Large 12 Inch 3D Sacred Space Creation Tools! Part I

By | December 17, 2022

Easy powerful way to creat sacred manifesting space.
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Welcome everyone More information on creating your Sacred Space well I just showed you some 3D Sacred Space uh creation uh actual uh Tools And these are now ones that are actually 12 inches the other ones are six inches Or about half the size of these so these Are a nice large Um Sacred Space crater you just put this Down wherever you're working on pretty Much anything And then you put your actual Um Machines or whatever you're doing right On top of it so Here's a larger my larger machine that I Use uh most of the time And you can see how this just uh this is About 12 inches as well so it just about Fits on there so you're getting a very Strong protective energy and that's What's so nice about using something a Little bigger but uh this does create a Stronger energy the larger what the Small ones you know it depends on what Your purposes are what you're looking to Do Etc uh the small ones certainly work Well these are very nice particularly if You want to put them on your wall So you can see how these are a nice big Thing they look really cool and when you

Put these on your wall such as that it Projects energy in that area so it's a Good idea to put Place one on your Sacred Space or you're going to be Working and then another one place it up On your wall and this will project the Energy there so I can't emphasize enough The critical importance of creating an Unblocked open space and again these are Reasonably priced and they will last you A lifetime so there's no reason why Anybody shouldn't get these now it comes With this which is my favorite design Um With this beautiful empowerment now it's Interesting because psionic Practitioners and radionic practitioners Kind of use a design like this uh in Some of their Energy patterns let's get the other one Here And of course here's the classic Egyptian Um Flower of Life Very good on quantum physics like Structure here very powerful to balance The energies there and anything you put On it Very very excellent and quality these Old symbols are very powerful And here's kind of a another excellent Symbol uh with kind of a merkabra Center to it And again these all have great clearing

And protective energies to it so if you Hang this on your wall Um if you hang this on your wall you're Going to uh definitely Create that so the energy is going to Flow out from there and it's going to Create a huge energetic empowerment so Whatever you're doing you should be Doing that so if you have uh your Typical box here uh you want to make Sure that um You put your actual Symbolic box you're using on there and Of course you put your Transmitters You can put your actual uh tube Amplifiers so if you have a couple of These you can put an awful lot on these Large 12 inchers Or you get the other ones which give you More and then you put it under each one As I have shown here with the smaller Ones As you can see the smaller ones right There uh are perfect for putting under Things just like this But this is a great workspace So you can put lots of things on there As I said uh what I'm going to do is put These up on my wall and I'm going to use My little one so I'll be surrounded by This energy that will then permeate my Workspace create sacred energies keep Out negative energies uh just by using

This so it's very very uh powerful uh Tools to be able to use that way and It's always nice to find really nice These are beautifully made laser cut Um they're pretty thick They are natural material they are wood And they should uh and they're nice and Light but these would last a lifetime a Little bit of care of these and they'll Last for a long time and you can use Them in many many different ways as I Said place on the wall Uh use them as kind of mats and you can Place anything on here these are good Things to uh use as general clearing as Well but they're great to place your Machines on any of your boxes uh your Cells you're using any of our energy Cells These are great to put up there so you Can use our typical cell box put it There Thank you So you know subtle energy cleanliness is Critical and something most people don't Think about but this really hurts the Performance of products uh that you have Now you can also put your cells