Doxxing is extremely DANGEROUS | The shooting of JD Temples Home & Prowler at our Home

By | June 28, 2021

Doxing or doxxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private personal information about an individual or organization, usually through the Internet. Methods employed to acquire such information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (like Facebook), hacking, and social engineering.

This is being done to myself, JS Garrett & JD Temple, and his family. It has now lead to 2 separate incidents in 2 separate states that have been criminal. The police are now involved and we will allow them to bring these terrorists to justice!!

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[Music] All right what's up guys i'm js garrett And i'm coming to you guys to talk about Something that i've been discussing on Here recently So the other night the same night that i Dropped my tell all video discussing Some of the harassment and things that My family has been dealing with Of a particular couple that same night At approximately 2 a.m Someone pulled up into jd temple's Driveway And fired several slugs from a high Caliber rifle through the side of jd Temple's house All right now this is the same house That jd temple lived in with his Ex-girlfriend Who who is now Giving out that address jd's personal Address on known domestic terrorist Websites encouraging mentally ill people To do harm To him same thing that is being done to Me Now it's very coincidental that this Person knew exactly Where jd's bedroom was they knew exactly Where to Aim in order to hit jd's bit All right Luckily nobody got hurt because he has Several children who live in that house

As well as an elderly Father so this is the danger Of doxing this is what can happen when Somebody gives out Another person's personal address Personal information To random wackos on the internet Now i previously did videos speaking About this In my own experience with this from the Exact same people Now about three weeks ago i had a Prowler At my house i actually chased them Through the woods Once i discovered there was someone in My front yard I didn't think anything of it at the Time but now it appears that these two Matters are related So now that this has become a legal Matter Now that this has become a criminal Investigation A serious life and death situation I will no longer be saying anything About this All right i'm going to let the police do Their job i'm going to let forensics do Their job i'm going to let the attorneys Do their job and handle this and Hopefully Those who are responsible will be Brought to justice

Thoroughly and quickly so i just wanted To Uh get on here and let you guys know That jd temple and his family are Okay no one was injured thank the gods He was protected but if he had have been Laying in bed Then he would be dead that's how serious This is they actually Dug bullets out of his bed frame All right so doxxing is not a joke Giving out people's personal address is Not a joke And there are crazy people out there who Will do crazy things So this is not funny it's gone very Quickly from Petty online harassment and silly jokes And antics to life and death Scenario so um hopefully this is all Taken care of Very soon and like i said those who are Responsible will be brought to justice i Have no doubt about that So we will all talk soon you guys take Care thank you I love my audience and i appreciate each And every one of you Hail the infernal empire [Music] You