Giant Orgonite® Pyramid – Product Demo

By | December 21, 2020

This video shows our Giant Orgonite® Pyramid.

All of our Orgone pyramids are made of fine iron powder and high-quality, carbon-based epoxy. They are dark gray, sleek, have a metallic sheen, and are very dense. They look great while also being useful!

Our pyramids are made using the original recipe developed by the inventor of Orgonite® Karl Hans Welz.

We offer the only authentic Orgonite® pyramids available anywhere.

You can find the Giant Orgonite® Pyramid here:

You can see all of our Orgonite® Pyramids here:

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In this video i want to show you our Giant organite pyramid Now this is the lot we sell pyramids in Four different sizes small Medium large and giant the giant is our Biggest And it is very big let me see i need two Hands for this So i have big hands and you can kind of See the The the size so this is very it's very Large it's weighty It's got a nice felt bottom so it sits Comfortably on top of anything All of our pyramids are sleek dark gray They're made of fine iron powder and High quality carbon based epoxy When you're making orgonite you need an Organic substance and an inorganic Substance and you want to layer those Two so for the inorganic substance we Use the the fine iron powder We believe it resonates with the iron in A human's Blood and we use really high quality Carbon-based epoxy we've gone all over The world looking for The best materials and over about 20 Years now We found them all of our pyramids are Sleek they're dark gray they have a Metallic shine as you can see They're very very dense very dense We've worked with a material science phd

To Perfect the composition and the look and The feel Of all of our pyramids and we're really Proud of the result So this is the result of a year of hard Work All of our pyramids are made using the Original recipe for organite developed By Carl hans welts the inventor of orgonite There are no visible layers So you see some of these colorful Pyramids out there so-called Oregon pyramids out there and we just we Don't believe that those Accumulate much oregon because the Layers are visible in this case you can See there are really no visible layers But what that means Is that there are thousands and Thousands of invisible layers Basically the organic and inorganic Material has bonded so tightly That it has created uh Layers that you cannot see with the Naked eye and that we believe is much More powerful at accumulating positive Life energy So this pyramid right here is worth i Mean given the size Given uh given the composition of the Materials We believe this is worth much much more

Than Hundreds of of more colorful ornate Pyramids And as with all of our pyramids you know Its primary purpose is to accumulate Positive life energy And to pass it to the surroundings so uh You can put a pyramid throughout your House To uh create better energy in a room and To To capture positive life energy and pass It to the surroundings We sell the giants and sets it three Sets of four and then four come in the Giza collection which we have As well but this is uh this is an Amazing pyramid Um i love it i've got three and um This is the giant pyramid if you want to You know if you have a set then you're Going to put your anchor pyramid on the Generator Which links it to the other pyramids if You don't have a set You could just do this this is the Performer 2400 hd And there you go or you can put it right Next to it there's a silver output tube In the back So you can put it in front of that you Can put it on the generator you can put It next to the generator like all of These

But this is a this is an amazing pyramid And this is the giant orgonite pyramid