Large 12 Inch 3D Sacred Space Creation. Part 2

By | December 17, 2022

See the tool in action.
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Okay uh picking up here again So having a large uh unit like this Allows you to put a lot of things around It you can see how our boxes fit on here With ease and you can fit uh other Items on there as well so you can fit Your transmitter you could probably uh Fit your Actual Um going back to your actual tube Amplifier you can fit all that on here Around it with our new Wireless Systems It makes it even easier it doesn't have To be fully on the actual plate for it To work as long as you've got the Majority of it three-fourths of it And of course as I said these are ideal To put like on a wall here now that Means you're going to be projecting Energy throughout the entire room so if You were to get these larger ones and Put them in a particular room Um across from each other near each Other or even put them three in a row Um Like this you're creating a huge energy Factor and again these are subtle Energies but it's kicking out a lot of The nasty toxic energies out there uh That uh hurt subtle energy physics now Here's the smaller ones to give you a Comparison of the sizes of the two so You can see it's quite a bit larger These are 12 inches these are five and a

Half So it's pretty much on double the size So these are great little energetic Things you can put down they also boost The power of your radionic boxes your Symbolic Boxes Etc here well it boosts The power Because there's positive energy here and That will stimulate all the way so any Machine you have from us this is going To boost the energy from it or any Machine you have period And anytime you do any work I mean you Could use this kind of as a plate so if You're going to work with anything uh You can actually use this as a Amplifying clearing protective uh base For everything And again as I said these are a nice Thick Uh I guess it's kind of like plywood of However they've done this multi-layered But it's very very light so that's nice As well so they're easy to carry around And easy to hang you just need a tiny Little nail to hang these up with and You've got a fantastic uh empowerment For an entire room and that's what I'm Going to do with mine here I'm going to Hang a couple on the wall and I'm going To keep one here as a general work Uh plate for it so these are the kind of Things you get and use that are no work No thinking no nothing and of course

That's what real technology is it Doesn't take any skill it doesn't take Any special thought it doesn't take any Empowerment they're empowered by their Shape vibration it's there you use it They're reasonably priced and it's the Best of all that's real technology People not something that you have to Learn to do a computer programming if I Spend three hours I'll kind of figure it Out that's not technology people that's Eggheaded stupid buffooners dumb of Damia training that gives people crap Technology that they have to spend their Life learning Good pure technology Works quickly and Easily and then you work at becoming a Master of it Not just trying to getting to work So that's the great uh that's what great Technology is and here you can see it Against one of my main uh larger dial Boxes And of course this is how our typical Non does so you can get everything on Here uh with this it gives you a Fantastic Um General Empowerment and that all-important Clearing keep your workspace clear get Yourself an eight Hertz tube amplifier That you put in the room to kick out all Nasty energies use plates like this

Don't be working against yourself you Know uh subtle energy tools radionic Tools are subtle energies and things Interfere with those energetic Fields Very easily so if you have a dirty Environment if you're using toxic stuff Well you are fighting against a Manifesting and that's exactly what you Don't want to do and here is an easy Solution so I hope you've enjoyed this Note our other video that shows the Smaller ones and this is a thing that Everybody using any kind of tools that We produce or anything you've gotten From anybody else this is something that Everybody should have either the smaller Ones or the bigger ones or as as you can See I'm going to use both So I hope you enjoyed that until next Time