Healthy vs. Destructive Skepticism and Magick | Don’t work against your own rituals | JS Garrett

By | July 28, 2021

In this episode of JS Garrett's thoughts, he discusses healthy skepticism vs. destructive skepticism. It's important that the sorcerer maintains a healthy skepticism when experimenting with magick, but doesn't allow that skepticism to turn destructive, otherwise, you will only be working against your own rituals.

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[Music] All right what's up guys i'm just Garrett And i want to take a few minutes to talk To you guys about skepticism Specifically healthy skepticism In spirituality in the occult in Pretty much any other aspect of the Esoteric sciences you want to dig into And it's good in my opinion to Be a skeptic like me personally i'm a Skeptic before i am Anything else like if you come to me and Tell me That if you go dance naked in The desert And do x y and z and somehow a miracle Will happen I'm not gonna call you a liar but no i'm Gonna i'm gonna find out I'm gonna go and dance naked in the Desert and do x y and z And see if what you said will happen Really does happen i mean and that's That's really Like what you have to that's a good A healthy way to be in my opinion Because like the occult and the esoteric Sciences And especially like the right hand path Spiritual community Like it's full of frauds it's full of People who are absolutely 100 Full of and you know they will tell

You things Declare things and Have absolutely nothing to back it up no Validation ever comes for it But you can never question them on what They said or what they told you to do Otherwise they will completely cut you Out you know and make war against you essentially For insulting their Fragile ego so my thing is You don't ever take anybody's word for It okay don't take my word for anything Don't take anybody's word for anything You know we're On here in this this occult community a Colton neighborhood it's more like a Neighborhood than a community really But more like the hood if You really get to know some of the People in here like There are no neighbors in the hood um if You're lucky to find a handful of Friends That won't stab you in the back In this field then You are extremely lucky and i consider Myself to be one of the lucky ones in That respect But what i want to get out here is that You don't take anybody's word for All right you know just because i tell You that that a ritual works It's not you know don't don't take my

Word for it don't discount what i'm Saying until you find out for yourself That's essentially what i'm trying to Say So Most people and when i say most people Your average everyday person who's a Skeptic about spirituality about Religion about aliens Whatever it is if you actually talk to Most People almost every single person that You will meet In question has had some type of Experience that they cannot explain Whether they saw a ghost or heard a Voice Or thought they saw a big foot or some Crazy lights in the sky that might have Been Aliens you know everybody's had some Type of weird ass Unexplainable experience that has led Them to wonder If whether or not Fantasy make-believe whatever you want To call it might actually be reality And my thing is I was one of those people too you know And so So i had some experiences when i was Younger that led me to believe That or let me not to at least discount The fact that these unseen things or

These Paranormal whatever you want to call Them Type of phenomenon were actually real in Fact So i decided to find out for myself i Started researching magic I started experimenting with spell work And things like that to see if i could Create a cause and effect And so that's that's really what i'm Getting at here is that that's what we All need to do Okay don't take anybody else's word For something that is real find out for Yourself So if you if you uh you know Buy a book on black magic spells chants And incantations Test them out see if they work you know Like Don't don't discount this stuff and Don't write it off Because a lot of people will have Experiences and they'll even do Experiments and they'll get exactly The desired outcome that they were going For and then what happens is they Immediately start trying to rationalize It like oh Maybe that would have happened anyway Even if i hadn't done the spell if i Hadn't done the ritual if i hadn't said The magic words

You know and the answer is no absolutely Not It would not have happened anyway Because we are creating our own reality As we navigate through this reality like A a Car in the dark with its headlights on Nothing exists Until it is beheld by our consciousness So be a skeptic Have a healthy sense of skepticism but Do not allow that skepticism To prevent you from discovering Things that are real and that's that's Really all i wanted to say You guys have a good night [Music] You