Ghostbusters PKE Meter Toy! SUPER COOL FUN!

By | November 26, 2022

A look at this electronic toy.
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here with Another fun little review now in the Past I reviewed the Ghostbusters ghost Trap And uh which is a cool little fun device Uh that Um blinks like this and then you uh Open it up here And it's a cool little And then of course you just shut it off And it goes back to bling so it's a fun Little item Um again you can use these uh just as Props on your desk or you can kind of Build them into your practice you know Doing stuff that is exciting as uh Including it with your radionic and Other practices is always interesting Now what we have is the actual Um pke meter now here's the pke meter And again you can get these they're like 10 15 uh they work on little batteries So here's a fun little device again uh That and it uh it works very interesting There's a button at the bottom here and That pops that out Isn't that cool And then of course you can Then turn it on and there's a couple of A couple of settings But of course it doesn't do too much but It's a fun little thing to again have on Your desk to play with maybe a use it to Project energy into something you know Animating things makes the entire

Process of what you're doing which tends To be higher Consciousness Biophysical energies when you use Something like this it becomes more fun So you fold these up like this this is An on and off button so you can uh turn On this and often again as I said There's a button on the bottom this pops This out and then you follow that up by Turning on the actual button so Certainly is a fun and of course it has That nice little sound to it which is Similar to the movie So it's a fun little uh Desk toy or as I said if you want to use It as a psychic assistance for you well I mean these are some really uh fun Things I always like to report himself Um I'm assuming this is still available Uh these are available obviously and you Can get these uh you know your favorite Place whatever that may be and then of Course And you turn it off here But it's kind of cool that these pop out Like this so with that button that you Press on the bottom what should I get Into So here we go that's a fun thing I hope You enjoy that there's so much Interesting junk out there uh to get and To experiment with hope you enjoyed