Energy Instant Cameras – Must Have For Radionic Success

By | November 29, 2022

A look at the three best Energy Cameras with New Energy Plate!
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Well welcome everyone Let's look at the actual uh cameras that Um the three major cameras out there That we use for energy photography I Can't stress uh how important it is to Get a instant type camera otherwise it Needs to be known as Polaroid technology Uh this technology after their Bankruptcy many years ago uh moved into The public domain to a degree or people Bought some of it particularly Fuji Who's been putting out the instra mini Line of cameras over some time and they Have I think there's six or eight Different cameras uh that you can get They all use the same film but there's a Lot of variances of what these cameras Can actually do Um some have different lenses some have All sorts of things here uh and uh there Is the basic camera which is this camera Right here this camera right here is Your lowest level uh Fuji camera out There there's 70 80 dollars but they're Not enhanced we do now have a charging Plate you can put these on to make these Um uh draw in to energize the camera to Pick up more energy which is critical Because you have to be able to connect To the actual uh your target uh for Analyzing it for sending energy and if You're using digitals you're using Um anything really even things such as Blood and everything else are not as

Good as a photograph which holds energy Now blood is energy but after time the Energy tends to go down even though uh Blood on paper does last a long time but It is not Superior to a good camera so These are the most available out there And one of the most reasonable maybe you Can find them inexpensive then get your Plate we have now offered a whole line Of cameras that you should check out There our Premier camera and the best Instamatic Polaroid type camera out There is a limo instant Um they make some really nice cameras They're well made uh here's one that Um was a special model in Gold my own Personal model they come with three Different actual lenses let's see this One is for close-ups and of course when You buy our Advanced uh film Advanced Pro unit you get a lens cover that has a Tachyon on it so you actually get that Here is an actual I guess this is the Um portrait lens is what they call it Here again But you get you have lens covers that We've actually attached Um uh the um Tachyons too to give more energy charge Them up uh we've got some amazing photos Which I will be sharing in the furniture This is a fisheye lens which is Something I don't really like whatsoever And of course you have your regular uh

Lens that is on here and of course Um the um Lomo or uh the Lomo instant uh film Camera and quality is excellent and of Course we have the tachyons all over it And of course on the back as well Tachyons and sacred energy symbols this All is drawing in huge amounts of that Informational energetic fields which Will then uh be in your picture and as Such you'll be able to have strong Connections uh to the actual person or Thing you're working on which could be Yourself and here's our classic camera We've been selling for uh several years Now this is the um Sharper Image camera It's a really nice camera and these uh Have uh been available Um at very low cost in some places Um and uh we've used these for years and This is a very good I prefer this I'm Not a big fan of the Fuji Um and of course they're very easy to Use yeah they just open in the back And you line up the film and this is What the film looks like this is empty Uh this is what a film cartridge looks Like and the film would be here it has This little yellow Mark here and you all The cameras have this uh all three of Them you put the yellow Mark to Yellow Mark see that And then you close it and then if this Was a new one you would hit the actual

Uh you would hit the actual trigger here To take a picture and it would pop out And you would have the Um not a picture but that would remove The protective cover there and then You'd be ready to go and of course I Like these they look more like Traditional cameras you have your Traditional trigger up here your snap uh Um picture taker right there you've got Your viewfinder there Um so it's a real nice sturdy camera and We always I've always liked these and These are available online as well these Don't come with the extra lenses they're Not as nice as this and of course this Again looks like an older classic camera You've got the actual trigger up here The shutter I guess you call that and of Course it has some adjustments on the Side and on the bottoms Etc and explains All that of how they and we can turn This on here let's see if we can can get It you'll see the red light comes on That means that and then it turns to Green meaning goes from preparing to now It's ready to shoot and then all you Would do would be to pull the shutter There and then the film pops out over Here so uh and of course Um there are little uh techniques of how To use these Etc we provide information On that it comes with a little booklet In terms of from the manufacturer of how

It's used let me turn that off you turn It off here and Um We have that taken care of I particularly Um this is triggered very easily these Are super simple you just push it right Here it pops out And uh these types and again this would Be an uncharged one but if you use our New inexpensive plate you put that on There and we're coming out with plates With everything I mean that's the key The and the actual serve as antennas They served as creating and accessing Informational energetic feels subtle Energies are accessed through this you Don't make subtle energies Electronically it's just not the way it Works uh so there's a whole different Realm there's the Primitive ape realm of Electromagnetism frequencies herzian Fields and then there's the very Advanced uh use of subtle energy Fields The etheric ETC so Um so basically as I said you turn it on Uh with it here it pops out and uh the Actual trigger on this one is where is The trigger on this one now it's right Here in front Right there and of course it has a flash So you'd be holding it like this and you Look through here and uh you press right In the front here they all work on

Batteries and again these things just Open up here's what it looks like when There's no film in it and then you put a Cartridge in you'll see it has the old Yellow thing here uh and as such Um the yellow is right there and you Line up the cartridge in it very very Easy to use Um now these don't take great pictures I Mean some people have been able to do uh Some amazing things with these Polaroids There are very large ones now that are Big big pictures uh I guess you'd be six Inches by four inches you can get those As well Um there's a lot of different models That you can get for many hundreds of Dollars and it really depends on whether You want to get into this photography Now it's more than just when you're Taking an energy picture that you're Going to use in a radionic or subtle Energy type machine it doesn't matter What looks like you just take a picture You hold it in front of you you do it Doesn't matter what it looks like uh Whatsoever you're not trying to make Beautiful pictures or even keep them That long energy pictures should be kept Ideally for only a few weeks maybe a Month after that your energies have Changed you should take another one and How do you do that well you can just Take your camera and um hold it right in

Front of your face like this and take The picture Some of them have these actual little Selfie mirrors on them this one has a Selfie mirror and you can see yourself In it and then you take your picture That way Um you just hold it in front of your Face again you're not looking for Something you're going to be keeping a Matter of fact you're going to be Destroying these your leftover pictures Should be destroyed you should take them And get rid of them so no people can use Them shred them cut them up whatever Just to get rid of those energetic Pictures that are sitting around so uh Looking at the three cameras here you Can see now they all take good pictures Uh basically for what we're talking About as I said the importance of having An energetic tachyons uh special scalar Antennas anti-radiation discs these are All the type of things that help you get Better pictures Now when we get into the actual Advanced Professional models where we start Trying to uh take pictures of spirits And so forth you need to have the Different lenses and you need to have Better cameras such as this one and then Of course you go out to areas that have Energy subtle energies in them I've done This in vortexes giant rock I did this

And got a picture of the Integratron Actually showing energy coming from it Quite shocking uh you can do this in Many places go to graveyards take Pictures of places and of course there's Also uh which goes with those uh with Our professional camera you get a a Ghost or a spirit entity little device That creates a electromagnetic field That disturbs the regular natural Fields And as such this tends to bother Spirits Or trigger energies to show themselves And also to Um just cause a little bit of Havoc so It kind of upsets the normal by having Strong electromagnetic fields now Electromagnetic fields are not Spirits They're not ghosts you don't find ghosts By electromagnetic fields but you find Disturbances in the natural fields that Then help these Spirits or aggravate Them to to show themselves or to create Phenomena so you get now there's several Boxes this is one of my older boxes the Boxes that come with the units are um You just take them and place this in Area let's say you were going to uh Actually photograph a particular grave Area or a Vortex well you put whatever Box you have in that area next to it in Front of the gravestone you would just Turn it on all you're doing is putting a Little electromagnetic field that's all You're doing and this again can cause

Phenomena to produce Itself by Aggravating it you could say so it's Just as exciting and as simple as that But everyone should be getting into Spirit and energy photography now you Can start off simple and easy just for Your radionic machines you know all of Our machines or I shouldn't say all of Them at a large majority probably 90 Percent of what we offer uh does require You to have a actual good photograph to Put on it it could be a plate it could Be a machine it could be oils I mean There's so many things that we make and We're making a hole and have for many Years a whole variety of these any Energy kind of discs for different Purposes now these discs uh you are Required tired to put your actual Photograph on let me see if I have my One of these hanging around here Um An actual already used picture Um All of them require you here we go And all these cameras use this size of Films like a credit card size and it Requires you to put that on there and Then you actually close uh and they come In little cases you can use them like This place these under machines we're Coming out with many many of these in The future but generally they come in a Little kit like this you can leave it in

Here really fantastic uh engineering Design I put together here of using Um this kind of it's a nice technology It's a whole little case uh while uh Discs are becoming passe now with people Just using downloaded files which is not Something I particularly love but Um but that's not the point this isn't Really a CD it's an energy and the Energy is there and behind it we've come Up with a new process of putting in very Unusual data into that that triggers the Image but you put your basic picture on Here and you're done now you're sending That energy directly to whomever is in The picture and uh so forth so these are Fantastic developments these are also Able to be produced inexpensively so it Aids everybody and being able to have The tools they need and of course they Are like everything that radionic Tech Makes uh it is a lifetime tool plain and Simple so you're going to be using it For a lifetime it's a small investment These are things that Um benefit you Empower you for the rest Of your life uh do you get that from a 300 pair of shoes or fancy bag or Whatever you spend your money on well These are tools that you have to build Your life up with and as such it's an Investment that pays off a thousand Times uh the price not to mention uh These are things you use all your life

Life is about dealing with energy all The time not just occasionally so hope You enjoyed that kind of seeing all the Three do check out our camera page now Where we show all the cameras and in the Prices we have dramatically reduced the Cost of some you can now get a camera With a charging plate and everything Else for under a hundred dollars I Believe so what a fantastic opportunity Is that now there's no excuse for anyone Not to get one of our particular Empowerments and we aren't really Selling these but you can get an Unempowered one of this which is a much Better camera basically you can get a a A one like this with a plate uh for as I Said under a hundred dollars now you Really need to do this to get the Results that you desire and stop cutting Corners stop printing out digital Pictures uh which do not function in the Subtle energy World well they're not Good and you're reducing your Empowerments by doing that and why would You do that uh people buy machines for Hundreds and maybe even thousands of Dollars and they don't have a camera This is insanity so uh you're not doing It right you're not going to get the Results you want so if you're not Getting results or your results aren't Good and you're using digital I'm going To print it out for my printer it's a

Good dot matrix I got it in 77. uh the Whole idea is that uh this is all Nonsense so follow the proper procedures Get the proper uh high level tools that Radionic Tech offers and you will soar You will be the one who uh prospers in The coming years uh and will be one of The um people who can manifest at high Levels and don't think you can cut Corners you can't cut Corners buy cheap Stuff buy garbage from people who are Satanists and who build really junky Stuff and what do you expect to get from That well you're gonna get lots of bad Energies which will ruin your life go With people who are positive who are out There helping people uh who are trying To assist Mankind in the bigger picture Work with people like that but not only That work with people who are not just Trying to make money but are trying to Change the world and bring the next Level of technology to you the next Level of manufacture manifesting Technology and who is that well that's Radionic Tech and Dr Thor until next Time