E’MF 5G Fix Part 5

By | September 26, 2022

Welcome back to the EMF and 5G fix my Name is Dr Don Paris and I'm the author Of regaining wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions which has really Become the Bible for scalar energy Research through radionics Now if you haven't seen all the Different videos go back and review them Because we have lots of tips and tricks On how you can reduce your EMF exposure [Music] Now in my last video I'd talked about Seeing if I could get Dr Chio to come Back from the future and show us how to Use some of the different testing Devices that we have in our time zone so Let's hear from Dr Chio and see what we Can do with different types of testing Devices So let's look at what happens with Different combinations with wired Keyboards unwired keyboards unwired mice And wired mice and battery versus Plugged in we're going to look at these Different types of combinations now this Is a typical setup here So we've got a laptop computer we've got A detached keyboard And we've got a remote Mouse So first of all let's start using Something So you notice every time I move the Mouse We get more noise here

So let's say we start some internet [Music] And we're getting About two volts per meter sometimes Peaking up to three averaging about one To two between one and two The first thing I want to do is see what Happens with the Wireless keyboard let's say we want to Go to Oh you hear that noise over there you See that Let's say I wanted to go to Google was Your Favorite Spy agency I mean search engine If I remember right Okay So every time I move the mouse we're Getting more Peaks here and every time I Want to type something in Let's look for EMF Research This would be a good thing to check out In your time zone EMF research so you notice every time I Type on the keyboard We get more spikes and more noise here Just like the mouse that's because this Is communicating with Bluetooth it's Radio frequencies So let's have a look and see what Happens if we use a wired keyboard and a Wired Mouse

Okay so now we have the Wired Mouse We've got a wire on it and we've got a Wired keyboard now in your time zone This is probably the best option in the Future we figured this out and we use All scalar electromagnetics to transfer Information and signals which are Completely harmless but in this time Zone wires are probably your best bet so You notice when I move the mouse around Now I don't get any more spikes on the Acousta meter So we're going to just type this in Again Pmf research So you saw a little Spike here and every Time you go and move around on the Internet then the Wi-Fi is connecting so Let's see what happens if we disconnect The Wi-Fi I'm going to turn it off And we'll use a wired Connection so we've got an Ethernet now A lot of computers nowadays don't have a Place for Wired connections so you'll Have to get an adapter You put the adapter in and then you can Plug it into a USB port So now we're getting our internet back On and let's go look for electromagnetic Fields in cancer National Cancer Institute We can close this down And they give a bit of information about

What are electric and magnetic fields What are the common sources of Non-ionizing emfs this looks like it Might be a good page I haven't read Through it But there are definite problems with Emfs and non-ionizing radiation and Cancer now normally the worst problem For cancer if you look into the research Especially around leukemia they found That it had to do with the magnetic Field not necessarily the electric field And we'll talk about that when we get to The electric and magnetic meter over Here okay so you see I can move around I Go to the internet and we've got a Stable amount of watts per meter squared And it's pretty low it's down here in The 10 to 25 it's not too bad but it's Right next to the computer so there'll Always be a little bit so let's have a Look at the electric meter now we're Running between 400 and 500 in volts per Meter that's because the laptop is Plugged into the wall so let's see if it Goes down when we disconnect And just run on battery And that dropped it down quite a bit now We're down in the high 200s 292. That's much better So now I'm going to switch from Electric Over to Magnetic and we'll see how the Magnetism is doing

And we might need to go to a little more Sensitive scale So we're running about 9 to 10 Nano Teslas and I'm going to see what Happens when we unplug the power adapter And we'll see if it goes down Didn't really change too much it's Pretty much the same So I'll plug it back in So we've got power to it and it's pretty Much staying the same so it maybe went Down one point or so but it's just Fluctuating it's pretty solid in that Range So these are some of the things you can Do have a Wired Mouse wired keyboard Connect to an Ethernet via cable And that'll help reduce your EMF Exposure now one good thing I did see Here they have a Qi organizer room balancer which is Great and it has the Hologram card this One has reduced stress and this puts out Biofriendly frequencies which will also Help the body to deal with all these Electromagnetic frequencies better it's A scalar generator like we have in the Future so I really am happy to see this This is really awesome Foreign Of all the places on Earth that you Spend the most of your time it's in the Bedroom usually in the bed so we're Going to test the bed and see what the

Electro and the Magnetic and the high Frequencies are So this is a typical bedroom and we're Going to see what the EMF is in here so As you can probably hear there's not Very much EMF going on here in terms of RF that's Wi-Fi cell phones things like that it's Really down here in the green almost at The bottom when I hold it it picks it up A little bit more but when you lay it on The bed it's pretty darn low Now with the electric Spectrum I'm showing 3.5 when I'm holding it but When I let go of it it drops down to About 1.5 between 2 and 1.5 now that's Floating now remember there are four Different ways you can measure the Electric we've got the floating we've Got the grounded we've got the body Voltage and we've got a 3D which is Pretty expensive and hard to get but at Least we can test both the floating and The grounding so I'm going to plug the Ground in now and we'll see what we get At that point Now we do have some electric lights on On both sides and on the top so I'm Going to go ahead and turn those off and Then we'll check and see what happens to That meter again So on the floating that dropped it down To about 1.41.5 And then we'll see what the grounding

And the grounding actually brings it up To 12. so that means there's some signal Running through the ground outside that Shouldn't affect us in the bedroom while We're sleeping but there is a potential Running through the ground outside Next we want to look at ionizing Radiation which is like nuclear Radiation it's different from EMF Radiation or non-ionizing radiation so In this room it's about 27 28 and that Is a very good reading so it's quite low Here but that's something good to check Out as well because especially like in a Basement there might be radon gas coming Up which has radioactive material coming Out [Music] So now I want to talk about something Very important called Dirty electricity Now dirty electricity is the noise That's on your electrical light normally You have a sine wave that goes up and Down and it's very clean in terms of Hills and Valleys but what's been Happening is that with different devices It adds noise like Jagged edges onto Your electrical line Plug into the outlet and it'll test to See how much dirty electricity is on There but that only tests the hot wire And some of these new filters that are Coming out like the Stetson filter and The Green Wave filter those filters are

Basically like a capacitor that moves That noise over onto the neutral line so It's not actually gone but when you plug The meter into the outlet it shows zero Dirty electricity because it has moved All that noise over to another line so This noise is normally on the hotline of Your electrical line so the best way to Actually test is to use an old-fashioned Transistor AM radio So let's have a look with an AM radio We'll do a little test and see if we Find any Dirty electricity So I turn on the AM radio So the bedroom seems to be pretty clear And that's what you want to have it's Pretty low on all Levels Now we're going to check for dirty Electricity and it should sound pretty Much like this this is pretty good it's Pretty soft Oh there's a little bit of something Going on well let's go see if we can Find that there's something still going On We'll have a walk outside and see if it Gets better It's getting worse I think I'm on the right track here Oh boy there's something going on let's Go see if I can find it Oh yes what is it

Oh oh this could be it Electric powered motorbikes being Charged all right let's see if we can Unplug that and see what happens Oh that got better Okay [Applause] Much better electric power bikes are Great but those Chargers can make a lot Of dirty electricity [Music] Thank you very much Dr Teo that was Really helpful and very fascinating now I remember you once telling me about an Experience you had when you went into The far distant past into Atlantis can You share a little bit more about that With us [Music] Uh this is Dr Chio and I am now in the Middle of what used to be called Atlantis I know you've heard a lot of Theories and there's myths about Atlantis but I can tell you as a time Traveler uh I was there I visited Atlantis and it was very well uh Preserved in the after the volcano Explosion uh Plato wrote about it as Atlantis in his novels and his his Fictional works but this is the actual Site where Atlantis existed There's a very high level civilization For its time They had flushing toilets

Back we're talking 1500 BC And even further back maybe 3000 BC Now I can tell you as a time traveler Some people have speculations as to Where Atlantis was but since I've been able to Go back and forth in time then I can Tell you this is exactly where Atlantis Was situated Now Edgar Casey had a lot of Premonitions and and prophecies he Talked about very high levels of Technology in Atlantis and that their Own technology level LED them to their Destruction but I can tell you it was a Natural disaster it was covered with About 60 to 80 feet of volcanic ash and That put an end to this civilization But we do want to pay attention to What's going on in our own Electromagnetic field and so that's why I wear the the chi organizer which is a Small frequency generator that puts out Bio-friendly frequencies about 30 000 Times per day so The little scalar antenna there and Frequency generator that will emit these Bio-friendly frequencies over and over Throughout your day and if you want to Keep it on by your bedside at night That's what I would recommend while You're sleeping and in your time zone I Think it's really important to pay Attention to not over expose yourself to

Electromagnetic frequencies such as 5G 4G 3G 2G hand forms and e-meters uh the New smart meters So these are the remnants From Atlantis that they were able to Save And they're now in the museum in Santorini Which is the island Where Atlantis was As you can see they had a high level of Art As well as high levels of technology to Make this Art They were highly aesthetic [Music] As you can see from the frescoes from The walls that they were able to save After the destruction from the volcano They were also Friends of the Dolphins Our interdimensional Travelers friends Who can also time travel I see them Quite often when I'm skipping between The different levels of reality so Basically this is all that's left from Atlantis Foreign What's it like to fly in an airplane did You ever do any testing on an airplane So I came back To The flying machine called a 740 47

[Music] Got about On the RF meter And 33 on the magnetic but as I walk Through sometimes you get More Voltage Swipes So I would suggest if you're going to be Flying and you should get one of these Whoa that's pretty interesting well what About like on an electric train are There a lot of emfs on an electric train [Music] So I've got this alarm signal going off Here with very high RF I'm in one of These train things You know where you go down the track And in the future we we know that this Was a real issue so we came up with Things like the QI organizer this is Definitely a futuristic Piece that now we're making available in Your time zone so you might want to Check them out cheat organizer.com so That you can wear them and get some Protection from this stuff That was a fascinating story thank you So much and I'd also like to thank our Viewers for tuning in throughout all These different videos now if you Haven't seen all the different videos go Back and review them because we have Lots of tips and tricks on how you can Reduce your EMF exposure Also I'd like to thank you for sharing

This with so many people we've had a Good increase in our views and I really Really do appreciate it So thank you once again for staying with Me throughout this entire series [Music] [Music]