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By | October 13, 2022

Personal Energy Reading foretell world energy problems. Where are everyones energies at this time? VERY FASCINTING SURVEY!
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here I want to Talk about uh the new energy readings And you know I do many energy readings Per week and have been doing this for uh Many years and I've also tracked Research and I think it's important for People to understand you know what's Happening to the energies and this re of The general public and this really tells Us where everybody's going what's Happening in the world in general and we Certainly uh it's not surprising uh that These kind of readings have went from Fairly poor to worse I mean we've had Two three years and it still continues Of these quote epidemics uh that are Going on and of course this isn't going To get any better as we get stronger and Stronger mutations and we still don't Really know what's going on there you Know every year most people would get The flu and this has not changed we are Told that there is a worse flu now now This there's no substantiation of this There does seem to be Um even people that are relatively Healthy going from bad to worse with all Sorts of lung problems that initially Kill them there does seem to be a Validity of that but statistically uh What I've been told by doctors is the Fact that These things are mostly and Bill Gates Just came out and stated that these

Things are mostly affecting people in Their 80s and the average death is we Just don't know and of course we just Don't know about anything that these Have to do with but in terms of energies Well you can't verify anything in life You've got two groups of psychotic Maniacs uh giving you information uh Which all proves it you can't believe Alternative people and you can't believe What the quote government tells you so This is all a factor that we have to Take into consideration Um so what is happening here well as Usual we used to find people crossed or Blocked extremely called a cross Condition and of course you can go to Our actual description of all of these Reading information on the the channel Here and I will put a link to the Playlist underneath this video so the Whole idea is that people are now almost Entirely one up from level two cross There's three conditions everybody's Kind of cross meaning you have negative Energy around you which would be a one Um almost everybody was up to a two a Few years ago now everybody is up to a Three meaning you're at a level where This is hurting your life you have so Much negativity around you that it's Hurting your manifesting abilities and It just really depends on several Factors how quick and fast this erodes

You it's kind of like an energetic Cancer that builds in you so if you stay In a cross condition uh while your life May not be that bad right now and you May not have physical and spiritual and Mental illnesses now your Prime Candidate for it it's as simple as that And we're pretty much finding that Everybody is at that level uh so this Has to be cleared out in your life and This is going to cause you prob problems Either initially or long term The other thing that I've been checking Recently here and finding some Disturbing results with that as well as The energy flow to the third eye and the Chakras now these uh per subtle energy Physics is kind of what moves all the Energy in you at least some of the areas These have been over Given credit because there's an awful Lot of different energy fields that are Working through your body but you could Call these kind of your core ones your Third eye Is important to pick up uh essential Important data higher Consciousness data And to move the flow of energy around You Um of subtle Energy Products Particularly uh using radionics and Other things uh is affected through the Chakras as well so these are all the Things that are very important in your

Life and the average person has these Energies blocked by 60 to 80 percent of Course this is going to cause cross Conditions or at least make them worse And this is going to cause your Manifesting capacities in your life to Be dramatically reduced again it's Setting you up for all the other Problems coming in live now we also have Been checking people for alien implants Which are extremely rare at this point And past life problems are extremely Rare as well I'm a little bit surprised That both of these figures but Apparently past lives don't hurt most People seriously in this reality and They really shouldn't certainly there is A percentage of people which don't seem To be coming to me that have past lives Problems Um and that affect them today and I I Come in contact with this maybe one Every thousand people they can see how Rare it is and I haven't ran into an Alien implant in about five years so I Don't know if those activities are down As well or those people are hiding or Being told not to contact me so we can Disable the alien implant which we're Able to do radionically So both of those areas are kind of Interesting but don't seem to be Affecting people very much some past Lives which are not really meant to

Affect you today it's supposed to teach You then and you bring that kind of into Your Modern Life and that's a long Subject I won't get into right here but Doesn't seem to be a big factor right Now manifesting abilities now Manifesting abilities are very Interesting uh information because this Is how you can manifest in the energy Fields you're at right now Now what's interesting is being crossed Doesn't initially knock that down to Zero but as being crossed is this Energetic cancer it will actually affect You in the future and that means you're Manifesting abilities will be reduced Down now most people's manifesting Abilities are at what we call low normal On a scale of one to ten uh most people Are at a four to five now this is pretty Much five being normal for is low normal So uh so this means that depending on Your situation depending on what's Happening in your life you still have Some pretty good blockages it means that Life is starting to become a struggle to Manifest with there's a lot of Negativity and you're starting to get More failures yet you're operating at What is considered low normal five of Course is normal and that means you have Normal life problems nothing is standing In your way to stop life aggression Dramatically you certainly aren't a high

Manifester if we want to look at people That are high manifesters really Successful people They are seven eights and nines okay This would be people that are the super Rich Bill Gates Etc I mean basically They can do no wrong and they're not Going to be hurt by that so these are The kind of people so if you're very Successful you're making really good Money and everything else it means that You're one of those rare people that are Up in that high level of manifesting Abilities Uh so this is very important your life And this of course interacts with your Chakras your third eye and your cross Condition so you need to understand how All of this works together Some people of course getting back to Um the area of attacks some people are Under psychic attack and they may not be Crossed as of yet again this is Relatively rare and of course cross Conditions if they continue to go can Turn into actual Um curses because you get so much Negativity that it starts to go from a Blockage into a Spiritual cancer-like condition where it Starts to reproduce themselves so this Is all something we have to be very Cognizant of Keeping all that in mind is something

That we need to work on with all the Realities of that so these are again Your energetic body is telling you what Your future is how things are going to Manifest in your life so it's a very Unique reading we don't go into what is Your finances now what is the future in Terms of some sort of quote psychic Reading these are energy so if your Energies are going in One Direction Meaning they're negative then that means You're going to have negative Manifestations of the future or serious Problems So um we also check your health Abilities as well and again most people Are at that low normal of four means You're not quite sick but the whole idea Is that you were open to the Possibilities of things happening to you Because you're not really even out of Five you're not even at average which Meaning you're doing okay so we do have To keep that in mind The other area of course is uh the Basically what we call the winnetko The evil energies around you now this is Very interesting you may have people in Your life you may have products in your Life that are in your house or doing Activities because you're in an industry That generates a lot of evil precedence Around you this could be anything for The medical industry to

Um the many different on law Enforcements that are out there or Military all these things these are Negative practices or you're around These people you could be a supplier to These people and taking in their Energies So this kind of and there could be just Evil energies around you for one reason Or another are you involved in negative Processes are you taking uh drugs that Tend to draw evil spirits to you are you Involved in negative religions and Belief systems well that covers the Whole planet doesn't it So so it really just depends on this of What kind of presence you have around You a lot of people have different uh Things that they purchase this could be Anything from an orgone machine uh to Cursed items oh I wanted to buy that Spirit item you know that has a succubus To it or what they call a sex demon to Draw you out but you're gonna get laid But the point is the people that make These things are very evil people and They send that evil to you oh what an Exchange how nice Pay for evil to be brought in your house But don't think Um that getting in contact with people Is inert that nothing happens you deal With negative people you deal with their Negative tools you're going to take that

Negativity in now how it affects you is On developed on many levels evil Presences can increase or create a curse And can make your yourself sick and uh Create highly cross conditions or make a Cross condition much worse now moving on To the other areas which are spiritual Viruses parasites Etc now this is a Serious problem in the human bio system And gets worse and worse we believe that These have been uh Implanted in people everything from this Goop they drop in the sky to so many Other things that people have gotten Injected in them Etc that there is a Parasitical nature to them uh that has Created this not to mention the fact That there's lots of parasites all the Time anyway your food supply is not very Good either all of this becomes a Serious problem parasites are fairly Normal and basically the smartest entity On this planet and they will get you So uh so all of those things there and There are ways to take care of this at a Basic level we're working on Advanced uh Practices here but uh parasites have Been linked just about ever to Everything you name the illness you name The mental problem well there are heavy Parasites and people that have serious Problems uh spiritual physical Etc we Found that there's a high level of Parasites in them things that carry

Serious parasites are things like cat Poo and cats are the most popular pets Out there so handling cat poo having Cat Boxes in your house you're getting a Certain amount of that in the air but if You handle them and everything else you Get parasites and they go to your brain How nice so we do have to be very Careful of these types of parasites that Are out there including all the normals Uh there are worms there are other Things and few people understand if Worms get in your body you're not able To kill them you only can kill their Eggs so your Perpetual host to a worm That's in your system pretty scary People of course we've been dealing with The viruses and other things as well and Funguses for a long time viruses which Basically Medical Science refuses to Come out with any type of treatments for Them Um are still a serious problem now we Talk about all these things as well but What is a virus what is a parasite what Is everything else it just is not the Case So Um we need to fully understand that uh To what's going on and this includes Funguses and everything else and these Are what create planets and everything Else Um out there funguses Break Down rocks

Rocks broken down is what's called soil Is and of course parasites are Everywhere and they're near impossible To get rid of especially if we have Sources like your local pet in your House that carries these so you have to Be careful you have to wash your hands And if you have a cat I would recommend You get a parasite test most likely your Idiot doctors are not going to be too Interested in doing that and you'll have To pay for it but it's worth checking Into now there are lots of herbal Parasitics you can take that are pretty Safe go slow know your conditions check With your doctor if need be and see if You can get rid of these at least the Intestinal one so everything is a start As I said we're working on these and While viruses again or something you can Treat herbally and making tinctures and Other things and we hope to have Formulas coming out with these things And turning telling you how to make them Now a lot of the stuff can be made very Inexpensively and we've already talked About this a wee bit and you can get That information on all access which Shows you how to make tinctures Etc but this is your first line of Defense and they could very possibly Save your life and they're easy to do And they're low cost two things I like Easy and low cost so the whole idea if

You take capsules they're very expensive If you were to see what this was um Costing per pound it could be hundreds Of dollars with a small amount of Herbals you get in a capsule so making a Tincture out of alcohol and the actual Ground herbs is dirt cheap and much more Powerful tinctures are important as well Capsules well they are convenient uh Tend to be difficult to assimilate so You're almost wasting your money we need To keep this in mind as a bigger picture But this is something everybody can do On their own we hope to provide links to Certain parasitic herbal formulas that You can buy in places like Amazon and EBay which kind of points you in the Right direction We don't make any of these and we don't Really have intentions of doing that in The future Um but we don't know we may expand into Certain areas so people get potent stuff That we know uh is very effective So these are all the factors and of Course A lot of people are very high in Parasites now we used to pick it up in About 40 to 60 percent of the people now We're picking it up in just about 80 to 90 percent if not even more where people Have high degrees of parasites now you May be even taking Anti-parasiticals and you got to Remember you're still going to come up

With a high parasite reading because There's so much in your body it's Something to always want and don't think Whatever you're taking is necessarily Effective I'm sure it's helping but is It effective is it a tincture are you Using the right herbs and what is out There to actually do this so these are All problems we have to look at because It's not just the problem in which you Think is handling it is it working or Not these are really problems and I go Through the same things in my life now Ultimately we are trying to work on Handling these energetically through Radionics and so forth word this is a Massive research project that requires Numerous bodies to do the research and We just don't have the funding to do That so that's also important why you Support us on patreon and all access any Funds that are generated go directly Into research or I should say not really Research to develop effective Technologies to handle all these Problems we know it has to be done but We need the bodies to do the research This is a time-consuming situation and There's no way around this but to get a Staff that can take care of all the Mundanities that have to be done in any Organization and I can focus myself on Development of effective tools this is All part of the process and what people

Have to understand so this is where Energy readings have gone I'm not Particularly surprised we're living in a Very stressed out world right now with Pending nuclear Wars from satle rattling Russians and Chinese who seem to think The way they handle their problems is by Taking uh the emphasis off of day-to-day Stress into putting it into potentially Nuclear Wars we have nuclear power Plants all over the Ukraine that are Leaking horrible amounts of toxic Energies of course we have the same Problem with Japan and everything else Going on there and all the other nuclear Power plants that are leaking uh which Everyone doesn't want to spend the money On to fix So the whole idea is that it's uh the Amusing part and of course our only Answer to energy now is to build more Nuclear power plants that's what they Tell you Oliver Stone and all the other Boo buckets out there so the uh we have All sorts of serious problems here so The fact that people are highly have More negativity around them that their Immune system is stressed all of this Really isn't overly surprising and of Course the shooting up and the high cost Of supplements and other things that we Have right now as well so what do we do About that well really like Tech knows To do about it and we have any of these

Problems I've already like Tech was Properly supported and we had enough People working on these things and of Course we are still in development with Some really awesome tools and other Things that are out there and we're Moving as fast as we can uh with the Numerous common business problems we run Into which keep delaying us but you know That's part of life uh but uh the inner Organization is moving ahead and moving Ahead well and we are doing uh fantastic Work and we hope to develop some awesome Stuff and release that towards the end Of the year as everything is in Development so uh this is an interesting But not overly surprising fact you know Cross conditions have always been Prevalent everybody has crossed to some Degree uh the fact that it's getting to High levels now and of course uh We've Recently started checking chakras and Third eye uh well of course being Crossed is going to set this down so Your entire energetic body is straining Right now and this manifests itself in a Lot of bunch of negative ways and you're Gonna fight normally with your business Skills with your job with so many other Things that Um you do in life to survive and you're Gonna push those to keep going but if You're not cleaned out if you don't if You don't remove blockages in your life

And bring your energies up eventually These things will erode down you'll have Less and less of everything your Energetic bodies will start to disease This is all part of the process and part Of the real world out there there's a Few things manifest overnight and cause You problems it's generally a long-term Situation that needs to be handled uh in Um In your energetic body where everything Comes from based on subtle energy Physics remember everything comes from The energetic and moves into the Physical it's as simple as that some Those people that handle that uh life in That manner do quite well so be Cognizant of your energy invest in tools That'll help keep you uncrossed open Your chakras and protect you from Negative or curse energies this is your Front line Madeline these small Investments that you will use for the Rest of your life is your life Essence And if you're not investing in those if You're not doing that well you are going To be caught with everybody else Remember your intelligence your Abilities to manifest are hinging on Ultimately your energetic fields and You'll get to a point where those things Don't work well and uh you will then go Into a serious nose dive so we have to Be very careful with all that everyone

Should be aware of these factors and Know what's happening in their lives and Take care of these issues that you can Right away and parasites are not a joke And this is nothing overly new I mean There's been many uh past Physicians who Have talked about the problematic Parasites that infect us all so be aware Be informed take direct action and you Will be able to survive and prosper While the rest of the world Falls and Decays until next time