Fun “Orgone” Tools- Red Dragon Pyramid & Mexican Pyramid Designs

By | November 25, 2022

Some interesting “Orgone” energy tools.
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Welcome everyone here's a quick look at Some old orgone type uh Products this is a nice I guess that's About a five inch pyramid and this is a Aztec pyramid and I bought these uh Three or four years ago they're no Longer made uh but I wanted to test them And find out the kind of energy they put Off Etc now you got to remember this Really is an Oregon I don't know really What to call it and we can't call Everything Oregon Prana Etc we ought to Define this kind of energy of what this Actually is Um so but it's a copy of the uh the Concept of putting together a bunch of Stuff as a natural drawing and this is a Really cool one and the reason I got it Was the fact that it's this red dragon Inside here let's see if we can get a Good shot of that Really cool red dragon you know this is Made extremely well uh this guy really Knew what he was doing he's got a nice Crystal red Crystal there Um really cool to go with the red dragon This is very interesting he's got power Cones I used to put these in my radionic Units to keep the energy going in a Particular direction and he appears to Have wrapped those uh in Gold I don't Know if it's real gold or not and he's Got them on each corner so the energy go Is pushed to the top and it does put out

Good positive energy here's a little Dragon figure that he put in there very Well done you can see all the little Bubbles uh that he has in here as well Um at the bottom he's got the dragon Again again he's got cones to direct the Energy and he's got the usual I hope That steel will and not aluminum Um you have to be careful but these do Put off positive energies do they do Anything well I mean they're I bought Them because there's a practice they're Pretty and certainly they can add to the Energy of a room in general but we still Have the problem this is a huge hunk of Gassing plastic uh resin which is toxic So in a giant room where you have this In uh as long as you've got some airflow Really shouldn't be a problem it's got To remember all resins are highly toxic Is that what you want to work with Secondly it's like plastic you shouldn't Be drinking out of plastic you shouldn't Be handling plastic your food shouldn't Be put in plastic plastic gases it Releases toxic gases which you want to Stay away from we eat an equivalent of One credit card a month In plastic My favorite so the whole idea is that I Heard they're going to open restaurants That have plastic types to try yeah I'll Be the first one there baby so we have That so this guy did it and you can see

He's also got something very interesting Here if you look at this he's got wires Around the base of the dragon that go Down underneath so he really did some Smart work here but we have to remember You know you certainly can make stuff Like this the uh you need to subtle Energies need to be highly empowered and This is part of the process but a really Cool item it doesn't put off toxic again This wasn't made by a Satanist his name Wasn't Carl Hans Wilson the people Connected to him Um so Um and so forth so the whole idea is These people are positive they put Together positive stuff and it's kind of Cool and as I said Um uh you're putting something in resin And handling it like this you just gotta Bunch of micro plastic on your hands Which will take into your system it's Just not a good material but if you're Using this as a decoration and for a Minor um a boost I put this on a table With other stuff now here's one that was Made by a very nice person who was Harassed by the satanists in the Oregon Industry uh who told her that she Shouldn't be making it that this wasn't Real orgone Etc a Greek lady and she's No longer making it uh she was smart as Well and of course you can get Inexpensive gold foil real gold uh foil

And she's using that she's using again Coils here and one thing you'll notice Here about these things this uh got Broken here as well uh you know if you Drop these things they're very fragile So if you drop this off a table or Something it's going to break and here's A prime example of this being dropped Going off of a table dropped about two Feet Um to do it now I'm not sure what those Stones are in there but she's got Stones Coils again this person was very Positive I spoke with her you've got the Crystals with the wrapped here Um and here's other Stones I don't know This lapalupas or uh goofy mookie Um the whole idea is that of course as I Mentioned there's a coil on the bottom a Very nice little unit of course she's Not making them either of of this and Again as I said if you drop these things They're very fragile so you have to be Care careful another problem with resin With all that but it's the same old Story uh the you know Wilhelm Reich just Said don't use copper he didn't use Crystals he didn't use other things Um you know we have to be careful you Got to know what this energy is and how You accumulated condense it Etc Um but these don't seem to hold negative Energy and of course it's not inside a Machine uh that is going to be picking

Up uh subtle energies and transmitting An either so if you're going to pick up The subtle energies of Highly toxic Plastic and you put it in an actual Radionic type machine uh that's a Special kind of stupid though yes it is Dumb guy it's a special kind of stupid But after all and they are there are a Bunch of satanists Um and you get the pleasure of buying Your garbage so these kind of things That you'll see all over the place the Chinese are making some cool ones now They are very attractive uh do they do Much of anything no there isn't enough Energy and these are very large remember This is like four inches here Um let's say I get a little measuring And so what four inches And of course this is five inches and Real measurements not mookie leaders uh So the whole idea is that Um So these are real pretty items and That's why I got them and I wanted to Check them of course that you don't know Who makes these things I just happen to Watch these people and talk to this Greek woman who is very nice uh this was Came from Great Britain and obviously This guy knew what he was doing and he Has disappeared as well but how cool and Of course I love dragons like most People do so anything you can find with

Dragons is cool and I'm gonna have some New dragon products up on the website Soon so I hope you've enjoyed this tool Of such an energy physics to another Realm of energy to the real energy not The brainwashed bullicious stupid fools That call themselves physicists So this is fun this is interesting uh Certainly uh putting together things Like this uh do generate if you're doing It properly but of course you're Combining positive with negative uh do Create some interesting energies it Would be Um nice for somebody to spend time to do This right but the stories you hear from These things uh I've heard people say It's stopped up computer attacks Complete nonsense these are low energy Items on the scale of one to ten these Items are approximately about a five in Terms of the kind of energy they put off They're nowhere near being high level Energetics so I hope you enjoyed that And lots more to come