Fortune Teller & Ghost Newsstand

By | November 26, 2022

Fun display items, Fortune Teller and Creeepy Hollow News Stand
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here some more Fun items here's a very interesting Little uh again you can put this on your Desk I have all these kind of things I Mean they're Halloween decorations but It's Halloween for me all year round and Here's a fun thing here old news these Are very well made Um this is from creepy hollow you can Find these uh eBay and other places Um and this is a little boost and our Newsstand and you can see how it says There you can see the bottom there There's an eye a pumpkin on the side we Have fun stuff we sell Guru boo York Times reader digest Terror Tribune and Play ghoul uh so that's kind of fun and Then of course you have it on the back Here Um And these are relatively inexpensive and They're fun things to collect I put These on my desk and around my home and Here's another little fun thing I'm not Sure who makes this I can't really find I don't remember who made this but this Is one of these fortune telling things Again what's nice about this Um that doesn't do anything other than The bulb they're lighting up I don't Know if we can see that better but the Bulb lights up in a blue fashion here There's a button on the bottom here Let's turn it off

And look at it again it's hard to tell With the light here but Um this is nicely made as well if I Remember correctly this is a little Expensive 25 or 30 dollars for this I Don't know if that's necessarily but It's a fun item Um fortunes has the ball five cents and Of course these are electric so you just Click it on and you can see from there You can see the blue light kind of Shining up so there there's a blue light There and it's a cool thing to put on Your desk or in on your Um Workplaces next to your radionic machine Anything that kind of stimulates your Interests anything that you can actually Make things a little more interesting is Always nice so Um you've got the question marks here You got fortunes up there five cents Know where that came from what is that From uh Lucy Um And it's a well made little item like All these things they use these little Coin batteries so if you want to use These a lot one of the problems is it's Going to cost you a bit for that but It's fun uh and another of the many fun Items that are out there enjoy