DIY Virus Frequency Hijacking Ritual | Align yourself to help protect you and your family from Virus

By | August 3, 2021

Resharing to ensure that everyone has taken advantage of this information and protected themselves and their loved ones.

In this episode, filmed in early 2020, JS Garrett shows you step by step how to align yourself with the Covid virus in order to help keep you and your family healthy. One of the Garrett's motos is: Why make enemies when you can make friends? Use the chaos of the virus to work for you instead of against you.

Of course, magick should never be a substitution for real medical assistance. This is simply to energetically connect to the virus' frequency and have it productively working for you, instead of against you.

JS performed a large sacrificial Virus Frequency Hijacking rite on Easter 2020 on behalf of many members of the community. We have not heard of a single one contracting the virus and none of our family members that were included have tested positive or been sick. We can't guarantee the same results for everyone, but a little extra help never hurt anyone. Since this major ritual is already come and gone, we want to make sure that this ritual is available for others to benefit from the alignment.

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Foreign [Music] Hello everyone I'm JS Garrett and I'm Making this video in regard to the Recent pandemic that is sweeping across The world the covid-19 virus or Coronavirus Now this particular ritual demonstration Is a very simple working that any of you Can do on your own whether you're a Magician or not In order to protect yourself from this Virus and you can you can even do this On behalf of someone else that you that You know or care about Now before I do the demonstration I want To explain a little bit about what I'm Doing here now when it comes to a virus I believe that a virus has a Consciousness okay the spirit of the Virus is what is what you know a shaman Would call that it's the it's the Consciousness behind the energy That is creating the physical Manifestation of the virus on this Physical plane Now in olden times Whenever plague or famine Threatened a group of people What they would try to do is commune With that Consciousness and make allies With it in exchange for protection from It so if uh if if a sickness was Sweeping through uh through a tribe or

Killing their crops or or something like That then they would recognize that as a Conscious entity behind that force and They would then make sacrificial Offerings in honor of that entity in Exchange to be protected from it to be Exempt from the uh from the famine and The Havoc that that would wreak on People And so so that's essentially the same Thing we're going to do here Now uh a good friend of mine Ryan Sterner that I work with on various Projects was able to commune with this Virus the consciousness of the virus and Divine a Sigil now what a Sigil is is an Energetic signature okay I'm going to Share that with you guys now And this is what we're going to be using For this particular ritual it's the Energetic signature Of that virus of that Consciousness okay And and through accessing that you can You can access the consciousness So What this right entails is is very Simple instead of trying to combat this Virus we're going to try to align with This virus we're going to make friends With it And It's it's a very simple thing That anyone can do here there's not Going to be any incantations no fancy

Tools nothing like that you need a Sigil On a piece of paper you need a burn Bowl Because we are going to burn it You need a Lancet Sterile Lancet to prick your finger with Because I'm going to be offering my Blood onto the sigil and then burning That as an offering to the virus and the Lighter and that's it okay so what what This does is it gives it gives a blood Offering to the virus and it also Exposes me To that energy By feeding it my energy through my blood Which The goal of doing that is is to not just Make allies but for the exposure so that Hopefully you can develop some immunity To that and Um that's that's really all we're going To do so I'm going to sit here and Charge this sigil with my intention Which if you're doing this for yourself Then you would stare into the sigil and Not only visualize yourself Staying healthy through this pandemic But also have it in the front of your Mind that you want to align with this And and I think that I think that's the Right answer because I think there's Honestly a lot more going on than what We're being told and this may not Necessarily be a bad thing not that not That people dying of an illness isn't a

Bad thing but I think that this is going To bring about some very Interesting changes in our world and um Truthfully I feel there's never been a More exciting time to be alive than Right now so uh Yeah that's what we're about to do All right we're ready to demonstrate This ritual Now I've already done a ritual like this For myself and my immediate family but I Also happen to know someone else that That is suffering from this virus And so I'm going to make this offering On their behalf and all I'm going to do Is Stare and charge stare into the sigil And charge the sigil with my intention Um I'll be saying their name In my mind and visualizing them Recovering from this illness and being Restored to full physical health Once I have charged the sigil with my Attention I will simply Brick my finger and offer some blood Onto that sigil and then I will burn That as an offering So As I said before this is extremely Simple there's nothing you have to Memorize or say all you need is the Sigil and and something to put it in When you set it on fire so I'm going to Go ahead and do that now just to show

You guys how simple this is anyone can Do this Foreign Foreign Foreign Calls for blood And I offer my own May go forth as an offering on behalf of The one I have named Thank you thank you thank you So it is done I'm going to go outside and blow these Ashes into the wind and that is all There is to it Thank you [Music]