Humor vids moving to The Burning Brown Eye Channel Soon due to extreme popularity of Butt Water

By | June 26, 2021

Due to the extreme popularity of Butt Water, we are now moving all of our humor videos over to our YouTube channel The Burning Brown Eye – coming soon!! This will help alleviate any confusion of what is serious magick and what is satire comedy. We thank you all for your patience.

New Website:

New Youtube Channel:

[Music] All right what's up guys i'm gs garrett So i'm making this video to let you guys Know that i've decided to Separate my comedy from my serious Content So i probably i probably went wrong In uh launching the burning brown eye Series On the same youtube channel as js Garrett So i'm gonna make the burning brown eye Its own separate channel i'm gonna take All of my comedy And put it on to the burning brown eye So if if you like and appreciate My twisted sense of humor then Definitely subscribe to the burning Brown eye If not stay tuned to this channel and i Will uh Separate serious content from uh From comedy i'm still getting uh Emails on a regular basis from people Asking where they can purchase butt Water now i don't think i could have Been Any i don't think it could have been any More obvious that that was Meant to be funny satire comedy it was Not serious So um anyway i just want to let you guys Know And uh check out our new channel the

Burning brown i will be launching that Here in about the next two days talk Soon guys