Common Scientists, Engineers and Physicists are worthless For Radionic Science.

By | October 18, 2022

Radionic energies or Subtle Energy Physics is a unique science only understood by those in the field. No one else understands how to intergrate their science into radionic science. LEARN MORE HERE.
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Welcome everyone Dr Thor here get ready For gnosis well let's talk about how Worthless common electrical engineers Physicists Etc are to the bigger picture And of course to the next level of Technologies Etc one of the problems is That all of Education whether someone Has been a teacher Professor has a PHD Or a doctorate they are getting these Qualifications from common schools Teaching what they've been teaching for Literally the past 50 to 100 years with Minor changes So they're basically learning old History now if we look at old history Does that pertain to today Uh well to a certain extent yes I mean There are some Basics I mean there's an Old cliche that history repeats itself Because Um things are very similar yeah well I Kind of agree with that and I kind of Don't a history repeats itself because Nothing is ever solved we have one Conflict after another and really what Has happened with these conflicts we've Had world wars with horrific tyrants and All we do is blow them up and then give Them all sorts of money to come back and They can now work from the underground To control and dominate the world that's Why history repeats itself not because Of the situation itself per se So by learning the old stuff and

Interpreting everything in the old way That you have been Sanctified to do well Here's a big time certificate you are Now a complete certified idiot yep you Get a big job this is exactly what's Happening with the entire world and well We never get anywhere this happens in Medicine engineering and particularly in Physics and understanding how the world Works uh yet we are constantly getting Into new areas new information that Opens up and with the exchange of Information which happens in some Industries certainly doesn't happen in Any alternative Industries maybe Um MIT and Cal Tech talk to each other And I don't know if they do or not There's a certain exchange of Information uh the scientific Community Is supposedly about new thoughts and Discussing things to come to a Synergistic understanding or a better Understanding using multi heads or Better than one as the old saying goes And I've always been in favor of that I Think that new ideas that you may not Have thought of stimulate uh your next Thoughts It may not be the correct one that Someone tells you but this is why I've Talked about learning learning is the Fact of yeah this information may not be Correct but it triggers higher levels of Thought that lead you to the new

Information but you got to remember that Nobody in any industry does that if you Talk outside of the brainwashing Certificate of ignorance and stupidity That they all have on their walls their Phds their mbas no matter what it is When you actually look at these things It's all based in Old Tech and certainly Foundations are important and I teach These myself but foundations are only There to get you on the path past that We need people that come up with new Ideas and there's very rarely happen What really happens is a variation of an Old idea a very minorly so if you work With door hinges all day and you're any Kind of a smart person or a thinking Person well you probably figure out ways To use better door hinges well how can We make this a little better how can we Make the design more efficient make it Less expensive this is what people Should be doing in the process of it all The practical physical engineering now Physicists just say we can make it out Of the air Yeah because air is molecules and of Course then the engineers have to say Well air is not dense enough to make a Physical item you can't hang a door on It yeah we should so this is the kind of Nonsense that happens that we go back And forth with so uh generally Engineering is kept in check to a degree

You by the fact that they have to Produce results unfortunately oftentimes Things are horribly engineered horribly Put together uh programs you buy that Are software programs are made by a Bunch of Stooges that don't seem to even Understand how to do anything a lot of Technologies no matter what they are From your basic computers to anything That you connect to it printers scanners Etc well you know a lot of this Technology is pretty mediocre and that's Because a lot of it is their thinking in The backward Direction So the whole idea is that we need uh to Have forward-thinking people that have New ideas and you don't really get this From hardly anyone those people known For the greatest amount of patents that Are filed and so forth are not filing Any new ideas they're just variations of The hinge again And you'll find this from most people That scream around that they have great Engineering well they really don't and There's nothing impressive about it then Societies are pretty incompetent and Rotten whether this is the Japanese the Germans or the Chinese Etc all of this Stuff is crap including American Industries as well but you know America Is so intermingled with every possible Culture because everybody goes to America uh because that's where the

Money is plain and simple the better Lifestyle security Etc in general is America so you have this diversity of Opinion and thinking there which does Tend to breed the best products and of Course Americans then give these Products away uh to the rest of the World like the Stooges they are but These are other issues but so if you go To a top electrical engineer in the Industry that knows something and you Show them designs for Advanced Technologies and this even could be be Elect more electrical based free energy Machines or particularly when it gets Into Consciousness machines radionic Machines they look at this and say it Makes no sense well of course it doesn't Make sense and the common brainwashed Electrical mentality that you come from So is this guy good for anything no Absolutely useless I don't care if he's Made the best computer the best Whatever's out there it doesn't work Computers do not work with Advanced Manifesting Technologies computers are Bogus digitalization is bogus you have To go past that and while you need to Communicate with the world and these People by using some of their quote Terminology Um it is really a misnomer to do that an Entire new vocabulary should be started Uh but that of course is very difficult

To do and work with things but you can't Talk to a regular manufacturer of Electronic products or software and have Them understand how they're going to Make something that is radionics or Consciousness based Technologies which Do not work through the traditional Electronic means now you use these tools Because that's what you have you know What amazes me that people think that Somehow that Abrams or Hieronymus or Other people I use products that were Particularly new or invented something They used the tools they had Hieronymus Moved away from very good tubes because Tubes were old-fashioned and he moved Into solid state basically messing his Device up horribly because that was the New tech so the whole idea is that Trying to think like an electrical Engineer while building Consciousness Machines does not work trying to Digitalize doesn't work using a goofy Little sharp computer on scalar antennas That look computer-like doesn't work It's garbage technology so the bottom Line is that all of these things doesn't Work and people are mimicking Too Much From the past so you want to build a Radionic machine so you go back to Ruth Drown because after all that's where it Started well that's right again that's a Foundation you had well what were they Doing here and what were their actual

Understandings and so forth and it's not What anybody thinks because nobody has Read their books or literature so you Give General opinions that you've heard From other people and even I've done This I mean what they were doing in Their Technologies were quite different Than their Mass marketed models which Are very simple roof drown was an Electrical person worked in electronic Assembly factors I believe radios or Other things and was even awarded a An award for the Rockefeller Foundation I believe one of those big foundations Which is even more amusing So the history of these things and what Went on is quite fascinating where did These things go now a lot of people like To go over to Hieronymus again again he Had a classical engineering background But he did understand these alternative Energies and certainly would be an Interesting person in this day and age To talk to to figure out what exactly They were into Etc and there is some of This out there and it's a mountain of Literature that really can be read on The Pioneers in this industry but they Had very old Technologies now again our Old technology is good well they are Just like what are called vowels in Europe and what are called tubes in the United States well these are fascinating Things which have been discarded since

Uh transistors and solid state came in There because tubes of course don't last Forever you have to test them Um you have to let them heat up they get Hot they use more electricity so so There are some negativities to building An entire radio or TV with tubes but That's how they started out and I don't Know how many other people remember Tubes being inside their TVs and radios Etc but I do remember this myself in my Early uh middle 60s now uh I do remember These to a degree I remember having two A little tube TV I had tubes in the back Now for these type of purposes Converting over to solid States uh and Transistors of course is a better way to Go for most of it but a lot of these Things the Japanese in particular took Tubes and they miniaturized them down to Tiny little miniatured circuits that They have used in a lot of particularly Audio devices A musicians are still going back to and Using tube amplifiers and preamps Because it picks up residence which is Part of manifesting Energies So the whole idea there is a better Sound from it there is a better Everything when you start using tubes so There is a place for that there's also a Place for all the modern stuff as well Particularly photonic energy carriers Photonic energy carriers known as

Um lasers which hardly anybody uses in Common industry in terms of alternative Because they're so ignorant to the fact Of how powerful photons are so this is All nonsense that people really didn't Understand and I was using lasers 30 Years ago and lasers have been around For a long time and now they're super Cheap and there's many types of lasers You can get a very high quality for very Low price So nobody uses them in the alternative Industry about myself and this is Because of their ignorance but this will Be coming out and these are all the new Advances uh that we will be offering Here in the near future so Um and I have already this in the past I've been doing this as well so uh so You're basically getting a bunch of junk Technology produced by a bunch of Ignoramuses that don't have any idea What they're doing and the good Technology like mine is continually Suppressed by outside forces that Continually mess up with production and Fulfillment that is always seems to be a Problem with this company because we Soar ahead and they want you to buy the Stuff from the Satan is like the old Carl Hans welts who was a known Satanist Who produced toxic materials that we all Know about called his a particular type Of organ so these are the type of things

That you get get stuck with that toxify And destroy your life and this is the Type of things that we are particularly Stuck with So Um as we need to understand this and This gets back to those people who are The alternative people because they may Have it wrong as well again they are Basing their belief systems on old stuff And not a single person other than Myself has come out with a new radionic Design people don't understand how they Work they think that radionic machines When you turn a dial something happens It doesn't happen these are circuits That most of the time don't have Electricity going through it and they're Basically psychic crutches so uh and the Energy generally stops there people Don't understand that they don't Understand what dialing in a dial means And what rates are and if you talk Obviously to Common electronic people They're going to look at this and say Well there's nothing happening these Wires are just going to potentiometers Turning a dial but nothing is happening Because there's nothing going through Them well in common electronics that is Correct The same thing with computerization now I just talked about computerization in The last lecture of how regular

Computerization and the moving of Actually data is nowhere near enough to Move the 100 Terabytes of information that even the Tiniest thought form has so it's Worthless putting numbers and shooting Them into a scalar antenna and a pseudo Computerized looking unit is a waste of Time and especially when they cost Thousands and thousands of dollars for What is basically a very primitive Technology again what's Happening Here Is you're basically just putting your Thought form energies into a scalar Antenna and this will produce some Results again very little has been Documented from people that have been Doing this for 40 years with the same Instruments we also have people who are Producing old hieronymous instrument Instruments and have been doing it for Many years uh Etc well they're just copying Hieronymus And we don't really know what he did or Not yet again because of all this stuff Because of the fact that this is Suppressed that these people don't come Out and are able to handle Um testing these things and when it Comes to Um actual physical medical type things And then when it converts over to crops There seems to be a problem as well Because of the billion dollar pesticide

Industries we just don't know what the Truth of any of this is and very few People seem to have done anything in This area to get the information out There is some out there and there's even Been books written recently by a few People of uh working with this kind of Technology so we just don't know and I Don't believe anybody I don't believe What they tell me I'm gonna have to see It myself I'm gonna have for a Replicated Etc and of course this is What regular science does and what They're good at if they're doing it Properly but they're really not they're Doing what their buddies tell them to do They're really doing what their Instructors and the institution they BL They are connected to like MIT or Caltech well these are institutions with Policies you follow or you're out and You know it's always good to say well Anybody should be able to do what they Want well you can't do that an Institution and you have to be careful To to keep people in line doing what has Value and people doing things that Apparently don't have value that don't Produce any results it takes a very wise Leader to be able to run a fluid Organization and allow people to do what They want because a lot of people just Don't know what they're doing do you Want to give them thousands of dollars

To do that when those thousands of Dollars could go to research that would Do better but the bottom line is that This is uh in an area of study that I Have labeled a cult engineering this is Special type of engineering that only a Few people understand and the Alternative practitioners aren't doing It I mean They're copying old devices They're doing stuff in the same exact Way uh finding old machines copying them Etc and uh there's nothing wrong with Finding old technology well what were They doing there is there a hint of how To now use the bigger and better and More efficient parts and knowledge we Have to take the basic understanding and Make it better most people aren't doing That They're copying things and by Copying things with very little Variations we have problems they don't Understand metals they don't understand Plastic they don't understand wiring all This stuff they just don't get and these Are the alternative people because they Are going again back on believing uh Many of people that are actually out and Out frauds in the industry as I've just Pointed out several these people have no Idea what they're doing some of them are Actually hardcore satanists who are Producing toxic dangerous tools Um this is not funny people so it's Hurting the industry and none of the

Industry because uh of the way it's been Set up and particularly by those who Make sure stuff like this don't get to The public they don't want people Working together they want people Fighting with each other and of course Since this alternative industry that Deals with radionics has completely been Taken over by satanists who are Criminals as well uh you have all sorts Of problems involved there this is the Reality that is going on out there so we Do have to understand that of the Picture so but let's talk about the fact Of that you think you can go to a top Electronic person Who makes whatever whether it's computer Programs or electrical products or Whatever it may be and you think you can Talk to them about this kind of energies And how you could what they have no idea You can't tell them anything you can't Assist them because they will have no Idea what to do because as far as They're concerned the flow of the energy Which is electrical energy through a Particular device doesn't make any sense Whatsoever this doesn't work is what They're going to tell you this is just You're just putting electrical Frequencies through here and even if you Adjust them what does that do this is Why so many people fall into the Hertz Trap these are frequency generators

They're working with and they think that Frequencies are what this energy is all About well it's not and frequencies is a Whole nother different field of Alternative energies meaning life type Machines frequency enemy machines uh Energy machines the whole idea is that These are certainly a very fascinating Area can a frequency affect Physicalities and can it be actually Broadcast now we know that frequencies Particularly when they hit the mind and The Brain energy feels because you are a Semi-electromagnetic Um battery that you can affect people And this is generally a direct contact Meaning you have to be in the site the Line of sight to do this you can shoot Frequencies at somebody line a sight and Hit them and these things happen you Can't do that by broadcasting it hurts In frequency through a radionic type Machine this doesn't work you'd have to Come up with a rate for that frequency Which is a symbolic image of that Particular frequency and then you send It to that person it is very different So we're apples and ours again and there Are people that are mixing all this Because they don't have any idea what They're doing they're putting together Stuff because they haven't been able to Figure out the physics the science of Subtle energy physics they've decided to

Go back and use the ignoramus people but If you go to regular trained electrical People that don't understand energies And these people show them the crap that They make well they'll laugh at you as Well because it's nonsense to them well That's right so that's why these people Have limited uses and that's why things Tend to get a little more basic in terms Of these kind of Consciousness machines Consciousness Machines are not computer-based they are Not electronically enhanced items unto Themselves you can't make an electronic Radionic machine that does everything Electronically just like you can't make One that is a computer program none of This stuff works now some people think That that is not true while I make it Work well first of all I'd like to see The proof of that but basically things Are working nothing more than psychic Tuners so if you tune something in on a Computerized radionic machine from your Computer you're tuning psychically into It so this means you're using psychic Powers and psychic powers only you're Using a tool to help you psychically Tune there's no amplification there's no Broadcasting there's nothing else that That technology is doing the only thing It's doing is helping you tune and of Course this is what uh when you dial a Particular radionic instrument in does

As well people can get better results if They spend the time and these are Usually more advanced people the average Person find the dials very intimidating And difficult but once you know the Energy fields and you have nine dials to Dial in well you tend to get a little Little better success because why you're Concentrating on the Target and what you Want through this process you're also Establishing a symbolic number to Represent that energy field so if that Energy field was for success by dialing In nine dials your contrary You're creating a number based image Because they're not numbers have there's Nothing to it you're not counting here If you have a nine dial rate that is Well that's not a Millions raids what That is is a number you have nine Numbers that you look at from a Metaphysical way not as an individual Number but as an image that you have Created and right now using numbers is a Way to do it I think it would be better To have actually images created that you Dial in which I'm working on as well but In general of course uh that's uh the Reality that we all need to look at in Terms of what's going on so By doing that we are then able to create A better contact with the person but Here again if that machine that you Dialed in is not connected to an

Amplifier and it's not connected to a Transmitter you are not putting out any Kind of strong energies beyond what your Psychic contact is and now some people Are very strong psychically it's rare But it's true I mean there's people that Can heal that apparently can do remote Viewing amazing things so these and it Depends on you individually of how you Can do this now you can train yourself To a certain level as well but the Bottom line is is that these are Um a psychic Bay we're trying to get Away from a hundred percent psychic I Don't care how strong you are Psychically you can't maintain that very Long but yet if you have an amplifier And you have a transmitter connected to Anything you're getting a strong Consistent energy field that is Projected at a particular Target 24 7 And you just have to come in and boost This every once in a while so that's the Big difference but we do have to Understand that there is nothing Happening and actually it hurts all Practices when you digitalize when you Computerize anything you're killing the Process that goes on here and you are The ultimate empowerment here you are The actual channel for these energies That you draw in and then to a certain Extent build and then Send to a particular Target you're the

Person doing it you're not creating the Energies you are basically serving as This particular channel for the energy And then directing it to a Target you Are not powerful enough now when you uh Basically stick to psychic power only Meaning your psychic project actions Where you're limiting yourself and You're not going to be able to do much And your failure rate is going to be Huge people who do have certain energies Like that have very great difficulties Affecting people they don't know and Particularly at a distance Now a lot of people who do psychic work And so forth do it with you in front of Them they connect you they can feel your Energies uh this tends to be much better Including psychic healers who can Transfer energy directly to you hand Laying out of hand so to speak so the Whole idea is that's another Um that's a whole nother ballpark it's a Whole different reality than trying to Do it through through a machine at a Target that's very far away now we Understand that you do connect to people And we understand that based in a Traditional quantum physics that Everything is connected well that's Right but that doesn't mean that you Make changes Quantum physicists don't Believe that there is any information Exchanged through the quantum process

They believe everything is connected but There's no information exchanged well That's where they're wrong but the point Is how strong is that exchange and this Is where using machines and tuning is so Critical it is not you psychic so Psychic is the bottom of the barrel of Energies of these types you have to go Into high level Consciousness Functioning which has unlimited powers And these have to be used through Particular types of machines or tools That amplify things whether they're a Energy cell that you use or a more Formal symbolic type machine where you Send energy into amplifiers and Transmitters there's many ways of doing This at different levels and at Different costs and you can easily use These to do many different procedures Once you understand the entire process So this is all part of the understanding Of what is going on with this type of Technology So you can't go to people that don't Understand this technology and ask them To make something for you it's really Equivalent to having an electrical Problem in your house and you call the Plumber well I mean isn't it simple you Know is an electrical wiring kind of Like Plumbing it goes in here goes out There you're running uh basically what Considered pipes to one area what's

What's the difference between pipes and Electrical wiring well in a crude way There isn't all that much difference in Terms of the vulgar representation of it But when you look at it closely there's A great difference between the fact of Moving water and moving electrical Current that is going to different uses In different places But many times electricity and flow of Water are often equated with each other For better understanding but they are Apples and oranges in the short and long Run So asking electrical engineer to make Sense of a circuit that does anything And then he's going to do is he's going To put you push you into the Electromagnetic spectrum you say well Why don't you use a coil here why don't You what does he know about a cult Engineering nothing so he's going to Push you back into common electrical Engineering which has no value in this Area only a cult engine earring matters So it's very important to understand That and this is why anybody in the Common field doesn't have much value and Those who fall too much back on and I Have to catch myself all the time Particularly with physics is falling Into using too much understanding and Too much terminology coming from these People that know nothing and have done

Nothing uh physics hasn't had a Breakthrough in over a hundred years There's nothing new there their entire Belief system was based on Isaac Newton Who was an alchemist by the way and Spent the majority of his life studying Alchemy so the whole idea and that's uh Occult physics all right so and that's The reason why he was able to break Through uncommon physics and most of What he has stated and figured out is Still valued 500 years later so because There's a ultimate truth to it but the Bottom line is that we are in an Entirely new reality here and the next Step in technology the next level of Technology is manifesting technology we Don't need to make robots to make things Let's deal with the energy of creation And make it from there let's use the Ultimate manifesting realities and That's empowering what you want out of Life and what you want to do empowering That so it happens uh that's what's Critical whether you're Highly Educated Whether you're poor Rich or whatever the Whole idea is to empower what you're Doing and to have energy behind that Successful people are not about their Thoughts not about what they've done if You really look at all these people that Are kept in High Praise And regards they Were complete goofballs like Isaac Newton this guy was pretty goofy uh look

At the latest goofball blofeld otherwise Known as Elon Musk this guy is a Complete nut job everything he talks About is bogus nonsense because he Doesn't know anything this is a software Developer this guy doesn't know anything So the whole idea is uh this is the type Of situation we run into so uh we have To be very careful and we can't let These people also lie and basically put Out bogus con man information But the bottom line is you can go go to Even a person who has quote legitimacy In the common World in common Electronics common software and think That they can somehow take common Software and now make it into something That is next level technology they have No idea what they're doing they're Living in all the stuff they were taught 20 30 50 years ago and certainly Industries are updated to a degree but They're not really updated everybody is Still living in the reality that they Were taught in schools this is a big Problem with medicine in particular is That you know what you learn in medical School and good medical schools even Tell you that within five years what We're teaching here is going to have Little value to you well that's Frightening for the patient how are These doctors keeping up with everything What are they actually doing in the

Bigger picture well the point is they're Not able to keep up with things they're Busy enough doing all the stuff and Being stressed out as the medical Industry is well they're gonna have time To go to seminars and read a bunch of Books even I can't read all the Information I need to I've got at least 75 to 100 critical books I need to read And I have been able to do it in years Uh what do you think your doctor is Doing well they get little blurbs Somewhere little updates in their field And that's about all they can handle They're too busy working What are we all supposed to do about That so so but what's important is that You cannot get information from hardly Anywhere and I talk about this all the Time the people out there who are making Their crap uh and selling them to people Particularly that is out there in this Whole orgone dangerous Khan that has Been put out there by people who not Only produce dangerous toxic devices but Who are evil people on top of it what a Double whammy that is Dr door Well that's pretty frightening isn't it But it's not overly unusual because the People that are in power and control of Things are usually up to a bunch of Nonsense the big corporations Etc are involved in all sorts of things They shouldn't be involved in from

Buying politicians to uh giving money to Uh criminals Henry Ford was a big Supporter of Adolf Hitler he built Factories there he sent money to them This while our troops are being murdered Ordered on the battlefield this Psychotic is doing that I mean what's New they tried to overthrow the US Government in the 40s as well that Roosevelt caught them doing that instead Of hanging a bunch of people I decided To sweep it under the table and those People are alive and well or their Families still trying to dominate the World and Destroy what was or already Has destroyed what was a great American System at least somewhat So the whole idea is that all of this is Something that we need to look at and Look at uh completely in a proper Understanding so to think that somehow And this of course when we get back to Electrical engineers The prime example of this and kind of Alternative that maybe a lot of people Have have looked at is the what is it Ghost Adventures I'm trying to remember The ACT show with Bilbo Baggins uh who Is the commentator of that or something Baggins whatever his name is uh the big Con artist Money Maker that that guy is Because he has no interest in really Doing anything as interested in making As much money as can even putting

Together a Las Vegas Museum of haunted Items uh so the whole idea is that this Is uh the reality of all of what's going On but he's a person who then hired an Electrical engineer of supposed and Worth and of course he produced Different products for Bilbo and of Course sells them online and so forth it Is worthless junk he has no idea what He's doing how is he going to take Regular electronics and pick up ghost Energy Fields well what are ghost energy Fields uh electromagnetic spectrum no Ghosts are not electromagnetic as most Of these phenomenons or not has nothing To do with those energies so they're Lost to begin with science believes that If it's not in the electromagnetic Spectrum it does does not exist there's Even a book written by this by some Bogus uh I think he was a physicist uh That figured that out There's no energies but what he can find And of course this is what they uh what All of these schools talk about and you Know that's fine for a foundation but if You're going to get discoveries have Breakthroughs and do things at higher Levels you have to really think much Higher than that and they don't So Um the reality of all this stuff is Pretty frightening so the whole idea is You can't go by these people and here he

Hires because he knows nothing about the Commentator of that show the guy who Produced that show who was a nobody went To film School uh then lucked out Because a relative of him knew somebody At the Travel Channel and he got his Little show on and you know it's always Fascinating I think everybody's kind of Interested in ghosts and this kind of Phenomena you don't have to believe in Anything but certainly entertaining Because this is real not some fantasy Stuff So the point is he's an absolutely Excuse me nobody And of course he's gonna hire a nobody Who's an electrical engineer that knows Nothing about anything to figure out What the new energy fields are and how To pick up and sense energies so he's Going to make uh equipment and it's Worthless that's all worthless all the Ghost Hunter stuff is produced by a Bunch of low-level idiots that know Nothing so we do have to understand all Of those realities that are part of this And the fact that Um they know nothing is quite profound So the whole idea is that Um You as a as a person in uh investigating This field has to know that they know Nothing and it doesn't matter if they're Alternative or not there's a lot of

Alternative manufacturers out there that Are making complete junk computerized Crap copies of other people putting uh Basically hurts you and energies through A radiotic machine making all sorts of Crap or making some pseudo either Computerized program or pseudo little Computerized looking piece of garbage For thousands of dollars I mean this is All junk and all these people if you go And investigate them or find out are Connected to very nefarious people and Situations they all are they're all Bought and paid for they're all Corrupted they've been all compromised And if they're not they're just plain Stupid and you know stupid is something That is unfortunately pandemic we should Get actually a vaccination to stop Stupid so that we can stop having stupid Thoughts out there so which includes MIT Caltech and all these stupid Organizations that perpetrate the same Old technology time and time again and Then they appoint blofeld out there so That he can figure out how to make the Master machines that never ever work Unbelievable the real stories are like Everything else people remember it Nothing is as it appears everybody who Thinks or tells you they're an expert Ain't they know nothing we don't even Know if they really have credentials of Any value what have they done to prove

It well we can look at so many of these People they've done nothing who are they What are they doing we've turned over Jet propulsion to a Bookseller a record Dealer and a Madman blofeld who Basically built a city uh website and They paid him hundreds of millions of Dollars and his brother was a financier Who bought PayPal what's up this is what We're talking about what are their Qualifications and why would these People in any way would you turn money Over to these people to build stuff they Have no knowledge about whatsoever I Mean this is madness so the whole idea Is that you're going to go to them and Get Rockets built from a record producer Who is so dyslexic he doesn't know the Difference between a profit and a loss To a guy who made his money in the book Industry uh uh and doing retail to begin With that we we need to get high Rocketry from it or for some guy who Built a website and who ran a finance uh Business that his brother bought This is the problem it's not if you were To go to these people with a high techie Idea what do you think they're going to Be able to do with it nothing they have No background to do it they appoint People they think are qualified but how Would they know if they're qualified if They don't know the industry so here we Go again so when we get into all this

Machine Tech out there there is nothing But a bunch of crap out there it has Nothing behind it they have no years of Experience they haven't done the Research and it's just one bad piece of Equipment after another with dubious or Absolutely no value now the whole idea Is uh these technologies always tend to Fall on the psychic which tends to get You some sort of results which means You'll probably get a a positive result 10 percent of the time because you've Psychically focused on it it's just a Machine visualization technique and as Such uh this does work but we're trying To get past that we're trying to make This into a technology that is at least Getting you 60 manifestation all the Time if not more uh yet you're not going To get this when any of these other Things and there's no proof of any of This whatsoever uh it's just the same Old nonsense and what do they do they Copy copy copy you know I see people Copying a lot of Christopher Hill stuff Now and you know his Technologies were Pretty dirt poor you just had just a Bunch of printed patterns you put on Boards and sold them well you know in The 1980s or 70s whenever this came out Well these are kind of cool stuff uh and Now this is really a joke so he never Came out with any kind of Technology of Any value even though I believe he had

And I have one of his quote machines Um that are the more expensive type but The bottom line is these things are not Much of a value out there uh in this day And age and where has all this come There are complicated machines that are Put out there but the bottom line is They don't produce any energies Whatsoever they are psychic tuners many Of them don't even have amplifiers or Broadcasting units in them so they're Not even basing their Technologies on What's known to assist these processes So here we go again are you working with Occult Engineers are you working with an Organization that has credibility who Has background and years of experience Well there's only one out there and That's radionic Tech and that's Dr Thor All the other people I'm afraid to state Are misguided to the point that they are Selling dangerous toxic Technologies They are involved with criminal Activities and uh it is pretty Frightening what's going on and a lot of This the other ones are just delusional Scammers that are just making a lot of Money from a bunch of junk and they've Been around long enough to push their Technologies on others and sell things Even to a tiny group of people at such a High price that they're able to live a Fairly well selling junk or there's People that are out there just copying

Old machines and of course that's what They're doing they copy copy copy they Have absolutely no idea of how any of This technology Works they have no idea Of a cult engineering and of course they Certainly wouldn't even come and try and Learn this because they don't want to Support anybody who really does and they Are not interested in any of it so you Know we get into the Same Old Situation Here are you going to be the Ghost Adventures guy and you're going to hire A guy he thinks is a good electronic guy Because he makes good toasters I've got The best Toaster on the market well Can't you make a ghost detection machine Your toasters are so good yeah I'll do That we'll be able to toast a ghost yeah Cause I'm the toaster master and I can Take toaster technology and make it Everything well I hope you understand All that people until next time