to Use anything i mean it's advantageous to You but you don't have i mean when it Boils all right when you boil it all Down you really don't need much to do Anything the better you get at ritual Magic the less tools you need exactly You know From from something that uh someone i've Been working with recently has been Trying to show me is that you don't need Any tools Once you reach a certain level i will Say something on circles and a lot of People use or at least when they talk About circles they're thinking more Along the lines of protection like you Know this is the seal me off and this Bubble protection of the safe space and Protection and it doesn't protect you it Doesn't i mean you definitely call on Entities the whole space of protection For sure but the circle for in my Opinion is more so used to contain the Energy Brought about and conjured within that Circle the circle represents the center

Of the universe When you stand in that circle you are Embracing the eye which is the Holographic projector that is projecting This holographic reality that's like Your representation of the center of the Universe to contain and raise that power In order to to hack in to the eye to Hack into this reality All right you know triangle is a Manifestation the triangle is made to Contain the energy of the spirit or of The object or whatever the rep whatever It is you're trying to manifest or Conjure into being and so so You can write whatever god name you want In that circle and put the triangle Outside the circle it doesn't make a Difference okay like the spirit goes Where it wants to go you summon a Demonic king you're not going to tell Them where the [ __ ] they can and cannot Go and if they want to bite a chunk out Of your ass they're going to do that Regardless of what name you have carved Into your circle so um the way that i Use the circle and triangle is i put the Triangle inside the circle All right that way i'm standing in the Triangle i'm standing in the circle with The spirit that circle represents the The entirety of the universe when i Stand in that circle i am god and there Is no barriers between me and that

Spirit because i approach them in a form Of respect and without fear And not to say that i don't fear these Entities at least in a healthy way But I'm sorry if If if i'm a if i'm a god-like being That's as old as time and you summon me And act like a [ __ ] i'm gonna laugh at You so stand in the [ __ ] circle with The demonic king if you want their Respect so using a circle and a triangle Can be definitely advantageous to you But like we said earlier you certainly Don't need to Um Let's see we got here James anthony says js can you send me Doc moulder's info when you get a chance Thanks yes yes absolutely um you can Also just email us to the site and We we free league about i sent you his Modeling pictures too like he's he's Doing some crazy things with nascar here Recently okay [Laughter] Doc mulder and jeff gordon are doing a Naughty photo shoot I can see that actually Doc i know you're watching i know you'll Find the humor in that so justin Says working with molecule drawing Definitions as sigils to influence Chemicals and chemical beings

For healing and manifesting Implementing scientific symbolism and Operations I'm not sure i absolutely understand That's all yours work That is all yours I am not sure you want to read it to me Five more times i might be able to come Up with something I'm not sure what you're talking about Here working with molecule drug molecule Drawing definitions as sigils to Influence chemicals and chemical beings Okay for healing and manifesting All right so what he's saying is that He is trying to take The energetic signature of molecules and Use them as sigils in order to Influence other chemicals For the purpose of healing that's at Least that's the the sense that i'm Making out of this and i'll say you know What that that's actually some really Crazy out of the box thinking so So uh it was about four or five years Ago i started doing experiments where I was using constellations as sigils you Know i was starting to pay attention to Astrology a little bit and realize okay You know these When i started when i read the Holographic universe and i started Thinking about this reality as a Hologram as a computer program and i'm

Like okay modern science has explained That the entirety of the universe is it That our brains are a miniature model of The entirety of the universe and that Every thing in the universe has a Representation in our brain every star Every planet every speck of dust every Person has a representation in our brain And therefore through going inward Internally utilizing our brains we can Access any point in the universe and i'm Like okay well why did the ancients pay So much attention to these [ __ ] Constellations All right that's all you see in these Ancient cave Paintings is [ __ ] to do with the Constellations in astrology and these Are the people that built the [ __ ] Pyramids and atlantis and things like That they were much much more Intelligent than our modern day Scientists so why were they worried About the constellations All right and so i had the bright idea To start using constellations as sigils So so i'd literally draw out the Constellation and connect the dots and Charge and open that like a sigil not Calling on a planetary power or a star Power but calling upon the thought form Like orion that was the first one i did Orion as if orion was a god the the name Of power

Behind that constellation that had all These different points in space Connected to it and trying to utilize That power to accomplish a specific goal And i'll say that the experiments that i Did worked Okay so what you're talking about Is a lot more advanced than what we've Been sitting here talking about now And the only thing i could do is Encourage you to experiment with that See if you can Cause Change on a molecular level and then Write me and let me know what you find Out yeah we'd be interested i mean When you think about it what is really a Sigil You know that's is basically When you see an energetic signature once Opened i mean it's it's it has a certain Frequency To it right so you can make i mean this Is diving into like chaos magic and when People talk about like you can make a Sigil about pretty much anything and Everything but as long as you know It it provides a certain frequency That you can use in a lot of different Stuff um That can definitely influence Healing and whatnot if you decided to Like you can even like write a certain Frequency it's interesting because you

Can let's say if you use a radionics box You can write down the certain number of Frequency hertz or whatever like you Know 420 hertz or whatever And That's what you'll get off from the box It's very interesting See how often do you guys go live oh Where'd that go Where'd it go we got some catching up Where'd it go how often do you guys go Live do you this number six says this do You guys do consultations I'm new to you guys work and i can tell You guys genuinely know what you're Talking about and what You discuss is based on experience well This guy knows what he's talking about I'm usually just like spitting in the Dark but No no no yeah we do do consultations our Website is Lawlessmetaphysics.com our youtube Channel is metaphysics yeah we do Consultations we do ritual for hire And uh we make video courses and things Like that that demonstrates What we've been allowed to share up to This point So yeah lawless metaphysics is a Platform that's um it's a collaboration With um like-minded individuals and Other practitioners that we Really like and we know that there's

Only two there's only two but there's Nicola lux fiera and cisco palacios yeah My golf disco mcgall yes [ __ ] told me his last name was Something different yeah well disco What's up man What's up so yeah uh if you go on our Website you can have a conversation with Any one of us so Um Let's see Ito Monsky stuart I want to show everybody his giant rat Balls have you tried to make Goof blowing powder for a hit a Retribution hit rather so we Have not made any Powder made my own powders you have yeah I just don't sell them okay well yeah Yes we do sell wealth powder but as far As any other you know Painful elixirs which that will come Soon we're working on some stuff but Yeah Um Pretty much but Most things we we do personally we don't Necessarily Have everything to the public Lane cloaks is nice it's a great idea to Use both vulcan says what do you think Of the notion that everything is the Will of god i found this to be very

Direct route to quieting the lower mind Ah that is a very interesting thing to Really get into oh hello he loves you Yes So It's interesting so talking with some of These spirits they say I've been told that free will is an Illusion Right But we also have a bit of You know free will it's very weird it's Like a paradox and i don't think we will Completely all understand it Right so The only thing that we free will over is Our choices right but every path we have Like innumerable amounts of the past That we can choose and they're all set In stone but our choices Can lead to those paths and then you Know we're set on course until we make Another decision it's very interesting So yes technically we have Free will to do whatever it is that we Want to do but a lot of the paths that We choose are set in stone It's uh i'm not sure if i'm making any Sense it's crazy to me that is what i've Been Trying to kind of downloading from Different spirits and really trying to Make sense of myself which Hasn't really been but everything is the

Will of god i mean When a lot of christians say that i Think that's more so geared towards like What will be Will be you know You know So it's a it's a way to like hey i'm not Going to worry about this because it's Already predestined or whatever but you Know you you do have free will to an Extent [Music] All right so what do you think of the Let's say we already know that just Lavell it is true often in case things Can resolve as One is planning a ritual Okay void says thoughts on banishings Like how often do you guys do them or What methods do you personally like to Implement it really depends like uh we Have a lot of protection set up so There's not That much of a need for banishings um But It's uh if you feel the need to do it Then do it it's like a spiritual hygiene Thing so anytime you just follow your Intuition if you feel like hey i want to Do banishing i mean Do it i mean you can't do it enough so Our good friend knox has just showed up I guess he took us very seriously when He told him to come over on the live

Stream yeah this is my birthday present All right this is a paddle This is a paddle That has the master key on it And it says Shamanic spankings Now I'll give you guys an idea of who i'm Going to use this on first No push dooley Sorry there's an animal here i must make Love let me use this on brook first yes He's going to have this permanently Imprinted on his honey in the morning Yes daddy all right so let's let knox in The video here since he came over And Just like we said he has to do the Peanut butter jelly live we got a lot of Questions to catch up on here okay Can we make room for him we can make Room who made me this awesome i'm sorry Guys we will catch up to you shortly all Right let's let him in There yeah you know i was sitting out There watching a live stream for like 10 Minutes You're like you know i need to be part Of that yeah so yes hello guys this is Nice This is our good buddy knox he makes our Uh sigils that that are engraved on Plates i'll show some of this work off Here in a minute well let's get back to

Some questions all right so laura james Says First nina says nina the mystic says i Could see a lawless calendar coming oh Yeah yeah we've got some really we've Got some really sexy people here at Lawless metaphysics now and it's about Time we did a calendar shoot don't Listen to him yeah yeah laura j mercury Says can i use my wish box to unblock Stimulate my chakras as i know there is A shocker box also As long as you have a witness for your Chakras yeah yes otherwise you need the Chakra ball absolutely Uh behemoth x i use a triangle in a Circle i do find it's more chaotic with The triangle and there's more discipline That needs to go in through a ritual With a triangle This is just my experience yes Um i have noticed that too and it's Amazing but like i said uh like we Talked about before it's it's Advantageous for you to use but when you Really boil everything down you really Don't need anything not even a candle to Do magic and colony spirits it's just What you have at your disposal And If you're able to do that and draw a Triangle in a circle and everything else It'd be advantageous For you

The alchemist says i gotta head out Thank you all for streaming tonight it's Good to see you brother Um have a wonderful night Laura says i know the shocker box will Be probably The better suited but can i do it within Limits i'm not sure what you mean by the Limits The shocker box is great because you can Kind of set it and leave it in a way but You can also do A lot of different stuff uh to Open your chakras To Invoke energy in within you you don't Need the box to do that but It is very helpful Uh let's see See if you guys have any more questions Blaine dark says does anyone know where Dice Controller went Not sure but okay i Don't know what you're talking about There sorry sir Let's see here So day chief says which loa have you Worked with Honestly we have nine of uh neither of Us have don't say we We haven't really worked with the law However i recently just visited Don't say we bro

A voodoo practitioner that's a little Different pantheon now i have learned That Um I mean i have talked to a few of the law That are considered part of the get a Um but we don't necessarily we don't Really work with the law it's a totally Different pantheon the difference Yeah i work really well okay well so you Answered the question yeah then you Answered the question going okay what Love have i worked with well i initiated With papa ligba I've worked with ogwe I've worked with baron sumdee at great Lengths and i've recently Began learning how to work with with Kulfu But that's not something that I talk about or advertise yeah at this Point it's a totally different pantheon I'll say that It's potent It's extremely potent this as potent as Any system out there so it's I will say it's a very interesting thing So it's a separate it's really a Separate thing a different pantheon but I will say i had this interesting Crossover so i was doing work with santo Buente and then bear on some day and i Think criminal was there as well It's like it's interesting that the law

Were actually part of this pathway that I was doing with santa muerte So It's very interesting cross over there But they really they're very Especially if you're working with a lot Of the haitian spirits in the video like Haitian voodoo Right they're very traditional they like Things done in a certain way they want You to do your salute and everything Else now i can't really speak on Anything of that because I'm not initiated or anything like that No you don't have to be initiated from What i understand to work with the get a But if you wanted to work with any other Of the loa Then you'd have to be initiated and be Part of a house and all that other stuff But you know i'm not a In any way shape or form Uh someone to really talk to about that This is just personal experiences here Um Let's see here Dan best question to either one of you Do you believe that crystals can hold Energy and can be utilized i love Working with crystals just want to hear Everybody else's opinion Scientific facts like especially if you Put your own energy into it yeah i mean They've yes they've been doing

Experiments like that in multiple Universities around the world For the last 70 years especially quartz crystals Because courts can actually hold so much Information they did study they can Store they can store information and Quartz absolutely so it's great you can Like i wear a lot of beads People you know see me around and see me With lots of beads They all give off their certain Energy signature that can help in so Many different ways but they also have This essence about them and you can Actually work with that essence of the Type of gemstone or what have you but You can program especially quartz Crystal coarse crystal is super powerful In a way where it can um Embolden whatever task you program it to Be as well as an amplifier of energy so Yeah there is there is some stuff to That i mean it's it doesn't be like any Other Ritual that you would do but it's it's a Great thing to have working in your Corner yeah you know especially when it Comes to sex magic you can have quartz Crystal anal beads And those store Lots and lots of energy I apologize we're trying to be Professional we are being prepared i'm

Talking about quartz crystal anal beads And sex man i'm sure i am dead serious Like sure Like he never talked about he never Wrote about i guarantee you crowley had A pair of quartz crystal anal beads is Probably like seven crystals the size of Bowling balls tied to some 550 cord like That [ __ ] knew what was up Steroid maximus says been working Primarily with asmodeus For well over a year now looking back at My life and the changes in my life the Death and suffering of my enemies the Loss of my job defining a higher paying Job with 48 hours of performing a ritual In a [ __ ] economy i'm forever changed Here for the future yes asmodeus is Amazing He's really great with helping you take I mean it's really helped he's really Great if you're looking to start a Business right he can offer you A lot of advice and guidance and helping You take calculated risks He loves games and chance too he loves Like if you're in like cryptocurrency And stuff he loves helping me with that Um As the mom said what's your thoughts on Cern We won't get into that here But it's all ran by the reptilians That's it the mandela effect is all

Their fault i'm sure of that yes Marquiam says great amplifier i'm Assuming you're talking about coarse Crystals yes it is Um the date chief says who do you Recommend i talk with about working with Law for guidance You know i we don't i i personally i Don't know if you anyone particularly That uh You could really talk to you no because Like All right so if you want to be What they call initiated you know which All of the spirit can initiate you so You could potentially go through an Initiation without without a bow core or A practitioner but it's it's kind of one Of those things like like The loa will select you and invite you If you're supposed to work in that Current yeah otherwise I'm sure that they would respect you if You pumped your balls up and summoned Ligba or even that caulfo and asked them For uh For uh Initiation under that current So if i calls to you i wouldn't i i Would i would begin doing your research About it i would really research that Current because you're you're really Diving into the deepest darkest ocean Out there in the world of ritual magic

And It's not for everybody i mean you're Drawn to what you're drawn to like i'm Definitely not uh Any kind of uh person really talk to you For guidance on that but i do know that Like it there are so many different Houses out there you can join to help You Learn more about it and i know certain Houses have different practices so They're so it's so steeped in heavy Tradition but that's not just humans you Know we we all love the gatekeeper we All love we have our you know tribes and Everything else we love to have our Little things but even the haitian Spirits themselves love for you to do Things in the traditional manner you're Not going to find the [ __ ] you need to Know in any book either yeah All right so i'd say yeah if the low I'll come to you And make themselves known and give you Instructions and you decide to act upon Those then [ __ ] yeah you're the real Deal more power to you But uh it's really not something that i Feel like you can you can like seek out Just like oh i want to become a wiccan Or something like it's totally it's Nothing It's it's a whole other world from what I understand you don't need to be

Initiated to work with baron's md Is both together they work with what's Called the geday and they are the Elevated dead you don't need to be Initiated to work with them however you Want to work with the other boy you have To work with you have to be initiated And then work with papa legba and There's several different aspects of Papa legba in which you might be More accustomed to work with or being Shown like okay this these lower walk With you this is who you need to work With and it's out of respect just like With the odisha as you work with a legwa To call then call on the other odi shots So the same principle applies So with Where We're working with aloha and voodoo our Concerns it's there's a there's so much Tradition involved in so many things That even the spirits want you to go Through out of sheer respect so I don't know where to guide you with That i don't work with the law there's Nothing to guide people to right like First of all We're the wrong skin tone to be um Talking about that religious practice or Putting information out about it Especially on youtube and Yeah if if you are privileged enough to Be in albino

And have access to that current then It's still not your place to talk about It really so Um joseph nunn says he's got to go or Behemoth x hey brother thank you for Watching james anthony says quartz anal Beads are powerful i personally use the Starting a lawnmower method [ __ ] yeah Dude i'm like i'm like pulling the Ripcord method you know like you jumped Out of a plane and you yank it like a Rift cord and oh [ __ ] i just flung my Prostate over to texas you know like uh There's only one way to be about it and That's [ __ ] hardcore So yeah that's what i'm talking about uh Triple a j s what is the sigil you use To bind human energy into an effigy A trap part of their i don't think we're Going to talk about you can you can find Out for yourself you can you can you Know uh channel a specific personal Sigil for yourself all right i'm gonna Give you a hint Evoke Invoke The master spirit of the whipper will in The name of shimyasa If they want to give you that sigil then They will Justin lovell says as a music producer I've been Ben thing about experimenting with Writing custom music for ritual works

Yeah that'd be great dude we got a guy Over here that does that Has anybody seen knocks yet oh yeah Don't think you're getting themselves Off this live without doing the peanut Butter jelly oh yeah we'll do that at The that's at the very end i'm pulling Up peanut butter jelly time on my phone You're doing it Oh hell no okay so yeah my drummer has Used um stuff like that for our Music whenever we Create stuff So we put in a lot of A lot of chords and stuff that are Historically meant to Uh to be Evil like um i know everyone knows the Story of the tritone like the song black Sabbath The song by black sabbath called black Sabbath uses the tritone which was Historically thought by The Uh catholic church to have Been a way to summon the devil using Those chords So that's another thing that a lot of Metal musicians use is that kind of Practice in there and we We do a lot of that as well so yeah Music especially Especially by actual practitioners comes Off very [ __ ] powerful and you can

Evoke anything into that Um we actually did something here for an Album that hasn't been released yet Where we summoned uh the spirit of sizin To come into An outro track for one of our albums So that's going to be coming out some Point in the future That's something to consider Evoking a spirit directly into the music Seda chief says have you offered Firearms or knives of swords to his Spirit If so what was the outcome So I i guess i don't really have much Experience with that now i know that It Is not is a symbolic gesture to have Like if you're calling on a god of war And what not to have some kind of weapon On your altar Is appreciated um Apart from that i don't i really don't Have anything to say on that Stephen ramirez Dripping stuff on him Trying to read him he squirted he Squirted Steven ramirez says can you talk about Reality transforming what is it exactly Reality transforming trans surfing Show me where is it that's right Surfing

Morgan and vinnie say what's up what's Up guys i haven't heard much from y'all Lately that's disappointing i hope to Hear from y'all more in the future Let's see where's the question Tran surfing can you talk about reality Trans surfing what is exactly i have no [ __ ] idea bro i have no idea what Transit what does tran surfing mean um Do you know knox My best guess would be like the whole Phrase about surfing the columbus i'm From cleveland [ __ ] georgia all right If you're gonna use big words then You're gonna have to put the definitions On the smart find use google so day Chief says i wonder if the spirit would Be offended if i offered cocaine or meth When in doubt You use divination ask Mask I'm going to say most spirits would Probably do a line of coke with you but I think if you're [ __ ] with meth then You're just like you know you might as Well You know stick a 45 up your ass and pull The trigger because that's the quickest Way to ruin your life or offer oracle Readings for five months straight Exactly 393 says holy animal beats Batman Thank you thank you very much for the Mental picture i could have gone the

Rest of my life without well you're very Welcome Only on this on these lives Craziness Let's think about it yeah well let's Think about the anal beads have a Spiritual purpose Tran surfing is actually a real thing Don't pretend to ignore me guys No i don't know i've never used some Mantle beads but but but something tells Me that It was seeing The world ladle beads man what's up with Anal beads i don't know i don't use them You don't uh you know in the whole Ripcord lawnmower thing All right all right so yeah Well that dude that asked about trans Surfing it was asking a legitimate all Right so what does trans surfing mean That was that was not a typo that was All legitimate yeah what's Transformation Um Okay so Literally i guess we know nothing about This because we're having to do a google Search on what that means So according to this it's um a whole Series of books uh that Has several concepts of A model of seeing and controlling the World

Yeah i still don't know what to say to That that's a good question because i Can't answer it that is something you Don't research there's a whole bunch of Books right here i'm bringing up on Google if you're talking about how to Like I don't know i don't want to get there Damn best says pretty serious question Is there any angels or demons or any Entities that would be good to help with Suicide prevention and more depression There's there's a plethora of those Really any angel Or demon that you could possibly Successfully make contact with would be An advocate against suicide All right because that's [ __ ] [ __ ] like so it's like like You know yeah they're here to help us Learn and grow and putting your own Lights out does not Compute with that goal right now like Everyone if if i knew someone which i've Done this multiple times with this Particular entity who was Suicidal mentally ill um i work with oh Fall um he's from constantinos evoking Spirits i think that's the first place He's mentioned will fall as an angel Deliverance that can remove any curse Free the mind from fears relieve Addictions and restore full spiritual And mental health so every time a person

Has come to me and said i'm thinking About often myself i sat down i do an Evocation with a fall with them and a Year later they're conquering the [ __ ] world and it's been every single Time so that's who i stand behind if You're god's playing suicide it's you Know First off don't do it just because If uh if you do it in one life you're More you're going to have that within Your next life that you come in right so It's going to be easier and easier for You to want to do that and you're going To miss out on what you're supposed to Be doing here Not to mention there's probably a lot of Trauma and things that you need to Process you know and you feel like the World's imploding on you and everything Else Amy is a wonderful angel as well that Will help you with that healing and that Nurturing that you need um that's what i Would recommend as well as of all Um Doria crows it's nice to see you guys Live again hope all is well hello adoria Always nice to see you gloria what's up Girl i haven't heard from you at all Lately i'm starting to feel neglected And i realize that nobody's heard from You lately what have you been up to She's been making music she's been

Making music all right cool cool last Time i saw a music video from you I was actually pretty impressed it was Like damn like she She must have went to school to learn How to do some videos or some [ __ ] that Was pretty good All righty guys do you have any more Questions probably hour 17. all right Well if we don't all right so whenever You guys run out of questions For real knox you promised When the [ __ ] did i you [ __ ] pro i Said that was a stipulation you coming Over here that you had to do peanut Butter jelly time i hear that all right All right can we just hear from the Audience really quick who wants to watch Knox take his shirt off and do the Peanut butter jelly right here on live Tv Or live youtube ain't gonna All these people want to see it [ __ ] are you even counting i'm counting All the people that are like sitting There going yeah we want to see this Right now right now I'm here [ __ ] everybody wants to see The pb and jay All right all right i swear to god i Told you i was gonna make it okay but Only i told you hello no you [Music] Before i do any of this you have to show

Off my work Okay show off my work and you all Subscribe all right all right Okay i got peanut butter and jelly time Up on the speakers here i'm gonna show Off some of knox's work and then he's Gonna strip down and give you ladies and Gentlemen what he promised so Show off the upcoming so without further Ado here is the great the magnificent The amazing Knocks yes singing Oh yeah better jelly time okay no he's Got his [ __ ] Are you that attached to that [ __ ] Chair that he can't get in there get in There bro Come here huh i need to chase her That's not where i already right now He's got to do he's got to do a shot Before he gets naked guys all right so I'm going to go ahead and show off some Of the noxious stuff here Now these are stained pretty dark i hope You all can see them so all right so This is a a wooden sigil plate with Lilith's sigil on it Knox carved this out for me and then he Actually came over and we Spilled our own blood upon the sigil as Well as sacrificed a chicken and Anointed the central in order to make This a permanent open gateway for the Entity and we've done the same things

With the sigil of lucifer The sigil of sizes upside down There is that better yeah all right Sigil of And several other entities so these are Residual plates that this guy makes by Hand we consecrate them in blood and Huh the upcoming ones what's the Upcoming where is that Ones i left them here last time Oh they're all they got drying the Master key Here Yeah They're central place with the master Keynote get in here quit stalling [ __ ] yeah Quit stalling i promise not He made me this amazing Paddle All right It says shamanic spankings all right And so from now on everyone that comes To my house is going to have a master Key imprinted on their ass cheek all Right Because they're not leaving until they Get smacked with this [ __ ] Mandatory spanx Shamanic spankings get over here let's Go over here we'll talk about kinks Later all right kinky all right So this is the man behind the madness That are these sigil plates and he's

Going to do the peanut butter jelly time For you guys right now yes all right They're only 20 bucks a piece five oh no Peanut butter jelly ain't gonna cost Y'all [ __ ] I'll tell you what i'll be surprised if He really does this but we're gonna try To get him too so here we go all right Okay wait hold up oh oh we got a youtube Ads youtube Oh no you're too bad hold on don't you Throw the [ __ ] up Take your shirt off on camera don't [ __ ] oh god he already took it off [Music] [Music] This is ridiculous All right i can't [ __ ] believe that Just happened on our live stream Yes you can this is the way this is Disgrace to the occult All right we're supposed to all be Professional here so that was Professional that was a professional Peanut butter jelly yeah Thanks for the appreciation i love you Bro yeah i love you so much No no okay seriously guys Respect to this [ __ ] okay Because i would not have done that like You could not have paid me enough money To do that [ __ ] this [ __ ] just Did it and He is a badass he's a [ __ ] badass

Thank you knox I guarantee you'll get more we get more Subscribers because of that I don't know you guys Real men know how to get down 100 Well at least you can dance yeah i can't Dance i'm almost harder to dance yeah he Danced better the only dancing i know is Ballroom yeah that's that's nice I don't know i've seen him pole dance We're cold dances every time we go to a Strip club all the strippers are like oh My god he's prettier than we are let's Get him up here and he [ __ ] gets on That pole and does some [ __ ] that makes Me ashamed of him every single time So Is that what you call it well i mean I'm proud I'm proud of you but i'm ashamed at how It makes me feel which is all warm and Tingling morgan she she says put it on Tick tock You should you have to take that i don't Have a tick tock yeah i don't know let's Make a tick tock just for that let's do It ah day chief says i want a canvas Made print of that the new universal Circle Um okay well i'm gonna have to charge Some more for that Oh no that was that was awesome guys but Hey thank you everyone for coming on to

Our live stream this is fun we're going To try to do this more often Uh sorry we've been neglecting you guys On youtube for the last couple of months Like i promise you when you see What we come out with in the next couple Of months you're going to be like oh Yeah that's why those [ __ ] were At it was totally worth it totally worth It but you know we feel bad and we want To make up for it so yes we're going to Try to do this on a regular basis do a Live every week because we're cool like That yeah and you know like like we even Went out of our way to hire some Professional entertainment which are you Paying him or am i paying him i'm paying Him and i'm paying him and sell you Sticks okay So rude's gonna pay for the Entertainment this time You know next time maybe i'll get a [ __ ] over here i'm still not i'm you Know you can't have my wife she's a [ __ ] oh yeah okay well yeah Yeah he's he's got a [ __ ] available Okay damn that says thank you guys love You all that's good that's a great hey Love you guys too y'all have a great Night hail the infrontal empire all Right see you guys