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By | October 20, 2022

Don’t worry, be happy! Dr. Terry and Tom are back with another episode of The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast. Today's guest is Barry Shore, from The Barry Shore Show who is also known as “The Ambassador of Joy”. He is a Mental Wellness Activist, change maker, and life transformer whose profound message of JOY is being embraced globally.

“We Are Immortal Beings In The Real Sense”

“We are immortal beings, experiencing life fully”, exclaims Barry Shore who is very excited and humbled to be on the show and explain the totality of this episode’s topic: stress and how to find happiness. Barry will be discussing the 3 fundamentals of life:
1. Life Has Purpose
2. Go M.A.D. (Make A Difference)
3. Uncover And Unlock The Power, Secrets And Mysteries Of Everyday Words And Terms

SMILE is one of the most important words that you will internalize, utilize and leverage in your entire life. That is because SMILE stands for: Seeing Miracles In Life Everyday. If you haven’t seen miracles happen in your life yet, Barry will show you how to find them. He’s been seeing miracles in his life everyday.

About Barry Shore

Barry is the man who was completely paralyzed overnight from a rare disease and built a system to enable YOU to Live in JOY, daily. He is also a Mental Health Activist, having known deep trauma and despair. In addition, he is a successful serial entrepreneur with 2 multi-million dollar exits, 3 issued US Patents, and a vision for enabling people to donate money at no cost. Yes, You’re reading right. He’s a best-selling author. A successful podcaster with more than 3 million. A sought after Business Consultant and Coach.

Most importantly, he’s been married for over 45 years and has 2 grandchildren. Barry has been privileged to Found and Nurture and Grow the World Wide KEEP SMILING Movement? To date more than 3.2 Million JOY Cards have been shared for free. They save lives. Enhance marriages. And help people to live happier, healthier lives. None of the above was done without the help of Remarkable Wonder-filled Loving Beings who understand that the JOY of LIVING Can be summed up in a word….. GIVING.

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Foreign Good day folks hey this is Dr Terry and Tom and we are here with the Metaphysical Mysteries podcast with Another exciting episode and remember This is the most interesting part of Your day I'm very happy to have with us Today Barry Shore from the Barry Shore show And he has a huge following he is also Known as the ambassador of joy and uh Lord knows Tom and I could use a little Joy that is for sure and so Barry hey You know you're out there on the west Coast but thanks for taking some time With us today Good day beautiful bounces would be Loving little beings and good looking People in the wonderful Terry and Tom How can I make the categorical Statements and all the tens of thousands Maybe millions of people that are going To be listening to this are all good Looking because like you said by Definition if they tuned into the Medical mystery show they're always Looking for and finding the good that's A good looking person looking for and Finding the good in life Very good Tom you have any introductory Stuff And I don't know if I could top that I'm Not that uh entertaining on that level Then

Something that you guys taught me and When I said my phrase about beautiful Bounds of a beloved Immortal beings well Hello is there any more place where we Can talk about this than this show you Know immortality the this like you say Oftentimes there is just bag of bones I Happen to like my bag of bones but the Point is that we are Immortal beings in The real sense Nothing Stops us we are Souls experiencing life fully so that's Why I'm really really humbled and Honored to be here with us today and Sharing the reality of what we're just Talking about well I I want you to know I got the email and I uh upped you a Little on your uh shirt game plan Uh this shirt brings a little joy to Folks when they see me in it so I uh I Threw it on thought it would be good it Would Audience a little bit about yourself and How you came to have the very short show And and you know what it's all about Okay I'm happy to do so because we are People who live in joy daily and let me Just share with them on this particular Segment I'm going to talk about the Three fundamentals of life because That's what we work with the three Fundamentals are number one life has Purpose you lead a purpose-driven life And number two happens which in this Case the good number two and that means

You go mad now mad is a wonderful Acronym that stands for make a Difference when you lead a Purpose-driven life you make a Difference in the world Terry and Tom Know all about that that's where they Dedicated their lives to and the third Fundamental is to uncover and unlock the Power and the secrets and the mysteries Of everyday words and terms simple Example www right now this show is being Carried around the world and on the Internet people ask if you ask somebody What does www stand for they'll Invariably tell us to do with the Internet and factually speaking they're Correct but in our world the world with A positive purpose of power from Pleasant www stands for what a wonderful World and what is a word right w-h-a-t-a So whenever you see www from now on and Say yeah Michelle he said What a Wonderful World And when you hear those words you think Of the song by Louis Armstrong zatchimal Right away what do you do you smile you Can't help it no smile is one of the Most important words you've ever Internalize utilizing leverage in your Life because smile stands for seeing Miracles in life every day every day You know just uh right now thank God I'm Uh back speaking with people not just Webinars but in person and I gave a

Beautiful webinar just recently a 1173 people in the audience hugging and Doing things you know the Masquerade is Over the whole craziness that Panic Forget that gone And people are raising their hands on When I talk about seeing miracles in Life every day and my story and people Raise me and say hey very sure very sure I've been up for hours where I haven't Seen any Miracles they're challenging me And I asked them are you here can you Hear can you stand still I can't do that Can you walk I can barely do that you Have water to drink you have food to eat You have a place to sleep you have Family of friends every single one of Those is a miracle right What's the simplest proof a million plus People didn't get out of bed this Morning you know why they died by Definition if you're listening to so Watching this unless you're in the Middle physical the area we'll talk About Europe here you're alive you have An obligation and live exuberantly so Here's the story a little bit about my Background imagine the following 55 Years old hail and Hardy able to leave 12 buildings in a single bound and that Evening be in the hospital totally Completely paralyzed and not from an Automobile accident not his final injury A rare disease which I never heard of

The day before took over my body and Rendered me a quadriplegic which in the Simplest terms means nothing in my body Moves my neck down completely totally Paralyzed all I could do was communicate With my blinking my eyes I was 144 days In the hospital I was in a hospital bed In my own home for two years I couldn't Turn over by myself I was in a wheelchair for four years I Had braces on both my legs my hips to my Ankles that was progress thank God today I'm able to be vertical and ambulatory With the help of a seven foot walking Wand but I still can't walk up and stand By myself I can't walk up a curb by Myself I have helped 12 hours a day Seven days a week but you hear my voice Positive purposeful powerful and Pleasant all because of this one word Smile and in my life seeing miracles in Life every day I've seen them every Single day but I gotta tell you the best Part a little cute story my Eight-year-old niece comes over to me a Few weeks ago and she says Uncle Barry Uncle Barry can we spell smile S-m-i-e-l and I thought about smiles Myself the same why not I also how come She says because then it would stand for Seeing miracles in everyday life An 80 year old out of the month of babes As we say in the Bible but was she doing She was creating the kind of world that

She wants to live in Causing rethinking enabling all to excel So I had to rethink my life I was prior To the being paralyzed thank God Been very successful in business had Several businesses two of them I sold to Public companies for multi-millions of Dollars I had three uh U.S patents Issued I am married for 45 years now at The time I became paralyzed married at 27 years I have a son a wonderful Grandsons two of them ages five and a Half and two and a half I mean life is Grand but you got to be able to see it And then being paralyzed overnight you Might say well gee what do you do now Well I'll tell you that as we go along Because it's part of a great story but It all depends on how you have your Perspective and how you shift your Perspective from saying oh my gosh What's going on into a higher level a Higher vibration which is what you guys Work with all day long right higher Vibrations exactly Well we end up a lot of our listeners uh Obviously if they're tuning into the Metaphysical Mysteries they are open to Things that are above physical that's Really what metaphysical means above Physical Um you know we talked about the Bible There briefly um and you know almost Everything there is above physical the

Most psychic book ever written and Um when we look at the things that are Above physical I mean is there anything That you've had I mean obviously you've Recovered uh tremendously from what you Had maybe not at 100 but what above Physical things do you attribute your You know miraculous comeback to thank You thank you for asking because I'm Going to share this with everybody Listening again so many people all Around the world three things PTL now some people think praise the Lord okay praise be it also stands now But three modalities one prayer no Question about it number two therapy Physical and mental And number three Is love Love the highest vibrational element in The world let's talk about the prayer First prayer is yes not just me praying Gee I want to get better please dear Lord People praying for me the the prayers That were said for me and with me and About me from people thank God all over The world friends and then friends of Friends and Friends heard about it I Mean imagine you know this guy who's Pretty Dynamic and standing up with the Boy doing stuff all of a sudden they Heard that he's what he's paralyzed he Can't move he's a quad duh

Prayer coming in by the way it's often More difficult to accept prayers than to Give them of yourself but lots of prayer Therapy hello agreement quad I can't Move people moved me For years they did things and I'll tell You the great story about being in the Water in just a moment because that's Really where this gets exciting and Fascinating and love To be able to accept the love of people I'm telling you it's harder to accept That that unconditional Pouring forth of love and I'm not Talking for a day or a week or a month Talking for years because I'm paralyzed For years you if you're watching this Right now you're saying Barry's moving His arms and he's doing this and I can't Get up from this chair I had to push on the arms and struggled Again so from the waist down I'm pretty Much paralyzed my feet don't move up and Down like you can't I can't uh wiggle my Toes or anything like that in 17 years Okay so therefore what It's being expansive right so let's talk About a great idea not just an idea Reality so Um home from the hospital Um I told you can't even move they put Me in a wheelchair threw me outside I Was living Southern California at the Time

And uh my neighbor one of my neighbors Comes running home he says I heard what Happened don't worry I'll have you out Of this chair and walking in a year Wow I'm listening I'm all there is when The doctors told me you're never going To walk again you know we can help you And there's that I didn't say to the Doctors well you don't know what you're Doing you know what you're dealing with You don't do that you just okay that's Your ability and they try to do it in Their best bedside manner Which is less Than loving but that's another story so My friend comes running over and say I'll have you up and walking okay I'm Listening he I said I'm the best aquatic Therapist in the world Now when somebody makes a statement like That guess what I'll believe you because Coming from his being not just I'm the Best aquatic what is aquatic therapy it Means they put you in a pool Because in the pool there's no issue of Falling weightless I mean I can tell you Guys over the years I've fallen down a Number of times gravity is real if you Didn't believe it before I'm here to Tell you gravity is real and when you Fall six foot go down boom that hurts And you can break stuff and think Infraction anyway in the water you don't Have to worry about that gets me in the Pool with his people and make the story

So very long so I'm going to just give You the Highlight because it's going to Really expand your mind Um Put flotation devices on my legs Flotation device on my tummy and on my Legs and they start moving me around Because I can't do anything just Protoplasm right right but after the Course of months and about a year and a Half almost two years one day I put my Arms over my head I did it then the Other arm and I moved so I was actually Doing a backstroke I was swimming I did That three times and Bing I hit my head Against the side of the pool And it hurt and I said yay Because I did it and I went to the other Side and I swam I didn't stop it was November 18th I remember exactly the day I didn't stop for 98 minutes wow they Thought I said they you come in we got To go ah I'm not stopping so I can't Move anymore because I'm I couldn't move My breast like my arms are moving right I'm swimming 98 minutes Outdoors Sunshine I did a mile I slim a mile that was a quadriplegic I'm flying I mean in my mind right Because you guys understand this stuff Very well and the people listening so They got me out of the water by the way The special chairs that catch out of the Water put you in the water I mean just

It's almost stuffed it's so nice in our Country America the greatest place in The entire world in the world Just it defies understanding how Wonderful we have what we have here and We must by the way okay I'm going to be Political we must utilize all of our Energies to Fight against the negative forces that Are in the country at the moment you Know these are maligned forces okay I'm Off my saltbox which by early I can't I Still can't get up on a soapbox I can't Climb a ladder that's what side to play Well you know you know I I want to uh go With this You talked about prayer and so forth and Love and well we had a guest on and Tommy you'll remember uh Our Guest Talking about radionics And he used Um and I'm familiar with radionics or or Not buried but Um radionics he transmits Uh sound waves and so forth and they Actually use it for agriculture to grow You know corn and beans and whatnot and He's out of uh Iowa but they also use it for humans and So radionics was really cool because They used a Hawaiian prayer uh to Increase all these uh you know crops Growing but also it can work on people And not only that we have another guest

That did uh sound bathing which in the Ancient Hindu Buddhist and all that sort Of thing they would use the big gongs And other sounds and so forth and she Has a uh a great uh Amount of success using sound bath and It's the vibration the high vibration Dissipating the low vibration uh and Michelle does a great job and both those Two are on the on the podcast for people Who might be interested or think that Might benefit them if they have some Kind of a health issue both of those Radionics as well as and that's Marty Lucas and uh and Michelle Uh I mean they did a great job so I Would just say and Tommy I don't know if You want to take it from there but we Know that the sound and light waves have A huge impact on you know devastating Injuries and so forth yeah there's a lot Of science behind that because you're Playing at the energetic level instead Of the physical manifestation And so a lot of times like some of the Work we've done with people people get Hung up on what they see You know visually with their own eyes Instead of being able to dig deeper and Imagine what's going on in the real World so to speak you know we call it Metaphysical whatever but really it's Science You know when I remember when I went to

High school the smallest thing was an Atom now they've blown away that Mentality but much smaller than that and So it's just as the science is catching Up with the two converging but sound is A very big and popular area of Discovery Right now I know I have a device here at the house That I can take a solid say medication Convert it into sound frequencies Instead of taking the physical pill you Can listen to it and get the benefits Kind of a weird thing so experimenting With that right now to see the value of That going down the road I'm happy to Tell both of you That I was an Explorer before I became Paralyzed so through Um visualization Through sound I love the idea of Radionics because it has radio in the is It and I'm a very big fan of radio Because essentially what we're doing you Know this is called the Internet it's Called podcasting but it's really about Radio it's spreading these waves and It's using one of the great acronyms That I love called share share stands For spreading happiness and rejuvenating Energy When you share which is what we're doing You're spreading all of this Rejuvenating energy so yes I've been Thank God

To people and friends and relationships That I've done over the years prior to Being uh paralyzed and even in the plot Process had people work with me with Radians but specifically sound healing And I can tell you one of the greatest Parts of sound healing is humming Humming by yourself you just and thank God I still do it every day if I want to Go to Tommy mentioned about Visualization so I'm in hospital bed in My own home the special hospital bed That that is not the hustle that you Think of with a mattress it's an air Mattress because one of the greatest Difficulties being in a hospital for a Long time it's called bed sores so they Have the air mattress you avoid those Okay so I'm in this Hospital there my Visualization for almost two years was To be able to sit up by myself and put My feet over the edge of the bed that Was it nice took me two years to do But I did it And from there of course you get more And more so I want to go to the water Part because water plays such a major Role in my life so from that time I did That one mile for 98 minutes I said to Myself well hello if I could do it once I could do it again duh so I swim I Begin swimming two miles a day a week And I said we can do 2003 because I'm Persevering they did three they did four

I did five And it took me another year or so but I Was able to get on my tummy Like Tommy on my tummy and I had Flirtation devices on my legs they Didn't have to have them on my tummy Anymore and I used paddles for my hands Because my fingers don't close and I Think it's arthritis but it's not that's The way I am because of the stuff but Thank God I have my hands and he was a Snorkel and I now swim two miles a day Six days a week I've been doing that for more than a Dozen years as of today whatever the Date on our podcast they think oh end of August in the year of 2022 I have 8 697 miles more than a third of the way Around the world And my goal is to swim around the world By the way Now if I had to do it by myself I'd be 115 but I'm doing it with some on a team Basis team of course stands for together Everyone achieves Miracles so we're Going to be swimming around the world And God willing one of my team members Is who's the most famous swimmer in the World That's right Michael Phelps Nice Hopefully also many caselberg who's a Four-time gold Olympic medalist and a few other people

And together with each swim two miles a Day And 500 miles a year and we accomplished In four years around the world Quadriplegic what I'm saying to Everybody because you know this does Anybody guys it's what's in the mind That makes the difference yeah Absolutely and is there anything that You could tell folks I mean some of the Folks we deal with Um you know they're going through a dark Time there's there's no question about It and we both do certain kinds of Therapy and so forth with with Individuals from all walks of life uh Going through challenges of course with Our law enforcement background Um we get it I mean we've dealt with it For 30 years and and you know you talk About sound waves and things I mean Tommy's got a one of our degrees besides Build our degrees in law enforcement one Of his degrees is electrical engineering Minds in the telecommunication Management uh uh you know so we get all The sound waves and the light and stuff That's that's fantastic but Um and I think vibratorily that's huge As the coming years comes on but what Would you what would you say to folks That are going through a challenging Time any anything that's helpful Let's discuss the most frequently

Searched word in the internet And the one that affects every human Being on the planet ready Or as Barry Shaw says stress so we're Going to look at it in two ways I want To tell everybody first nectar I want to Share with everybody first my handle is The ambassador of joy Here's what Joy stands for you ready the Acronym Journey of you Journey of you we're on this journey When you can understand Who You Are by Definition you'll be living in Joy daily No matter the circumstances let's take a Look at stress and unpack it so stress Is a fascinating word s-t-r-e-s-s of Course you have to have some stress Because you're gonna you can't build a Muscle without stress duh no I'm Swimming two miles a day six days a week And you look at me without my shirt and He's like wow Arnold move over okay but The ability to do that is quite amazing That's that's some stress you need it You want it let's talk about that other Stress that chronic everyday Grabbing at you and trying to pull you Down using the amygdala part of the Brain and not your prefrontal cortexes Where you really want to be and just Feeling expansion so stress is an Acronym that stands for stomach turning Reality

Enabling Self-sabotage Ah do you know what happened I lost my Job I might lose the house my cousin Committed suicide the kids are going Crazy and they're on the school the Country's falling apart Uh You know people either do that on the Outside or that's how they feel on the Inside right they may be smiling but in The inside they're dying Because of stress I mean let's be blunt Again law enforcement firefighting Situations hello you're on the front Line of stress that's what you signed up For kids Let's take a look at the Barry Shore way Of looking at stress Fantastic yeah I know uh you know Tom And I both been involved with Firefighting and EMT work and police Work and dive rescue work and so we've We've had all the four feathers that are Out there and pretty much done all that And uh we're now you know shifted over In our careers using same skill sets uh To assist people that are in a more Metaphysical problem and stress clearly Uh comes right up to the top very Quickly in most settings and I I really Believe that once they get a handle on What Is really

Their perception of a problem and they Rework that into a positive which they Can be you're allowed you're allowed to Be down for a moment but just just Enough to get your your bearings about You you know and you can start to then Put it together correctly and that's What the problem is they they lack a Skill set and they just haven't been Exposed to it perhaps because of their Upbringing or whatever Um And uh so I don't know if there's any Skill sets that you think would be Helpful for somebody like that I'm gonna We're gonna give you three very Practical usable right today tips I want To take a look first at the Barry show Way of looking at stress ready Same word s t r s t r e s s stomach Turning reality yes you may have lost Your job you may lose the house your Cousin did commit suicide kids are going Crazy the country's falling apart Enabling self-success What yes because the six most important Words that you get over internalize Utilize and leverage in your life make All the difference in what happens Choice not chance determines your Destiny How you respond how you choose to Respond in any given situation will help Determine what's happening in your life

Does stress become an enabler for self Success with self-sabotage People ask me by the way because I'm so There and out there inside what Barry Have You Ever Had a Bad Day So I can answer Honestly truthfully not since the age of 12. now I'm 73 chronological 61 years he Said well that's not possible you're Right I've had some difficult moments I'm not going to let it be the whole day You get up you go out you're walking You're doing things you get in the car And you get a flat tire The day is ruined a little The day You have AAA maybe or something like That you get it fixed or something The day is no you had a tough time for a Moment but it's how you choose to Respond in any given situation so let's Take a look at three practical things That you can do right now it's going to Make a difference in your life it's Going to change your life for the better Ready number one and Terry and Tom You're gonna laugh out loud you're going To get up from your chairs you're going To run around the house naked shouting Joy when I tell you number one Breathe Breathe hey guys are we in sync or what Breathe okay here's what happens people

Say well of course I'm breathing bearish I'm alive that's just up here breathing I'm talking about deep diaphragmatic Breathing now the difficulty with this Is that most people can't no it must be 99 of people can't spell diaphragm they Don't know where it is so I say tummy Breathing What you're going to learn is to just Breathe in through your nose Into your tummy And out through your mouth slowly takes Maybe 12 seconds 15 seconds And you do this four times in a row And by the end of that minute maybe less You will be consciously calm and aware So when you're breathing this way you Can now approach any situation any Situations you guys teach you have to First stop Think and then respond Breathing is the human aspect that Enables the mind and the heart to unite And create that vibration that will Allow you to respond positively Purposely powerfully and pleasantly no Matter the situation and I'm talking About being paralyzed overnight ah or You're 30 mean not 30 meters or 50 feet Down and with school equipment and you It it doesn't work anymore you can't Breathe underwater well but if you've Been trained by Terry or Tom And you know how to approach a situation

You breathe you have to stop so Breathing is number one and by the way It's all my web my website and my YouTube I teach for free because I want People to learn how to breathe you do This every day twice a day once before New ones afternoon take a minute and Guess what happens and the call you do Is 11 days in a row but the 12th day you Are consciously calm and aware and you Never want to stop okay that's number One Number two To relieve stress to live in a world Where stress enables you to be Successful is to practice gratitude Gratitude is the most powerful emotion It has the longest shelf life we all Know people who have been helpful to us Practice gratitude how do you do that Barry well here's how you do it you Learn to say thank you three times a day Consciously and conscientiously I'm not Saying yeah thank you thank you thank You that those we do that's like shallow Breathing right I'm talking about saying Thank you maybe to your wife or a spouse Or somebody you don't like Thank you Three times a day because thanks stands For to harmonize and network kindness Kindness Dalai Lama has been quoted Saying Readiness writing be kind Whenever possible it's always possible

That's who we are we're human beings We are the conduit of good a cog a child Of God when you channel that consciously And conscientiously you change the Vibration of the world you change it for Yourself your family your friends and All living beings nothing in the world Can stop the vibration of Love am I Correct nothing nothing okay that's Number two practice gratitude thank you Three times a day consciously Consciously from now and for rest of Your life you'll be happier healthier And wealthier I guarantee it or your Money back okay number three Learn to love dog poop The bearish USA dog poop yes learn to Love dog poop Dog poop is a fabulous acronym that Stands for doing of good Power of one person Actively consciously consciously doing Of good for somebody Knowing you think guys I'm humbled to be On your show to be with you you're in Service every day you've been in service For decades you're in service law Enforcement firefighting EMT training I Mean stuff that's doing good but you Recognize maybe most of the most people The power of one person One person when when a person recognizes That he or she has the power To be positive purposeful and pleasant

In life and you use that to reach out to Another to another to another you'll Never have a negative thought You'll be a Channel of goodness you're a Cog huge important part of the Machinery Child of God and there's nothing in the World we create together when you learn To love dog food we create a tsunami of Goodness Nothing Stops it impossible That's the way the good Lord made the World right so when you walk by dog poop Sometime soon and you always see it even If you have to pick it up from your own Dog you tell your friend wow I love dog Food what are you talking about well I Was on uh you know metaphysical Mystery Show and I was listening I had this guy On his battery show any time but I love Dog food what's that all about well it's A great conversation starter right and It will help you Lessen your stress and allow you to Channel it to become you stress for Self-success so breathe deep practice Gratitude and learn to love dog poop What do you think of that kids Absolutely yeah it sounds like fun to me Uh you know you've had a show for quite Some time and you have a big following Has there been uh any feedback that You've got from your viewers that you Know was a little bit inspirational or That you really had the opportunity to Help somebody that uh that you can that

Comes to mind I Am honored Humbled actually To tell you that I've been blessed to begin 22 years ago So it's before I became paralyzed Something called the keep smiling Movement now the key smiling movement is Not just the people put a smile on their Face is a card So you'll both be getting in you'll hang It up people go to the website www what A wonderful and you'll See some very very famous people holding Up the cute smiling card well we've been Blessed to give out more than three and A half million cards around the world 27 Languages okay all very nice and Wonderful right and it helps people let Me tell you a story in this story I have At least 22 others that are like it Her name is Heather She was grew up in New England Tom Um I won't say where but it was close to New Bedford It was inside baseball stuff And this happened a number of years ago She was 22 at the time And she was checking out made decisions Checking out She had gone around in her play pound

The tallest building was 13 stories high And she found that particular building That had roof access because you know They lock a lot of the stuff right I Mean you guys have probably dealt with This kind of stuff So so Monday morning and it's deep in December and it's cold And it's raining and snowing and has Sloshed on the ground slush is a very New England kind of word Slush on the ground I mean it's dark out There and it's perfect for a Monday Morning and it's about 8 55 in the a.m She's wearing her hoodie and she's been Looking down she has her sneakers on Because I mean she's going And she's walking she steps on something Little blue something she says I have no Idea why I did it But she had some words on it so she Stopped from home and picked it up and The card reads keep smiling So she said I put a smile in the face And said yeah that's quite a joke God Because she's gone she's checking out At that moment on her right hand side Somebody walked by and said good morning So I find her left hand side hey try and Stay warm the person people go by her And saying hello and being I don't know what to do So I was transfixed She had felt like 10 minutes it was

Probably 38 seconds Crushed the card put it in her hoodie Turned around and went home That was a dozen years ago He still struggles But she's here From a card a keep smiling card Which again we give out by the millions All free people order them physically Just pay for shipping right now thank God because of covid so what we did is We made it on the website so you can Just click and send them out for free by Electronically by email In 27 languages and many other cards That read did I tell you today how much I appreciate you another card everyone You meet is fighting about you know Nothing about be kind always stuff Remember dog food doing good power on One person to enable a being to be on The planet that's who we are that's what We can do yes that's what my podcast is All about learning to live in joy daily No matter the circumstance Right you know you you talked about uh Covet and you know we take 80 percent of Our communication non-verbally and so When they had the masks on and you Couldn't see their facial expression People were sad you know not sad just Because of covet I mean that takes away From a smile Um you know a wink and not what it you

Know just takes away from all of it and Uh so uh you know I I did see some masks That were produced with it I am smiling On there you know and this sort of thing Trying to and that that was a good idea Because it's so critical and I think Especially for kids and they don't see That smile on their parents face on Their teacher's face and their friends Um boy that can be just devastating and I don't think we've actually measured Yet or even maybe have the technique to Measure the kind of Devastation that Actually has on the psyche I hope we can Come out of that I hope we will we Usually do but still wow we don't want To go through that again your show is Help So your show is the metaphysical Mysteries is that unique blending of Science and otherness to be able to Bring forth the wisdom of the ages what I call wow you know when people hear Something they don't know how to Trend Later into their mind they say wow what Does wow stands for words of wisdom Words of Wonder You want to you touch the being you know You say sad sad stands for stress Anxiety and depression ah Because if you're not look at these guys If you're watching this or if you're Only listening I'm telling you they're Smiling right now they've got big Grins

And their eyes are lit up because it Doesn't just affect your your mouth it Affects your eyes it affects your Breathing it affects your whole being The resonance that we have from this Word love living on vibrant energy is Such again nothing can stop it there's No wall there's there's no mountain There's not nothing in the world can Stop it because that's how the Creator Made us remember God you're a child of God You're a Channel of goodness so yes we Not only will come out of this we will Be better for it because we're going to Use stress enabling self success when we Understand that it's choice not chance The Panic was a was unfortunately a Manufactured situation the lockdown did Not have to happen Right okay it did those of us who were Not Cowed by it we lived our lives in a very Positive upbeat Manner and we told People about like you Tom and Terry do And you understand that that vibrational Energy will lift all of our spirits and That's who we are we're here to serve Right Right yeah you know from a metaphysical Point of view there's a lot of Practitioners that believed our group Thought Creates reality and I think there's a

Lot to that and science is catching up To it so when we thought we were done With this or a large percentage of the Population thought they were done with It and they weren't going to stand in Fear that's when some of this starts Going away now there's a lot of other Political measures that are involved had Nothing to do with science at all and we All lived through that and it's Something to build from and to say hey Repeating this is not healthy for Anybody and so there will be another Something that comes along and we need To make sure we're not standing in fear Fear is low vibration if you're standing In power you're standing in love and uh That doesn't take away from the medical Truth that's out there but it just gives You a sense of resiliency that you need To to you know make your way over these Humps that come in life and that's part Of being here you know we're here to Experience Um humps and bumps in life and to have That contrast you know how do you always Tell people how do you know You know an ice cream cone tastes good And dog poop tastes bad and because you Know if you tasted both of them you're Gonna know real quick one tastes good And one tastes bad and that's a contrast Salt and pepper sweet and sour hot and Cold those are things how we how we

Learn and you know that that disease is Uh certainly a more complex way of Learning things but I think we did as a Society so I don't know Tommy if you got Any comment on any of that Yeah I think there was a lot of lessons Learned over the last couple of years And unfortunately there's some groups Trying to push to like mask everybody up Again in the schools and whatnot and It's the toll the psychological toll the Emotional toll you know we have to Balance that against the physical and See what's the reality and that's a big Big thing Um I want to take you back though if I Could Barry um to this resiliency Concept you know listen to this story Obviously you epitomize the whole Concept of resiliency and you know Everyone always thinks it's bouncing Back to where you were but it's really Bouncing back to where you were and then Going Beyond right the post-traumatic Growth So you said you made the shift to 12 Years old if we could ask you what was The shift all about why at such a young Age did you come to this realization I'm happy to Be there's a lot to do with What I call modeling because we're all Let's be blunt we all have thank God Family

Friends Environment so there's a great line that I learned uh later in life from a friend Of mine who was a high uh College star And a football team at a small school Called Ohio State And his coach great coach one of the Greatest in the history of football Taught him this great word Yaya Y-a-w-y-a-w you are who you associate With So I'm going to take it back to my Mother I grew up in Boston Massachusetts and Dorchester actually Dorchester the Cognizanti uh my mother Was an amazing woman She was born with a red wine stain and About three quarters of her face and it Was pockmarked also So imagine you know we talk about Bullying in school these days oh there's No bullying in school right well hello This bullying today in our enlightened World Imagine a hundred years ago a girl With a red wine staying in pockmark Ah That's enough to make you go the other Side right good sure well her parents Were very loving and supportive and she Was also and I know this because we met Friends and my mother when she was high School friends because she kept her Friends for many through her life and he Said well that's that's who Francis is

She's upbeat and positive and powerful And pleasant in other words she didn't Just get through it she was like it was Well okay that's who I am now what And what an amazing idea now I saw my Mother without her makeup on but most of The time she had her makeup but we knew Because it was pockmarked also but this Woman was she was the essence of joy Happiness peace and love so yes around The time I was 12 I was being bullied at School and I was feeling angst and the Stuff that I guess you know any normal Human right but and my mother didn't Lecture me she taught by example It's just her so I'm going to tell Tommy A story that he'll really resonate with There's an amazing Market in the Boston Area I think it's still around called Star Market it's still there or to the Other people called Star Market we went Star Market so when I was growing up There were only two or three star Markets we have one in Brookline where I Grew up let me tell you a very quick Story because it's indicative of what I Was raised with and I everybody people Can say wait a minute I didn't have that You got an advantage yes I had an Advantage but everybody has it because You are who you associate with you can Have it in your life so we stopped there And one day one of the managers came out To my mother said Mrs Shore we're going

To start something called the courtesy Booth And we'd like you to be in the courtesy Booth now these people are actually Quite smart because let's go back more Than half a century and in those days if You went to a store they had something Called the complaint department you know Talk about dumb Complaints department were there people Are bringing complaints until somebody Shifted it remember shift you know we've Got to get the F in there all the other Stuff happens and instead of calling it A complaint upon they call it the Courtesy Booth let me asking about the Man and they said woman or whatever and She said well let me talk over famous we Had a family meeting we said yeah yeah Because we're kids we want Mommy in in The courtesy Booth right how cool is That So she did it and thank God she did it That three four times a week a few hours And what happened is the cost of a Couple years already they saw an Increase in the bottom line of about one And a half two percent now in in the Market in the grocery business that's Big Time stuff now by the time my mother Finished about seven years later Star Market I think 12 or 13 14 locations They eventually bought by somebody else But it was a big gig so they gave my

Mother they had a big dinner and they Gave her a Steuben glass you know some Memorial thing and big check and all Kinds of story but what was the point of It the point of it was that you have This amazing being pouring forth her Energies and always the most positive Purple so powerful Pleasant way That's what I learned I learned it's up to me If I choose to be Have a mood Well guess what you know what mood reads Backwards is Tom what has moved Backwards yeah doom doom do I want to Live like that no I made a choice at 12 Years old okay fine I was advancing my Age if I had to model every mother my Father also a very different personality But what a way to live I said this is How I want to live So I never had a bad day after that okay I had stuff sometimes last for an hour Two or three you know broken heart and All that sort of stuff but a bad day A Bad life then come on So I want to share with you guys I make Two things I think people like this Again I work in the world of the three Fundamentals unlock the power and the Secrets of everyday words and terms the Word self Is a lower self and a higher self we Know this right we talk about vibrations

The lower self stands for seeking Excitement losing focus You know what's the next best thing the Next thing more this more the seeking Excitement losing focus that's how most People live once you get into the Vibration of living in a higher plane And self stands for recognizing you are A soul Experiencing life fully When you're a soul it's a different kind Of life it's a different vibration You're living in love You're becoming the channel Now it's a whole different experience And the most important speech that we'll Ever hear we know this guy's more than Especially law enforcement and then Fighter and everything you need this More than anybody Self-talk Self-talk what you say to yourself far More importantly hearing the radio Television all that stuff is BS as those Are my initials it's self-talk Now self-talk talk we know Soul Experience in life only talk stands for Teaching always love and kindness When you can speak to yourself In a soft gentle wonderful loving way Teaching always love and kindness like You would do for anybody who came over To you and said I need your help I'm Desperate please listen to me

The self is the most important person to Speak with am I right [Music] So those are things I share with people Because I had a model You can have a model find a model listen To Terry listen to Tom never miss a Session of these podcasts listen to my Podcast the joy of living it will help You that's what you want plug into the Places it's all there just plug in you Know refine that dial and just Listen to that yeah cool I love it a Beat Because that's what we're here for we're Here to help each other share spreading Happiness and rejuvenating energy Fantastic Well we are We're getting towards the end of our Time here it's been fantastic to listen To you Barry and I know people are going To get a kick out of your show if they Check you out Um I hope that it will put all that here On the metaphysical and so Folks can go and check out your podcast And I feel like you know we need that Kind of podcast from time to time you Need to tune in and just listen to some Positive stuff that really kind of you Know if you get off center hearing Somebody talking about positive things And techniques to get there that's I

Think is critical uh in this high stress Environment that we've kind of created For ourselves it doesn't have to be that Way but people do create it so you know My hat's off to you for creating that Format that people can go and just get That breath of fresh air that they Really need you know By the way can I use two four letter Words before we start sure absolutely Free gift Free gift I'm gonna use two more four Letter words free gift Giving my ebook Free to people we have a couple who's Underwriting in this they put up a lot Of money and to distribute uh up to a Hundred thousand books now free so if You just send me an email Barry that's my email Barry at and just write Terry or Just write Tom or just write Metaphysical Mysteries that's a long Thing if you can remember that there's Free I'm gonna send you the ebook for Free the book is called the joy of Living how to slay stress and be happy Who doesn't want that free gift four Letter words exactly you know we call it The metaphysical Mysteries and the Mysteries part of it kind of hooks People sometimes and we I think we just Kind of taken the mystery out of the High stress situation here you've given

Them some techniques they can use that Are realistic and it's not a mystery Anymore how do we get ourselves stressed Up we we've talked about that how do we Unstress ourselves we've talked about That uh and some great acronyms to to Follow to to be helpful and uh Tommy you Got anything before we wrap it up yeah I Think people that tuned in this for this Session were probably wondering the Ambassador of Joy what does that have to Do with metaphysical Mysteries Wait a minute tell me it's the ultimate Metaphysical mystery right yes Absolutely you live in joy daily no Matter the circumstances remember Joy is Journey of you It's all about you this show is no no Offense Tommy it's great as you are I Thought about you Terry is not about you Not about Barry Shaw this show is about You the one listening why oh you when You become the best view possible you Make the world a better place those Little bridges of Harmony create more Joy happiness peace and love that's what We're about Absolutely you've made that really clear For everybody I think today and I think If people followed your prescription They would find all kinds of what Traditionally they call Miracles into Their life as they sense that Joy raise Their vibration and become tuned into

Better things available to them out There so thank you for doing this you're Welcome Any very getting final uh final words of Wisdom uh that you want to impart for The audience before we close out today If I may I would like to do two things I would like to embrace you Terry and Tom in a big hug and it's going to Extend to all the many thousands of People listening and then to give a Blessing you ready we're going to do a Hug let me tell you what hug stands for Heartfelt unlimited giving On the count of three one two three [Music] Foreign [Music] And our blessing from Terry Tom and Barry is go forth live exuberantly Spread the seeds of joy happiness peace And love Go mad go make a difference fantastic Well hey for all of us here at the Metaphysical Mysteries and we want to Thank Barry for being here and uh and Yeah we'll be back we'll be back uh in The next month or so with another Exciting episode of the metaphysical Mysteries be sure to check out Barry's Podcast we'll have all that information Right here on the metaphysical we'll talk to you all soon Thanks for listening

Best wishes