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By | October 26, 2022

Terry and Tom are back with another exciting episode and exciting guest – psychic medium Katharine Branham. Katharine is an award-winning bestselling author along with being a world-renowned free-flowing psychic medium. She has conducted over fifty thousand client readings. In 2021, she published her first book “How I Found My Superpowers”. “How I Found My Superpowers” guides the reader through a twisting path of adventures as she learns to accept her gifts and encounters different spiritual avatars along the way.

About Katharine Branham

Since early childhood, Katharine possessed a strong ethereal nexus with the spiritual realm and heightened sensitivity and empathy to the physical and emotional pain of humans as well as animals. She began to notice upon an encounter with someone beset with a physical ailment, the ailment caused me discomfort within the same area as the person that she had tuned into. Along with sensing energies and seeing auras, she began tuning into angelic spiritual beings and spirits of those who had crossed over.

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Foreign Good morning folks hey this is Terry and Tom here with another exciting episode Of the metaphysical Mysteries podcast Today we have with us an author a medium Uh all-around intuitive Claire of every Kind And uh hailing from the great state of Texas You Don't Mess with Texas of Course uh Catherine Branham Catherine Great to have you here thank you so much Terry and Tom I am very grateful to be Here with you very honored well we Appreciate having you uh you and I have Had an opportunity to talk a little bit And uh wow I'm impressed and I'm not Easily impressed but your your top top Notch no doubt about it Thank you so much Terry and and likewise When when we had the you know a moment To really uh talk I really noticed your Energy field that was the first thing That really showcased to me was the blue And the energy field And immediately you know I knew okay you Know this is a phenomenal being uh and That blue energy field indicates you you Come from the blue ray you know you flew Your soul came through that blue grid And it's your sole purpose you know it Indicates a lot of Soul Purpose there Well I guess it's good that it wore a Blue uniform my whole life Well hey give us a little background so

That the listeners know exactly you know Where you come from and what's your What's your gig I know you got a really Interesting Um how should I say nickname here I've Got the self-help slot right right well Whenever I decide to write a workbook I Wanted to write it about releasing Judgment of not just yourself but of Others and it's one of releasing Judgment of self is one of the biggest Things that people you know work Struggle with day to day and it's not Because of what we're born with it's Because of when a person is born the Filters over the chakras are not to the The solid state they need to be to carry You into adulthood for protection so you Usually absorb whatever it is that is Given to you that's fed to you so your Parents through your church people that You're exposed to and we take that in as A bunch So at the age of seven I was in the Kitchen getting a glass of water and I Hear spirit Say look up and I look up and there is a Physical man outside the kitchen window And I scream So Mom comes running in from the other room And says what's going on and by the time I could get words out I said there's a Man at the window

And she says well look at you you're Dressed like a and so I looked down And I'm wearing a oversized men's XL T-shirt that my father was given from The Ford dealership And you know they were handed to us to Wear his sleep shirts sure and I thought Well what's a so when when Dad came In and I'm still trying to get myself Together he checked the perimeter of the House And said are you okay and I said yes Dad what's a and he said where did You hear that word And I said well mom called me That word and he said don't you say that Word So I knew at the time it was it was a Derogatory word and perhaps you may not Want to be called a but I didn't Have any other meaning behind it so it Didn't didn't phase me and so when I Went to name the workbook I named the Workbook self-help because if you Do not take ownership of a name or a Title It's not you you know it would be it Would be like me telling you you're Horrible you know biochemist and you're Like well who cares I'm not a biochemist You know of course I'd be horrible at it So it is about uh releasing that Judgment and I feel if I can get Beyond Some of the names that you know that I

Was carried uh that I was told surely if You don't take identity to it you can Get Beyond it And I wanted it cheeky enough so if People look at the title and they say oh My gosh that's horrible They're the ones that need it the most Because at this point you know in life You really need to look at yourself Determine what is important to you what You want to carry and what you don't Want to carry And I do feel that there's so many People that have been judged wrongly by Church or by family because they just Didn't know any better it was just Handed down abuse or handed down Teachings You're exactly right and we've talked About that on the podcast that the Damage that's done sometimes Inadvertently by family and church I Mean it's just it's just a Dogma I mean The preachers or ministers whatever They're they're taught certain things They just hand it down oftentimes it's Kind of pre-packaged for them to deliver On Sunday morning it's usually not a Free flow uh situation or some kind of Catechism type thing it's memorization And you know yes kids absorb that like Sponges and that just does some Significant damage in many cases but I Will say on the flip side if good things

Are passed down they absorb that as well Right you know and it's something a Telltale signed appearance young parents Old parents grandparents hey be careful What you say or Jesus said that be Careful what your words carry power you Know and and and kids will absorb that If you tell them there's there's Something they'll believe it and if you Tell them they're not something they'll Believe that as well so you've got to be Cautious with that so yes fantastic well You get a couple of books out too you Want to go through a couple of those Things Oh yes I have how I found my superpowers And I wrote the book so I could really Explain to some of the people I've Worked with over the years I had been Doing readings for 11 years at that time And So many people would say how do you know That I mean how did you know that you Know that one particular thing and it's Too much to explain to them so when I Sat down to put the book together I sat with spirit and said what do I Need to include in here what's important And the main message that came across is Don't overwhelm them with too much Information people pick up a book and They're going oh God I'll never be able To figure this out it's too much and I'm Probably not worthy enough

So I took them from the very beginning Of when I started noticing colors around People's energy field and it was the Same as you know seeing a lizard that Changes colors when he moves to a brown Branch so when I'd see a certain color I Knew okay you better run this person is Mad they're about you know they're about To get you or if I saw a really great Color like yellow that their body was Emanating yellow And it goes beyond our soul color it's The emotional color They're in a great mood it's safe to be Around them right and yeah those were The telltale signs and so I included the Stories and the events that happened That taught me about the spirit world And it's one of the events includes the First time I saw a soul leave the body I Was at a dance recital and At that point I didn't realize no one Else was seeing colors around the energy Field Until the soul left the body and I Thought nobody else saw that and when I Confirmed with my mother did that woman Just left her body she said no she Didn't she's loaded up on a stretcher She's going to be just fine don't worry About her she's on the way to the Hospital And after that I started really taking Notes of when you know right before

Someone was going to pass I would see Souls come across and stand with them Until they got ready to pass And the events that happened before the Passing So it it is a The interesting part is the light that We carry it's not just the soul light That we have that we incarnate with but It's the light that we emanate when we Have something emotional happen to us You know whether it be good bad scary or We're angry It changes and when there is living Anything anything that's alive it Emanates in Aura and that aura is a Telltale sign on our health our Well-being And even our demise Absolutely yeah it's fascinating I know Energy fields are an area that You know we haven't talked about a lot On the podcast but and I think for Somebody who sees auras and the energy Field and so forth a lot of people you Know ask uh you know I know when I Interact with them but others who are in The same field what is my what does my Aura look like you know well it does Change depending on your mood but then You have what I call your standard you Know your go-to constant I don't know What you see but is that something that You see the same way that's absolutely

True Every Soul comes through a certain Grid and that grid so many people Identify characteristics uh with Borescope so they may say oh you know You're a Libra so you're very balanced You know you're very right and wrong but The soul color you can't that doesn't Lie your soul color is your true north And so when you have a color in your Energy field that's your overall color But when you're angry that color is Still present but the emotion Feeds through that color and you can see It uh the the other book I wrote is it Was murder And in the book I talk about when Souls Come forward or spirits come forward the Light around their energy field will Indicate did they go into the light And if the light around the energy field Is brightened and clean I know they've Gone into like they're touched by God What we would see as God and they did Cross and they're just here to visit but If the light around them is dingy I know They never made it across and so in the Book I talk about Telling the difference between the ones That have crossed and the ones that had Not crossed yeah I'll have to read that Because of course you know what I do Um on the side but um we call it um You know when they don't cross well we Kind of go down this line I I will tend

To tell people you know there's two Different kinds of dead folks really They're straight but two different kinds Of dead folks one's across which is Probably in the 80 85 percentile at Least somewhere in that range I would Say and then there's the others Um that don't for any number of reasons Typically they want to communicate Something they're scared Um you know they don't really want to go Just yet they're cantankerous whatever And I call those folks they're in the Gray which is all of your dingy color And sometimes you see them like they've Got binders on and they'll look this way And that way they hardly ever look up And you gotta actually tell them uh you Know when you're moving them you know to Look up and uh I and then there's Below the gray I guess I would call it Into the darkness a whole different Level uh that You know people fear I guess that and I Understand why because there's not much Light if at all so The uh when you're dealing with ghosts If you will that's the Grays is what I Call them you know they bump legal bump In the night uh and uh people ask me Well don't they know better I said Listen if they were stupid when they Were alive they're still stupid when They're dead

Um until they cross over and get the a Bit of Enlightenment to the thing I mean They're just the same type of person uh Because when you talk to them and They're the same I mean if they're a Troublemaker they're still a Troublemaker and uh you know you got to Kind of take the bull by the horn Sometimes and and Ghost Hunters and you Can comment on this and you know like or Any part of it but you know when I see Them on TV it really kind of irritates Me in a way because although they're They're documenting things Scientifically so to speak Um They're not you never see them trying to Actually move people on into a better Place they leave them there in in Turmoil and they're not addressing their Issues and needs and I wouldn't want to Leave anybody in a place they really Didn't need they needed to understand What they're doing and how to move on Without fear and so forth so I don't Know you comment on that I get a chance To do that a lot I absolutely will not leave someone Behind I will not leave them behind if I See a soul that needs to go into the Light regardless of where I am I'm going To get them across I have had difficulty With one that I cannot I will not get to I cannot get two uh I've tried to get

Them across and they hadn't wanted to go Across but there is a lake here in the Woodlands it's a man-made lake and Before it became a man Man-made lake it was a trailer park and So many of my law enforcement friends Would you know had told me stories about What had happened at the trailer park Years back But interesting enough there is a spirit That resides there in the lake he has no Idea the lake is there he sees it as if The trailer park is still there Same place he was shot before And he's still living outside of his Trailer there's no trailer present so a Lot of times these spirits that are Bumping around at someone's house They're bumping around because where They are currently may not have been Present in their realm of of knowing Right so it's very interesting it's uh I've come across situations where there Was a uh spirit in the house and a Spirit in the field and neither Spirit Interacted with each other And you would think if you're a spirit On the other side wouldn't you be Hanging out with other spirits and That's not the case because they're Still in their time period and they're Still seeing the surroundings just like They had seen it And the the layering of time over the

Same space so you could have three Spirits all in the same space but They're from a different time period and Have it moved and so yeah it's it gets Really complex in some cases especially Those places where let's say a lot of Tragedy has occurred like battlefields Where there's been battlefields time and Time again especially in Europe you know Year after year decade after decade Having different Wars and battles and People dying layered upon layered and Haven't moved on Oh absolutely and I found that quite a Bit in Mississippi Yeah there was just so so much you know That was left behind as far as souls and Even some of the Weaponry you can still See You know the land carries so much energy From what occurs on it so even if there Was a murder there and we we go in and We help the person across maybe they Didn't know they were killed we helped Them across the energetic imprint is Still upon the land The energetic imprint of any type of Trauma or even excitement you know even In a good you know you walk into a place And you feel gosh this place has Good Vibes there's an energetic print that is Embedded in the land in the building and People feel it you know when you walk Into a place so I've even in ambulance

You know you if you're inside ambulance Or whatever you can feel the energetic Imprint of the good and the bad you know Either people rejoicing that they're Going to be fine or you know someone That's passed and I talk about that Situation in in my how I found my Superpowers but the uh the energetic Print upon a land or an object is just As important to clear if there's been Trauma so those that come behind us that Are enjoying the land or enjoying the House uh they need to have a good Experience there and I've had this Conversation with several law Enforcement uh individuals because in Certain counties there's not someone to Go behind and clean up a crime scene You know you have housekeepers Prime people do not clean up crime Scenes they go in they take what they Need and then it's left to the family to Figure out what to do right but it goes Beyond the blood and the and the bodily Fluids that are left there there's an Energetic print that's left on the Building you know on the ground and Those need to be cleared so I I really Think there's a need Carrie and I'm just Throwing this out there to you and Tom If you want to get together and do this There's an energetic need for that to be Cleared in crime scene type of Situations you know to go behind and

Clear that energetic print maybe not Just for the family but for those that Come and live in the building or or Having experiences on that property After What has occurred I I couldn't agree More and Tom both of us are you know EMTs you know Medics whatever as well as You know police and Diving and all that Tom you've seen that in your your line Of work yeah I mean you'll see people Come in and they'll try to clear the Property but only if they get those bump In the night type scenarios show to that They don't pay much attention to it at All and you can walk into a place and How many times have you had that gut Reaction where you just go ah Something's not right you have no idea Why and what you're doing is you're Reading that energy field that you're Describing this left behind Oh yeah Yeah the um I had a lady call me and She's a she's a realtor she's phenomenal She bought a house she got a really Great deal on and she called me and said I hear something upstairs and it's you Know really freaking me out now So right then I zoomed into the house And I saw a man upstairs older Hispanic Male and he was walking around in a very Small space like within a four foot Radius and he just kept going back and

Forth And I I looked to see what's wrong with Him is he you know is it dementia what Was going on well he was caught in the Smoke fire you know fire and he couldn't See through the smoke And I said he died in that house he Didn't realize he had passed and he Still need to get out And he keeps moving within this small Area So she said well I'm going to do some Digging and she did some digging and she Found the newspaper article that talked About the house fire And how that house is rebuilt so where He was trying to go he was trying to Find the hallway and he kept moving Between where is now her bed and the Bathroom So she was we were able to clear it and We did it over the phone we cleared it I Had her walk through walked her through And she she was very grateful but the The person that was the soul that was The most grateful to it was him because He was stuck in that trauma of still Trying to get out so you know when People wonder you know if you're a ghost And you're haunting or do they come back And they seek revenge they're not Seeking Revenge nobody on the other side Passes goes into the light of God and Comes back to seek revenge and those

That are here struggling with their Presence Um such as in this case he wasn't trying To harm her he just wanted to get out of The smoke fire Yeah absolutely but you know My son did um A summer and doing University work in Spain and they went on a tour with a Whole group of students and as they were Going through and checking different Places out they went in front of this One particular place in in Spain and and He goes I'm not I'm not going in there And they're like well yeah come on this Part of the tour you're going in he goes No no no it's a bad place and I am not Going in and they kind of went back and Forth and finally the rest of them went In And he was sitting outside and he Finally asked uh somebody he thought was Intelligent enough to know he said what Is this place and they said oh well this Is the Place that the Spanish Inquisition began So all the torture and stuff took place Down in the basement I guess and that's What he was feeling you talked about an Imprint and Soul's still there that have That are lost you know and need to be Moved and you know I said well what you Know because I asked asking several Times why don't you move these folks on

He does occasionally but he goes that's More your gig you take a thousand of Them and move them at once you know and I said Okay but the the the thing is a lot of People will feel it seal it but they Don't do anything about it and that's Kind of my point and you're doing things About it uh which you know I love to do As well to move them where they're Supposed to be you know and I I use I Use Angelic intervention to I bring down Angels of escort and uh we do a movement Uh if necessary but Um I had four different psychics at one Point hit me up I was down in your state In fact I was down visiting and all of a Sudden uh over a thousand they told me I Wouldn't pay attention I was just Drinking a Pepsi and relaxing I wouldn't I wouldn't turned on I was flipped off And they said that all four of them said That that hey there's like a thousand Native Americans here and they are Calling you a name and she the one the Oldest psychic the second oldest psychic She she um She said hey they've got this name for You and I said okay so what do they want You know because I wasn't tuned in at The time I really wasn't paying Attention to be honest and she goes um They've been roaming for hundreds of Years and they don't know how to go home

And they're ready and they said you can Do it and I said okay so I went ahead And Did what I do and um which was kind of Interesting and I I'd only get in 10 Seconds to get inside this space that I Set up and um they were pushing and Shoving and all kinds of stuff and the Oldest um psychic who was there she's Like 90. and she's she's yelling at him Quit pushing quit shoving there's room For everybody get in get in and I was Doing a countdown ten nine eight seven And he got down to two shoes hold him in Pull him in she screamed she's 90 years Old screaming and then pull this guy and Then did a collapse and boom off gone Just like that and uh they they uh the Four of them uh after it was all over I Let him go ahead and Explain what they all saw and they had All seen the same thing which was pretty Fascinating Oh yes When uh I've cleared some property uh Not too long ago that I mentioned in the Book and the area was really popular for Ghost tours And there were about 28 that crossed During the time He helped them across and like you I Call in the Angelic backup and pull pull Them across but a lot of the people in That group you know they're still living

Their experience there were a couple of Them that were aware of the current Situation and the current things Happening but most of them were still Wanting their house back and their house Was you know like three buildings ago on That property so it was difficult to Explain but they were very much ready to Cross yeah fantastic you know we were Out in Gettysburg and we got to go out With a guy who was a federal agent he Had a lot of equipment the equipment That artificially allows you to hear Spirit see Spirit stuff like that and as We went to a an area just on the border Of the of the battlefield my wife saw a Full full body Apparition run across the The street kind of thing what another Street it's kind of a dirt path and Anyway we got to talk to a number of Departed ones because they have these Great big Ears basically is what it amounted to You could hear them in that frequency Which was really cool without having to Be psychic because my wife thought it Was really neat and and they handed us The equipment and so forth and I ended Up talking to uh one uh gentleman he was From a regiment in Illinois Um and he had died and and I said what Would you say if I told you let's see This was 2013 it was 2013 at the time And he said uh no it's it's it's uh 1863

And I said uh but what if I told you it Was 2013 he goes you're crazy and I said Well I guess if I was dead like you and Didn't realize I was dead I would say The same thing so that really as you Pointed out earlier they're confused They they really believe they're still In that time period and until they Become educated and that takes some Technique that you know you learn over Time interacting uh they're they're Going anywhere Um until they feel like they can safely Move on Right and the beauty to helping them Across just like us when you reincarnate You learn more and more each time that You incarnate not just here on Earth but On other planets and the beauty about Helping them across is it allows that Soul to continue to grow and to expand Their light and to get to their higher Frequency rather than stay Earthbound Yeah yeah earthbound's not where they Need to be they need to be moving on to Their natural home You know I always tell people when they Go Um you're doing that number that means Home so they go they go back that way um But let's jump over to your energy field Again I want to talk about that some More um how did you come to learn about Seeing ores or energy fields and and how

Would you teach somebody else to to Maybe learn how to do that In that in that realm very easy I I have Several videos on Tick Tock where and YouTube where I teach many different Things on the spiritual level but one is Seeing auras and what I usually suggest Is if you can wait till about five or Six in the evening when the bright Lights gone down and take yourself to The park or sit out in your yard and I Want you to sit and blur your eyes out While you look at a tree so allow your Eyes to blur out while you look at Something that's not moving or maybe a Dog sleeping and as you begin to blur Out you'll notice there's a white bright Light that's around the trim of that Living beam so it's around a tree it's Around a dog it's And eventually you're going to train Your eyes to move outwards For those people that sit in meetings You know periodically and they get bored You know you begin to fall asleep in a Meeting or you're in church I would say Look at the earlobe that's diagonal to You and allow your eyes to blur out so Look at the person this diagonal to you And just look at the back of their head Their earlobe and you'll begin to notice The light and when you become not afraid To see things As you're practicing with your eyes

You're going to begin to just be able to See the light But there's those that can turn it tune Into the light and then they'll just Know okay this is the color that I'm Getting because I'll pull in their clear Sensing as they're doing that and it's Helpful to those people to begin to Clear the blockages that's kept them From seeing certain images You know you you said you're a medical Intuitive and I don't know about you but When I do a full scan of somebody I'm Certainly utilizing one of the things is Their auric field and and you'll see Spots or dark spots and you know in that Sort of thing uh in the field uh is that Part of your medical uh review on Somebody it actually is I I look for First when I scan someone I look for Black and if I see black in the energy Field I usually recognize that as cancer And that will indicate level four or Five cancer When it is almost like a brown to a Black I know okay it's probably like a Three when there's gray in the energy Field over those type of organs because I always look where the spots are if It's over the organs I know this can be Cleared but it's going to take some you Know participation on the person's part And sometimes it's not very easy to get Them to want to change some of the ways

Because Uh some people just you know they don't Want to hear what's going to help them On the physical level you know if they Can't put down one certain thing and Then there is times that in the energy Field you notice there's certain parts Of the body that have been Injured more than others And breaks will show up in the energy Field Um I've seen Weaponry in people's energy field from Past lives that have come up and I talk A lot about books and once those hooks Are removed within the energy field There's usually things in relationships That begin to open up there's things in Your life that begin to open up because Depending on why the hooks were placed There to begin with How you came across them really Determines your path ahead So I've seen hooks for people in Relationships that they they just kept Doing the same thing over and over in a Relationship and it's not working for Them they remove the hook and it's like They're a brand new person Like Tommy you you you're doing the same Thing with equipment you you want to Explain how that works yeah very similar Like we measure the human bio field and

You can find those irregularities in it And through introducing frequencies you Can usually balance out a lot of those Problems so very similar to what you are Describing there's different levels and Depending on the intensity a lot of Times you can balance the energy Fields Before it becomes a physical ailment So that's the goal right that promotes The wellness piece versus having well Trying to a recovery piece if you will From an illness I love those machines They're absolutely spot on I had a Girlfriend uh she came to me and said Hey you know I'm gonna do this bio Machine I said okay let's just take a Scan and then you you know show it to Her afterwards spot on the bio machines Are incredible I mean that is And it's great because most people don't Want to hear what an Intuit has to say If they're not that open but when you Have the machine they can't deny it And I find that particularly with the Groups that I work with that are very um Skeptical to begin with putting a little Bit of science behind the woo helps to Let them make that path you know cross The path rather to acceptance they still Think it's weird when you scan them in Three seconds and tell them about their Life yeah caught on but they're more Accepting than if I just stare at them Blow my eyes right like we can do and

Then go hey this is what's up with you And they're like go away that kind of Thing So I find it's really good as far as the Sales piece if you will in terms of Selling the whole concept of this is Real Oh yeah the the bio machine Is so spot on and people will walk away From it and actually take the advice see What they need to do opposed to you know Working with someone that you know Because they really want to hold on to Their own old ways and they're just not Ready to hear the truth when you show Them the machine it's too hard to deny Right you know one of the most Satisfactory things that comes from Either doing it with a machine or doing It naturally is when somebody comes back To you and said hey You actually saved my life you made Something you have heard from them in Months but there was a change in the way They did something they once saw a Doctor and got it confirmed and that Kind of stuff but I from for all of us As practitioners in one form or another I think that's one of the most Satisfactory things Oh yeah for sure yeah I I Had worked with the guy and He came in for a reading for love

And the Darkness in his Energy felt Around the colon popped up and I said Look I know you came in for this but you Need to go get your colon checked out go Get a colonoscopy and you she's 28 years Older He said okay I'll go get it checked out So he went to his doctor he told his Doctor he was you know worried about This and the doctor examined him and Said oh you're fine He called me back and he said the doctor Said was fine I said I told you go get a Colonoscopy Don't listen to that doctor find one They'll do a colonoscopy he did and he Was you know pretty far along And the Um when you're looking at something like That you you can push forward and say Okay will this person get Beyond it and When you get a yes it's like okay what's A spiritual lesson for this happening What what are they to learn or is it Something that is to be learned by the Family or the friends that are around Them for this guy's case it was for him To rebuild connections with his family And it was for the family to have Acceptance upon him And that's exactly what occurred he was Able to beat it nice and you know clear It but the the clearing came with the Acceptance from him and the family

Between once a spiritual lesson is Achieved the physical element heals up But when we want to carry the you know The hurt or the physical element with us And we're not willing to let go of the Emotion that's connected to it then You're going to write it out That couldn't be dead on exactly true Exactly true so Catherine how do you get That message to people in your work when They want to get rid of it but they Don't realize even what they're dealing With It really depends on I will look and see Are they willing to let go of if they're Not And there's a lot of times I I'll just Channel the words so in the sessions I Will Channel Uh what their guides are saying on the On the physical level and I do a lot of Writing I don't like my throat being Utilized It's always bothered me so I will pick Up a pen and I'll just write something And then I'll look at it and say okay This is what you're going to do but a Lot of times when we're dealing with Stuff when we call in our Spirit guides And Angels they come in and they make Things obvious and what I tell clients And uh people that I meet call in your Spirit guides and angels and say make it So obvious I can't miss it you can't

Miss it bring in all the opportunities That I'm supposed to have And make them obvious because we live Our life and you know we're just kind of Like going through life like Mr Magoo And we're we're not sure you know what Direction your day is going to take you But when you ask your Spirit guides and Angels to step in and to illuminate Whatever it is you need to see it's you Know you're it's made very obvious and You're unable to miss it and so that's Usually what I'll do I'll start telling Them you're worthy to ask for your Guides and Angels come in they're all There for you everybody has at least one Spirit guide and so many people think oh There's nobody here for me I've been Praying for this I've been praying for That okay well let's take a look at what You're praying for Are you asking for another person you Know because you can't say oh I really Want Johnny to love me can't do that Spending someone's free will You have to ask for the person that's The highest and best for you to be in Your life And they'll say oh I guess you're right You know I have been praying for him to Come back into my life I said it's like Asking for a pinto when you can have a Mercedes why would you want the pinto You know uh so it's interesting how they

Begin to change their perspective Because they didn't think about that in The beginning you know it's like you're Having a problem in your love life or Your relationship and you keep doing the Same thing over and over and accepting The same type of people there's an issue And it's not going to change until you Wake up one day and go you know what I'm Gonna go completely opposite direction Instead of dating this type of guy I'm Gonna go for this type of guy And match on the love level So yeah they do have their own Epiphanies especially when you just sort Of Point things out and they're like wow Nobody's told me that before You know You know as a minister a lot of times People that are in the uh Religious field shall we say Um they find this objectionable but I Say this is in sync with everything That's biblical and if you knew what you Were actually looking at the Metaphysical side of the Bible if you Will Um you would find this all in sync and So sometimes we find resistance with Exactly what we're talking about here From religious Misguided religious upbringing let's put It that way you're not fully involved Religious upbringing

Um like not talking to the dead and what That you know that's against the rules To talk to the dad well You know I I always said that the Bible Is the most psychic book ever written Because it's all downloaded uh to these Prophets and so forth that that made it Happen uh what's your what's your Thoughts on how do you deal with folks That are really come from a religious Background Well that's an interesting story because Uh I've helped a few preachers across I had one that I grew up uh well I was Baptized Greek Orthodox and the Greek Orthodox church was so far from the House that I visited several different Churches right and when I became an Adult there was a Baptist Church right Behind the house that I was living in so I would walk across the field to church And I loved it because it gave me that Piece of you know you're walking across The field with your your hat and your Handbag and you know and you're enjoying Church and then you walk home and you Have your Sunday meal so it gave me that Nostalgic feeling Um but I had helped a few Baptist Preachers across to the light one of Them was very you know he he was very Much up in age when he crossed and he Was afraid to go into the light when he Passed

It was because he had like you said you Know there's certain things that you Have to preach belonging to certain Religions and he had preached Brian Brimstone for so long that he thought That's what he was going to get And just because you know someone's Living an occupation on the outside does Not mean they're living that occupation On the inside You know and for law enforcement you Know law enforcement yeah they're living The occupation on the outside and They're protecting but they go home and They live that on the inside you know They they feel that that protection but For people in In uh occupation such as religious Figures priests or Uh baptist ministers They are living an exterior that they're Often not matching on the inside And so I'm not saying all of them are But there's there's several so we did Get him across to the like finally and It took a few rounds because I went Across and said look it's completely Fine there's nothing happening over There that's the fire in Brimstone when People have these near-death experiences And they say oh I went across and there Was fire and brimstone and all that well That's what their soul needed to see Their higher self set that up so they

Could change what they were doing but That's not that's you know there on the Other side Hell is what we make it whatever hell You set up for yourself it's what you Make it's what you feel that you need to Sole correct correct you know correct So we did get him across And uh it was actually Another Minister that set this up and Said hey can you help him across And it was that Minister that helped me On my path he told me he said many People would not tell you what I'm Telling you but you can see things God Setting you up to help others And it was at a time I really didn't That wasn't the message I was looking to Hear but he's I can't say that because Most people at the church wouldn't agree With me Absolutely Totally get that yeah 100 and you know We did have a podcast Reverend Tom Brooks um went through hell what where Did that come from what it's all about Um and it went through the ancient uh Experiences that what some of the Saints Had said and where this all came from How to encourage people to watch that on The podcast Um so we don't have the time to do it Here but it's very much in line with Catherine what you just what you just

Said but it's he actually did a full uh Master's thesis on hell it was God's Character in hell I think is what it was Called and then he shared much of that Uh on the podcast to help people be Relieved of that and uh you know I had a A Lutheran Minister who got attached to a kid and The kid grew up and I had him in a Reiki Class A Reiki one and during the Reiki One class As I was using him as an example I was Working on him and stuff all of a sudden It would turned into an exorcism because This guy was attached to him fully and The next thing you know as I'm pulling Him off Um most of my students just kind of went Whoosh they walked back and I went in And because that's what I do and uh this This student started screaming and and Quite a fit let's say and which is yeah It happens I guess in my life but Regular folks probably thought that That'd be crazy but uh then this guy Pops out And my son happened to be upstairs away From us and uh my wife asked what's all That screaming down there uh Dad's doing An exorcism and and then uh the guy Popped out I had to keep working and I Kind of forgot about the the priest that Popped out and early is not a pretty Looks like a priest lutherans look like

Prison uh anyway long story short Um The guy was fine after that but what I Forgot my fault where was the priest and I'd already had a protection Dome around My property and he's still trapped he's Trying to get out of it but he couldn't And my son actually saw him in the Kitchen and he slowly walked up behind Because I didn't think he could see him And uh just barely he's like gonna touch Him like this you know and anyway long Story short he turns around you know the Priest didn't whoosh and my son goes Like this and the energy of my son Knocked him all the way through the House and out into the driveway Yeah and then he called me and said hey You got to open up the Dome and I said Okay hold on and I said here we go and I Saw give him 10 seconds go to the end of The driveway I'm going to open up the Dome he can get out and we open up the Door and he was my son was watching him And he goes right out the door as quick As he could and I closed it back up and It was gone but he was bebopping around Her house for a couple of days until my Son noticed it and then we had to get Rid of him you know and go from there so And then I had the guy actually go Research his church to see who this was And he actually figured out who this who This guy actually was and scared to

Death that he's going to go to hell oh Yeah and that's usually what it is Beyond wanting to communicate with Somebody and really want somebody to do Something for them that they should have Done or remaining communication which Those are usually easy to do but what They think they're going to go to hell Man they're not going anywhere unless You really got to work with them Yeah it's so funny when you talk about Entities you know that you've I really truly believe you've got to Write a book on your exorcisms because People want to hear about it you know Because you know it happens and it's Just it's not talked about enough uh but You do see these entities that look like You know they're really kind of not of This time period of this world they're Really ancient things right I had an Experience my son and I were on the golf Course he was seven years old and all of A sudden I felt something come up behind Me and I'm like what the heck is it I Couldn't get a visual on it and I Thought I've got to run a little bit Ahead so I could turn around and get a Look at it so he's tossing his football And I run a little bit and I Can Feel It Coming fast behind me and I told my son I said what the heck is that you know Look what what is it what's freaking out And he said oh my god I've never seen

Anything like it finally I got like far Enough away from it to get a look at it And it was something of like a pirate Looking guy but I it was like so weird That he was still in his you know know Here is mindful of this is what's Happening and we eventually got him Across to the light but that was uh that Was quite an experience that's the only Time that I've ever had something like Come after me to chase me but he was Wanting my help I just wanted to look at Him right right yeah and you know they Do show up from time to time especially If they think they can get some help From you and I'm sitting in my living Room one time and all of a sudden poof This thing shows up on my wall and I Said it don't bother me anymore so the Hell are you And he goes I'm a gorgon I said what a gorgon And I said well you're not here and I Just hit him with light Into pieces and then at the time this Was years ago I uh I went and looked it Up and you know what the hell is a Gorgon well Um that is he looked exactly I looked it Up as ancient Greek mythology Gorgons Were like in hell kind of thing and what I saw was exactly what I found in my Research book exactly and then later on Um the Greeks uh changed Gorgons and

Expanded what it was so like Medusa with All the snakes coming out of her head And stuff she was a kind of a second Generation Gorgon but this first one was Kind of a round blob it almost reminded Me of like something on Ghostbusters the Movie you know kind of that green blob Thing but it was it had a character to It and I just had a conversation with it And I said well you're not staying here And blasted him and he was gone and uh That was that but yeah if they know and Once you open a Vortex especially when Somebody dies there's a Vortex that Opens and other entities come rushing Over to to either use it or see what it Is and they're really excited about it And all that kind of stuff so oftentimes I'll tell you know if an entity is Wanting to leave and you know and they Got some things to do just go to the Nearest Funeral Home And when somebody's there and their Light opens up you can use that too you Can go if you wish It's up to you And some do some don't you know you just But I also said listen I didn't sign up To be the garbage collector of the world You know I mean and they're not garbage Don't get me wrong I don't mean it that Way but I mean I've got a life to live Too and and going around and cleaning All that up is is a big job and it takes

A lot of people and you gotta have I Think a very special subset of skills uh To be able to do that and you you can't Be fearful you've got to be able to walk Into it and as I've told Tom before I Mean get a get a 45 stuck to your head Where somebody's going to kill you that Might be scary but an energy field as Long as you understand the science of it Um and high vibration always Um you know dissipates low vibration so You're always going to win and you have Not only as the Bible says not only do You have power but you have authority They don't have any Authority we do and Uh we we run this realm in this Particular area so that that's my take Yeah I found the bet uh the best Treasure Trove of getting Souls across As much as possible is the memory care Facilities I have found yeah I go they Open up a portal to get someone across That I know has it crossed and there's Like thousands that go through those Portals so I've taken a drive to a few Memory care facilities and gone in and Opened up portals to help them cross Because they never even knew they had Passed yes and those places They're absolutely infested oh yeah for Sure That's the Treasure of finding souls to Help across yes go to those Memory Care Facilities you got that right and uh

Because so many people die in there and Uh you know nursing homes and and Whatnot you know you see that and you Know I talked to one uh especially where He was a It was a psychic medium uh he didn't Really like to practice but he had a Skill and he would walk through Hospitals and he would actually see what We would call demons on people and so One example he gave us you know they got Some people in there they have these Ticks and they're going like this and Going like this and going like this and They're doing it all day long like this And what he would see is an entity Sitting on his shoulder poking him in The ear and they were reacting to it Because they had mental issues to begin With but he would see this thing and Then these things that he was seeing Would look over at him and smile Because they knew they could he could See them and uh that kind of thing and It creeped him out you know he didn't Really like to go do that but he was Extremely skilled at it being able to See the vanities that are be bopping Around in the In the ethers so oh yeah it happens Quite a bit with people who have Addictions uh alcohol and drug I've Found several entities on people in Rehabs where you know I've worked with

Others in rehabs and found these Entities and once the entities removed You know their addiction's gone yeah and They don't even want it you know and it Either they were wreaking havoc in their Life or one reason or another so they Could have some sort of enjoyment but we Get the entity across and they're free You know one of the areas maybe you see This too and Tommy you probably do too But Um teenagers early teens you know tweens If you will and it starts sometimes Earlier than that there's an entity That's wanting to uh you know control Them and I always say that they start Out at this direction they maybe have Just Like puppeteering they have little Strings on them and they'll move them Here and there and eventually over time It gets closer and gets closer and it Gets closer and pretty soon they overlap One another where they the kid doesn't Even know his personality from the Entities who's almost a second skin Um and I had one that I peeled off a guy And I guess I used the term peeled off Because they got them described it as Having a sunburn and when people will Peel their skin back he goes when you Peeled it off and it was so close to me When he peeled it off it actually hurt As it came off of my skin and that was

The way he described it and then after That fine but yeah he said that was how Close and he'd been there for so long Oh yeah and that's that's Pretty grimy but I don't have I don't Have a you would say a tolerance for That I I that that lights me up if you Want to use that term that lights me up When somebody's being um harassed by an Entity that has no authority to be there In the first place but oftentimes They're invited in at least Subconsciously by the person and I know Tom you'd find that as well you know They've If you want to comment on that yeah Especially in the age that you're Mentioning where those kids are trying To create their identity and so they're Seeking out who they are what they are All that kind of stuff so it leaves a do A cracked open for the entities to able To work their way in and you see in Adults do they're just looking for a Self-identification right they're a Little bit lost in their life and They're just looking for something to Hang on to and it just creates that Potential if you will doesn't mean it's Going to happen but the opportunity Becomes available to those folks to Cross in and be connected and that's the Challenge so they have to get a boot in The ass so to speak to send them back on

Their way Absolutely You look like you're deep in thought Catherine I was I was wondering with uh Tom's work on the with the bio machine How often do you pick up entities using The bio machine I don't see it that way As much I usually get the Sensation that I need to check further that they're There you might see some energetic Shifts depending if you happen to be There when you see them released or see Them come in during the course of a Treatment But by and large it's you know it's not Going to pick up necessarily some of my Experience that way as much as Intuitively I get it So are there times where after you've Scanned them with the bio machine you're Able to say look this is what we're Going to do to get them across and you Clear them afterwards you can see an Energetic shift because they they're More vibrant you know they don't have That drain on them any longer and so When you reskin them to see what their Energy levels are you'll see an increase A lot of times in the in their body to Function That's see and that's that's what they Need to walk away with that's their Takeaway For anyone you know that they're not

Willing to see someone that will just Scan them uh by at least going to the Bio machine and then you helping them Helping them to clear spiritually with Your gifts after they've had the machine They can tell the difference and it Doesn't even have to be an entity it can Just be traumas that they're storing in Their body Um there's a case that I use in one of The classes that I train people in this Was a military person special operator Multiple tours and we measure them his Heart rate variability and going from Think about something good go to a good Place so to speak 15 minutes later we Just said and he hadn't moved think About something from your military Experience that's you know bothersome to You and literally it just shifting his Mind his heart rate variability dropped 25 percent Which is a significant drop because Heart rate variability is a measure of Life You know I do tell people I make it real Simple for them as it relates to Entities I said think of yourself as a Giant Slurpee and they're just sticking Their straw on you and sucking off your Energy Because they need it because they Haven't crossed and they need their Energy to survive and if you're going to

Let them do that then you're going to Suffer all the same consequences that They have whatever problems they have It's going to manifest in you slowly Over time and you need to remove that And of course I guess the question would Be if you were going to advise somebody Hey you've got an attachment to you Well how would you know that if you're Just Joe six-pack how would I know I had An attachment to me what would you tell Them Catherine Well I will tell you I would say go back To the time period where you felt like Your personality took a big shift or Your life took a dive Because you can almost always figure out At what point that came in and some People will say well you know during This time I was I was a heavy drinker or I did this and they'll be able to go Back to that time period I have noticed People who Are alcoholics when they drink till they Pass out there's little wormholes that Come up in their energy field and it Makes it very easy for an entity to come In at that time period so I've seen People with two or three entities in Their energy field and once they begin To get these cleared off and I'll say Hey you've got someone here you've got Someone here And they clear them off they have no

Desire to do either one of them but the Um the interesting part with the entity Coming on board I will also ask them go Back to places where you felt like you Were as you described being a puppet for Either your lifestyle or for someone Else and clear the emotional connection To that time period by clearing the cord To it because we form chords to everyone We formed towards people we love we form There's chords to situations that we've Had and if you don't clear it it leaves It open for you to siphon off energy From each other you don't want to do That so after a psychic reading uh or a Session I will always say I give back Your power to you and I call my back my Energy back to me so that that person is Walking away with their energy because I've seen psychics walk around and they Have all these people's energy on them And then they're going I feel like crap You know or you know whatever well yeah You're carrying everyone's energy you've Got to clear it and many people identify As empaths and they will walk around you Know feeling everything from everyone Well they're very psychically in tune They're just going by the nickname of Empath right now but they've got to Clear it and the best way to clear it I Would say ground calling the Angels the Archangels ask them take it to the light Uh for a lot of energy that they picked

Up from situations of where they thought They weren't living their highest and Best you know maybe it was the years of Alcohol abuse or whatever go in and Clear that time period you can go back Your body's at Time Capsule not just for This lifetime but for other lifetimes You can go back to other lifetimes and Clear it so when I'm scanning someone I'll see Maybe a weapon that was used on them in Another lifetime so uh with one girl I've seen I saw a knife in her heart you Know she could not figure out why she Loved this guy so much she was crazy About this guy and he basically you know Treated her like poop and she continued To go back to him and I said let's just Take a look at this so I regressed her And it went all the way back to a Lifetime where he couldn't be with her Because he was in a different class And she was meant to marry someone else Because her family arranged it and so it Was basically they were together that Last intimate time and he pierced her Heart with a knife So that energetic cord from piercing the Heart carried all the way to this Lifetime so when she saw him she's like Oh I love you because he's got that Thread to her heart she didn't realize The threat to her heart was set up by a Weapon so once the weapons removed she's

Like I don't even know what I was Thinking you know yeah yeah you know I I Feel like in the current Political climate some of the people who Do energetic healings are going to be Attacked in the sense that I think some States are going to take Matters into Legislation where you will not be able To do some of this stuff I know Donna Your your state is addressing that right Now I find that is a tragedy and I don't Know that it can actually be enforced Because it's getting into religion uh to A great degree a belief system of Spirituality but Um there are states that are really Going to try to crack down on uh what They don't understand and and try to Limit people's ability to come to see Practitioners like us for assistance and Tom what's going on there in Massachusetts I mean there was some Stuff well they try to regulate Everything you know put under either Psychology or the medical world and so Anything that's outside the blocks Whatsoever they're not very comfortable With you and unfortunately we have quite A history here with the Salem witch Museum you know area up there in Salem Mass so Um this precedent if you will as far as People being scared of what they don't

Understand here right well I and I think Florida at one time had to I think he Had to do like 400 to be a Hypnotherapist you had to do like 400 Hours under the tutelage of an MD well There's no way you're ever going to get That done or you had to be an Envy or a PhD in order to do it Um but uh hypnotherapy has been done for Centuries upon centuries way back past The Egyptian time to to assist uh in in Helping people and you know the ancient Mystics knew of this and used it Regularly so I think it would be Um quite a mistake to try it who Ace That all out and take it into uh you Know the standard MD office which Clearly will not have time you know how Much time you all spend with an Individual there's no way you're going To get that in a doctor's office uh and And nor will it be even though they Might learn a technique they won't have The energetic wherewithal to go with it And so the outcome won't be the same Does that make sense yeah absolutely Yeah you have the tools but that doesn't Make it you're Artful with the tools Yeah Well we're getting close to the end of Our time here Um Catherine any uh any psychic Information you want to give Tom or I That uh

I want to just share I had mentioned the Other day when I saw you you're a Blu-ray and looking at Tom Tom's a Blu-ray but he's got this uh violet Light that comes through him he's got a Lot of Saint Germain with him uh he's Got Saint my uh Archangel Michael with Him but he's got a lot of Saint Germain And I saw Archangel Michael with you the Other day when because I had a session With Terry and I loved it it was it was So clearing uh I think for each of us That are in this this work it's like we Need others because we need clearing Periodically from what we're working With but um I noticed with you uh There's there's always one side of our Body that we have more accidents on than Another and what Terry's it was the left With Toms it was a right And so that's what I saw when I scanned And then the other thing because I when I scanned you the other day I saw a lot Of shapes and geometric stuff in your Energy field Terry Um Whereas with Tom as Tom was talking he Had a lot of stars uh he had a lot of The galactic center in his energy field Which I was really surprised with Because of what he's doing with the bio You know he's so much more than that bio Machine so part of what he's offering in His service he's clearing people outside

Of that bio machine even when they're Not even aware of it and we had talked About that with you and that blue light Of what you're bringing in for healing So for the law enforcement work that you Guys have done and for the EMT for all The stuff that you've done you fought Healing life to those locations and even When you're around people and you're Like I can't believe I'm around this guy You know your light actually activated a A dormant part of that person's being Maybe a part that they forgot they even Possessed for this lifetime because They've taken on the role of Thug or Murder or whatever uh but that dormant Seed will open up at some point and for Those of us brothers and sisters that Are out there with the light you know You cannot choose Uh there there's a higher uh our higher Self is the one that brings forth you Know the light we're connected to our Higher self and that operating ability Of who we're Awakening at certain times Just by being somewhere or having to be Around a person may not be apparent to Us on the human level but you guys have Done so much light sharing and Activation uh during the course of your Careers that's helped so many people Even people that really were not in the Place or others may seem them as not Worthy of it if they don't open up

During this lifetime they will on the Next one Uh because of the light that you brought Forth in this one Well that's that is interesting I always Call myself Johnny Appleseed it is plant A seed give it to God he'll take care of It when the time is appropriate and you Move on because you don't have time to Sit there you got so many things to do On your agenda from a spiritual point of View and and just just existence you Know um itself with the right mindset I Think can focus Because by the way you Light up when you're getting your Information you you light up uh pretty Dramatically uh Catherine when you when You're getting your information it's Pretty interesting to watch and I see I See purple glow uh around you when that Happens and it's it's and and some white Light of course but Um but pretty interesting how it how you It intensifies when you're connecting And I suppose you know that already but Uh but it's fun to watch Thank you so much when I go into session I'll leave a session and I'll forget a Lot of what was said because I just sort Of step aside and I and I do the same Thing at weddings you know I've done a Few I've done officiating the wedding And I will channel the information So we never know what's going to come

Forth at that time period Well um appreciate all this um do you Have any parting words Kathy you want to Leave the audience with Um yes check out my book self-help Terry your copy is on the way to you and I will be getting your address Tom so I Can send you a copy it's all about Cleaning your energy field of other People's and starting with the Clean slate and then I just have my uh Not for resale copy proof copy of it was Murder and it gives you not just the uh Victims that I have spoken to uh in These cases but it also gives a Spiritual lesson of what I learned with It and it's not just what is on the Surface of what humans may look at you Know what happened but actually the Spiritual message behind it so it was Murder comes out October 7th and I'm Super excited just in time for Halloween For everyone perfect timing perfect Timing Tommy you got any any closing Words yeah I just want to say Congratulations on the new book and the Prior book and really appreciate you Being here today and sharing this Information with everyone I'm sure People will be excited as they listen Through this podcast and uh we'll Probably be reaching out to you on your Website as well for further stuff so Thank you again thank you so much much

Tom thank you so much thank you Terry oh No problem and and for the folks Listening we will have Catherine's Information on our website so you can go There and you can see all the books and You can see how to contact her and uh I Will give her Two thumbs up Saying I don't do that very often but She's absolutely phenomenal and very Original and true uh in what she does so I really really appreciate you coming on And uh so folks we will uh from here all Of us here at the metaphysical Mysteries We will talk to you soon and we Appreciate you uh being here with us see You next time Foreign