How To Make Energy Water From Distilled Water!

By | November 1, 2022

It is important to energize all water and especially Distilled Water you make. Step by step instruction on how to do it. EASY & SIMPLE.






Welcome everyone Dr Thor here let's get Ready for gnosis well I want to talk About water yet again and I've gone over This many times and it's always Something people talk about and I found As usual there's a lot of misinformation And what is water and what is its Energetic reality well I've been a big Fan and still use distilled water now I Should extrapolate on this a little more Because I just don't uh distill water And drink it that way now the problem is Is that what you want to do with water Is basically make it energetic and Chemical free This means bacterias this means any kind Of toxins that are in there you want to How you want to get rid of all that how Do you do that well if you're filtering Stuff from a filter that comes into your House it's still loaded with negative Energies uh even if you've taken it out There's I've just read an article Recently that most of Chicago is Drinking lead toxified water How shocking is that the city is loaded With lead pipes so you're eating that Just like drinking out of aluminum can You're drinking aluminum Eating out of plastic You're eating plastic drinking out of Plastic you're eating I mean these are The terrible things that you can do Something about very easily yourself to

Take care of these problems don't buy Things in plastic don't buy water in Plastic bottles uh distillers are Commonly available they run anywhere for About a hundred and twenty dollars to About 250 for your average Make sure that you're getting a Distiller that distills the water into a Glass container a lot of them come with Plastic containers so you're dropping Hot water Into plastic bottles oh that's good for The stew I'm glad the water is neutral Because now it's for the plastic door Hey I love that plastic makes you shiny So the whole idea is that these are the Kind of silly things that go on out There so so is there any way to filter Water to make it a proper there is no Way to filter it you're not getting all The crap out of it filters in themselves Are a problem when do they stop working Are they full is your water really toxic Which means you could have to change a Filter Um monthly every couple of weeks you Just don't know how do you know well you Don't know so filters in themselves are Just a nightmare and that doesn't change The energy of the water you're just Filtering it yet again Now there has been a lot of research Done on water and water is a basically a What you would call A Memory trip a chip

It's a crystal water is crystalline and Water will hold energy I'm not sure for How long there's been a lot of stuff Done by this by the Japanese researcher Who claims to have a frozen water Crystals and you think certain thoughts And it takes it in there Etc well this Certainly is true if that is true uh Coming from your uh your pipelines oh We've got some really nice energy out There don't we particularly in Chicago Or anywhere for that matter with the Kind of energies are there it's going Through the ground which may give it Some sort of installations going through Toxic pipes it's going through copper Lead whatever and then it gets through All the other things and all the Thoughts and energies that are in it so What do you want to do energetically as Well you want to eliminate that how do You eliminate energy that's in water You distill it now let me get into the Other things here so dead or Non-energetic water is not necessarily Overly good for you and it's certainly Better than drinking lead and toxins and All the wonderful things like all over Europe they had the Legionnaire bacteria In there because they can't figure out How to kill that in your pipes so all Those bacterias which have been in People's uh pipes for years and years Which is near impossible to get rid of

You get to drink it How nice So the whole idea is that this is a Problem as well so you want to make sure You're getting your water down to Nothing Now Uh distilled water has been claimed Incorrectly uh that it is somehow bad For you because there's no pollution in It I mean it didn't drop through the Earth it didn't go into a lake and pick Up you know fish poo and the so-called All the great minerals in there which of Course nonsense uh you don't give Minerals you don't even get pure water From water you get pure water from foods And other things uh that you eat a uh Basically a chicken breast has about a Cup of water in it salads have similar Amounts so if you're eating vegetables And even you would think oh there's [Music] Just dead meat well it's just not true Everything has water in it and there's Been tests on a very interesting one That was done by the uh The bogus boring News company Um is the fact that we are Um Not dehydrated if you just eat food So as I said and you don't have to eat Uh fruit you don't even have to eat Green stuff you can eat meat and still

Get there's a huge amount of water in Everything okay that's number one so Walking around with bottles I think that Started in late uh 70s with Petty it's Fun to pay lots of money for crappy Sparkling stuff that's no good for you Which is artificially carbonated by the Way but carbonation is a sign of death How nice let's take that in it also Acidifies your body gives you heartburn And all sorts of fun things that uh the Idiot Europeans have been doing for Years because they have sewer water Because they don't take care of their Water systems so the whole idea is this Is of course nonsense and uh to think That sparkling water which carbonation Was created by a guy a British guy and Then of course the Germans came in and Stole that a guy named swaps who Patented what the British guy made huh So German oh we Oh So the whole idea is that that's how it All goes with uh the reality of it but It's certainly not helpful the British Guy said I don't know what to do with This so the whole idea is that then came In the sodas and this was a unique way Of making boring water kind of fizzy it Makes my nose tingle uh so people caught On with that and of course uh carbonated Beverages became something that people Kind of liked and it's bad for you

What's new so another artificial reality There's no water that comes up out of The ground sparkling like you get in the Bottles they're all adding carbonation To it regardless of the little bit of Death energy that's in there now again You're not picking up minerals this way If you would to get your minerals from Water you'd have to drink probably a Hundred gallons a day and that would Kill you because you can't really drink Over about five liters and it becomes Unhealthy it's too much water your body Kicks it out your body has all sorts of Problems with too much water so carrying Around a bottle everybody's got a bottle In their hand like they're gonna croak Any minute uh because they can go Hydrogen you know I've heard doctors Particularly uh 10 15 years ago what is One thing we can do doctor to make Ourselves healthier well you need to Drink a lot of fluids Really Thank you for your ignoramas comment Dear doctor go back to what you do so The whole idea nothing So the whole idea is that this of course Is nonsense so your body has plenty of Liquids and putting more in there is Really not doing much of it people say If you're going through certain problems Or detoxing drink more water well and Other things well that may help but you

Know it's not just urine that's cleaning Your body out it has to go through your Liver it has to go through your kidneys These are your filters So and you have to make sure that all of This is working well and of course you Want to get things out of your body but You know uh peeing 24 hours a day is Just a hardship on your kidneys and Everything else it doesn't make any Sense if your kidneys are working Properly they will kick out with normal Amounts of fluid so sugars salts and Other things of course they're not doing Their job because everybody has sick Kidneys and livers uh fatty liver Everybody has almost and we have to work On this and something I will be getting Into here soon So we need to look at that now uh what Came to me recently here is I've been Investigating Hazel Parcells the famous Healer from uh who lived to be 106 who Had a healing practice in New Mexico for May for many years and uh she also uh Wrote a couple of books giving her Entire system which I heartily recommend And we'll be reviewing and talking about Her soon but she brought up an issue With Um the still water that I don't know if I spoke about directly in terms of again Another person and I think she was Probably the one that started it as she

Started most of the health trends that Are used today uh for one reason or Another probably most people haven't Heard of her but certainly all the Alternative practitioners have picked up On her work and have talked about it Things like aluminum and food combining We're gonna get into all that stuff as Well so We'll we'll talk about let's get back to Of course what you need to do now I use Distilled water exclusively but I don't Drink a lot of regular water even though I'm starting to a little more but I Drink a lot of teas so I buy high Quality fruit teas uh in bulk never use Tea bags they're toxic they're junk They're a rip-off you buy things in bulk You throw it in the water you let it sit And then you strain it out or you use Some sort of stainless steel T holder That you immerse in whatever you're Doing so very important not only do you Get real tea that way you avoid the Toxins that are in tea bags and the Really rip off that tea bags are it Always amazes me that you know it goes For people who think they know a lot Um like you would think that the Brits Would never ever use tea box oh Floyd Fair darling Wrong go everywhere in Britain they're Using tea bags white tea bags full of Dachshunds and they think they're

Getting good tea that way and usually Tea bags have the lowest quality tea in It that's just what they do so you want Good tea you buy it in bulk it appears To cost a lot but you don't use that Much so I use orange picot which is Fantastic tea and they're supposed to be Good benefits there we all look at how Long the crane left so the whole idea is That Um the reality of drinking tea is Supposed to be good for you but Um drinking water tends to be very Boring Um so and you can so you mix it with tea Black teas green teas purple teas orange Cheese monkey face cheese uh teas all of Them are out there so you buy in bulk Try and get organic or at least bulk in General so you get the taste is Completely different you actually get Real taste that way and you can make it Weak it can make it strong that's the Way it is you do the same thing with Coffee these coffees of course I used to Grind my own I was so sophisticated and Um so forth I got away from that what a Waste of time that is with the ceiling Of ground tea uh coffee now which I do Buy organic Um it's not a problem put it in a good Jar you don't have to spend that time Screwing around with the grind gear Because you're all so sophisticated I

Buy whole beans because it's so much Better uh when you grind the beef well It isn't the beans dry out like anything Else and if the good metal containers That uh real ground coffee come in They're perfectly fresh when you get Them so another thing not to waste your Time with we have to be careful wasting Our time with suto intellectual Pursuits Of snobism and stupidity that mean Nothing except to a class of boobs So the whole idea is that we need to so I buy organic coffee it's pre-ground and I put it in a very sealed can glass Container you know the type that you Clamp down on it stays fresh and they're Almost indefinitely You do the same thing with buying bulk Teas you buy these bulk tees you put Them in the glass containers of course You never leave them in their metal Containers which are most likely Aluminum you pull them out of there and You put it in there so they don't sit And get any more toxified than they are So that's how so you drink teas you Drink coffees uh if you want to drink The water by itself obviously that's Another way to go it depends you know I Used to I make bottles of tea and put Them in my refrigerator so I want iced Or fruit tea or and I generally drink All my teas cold except for green tea in Bottles so when I put those in bottles

In my refrigerator and that's it and They're made with the uh distilled water Uh that I make now there's a couple of Things here now distilled water is what You get from God otherwise known as rain Water so rain water is distilled there's Nothing in it didn't go through the Ground it didn't go anywhere but there Is an element to rain water that makes It Superior are two distilled water even Though they're chemically the same but They're energetically different and this Was pointed out to me um of course I Always was energizing my distilled water Anyway now when you make distilled water And it's in a jug uh that you get from That well I don't leave it in that jug Because I'm going to make more water Anyway I used pretty much I don't know It looks like a gallon of water a day Between my pets myself and everything Else uh so I'm always making distilled Water and distilled water does create a Lot of heat when you make it and I put It in my bathroom and usually turn it on An hour or so before taking a shower and I have a nice toasty bathroom that I Don't have to heat up and pay more money For so the whole idea is that the Heats Up a place it does put out a lot of heat I don't think it uses that much Electricity but if you're going to buy Water if you're going to haul it if You're going to drink it out of plastic

Bottles all that stuff is very negative And it's not cheap I mean ultimately it Costs you money so making a distilled Water for the electricity involved and These are very sealed systems can't be Very much But what do you have there when you make Distilled water you have energetically And uh made in Um and the actual product is actually There's no energy in it or very little Energy in it and there is no chemicals In it whatsoever so Now that in itself still I don't think It's not necessarily bad for you people Claim that because water doesn't have Minerals in it meaning rain water that It sucks things out of your body I wish It was that simple I really do I wish it Was cleansing your body was the fact of Drinking water and it sucked that out of There just complete nonsense when water Goes in your body unless you're fasting Or even if you're not it's mixing with All the chemical acids the foods you've Eaten so you're not getting pure Distilled water in your system anyway so It's going through this entire mishmash Or garbage so even if you were doing a Water fast and this would suck stuff out Of your system and they're they're Claiming you're sucking the good stuff Out of you and it pulls the stuff out of Your kidneys and everything well

Nonsense I don't believe any of that Stuff uh is happening whatsoever this is A paranoia or actually not looking at What's there But what's the big difference between Your distilled water and Nature's Distilled water well there is an Energetic Factor now let's remember when It rains it's still not raining in a Void it's not a vacuum so it's going Through the atmosphere so you're getting Good and bad there the atmosphere is Full of uh toxins your air is full of Toxins it's full of radiation and Everything else but there's also things Like sunlight there are the energies Coming from the clouds and the natural Uh Schumann residence so to speak that Is part of the vital reality of what is There So the bottom line is is that you are Getting these energies which are filling This neutral crystal energy otherwise Known as Nature's distilled water so you Are getting energetic water and I think This is important now I never ignored This but I'm not sure I talked about it Enough so when you make your own water And there's no other way around it if You're buying stuff in plastic Containers you're a boob and you can Really taste the difference anything you Buy in plastic if you drink it you're Getting a plastic taste to it and maybe

You're accustomed to that maybe you Don't appreciate Pure Foods anymore it Don't taste plastic detour this ain't no Good so the whole idea is that this is How these things actually work so you Have to somehow now it's very difficult To get anything in glass bottles anymore And of course glass bottles are Um preferable to everything so if you're Gonna drink anything and you can get it In glass bottles it's fine remember Those juice contain painters well most Of them are plastic you know the ones That look like you think milk cartons or Paper cartons You think paper holds water well I Suggest you get a piece of copy paper Wrap it up really good and then pour Water in and see how long it survives so No milk cartons and all these milk and Juice and everything else that kind of Look like cartons and you do call them Cartons and yes they are plastic coated Paper so the inside of that like all Cans that we make today have plastic Coatings so if you buy soup if you buy Anything and excuse me in a can They have plastic coating inside so you Just can't get away from it and nobody Really cares So you have to care so this is one of The problems of getting the first step Everybody should do in their diet is get Rid of all the actual toxins the colors

The preservatives Uh the extra things added like even the Way it's packaged you know everything's In plastic and you need to get that Stuff out of the plastic as soon as you Get it home put it in glass make that Your lifestyle Cleaning your food is important there's Ways and we'll get into that as well Which was brought up by Parcels as well Which I've started this process and I Think some of it is silly but other ones May have value So we'll go into all of that as we Analyze the Parsons system now But let's get back to distilled water so Generally your water is chemically dead And energetically dead now chemically That is generally good okay meaning There's no toxins in there there's no Chlorines nitrates poisons That's a nice name and the whole idea is All the crap that's in there and Hopefully Um the fluorides the chlorines and other Things that tend to be toxic are not in Your water But there's a problem here and Energetically there ain't nothing there So what does that mean in the bigger Picture well uh anything that's Energetically dead it generally isn't Good for you but remember if you're Mixing it with teas and you're putting

It in food well if there's energy in Your cheese and your Foods so a lot of This is bogus to degree but that ain't Good enough for me because I'm a subtle Energy scientist and uh the bottom line Is I want as much positive energy as General as I can generate and of course Since you're basically drinking a Crystal memory chip it should be Programmed properly it just makes sense And how can you do this by of course Dr Thor's philosophy I'm lazy how easy can It get I got time I got Gomer Pyle on There I gotta watch I can't be worrying About energizing me water And you know Gilligan's Islands after That and let's not forget Green Acres And Zorro so the whole idea is we got Things to do that are important so Um What do you want to do so energetically Is what we started life is about energy Once we get down to understanding Energies the use of energies and the Accumulation and programming of energies Everything in life will be solved so It's as simple as that so what do you do Here so first of all you get that water That's in that other glass container and You get a jug that is a pouring jug uh These jugs you can get anywhere you want A Pure Glass and I would recommend I got Some fancy ones and of course they broke Within a couple of months you get a nice

Heavy jug you know that's designed to Hold liquids 100 pure beautiful Programmable glass So so it's glass and what do you do so Now that's not weird so you pour the Distilled water in your jug this way you Can grab it off the table put it there For your teas or whatever else add it to Your Foods whatever you're using it for And it's right there out in the open Um and of course it has a little top on It so you don't get any flying bugs in There whatever may happen there but That's not good enough a jug of uh Energetically neutral or no energy is Not necessarily what you want to drink And if you do drink stuff like that it's Certainly not going to add to it and my Life is about adding to everything what Can I do to add to energy so I can live Longer better and we're all fighting Against the old death acts that is Coming out depending on what your Background is your stresses uh your Family history you're all fighting death All the time oh thank you God so the Whole idea is that uh this is what we're Always up against So what do you do well there's very Simple ways to do it I'm going to show You my glass thing set up in one of my Upcoming videos here so you'll see it in Live action so the whole idea is what do You put in that jug there well the first

Thing you can do is you put stones in There now one of the best things to do In there is just get a clear quartz tip You can get these pretty much anywhere Clear quartz and it should be natural Not grown somewhere but you get these Actual Um crystals uh and you pop them in there Good size crystal you can also get other Stones are there stones that you like Maybe there's stones for healing uh rose Quartz a nice thing to put in there so I Mean you can put any amount of stones You want in there of different types That you can find some people even sell Little packages of stones that are for Healing and other things Um so I put those in theirs on but uh Quartz crystal in itself uh is a good Energy and all you have to do is get uh Something that's probably an inch and a Half long whatever that fits in uh Natural thing and drop that in there and That will do it that's not enough for me I get things there and I'll show you These when I show you the picture of it I have quartz crystal that are cut like Pyramids pyramid plates all of these Things which are nine little pyramids on A little plate that are cut that way There's cubes where they have 64 mini Pyramids on there okay this is the kind Of stuff I put in there and you can get These online

Um at SC eBay Etc you can buy these things relatively Inexpensive but remember you're gonna Use these for the rest of your life so If you have to spend Thirty forty Dollars to get yourself a nice little Quartz crystal carved properly pyramid You do it so you're not buying these Things every week you don't need a fancy Little purse that does nothing for your Life get yourself some crystals and put Them in there now there's I always like To look at things as what is the cost Factor based on the use Factor if Something's a lifetime tool when you Amortize that over 10 20 50 years it Costs you virtually nothing what have You got back from it well you get a huge Amount back from it so what do you get Back from a pair of running shoes a Fancy designer sweater Or purse or some other God forsaken Junkie get out there that is user once It's used it's used so you buy yourself A nice bottle of wine bottle of whiskey Whatever it may be you're dropping Twenty thirty dollars for some of this Stuff uh if you get the well what have You got from it well that what does that Last a week or two So be realistic uh there are consumables And they're the things that you use so The whole idea is you're going to use This glass

Um jug you have this picture is what it Is uh and then you drop these things in It of course when you get them you clean Them good you run them under water I Usually put them in sea salt for 24 Hours rinse them again hold them in your Left hand or your right hand I should Say and then you program them for Whatever you need and these are filled With health energy place them on a one Of our energy cells after you've cleared Them and they've dried you place them on Energy cell for health for well-being if You have the multi-cell now that energy Is in there and now you want to plop This stuff all of these and you really Can put as much you want I've got about 10 or 15 items in there oh let's not Forget the tachyons our special tachyons Uh cells that we offer which have Tachyons neutrons and gravitons them at An energetic level so I have a bunch of These in my water as well so these are All the type of things you put in there And you can buy these offline so Everybody should have the water tachyon Energy cells to go in there very Important these are very high energies That do not accumulate any toxicities And they blow every other toxicities out Of there so very very important that you Have these crystals the tachyons the Other things that are in there so you Have high energetic levels now what did

That just do to that basically computer Memory program where you just programmed It with an awesome amount of energy and Not one time No no those things last forever so every Time you fill that jug up these are left At the bottom so the only time you take These out is when you occasionally clean The actual pitcher itself so and that Probably I don't know depends on your Water and everything else I clean mine About once a month depending on what uh How bad it starts to look if there's Some accumulation of energy sir Generally I should of chemicals Generally you don't get accumulation With distilled water because there's no Calcium and other crap in there Ought to cause problems now here's the Kicker of the kicker people how do you Get a real cosmic energy there well We're going to be coming out with water Charging devices that have some extra Things in there but how do you bring Natural Energy now we talked about the Natural Energy you get from rain water It's got the typical good and we have These energy Producers that put out your um seven 7.9 7.8 uh human residence but the residence Here which is basically 7.8 to 8 it's in That area range does Um vary by the way it doesn't stay at That range but the whole idea is that

This is the light sustaining energy feel We live in okay so it's very important To happen but what is the part of that Creates this uh energy frequency in the Atmosphere well a lot of it comes from Guess what people sunlight So sunlight is very very important light In general is what all energy is made of And it is very critical to your survival So what do you do so here's the other Thing I just added here uh after reading Uh parcel's book and of course the Energetic with the crystals and is good But that ain't good enough for me Um a subtle energy physicist That's right I got my degree from Jed Clampett and uh Beverly Hillbillies and he taught me how To do that but the whole idea is that in Jethro of course uh so the whole idea is We all have to understand Exactly uh how to energize her so what's A good thing that puts that up well uh Sunlight is called Full Spectrum Lighting now Full Spectrum Lighting is Something that is readily available now I think again this was started by Parcells in the 70s and 80s and now has Become part of the natural tradition That everybody uses now full spectrum Light has all the spectrums which means You're getting all these colors all These energies you're part of the Natural environment uh that's out there

And the sun rays and the effect we get From the sun when done correctly the Radiation that comes from it purifies Everything now you ever see with Sunlight on you ever have some clothes Where you left to uh too long near a Window with a side one goes on it or Anything else What happens to that They kind of get bleached don't they why Because the sun with the radiation is Purifying and oxidizing it killing all The bacterias so this is part of the Process and we'll go into that to a Large degree but it's a very healthful Anyway Full Spectrum Lighting which you Can get anywhere I just bought a cool Little full spectrum light that's on a Stand from Amazon I think it was uh very Inexpensive made for fish bowls but it Works perfect and again I will show you This in an upcoming video which will be Posted soon So the whole idea is that this is a 10 Watt bulb and it you place it right Above and I'll show you my setup above Your water pitcher shining down on it And this will kill all sorts of Bacterias and uh if there is anything Left and there's still waters there Shouldn't be but maybe there if I'm more Concerned about the subtle energy I want My water vibrating healthful Energies So the crystals do a great job

Particularly the different shaped ones Like pyramids and multi-pyramids and Even things like The play Sonic solids which are perfect Energy shapes uh you can buy these as Well we used to sell them but they come In uh generally is it five or seven Shapes these are good to put in your Water as well you're getting these pure Energetic shapes which produce excellent Energy with you and you know life is not About uh miracle cures life is about Sustaining yourself so you don't get Sick and using lots of little energies To keep yourself well so the whole idea Is when you get sick the game's over to A degree then you have to fight for Wellness so the whole idea is you use This particular water and uh that is Energized you leave the full spectrum Light on and generally a full jug of Water I leave it on there for about 10 Minutes of the light shining from the Top down I mean it's not much water it Must be half a gallon in a pitcher uh so You don't need it on it's only 10 watts It doesn't use a lot of energy and that Goes in there and energizes the water And and every time you drink the water Or use it you refill up the pitcher well You turn the light on for 10-15 minutes Yet again so you don't even have to use A lot this is a perfect thing that I Found it'll be very helpful to people

Save you the stress of figuring it all Out yourself because I've done it for You so that's how you get perfect water So Now you're at an energetically high Level so when I talked about distilled Waters and so forth and I'm not sure I Mentioned how you should be energizing It because it is dead and if you're Using a filtered water out of your pipes As I said you're getting your whole Community toxicity it's been programmed By going through pipes and underground The pipes are full of toxins they could Possibly be lead you don't know where Your water is coming from Um secondly to a large extent Waters Tend to be filtered on their own a lot Of people don't know that but they're Filtered at the plant That actually takes the sewage water and Water in general so a lot of times They're adding chemicals to it chlorine Other things are added to it Los Angeles I believe is ozonating the water and That's another way to get rid of Bacterias I'll talk about soon here as Well But the whole idea is a lot of waters Are filtered and filtered to a high Degree so they take out all bacterias And other things and guess what they Take all the minerals out of it so the Waters that you're getting through your

Pipe which you may think are better hey Yeah minerals you need well they may not Have minerals in it at all that we do Know they're probably going to have uh Gobs of copper gobs of lead and God Knows what else uh these pipes run to And you've got to remember water sits in These pipes or God knows how long so This is a serious problem as you said if You live in the Chicago area you're in Big trouble and we also have to Understand that water is not just drank Anytime you use water you should be Using your good water cooking with water Boiling water for whatever if you're Making which you shouldn't be but if You're making pastas or using water to Cook with well guess what people You should be using your distilled water That's how you go tend to go through a Lot of water Um so all of this is part of it and then The most neglected area which I used to Neglect horribly for years drinking all This good water taking all these Supplements and then I got into the Shower under Legionnaire bacterias And some people claim that you take in At least a quart of water that's a liter Of water every time you take a shower Your body sucks in well that's nice and Of course nobody thinks about that Thinking that there's no way that this Affects you because it's just a shower

And how much water could your skin take In well if you're taking in a quart of Liquid one liter of liquid well that's a Lot of liquid to drink that's full of Poisons So there's all sorts of attachments you Can get for your shower depending on Your personal water problems I have to Use a very great filter to get the Legion era bacteria out of it most People probably don't need that you can Find these on most big sites your essays Your Amazons your ebays you can find Different filtering shower tubs and There's ones you know I use ones that Have LED lights in it and they change Colors I'm not you know getting light in There and getting uh extra colors that Shine on you is a good idea colors do Affect the bioenergetic field And they have these little balls of Stuff that soften the water that take Out some toxins Etc and there's lots of These and uh you have to look at the one Appropriate for your situation and I Don't know how your local water district Should tell you what's in your water Usually they send out a brochure or Something it's good to look into and go On the internet and find out well does Your area have a lot of farms in it you Probably have arsenic and you probably Have all sorts of fun things in there so The whole idea is that all of this stuff

When you take a shower and particularly Baths uh you should be filtering your Water if you're taking baths you should Be using an ozonator which is a little Machine that puts out raw oxygen put That in the bath water let it uh ozonate It and you'll sit in a great oxygen uh Capacity there which is a great for you In general uh and you're gonna by doing That by filling your bath water with Ozone you're killing any kind of Bacterias that are in there and Ozonation has been used to clear uh to Purify water for probably a hundred Years And generally it's preferable to adding Chlorines into the waters as well Because ozone just oxygenates it and Oxygenation kills all bacterias so and It's a good way to drink water you can Oxygenate the water drink it right down I drink it right down in the actual Wallet's ozone so getting as much oxygen In your body generally is a good idea So uh those types of things is what we Have to look at as a general situation So Um using a full spectrum light and these Are everywhere uh so it's not a problem Getting these like it used to be used to Buy them at health food stores and other Things but getting a full spectrum light Is going to bring you that energetic Fatter factor of creating this life

Empowering environmental energy Otherwise known as the human residence The 7.8 all that's part of full uh Full Spectrum Lighting a lot of other things That you get actually from the sun which Is very good for you in in proper Proportions but in general the sun is Really good for you you just have to be Careful not to get burned in other Things but Um sunlight is always and what does Sunlight do sunlight because it is Ultraviolet in nature is purifying so it Kills bacterias so a lot of things are Done in the pandemic and I have one Myself is buying an ultraviolet light Now that's sunlight so you don't want to Look at ultraviolet lights Stare at them directly and you don't Want to do look into full spectrum Lights either you want to make sure it's Shined on what it is and of course it I Use my full spectrum my closet to clean Some of my clothes and the damn thing's Bleached So you have to be careful so full Spectrum lights you have to respect just Like ozone you have to respect because You can't just sit in a giant ozone Environment because it's hard to breathe Activated oxygen but it's good for you When done correctly like so many things You know you use a pencil to write Something with don't stick it in your

Eye Use it right so the whole idea is that That's how all these things work so we Need to understand that fact of what's Going on with the whole process so this Is all part of what we're doing uh to do But this will now bring your not only Will this make your water Perfect You're Now using the water as you should as a Healing tool now this high energy water You're mixing with cheese you're mixing With coffees you're mixing it in your Actual Foods you're cooking in all of This now brings the pretty low level of Energetic uh energy that is in foods and Waters and teas and everything else is Bringing it out to a certain extent it's Going to even cleanse toxicities out of There so for one reason or another you Have some bacterias in your particular Teas maybe you got a build up of Whatever it may be well when you mix Your when you make tea with this water It's going to take a lot of those toxins Out of there and some people claim that It even releases other toxins maybe Physical toxins which I have trouble uh Understanding but this is what some People claim so when you use energized Water like this you're doing your whole Body and your whole stream of foods Again people over emphasize oh your Body's made it eighty percent seventy Percent what is all that's done no it's

Not it's seasoned water your body your Water which is blood a lot of this is Water but there's all sorts of other Things in there that's why we eat Foods That's why we take supplements so your Whole system is a whole big chemical Factory and uh what's moving the Chemicals in your factory is a Water-based movement system So Um over emphasizing I think that you Have to have pure water for some Goofball bottle that's filled with Carbonated garbage is nonsense Perpetrated by your friendly Neighborhood poison Corporation buy our Stuff it'll kill you so uh that's what They give you people and of course you Should be staying away from horrible Things uh that are a are liquid stuff I Mean make your own teas make your own Coffees do not buy that stuff don't Drink sodas don't drink all these other Things uh that you're drinking now They're no good for you want occasional Soda well that's okay nobody dies from That nothing like a good root beer or Dr Pepper but you know you got to get away From thinking that you have to do what Society tells you to do and that's Something I grew up with the poison I Need it kill I die well you will die Sooner oh nice that's what your parents Taught you and you know eat 20 times a

Day have food in your gun all the time Well this is what they tell you and Where you think all this came from well This all came from corporations to sell You stuff like eating breakfast was an Invention of companies not something That humans really ever did So uh all of this is what you've got to Break yourself of and understand but Getting back to the energetics you got To energize your distilled water with Crystals Stones particularly our Tachyons this is a high energy level That will bring up your state of Well-being dramatically added with Crystals and other things uh there's Really an endless resource of what you Can put in there as long as it's not Something that decays and gets in the Water you're just releasing energies With Crystals and Stones and tachyons so That's all part of it then give it the Capper of cappers people hit it with Full spectrum light now this isn't Ladybulbs full spectrum is a particular Type of frequency light wave energy and It must be full spectrum and they're all Over the Internet certainly all over Amazoni and anywhere else you want to do It so keep all that in mind people now You know how to make the perfect water That's a good place to start water is Important because you use it everywhere But remember it's not just itself it's

The energetic factor of it and remember That you're getting water from many Different sources as I've already Mentioned pure water comes from things Like vegetables fruits which you have to Limit particularly if they're sweetie Because they're loaded with fructose Which is terrible for you but you're Getting that as I said if you have a Half I think it's a half a chicken Breast there's almost a cup of water It's it's actually fascinating how much Water is in everything so don't get Caught up in the fact that you need some Specialized water in those Pseudo-intellectual stuck-ups that think They have to get crappy garbage pumped Out of a sewer in Europe uh and then Flown to you for a dollar or two a Bottle has some great benefit to it it Doesn't and it doesn't have enough Minerals in it if it is quote mineral Waters mixed with death energies Otherwise known as carbon carbonation That that somehow is enough minerals This is stain you with anything and that Somehow is minerals that your body uses Better Etc bogus nonsense so fancy Waters are a waste of money they're Energetically terrible so the whole idea Is I've just shown you how to make Fantastic energetic water and God knows How this can help your system mind People seem to get Miracle results from

So much stuff I read about which is so Infantily basic that people would get Results from that is shocking when you Get a real product like this that you Create yourself that's in your home It should do Miracles no you'll have to Find out for yourself do it yourself put Your own energy into it and uh create What you want in life and stop being Controlled by others until next time