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By | January 5, 2022

In this episode of The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast, Tom and Terry will be interviewing Kimberly Meredith: psychic Medium and Author. Kimberly is also a medical intuitive, trance channeler, psychic surgeon, hands on healer, and spiritual teacher. She has had two near death experiences, which she will discuss more in detail through the episode.

Over the years, Kimberly has had healing capabilities that have come through and she has been tested by a variety of people including Dr. Norman Shealy out of Missouri. He has stated that Kimberly “is omitting a certain level of scalar energy.” Kimberly has also worked with a former astronaut to get additional testing on her and her abilities and also Psy Tek, which is a subtle energy laboratory.

Ever since she was little, Kimberly felt that this path was gifted to her. Her great-grandmother was even a shaman. From an early age, she was already communicating with the paranormal, healing animals, and doing energy healing on her grandmother.

Kimberly has recently released a new book – “Awakening to the 5th Dimension” in December of 2021. In this new book, she offers something revolutionary to readers – a new dimension of healing. Kimberly Meredith discovered her healing gifts after two near-death experiences in 2013. She is now one of the most in-demand medical intuitive healers in the nation, traveling the country to speak at events, appearing at major consciousness and global virtual events, and offering healing to those who so desperately in need.

If you’re suffering from chronic illness and persistent symptoms, this book holds a revolutionary solution. Prepare to discover a new dimension of healing.

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Well good morning folks this is terry And tom here live from the uh Metaphysical mysteries podcast Again the most interesting part of your Day and today we have a fantastic guest We have kimberly meredith she's uh well Known she's the author of Awakening to the fifth dimension a new Book and we're going to talk a little Bit about that as we go through she's Got a huge background we can't cover Everything she might get into quite a Few different topics as we go through This but she's a medical intuitive She is a trans channeler Psychic surgeon Hands-on healer And spiritual teacher She's had two near-death experiences And she'll probably talk a bit about That She's had he these healing capabilities And So forth that have come through Uh she's been tested by a variety of People dr norman uh Shirley Easy for me to say chile and out of Missouri and he uh states that she is Emitting a you know a certain level of Scalar energy Uh ions has also with uh dr edgar Mitchell a former astronaut have Deceased

She's worked with him and to get some Additional testing on her and her Abilities and also by scitec Which is the subtle energy laboratory So You know kim welcome to the metaphysical Mysteries and we're really happy to have You here hi thank you terry and tom Thanks for having me on your show Very good is there any part of the Introduction you'd like to add to um I mean that's quite a bit but man By all means how did you get into this Stop Um Well i don't you know i think just it Was just a calling from when i was Little you know it just kind of was born It was just gifted to me Nice yeah That did this as well or were you the First one Um no my great grandmother was a shaman Okay yeah so um i think it was probably In my jeans to Do this And my cousin i was a writer joanne Kyger she was pretty famous poet Um and she Passed away in 2017. I was writing when i was really little Also So as early as like three months old i Was blinking

Which was abnormal And uh That was a way of communicating with Spirits i already was seeing paranormal And i was also Healing animals when i was really little And Writing Little notes Around the house and uh doing energy Healing on my grandmother so i was doing Little things like that when i was a Baby Nice nice tommy did you have an intro Question No i was just thinking at that age i was Just looking for my rattle i wasn't Doing any Stuff Exactly so Would you uh let's i'm going to jump Into your uh near-death experience i Think people find that fascinating Because out of those you know i remember When i did with my doctor at work um i Had to study a lot of that and uh you Know a lot of people have major changes That occur right after an nde and you Had two of them you want to explain what Happened uh and what changes came about Yeah so You know i spent most of my life not Doing what i'm doing right now at all um I had a pretty normal

Life And then in 2012 Heading into 13 i was struck by a car Vehicle had a really bad accident And after that i went out of body had Out of body experience sure people out There know what near death experiences Are you leave your body Um completely Um And In that experience um i witnessed Completely the other side which is Amazing beautiful God holy spirit Um Seeing myself above myself in the book Awakening to the fifth dimension i Experi i explain it in detail How miraculous that feeling can be But coming back into the body Was very Hard Because uh you know when you wake back Up you're experiencing A Large feeling of Deep resonance in the third dimension Because we live here in the third Dimension And the third dimension is very dense This is how i started learning about Dimensional frequency because when i was In this higher dimensional frequency

Which was love christ light Consciousness Which was amazing and i loved being There when i left the body And When i was in that dimensional frequency I experienced seeing my ancestors Beautiful light frequence And Energy um when i came back in My legs were shaking my body was Trembling The light was passing through my eyes And energy came through my chest which Was christ's light Um in the book i explained the thrush Through my chest and the demanding of me To stay here Um was so profound I Didn't know was called you know an nde Like i'm saying now Because after it was explained to me That's what it's called Um I Was So Um You know Just it's so hard to explain i remember Telling my fiance i experienced a god And he looked at me going well we all Know god what are you talking about

I don't know i experienced god so Um After that i spent many months at the Hospital recovering not knowing what my Life was going to be And then a few months after that my eyes Started blinking again so there's a Chapter in the book that's called the Reappearance of my blinking eyes because When i was little my eyes blinked and Then short Not shortly but i'd say a few months After that Um I started experiencing My hands started getting hot and then I knew i was going to Be shifting into What's happening now which i become i am Now a medical medium Great great and your second one The second one was shortly After when i came home which was Uh Really really God-awful i was thrown into the middle Of the street uh unfortunately by my Rescue american bulldog Wow That's crazy Yeah Yeah Yeah What was that experience like for you

Kim Not the dog but the near-death Experience That was pretty fast uh that that is Also in the book um That was me taking him out very short Out the front door for a quick Walk Um and we were Approached by a gardener And he was um The dog my dog rocky thought that he was Going to you know hurt me so he lunged Towards the um Gardener And the gardener um Put the blower Um Towards him And he um Threw me into the middle of the street Wow cracked my head open Yuck Well let's let's hope two's enough and Third ones That one was the one That um I um Stop the duality Gotcha of both worlds Right Makes sense makes sense So um let's talk about your um medical Intuitive work um

How do you see people they come in they Want to you know get a reading from you Or do you do it over Zoom or over the phone or do you have to Do it in person or what do you yeah I do it everywhere i do i'm doing an Event at the los angeles conscious expo Coming up on the 18th we're doing it Live I do office office sessions Um I do it on Skype and zoom And i love it i love serving i love Helping Um My mediumship readings medical intuitive Mediumship readings i also do Crossover readings Messages from the other side for people Connecting And Mostly i love to focus on the medical Side of things to help people find out What's going on in their bodies Not only What happened is for me it's connecting With my highest spirit Guides Um but they're like Really meticulous they like to find out Not only what you have but how it Happened to you and connect you to The year it came into the body and and

What exactly you may need nutritionally And Supplements that you may need also and How to live a better organic lifestyle Gotcha makes sense So Would you say that's the most popular Thing that you do In the whole psychic medium world Well i also love to work on animals And children And i also love to teach I love to teach people how to open up Their own spiritual gifts And i love to help people learn to Meditate Because i feel in meditation it opens You up to your own higher consciousness And i feel the way the world is right Now We need to move out of the dense third Dimensional consciousness and move into The fifth dimension that's why i wrote The book called awakening to the fifth Dimension and beyond because we're in The aquarian age right now and we need To learn that we're not going to be Stuck in this third dimensional Frequency for much longer that we are Moving in To a brighter world we are going to move Into this higher fifth dimensional Consciousness And that healing is going to get easier

For us i'm not the only one that can do The healing you're going to learn to be Able to heal yourself And move into this higher dimensional Awareness and frequency so people can Learn to do this by every day meditating Like five ten minutes a day Um raises your consciousness And actually you've heard other people Out there saying that they're meditating They're learning to do five minutes a Day of meditation and taking Responsibility for your own Consciousness can raise your vibration Absolutely And uh for People that don't Understand When we talk about Dimensions um this is through third Dimension that we're currently in The concept is that vibrations of Everything is going to increase fairly Dramatically but i don't believe it's Going to be a curtain drop it's going to Be an evolution so people looking for That Twinkling of the eye kind of scenario Where everybody's called up Well being called up maybe very well Interpreted as you know your vibration Coming up and uh That sort of thing there's a lot of um Biblical uh

Foundation for this but it think it's Misinterpreted many ways and i i'm sure You run across it i certainly do Um when i'm teaching so It's a challenge to talk in the language That the people are used to listening to Exactly like people thought jesus was Religious but jesus was really preaching About love And jesus was really sitting on a rock Saying i am really here to teach you That god is love And that's the truth you know my healing Children trilogy the healing trilogy is Non-denominational And i'm the fifth dimension is here to Talk about love And The fifth dimension and beyond because Even when you know i was tested at ions And edgar mitchell They are about love and Really All religion when you look at it is Really about love and being Non-judgmental we talk about the holy Spirit the holy spirit is kind and loved And sweet and graceful and when you're Being healed you're being healed by Even doctors who'll say We're we're doctor but we're doctors but The higher court is love and you're Being healed by love and when you're Taking your vitamins your supplements

And your eating You can put the energy of love behind That your heels faster Absolutely is there a particular healing That jumps out at you one of your more Dramatic ones that you Experienced Um my gosh there's There's a man that was healed in the 911 He's a firefighter um Him there's a little girl that i healed With um uh intestinal bowel issues Um There's a woman that i picked in sedona Um I could talk about her okay i'll talk About her but all of these are in the Book I know it sometimes takes a while to i Know a lot of them to process now okay This is the one i want to talk about Okay i'll talk about her Um I went to sedona this is probably right When i first started becoming the healer That They had me so there was a um Uh A manager that said i want to bring you To sedona And have you do an event And i said okay so i went out to sedona And it was a big beautiful Room with many many people

And i was standing on the stage And I was so excited and I was going to do um Uh Laying on hands and Mediumship where i go out and Do my eye blinking When i will say yes when i says no when I know somebody is sick and then i can Hear so i said I'm going to pick the person my guides Feel is the worst most sick today and They want me to do a healing on And i walked straight to This one lady And she was sitting in the audience And i brought her up to the table and I'll never forget it i i went across her Body And i went right to her left breast And she had four stage breast cancer And I went They're telling me that you have uh Cancer And she said yes And then i went through her body and she Also had ovarian and then i went all the Way down her body and i started doing The praying and everyone in the room was Praying and we're all doing the praying And then um I went

I'll never forget it wasn't me because i They come through my body And start telling me you know things you Know to do and then i said I took my hand and i went Ah And the whole room went ah And i said it's gone and i went And everyone Went and then she said Like that and everyone oh man like that And then she left And i stayed in sedona for like a week And they made two more appointments with Me at this little cabin i was doing Healings at And then Her husband I didn't know was a writer And he wrote a book called the Reincarnation of edgar cayce Familiar with with a man named david Wilcock And i had no idea i don't know anybody That didn't know any of these people Then i didn't hear from them Then about um It was like two months later three Months later i get an email from them And he says to me her um Her uh Ca comes back cancer And it's not showing any more in her Breast

About that so that was Almost Four years ago Right It's gone still Completely built completely healed yeah She she also had some other type of Cancer going on in her body i think she Had An urinary tract infection she is still Healed The other one is The 911. He had multiple tumors all over his body Horrible four-stage carcinoma He the one thing that i did that his Doctor in in um In uh Uh keck hospital in In uh la There's this tumor that was situated in His colon that i write about in the book They could not get it out At all I had gone in with my hand and just sort Of lightly what i do with my psychic Surgery the way i had moved it and Prayed with him I had guided it in a certain way that They were able to release it out the Next day nice Nice yeah that reminds me i i had one a Lady was at I was teaching a program and she came in

And she was she's pretty despondent And i asked you know what's going on and She said well went to the doctor got an Mri i've got a tumor cancer and it's in My shoulder uh area part of her upper Arm And um said i need to get my act Together because this is gonna grow real Fast and it's gonna be bad and she goes I've got in two days not tomorrow but The next day i've got to go to a big City and get it checked by a Uh orthopedic oncologist to get it taken Out so um i said okay so i stood behind Her and um There's several people there and laid Hands on it for about i don't know 30 Seconds or so i said it's gone She goes what do you mean it's gone i Said yours i just had an mri i said no It's calling us You're going down there but it won't be There Really and she goes yeah so she went Down two days later and this doctor Wanted to get his own mri as they Usually do Before they would go in and cut anything Open so He got it done pulled her into the Office and look um you can go home you Don't have any tumor cancer she goes yes I do and then she goes here he goes i Know i got your mri here but here's the

One today here's the one three days ago And He goes there's only three ways this is Gonna go away One I cut it out that didn't happen two we Do the chemotherapy radiation all that Stuff and that kills it drops out or Three some divine intervention And he goes you want to tell me about it She says well there was this guy And she so he goes you're really going To tell me the story and sure enough he Says well you can see this Uh area here this is where it was but It's not there anymore it's gone and It's been gone ever since That was nice because it was such a Short three-day window between My second mr the only thing that Happened in between was What we had done Yes And the thing is this is interesting Because i love that i love hearing that Because This other lady that i've worked on i Can say her name because she's gone out Many times there's many people that go Out and talk about what happens to them With the holy spirit through me doing This Her name is iris um she had a breast Lump benign for 20 years and this

Prominent surgeon in beverly hills Wanted to get it out because i don't Want it in there and i laid hands and we Dismissed it off and they took a Mammogram and it's gone And um She said the doctor she's like Kimberly just can do it you know this is Just something kimberly does i mean Um And she loves it she sends me people and She says you know some people can you Know Play bach some people can you know Paint you know some people can do this This is what kimberly can do so and Other people Can do you know Will learn and can do so it's so cool Because I feel The higher we raise our vibrations In the fifth dimension and beyond the More we can learn to dismiss things off Of our body yes absolutely And you know it you know you can feel it When it's time to lay hands on somebody Or even at a distance Oh it can go right oh yeah whole and That's what we proved in Many of the scientific research studies That I have healed people through skype Absolutely prostate cancers

All kinds of illnesses have been healed I do group um classes Um and we do For people in my virtual Rooms When we're all in prayer and We're not i mean i'm not the only one There's many groups and congregations Over the last two years and have had Amazing coheel Um dr joe dispenza i'm sure you've heard Of him he has cole hill classes and Stuff and they do this too so More and more people are gathering and Doing Energy healing in the fifth dimension Which i'm so excited about yeah that's That's awesome let's get to your um Because it's going to get into tommy's Stuff a little bit You're testing at some of these Laboratories um Yeah i mean because that's pretty cool Because You know i i fall in that same category And people want to hook you up like a Trained monkey before you go into space You know all that kind of crazy stuff Just to see what makes you tick so um The edgar mitchell situation with ions How did that one go Well they want to bring me back um I was the one that kind of went a little Overboard with everything well they

Hooked me up and they don't have all the Papers out yet but Um They did some tests they did testing on Me it was just a um you know certain Specific test On ions And i Sort of went overboard with everything So it was just a specific um Uh Body part That we did multiple testing on with With their closed study But with me i go through all the body Parts And then with scitec That was really intense i have images of All that With scitec it was a double blind study Which was that they had me scanning Individuals like i do in my office now And i would go through every single part Of the body Finding everything and then they would Put them through the thermography and See if it changed see if if the healing On top of it so i would say oh this Person has a brain tumor or a breast Lump and a meniscus tear and then i Would do the energy healing and then They would put them in thermography Machine and actually see I wish i could show you the side see if

It changed see if it got better and then We would see then the before and after Effect and actually everything did shift You know the the knee did get better the Breast lump did go down completely so it Was really cool to see the image change And then with norm that was really Intense because norm is really he's Tough And with with norm we had a filmmaker Come out and we're going to make a Documentary And um With norm we actually um did i think Over 18 patients with norm and norm Would not put a stamp of approval on it Uh at all if he did not see an actual Tumor Dissolve So with norm shealy um he had to Actually Uh there was a woman that had multiple Um Lipoma and she had Lumps on the neck and so what happened With norm and i wrote it in the forward Is that um Solid Inch and a half tumor And i prayed the hail mary And He went right up to it and he touched it Before and then when it went Off

He touched it and he went Just like that and he goes It's gone and then the filmmaker came Over He filmed it before and then he filmed It after and then she went like this and It was silk Yeah isn't that cool And that's That's the holy spirit Yep yep absolutely not me Not me no i don't take any credit Because when it comes through me I feel it just go Well i would i will give you credit i Give credit due to people that do this Kind of work because they have to be Trained and open to it in order for that Flow to take place so just the fact that You're the channel is in fact you know Credit to you to be even at that level To even be open for that to flow and the Desire to actually assist somebody so I'll give you dual credit because i Really think that you know you have to Be in that position that takes a lot of Effort um in most cases to be there now Some people get it supernaturally i mean Just But most people really have to work at It to get to that point so tom do you Have some you hook people up to stuff All the time you want to talk to her About some of that

Yeah some of the stuff we have is to Measure the different energy fields the Bio fields um Look at the chakra power centers and see How large they are and how well aligned They are Those type of things have worked with The scitec people as well and some of Their equipment's pretty cool the Thermography stuff and that's really um Cutting edge technology that a lot of People aren't even aware of yet The diagnostics that tie in with that so That's a heck of a resume to put forth As far as people that have tested you I love it over there yeah i It's funny too thank you I You know before i went there and they Asked i really wanted to go because Some people are like you don't need to Go you don't need to go because You know Why you have to go to do that you know You already Love god and you're already doing the Work with god but i felt You know i think it's good because They even doubt jesus you know if you Look Up the energy of christ and i feel like It's good to go because It's good to show That this energy this

Amazing energy is here for us And it's here for us to tap into and It's Really real even though you can't see it It's here and even when i go to like the Expos and and i'm out in front of People and people come to the office and Even though it's one person at a time It's rippling out there and it's Starting to be seen And Like you're saying it's cutting edge and It's it's happening And it's important because it's the Bridge so many people dismiss everything As woo-woo And been able to put scientific you know Testing to that to validate it Is going to be the bridge of acceptance I think coming down the road It's so great it's so wonderful yes it Is So the um When you go into trance Now for those listeners um you know Trance is a different kind of mediumship Mediumship typically you're awake and You're engaging with the uh individual But transfer and almost like a Sleep-like state in most cases um so What why would you opt to go and do a Trance over to standard mediumship That's really great question um i didn't Opt to do that like right now i'm a half

Trans like i'm always kind of lightly Blinking Um it's sort of What happened after the nde they gave That's kind of what and well actually i Was born in trance i was born the light Blinking and then i pushed it away I stopped it uh because my my mother Didn't like the trancing she's like stop Stop blinking So um Did you ever hear of um Edgar cayce of course yeah so edgar Casey put himself in trance like he put Himself into that So i automatically kind of just I can kind of Try to stop it if i want but i'm always Kind of in that trance mode It's more like me being in a trance like It's easier for me to just trans I don't know it's just who i am I get that entirely um so you're are you An alpha a lot i mean About half the time or are you In theta as far as brain waves go or Have you been tested for that I haven't been tested when you said Alpha they're saying yes more yeah so i Guess i like i just that's my state yeah I'm more in this higher dimension so i Don't like being in the lower frequency Yeah i like being more in that higher Yeah that frequency yeah

I love i love um Yeah that Yeah because that's just what they want Me to be doing yeah That makes you open to start to get Input and if you need to go deeper you Can uh you know but i tell people it's Kind of like being on water skis if You're you can lean into the spiritual And you can lean back into the Life if you want to you got to go back And forth but you're riding on both of Those um at the same time so but just Say yeah let's just say i don't go into A lot of spaces that i wouldn't be good To do like i don't go Yeah i'm not like say i wouldn't be Going into too many shopping malls Yeah Yeah That's a Difficult energy to be around too and Toxic some in some cases um so yeah Just for our listeners edgar casey um is The founder of the association for Research and enlightenment at virginia Beach virginia they have a lot of Classes out there um some pretty Significant programs he did over 14 000 Channels in his lifetime died in 1945 But they're still sorting through all of His uh mysteries and a lot of the stuff You see on ancient aliens and history Channel this sort of thing come from the

Edgar cayce readings although i don't Know how much credit he gets for all of It but um you know where atlantis was Where the pyramids were built i mean now The medical intuitive type things he had Just a whole vast variety of different Kinds of readings and Past life readings and so forth what we Would call the akashic records and um That's pretty interesting stuff from the Christian perspective we call that the Book of life rather than the akashic Records which is a sanskrit version of Itself but anyway that all being said so I try to fill in our listeners here a Little bit when we get this stuff and Ions it's talking about the institute of Noetic sciences and that's what that Ions means is we went back to that just To so people can look that up if they're Excuse me interested in that further So um Kim let's do this um What part of your book Are you really wanting people to Or what do you want them to get out of It i guess they go read this thing at The end of the day you you're sitting There as the author i would like them to Be able to say kim i really got blah Blah blah out of this what would that Would that be Wow gosh i feel like I want them

To Learn Guys so much i really want Them to learn how to live more Into a higher state of awareness Of awakening Their body into a healthy state of a Fifth dimensional consciousness which is Learning to live more in a peaceful Gosh Reality that they don't have to feel Like they're just stuck In a happenstance That everything does happen for a reason That they can live in a higher state of Consciousness and have the tools in this Book to do that That there are Ways Of Living and there are miracles that Happen that they can have their own Miracle Um there are so many things in the book There are You know beyond just the nutrition and Learning about water And learning about Um You know My my awakening that they can have an Awakening Um and learning about meditation and the Miracles and the stories

But there that there is There is this beautiful energy there is Potential for them There is hope Absolutely well Sounds like a lot of fun uh You know the uh Psychic surgery you know that term has Been around a while um and so when you Describe psychic surgery at least well Let me just say the folks i know who Described himself as that um you know They Visualize themselves actually going into The body and energetically working some Particular area now um so i think Everybody kind of gets what we're saying With that but have you noticed that There is a uh whatever we call an after Effect a little down time after Something like that happens while your Body adjusts to the healing or or has This been instantaneously all better So some people call it a psychic flu or You know maybe a few weeks before you're Feeling normal because you've been Abnormal for such a long time I'm glad you asked that um It's interesting everybody has a Different reaction when i have performed As a sort of like a psychic surgery on Them so a skype psychic surgery It's actually different than an office Psychic surgery or i'm out in an event

Doing it I'd say everybody feels a little Different some people feel Really energized they feel like they're Flying and they're floating And other people like the little girl That i did it with her her mom said she Felt Sick in the car but then the next day She felt amazing and she never had her Bowel obstruction again she was Completely healed And then You know everyone has a different Feeling some people do feel a little bit Like nauseous because it's detoxing Their body out I've had some four stage cancer clients Feel Maybe a little Funny for a couple of days and then they Feel completely amazing Yeah exactly yeah i mean i've had people With the diarrhea temperature Um you know just feeling yucky for you Know a day or two or three depending on Them you know so i think i think Consistency in that is what obviously Across the board as we've talked to you Know number of different healers and uh So it is always interesting when you get A group of healers together in Conferences of course You know we haven't had any real

Conferences since kobit and uh you know I don't know Hopefully we will get back to it but now With the advent of delta you know we may Be chasing for a while and harry i'd Love to mention that i have had some Really miraculous healings with animals Okay And animals really take to being healed With um Uh Christ light fast And um They actually um especially eye injuries Cancer Uh and and also um i do i have um Something that i work with i don't know If you've ever heard a cold laser Cold laser light And the cold laser is amazing a lot of People don't know about cold laser and How amazing it can be for anyone to go Get cold laser with anybody i i know That i i don't really advertise how much I do cold laser but you don't have to Get it for me it's an amazing energy Tool for people that have back injuries Neck injuries Um I just really want people to know it's It's it's available for people out there And it helps uh enhance collagen in your Body and oxygen Absolutely yeah and you know the we had

Uh Science [Laughter] I remember my daughter brought a little Kitten to me and the kitten was blind Uh but within uh two weeks of working With the kitten kitten wasn't blind Anymore oh wow very cool and that's Happened with a human too but that all Being said uh it's and you know i even Had a a A friend of mine who had a chicken a Baby chicken that was um underdeveloped The Legs would fold underneath it you know Typically what happens is it you know The mother will peck it to death to put It out and Started working reiki you know on the Chicken and within two weeks the chicken Is completely up and looks like a you Know pretty much normal chicken Everything's fine So Yeah i i totally get your animal thing Um and you know i remember my daughter Sitting that little kitten on me and she Goes daddy he's blind i said well what Do you want me to do she goes fix him So okay i'll Daddy'll fix him so We did so it was a lot of fun Yeah and amazing to watch that's amazing Yes

From your experience you said the Animals take to it better do you think That's because they don't have the Problems that humans do of having Beliefs that it's not going to work They're ready to receive yes yes it's That's it's really about Very great question because When you are ready i always say to People when they come in the office you Know be open say i love i am light i'm Ready to receive i am in the fifth Dimension and i have chants and prayers And it doesn't have to be a prayer even It's just an affirmation It's not a religion and animals are Ready to receive they love being in that Higher dimensional frequency animals are In the fourth dimension already which is The spiritual realm Yes that's why they see spirits so much Better than we do Yes they're already already hanging out There so Oh yeah i had a dog that would bark at The corner of the room and there was Nothing there at least that i saw so [Laughter] They they do all that the ghost hunters Will bring in their dogs and you know They'll they'll be barking at the at the Various That might be there that's me I sniff like a little like someone would

Say like some animals can tell who has Cancer you know i think right Absolutely they can and Read the story of a cat in a nursing Home and every time the cat would go in And lay on somebody within 24 hours they Would be dead Wow it was kind of a go-to for the staff You know okay this one's about ready to Go and they knew they were but within 24 Hours um that was the story anyway the Cat would lay on you and I guess you don't want to see that kitty Come through the door but Get rid of the cat Yeah so just a clue just a heads up on That one um so um yeah where does where Do people find your book if they want to If they want to purchase it yeah so the Awakening to the fifth dimension is on Order now you can order it right now it Can go the easiest way because it's Everywhere but you can go to my website And you can just order it right right on My website and it will go to all the Bookstores Or you know amazon barnes and noble And um it's being published uh by Penguin with the audio And uh so that's really cool Absolutely and just real quick about the Animals i i just wanted to say Don't give your animals tap water

Make sure you're giving your animals Really um filtered water because i find A lot of animals having Kidney infections and And also we shouldn't be drinking tap Water So in my book i have a whole chapter on How water can save your life And i'm a real advocate for drinking out Of glass containers And throwing out the plastic is really Important yeah the structure Didn't mention that Yeah and she's talking about that you Know there's a lot of Science there about you know the the Stuff comes out of plastics and into the Situation into your body and it's you Know we have to detoxify from all that And we've been As a community we think we had really Clear water and you know from a Scientific point of view i suppose it Looks that way but there are other Factors that uh are outside the loop Typically and that so that's what you're Talking about yeah it's good to just and You don't have to get an expensive Filter there's filters out there Everywhere that are really great that Are just they do the good trick of great Great filters and great um bottles out There that you can grab that are not Dangerous

So as we're starting to wind up here is There any any uh words of wisdom from The other side that tommy and i need to Know We're sitting here as a training dummy So i don't know if there's any words of Wisdom for for either of us that we need To know um Well I could say you want me to say something From my book like a prayer or and say Whatever you like We get called lots of things in our line Of work and Sir and mr and terry and thomas like Really on the high end of stuff How much time do we have oh just go Ahead you're fine okay Um well i was thinking like i could say Um I could say um my My fifth dimensional Peace prayer okay that might be fun to Everybody sounds good Okay because this is magical okay i love Being in the magical fifth dimensional Frequency of love This is from the um Uh my new book Where we all have pure Magical Non-existence of Judgment And awareness is beyond all time and

Space and place in the magical fifth Dimension We are Multi-dimensional beings Humans can do all be all and they're By be all do all And find miraculous healing And love from the omnipresent We are centered on all civilizations We have an underlying focus of peace and Service Love is all and simple and easy when we Are in the fifth dimension moving our World into a gigantic organic global Field where healing is easy And fast because we are dimensional Beings our minds want us to live in this Existence Where the omnipresent exists Gentle safe kind pure and respectful With the flow of spirit guiding us to be Strong building daily intimacy with god The divine Sat nam Not nice Very much thank you very much Very good um Tommy you got anything I just i think i just want to uh again Say thank you for doing this today and Sharing your experiences with the Audience Like i said that the whole concept of Trying to bridge the wool with the

Science is huge and that's you know The reason terry and i created this Podcast in the beginning is to try to Make that bridge to make this more Palatable to those that don't understand For those that have the experiences to Try to understand themselves So Definitely thank you for the work you're Doing and what you're sharing with the World that's really important stuff I'm honored to be on your show today i Really appreciate you both having me Right i can see your energy flow here so I'm anything you want to um Leave with the audience as we sign off I'm here for you all so thank you so Much for having me Very good Okay and for uh terry tom and kim today I want to thank everybody for listening For the met to the metaphysical Mysteries hopefully the most interesting Part of your day and we'll be back next Week with a new guest and by all means Get out and grab this book awakening to The fifth dimension i'm sure you'll get A Good batch of information that you can Download yourself so thank you all very Much we'll talk to you next time