Cold Scanning

By | January 29, 2023

Another new feature of the SE-5 2000 Pro Software

I'm going to show you a new feature in The tuning scanner now we've already had The automatic tuning scanner and we Still have that if you just click on Auto you put in a description you'll get A tuning for it but for cold scanning You might want to develop your own Tunings So for example there are a couple Different ways you can go about this I'm Going to use aconite As the tuning that I want to find it and I'm going to go get the photo for it so I'm going to click on select And I'm going to go to my images and I Already have it in here so I'll type in Aconite And I get the image Now for the tuning I want to First find Out when we do cold scanning how many Digits will be in this tuning now there Are two different ways you could do this For example if you go to format we have Left right which would just be Left hand dial right hand dial Or you can do the se5 where it's just a String of numbers And so the way that you do the se5 one I'm going to choose se5 I want to find Out how many numbers will be in this Tuning Okay so I get a stick at seven or eight 7.8 so it rounded It Off That's great so now I want to go enter

Now I can scan for the first two numbers So I'm going to start at the beginning And I'm going to stick it 16.6 which it Rounds it off to 17. and we're going to Fine tune this in a moment so I click Enter And get the second Two numbers I'm just scanning up Until I get a stick And so the numbers are 46 and I press Enter And Do the next two numbers 20 and push enter And the last one Last two numbers It's 80. so I press enter and now the Tuning is complete I can accept that tuning And it puts it in here right here now of Course I would want to check to see if This tuning was really accurate so I Should get a hundred percent stick when I measure it and I'm just going to dial Down and I get 97. So that's pretty close but then I would Want to go through each one of the Numbers to find out if a number needs to Be changed so I'm just going to ask Myself does this number need to be Changed does this number need to be Changed this one okay I get a stick on The two

So then I would ask do I need to go up Or down so I get a stick on down I'm Going to put change that to one and then I'm going to measure again and I should Get this time I got a stick right at 100 Percent So now I can add that to my word tunings And so I click save and then it'll put It in here Now you can also do the same thing When I'm in a session I go to update a Session Go to mine and I'll just do the webinar One from when we worked in the webinar I Click select And if I go to word tunings I'll go to Word tunings There you'll find that I have my Tunings that I have put in here before So now I could even do it from here if I Wanted to if I wanted to create a tuning For akonite here I can go to the tuning Scanner And I could do it the other way then Let's go ahead and click on new And I'm going to put in aconite And go get the image But this time I will use the format of Left hand right hand dial So there's only going to be two numbers On the left and two numbers on the right Start from 0 Dial up slowly and I get 20.5

And I press enter And Now I'm going to dial up for the second One so I get 11.6 And I press enter again Now I can accept that Doesn't put it into the database yet But I could then measure that and see How accurate I was in my scanning and I Get a good stick on that I get a hundred Percent So then I can save it I click save and it now puts it into the Word tuning data So those are just some things that are Coming and they'll be out in just a few More days if you haven't got the Software yet you've got a few more days To get that special price