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By | October 16, 2022

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What do you do as a type of magic as far As creating these paintings depicting Different entities whenever you told me You painted like I didn't realize the Extent that you painted and so you sent Me some pictures of some of your artwork I was like holy crap [Music] All right what's up guys I'm JS Garrett And we are Lawless metaphysics I'm here With my good friend and colleague Paula Vandala as she goes by on Facebook and Everyone everyone that knows her calls Her cookie so how you doing girl I'm great thank you how you been oh I'm Doing I'm doing really good I'm super Thrilled to have you on Um what I wanted to uh talk about in This podcast is a painting that you made For me so um you and I uh We've we've Probably been talking for a couple of Years now and you showed me some of your Artwork you know depicting you know Spirits and things like that uh that you Had on your altar and I'm like holy crap I want one of those and so uh yeah I Came out to the UK a few months back and Uh you gave me this Like this is the most beautiful painting I've ever seen in my life this depicts The the triple goddess I hope you guys Can see the whole thing there but uh Yeah whenever whenever you showed me This like my jaw hit the floor like I

Could not believe how beautiful it was And how defined it was and also there's Like a lot of power radiating from this It's like a it's like a Gateway like a You know like a like you would use a Sigil of an entity to call them forth Like this this actually is like a Gateway to this goddess and so I wanted To have you on and talk about how you Create these and uh different types of Work that you do and you also you also Take commissions right like this isn't Just a hobby people can hire you to to Paint something for them yeah absolutely First of all thank you so much for Having me here on our podcast it's such A big pleasure When I was painting uh this for you I First of all of course the whole uh Process of creating my artwork it's uh I Can honestly call it like a ritual Because I still put my energy on it and My time and everything whatsoever Obviously I'm not talking about the Materials and stuff but I wanted to give you a bit of my energy And as you like as you were saying like You really liked my artwork and honestly It's such a pleasure for me uh that you Have it there that from UK it flew back To uh us with you so like it makes me Super super happy I believe you can tell By my reaction Um yeah

Oh uh absolutely this is like my most Prized possession like it actually hangs Above my bid and uh it's like I've Turned the whole bedroom into like a Goddess altar so it's uh yeah it's like The first thing you see when you walk in My room and I'll catch myself just Sitting here staring at us like every Time I look at it I notice little you Know details that I didn't notice before And when I'm doing an evocation of that Of that goddess then uh actually use the Painting and um it's I don't know it's What you do is a type of magic as far as Creating these paintings uh depicting Different entities and um whenever you Tell me you painted like I didn't Realize the extent that you painted and So you sent me some pictures of some of Your artwork I was like holy crap like That's that's like those are the best Paintings I've ever seen so uh I'm very Proud to own that Oh thank you so much one more time not Honestly as I said it's my pleasure oh But yeah if you want me to talk briefly About how it was created yeah for Example uh this one is done with acrylic Paint I I didn't want to do any like Watercolor or pencil or like black pen Because acrylics or for example that Takes slightly longer uh to work with is Oil paint yeah like that would take me I'll be honest like months and months to

Create but anyway acrylics is like a bit Of different version of oil paint I'll Be honest first I started with a color But if uh if I'm talking about people Who actually saw my artwork they know That I prefer just to keep a simple Black and white yeah so work with the Shades and shadows Etc with the lights Just using two colors you know okay and Yeah like I decided as I said like I Started with the color decided to like Redo it and I felt that it was the right Way like I feel that it's I would rather Stick to my style instead of just Starting to do a random experiment on This not like I would fail it's not About this but in general like this is My style and as I mentioned if people Saw my other artworks for example with a Voodoo law Baron Sandy Mama Bridget They're both in black and white they are On my altar I can show you to them later If you want yeah Yeah if you want me to do right now yeah Let's see what else you got there yeah You're like uh you're not just an artist You're pretty hardcore practitioner too And um that definitely uh I think that Empowers your artwork you know because You're not just yeah it's not just a Pretty picture like you're painting this For a deity and evoking that deity into It they they radiate with that energy so Yeah let's let's see what else you got

Back here yeah thank you okay so if you Can see uh I usually don't show my altar But okay so this is barasundi Wow I can never finish my paintings but It's like it's mostly done so it's yeah It's called stages graveyard obviously And because it's my Buddha altar I have As well Mama Bridget if you can see her So she has like some rum with peppers And yeah so I still need to add some Background there but yeah Yeah and if you know you know that uh From London I moved back home and it was A bit of a mission let me just sit back Listen back again yeah it was a bit of a Mission to bring back all of my Paintings uh because they're on huge Canvas and stuff so I'm still in process Of picking up the other ones from London But I could not move back home without Taking those two those two with me so Because they're on my altar they're Really special and it's just it's my Energy that I've been working on looking With for quite a while now you know it Becomes very sacred I don't think sorry I don't think for example I would ever Sell those two as a print maybe yes To be honest maybe even not because Something special on the other hand if I Would get a request to paint any other Entity like for example the ones that I Did for you with Hikari or any gracious Spirits or Voodoo law I would create

Something In similar style but something Completely different for the actual Person so it's like custom-made you know Awesome awesome so if somebody uh if Someone wanted to commission you to to Make a painting for them how would they Get a hold of you Uh I'm in process of setting up my Etsy Account but they can contact me via Instagram it's same as my nickname as You mentioned holla there's X hella Vandala and or by Facebook Hollow one Dollar yeah cool so uh what I'll do is I'll put the links in the video Description where people can contact you And uh yeah I've I've got about a dozen More paintings that I want you to do for Me I'll definitely be uh I'm gonna get I'm gonna get you to do one for like Each entity that I work with like that I Had Alters like set up in my room so uh Yeah you'll definitely uh be getting Some more business from me and I think I Think when people I actually see these then uh a lot of People are going to want them because There's something special Oh thank you and yes I definitely I'm All for that you're gonna keep me busy For quite a while and as I said this is Something that I really enjoy and this Is something I put my soul and energy Into and as you mentioned like you have

Your altar there above your bed with my Painting and stuff like it means the Whole world to me because this art is Something that I was doing from Childhood this is my passion this is Something I'm I'm good at and I'm only Getting better you know practice Practice is important so but I find my way to express my emotions and Energy especially painting like entities And I can even me I can feel the power Through them and something special Especially if I'm giving it as a gift or If I sell it I know there's going to Good hands and it's how you call it made With love and passion whatever you know Yeah it definitely shows it definitely Shows and you can definitely feel it Um you know like I said whenever you you Know you had it like you did this like Unveiling when you showed it to me you Pulled the curtain off of it I was just Like oh my God like yeah extremely it's Crazy how you you've taken magic and art And blended it together essentially like These are magical Creations there is a You know other than just the painting Like there's there's like a whole ritual That goes into creating one of these so Um yeah hats off to you it's like the Best work I've seen and Um yeah I think I think a lot of people Are going to want you to to make Paintings for them

I'm super excited about it yeah I was as I said I was really nervous Like in a good way when uh we're both Like catched up in UK overnight When the Children went like the painting when I Showed you my gifts and if it makes Sense yeah I was like I hope he's gonna Like it I hope he's gonna like it you Know and yeah you gave me such an Amazing review it I'm not joking it Almost made me cry and if you remind me Saying you gave me back your master key Yeah yeah this amulet and I wanted to Separately thank you for that as well It's as an insane effect on me in a good Way I'm never taking it off And awesome yeah like I felt I felt the Energy and power I felt that like my Confidence is coming back to me and put This way like your energies as well with Me and it means a lot Means a lot to me give me a lot of Courage but positive changes in my life And I really appreciate it so you know Awesome awesome well I think uh I think Things are going to keep getting better I think here soon you're going to be Like so busy making paintings for people That you're not gonna have time to do Anything else so um yeah I can't wait to See what you uh what you create next I Think I'm probably gonna commission you To to make a painting for Belial for me

Like I think that would be like the next One I want to do so yes please I'm actually preparing for the ritual Right now Or below Oh okay and I kind of feel him being Here as well I feel his presence and I Kind of feel him being really excited so You know like a tap on the shoulder he's Like behind me like yeah do it oh yeah Oh yeah Yeah my pleasure yes okay I'm excited That's definitely gonna keep me occupied And I believe that painting is gonna Have a very intense energy like from me Because it's made with love okay love oh Yeah well I really appreciate it it Means the world to me that you would That you would gift me something like That and put so much time and effort Into it and I really appreciate you Coming on and talking about it Um it's it's it's been a pleasure to Have you on the show and I definitely I Hope you'll come back in the future Yes thank you so much for having me on Your podcast oh thank you for coming and Um yeah I'll put the links in the Description and I'm sure I'm sure you'll Be hearing from some people here very Soon I appreciate hail thank you thank You bye-bye bye