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By | September 11, 2021

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen Welcome back This afternoon we have a back-to-back Lecture series And we begin With Colin andrews the title is crop circles What they mean Colin is the premier crop circle Researcher And is the co-author of the book Circular evidence and he is going to Relate his first-hand investigations Into the crop circles The enigma of how why and who form these Crop circles is Still not solved But Developments are occurring he's going to Be referring to those i think this Afternoon and also in his workshop New things have happened exciting things I don't even know what they are within The last seven days all i know is that My wife spoke to somebody in england Just before i came up here who is near Sudbury and said There are five new circles in our area And we've been to see them and Colin andrews has already been here And that's you know it's it's one of Those things here wherever there's a Crop circle so goes colin andrews Colin is clearly the person that has put

Perhaps more energy and time and effort Along and along with his wife cynthia Into finding out what's going on Deciphering Collating he's got an enormous Archive of this material and it's it's Very important subject as you will find Out After that we have dr franzlitz who is The head of the irt in germany And he will be presenting very Interesting material not only on Resonance therapy But its connection With the use of the crop circle Information in terms of the treatment of Some of the dying ecosystems in europe So without further ado colin andrews [Applause] Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and Thanks very much peter For that introduction I have uh literally Minus 24 hours flown directly here from England Uh where i've spent the last about three And a half weeks Catching up which is with events which Are unfolding by the day As they have for of course the last 15 Years of my life And i'm sure quite a few years before That for other Other individuals including the farmers

Themselves As peter was saying there are Developments occurring By the day some very exciting ones which You'll be the first to hear about Because uh In fact frankly i really didn't quite Know when i whether i had the time to Fly back here So much was going on A huge level of ufo activity Right down the west sea coast from Scotland england wales right down to the South west of the country Over a thousand mile stretch of the Atlantic ocean into the english channel Receiving literally thousands of reports Um way beyond anything i've experienced Of ufo activity at the same time A switch appearing to be thrown in the Complexity The sheer beauty and geometry of the Crop circles themselves I have not arrived here with a film Showing you a ufo forming the crop Circles although who knows within the Next few weeks who knows but there's a Great deal of circumstantial evidence There has been for a number of years That our friends whoever or whatever That ufo is the sphere that looks very Similar to the sphere outside this room On exhibition there And in proportion very similar to that

Sphere are being seen by many many People we do have films of that sphere And some of you might have seen the Films that we've Managed to To get a hold of and indeed have filmed Ourselves on some of the major Television programs In this country So uh I'm sort of in a way You know giving you some of my Excitement of the last few hours really Of this last Week but what i would like to do uh in The next hour and 20 minutes or so Leaving time if this is in order for Your questions if that would allow us to Get a little closer between us And to satisfy yourselves on any Questions of course that you might have I would like to give you A fairly rapid it's true Overview of the last 15 years where the science is where the Hooks that we have worked hard to obtain And of course i would have to Cover what is an important part of this The hoaxing that's occurring it's the Little bit of hassle we're having which Is written basically the subject off In the eyes of an awful lot of people It's the irresponsibility of the western World media

Which has caused that as it has caused Many institutions and very important Dissemination of environmental Information to the world's public To be placed under the carpet I personally feel so strongly about the Situation which exists in the International media That i have to unleash it at times And they are absolutely responsible For the state uh of the research the Lack of rapid progress although there is Progress In this particular area It does require as we all know the Support of the public And the Scientific fraternity To up this thing a cog and to move it Forward where it deserves to be After i don't want to keep saying 15 Years but i'm beginning to fill the 15 Years that i've put into this it is Still as i stand here i am and my wife Knows this we talk many hours of every Day about this subject I am only stood in front of you because As a professional engineer myself a Senior officer that used to be before i Resigned to do this in local government Back in england I am totally convinced that this is one Of the most important phenomena of our Times it is of profound importance to us

It will be a crime if we allow this to Pass us by without looking at it Seriously So that's why i hope to give you a very Rapid overview not to try and convince You of one thing or the other it isn't My job it never has been i simply want To present to you the facts And the rest i leave to you just very Quickly so that we can set the scene the Phenomenon itself is global there is no Question that it's occurring everywhere It's occurring in this country as it is In most countries But there's something Very Special i guess very different about This area of central southern england Which we haven't really Put our fingers on although there are Some very hefty correlations in the data To make some suggestions to you about Why 95 Of the world's total Is occurring total number of reports Is actually yeah thanks a lot that would Be good uh is occurring in this red uh Roughly triangular area here you have Wantage up in oxfordshire winchester the Ancient capital of england here and Warminster in wiltshire over here And throughout the period of time that I've been looking at it myself There are broadly speaking corridors of

Activity Along these edges and now random Randomly scattered events uh within it And that overall area represents 95 Of all reports worldwide the blue area Which encompasses stonehenge Silbury hill avebury these very famous Archaeological circular Archaeological sites You will be seeing and reading in many Of the books again outside of this room Well that is the area of Most of the activity indeed is inside Here In recent weeks that's where i've spent Almost every day of the last three weeks Is flying surveillance aircraft across This very small dot It's about 40 40.1 miles radius of stonehenge itself So just that so you see that's that's The uk you've got the english channel uh The atlantic and london just over here So you have some idea of Most of what you're looking at is coming Out of here okay thank you for setting That i met peter at the International association of new science Uh Conference i guess it was about a year Ago something like that And i have the sense that um We are at the beginning Of quite a journey here

You have a very diverse field of Interest and expertise In the room and the organization Promotes areas of research which I think is an essential component part Of the new science which is where this Is also going That really is all we are sat here Discussing this afternoon Circular areas initially Of Flattened plants undamaged No tracks in No tracks out No soil compression below these plants And more importantly for the biologists Of our world and i've not heard a peep Of an explanation for this yet When we're talking about skepticism very Healthy part of our research and it must Remain there because of the problems That we're currently experiencing But One has to explain from day one from This slide how it is that plants these Are yellow flowers of oil seed rape a Brittle plant just like your tobacco Plants in this country which Incidentally have also had the Phenomenon occurring in them can be bent Over at right angles without breakage At this stage beyond the Flexible growth stage into flowering at Early seed these plants

Are brittle These plants should be broken But they are not So for the biologists in our audience There is Challenge Number one [Music] You