I’m Back!!! Check Out Our New Site & Channel!

By | January 12, 2022

Now, I know it's been a while, and unfortunately, there has been a lot of developments in my personal life. But individual and spiritual growth aside, I'm happy for it and I'm back better than ever! Come along with me as I have now started a NEW website with many NEW SERVICES. Not to mention, I have a new YouTube channel with the aim of providing more amazing material, informative podcasts, and plenty of DIY ”How-To” riuals.

I have teamed up with my good friend and fellow colleague, Ruric Douglas, to bring to you all our new business venture: Lawless Metaphysics.

Come check us out; like and subscribe to our new channel!

New Website:

New Youtube Channel:

[Music] All right what's up guys i'm js garrett And i'm back I've been off of this channel for a While i haven't posted anything here for A while because i've been locked out of My youtube channel for the past five and A half months Now that's what happens when you trust The wrong person and have a falling out With your business partner and it took a Court order and several months of Legalities in order to Get access back to this channel But that's neither here or there um i am No longer working with my past business Partner And i have dismantled and taken down js Garrett.com But i've also launched a new website Called lawless As well as a new youtube channel called Wallace metaphysics as well And i am currently partnering with my Good friend Douglas and we are taking this thing Not only in a different direction but on A whole to to like a whole new level all Right Now i'm still offering sacrificial Rights the same sacrificial rights that I offered on my last website but we're Also offering a variety of new Sacrificial rights

As well as a variety of new products on Our new website lawlessmetaphysics.com So i want to thank you all for watching Thank you all for for Staying tuned and being loyal friends as Well as fans and i ask each of you to Subscribe to our new youtube channel Wallace metaphysics and check out our New website Lawlessmetaphysics.com and you're going To see a lot of great content coming From us in the future hail the infernal Empire [Music] You