Exploring Radionics Episode #11 | Projecting the manifestation of an entity using Radionics

By | July 11, 2021

Vincent Sanchez has been a friend and client for years. After working with JSGarrett's radionics equipment he has come up with some pretty brilliant ideas on how to implement radionics to project the manifestation of an entity so that the naked eye could see said entity!

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[Music] All right what's up guys i'm js garrett And i'm here with my good friend vinnie And we're going to get into some cool Radionic experiments that uh That vinnie's been working on for quite A while as well as some new toys that he Sent me So how you doing brother good js how you Doing I'm doing great man i'm doing great i Appreciate you uh making time to jump on And chat with me here you know you and i Have been Been talking for a couple of years now About different experiments and Different things that we're working on Together and you've really made some Badass breakthroughs and uh you've Helped me make some as well So i wanted to get on here and uh pick Your brain and chat with you about some Of the new projects you're working on And all that good stuff Sure yeah let's let's talk about it cool So uh you've been getting into radionics Pretty heavy and uh of course i've been Doing the same thing You know i kind of kind of figured out a While back After reading uncle chucky's books that There really was no difference between Radionics and magic you know it's just Like two different

Techniques or methods that achieve the Same ends You know so we've been trying to trying To merge those two together With things like evocation and spell Casting and stuff like that to really Amplify the power of both of them so Something cool that you sent me Was this little wire with these little Alligator clamps On it and this plugs into a radionics Box And uh this is really cool so i mean There's something that we were talking About off camera here is you know like Say Say i've got like a like this incense Burner And let's say i wanted to spill some Blood or something like that In here and then hook it up to my Radionics machine to feed it to a demon Or something You know you can just hook these Alligator clips onto The metal incense burner and you have a Whole another radionics plate Right here the to to add things too so i Mean is that uh Tell us tell us what made you come up With that dude well i i came up with That i i I made this uh this copper sigil out of Um

Well it was basically a a piece of Copper plate Um i made it of uh suntalaq i sent you One and then I kept on myself so they're you know They're basically sisters Um and every every so often i I prick my finger just like you show on Your videos and and drop the the blood Onto Syntalic as a uh the syntax sigil copper Sigil as a as an offering And i've noticed that uh you know it uh It kind of like has has a pretty good uh Effect To it and uh what i liked about it was That um I was like oh this is this is this is uh This is neat it's made out of copper And all that and then when i started Seeing your um some of your Inventions with the uh well the the side Plates that plug into the Um the radionics box i was like well I've got this copper sigil of of Of suntolic and i just figured well i Can plug that in uh To the to the machine and then Offer the blood on there and and uh and See if that actually amplifies The uh the effect that i'm that i'm Looking for and And business is pretty good lately So uh i have to say that that i'm

Thinking that's A a big part of it and the the funny Thing that i've That i've realized when i'm when i'm Doing that Is that um the blood dries uh Uh in a certain way and normally on the On the plate but then when um when Now that i have it hooked up to the uh To the Radionics box with the with the Alligator clips you know offering the Same Amount of blood on there that the blood Dries differently So the there is actual physical energy Going from the radionics box uh pumping Pumping through those wires um Put onto those those alligator plates i Mean those alligator pins Uh onto the copper plate and um i sent You a couple of just Some small little coins that i that i Stamped out yeah Right here little copper coins that you Sent me oh yeah And so uh the my my theory behind that Is uh You know you know if you don't have the The The piece with the with a sigil drawn on It that That one you can just use as a blank Plate and you can drop

Whatever you want to drop on there Whether it's your own blood Um if you want to do um a painful action If you want to drop Some some painful elixir on there or Some goofer dust on there Pipe it in to your you know into the Radionics box And uh over to your over to your target You could do it for Either painful or positive You'd plug this into the input plate And then hook the alligator clamps Onto a couple of these copper coins here Oh my hands are kind of sweaty there we Go and so if this is plugged into the Input plate and you got that sitting There then you have actually Now you have three input plates so It's all feeding into the output so what You're saying i could put some doom oil On this one And some goof or dust on this one and Then put my Sigil of a painful spirit on the actual Input plate And then i'm feeding all three of these Into the single output plate so It's uh correct it's a way to add to Your machine and it's something that You know anybody can pick this up for a Couple of bucks and put it together Yeah so it's not expensive the the Tricky part is that

Is the uh is the plug you've got to get The right plug because there's i found Out when i was like Looking for the that actual plug right There yeah um you've got to have the Right one that That that gets into the adapter and and Uh I took there's there's so many of them So i took the one that uh that was That i got with the uh with the wish box With the extra Um with the extra plate on it and i took It out down to the uh I couldn't even find it at the hardware Store i found it at a specialty shop But uh they were able to find it i said Yep that's the one that you want so i Pulled it all apart and figured oh i Gotta i gotta Solder these things on there with the With the soldering iron And then put them together and then and Then i figured okay we've got got the Two alligator clips here And then go to town yeah no that's Perfect it's not crazy but it's not i Mean it's not crazy hard but it's It's very doable uh well i mean that's What i love About the radionics system is that They're They're very forgiving and they're very Versatile and

You can uh yeah once you figure out how They work Or how to take them apart or modify them Or add to them like you get it gets Really fun to experiment with these Things And you know i i find that You know it it's like as long as you get The dials Set correctly the box does exactly what You want it to do Like nine times out of ten you can Predict the outcome of what happens And so yeah yes it's a lot of fun to Play with That was that was the hardest part for Me was actually doing the That stick plate i was going okay well i Gotta rub this thing Um and then i you know turn the dial and Until it actually stuck and i was like Am i doing this right am i doing this Right And then finally i was like oh okay yeah I i feel this i feel the stick Um and then it took me a little while But when you said it's just like Dowsing i've got dowsing rods that you Know that i That i play around with um and I was like oh okay it's just like the Dowsing rods and when you When you get when you get the right Answer they they actually literally

Cross over Yeah it's kind of kind of cool that that It does that i showed that to Various people and they're like i can't Believe that you do that well it's not That hard anybody can do it as soon as i Give them the rods and And have them start um dowsing On their own they're like oh yeah this Works yeah Yeah um speaking of dowsing rods you Know my daughter Has taken an interest in dousing Recently and um So i gave her my dowsing rods and i Showed her how to use them and You know how to how to talk to you know Her spirit guides with them and things Like that and after After she practiced for a couple of days I'm like okay now i'm going to show you How to get good at it here So i took five envelopes folded a dollar Bill up and put it inside one Shuffled them up when she wasn't looking And laid them all out in the line on the Floor And i was like okay now you simply ask Where is the dollar And then you walk across the envelopes And they'll cross When you are over top of the dollar She's like okay you know she didn't Overthink it or anything she found the

Dollar every time Out of five envelopes like she'd find it Found it on the first try so i shuffle Them back up And put them out in a different order And i could not stump her dude like she Could find it every time she's probably Better at it than i am as a kid Usually usually kids are you know if you Don't give them Any expectations and you just say hey Look this is what i want you to do and Just And then do it just like you did they'll They they will amaze you yeah yeah it's Like you know You know part of me whenever i find like A new magical technique or a new magic Spell You know like the scientist in me wants To break it down and analyze it and Figure out exactly how it works you know Why does it work How does it work you know and then once You understand the mechanics then you Can start adding to it or Taking that you know system or technique And creating other spells out of it But i almost think that that magic can Be more effective if you don't Understand how it works And you don't question it like so i mean If i give you a simple spell You know like you know do this do this

And say this At this specific time and a miracle Happens and you're like okay you know You kind of go into it with no Expectations You just follow the instructions and say What you're supposed to say and Boom you're like holy it's magic You know And i had that holy moment not too Long ago I told you about it um it was with my Sister Um she was diagnosed with a um with a Four millimeter mass on her kidneys And which is actually pretty pretty Sizable And so she went in for she was gonna she Had her appointment to get set up for To go into to get it operated on and to Figure out you know what it actually it What it actually was at the time and say Okay well This is this is the course of action That they were going to have to To actually use um and i just Used your techniques off of um Off of uh you know summoning raphael and I asked her i said hey Do you want me to try this and she said Yeah let's try it so We drew the she drew the sigil of Raphael on her kidney Uh on her the affected area um

I went out and purchased a uh uh A little uh statue it was about a foot Tall Of raphael and then i i called him in You know i i lit candles called him in Offered him Um some of you know just just exactly Like what you said I didn't overthink i'd never i had never Done that before i had never called Raphael before But you know just following your ins Your basic instructions Um called out to him did the Did a a basic right um What i did was i was i was very Uh it was very heartfelt you know come From the heart you know Speaking everything all the incantations Shoot the next day she went in for her Operation And the surgeon went in there cut Literally cut her open Uh went into uh arthroscopically to look For the the mass The mass was gone he's like i don't know Why you're here It's you're you don't have anything here And um totally since her home totally Disappeared And that's overnight you did it the Night before surgery i did it the night Before surgery Yeah and there are x-rays and all this

Other to prove that there was a Mass there Yeah it was a four millimeter mass So i mean that's that's a genuine Miracle you know like Obviously yeah beer overnight that's a Genuine miracle Right that's funny yeah dude yeah so It's When you don't over like you said when You don't overthink it it's And and you go at it uh genuinely from Your From your heart you can you can make Miracles happen Yeah yeah and i i've heard this saying Multiple times i don't know who Who the person was who actually coined It but you know When you're when your thoughts marry Your emotions then that's when you make Miracles happen You know yeah so it's uh that's really cool dude And once you do something like that You're hooked you're like oh Yeah you're like man i could do anything Now it's like no matter what life throws At you you feel like you have something In your toolbox To call that with and that's that's the That's the power that magic gives people When they actually pick up the sword and Wield it

You know yeah and and i i was so um Beside myself i should say when when That happened that i you know the The the following day when she told me i Was like okay now i got to go do a Another ritual to to to thank rafael for For for intervening the way he did that You know Because i i felt like i didn't do it i Was just kind of a facilitator to You know for to have him go and do his Intervention and Go do whatever he needed to do that's Awesome Nicely done man yeah thanks i love Hearing stuff like that Um the other thing i wanted to to get Into you with Or get into with you is uh a new project A new experiment you're working on With radionics and incorporating an Actual visual Machine so uh can you kind of Tell us as much as you're comfortable With what you're working on yeah sure Yeah that one's kind of my uh kind of my Baby right now i'm i'm I i came up with it um A little over a year ago i went in for a Um For a hernia operation and and um I was like oh man i gotta i gotta i Gotta get through this and they gave me Pain pills and

I was like oh well i don't really wanna Take the pain pills because i'm like not The Type of person that is like right now Yeah just like give me the drugs and let Me let me just like veg out okay I got to get better and get out get back To get back to work so I was laying there one day in in pain And And uh it was kind of a called I called out to a to astarte and to Say hey give me a vision on how to On what you actually look like what do You actually look like And um It was like almost it was almost like a Download i haven't i I wrote it down um Kind of like mapped it out and uh came Up with uh With the idea of how to actually come up With a physical Manifestation of a of an entity That being said it's it's it's it's Involved it's Um what i'm trying to do is is Get the actual sigil of of a deity Let's say for for this instance it's a Starkey you know the Star with the lines circles on it um What i what i want to do is convert that Into a into a computer file and then From the computer file

Uh pump it into the uh the radionics box Now from the radionics box you know I'm coming up with with another Within with another um [Music] Piece of equipment that uh kind of like The the um the alligator clips that i Sent you But that's going to go into like a like A A generator and then that generator Actually Pumps out um the uh The the actual image or the um The essence of the image into back into The Back into the computer and then the Computer generates Um an image yeah and then that and then That Image is is um Actually converted to a uh convert it to A file And it it can be projected into a Hologram So the theory the theory Is you start with a sigil you go through All these processes Um with the um with the rate and the Radionics box is right in the middle of It And at the end you get the actual image Of The uh the deity that you're wanting to

To summon so it's like converting taking The sigil and converting it into a music File Running it through a radionics box Through a holographic projector and Getting the actual image of the spirit Basically that's what it is yeah and Then i've i've actually um I started once once i got that that Basic concept down i was like going i Started Uh researching it cymatics is is uh is Uh Is the science behind it and so i went And got us a Cinematics machine and i'm gonna start Playing like that just arrived so i'm Going to start playing with that too And seeing what uh what we can come up With and It could be a it could be that the uh That the sigil is actually the signature And then the the cymatics is the you Know Is the the is the frequency that that Generates the image And then once we generate the image we Can we can convert that to a uh To a computer file and then the computer File uh Is is generated through the through the Hologram and and we get the The actual image of the of the entity so That's that's awesome because i'm always

Telling people they're like well i Summoned the spirit and the spell worked But i didn't see them And i'm like yeah well i'm like well the Spirit's not to poof and appear like Darth vader on a hologram And so i mean what you're talking about Is actually making the spirit appear Like darth vader on the wow That's where i got the idea because i've Been doing these uh these ceremonies and I'm great well I'm not seeing a physical i'm not seeing A physical manifestation of this Of this entity and then that's when i Started talking to a star team i was Like How do i actually see you and then so That's the theory behind it let's let's Uh it's still theory right now i'm Working on it and And hopefully soon that will it'll come To uh Come to fruition and in actuality and And then uh And then we can put it on jsgo.com hey I'm totally down for that i can't wait Um well i have no doubt that once you Build this machine It's going to do something phenomenal Like uh there's really no way that it Could not Have a profound effect now i mean as far As what the image will

Look like i have no idea you know this Is all experimental stuff But i definitely think you're you're on To a badass idea here I wouldn't be surprised if there's some Secret underground government Testing facility doing something similar To this right now You know that's too cool it could be who Knows Oh yeah man oh yeah well um yeah so i Mean is there anything else you want to You want to leave us with before we Before we wrap this up Um well let's see i i just uh Am an extreme admirer of yours and Barbies and i think that you guys are Doing such a great job on The field that uh you guys are Trailblazers and And we're just you know wanting to To follow in your footsteps and not Everybody is the same And you just got to follow your own your Own path and But you can take bits and pieces from From people like yourself And and that's kind of what i've done And i've been Very fortunate on the on the stuff that Uh That i've done with you And learned from you and i just really Appreciate

It well dude that's that's too kind of You to say i appreciate You as well and you're a trailblazer Yourself My friend like uh you're you're like What we were just talking about like You're working on that nobody's Even thought of yet man so you're like You're taking these techniques that are Working for you and then you are Building something like a whole Completely different beast here So um yeah yeah i learned from you too Brother And i appreciate it and uh yeah we'll Have to get on and do this again in the Future i can't wait to okay you're gonna Keep me posted on this project Whenever you're ready oh yeah out man I'll be honored to have you on to show It off No not a problem i still want to pick Your brain on a few On a few items so well sure definitely Do that But i'll go ahead and uh wrap up the Recording thank you everyone for Watching And stay tuned because we're going to be Uh we're going to keep doing this we're Going to keep dropping awesome content Hail the infernal empire You