Kreskin Krystal Pendulum Tool – Connected To A rAdionic Machine

By | November 28, 2022

Unique custom tool for radionic rate tuning.
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Welcome everyone I thought I would show you a modified Vintage tool called a crescan crystal With a K and this was put out when Kreskin had many many tools uh for Dowsing and ESP Um before he got caught up in the boob Idiot uh unamazing Randy realities and Now ignores all this stuff being the Good uh polish Italian Christian he is I Guess but Um This is a really actually round plastic Uh balls like this are really excellent Uh pendulums Surprisingly so and a lot of things are Demonized because of the fact that they Are not metal or natural materials uh Well oil I hate to tell you people is Natural it comes from the earth and it Has a lot of energies in it that you Would be surprised Now this also came with a great little Booklet That teaches you dowsing and how to uh All the basic principles all in this Little booklet so it's a real uh fine Thing and these are available you can Find them usually on eBay for varying Amounts of prices now what I've done With it is you just uh this is a lucite Cube that was made by 3M Corporation and You can see and on the top it says yes No and on the bottom there is buy and

Sell this was used actually and shows You how serious things were this was Used by People for the stock market and people Were really into that And they probably still are you know It's amazing what went on particularly In the late 60s and 70s where people Were open to all this and rightfully so So what I did here is I had this actual Made this out of copper here with feet On it make kind of a cool item and of Course I had it so I could actually plug It into Um a radionic device so you could plug It into your machine this then you could Pick up energies from it from the Machine because you were plugged into it And it actually Um would give you much better results For getting rates and so forth another One of the many breakthroughs that I put Together Um but you know uh don't underestimate Balls people find pendulums with balls And try those out I've always found them To work well something that seems to be Neglected and uh things don't have to be Metal this is not electromagnetic energy Having metal doesn't really help you it May even hurt you So we just connected this wire in there To the stand over here and it's just as Simple as that so it's a cool little

Thing as I said these crystals can be Had Um through eBay and uh at different Times these are over 30 years old now Uh but what a cute little uh and unique Thing I mean this is something again you Can put in a prominent place it's Attractive oh you can put it on your Desk what's nice is that the actual Pendulum fits right in the top here so You can just pop that in there it stays There so you don't lose it and this is a Fun tool an interesting one I use this All the time it's Simplicity I just like The energy of it and as of recent years I've been finding that plastic of all Things seem to be excellent pendulum Tools to use particularly with radionics So hopefully you've enjoyed that more to Come