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By | September 25, 2022

EMF 5G Fix Part 1

Today I want to share with you some Amazing new technology that I came Across when I was doing some EMF Protective research [Music] [Applause] [Music] My name is Dr Don Paris I'm the author Of regaining wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions which has become the Bible for scalar electromagnetic Research through radionics and subtle Energy So Tom you've been involved with these Anomalous Sciences for many decades You've come across radionics free energy Electromedicine and even biogeometry Weather control maybe you can tell us a Little bit more about that later But throughout these decades you've Published hundreds of papers Documentaries and books from scientists And got their work out to the public So Tom tell me a little bit about some Of the research that you've done if There was one Experiment or research that you came Across that stood out above the others What would that be well that's a good Question I'd seen so many amazing things You know from faster than light Non-electromagnetic waves but I would Have to say it was Trevor Constable's Biogeometric weather engineering

Biogeometric access to the ethers or Scalar as some people call it now Basically what Trevor would do he was The chief radio officer for Matson lines Big container line so he did his Experiments on ship and he would make Geometric orgone accumulators and he Could take it on a clear day set one of These devices in a certain direction Outside on the ship and within an hour You know on time lapse we could see rain Coming in Operation pincer II Which brought Los Angeles its wettest July in 100 years An operation notified and filed in Advance by us with the federal Government For 20 years in this work My Credo has been a simple one And it has been followed inflexibly Only results count Only results count That's what underlies what you're going To see now And he did this hundreds of times Um fantastic enough But what really got me I remember one Day I got a call from Trevor he had just Come into Hawaii on the SS Maui which Was his ship And he called me up all excited he had Developed a new device he called the Spider which was basically his Ford

Truncated golden section cones spinning Around I guess it looked like a spider so we Called it that The first test he ran it inside the hold Of the ship behind 12 inch plate steel Bulkheads of the ship and he made it Rain and as he pointed out that this Geometric access to the ether is what we Call scalar or whatever the ship was Invisible to the geometric access to the Ether this is a very important point and That was probably 30 years ago that I Learned that So today we're here to talk about your New invention which we're going to get To a little bit later in the program and Tell our audience how they can get one For free but I know that this work was Based on the work of George lakowski now I came across this when I was doing some Testing for other types of EMF Protection devices and it really stood Out above all the others I was really Amazed so tell us a little bit about George lucowski and the work that you Did with him okay well lukowsky he was a Russian researcher in Paris in the early 1900s and basically he was very into Natural energies so he was researching Things like Sunspot cycles and Vintage Wines and he did a study of cancer Clusters over different types of soils In Paris and what he found is the

Highest incidences of cancer were over Clay soils and the lowest were over Gravel or loam soils where so he Hypothesized or theorized that Cosmic Radiation was coming in and was actually Being reflected back off of the clay Soils which was causing interference Patterns which was disrupting biological Systems of people so what he started Doing is he started researching in Plants and he would take geraniums he Would take a series of geraniums let's Say five and he would inject them with a Plant cancer huh and let the plant Cancer grow like on the stem and then he Would take one of those and he would put A copper ring around it that would Overlap but not touch so it would Actually be a resonant coil in Cosmic Radiation Earth's electromagnetic fields And what he found was is that The plant that he put the coil on the Cancer was cured and the plant got Healthy the other plants withered and Died so following on from that he Developed what was called the multiple Wave oscillator or mwo and that was a Series of concentric ring copper Antennas the outer one of which was fed With a Tesla coil so it's high frequency Multiple harmonic frequencies with the Theory that within ourselves we had a Radio frequency is before the DNA he was Sort of envisioning this and that there

Would be some sort of resonant coil in Each cell that he was trying to make Resonant to its natural frequency like Two tuning forks and strike one the Other one goes and that's what he Developed this device Now I came across it in the 1980s and Started researching it And I met a scientist who knew a bit About it and he started telling me about Special ways of doing antennas which we Started working with and that's really What led to this development so this is Basically an antenna is that what you're Saying it's an antenna I see Well humans evolved and bathed the Natural frequencies we have them Everywhere around us and if we look at Plants trees these things are antennas You know each one's a different sort of Shape to modulate some sort of different Energy coming out of nature you know Pulling it in sending it out we look at Insects they've all got these little Like microwave antennas on them and it's The present electrical situation of the Planet is absolutely unprecedented in The entire history of the planet however Long your scientific theory believes That was there Um but the fact is is it's unnatural and We really don't know the long-term Results because it's only been around For maybe a hundred years and there was

Warnings you know going back almost 100 Years that there were going to be Troubles with this and the effects on Biological systems Now as we know from George's lakovsky's Work That there are beneficial ways of Stimulating Electromagnetic currents to benefit the Biological system Definitely but there's also as we know Basically the way that electromagnetism Is used in modern technology it's Generally detrimental to the biological Systems So we really need to look at both of Those and try to kind of come up and Understand well how can we somehow bring These Concepts together so that the Technology we're using isn't really Damaging our systems now you were Featured in the 5G Apocalypse movie and I would like to have our viewers watch a Little bit of that clip and then we'll Come back and we'll continue on with This Some of the effects that we can look at Well one thing is is just our regular Wi-Fi 2.4 gigahertz That's in the same range as microwave Ovens which are also called radar ranges Because that is radar 2.4 gigahertz is interesting it's not The peak absorption rate in water

For microwave frequencies but it's at a Point where it allows full penetration Because if it came in at the peak it Would prevent the insides from getting Warm So that's with basic Wi-Fi Now when we look at 5G 60 gigahertz This is what they call Active dispersal Sort of Weaponry just to keep people Back it burns the skin it doesn't Penetrate but 60 gigahertz is the Frequency of oxygen molecule absorption Since they have electrons that they Share with each other what we breathe is Actually O2 a pair of oxygen so Being bombarded with 60 gigahertz could Very well impair our oxygen absorption Rates in our body and thereby The whole basis of our living system Martin Paul says putting tens of Millions of 5G antennas without a single Biological test of safety has to be About the stupidest idea anyone has had In the history of the world So assessing all this we have experts in Various Fields military EMF Weaponry Biological effects on humans Firefighters That are getting cognitive impairment by Being there in them countries that are Banning these sort of Technologies Around schools because of the impairment To cognitive Let's weigh that up we have to say

Something smells Sinister here So Tom in your own words could you just Explain a little bit about what you feel About 5G and electromagnetic radiation In general Well these days you know we see insects Are dying plants are dying you know the Planet's actually in crisis you know Some people think well pollution sure We've fouled our Nest but the electrical Systems really have a lot to do with it We strung wires all over the planet Putting this crude electromagnetism out Completely opposite of Tesla's free Electricity so now everybody's up in Arms over 5G but I view 5G as just the Wake-up call it's really our Relationship with electricity is a Problem overall and that's why I've Always driven to find some sort of Um relationship with natural energies That we can bring into technology and That's where we came up with this Intended idea So Tom I know that you know the answer To this question but I want to ask our Viewers so in the last let's say 50 Years How much do you think the Electromagnetic Frequency and pollution has gone up in The last 50 years let's say how many People have their hands up for 10 times How many for 100 times okay how many for

A thousand times okay go for it for you Guys how many think it's a million times I know you know the answer to this it's One quintillion times right that's a one With 18 zeros behind it that's how much More electromagnetic frequencies are in Our environment now than it was 50 years Ago absolutely As I said it's unprecedented Unprecedented we don't really know and I Was just reading a scientific paper on DNA damage from weak microwave fields in The range of cell phones there's no Doubt As I said earlier I was doing some Testing on some EMF protection devices And Tom's device really stood out above The others it really surprised me now in My last video I talked about two Different types of devices we have Active devices and passive devices Active devices are those that use a Battery or a power source to emit some Kind of bio-friendly frequency Now a passive device relies on like the Body's own biofield energy or cosmic Rays now this is actually Tom's Invention and it's a passive type device Meaning it doesn't have any power source Is that correct Tom oh then natural Environment itself is that's why we call It passive it breaks up on ambient Energies generally I have to say that Most of the passive devices I've tested

Don't really do that much for the Protection of people's exposure to EMF Radiation I've relied mostly on active Devices that can put out a biofriendly Frequency like the Geo you're wearing That I'm wearing those have been really Effective so when I tried this this is a Small one that was on the back of a Phone and it just blew me away I was Really surprised at how much improvement I saw I'll show some of those studies in A moment but I was really surprised at How much improvement we saw with those So Tom this is basically a passive Device in other words it uses the Environmental energy of cosmic rays or Radiations coming from plants or animals Or the body to activate it and we're Going to go into that a little bit more In detail in a moment because I've Discovered now there's actually a very Strong power source that we can use to Activate these things besides the body's Energy and we're going to go into that a Little bit later when we get into how This thing's working but can you tell us A little bit about some of the Experiments that you've done in the past I know that you've had some incredible Results with this already all right well I've been working with these types of Antennas for maybe 30 plus years When we first Uh started working on them in 1986

Basically there used to be little gaps In here in the traditional antennas and The first ones we actually put a little Reciprocal strip across the Gap in the Back which make each coil Self-resonating like lakovsky's single Wire coil and then they each go against Each other and over the years everybody Sort of dropped the back one and so I've Reintroduced it in this new design and We've added other geometric Perfections To it working on it yeah so what we Found is is when we were first Experimenting with it of course we had To do the artwork get the perfected Artwork to make the antenna and so we Just started we started making stickers With the artwork just for fun and we're Like putting the stickers on Like Sprout jars where we're sprouting And experimenting with antennas and what We found was is that The pattern itself made the sprouts grow Stronger and faster wow so if we put a Sticker with the pattern on it that Would happen to the Sprouts between a Control experiment that didn't have them On there But the antenna was stronger and I think That's an important point because a lot Of these uh Sort of devices people are using for EMF Are basically symbolic And we've shown in our experiments that

You do get results but these antennas These phone antennas they're real Antennas they're copper and gold right This is actually a printed circuit board Yeah yeah they're Precision frequency Independent antennas and we would Experiment with like wine we put a Sticker on a bottle of wine we have two Identical bottles of wine and I'd tell People hey look I got these two bottles Of wine I want you to tell me which one Tastes better and generally people would Pick the one with the sticker even Though I didn't know it when I'd show Them they go wow can I get some of those Stickers do they want to make their wine Taste better now tell me some more about Some of the experiments you did I know You did some with some cultures yogurt Cultures or milk oh yeah we did some With milk so I'd take like two glasses Of milk and leave them just open on a Windowsill in the Sun Um it would get a bit of Sun during the Day but sort of equal And there was a small antenna under one And none under the other in about three Days they and this is open air the milk That was on top of the antenna just Perfectly cleanly separated into Kurds And Whey the other one got all lumpy and Moldy it's sort of like pyramid energy Or something like that and we know that It's the golden ratio itself and also I

Had a large antenna like a 12 inch one In my garden actually sitting on one of Trevor Constable's old geometric weather Tubes from his early experiments and What we found is like our asparagus Would grow towards that instead of the Sun you know coming from around the Different size they were like pointing Up towards the antenna now I know you Did some structured water results or Somebody somebody did some for you what Was that about right oh there's this Amazing researcher in New Zealand Veda Austin I met her at International Water Conference and she's been sort of Carrying on and expanding on masuro Emotos Water crystallization in ice experiments Been absolutely phenomenal I was just Blown away at some of what she had done At her poster session at this conference So just say hey look I said here's one Of my antennas I thought just if you Want to have some fun do it and she's Recently sent us the result she would Take spring water Crystallize the show with a pattern then She put in front of a Wi-Fi again we Loses the pattern then put our antenna On the patterns there Take tap water put it on our antenna and Then you get the perfect Crystal and These are short-term exposures you were Talking a minute or two wow this isn't

You know somebody's got to sit there for An hour or two Seems like this antenna might be like Smoothing out those waveforms a bit at Least how our cells are perceiving them Because our body seems to relax and we Had much much higher scores across the Board with the HRV what's your opinion On how this is working That's a good question I've really been Thinking about a lot since seeing the Tests because I would like to say even Though I've been working with these Antennas for 30 years I never developed Them commercially I do them because I Like working with them myself and I tend To make a little batch and give them out To friends to experiment with since Seeing the test I was actually blown Away when I saw your results to actually See the biological response on the HRV And the gdv the gas discharge Visualization experiments that in itself Has fascinated me and I've really been Trying to think out what the mechanism So yes in general I think that The phone waves are basically driving This antenna it's just harmonizing What's ever in the area because it is a Very powerful frequency independent Antenna but there could also be some Concomitant sort of biological reaction Just being in proximity to the antenna As well because we know that it has

Those effects Well we don't know exactly why they work But I definitely can guarantee that they Do work I mean we've seen it both with The gas discharge the carillion Photography and also with the HRV so Let's have a look at some of those Studies and I'll go through those real Quickly for you so you can see for Yourself what these things are doing Today I'm going to test the life force Energy coming out of my hand phone I'm Using the experimental Life Energy meter Which tests The Prana or the chi of an Object so when I get close to this You can see that I have Chi energy Which is measured by the meter now when I place the hand phone on there It goes up to 100 but that's my qi Energy and when I let go then it goes Down to zero so today I want to test the Bioark disc and find out if it will Change the amount of life force or Harmonize the frequencies coming out of The hand phone so I'm going to place the Bioarc disk on the sensor and now I put The hand phone on there And 100 percent look at that amazing So it's holding the life force or Changing perhaps the frequencies coming Out of the handphone Into a life-giving chronic energy which We've seen in the gdv

The gas discharge visualization Krillin Photography we've also seen it with the Heart variability testing the HRV Testing so this is just another way to Look at it but it seems to be like all Of these tests are coming up to the same Conclusion which is The bioarc disk is creating A harmonic field So look at the energy resources on the Left and the right the big increase in The drop in biological age the spine Straightened out And look at the aura it just brighten Right up and the meridians came way up Into the green almost all balanced again The energy resources Way up and the biological age went down Which is a good thing spine straightened Out and the aura got brighter and bigger And again meridian's balanced out Repeat over and over energy resources up Biological age dropping Spine corrects in most cases Aura gets Brighter And meridians get better Now it's not going to fix everything a Hundred percent but it's way better than Just holding onto your hand phone The difference is just amazing in every Single case Look at the spine on that and the aura The straightened right out and almost All the meridians balance right up let's

Look at the overall health index from 61 To 94 percent from 33 percent to 57 Percent 41 to 56 percent 27 to 42 Percent 61 to 71 percent And the gdv the gas discharge carillion Started at 99 without a hand phone drops To 71 percent and then balances back up To 85 percent So without holding the phone started at 97 holding a phone dropped to 85 percent Balanced back up to 98 with the biorc Disk [Music] Now in my next video I'm going to show You how to really up your game because I Tested not only the bio Arc disk but a Bio-friendly frequency generator the QI Organizer together with it and that put It like at the top of the charts so in My next video join me in a few days Watch your email for another link and We're going to show you how to really go To the very top I want to thank you for joining us and I Would like to ask you to share it with Five people this week that you think Could benefit from reducing their EMF Pollution from their phone Thank you again for watching and stay With me [Music]