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By | November 6, 2022

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All right what's up guys I'm JS Garrett And I want to jump on here and make a Few announcements and share a few things That uh we've been working on so it's Been a while since I've dropped a video On this channel it's mainly been because I've been solely focused on building up My new channel which is Lawless Metaphysics along with my new website Lawless this is the logo Behind me and we actually have cool new T-shirts so check that out and I Want to tell you about some new products That we have available on the site and Some new rituals that are available as Well as the upcoming group ritual that Will be performed next month so The newest coolest thing we have is the Super vampire box now most of you have Seen the original vampire box it's like This little small black box and it's got A an input tray and an output Plate on it all right so I contacted doc Mulder the guy that builds all these and I'm just like man I want a super vampire Box like I want something that's badass That I can that I can drain multiple Animals or people Utilizing that all right so what we have Here is the new improved super vampire Box it's got four input trays all right Input plates all wired into a single Output plate all right so I like to use Polaroids let's say uh all right so here

I've got you know I've got a Polaroid of Myself now when I perform this operation The Polaroid myself is going to go into This side slot all right and then I have A Polaroid of a white tiger I have a couple of pictures of some Bodybuilders And then a picture of a really hot Supermodel I can put all four of those onto these Plates plug it in and flip the switch on And I will simultaneous simultaneously Draw the energy the physical psycho Spiritual energy from the people in These photographs and pop it into myself All right and so There's another application to this that Is priceless and that is it has the Ability to filter energy all right so if If you know someone's attacking you if You know someone's cursing you Then you can print out their picture Write their name on the back of it and Put it on one of these slots one of These one of these plates and then put Your picture in the input slot and Everything converts down to energy so What it does is it intercepts that Painful energy that this person is Projecting towards you runs it through a Filter and feeds it into you as pure Energy that you can use that is a way That you can not only neutralize a curse But you can also feed off of the energy

From that curse and it will not harm you Completely neutralizes your enemy when You put them on that box The other thing that I've done with this Is filter my own energy it's almost like A radionic energetic dialysis I'll take A Polaroid I'll take two Polaroids of Myself I'll put one on a vampire box on The input and I will put the other Picture on the output and what it is Doing is simultaneously siphoning my Energy running it through that vampire Box through that filter purifying the Energy and then pumping it back into me All right so if I wake up and I'm just I'll wake up on the wrong side of the Bed I'm having a bad freaking day and my Energy is toxic and I'm miserable then I Can set that vampire box up and within About 30 minutes I notice a complete Transition completes Difference and in the way that I am Feeling because it is filtering that Negative out of me and pumping My energy back into me after it's been Purified So That's the newest coolest thing that we Have and the other new coolest thing That we have is the radionic magic wand All right this is a little black box With a button and an infrared light all Right if you press the button the light

Comes on and this is like this is what Uncle Chuckie and Doc Mulder call the Radionic magic wand you can actually Point this at someone and hit the button And speak an intention and it amplifies The power and effect that that you're Having on that person it was actually Invented to be a sex toy used in some of These Crazy places that you can go and tie People up and do freaky I'm not Into that all right but the man that Invented this was and uh you know if you Can point this at a person And make them have an orgasm from across The room this is priceless all right so I've been experimenting with this and I Think that it works well enough to put On the site so this is also available The radionic magic wand Boom it's simple and easy I've been Taking it to Walmart and places like That and experimenting with it and um I Like this thing I really like it so The other thing Is the rituals that we have all right so On Wallace I have a new Weight loss spill all right this is Something that Um I've developed over the last five Years or so and that's through having Clients come to me and say hey JS you Know I'm doing everything that I can to Lose weight I'm dieting I'm exercising

You know I've got an issue I cannot do This can you help me is there something You can do magically to help me you know Back then I told her I was like well I Don't know but I'll try so so through Experimentation I developed what I call JS garage weight loss Bill and I've done This for a few dozen people that were Unable to lose weight and then all of a Sudden they were dropping pounds and They are thin now so you can chalk that Up to whatever you want but the point is That it works and we don't care how it Works as long as it gets the desired Result all right so this this ritual is For people Who are actively trying to lose weight And cannot whether it's a medical issue Or whatever you know if you're if you're If you're laying on the couch eating Cheetos all day watching TV and you book A weight loss spell chances are you're Probably not going to lose weight all Right because the physical effort has to Match the metaphysical effort but as Long as the physical effort does match That then I guarantee you these entities Are more than happy to meet you halfway All right and so every single person I Performed this ritual for has lost a Dramatic amount of weight shortly Afterwards very quickly so after a few Dozen experiments and this actually Working in results I developed my own

Technique a custom tailored technique That I can use to help someone do this And you'll receive a video with this Ritual but I'm not giving away the full Formula not at this point because every Time I do that a dozen other people rip That off and start having motion Ripped off so anyway check that out and The next thing that I want to talk about Is next month's group ritual now group Rituals are something I've been doing For a little while now people write in Almost every day through the website Through YouTube and they'll say hey JS Can you do a group ritual for this a Group ritual for that and what a group Ritual is is um you know it's a right That I perform for a group of people and It gives each person the opportunity to Take advantage of these services and Rituals uh for for a very low price all Right and Just about every single person that I've Ever included in a group right has Written me back and said hey JS thank You man thank you this really worked for Me so the number one request that I've Gotten recently For for for the last couple of years Actually is to perform a group Initiation right with shumiazza and the Watchers all right for those of you Don't know who shimmy yaza is he is the Leader of the Watchers he is the teacher

Of magic and sorcery and the master key The logo for my business is actually his Sigil Okay so I want to make it clear that I cannot Initiate you the only person the only Being that can initiate you is shim yaza Himself as well as you yourself all Right I am simply facilitating this Process by performing the ritual on my End I will be summoning forth shinyaza And the Watchers probably opening the Master key and I will be spilling blood Sacrifices of burning flesh and blood Roosters on behalf of the people who Sign up for this And there will be a second tier to this Ritual for those of you who choose to Add a personal sacrifice a sacrifice Dedicated on your behalf onto shimmyaz And the Watchers to propel your Ascent In this field in this current and this Pantheon whatever you want to call it And Each person who participates in this Ritual will have a ritual that they need To do on their end and when you sign up For the ritual you will get the Instructions that you need to do on your End it will include a blood offering and If you don't participate then then Um We don't need to discuss uh the we don't Need to discuss that ritual process Everyone that signs up for this and

Participates will receive the Instructions So I think that um I think this ritual would be excellent For anyone who is a practitioner who is Who is trying to take their practice to The next level who wants to learn a new Type of sorcery and wants to be able to Receive gnosis and downloads directly From shimmyaza the teacher of black Magic and sorcery he's the one that Channeled me the deification right along With most of the other rituals that I Perform and that is why his sigil is my Business logo because everything I do Everything I do should glorify him in One way or another So If you have not checked out my new YouTube channel Lawless metaphysics then Please check it out like And subscribe And definitely check out our new website Lawless we've got myself and my Services we've got Roark Douglas's Services we've got Nicola Lux Viera Services and disco policios has services On there as well okay we also have all Kinds of radionic equipment like this That um you know most people have never Heard of but I guess very good results So definitely check that out radionics Is badass because it essentially gives

Any Average Joe the power to perform Action at a distance without studying Sorcery for years to do it the old School way like this is technology it's Science it works it works every time and Anybody can use it so thank you for Watching And hail the infernal Empire [Music]