Dr. Hazel Parcells Healing System Part 1

By | November 4, 2022

One of the most famous healing systems you may not know of.
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here let's talk About a uh very noted and forming a lot Of the healing alternative healing Beliefs in the world today and this has Been going on for like 30 40 years now Uh since uh her major debut on the Healing scene and that is Hazel Parcells She had a nutritional alternative uh Center in uh New Mexico was it Albuquerque Um and um has a very interesting history And a lot of what she talked about seems To have come into the alternative Healing uh book of facts And it's interesting and Um she has a great book out there called Live better longer my um Joseph Dispenza who's a famous kind of new AG Author now And who's written a couple of books on Her and this book is available through Amazon and it gives you her entire uh Basically seven step plan to Health and Longevity Now the whole story of Hazel Parcells is Quite fascinating and uh unfortunately Her system kind of died with her when She died at the age of 106 which of Course is her major flag out there to Say that her system works after all she Lived to be 106. and supposedly was on Get's bed now go into that as well and Of course this is part one there's a lot To talk about here and I'm going to

Break this down into many lectures uh so That you can actually get a lot of the Details here and of course her book is Available in four members only in all Access and uh our patreon services uh That are exclusive to our members but You can get this on Amazon and they Print it uh so you can get your own Little book and very uh worthwhile now This is a great Foundation book of uh Health in General Nutrition in general Because of the fact that uh what I like About it the most is it tends to be very Livable it tends to be something that Most people can do In terms of day-to-day life it makes Things kind of acceptable now the Problem is as Parcells of course uh was Uh Went back even to World War one uh so You're talking about a very old person Who got a lot of information uh which to A certain extent is good because there Were more natural people in the 1920s And 30s because the patent drugs didn't Come into fruition then so people were Trying everything they were trying Radionics baths different treatments They were doing all sorts of non-drug Treatments to assist people so there's a Certain openness to this So she has a little bit of that in her Background but basically what started All this stuff and there's as I said

Some of her material is dated I don't Think any of it is overly bad a lot of It is just kind of personal preferences Uh we do know that to her understanding Of nutrition and the bigger picture is Wrong we all know now that fat and heart Attacks is caused by uh fatty livers and The fact that you are eating sugars that Turn into fat that eating fat is not bad For you eating sugar is bad for you Because the sugar then goes to your Liver turns to Fat the fat then clogs Your arteries instead of well you're Eating that egg you're eating that fatty Meat and this goes into your arteries And kills you no that's not how it works What goes into your arteries is when You're eating sugar particularly Fructose that is a highly terrible toxin For the body so which comes up to the Fact of you know you're not really Supposed to eat fruit at all and there's Not much in Fruit nutritional value when You really get down to it but there is a Lot of Sugar like bananas and orange juice and All this stuff loaded with fructose and Stuff which and so many other things High corn syrup fructose is a horrible Toxin for the body and it clogs your Arteries and everything else it's not The fat it's the sugar that turns to fat That gets you fat and of course that's Why everybody's fat there are people who

Live on bacon and bacon only without Taking any carbs in that lose hundreds Of pounds and this has been documented So you can eat if you just eat fat and Don't eat carbs bacon everything fat and You will lose lots of weight so it's the It's and of course this has to do with Combining again this is another thing That Um Parcells was a pioneer of Food combining And uh this is another thing don't eat Two different proteins don't eat beef And chicken together uh don't eat fish And beef together that these are the Type of things and that she studied uh For many years in a conventional College As a nutritionist and when she retired Uh she then went into private practice But you know a lot of that traditional Nutrition is not something I'm very big On because they didn't really know Anything when I talked to Common Nutritionists that work for medical Things it was really about you know uh You know don't eat a lot of carbs you Know you're fat because you're eating Certain things and it was almost a lot Of it culturally I mean you know uh it Tends that the Hispanics particularly The Mexicans tend to be heavy well They're living on beans and Um tortillas which they eat all the time Which is really bad for you so they tend

To get fat and be less healthy as goes With a lot of different other diets for People uh which blacks tend to eat a Very high fatty fried food these are all Terrible for you so these people so Nutritionists would harp on that they Really weren't talking about what Changes things what it does it really Was a nutrition now apparently she Got past some of that but you know That's when nutritionist stuff used to Talk about don't eat this and don't eat That and they were stuck in the fact of Understanding fat was bad for you now She goes into a little of this but she Seems to have gotten past some of that Stuff and thinks about it more as a Consumption she doesn't talk much about Sugar and one of the things that was Always talked about with parcell's diet Was her uh concern for uh parasites and Supposedly he was big into that but There's no reference in this book to Parasites whatsoever I think there's two Passages in here really citing other People's work about parasites so I'm not Really sure where that comes in there Seems to be a hidden teaching of Parcells that she taught in her seminars At her institution and she was very very Careful not to get into certain Practices because everybody was Persecuted and she was very well aware Of that and he didn't she didn't want to

Become one of those people that was Persecuted persecuted by the medical Establishment the FDA Etc so he's very Careful and her book here is pretty Squeaky clean in terms of those kind of Things they're nutrition based she does Do things that could be considered by The medical Mafia as terrible like using Dowsing and radiotheia to figure out What you need the use of certain toxic Chemicals in very small amounts like Chlorine or chlorex Clorox bleach uh she Was the person who came out with that First which is quite interesting she Also did a long study apparently on the Toxicity of soy and how bad it is for You Uh but she missed some key elements and So many things still staying with the Kind of eat carbs and Um proteins separately uh and so forth But now we've come down to the fact That's changed radically diet wise but The diet in here certainly is not Radical and bad most people will eat This because it allows you uh she has no Problem with eating meat she has no Problem with using a microwave and so Many other things to clarify what it is So it's a very reasonable diet then what She's big into is don't mix it don't eat Certain things that are obviously Terrible for you and of course processed Foods Foods full of sugar and

Preservatives as she talks about that But she didn't really get the sugar Connection as a lot of these fasts which Have been for years and I don't know how Much of this is based on her discoveries I think these have been around the Nutritional world for many many years I Think she put it into one place I don't Know if she discovered anything But she put it together and of course That's how life is But the fact of of doing things like Drinking apple juice is nothing but Fructose there's nothing in apples even If you look on what's in an apple on the Nutritional panel with it there's Virtually nothing in there when you look At apple juice even if it's bio or Anything else organic it is certainly There's nothing in there they're Trace Nutrients and it's loaded with sugar as Is orange juice and all the Citrus it's Just loaded with sugars and it doesn't Mean they're added sugars they're Naturally there and your body really Doesn't need that your body shuts down The burning of fat by taking in Sugar so This is something that has been Confirmed and it's big right now as a Way of operating now if you're not Eating the high carbohydrate diet that Really is causing most of the death is It triggers your body to comp to um Constantly produce chemicals that stop

You from burning fat getting fatter and Fatter So we know this now as the cycle that Goes on and we also know the importance Of fasting and other things which I Think we she was the first person to get Into as well now fasting's been big and Alternative circles for many years she Kind of got notoriety for all this stuff I'm not entirely sure where but she was Very popular in the 80s 90s Etc Um and she had her own Institute she was Well known around the country a lot of People picked up on her work repeated it As they are still doing today Um and in the general reality of all That is the fact that it must have Worked to some degree and again we just Don't know you can't really keep Statistical data of people that you Helped that much because then you become A Target and she was very aware of that And apparently the few people that have Carried on with her directly are scared To death of these people coming after Them and um rightfully so to a degree But Her system that's outlined particularly In this book she has another book I Haven't quite uh read yet but lived Better longer the parcel Center's Seventh step plan to Health and Longevity notice there's no healing or Cure there

Uh is a great book for everybody there's Lots of tips here it does talk about Other things I'm assuming she was the One that popularized uh the soy problem And of course the problem with aluminums You must very strongly against uh the Use of aluminum utensils and pans Teflon And all these other things because Teflon generally is also coated over an Aluminum pan and Teflon is a notorious Poison and it's constantly scraping off I mean generally if you use a Teflon pan You're eating Teflon all the time and if It's more than three months old you've Got a serious problem here I don't use Any of that any longer I throw all that Away you've got to be very careful but It does tend to be in a lot of different Machines that you use and other things Stay away from it good Stainless Steel Coating it with a little bit of oil will Stop sticking other things but aluminum Is hard terribly toxic and we should add That's the number one ingredient In Don croft's Oregon Aluminum and it's okay for them yeah Let's get that nice vibe in you so the Whole idea is that aluminum and of Course we've had aluminum which has Continued particularly in Europe and Germany and putting aluminum and Deodorants because it stops preparation Hmm Perfectly fine isn't it

So uh so the whole idea is that uh this Has stopped in the United States at Least 30 years ago you don't see it much In the UK they don't generally put I'm Sure there probably are manufacturers of It but they generally don't put aluminum In their deodorants any longer but it's Still a law over the world and aluminum Is you people drink out of aluminum cans Which I've now learned apparently are Lined with plastic Uh but the whole is that to stop the Aluminum toxicity that is so prevalent Why are they doing that because the Oxygen barrier that keeps something Fresh has to be metal which is aluminum Why are they putting plastic in there as Well interesting So So aluminum has always been a real Problem but again there's always the Reality to it the Earth crust is 18 Aluminum so if you eat any food you're Getting pure aluminum as you should get It and it's good for you aluminum is Good for you when it's natural coming in Your particular foods and so forth and It's not listed in your Foods because Everyone knows that aluminum is dead So they don't list it but the point is Aluminum is good for you it's very high In guess what ginseng is very high in Aluminum natural aluminum don't chew on An aluminum fork and think you're

Getting aluminum now this is a toxic Level of there and it's no good for you So the fact that she was a big promoter Of this is very interesting the other Thing that was out there and I'm going To go into her history and how she Started as well she's got a fascinating Story and I'm not entirely sure if I can Believe her story of near death that she Had it's quite shocking and she bounced Back from it I'm going to get into that In a minute here but Um I'm not sure how many parts I'll make Of this but we're going to talk about Certain things here maybe we don't have To drag this on this will probably just Be for all access and patreon members That'll go more into details but the Whole idea she was the one and of course This has been a I don't know what you Call it an old healing technique where You use one cup of Clorox bleach which Is a particular again mixture of um Chloride chloride I forget what it is It's a particular type of sodium that Um you use in your wash as a bleach Because bleach is what bleach is an Oxygenation process so you oxygenate Something to bleach it and bring the White out of it or cover up stains and That has happened through an oxygen Product and of course this became very Big with the oxy supplements that are Now everywhere where you scoop up that

Well this is just a form of Base it Basically a form of Um chlorine chloride whatever how you Pronounce uh how it can so I don't Remember the technical details of it Um which are used in pools and Everything else so it's an oxygenator Just like hydrogen peroxide which is Always thought to be some sort of toxin But it's just an oxygenator that you use On wounds and other things to oxygenate And kill all the viruses and basically She has always said well put a cup of This in your bath water and there's a Special way of doing it supposed to use Very hot water then you're supposed to Sit in there until the water cools down She claimed that the process between Being hot and cooling down was an Interesting part or an important part of The bath process she also have several Other baths with baking soda sea salt Etc which of course these are classic to A large degree sea salt have been used As a healing preparation I did do some Of these baths in the past I'm going on This whole regime and I'm going to Report people back on what my results Are it did take a lot of salt baths and Did not really get much from them uh Regular Um dead sea salt which is supposed to be So good for you so you're sitting us all Baths it's supposed to suck stuff out of

You well what does this do it takes Radiation and other things so there's a Lot of benefits from these types of Baths particularly people that have X-rays are exposed to a lot of high Radiation which is now everybody with The Chernobyl and all the other nuclear Power plants that have ever been made Who are over 50 years old leaking like a Sieve Make sure you you condense that you know Accumulate that with Oregon you'll glow In the dark God now that's proof of working So the whole idea is that we need to Understand these types of things and This is where all this came from and of Course food combining has been around For at least 30 years as well I think She started that well don't combine Carbs with proteins all this kind of Stuff and she goes into that and says What you should combine and not and what You can eat as he said it's very Reasonable she also believes that your Food is filthy it's loaded with Bacterias and salmonellas and everything Else which is probably very true Then she gives you a way to cleanse your Food using again Clorox type bleach Where you soak your food in because There's also apparently parasites in There that can kind of be pulled out Now to and of course you do this with

Eggs and you soak your eggs in a mixture For 20 minutes now I'm not really sure Now there's certainly and most likely Maybe the eggshells do have salmonella And other things because of the filthy Production there's a problem in Europe For over three years the feed going to Chickens that you ate their eggs was Loaded with dioxins a horrible Cancer-causing so the animals reading That going in their eggs and you thought You were getting a pure pure dioction Boy what a flavor though you could try It I get it in a John sprinkle it So the whole idea is that uh this is the Kind of things that happened even So-called controlled but the whole idea Is these antioxins were in the food Chain because of corruption uh Particularly in the very corrupt uh German system uh that is all based on Mafia So the whole idea is that um three years Horrible toxins were there so somebody Was making a fortune selling crap feed And you got the pleasure of eating it So so the whole idea is these are the Things that happen and this may be true All around the world one of the problems With the food supply is that uh people Somehow think that they want cheap food And particularly cheap Meats so that Means less care for the animals instead Of taking care of them and giving them

Good food we'll give them a five dollar Shot of antibiotics that'll take care of It I'll save the food costs they'll see The doctor's last so you're eating Animals are getting sick they are not Healthy their energetic levels are low You eat them and what happens so it's a Continual cycle of toxicity particularly If you're animal based now again this is One of the things that she tends to have A problem with and we need to grow past Which is Old World stuff now you got to Remember she lived to be 106 which means She was born in the late 1800s or Something so the whole idea is this is a Whole nother reality and I don't think She really got it a lot of these things But food it's not the fact and of course There are death energies and animals You've murdered them and they know it So So the whole idea is that Um there's no need for that anymore and There are good proteins that you can get From particularly nuts which are loaded With them avocados and so many other Sources you can get that your body Really likes instead of having death Energy in you So she didn't find any problem with that And killing animals and everything else Um and thought there was nothing wrong With that and there certainly are lots Of proteins that are non-animal based

And that's the fallacy of it you know I Just saw some idiot vegan who was saying How terrible veganism was and now he's Eating McDonald hamburgers and scooping Lard out of cans and sucking it down Because it was good Just give me some lard for my dead Animal I love it that vegan stuff is bad He didn't feel good because he was Eating a stupid vegan diet there's a lot Of stupid vegans they look like they Just got out of Auschwitz and haven't Had a cookie all their lives but there Are animals on non-animal sources of Everything and if you want lots of Protein you want to get fat well you Ever heard of oils olive oils linseed I Drink these oils all the time small Amounts of it Avocado Walnut Yeah you're gonna get real thin drinking That door it's like 8 000 calories in Shot yeah but he couldn't figure out how Calories and of course nuts are loaded With oils which is why they're so high In calories but I couldn't figure that Out Give me the death energies so the whole Idea is that you know this is the Typical thing and that's why you have to Be careful of listening to any goobah Stone-headed freakhead that talks Anywhere Anytime Anyplace Take Knowledge from those who have

Knowledge not from those who pretend But the whole idea is that these are the Kind of things that are out there so That's one of my gripes with her but you Know most people are meat eaters Um and uh I think at certain ages until You're up to about 30 you should Probably eat a little meat mostly turkey And chicken Um But we have to be careful of all these Things as an energetic body that you Bring into yourself if you want to reach Higher levels of consciousness and Ascend so it's very important to Understand so that's my gripe with her Uh to a lot of people's shocking Revelations she considered microwave Food and she tested it and she was a big Tester to be okay and it actually kept Energy in the food these because it Cooked from the inside out and this was Supposed to be preferable and she didn't Find any toxins there she was big into Light therapies radionics believe it or Not but there's no interest there's no Um really information in her books on Any of this she kept this closed up Along with some of her other teachings Which we may or may not disclose in the Future because there's some secret Teachings she had that she gave in Seminars that were not given to the Public

Uh but Um she even has in the back of this book An entire listing of foods where you Should uh put your finger on and ask if This is good for you That's pretty good and I think people Can really benefit from that and of Course you have to know how to use a Pendulum I've been saying this for years The one skill you need is using a Pendulum you have to use this for Analyzing energy Fields what is good for You does this happen I do it all the Time if somebody brings me a product or I get a picture of a product and I print This out and I then is this good does it Put out good energy A lot of stuff don't you know I found Many units that swing counterclockwise Or negative energies you know just like Rat poison does and Um I did this with a particular machine And not only does it spin Counterclockwise when it was off by the Way when I turned on this suto radionic Machine it spun like a helicopter Counterclockwise it just put out nothing But toxic Energies So the whole idea is that uh this is Complete Um nonsense and you have to be careful So we have to be a very careful of all These things of what is being told to You is good and these are alternative

Practitioners again we have to be very Careful so nobody's 100 now she spent Her entire academic years and dumb Edamia studying dumb and damius stuff From dumbadanians in the Damian world of Dumminess So we have to be careful of what that Gets as I said I'm not a big fan of Nutritionists she obviously went past That since she was into light therapies Radionics as I said in a big radiotheist Or dowser so she used a lot of this And you know I don't know if microwave Ovens are bad either I tend not to want To mess with things that are a little Weird Um we don't know what they do but I use A microwave oven sparingly I don't Really cook in it Um but you know if you want to zap your Coffee or other things you want to heat Quick well it's not like a microwave is That hurting it well I haven't noticed Any toxic energies but I generally don't Stick my head inside a microwave so it's Hard to tell So the whole idea is that uh I have Found that using these new hot air ovens Are fantastic they cook deep within they Work from the outside in but it's nearly Impossible to make bad foods with it Particularly if you're cooking Meats Because it kind of seals the outside Completely around and it seals all the

Juice in so you get extremely ju and That's what really meat's all about if You cook bad and I've had problems with This using all sorts of cooking ovens Etc Um You know hot plates or whatever you want To call them on top of the oven and yet It's hard to get something cooked Properly to cook the make sure the juice Stays in now with these it stays in so Anybody looking for it which means You're not releasing a lot of the Nutrient value out of whether it's Vegetables or meats or anything else It's sealing it in fantastic products And they're cheap get a big one don't Get some little piece of garbage and These hot air ovens are amazing I got One of the first ones about 30 years ago And brought it back to the store within Hours it was a bigger piece of crap the New ones are fantastic they're super Easy to use they cook fast and even The average dummy can make great food Just amazing so the whole idea is that These are fantastic and they've got to Be a good health benefit and you can Basically Um Kind of fry in them and that's one of The reasons I tried this I was a fan at One particular time of deep frying Because you know and of course I got

Away from that because what you're Really tasting is bad oil which you Think tastes good But you don't have to use oil and you Can get almost exact type fried in you Want crispy fries well you can do that In a hot air oven quite interesting and It does work but of course you know You're not going to hear that from her Because she died 30 years ago and the Only thing they had back then was a wood Stove so the whole idea is that um Everyone needs to understand that as Being part of this reality so there is a Little bit of that you don't want to Drink apple juice you don't want to Drink orange juice you don't want to Drink citrus juices all the things that She recommends they're just loaded with It a little bit of this maybe she's big Into grapefruit juice maybe there's a Lot in there of good nutrients we know There's a lot of potassium and sodium Um I mean potassium what else what's That other thing that's good for you but Electrolytes to speak so if you're on a Fast you're doing other things well Maybe these are good to have in there I Don't know of any benefit of apple juice There's nothing in it So um which she recommends but you know Juice fasting was always popular Um but you're the problem with juice Fasting if they're not vegetable juices

And even if they are vegetable juice is Your fasting on sugar Not not good at all we know that sugar Is the great poison the great evil and It is killing everybody and we all now Have fatty livers 90 of the population Has fatty livers or will get it and this Is your death move and it causes this Huge growth and sugar sensitivity uh Pre-diabetes diabetics type 2 which Almost everybody has to some degree some Um so these are all the things we're Going to be working on so she was Involved in all of this new all the Practitioners you know for years I've Worked but I've never worked with Radionics uh healing wise it's always Been metaphysical I'm now moving into That because this is everybody's great Need now including myself you know You're getting older you gotta watch That stuff things are not doing good you You're not taking care of yourself Physically as much as you could so All of that that goes with it and Um Eating better everything else so if you Want to eat meats and other things learn How to combine them learn that you Shouldn't be eating potatoes with other Things that you don't want to combine Your Meats I think this makes sense I'm Not necessarily a big fan of that she Tends to say that cheeseburger is

Virtually undigestable you know I've Never known anybody that's eaten a Cheeseburger that has had a problem with It including myself and I've probably Eaten thousands of them never ate a Cheeseburger and said oh I feel bad On digestible so I I don't I don't buy That but you know Um cheese products or milk products Combined with animal fats is generally Not good you have to find out if that's True for you or not this is where your Radiothesia your dowsing your muscle Testing comes in find out what's good For you and Etc but again you know we Keep making excuses for a horrible bad Diet which really has been in effect Only about the last 50 years when fast Foods just are everywhere I mean I was So shocked in Southern California There's a fast food joint on every Corner So it's almost every corner it used to Be gas stations now there's some sort of Fast food and then on that corner if you Go a little bit back there's another Fast food restaurant that's not quite on The corner but there So all of this is a problem and um the Kind of toxicities that are in fast Foods and the basically Badness worry About oh it tasty good well it tasty Good because you've been brainwashed Just like you've been brainwashed you

Have to eat three meals a day oh well You're gonna die you know your blood Sugar is going to go down to zero Because it's four hours since you ate Ah Thank you corporate food so the Whole idea is that this is how these Things actually Have been told to us so now we have this So your life be considering what's good In life and if you ever moved to a Foreign country and you can't get your Um What's out there a lot of little things That you like particularly the crap food That you're used to B m baked beans mostly sugar and ham They're good Uh Lucky Charms Cereal with milk on it all the crap that We're so used to eating uh that we think Are good hot dogs which are just loaded With uh meat byproducts and Preservatives and all the things going But yeah but this is what you brought up On not only that your brain is synced to It well I used to eat that as a kid Which guy I remember kid was good I ate That at the bowl game oh that was fun so The whole idea is all this has been tied Into these things as well and now it's a Problem that you know you eat 50 times a Day and this is what you're supposed to And of course the corporations love that

And you just don't need your body was Never meant to that you know modern food Preservation in terms of refrigerators And everything are basically new even in Europe they haven't even had real size Refrigerators until the last 10 years Now most people were working out of you Know bar refrigerators that we Americans Have in our Boars you know we hold a little bit of Beer a couple of ice cubes well that's Called a Euro refrigerator people So the whole idea is that kind of Preparation and they were called ice Boxes why Because a big dude with a hook carried a Big chunk of ice and diped up dropped it In the top of your sealed box I don't Know how many people remember that but Probably your parents remember it was Gone in front of my generation because They actually had refrigerators that Everybody had that but it used to be an Ice box and that's how people kept their So food preservation and eating all These things and fast food to a certain Degree even though street food has Always been kind of a misnomer to think That fast food is new no it's street Food carts were everywhere hot dog Stands it's nothing new We just now have an official one with a Big yellow thing in front of it so the Whole idea is not much different and

Apparently nobody wants to eat anything Good they just want to eat crappy stuff That is full of fat and sugar and Everything else because this sits off Your dummy meter Otherwise Known the Human meter may need fat Salt Sugar This is good time to hump but this is You know that's the human mind so the Whole idea is we run through all of this Stuff and we're all victims of it Because we've been brought up with this But when you get off of this stuff and You go back and say gee I'd love to have Myself one of those deep fried Sandwiches mmm a nice Monty Cristo one Of my favorites but the point is is that Oh you want to puke Actually deep fried stuff tastes Horrible everything fried is good I used To say and you see these in all these Carnival shows oh which fried is what Yeah because it's fried it has that Terrible Taste of oil but there's Something interesting about it and of Course you've got some sort of Carbohydrate coating on there of some Sort so all of this is what we run into For a little bit of foodie facts there And a little health and nutrition stuff Which I've studied and was kind of part Of my minor in subtle energy physics School uh for all this stuff so

This is a reality out there so she talks About this and some very interesting Things there and she talks about one of The easiest things what I like about This is that because it's kind of down To earth I think everybody can follow This program and clean up their health Without making it to Um stressing on you to say that you Should become a vegan well it's Difficult for most people but you got to Grow up sometime take your little pantsy Off put your catcher's glove to the side Grow up baby so the whole idea is that These kind of things we have to fully Understand Um but that's what I like about this Book it is practical It doesn't put you on a bench you know You should eat more fruits and Vegetables it says uh you should combine Your Foods correctly uh is this terrible I don't think this is terrible it's just Operating a little different than you Used to by basically you're brought up By stoogy ignorant brainwash scum Otherwise known as Mommy and Daddy They then sent you the bigger scum Teachers so the whole idea is that this Is the kind of stuff that your clogged Into and you're on a path for suicide And the fact that the American populace Is so giantly fat because they're Slurping down corn syrup all the time

Which is causing them to have fatty Livers and being unable to get rid of That weight is really a crime against Humanity and particularly against the American public who spends so much money On medical more than any other country And they're the sickest dogs on the Planet followed by of course the Hispanics who are now making up a large Part of America and of course the bridge You know give me your skin with Lord on It I love the Lord scones so the whole Idea is you run into that because they Eat an American diet a lot of them so They're just as fatty As You Are Um so the whole idea is most of the World has a pretty bad diet but they Don't have as much corn syrup so they Tend not to be as fat most Europeans Have terrible diets they eat all sorts Of bread and pastries and drink a lot of Crap but they're not corn syrup crap so It's interesting and that's why they Have less obesity but that's being more And more anyway So this is a very good diet that way and It talks about it it gives you a Step-by-step plan it gives you the Different baths that you can take now it Can't get any easier than this the stuff Put in the past and the bath like Um Um Apple cider vinegar you can buy you know

Five gallons of that stuff very cheap Um Um what is that um Neutron what they call it sodium Um Arm and Hammer baking powder baking Powder this is cheap dude you put that In there salt is generally you can buy Yourself a high quality uh Himalayan Salt I don't like sea salt the sea is a Sewer stay away from anything from the Sea and that includes salt I used to Recommend sea salt but it's not it's Full of garbage Every it is a sewer it's the giant Toilet of The Psychotic Earth beings who Want to kill themselves so I prefer Himalayan the Dead Sea maybe okay Because it is dead and there I don't Think there's any inlets there so it's a Sealed thing but all those kind of Things so you get those kind of salts uh These are good and it can't get any Easier than that you pour this stuff in There I recommend ozinating I throw in My metaphysical alchemical salts in There for protection for healing for Um Influence for removing a curse for Protection I put another couple of Tablespoons of that in there along with That and sitting there and let the water Kind of cool down a bit and I've always Gotten feel better from that you know

Energy bats even using my sea salts are Really make you feel good and they Charge you up because you're taking that Heavy cross condition and do watch for This in the future I'm going to be Putting out an actual kit of this that Can be so old That will be sold on our website Everybody should be using this Um I would think you should do this once a Month but you should do it at least Every 90 days I get yourself an Uncrossing kit with these practical Items because there does seem to be a Huge physical effect on people when they Take baths burn incense and other things Which will be in this kit burn a candle With uncrossing oil on it for that week And everything else super easy that's Must I like easy easy is good So I try and live by that simple is easy Simple Is good and if you throw in low cost That would be nice but you know good Stuff unfortunately does cost a little Bit if you want quality But I like that So we need to work with that reality and This is a good book to start I mean There's an awful lot of things you can Get your vegan books your keto diet cat I could call it Cato You know he was he was with the Green

Hornet the Cato diet Um All the other diets um the pritikin diet Which was famous about 20 years ago Um apparently he wasn't too healthy when They Did an autopsy on him but again the Protein diets the burning of fat in your System all that stuff that's what the Cato otherwise known as the keto diet And you can find a lot of all of these Diets I think are a little extreme I think she balances it here and that's What I find so good about this book And pretty much everything in here is Fairly valid I would watch any kind of Sugar intake such as fruit juices which Are now really on the No-No pile and Um as I said there isn't all that much In that you're getting high sugar with Low uh nutritional value that comes with It I usually drink gallons I love fresh Orange juice oh God I drink a gallon of It go over to Costco get the Gallon Man I could drink a gallon of that and of Course I loved good whole milk used to Be a I could drink lots of that as well I've stopped drinking all that as well As the orange juice and of course these Are things that you can now getting Juices thinking that you're getting more Nutrient value because you've condensed There well that's what of course juicing Is about so you can't eat four pounds of

Uh carrots but you can juice four pounds Of carrots if you like the nightmare of It and you better have a separate dumper To get all the shreds of stuff I mean People don't understand the nightmare Juicing which um but you're getting a Very condensed nutritional base that way And that's supposedly what's helping you But the whole idea is we have a lot of Supplements now that can do the same Thing and um if you want to spend your Life peeling cutting and shoving in a Juicer and then hauling a bag and call Yourself the juicer Santa Claus because You're going to have a big bag you carry Around full of all the stuff there Um I don't think it's a practical Alternative but there may be a little Bit benefit to that but again you know Carrots tastes good because they're full Of sugar And that gets you into another thing but You're getting huge amounts of nutrients But your body can't take that in I mean We get into lots of subjects here which I'll cover in many many other areas Um as I am a accredited Authority on This uh from my background but the whole Idea is that We do need to understand uh how all These things work so that's what I like About this there's easy stuff uh Bicarbonate of soda that's it Well what does that cost 70 cents a box

You dump that in your bath cheap you Throw a little bit of energy bath salts In there made from me uh and of course a Jar lasts pretty long you're only using A couple of tablespoons and of course You can add sea salts and other things Which are relatively inexpensive Particularly even the better ones and of Course apple cider vinegar as you said You can get you know several gallons You're only using a cup again and you Don't have to get premium apple cider Vinegar you are using it in a bath so You just want to get good organic apple Cider vinegar um and you don't need the Premium things you pour that in your Bath a cup of it can it get any easier No So you do these things and of course Drinking apple cider vinegar is highly Recommended for everybody brings down The old blood sugar so they claim I Found that this is a good claim it does Seem to work uh with bringing your blood Sugar down especially it's a good thing To drink before you go to bed so you Have that working in your system of Course there are many other things for Basic health and protobiotics are Critical people don't understand that Your immune system is heavily in your Intestinal tract and if there's not Healthy fauna down there you're never Gonna get well that then toxifies your

Livers and kidneys and you're on that Ski slope to hell So Is skiing is kind of a hell anyway but Particularly downhill skiing so it's an Appropriate example uh so the whole idea Is that um When you get involved in those things This clarifies so it's a great book it Gives you all the essential facts I Haven't read her soy book I've heard This about soy for years and probably is Not good now we're having particularly People that are getting away from meat There's these soy substitutes and a lot Of these meat substitutes are loaded With carbs they're loaded with soys most Everything is made out of soy and they Taste really good but how much soy can You take now the estrogen in soy which Was the demon reality to eating soy from What on what I figure is a bogus thing Now after I've done some research on it Vegetable Estrogen Ain't Human estrogen so your Body doesn't really take that in and use It to any great degree so it's not Really a concern But Soy in general I've heard this for Years and then soy is one of those Highly processed grown GMO Frankenstein The foods yes doctor let's make foods That make your head weird your tongue Green how everyone look like me doctor

So the whole idea is that we have the Frankenstein foods and all the things That go with that and we run into these Horrific problems that goes with it Because we keep messing with our food Supply but you know that's nothing new All of our fruits and vegetables are Hybrids they have been messed with I'm Not sure if that's good or bad uh to Make them grow bigger more Etc I'm not Sure there's nothing bad with that but You know we have soils that are mostly The problem they just don't have the Nutrients in it so you're not going to Get that in your food and the animals Don't get it in their food so we have This horrible hell cycle welcome to Planet Earth so the whole idea is that These are the type of things that we Have to look at and seriously take into Consideration And if we don't then we have serious Problems and that's what we have it so What do you follow there's so many diets There's so many things people need to Seriously stop eating fructose stop Eating many meals stop eating all this Sugar that tastes so good I love sugar And pies and chocolate too man it's hard Giving that up because you've been Brainwashed and it kind of takes good You think it tastes good and if you eat A real sweet thing after you've been off Of sugar for a month it makes you sick

That ought to give you a clue of how Good it is for him Um but the whole idea is that you uh Everybody should be doing that and Nobody as well I mean uh basically a Third of the population has diabetes Right now uh probably two-thirds will Have it in the next 50 to 100 years uh 80 so the statistic I heard which I find It even hard to believe that 80 percent Of the money going to Medical Care is Going to treating of diabetes wow So it's a financial burden as well and You're killing yourself Frightening So you can get off it you don't need it And you certainly have to regulate it to Make sure you're taking in a minimum Amount of it if you take any of it is so Fasting is really good for you and such A bummer but this is nothing new and has Been in Traditions where thousands of Years that people fast And it's good for you You lose weight all your toxic numbers Come down and so on but it's difficult You know if you live at home and your Refrigerators you know 10 steps away and Fast food is right across the street and Your desk is full of Hershey bars and All the things that people eat all the Time because they're imbecilic and Childish and been brainwashed by regular Industry so it's difficult but and you

Think it's right I grew up eating lard It's good for you mommy ain't lard So you know this is what you hear you Know the born-again tappies you know Born Again nutrition times Dad it's it's Not bad for you it's them hippies to Tell you that lard ain't good for you You know Long-haired freaks so the whole idea is That this is the reality that is going On out there that we have to be very Cognizant of you have to pay attention To it and you have to see what your body Does and even if you feel good you know I always Envy those people that seem to Eat a liquid eyed garbage and seem to be Doing okay but you know I'm not sure They ever do okay you know the people Are getting sicker and sicker Um I believe in America the average 65 Year old is on eight medications uh all The things that go on that these are Problem situation we have to be well Aware of them So Um The reality of that stuff is something That we have to be aware of and we have To be aware of what's going on there So it is critical Um That all of this is handled properly and This is a good tool as you said I like Stuff that doesn't say oh I can't hate

No animal products which is just about Everything no age no cheese no well you Know I agree with that as a Um a way of keeping higher energies in You but it can be very impractical and I Don't know a lot of vegans who seem very Healthy to me they all look like they're Starving and I feel like carrying a box Of cookies with me when I go to certain Places and say here honey you look Terrible eat a cookie So the whole idea is that Um and you know there are cookies Without animal products in it and even Good sweeteners like Stevia but not the Ones you get in the store but so the Whole idea is that we have to keep all This in very much in mind Uh so that's what's great about this and As I said most of it is cheap you don't Have to go out and buy expensive Supplements as I mentioned it can cost You 40 to 50 bucks a bottle now and uh This is pretty common for getting a Minor amount of actual you're talking About tiny ounces of the actual product That are put in capsules where they Charge you a fortune for the best way is To get everything bulk and you save a Fortune but a lot of this stuff tastes Bad It's hard to mix stuff and drink it as Well which I've done for years but is Um

So it's nice to take capsules I'm I'm Moving over