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By | April 26, 2018

In this video we show you how to use the Berkana Labs Homeopathic Potentiser:

We cover how to make the cable connections and how to potentise a homeopathic remedy.

We also detail a method for finding the potency of a remedy with an unknown potency using the Berkana Labs Stick Pad accessory.

You can find the Spooky2 Radionics instrument, and all accessories here:

A video on how to use the stick pad featured can be found here:

In this video we're going to look at
setting up the Berkana Labs Homeopathic Potentiser and Spooky2 Radionics three dial device to create a Homeopathic remedy at potency from a
mother tincture We will now run through making the
connections to set up the homeopathic Potentiser and Spooky2 Radionics
three dial. We are using the generator X From Spooky2 Rife. The XM generator can also be used. You will need to preload the Generator X with the Radionic presets if
you intend to use it standalone as we Are here today. So we take our generator
and the Spooky2 Boost, and we need the Female BNC adapter which comes with
spooky2 Radionics, and I'll add this Here first. Connect it to the BN port
since that will be the one we are Using the preset radionics healing. If
you don't have the adapter you can use The general preset and just connect to
OUT1 or OUT2 on the boost or Directly to the generator Take a BNC cable, connect to BN. Apply
the power to the generator, power it on Were using G1 so we select G1 and Radionics Healing, Start – it's ready we're not going to Set it going just yet until you make
connections, so we take the three dial Radionics device, connect the BNC cable
to the input. I'm just going to move the generator Out the way. We take the homeopathic potentIser and another BNC cable, connect to the input of The homeopathic potentiser and to the
output of Spooky2 Radionics And then test the system – Start, all running okay. In the next step we'll look At the process of creating the potentised
remedy. This is the process for creating a
potentised remedy using the Berkanalabs Homeopathic Potentiser and Spooky2 radionics
three dial device. Take a mother tincture, in This case Milk Thistle, place that on the
input of the Radionics device, and we Can leave the rates at zero unless you
have a particular rate you wish to use For a more advanced video we'll cover
some tuning with a stick pad so you can Tune in to the samples as well in-line ,and we select the potency on the Homeopathic Potentiser. For the purposes of this video I'm going to select 30C That's the potentised output. We place our pre-prepared water tincture which we use The magnetic stirrer to restructure it
and we placed that on the Potentiser Plate, and it is now broadcasting the
mother tincture at 30 Centesimal Potency to the water remedy and we leave
that on there for a minimum of three Minutes and recommend 20 minutes just to
ensure full saturation of the Information from the mother tincture
to the remedy at potency. Instead of using the

Water remedy you can broadcast a potentised mother tincture to a witness sample Which you place simply on the potentiser
plate, and you allow it to broadcast. In this video we are going to look at
how to use the Potentiser, Stick Pad, and Spooky Radionics to find a potency of an
unknown potency homeopathic remedy, And to do this process I would tune into the remedy that we do not know the potency For using a Stick Pad, and generate a
rate. So we have 4 5 7 as the rate.
Now to detect the potency we use the Potentiser and the Stick Pad in conjunction No detection on 0, 6 C no detection No detection on 12C, none on 30C, 100C, 200C, M, 10M 50M Detection on CM You can see this remedy, homeopathic
remedy has a potency of CM. That is The basic process for finding an
unknown potency of a remedy and to Reinforce that potency you could place a
tincture back on there and run it for a Set period of time from 3 minutes to 20
minutes just to reinforce that Connection that is the basic process
thanks for watching