Dr. Hazel Parcells – Healing System Part 2

By | November 4, 2022

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Okay welcome everyone Dr Thor's back Here we got cut off a little bit here's Part two of the Parcells uh lecture so I'm moving over to uh actually Um everything in a liquid or making Tinctures at it very important because This goes in your body as you said the Actual Um Assimilation of powders and other things Uh is not good even if you're buying Powders saving your money compared to Other things so and of course you save a Fortune that way but you should buy bulk And then make a tincture out of it which Is kind of a pain but it's a way to do It you can put together several herbal Combinations and one other things you Can buy fairly inexpensively and if you Get tinctures liquids uh and they're the Right ones because you're not using that Much so I'm not sure that it may even be Cost effective to get a liquid over Tablets because you're getting basically Many more doses so that's something to Look into as well make your own Tinctures this is all part of the Reality of it that is kind of uh people Overlook so as I said this is a very Practical book there's a lot of good Information here there's a pendulum Chart in the back she talks about Pendulums the type of pendulum she uses As I mentioned there's nothing on

Parasites which she was famous for there Isn't any mention of of every therapies Or radionics or anything else except in Passing so there's no information there I don't know what she was doing in those Areas but those are all things that are In the endangered species list meaning It makes you an endangered species to Talk about that because they will kill You Not a joke So the whole idea is that this is Um so she was into all that so she was Well aware of the energetic factors of Things and measured that as part of her Process she also talks about water here And how you energize what kind of water Is best for you Etc now I have uh some Gripes here as well now she also goes Into purifying your food and again it's Relatively easy you put them in baths of Clorox There are certain new devices I'm going To talk about here as well they have These new ion cleansers you put with Fruits and even meats and other things And we have to of course keep that in Mind Um and we'll talk about that ozonators Etc she doesn't talk about ozone or Ozonators that may have been a No-No Back then ozone was a big No-No and it Was enforced by the FDA I know a guy who Was actually harassed by the FDA because

He was selling ozonators Um so she doesn't talk about that either She steered clear of this apparently she Knows all this and she talked about some Of this apparently in her private Seminars which we will be releasing some Of that in the future maybe I'm not sure Um I know a person who's went to all Those and has a lot of valuable Information we'll see if that is Released Um and whatever fashion but most likely That's not going to be released to the Public and certainly not on YouTube That'll go to patreon and all access Members people that are and of course Get the juicy information so we're going To talk about that in other areas So We need to understand that as well but She goes into most of the things that Are fairly safe in her nutritional and Of course she was an accredited Nutritionist so legally she has a right To talk about that considering she spent Her life studying it Also with her life as I said she talks About uh water and she talks about Purifying you know how do you purify Water and other things and again this is One of these areas that I have a problem With Um and that is the fact that I don't see How you get

Chemical contaminants Out of Water by Just using full spectrum light which is Her main way of energizing and I just Did a water thing and talked about this And I do agree that a distilled water is Energy dead and I never drank distilled Water at least not recently that was not Energized energized by crystals and Tachyons and my special cells which Everybody should have and drop in their Water And I will be coming up with another Video on that showing you this uh which Shows you how I drink and I do I have Added recently a full spectrum light to My already energized through crystals Other things water which is very Important so distilled water is Energetically dead something that is Rain water is distilled water but it's Not energetically dead because it's Exposed to the atmosphere not sure That's good or not but it certainly has Got a little bit of that eight Hertz Resonance in it and it is it does have a Sunlight that goes through the water so Uh even in cloudy days you know the sun Is still out it's not black outside when It's raining so you're getting light Waves so there is an energetic factor in That and full spectrum lights are very Inexpensive and certainly something to Add energy to all sorts of foods now Where I have a gripe with her she states

That you can take physical toxins out of Water with full spectrumide now she Brings a case up that she had a person Who was very sick who was living next to A farm and of course we know it's the Worst place you can live and you know a Lot of places including where I grew up In Southern California was on top of old Farms uh so I I have to think that these Are very toxic areas uh the other Problem is then living in the Coachella Valley the Palm Springs area was sitting At the bottom of an ocean so you get to Breathe in all those seashells that are Ground up to toxify your lungs There's a lot of bad places to live that People don't get it but um She said that this person was exposed to Arsenic now arsenic tends to be in a lot Of farm chemicals and so forth this then Goes into your water and I looked up What arsenic was arsenic is a mineral It's a metallic Substance So I didn't spend too much time receiving But instead of metallic understanding a Lot of people don't understand that Minerals I never thought about this Until a couple of years ago a mineral is A metal Well that's interesting so you know People take copper supplements gold Supplements silver Etc and these you

Know oh yeah that's metal but you know Potassium is a metal there's so many Metals out of magnesium these are all Metals and I never really thought about That so the whole idea is that um and These kind of filter into the soil Because you have the rocks and other Things that give this off or it's in the Soil and generally so all these things Happen that people don't quite Understand but I don't know how shining A full spectrum lie which has a certain Amount of radiation in it is going to Eliminate arsenic from the water Now is that full spectrum life Deactivating the negative energetic Field of the arsenic Possibly she was a very energetic based Person so I don't know but I have a real Problem with that if you have that now Getting rid of full spectrum light which Is basically ultraviolet in many ways uh Will kill all viruses basically that's What they you know they even have blood Purification which should be used where They use ultraviolet to purify the blood And put it back into someone like They've oxygenated blood to do the same Thing so but it basically it works in a Similar way so the ultraviolet and I've Used this for years ultraviolet waves I Had what they call a Kiva light which Was big in the 80s K-i-v-a you can look that up supposed to

Do Miracle things Did nothing person pushed that say oh I Filled my cavities in oh did absolutely Nothing so I don't know if she lived Inside the light or what it was but I Haven't found that these full spectrums Are ultraviolet that do purify the water Had any effect I'm not sure my water was Ever all that filled with bacterium Um so the whole idea is it's not just a Bacterological thing sunlight has an Energetic nature to it which will Enviven earn live what is considered Kind of dead water which is distilled But you got to remember I've always put Tachyons my special cells in there and a Whole bunch of different Crystals and Stones so I'm putting in not only Putting in good energy I'm putting in Much higher energy than that water would Ever have So I've always done that but I just Added these full spectrum lines because Then you're getting in certain colors And other things and you know I put that Over a jug of water and I keep it on for About 10 minutes and that should be Plenty my water does not because it is Distilled have any bacterias in it that I'm aware of but if it does it's getting Zapped so it's something everybody Should set up and as I said I'm going to Have Um a video on that showing you my setup

And what's in there And there are better Stones there are Shapes of stones there's carved crystals It's not just pop a crystal in there but You certainly can get any quartz crystal Point and drop it in there and you're Going to have energy uh that is very Good for that water and that means You're taking it into your bio system by Drinking that water if you want another Level of empowerment the full spectrum Of colors and everything that you get From the Sun Well putting a little full Spectrum light there is a good idea she Also mentioned she had a lamp that she Included some sort of magnetics in now So putting a magnetic field in water Apparently helps it as well I've heard That for years I've always been a fan of Magnetism and you certainly could then Put some magnets around or get a larger Magnet and put it under the water I wear A big magnet all the time and I think This is good for you so it certainly Can't hurt so you got full spectrum you Got a magnets and then you have uh Special crystals and particularly the Tachyon neutrino graviton cells uh that I have uh exclusively know how to make That empowers with this very subtle but Awesome energy So it's bringing the energetic Fields up To a high level So but I don't know how that's going to

Take arsenic out of it she claimed that She told these people to use that light On their water and the person was cured I don't know I don't like that if I've got a metal or A physical toxin in my water I want to Filter it out and then I want to Energetically uh make sure I cancel out Any energetic signatures left behind by That toxin so I'm assuming without any Great detail I'm not sure this author Knows anything about the energetics of Live I'm assuming if I talked with hazel Myself she would say well we're Canceling out the energetic toxins that That gives out to you thus eliminating The toxicity Maybe Interesting certainly fits into subtle Energy physics of which I am one so the Whole idea is it's interesting but I Would prefer to get that out of there so Um so she claims that this will take a Lot of toxins out of things the other Things is that your food are full of Toxins are full of pesticides they're Full of all these other things and by Using uh Clorox bleach and there are new Ionized units there's ozonation Etc as I Said she didn't seem to know much about This at that time or was maybe it was on The FDA hit list at that time which it Was that you're going to pull these Toxins away from uh the fruit it's going To take all the toxins kill all of the

Bacterias Etc but it's going to pull out Toxins and it's going to kill and pull Out worms From your meat and other things by Soaking them in this kind of bleach Thing now I don't know about that either Um certainly is going to kill the viral Or viruses Factor if you soak stuff and Clorox it's going to oxygenate it out of There just like full spectrum light does Ozone Etc and it's a good idea I'm not sure there's anything wrong with That I just started this process and It'd be quite Frank it's kind of a pain In the butt eggs you're supposed to put In these now as I said there's a new Oz Uh I I is ionic device that is very Inexpensive out there that you're Supposed to drop in the water and it the Ions go out there hit the materials and Pull the toxins away and out now this is The same process that you use to clean Jewelry they've had ionic cleaners for Years you drop your jewelry in there and It comes out sparkling because it took All the layers of crap off of there Well ingenious somebody said well we can Do this with food We can take the crap off of food A big gold star to that guy because it's A smart idea and it just shows you that There's always room for new ideas so Basically this is the technology you can Get these things anywhere from 20 to

About 75 dollars you drop them in a Little bit of water you throw your eggs Fruits and other things in there and it Zaps it out and you can kind of smell a Little bit of ozone as well it appears That this unit not only produces ions It's producing an ozonating effect I Prefer my other ozonator which really Puts out ozone and you can get an ozone A generator again for anywhere from About 40 to 80 dollars that's a good Quality unit I've had a couple of them I Have a real nice one now that you can Use it for the air or you can use it to Send down a tube to ozonate whatever you Want but then you use this primer as You're supposed to keep your eggs in There for about 20 minutes so needless To say if you're going to do this Particularly on shopping day it's going To add a fair amount of time to do this So um is it gonna pull anything out is That going to mean anything to eggs well You want to clean the eggs and I don't Think too many people do that you say Well I'm not eating the shells but you Are handling the shells and if there's Toxins or salmonella on there you handle It you may touch the eggs Etc but Generally people don't eat eggs raw so There's not much of a danger so if you Cook those eggs but if you have a toxin On there some fertilizer or some other Things uh you're going to

Possibly transfer that into the eggs Yourselves that are not going to be Cooked away certainly bacterias viruses Etc will be cooked away as it will be With meat because you're using it at High temperature so these are the areas That we have to look at and say well What is the benefit of that because it's A big pain so I will also give you Updates on this as well if there appears To be I will energetically check these Things as well to find out if this Process is something that is worth Taking the time to do one thing is that It's easy and the ionizer unit is cheap Now there's no work involved you create A little bowl of water you put the Device in there you put the eggs in There 20 minutes later it's done and of Course you leave it there and the Ozonated ionated water will continue to Work on that and what is done there well We know that that's gonna as I said Again will clear up any kind of Bacterias and viruses Etc is it going to Pull out and neutralize toxins well I'm Not so sure of that I wouldn't count on That I prefer to filter those out but You get a lot of dirty food there's Nothing you can do about the dioxin That's in the actual egg that was a Pandemic problem in Europe uh everybody Ate and now it's in your body how sweet So and you can wash and ozonate and

Ionize eight as much as you want you're Not going to get those dioxins out of The egg that's in there and you're not Going to pull things out of the egg in General from what I can understand so You're not going to pull any toxins out Of the physical egg by using this stuff On the outside that I can think of I Don't see how that would pull it through Even at a vibrational level uh by doing That so I don't think that's the case Then of course there isn't much detail Of this because this would be something You would talk to an expert like her one Expert to another so I'm not sure what That is but she thinks that this is very Important So we do need to go into that as a well To figure out what that can do and of Course you could endlessly and I am Coming out with different radiantic Equipment to empower energize and Neutralize toxic vibrational energies by Using a particular radionic setting and Putting these things on a plate so there Is a lot to this if you have good Equipment and know what you're doing and Um There isn't too many people out there That know that except me so the Equipment out there is garbage and the Know-how is less than garbage so it's a Real problem when you get into Energetics because it's just an area

That is very little known about Um so what do you do with that now let's Go into uh her history to a certain Extent of a so these are all the things That are a little bit in question does Full spectrum Life Light uh Take the Arsenic problems out of the Water As I said that is something I have to Have proof of Now these people may have that got good Results right maybe their water is Filled with bacterias and viruses when They use the full spectrum light on There they got Improvement because That's what it got after so that's very Very interesting now her history is Quite fascinating as well you've got to Remember this is a great Old Timer she Lived to be 106 but basically Um Her story is It's hard to believe that she was this Sick and she survived So she was very very sick she was a Person who also ran a beauty parlor she Owned a beauty parlor business at that Time Um Which is couldn't be more than toxic Hell with all the chemicals you use to Dye hairs and every hair and everything Else and being exposed to those Chemicals all the time so that's what

She she had her own business and Um Because her husband was a military chap She went to the military hospitals and They diagnosed her to be having Basically two feet on a banana peel and Being poised over a coffin so the whole Idea is that um They did what they could back then I Guess the X-ray showed that my heart had Become enlarged that one of my lungs had Collapsed under the infection because She had apparently she had TB which was Very big back then and something that Um Was very dangerous and very pandemic at The time And then I hemorised away a third of one Of my kidneys The friend which was with me at the time Burst out in tears the doctor said I Should go into hospice and prepare for My death Oh yes That's the that's usually the kind of News you get at your local Baby spanker Um the usual nonsense you get um She didn't take this too soon I don't Know how she was even up and functioning It's hard to believe you can be this Sick and be functioning and she decided That she wasn't going to take this Laying down

And I'm trying to she wasn't really Um At this time And they recommended that she use eggs That she eat a milk and eggs Which probably is a bad idea then Um So once she decided is that after this Verdict and that she's even able to walk She went back to her beauty parlor and Talked with her the people there That worked for her And then eventually closed down that Business Um I know if she sold it or whatever She looked at her life and of course her Eating habits were atrocious And she decided that the course that she Would go on because she intuitively was Told to eat green stuff vegetables For months she ate practically nothing But spinach she ate it fresh and salad Steamed in soups when she woke in the Morning she drank glasses of spinach Juice in a few weeks she was buying Spinach by the gunny sack and using up As fast as she could get it in the house The miracle began to happen shortly After she embarked on the spinach regime Her energy improved a little her back Pain was gone which she was doing Um Three months after she was given the Death notice she started feeling an

Almost normal after six months she was Eating spinach with other green Vegetables like a parsley and asparagus I was a new person I went back to the Fifth Simmons medical military mental Hospital and was the when I had been Declared terminal and they found my Heart had returned to normal my lungs Were functioning again and they couldn't Believe it my eroded kidney had Regenerated itself there were no traces Of tuberculosis I was given a clean bill Of health Wow that's a pretty outrageous story if You think about it I mean she's really On death's bed there and she decided That and that worked for her was just Eating spinach and I looked up spinach And spinach really is loaded with Everything so it is something uh that You could virtually live on and has all Sorts of micronutrients that repair the Body And of course uh being a strict Vegetarian like that which she basically Doesn't talk about in her later Recommendations saying it's okay to eat Meat and other things but again I think That may have been something for the Regular consumption of the public Um but the whole idea is she was able to Cure herself just eating spinach Kind of uh Shocking that that is something that

Could cure you Um So all of this stuff uh was something That um Brought her back to health and changed Her life and saved her life not just by Eating spinach so I have no idea how That would work or not people you know It's a kind of a fast it's kind of a Highly nutritious fast and people have Saved themselves by eating one Particular food only I've heard this Before and this is something that people Do and it's a way of going on a fast Because your body is only getting a Particular supplement all the time and Allows your body to work in a lot of Different areas so it is kind of Fascinating and we do have to uh do it But that's her story in terms of how she Cured herself and of course Um That's really not part of her diet or What she recommends so she's not telling Anybody to do that per se but that's her Story which is quite shocking Is that Real did that really happen Was it that bad You get they tell you're gonna die you Go back to your beauty poly you discuss It and then you decide to do this you Have the physical energy to do that at That particular State well I don't know I don't know I don't trust anybody I

Don't believe anything Um certainly this is an interesting Story and makes good copy and fills your Healing School up uh to do that of Course living to be 106 no matter what You did and there's people that live to Be 106 that drink whiskey smoke cigars And spit in the wind so I don't know a Lot of people Um Are living to that age now to a degree Some people say it was because they Drank whiskey every day some because They had a large degree of olive oil in Their diet So these are all the things that uh Definitely Um are good for you and that's what's so Good about vegetable not vegetable oils But certain oils linseed Avocado olive oil these are really good For you and people that live long tend To have these the uh basically the Italian diet the Mediterranean diet as Often called is high in olive oils which Seem to be very good for you fat To put it another way it's all fat No Low carb all that that's what's good for You so we all know that this is the new Reality and she doesn't really talk About that much but she does wander into It again I think she was a little uh Keeping things down for the masses to

Understand as well So that's kind of her story which I Think is very interesting and I think That Um the entire book of this and uh I'm Going to try and locate this information On soy and find out why soy is so bad For people in terms of because people Are eating a lot of soy and a lot of Things that go into all these um Garden Burgers or a lot of wheat stuff and a Lot of things that really aren't good For you but they do taste kind of good So we do have to be careful of Converting over to high soy diets that May not be particularly good for you and You're trying to get off a meat well the Best way to get off of meat is not to Eat meat don't eat meats that taste like This Boca Burgers and other things which I ate for years and there's so many Other burgers out there are things that Are um you're substituting you want to Taste the death flavor because you're Hooked to it learn to get off of that so Now I've changed my tune on that I used To say well this is a great way to Filter away from it well it is and it Isn't and you have to grow up sometime And say no I don't want to taste death And tasting stinky dirty fat from my Ground up animal ain't the best thing Out there Learn to get your energy in different

Ways so all of that is part of this Person and we'll go into a lot of our Other things as I said I'm going to Report on her baths and other things as I take and go through this program to See how this is a toxicity factor to see What's in there I'm going to do lots of Energy tests to see if these things are How energy rich they are or not and how They work on the body before and after What is your energy level Um basically I like to go on scales of One to ten because it's simple what's Your energy level before a bath after a Bath and what is this doing for you what Is the uh effects of it and Um how does this extend your life make You feel better Etc everybody needs this Your liver your kidneys your heart Everybody out there is screwed up unless You've been some fanatic but most likely If you've been eating the FDA agreed the Food pyramid poison at the bottom poison At the top uh you're not going to be Doing too good you told deed a bunch of Carbs and bread is good for you all the Things that make you fat in which the FDA recommends to feed the cattle to Make them fat is the same diet you've Been on so the whole idea is these are All horrific so probably nobody out There is eating correctly the conversion Over to the keto diet Certainly is an interesting diet and you

Have to be a little bit careful there Too but you know going on to a high Protein high fat diet seems to be Something that the human body handles Well while you don't handle Carbohydrates very few people know that You don't need a single carbohydrate in Your diet your liver makes sugar you can Eat a rock you can eat a piece of Steel Ultimately that'll turn into sugar Because the body will do it your liver Will push and make sugar all the time so You don't have to take in any sugar Whatsoever certainly not raw sugars Certainly not Breads and other things That are really horrible for you your Liver makes sugar that's why you are Diabetic it has little to do with the Pancreas ultimately because the pancreas Is burnt out by the liver producing Sugar all the time because you're eating All the time this is the new way of Thinking and I think it makes a lot of Sense and I per personally have horrible Trouble with any kind of baked goods and Breads yet I can eat a candy bar and Have a lot less reaction from it but if I eat toast pastas other things well my Blood sugar goes through the roof and You should test this yourself and you Got to remember that sugar sugar honey Is not good for you neither is any Natural fructose is sugar is sugar now Honey may be better with Trace nutrients

And maybe your system can take it or not But your system can't handle sugars Anymore and it can't handle Carbohydrates anymore because of our Horrible diets over the years but of Course you have to monitor yourself Everybody should be monitoring their Blood sugar you can buy one of these Meters anywhere you don't need a Prescription the testing strips tend to Be a little costly but you can get those Pretty cheap online test your sugar Often Before after meals an hour or so to two Hours after a meal that you ate that you Love you ate a bunch of potatoes had a Big pizza well what is your reading an Hour to two hours after that is the Blood sugar through the roof And you'll find that certain foods will Trigger this more than others so you Think that somebody eating a candy bar Would have a much greater blood sugar Rise than somebody eating two slices of Toast well not with me so you always Have to look into this so have knowing Your vitals your blood pressure to a Degree uh and that has to be modified it Shouldn't necessarily be rock bottom but It should be within certain ranges the Same thing with your blood sugar what is It in the morning what is it after Eating what is that your favorite food Um and you got to be careful people are

Living on a lot of really crappy food Beer is horrible it's liquid bread you Should never drink beer generally unless It's occasional generally pure grain Alcohols the liver can't handle Processing sugar so if you take a shot Of whiskey generally and watch the Whiskeys they have now added sugar to Them uh this can reduce your blood sugar In moderation because obviously alcohol Is bad for your liver but Um it may be better for you than you Think these are you know vodkas Gins Other things that have uh alcohol Content without carbs So when you have a beer you are having a Problem there that's why people have Beer bellies that's your pancreas Storing all that fatted can't process in Your belly So that's a very bad sign because it Means that your liver is a fatty liver Now and that's all part of the process So we have to look at all that and Understand these things in life and this Goes pretty much counter to everything That we know because we were brought up On different diets mostly that Particularly how this maybe depending on How old you are your parents fed you Fairly decent as a child but Um that changed as we went into the fast Food the fun Foods the pizza realities The eating out all the time which

Generally means feeding your face with Bad foods and once we went into all this We ran into a super bad problems so and We now that's you you consider well life Is about eating crap and that's what Well if you want to get Well if you want to work with Ascension And get away from this horrible hell Plane there's two things you got to do And that means you've got to stop having Food be the main focus of your life and Be only a survival factor and you have To stop your sexuality which is nothing More than tying you to this earth and Has no value whatsoever so we all got to Keep that in mind and these are all Things We crave more than life itself is That old bar in that of course that Momentary orgasm these are all the Things that generate what we consider Quality of life but really denigrate our Life and really set us up to keep going Around in a Ferris wheel of Reincarnation and living in Hell playing So as the bigger picture goes so let's All get away from all this stuff it's Education that counts I think this is a Great uh book to give you a foundation That kind of speaks realistically gives You all those low-cost easy things to do And really gives you something you can Work with in life because it allows you To eat most anything in a particular Fashion don't combine them do this do

That very very easy so make sure you Check that out as I said patreon and all Accent members will be able to access This book in the library and Um you should get yours at Amazon and do Make this a big part of your basic Understanding of health and nutrition as I said most of it seems to me to be very Right and applicable to today we do know Things now because we are so much sicker Than we were before that certain things We have to be even more highly careful Of and that is particularly fructose Which means not the your thing oh yeah That's the end now we're not talking About high fructose corn syrup we're Talking about fructose in general juices Fruit in general eating sweetie fruit is Taking in sugar and there's no Difference if you're eating a candy bar And candy bar sugar may be better for You so do keep that in mind watch for my Updates watch for my Um go into the different details of what Happens when you take a particular bath And I'll show me making baths all these Things will be put on there so people Have this I think we're all in great Need of this if you're young or old take Care of your health now as you think You're okay and you probably are not but Take care of your health now if you're Older you better get on the horse and Start riding it because you're a walking

Minefield of Terror and disease with Every step you take so don't assume Anything MO most likely if you were Checked out properly energetically we Would find all sorts of problems this Also includes that everybody is highly Crossed and has very negative energies Around them this is affecting your Health energies and you need to add in Those bad solves to cleanse your aura of Not just these physical things but the Energetic the informational energetic Feels that are negative and change them To positive so these formulas are Available on radionic Tech website they Are easily gotten and shipped out in a Rapid fashion check those out use these Things protect yourself and cross Yourself and work on physical vibrations As well and your life will be wonderful Until next time