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By | November 18, 2022

The Alchemist





[Music] Uh what's up guys I'm JS Garrett and I'm Here with my good friend Elder Alchemist He's been on before and I wanted to have Him back on to talk about some of the Some of the new stuff he's been working On experiments he's been doing so how's It going bro great man how you been Doing Jazz doing pretty good it's been a Crazy year but um I'm happy I'm doing Good it's been a lot of chaos but uh Chaos breeds uh interesting changes and You know we've got this this new Platform Lawless metaphysics that's our Logo behind me and uh it's doing good Man we're having fun yeah man uh I Definitely see how the evolution through Going through the process is really a Great way to uh you know instead of like Worrying and reacting is just go through And then become you know and really Pulling you there and uh I know uh we Are going to just by your symbol for a Lawless metaphysics we're going to talk About you know the master key and what That symbol really can do And uh so yeah so all right so you um I think you're one of the first people To start working with the master key Um and like actually get back to me and Give me feedback on the operations and Stuff you were doing uh we recorded a Podcast uh for my old channel the JS Garrett channel

Um I don't know it's been a couple years Now I haven't it's been a while yeah I Probably yeah two and a half I think Yeah yeah so this is our new channel While it's about a physics I still got My old one but I'm focused on this one Now and um you know I wanted to wanted To catch up with you and see what type Of experiments you've been doing and What kind of success you've had lately Oh absolutely and I I pull it back to When I started using the master key and At that point I needed to figure out a New job and just by placing a little bit Of blood on the master key the assembly Just drawing it out burning it it opened Up opportunities I've went through the The a job that was Hardcore and I was Discharged three times and every time as Soon as I got discharged I would just Make that symbol And then Place blood on it and then burn It and get my job back I could use that symbol And you think of an animal the master Spirit of an animal And you could make that connection And I was able to work with different Birds to get longer views like bigger Scene of My reality you know like with Like the red tail hawk for instance I Got to see what I wanted in eight months Versus when I worked with the eagle I Got the C5 year spectrum and it's just

By drawing out the master key placing That intention with it and then honoring It as such and then just having that Gateway open you know and going through Your path working and and if you could Even think about a spirit such as like Bune and I could just think of her Looking at that and then go straight to Her and make a connection with her and So I was seeing how unique and useful His tool could be in like every aspect And then the best aspect in my personal Opinion was working with shimyaza Because not only are you able to work With all the Watchers and not every Spirit you know throughout the galatia Maybe can do a specific thing well it's Like well I can just work with shimmy Yaza and he'll just say a sign whoever Needs to for the task and go do that Whatever needs to be done And I've seen since I started using The master key not only in all my other Rituals have I grown to learn you know Such things as radionics and other ways To evolve my Magic by using a certain Concoction with a candle or certain Visualization or breathing technique to Do before entering a ritual and hitting A certain state of mind I'm just Realizing how much of a person Of self-development Due to working with shimyaza and that Job I was going through how much I had

To stay in a firm and who I was and not Caring what was going to happen knowing I have this master key with me and it's Going to unlock whatever door and It just felt almost like an invincible And uh not a cocky Invincible but wanted To know like if I do everything to my Best of my ability and I'm uh working And with United with the Watchers I'm Going to be able to accomplish things Beyond which you really can't even Imagine and that actually does Trail off Into you know the soundtoloc ritual And uh if that's fine if I get into that Right now yeah of course yeah so when we Were when JS asked me what did I want The Santo lock ritual for You know I do music and I do podcasts And I was thinking oh maybe I could do For that in a career move but I remember Thinking no do it for what is right what I need to do it for and making it more Of an open-ended instead of this Specific thing so covet happens And I hit a point with a business Partner of mine where we're just Thinking what what are we supposed to do Here like we can't go out and go do Shows you can't do any of these things And this is about I think it's about Like a month after the ritual zone for Me And we're sitting in this room and we Finally came up with this idea let's

Make a a kids podcast because there's a Bigger audience YouTube algorithm all These other things I'm like okay because I I've always been one that like talked Hardcore about the occult and like Trying to have like this edgy side but In reality I really am just like a Light-hearted like positive upbeat Individual like that's just who I am Naturally so Us finally realizing this and it's ended Up evolving more and more as time went To where it became a show and then all Of a sudden we found a network producer And then all of a sudden we're finding Different people in town that were able To entertain and make get propped from And the news stations were able to talk To and really building out a project to Be a educational Adventure series and it will be out Probably later towards 2024 towards the End of it and it's the most exciting Most badass thing in the world because I'm able to use all the techniques I've Learned in my life incorporate different Things teaching kids about different Herbs what they're good for or used for I'm not going to get too much into Anything but you know I'm even going to Incorporate radionics into the show uh If not season one season two and I Already know how I'm gonna do it and I See how this is feels like my life path

But like on fire more than ever and I'm Still working on the other things I care About like I Um actually got inspired to also make a Course that was kind of like how my Transformation in a in a tangible course And uh kind of the the combination lock I had to go through uh called blacklight Alchemy and later next year I'm going to Be published on bog and I'm not going to Tell anymore but Um that was also something I was able to Be inspired because I can then also use All those things I've learned and be Able to produce something that's going To help other people achieve different Things in their life and uh it's just Been beautiful you know instead of Asking for a specific thing I think it'd Be open for these entities really opens Up that truth and now I'm in a position Where it's like I already could see the Future and I really know it like in my In my Essence and being and I know I Just have to go day and keep going and Going and going But then having that plus in the master Key it's like okay well here's this Thing coming up here's this coming up And then with learning with the Radionics like I got the war machine I have a Genesis Box I got a wish box Uh and I did get the tepophone by the

Way oh cool dude Peppa phone you like That I've got a lot of feedback on it Not many people have bought one dude Dude I I love it Um today I just I just been carrying it around Because I'm out you know my one day job Just driving around and uh I needed a Manager's attention and so I just Literally had it and I just did it click And just immediately turned and saw me And walked right up to me and I was like All right awesome and then my uh my dog Was by the highway and I was like you Know what I ain't gonna tell this dog Like don't do that I'm just gonna walk Up to her and mentally put it the image Of what's okay and what's not okay and Did Bam dog gets up and it just Immediately walks on over and away like It's pretty cool like I'm just now Starting to get in the experiments but That's all you're like one of the first People to buy one and it's only been on The website for a couple of weeks Um you're talking about the radionic Magic wand yeah yeah yeah yeah That's cool like to take to Walmart I'll Just I'll just do little stuff like just Be like turn left you know and it would Stop it's over here you know you can Just reject like and look like I don't Know you can project your your intention Like right into somebody's brain and

Another thing I'll do is I'll be in line And I'll I might have like a whole cart Full of stuff and the person's in front Of me might have two or three things uh I'll just I look right at them hit the Button to say and I'll imagine them Turning around and being like oh you've Only got a few things sir you want to go In front of me and dude like nine times Out of ten they will and I'm standing There holding more [ __ ] than they got And I'm just like He's like man what you know he he's got To wonder it's like are they actually Seeing the image that I project into Their mind you know it has to be I I Feel like it really really has to be Like that's Uh from you shooting what you're Thinking and then just with that being As well as over a picture you know I Haven't done a little bit of a little Bit of that seeing if something would Pick up and then all of a sudden it's Like oh that business individual now got Back to me just by shooting a picture of Them you know even if it's just on a Black screen I mean you could shoot them At your telephone and you're rocking it You know yeah that's pretty interesting Too I mean if you think about it like Just being here on video with somebody You know having a picture of them on Your phone that's still a pretty pretty

Like like strong link to that person you Know if you consider that we're in a in A matrix in a holographic reality then You know that image that's a that's a Physical and visual representation of That person's imprint in this realities I mean that's why pictures are so you Know I use pictures of all my clients in My rituals I always got a photo of them And uh another thing that I've tried Doing recently is like I'll I'll put the Picture like a friend of mine down and I'll just take a black can set it on top Of the picture and light it and I sit There and stare in the flame and I'll Say their name and picture their face Like trying to make that energetic Connection and then bring a little magic Wand up hit the button and like feed Them a message just like just feed it Right into the candle flame and trying To like send telepathic messages to People at a distance that's the most Recent experiment I did and um it was a Friend I hadn't talked to in like two And a half three years hadn't heard from Her and I was just like call me [ __ ] call me tomorrow and sure I Did he called me the next day I was just Like That makes it worth it there just just To experiment and have fun with oh have On you if you ever have a cop pull you Over just a quick oh nope never mind

That's not happening but ever since I Worked with Spirits I don't really have Any cops like ever it's I don't know man I mean I'm just like Thank you thank you y'all are turned all Right I'll tell you a crazy story this Happened last year so it was like it was Like two years ago I did a video on my Old Channel about paying in advance in Order to get out of a speeding ticket You might you might have seen it but it Was about picking a making an offering To Belial in advance you know so the Next time I got pulled over that I could Just speak his name staring in the Mirror at that guy walking up on me with This notepad and get out of the ticket And so it's like it's like Christmas Eve And it's like me and and Rourke and uh Michael Wells we're right we're driving Down the road I didn't realize we were in a 45 like I Mean it's a two-lane highway on each Side so a four-lane highway that's 45 Miles an hour all right I'm running I'm Running 70. it's To take a look on the highway and so so I think it was like 27 miles over the Speed limit a State Trooper pulls me Over I was like oh [ __ ] well if there Was ever a time to see if this is going To work is now so I looked at him in the Mirror as he's walking up and I said Those words and he comes up and he's

Like how you doing today I'm like well I Was doing great until he pulled me over [ __ ] you know he didn't take me to jail Are you and he's like no But I will tell you if I catch you doing It again your ass is in trouble you know He's like y'all get out of here have a Good day We just like looked at each other just Like the coolest [ __ ] cop in the World or was this the influence you know You know he's going to get back to like His supervisor they're going to be like They were going how far over the speed Limit and you didn't give him a ticket You know it was just a verbal warning But um anyway so I mean that like that Actually worked in front of two Witnesses you know the backup what I was Talking about on that video and uh yeah That's the only time that's happened to Test it out but it was pretty pretty Cool no and you know I definitely do see Uh even when I did it was I think like 2016 or maybe 17. I did that uh astarte Love spell uh with you yeah and all that Did was make me It was like a Satay it was like I hear You but you were just gonna use that so You love yourself and become a better Individual and that's what it did you Know like it's the spirits know what the Energies use for you know instead of Like kind of like you're a Halloween uh

Ritual I wanted to hop on and you know I Just I kind of wrote out my intention And burned it and now that the times When I'll buy and everything else I can Like it here below saying like you know I'm gonna use it for what needs to be Done you know instead of what you're Asking to be done it's like all right Man that's the thing we don't we don't Control these entities you know like um You know when you're getting into like Stuff that's the specific that you're Asking for I mean we can ask for Anything we want you know you go to them And you make your offerings and ask for What you what you would like in exchange And you know it's like most of the time You get exactly what you ask for but Sometimes they're like nah you know this Is what we're gonna do instead you know It's like you can't get butt hurt at it You know like uh you gotta Yeah I've seen people like get mad and Throw their hands up like oh this you Know I didn't get what I asked for you Know this happened and then you know a Few months later they realized like damn That was the best thing that could have Happened you know exactly anyone that uh No knows like and has worked with magic And not understand that principle like That is a hundred percent the principle And I get like sometimes too so with the War Machine

I had a Sigil of Arias at first I Believe it was arise trying to make a Situation occur between two individuals That were really toxic and like I was Asked to take care of it so I was like Okay war machine here we go so I use Orias and put his sigil on the input and Then the output after then I put the Picture of the individual who I needed To have the situation occur to on top of That dial the machine and then Place Their picture on the output And after about a couple has a couple Days I mean I could be impatient too and That's something to you have to have Patience I was like man oh come on who's Home I can actually make make a Situation happen and then Andres I Actually was listening to a podcast and They mentioned Uncle Chucky and then at That channel brought up Andra so I'm Like okay if Uncle Chucky's doing it I Should follow and Lead so I went in and I pulled the sigil up I did the exact Same thing and I didn't even feel like a Hardcore of his energy But like it was like a you know And 24 hours later the exact situation Was resolved and done and the Discord That was needed occurred just like that And it's just simple of a specific Entity or what Spirits want you to do is Learn uh different things or like how to Accomplish a goal instead of just giving

It to you making you think of different Ways about manifesting that like oh Maybe I'll get myself a vampire box and Plug that into a freaking wish box and Then use that as a son you and or you Know it's just endless everything is so Endless and uh even when it comes to Experiments or uh the tools it's just Like even once you start to get making Things manifest like just using the box To make the weather good I want to bet It said it's going to it's supposed to Rain all day during one of the Spartan Races and I love doing uh just like Those big physical that physical [ __ ] That's why I like to use my magic fours Like to get me inside of that physical Mind state of [ __ ] go artist [ __ ] and Um my buddy said it was going to [ __ ] Rain and it said it all week and I just Got a box tuned to dials thinking of it Sunny and as I'm driving to the place an Hour away half hour it's still pouring 15 minutes stops pouring walk out of the Vehicle not one drop of rain the entire Time and it's just it's just like we're Endless man it really is endless yeah Yeah I mean it really is endless the Stuff that we can do and figure out and It's like you gotta I don't know for me It's like it's like a drug that Experimentation like I'm always trying To like oh I'm just gonna do this to see If I can do it you know and it's like

You have no expectations you're just It's an experiment if it works out then Then okay great I figured something cool Out if it doesn't then you know what did I do wrong Why didn't it work and how Can I make it work and um you know Something you touched on earlier you Were saying you know as long as I'm Doing everything to the best of my Ability you know with what you're trying To manifest like that's that's the key Right there it's like uh like like You've probably got one of the best Attitudes about magic uh anybody I know And As long as you as long as you're doing Everything that you can do physically And and and magically whatever to to Accomplish a goal like these entities That you work with they're gonna meet You halfway if not more like they are Going to help you do it but only if You're doing everything you can do yeah And it's like I've known you for years Now I've watched you just take off dude Um thanks man no seriously you you Really have like you have you [ __ ] Come so far since the first time we Talked and that's uh that's that's That's not me that's you dude like the The techniques that you work with yeah Some use some of my techniques like the Master key but you're into all kinds of [ __ ] man and you're making it work for

Yourself and uh I think that the spirits Respect people that do that and you see Them take off Yeah and and I appreciate that so much Jazz and uh I've really enjoyed the Journey and uh working you know with a Big thing is a Lugal B to Burr and I Just wanted to mention him so people can Look into He is someone that's going to really Take your [ __ ] to the next level and Just making you greater and uh important Man I you know he's a big part of uh how I get [ __ ] done in all honesty I guess The simplest way to do it like executing Every [ __ ] thing in my life and That's where the black web uh I made From him and actually there's an oil It's the black web oil that is the way Uh uh once it comes out I'm gonna be Sending you it here really shortly but It's used to just put on your body if You're going to be running put on your Legs you're gonna be lifting put on your Arms if you want to focus and get in Something that done like like no [ __ ] just a drop of this put it on The place and he just it's just Efficient and effective and it's like You know if the spirits see you working Hard then they they bless you with the Information you know of learning the Things and that's something that's like I want to be able to keep sharing like

You are with that the whole world man Because we gotta [ __ ] get everyone Set up with some nuclear devices and Again over this tyranny man [ __ ] the Journey no I agree with you 100 man I Was like uh it's happening it's uh Things are oh things seem to be like Coming through like a a point like a Bubbling point you know or or something Something's got to give you know it's The uh So we got like 10 minutes left so we're Good but um yeah man Um So uh As far as uh as far as just like like if You use the master keeper pretty much Just anything and everything like yeah Blood on it and burn it um blood on it Burn it sometimes I don't even need to Put blood on it uh it's just like if I Feel like I really need to make Something happen honestly it's like am I Impatient or am I patient or blood on it And it's usually blood on it so but even Like just just for just you know your uh Master key just you don't even need to Put on a piece of paper and burn it just Putting it on this and then burning Burning I'm not burning it you know what I mean put blood on that even staring at It like I would just stare at it and Just visualize my the desired outcome Like when I was getting my job getting

The job in the first place Uh During one of the meetings I wasn't Going to be able to get that job if I Didn't recite some bull some [ __ ] And I couldn't remember it and uh They're like yeah well what are you Gonna do and I just walked up to that Car stared at that and then walked in And then they're like what'd you do I Was like I'm gonna go get a new job or Something and then they were like oh Well we'll give you an extension on that And I'm like okay thank you once again So uh yeah and I even think visualizing It or someone just had that on their Phone like I've been realizing even Sigils on my phone doing cyber magic I Guess I don't know if that's a new term But I just no man I've heard people call It technomancy oh techno Nancy all right Hang on yeah yeah just doing that but Really you can do it uh do anything with It and uh and there is sometimes I will Say like even if I even if I put blood On it and burn it the thing won't happen Right instantaneously But then a couple months down the line It occurs and you know you just have to Be Conscious conscious about realizing if You're not patient And allowing things to happen that's Something Lucifer told me the other day

He said State out loud I allow you know So then you can have things come because Otherwise you get up some spiritual [ __ ] contracts and you just need to Say No Deal allow whatever you need to Happen to happen Yeah I find it I find that at least in My in my personal life personal Situations if I just leave it up to them You know as to as to to what I need to Happen for me then it usually works out Better than whatever I was thinking About doing specifically you know it's Like uh you know if I've got if I've got A situation in my life I'll look at it I'm like okay I can attack here I can do This ritual attack here you know and Like you know try to like intently Manipulate a situation unfold the way I Want and uh you know I've noticed that Like if I just if I just invoke an Entity that can help me in that area and Say you know just give me what I need You know I want I want the best the best Case scenario here the best possible Outcome for me in this situation and Just totally leave it open-ended Um it's kind of like you know doing Doing a ritual to find a girlfriend or Something you know it's like if you work With a start there you say you know I Want you to pick the perfect woman for Me you know or man or whatever whatever It is you know partner you're looking

For then if you let the spirits choose Then you're usually going to end up with Someone that's a hell of a lot better For you than than you know probably Whoever you were thinking about at the Time and that's just like one example That that I've experienced that like It's uh you know same thing with with Like bad situations you're trying to Resolve like a bad situation you can't Really see your way out of it like you Don't really know what you need leave it Up to the spirits and yeah you're gonna Be all right exactly exactly just like The whole trying to build an Empire why Think about an Empire that I'm trying Now I'm actually in control and see the Vision you know and I wouldn't have been Able to do that out of just doing it my Way you know you can only do it your way So long to the spirit so like you're Gonna learn the hard way or the right Way and that's when you better [ __ ] Stand up and do it and don't [ __ ] about I mean you can but get it done with you Know sometimes some days are rough I Mean you know just as well as I do some Days are way better than others and uh When you get those things and those Blessings of the beings you know causing You know that that final manifestation It's those moments where you get that ah Where you're so thankful that you get to See the synchronicities and you get to

See that that Communications happen with The Divine that's that's that's the Pinnacle man it not gets better than That spiritual High Oh yeah man it's uh that's the high We're always chasing I'm always chasing That next big success or breakthrough or Even getting like like feedback from Clients and they're like holy [ __ ] you Know this worked for me and it'll tell Me how it played out or whatever it's Like I literally get high from that dude I'll be like walking around with a smile On my face for the rest of the day Yeah so um as long as you know it's it's It's like it's it becomes an addiction But as long as you manage it as a Healthy addiction as long as you're Using magic to improve yourself and not Just freaking going crazy and becoming Unraveled like you see some people do That Um they'll they'll they'll start Practicing uh Magic and next thing you Know they just they just completely come Unraveled and you got to use it to As Long As long as you're always doing it For something beneficial even if it's a Painful working you know that's to Benefit somebody you know it's like the Painful workings I do it's usually like Like for Retribution on behalf of Someone else you know it's done and Um yeah it pulls out the shadow shadows

And individuals 100 and that's like when People are trying to be all brag this And the other it's like you know that's Just another Shadow and like once all Your shadows really come out in front of You Let's see We froze here for a second bro I'm not Sure what's going on Hardcore it took me to some depths and Dark Places you know but at the end of The day I got to see my own shadows and Integrate them instead of people Ignoring them and then now that's in People's lives that you don't see any Change you don't see any you know oh I'm Into crystals like I cool like that's Awesome like I'm happy for you but like Don't say uh you know you're doing all These all powerful things by just Holding a crystal in your hand Yeah Um you know some people get it some People don't and uh you know Magic's not For everybody like we all have the Ability to do it but some people Probably shouldn't Yeah yeah I think uh I think keeping Yourself in check is the biggest thing And um I have to I have to struggle to Keep myself in check sometimes like I Can get so far down the rabbit hole that You know the next thing I know I'm I'm Like a full-blown madman you know and

I'm just like okay okay it's time to Time to bring it down a notch here and Go do something mundane like you know go Fishing or something like that you know You can't spend all your time in the Temple 100 and that's also why I have to Go right or go to the gym or go do a [ __ ] crazy run like I so much energy Gets built up and you always have to be In that flow sync because then the Abundance can come otherwise you're like And then it just blows up Oh yeah man so we got about like two Minutes before this thing Cuts us off do You wanna you got any thing you want to Leave the audience with before we go Uh definitely everyone if you feel even The slightest interest in this next Group right coming up with JS sign up on Lost benefit physics like for sure and I'm not just saying like I'm like dead Ass like I and that key has helped me Out in so many things it's going to help You out tremendously and so I want to Leave you with that as well as if you Want to contact me for a ritual you can Go to blacklight and it's Really going to be custom and you can Tell me what you're into and I'll let You know I can integrate this that and The other radionics this substance and It would be really custom but I'm not Going to do every single one because you Know if I feel it out and I don't want

To do it I'm not going to do it I'm just Going to be upfront and honest about That uh but till then uh that's pretty Much all rocking from me thank you so Much bear for having me on yeah thanks For coming on brother it's always a Pleasure uh we'll put the link uh for Your website in the description of this Video if you guys want to check him out I definitely recommend I mean this guy Does some cool stuff he's one person That I will endorse so um and yeah the The group ritual it's uh the the Shimyaza initiation right that's coming Up in uh I think we're gonna do it on December 3rd uh assuming the weather is Good that night if anybody wants you Know anybody that's serious about Practicing magic absolutely check that Out and um thank you all for watching Please like And subscribe else brother Talk soon [Music]