Homeopathic Potentiser Basics

By | April 26, 2018

This is the most basic system to use the Berkana Labs Homeopathic Potentiser, making use of a Spooky2 Signal generator, Extension Plate and the Potentiser.

For more advanced uses please see the other video on our channel:

The potentiser and extension plate can be found here:

This video is a very basic setup for e10 ties remedy using NEPA Caleb's Extension plea and the Homeopathic pretend eyes we use in milk For texture which we use as the mother Tincture and a pure water remedy which We are pre prepared on the magnetic Stirrer for 20 minutes so the generator To run hasn't stopped we use the Generator X in this example you can use The xn generator also you will need a Female to female BNC adapter if you're Using and if the boosted presets if These are purchased on their own you can Use the general preset and connective Out one or out to on spigot to boost or Directly to the generator so with the Ticker on the extension plate and the Remedy an appetizer We set the potency in this case 30 C and We allow it to run for a minimum three Minutes to 20 minutes preferred now what We come up with some new frequencies Which will aid in certain of the remedy Now this is the most basic process to Create a homeopathic remedy using our Accessories thanks for watching You