Claims! Does Anything Actually Work? Free Energy, Super Water and More!

By | November 4, 2022

In 45 years of research few products meet their claims or are even close to having much value. Lots of products are dangerous! BUYER BEWARE!!





Welcome everyone Dr Thor here get ready For a gnosis well I'm amazed uh when I Get some emails from people that seem to Believe everything they read online Free energy machine here's the plans Build your own miracle healing device oh Look at this it energizes water and it's Only twenty four hundred dollars lineup And get your special elixir So the whole idea is that these are the Kind of things that you run into all the Time and I'm just amazed that people Think that uh some sort of manufacturer Of really outrageously claiming Goods Somehow is telling you the truth And where is their claim uh to prove Anything now we see this all the time You know uh there is a caveat to things You got to remember if it's a free Energy machine and you build it Correctly it should work there is no Factors there Now what mostly they're going to tell You and I've seen this happen with a lot Of people oh you didn't build it right So that's why it doesn't work well isn't That an excuse well I did build it right No no you didn't that's why it doesn't Work so this is the game they play Now when it gets to something that I've Talked about in other lectures you got To remember it's the bioactivity problem Everybody's a bio energy shell uh this Chemical

Um battery you are and this energetic Battery you are ultimately uh when you Put things into your personal energetic Field no matter what it is it works Different to some degree now there's Still an awful lot of things that um Should not be just bioenergetically Changed or different for you but it is We have to understand that a lot of Things do work the same that's how Medications and so many other things Work Um if people take an antibiotic uh they Get a certain result from it no matter Who you are but there's a percentage of People that antibiotics kill believe it Or not and there are a long list of People who've died from the reactions to Antibiotics because their system can't Take it or have had horrible problems Very very interesting now this is Relatively rare of course if it happens To you it really doesn't matter how rare It is you gotta understand you're the One that's died you're the one who got The bad meds or whatever it is you're Taking but we have to look in the bigger Picture the bigger picture is is that if You're taking a particular chemical or Natural substance uh you generally have Similar effects on you but you have to Watch that as well we're in a bio energy World now where everybody is kind of Messed up is very sick so you may take

Something that is relatively innocuous That everybody takes but and doesn't Have a problem but you do have a problem I've heard this from many people from Different types of medications to Supplements Etc what does your body take How do they react to it are the Supplements real are there fillers are There ingredients it gets to be very Complicated when you take something into Your bioenergetic system you have to be Careful and you should be testing Everything that goes into your body with Muscle testing and pendulums is this Good for you and to what uh dosage Should you be taking of these things I Read many many and hear about many Problems with supplements people who've Gotten liver damage from turmeric This is a new one but people are Probably taking huge amounts of this Stuff and you got to remember that Supplements basically go through and to A certain extent harm your kidneys and Liver so if you're not used to taking Supplements and you start banging them Down well this could hurt your liver I Heard a guy who took green tea Supplement tablets which is concentrated Green teas and supposedly got kidney Failure from it now this is pretty bad Stop you die from that So what is there uh even with the Bioenergetic system so there's a problem

And that is the physical bioenergetic System that is being affected by Physical substances When we get into things that are subtle Energy-based radionic based and so forth You're dealing with an energetic system Uh which is quite different and while It's subtle it can be potent and a lot Of times it won't work because of its Subtlety So um there's a uh a thought coming out Of course that you may need to do both Things which at this particular time Because of the primitiveness of radionic Instruments uh does make sense And that's a whole other subject I'll Get into in another lecture but the Whole idea is that you have to be Careful you should be testing yourself You should know what goes in it and what Are these supplements you're getting are They really valid has anybody checked it When there was a big checking going on Of nutritional supplements which Technically aren't regulated and of Course that's another thing we could Spend time on but you know if you're Putting on the bottle that this is a Certain ingredient Uh that is fraud if you're not getting That ingredient doesn't matter whether That substance has been tested for Safety or not is there 100 milligrams of That substance in there and New York

State found that this was big bogus and They found in all the big stores that The what was put in these tablets was Worthless junk so are you getting the Results Uh there's also many many factors that Go around with the physical stuff are You digesting it what takes in your System well you know I'm converting over Now to everything liquid uh while these Are expensive I'm not sure they are more Expensive because of the fact that they Last longer and secondly you really are Absorbing everything as best you can You never know with a physical substance If you're absorbing it where is it going It breaks down your stomach goes through Your kidneys your liver into your Intestines has any of that been absorbed Or are you just literally pooping it out What a nice thought So all of these things are critically Important for people to understand in Terms of all the factors that go into it But one of the problems is Um is that when you deal with things That are very difficult because they're Subtle energy physics it's hard to judge These things and what I'm talking about Is things like success on Crossing Curse removals all of these things are Very difficult to judge because Oftentimes you've been so crossed up and So messed up for literally five ten

Years that you Um don't really know the difference and When these are removed from you it takes Months or even years to get back into a Energetic positive system and usually Takes a lot of consistent work that's Why using our Mech Tech energy cells are So critical if you think it's just going To be wave the magic juice over yourself And your cross condition disappears all The curses are gone well it doesn't work Like that the energy is still stuck in Your system and it can be cleansed out With consistent work using a Mech Tech Energy cell And these are things that are very so You know uh and people have to Understand well you know I want to be More successful at gambling And so you want to use preparations and Things that say oh Gambler or energies Gambler oil Gambler Gambler sauce well Nobody can make you win what happens is It makes you luckier even the guys who Have the greatest luck in the world it Runs hot and cold for several days you Can't lose and for more days than that Usually you can't win and this is the Flux of energy around you what you're Trying to do is balance that by using Energetic tools so you can be made lucky ER meaning if you win three times a Month well you could win six times a Month

But you can't go and win every time Because you have a lucky amulet to do That and that goes with most anything Out there there's a flux of energy with These types of fields and they're very Hard to judge well how lucky or did you Get because you have this product And maybe one month it doesn't seem to Be any change the next month all of a Sudden you have it because the energy Had to work so I mean we have to Understand that when we get into these Subtle energy physics numbers for uh What are subtle energies of the human Bio conditions that are not physically Based uh Energies So and you need to understand there are Physically based things which you just Talked about people taking supplements Etc and again if that was something that You worked on subtle energy wise which You wouldn't be doing it directly you do It indirectly through energy fields you Should be getting a result And these should be measurable you Either feel better or not you either Have less of a problem there or you're Not so you should really know when it Gets to that but when you get into these Other things it's very hard to judge That people are messed up crossed They're under psychic attack they have Curses on them this is a tough area to Handle

And it's a very tough area to judge Building a free energy machine is not if Something is so fantastically energetic That helps you uh particularly oh all These water machines somebody just sent Me a bunch of stuff it spins the water What was it humongous the German guy Yeah and he saw things flew up in his Laboratory I don't believe any of this Garbage This is all speculative nonsense they Write speculative papers because they Personally believe it while it may not Be direct fraud it is direct fraud in a Way they believe it because they want to Be special Is there any proof to it is any of it Out there well we don't really see it Anywhere in the 50 years I've been Involved in research in these areas There's a handful of Quasi photographs Of things happening And of course you know we get into all The political problems that tend to go With this you know you can't heal people You can't produce free energy and you Better shut your mouth about aliens These are the big taboos which is there Anything left So the whole idea not really So people have awesome technologies that Work while they're putting their head on The Chopping Block because somebody else Controls that and they want you under

Control they don't want you to have Technology where you can have free Energy because the entire planet runs on Petroleum dollars this is a fact we can Just see this in recent times with Russia everything they survive with to Do whatever they want positive or Negative is based on the petroleum Dollars that they pretty much get from Europe and mostly from Germany Their entire country is run by that Money So the whole idea is that what are you Going to do these people are just going To give up and live in a box in the Street on Moscow drinking some more of Their crappy vodka I don't think so So you can't do that this is why the Push and the trend right now is not to Real free energy cars otherwise known as Hydrogen It's two electric cars which is 150 year Old crap technology pushed together by Eon blofeld a mosque who built you a Really crappy car for a lot of money But his discount 50 60 Grand you can get Yourself a go-kart or a golf cart Electric car Or solar panels that don't work or cars That drive on their own that don't So that's another thing that we get from These uh really Nut Job super criminals That really that they are

So the whole idea is you're not gonna Get that so anybody who puts that out And I've watched these things for 50 Years never come to anything a lot of it Doesn't work guys Um there has been certain demonstrations Supposedly we saw this in the 80s with Bill Jenkins who supposedly showed free Energy devices and everything else I Don't know all that stuff went nowhere I Do know that most free energy people Involved in that industry as far as I'm Concerned are government agents making Sure that it doesn't work they're making Sure they're looking for Zero Point Energy instead of looking for the best Hydrogen engine which we know that works Now while you've got say hey look at my Stuff here at work so we have and look At this it's free energy we don't need To have that we don't need to produce Hydrogen ooh You just put a bug in the machine and You get free energy from dark Oh does it work and you plug it in we're Almost there No well I got something that does work No no no remember what you got is no Good we got something better So nothing ever happens and then people Write uh uh one of the particular cons In that industry he was recently retired The government agent the CIA scum bucket He is uh is the whole idea that um

He's never produced anything and he's Selling a bunch of papers and other Things on all these free energy people And it's interesting uh two of the older Free energy guys that he was working With them mysteriously died two brothers Just died Very close to each other Whatever that means I mean they weren't Exactly kitties it's hard to say maybe What they were using was pretty toxic But the bottom line This Guy's never Achieved of anything neither has his Compatriot of years back uh that he was Working with so the whole idea is they Produce nothing and you look at what They've come out with and there's Absolutely nothing there and that stuff Doesn't work I bought a machine produced By this person with scalar energies it Did nothing it's a big piece of junk That uh he wanted eight nine hundred Dollars for did nothing used it for Years worthless scalar energy feels they Clear everything out yeah but nothing Ever changes you don't feel better you Don't have better success you don't have Better physical functioning yeah you Have an 800 little funny machine that You click a little switch on and then You think it works As a expensive placebo And this is most of this stuff when you Get equipment from anybody it's really

Not producing anything people have been Promising this garbage from the biggest Scam that's happened in the last 20 Years orgone Oregon is the biggest scam There is it's a very fascinating energy And of course Bill Helm Reich the person Who kind of discovered this energy and Learned how to harness it uh died young We don't know he was poisoned what Happened but he died Young in prison Because he was persecuted but he was Warned not to do things and then he was Grabbed Etc but who knows certainly Um I don't know if there's enough Healing going on for people to be Threatened by him but this is such a Typical uh problem that people get into So we just don't know and certainly he Was a serious person that did a lot of Research and there's some really Interesting stuff there but here we are In a world that needs water and we don't Have cloudbusters out there working but Do they want cloudbusters working and Who's in charge of all those stuff so It's very difficult but certainly Oregon From Wilhelm Reich which is nothing at All like the crap poison energy that is Being produced now they make outrageous Claims on these and of course the Inventor of organized died young and his Wife died even younger Oh it was so Health supporting which is What the claims were made by Carl's Hans

Wells the well-known Satanist and a con Artist basically uh telling everybody How Oregon was going to make you strong And fit and wonderful and how Bodybuilders and martial artists were Using all this to perfect their skills By energizing them further uh while he Died young and so would die his wife Died even younger than him and from what I understand many people in his Immediate circle were dying and a lot of Them are very sick as the trail of Orgone deaths keep piling up But even people uh and anybody connected With that seems to be making outrageous Claims that these basically toxic metal Shreds uh thrown in different areas Cause all sorts of things it's a bad Giant lie it doesn't work like that and It doesn't even make sense But you believe that and they write Their little books and they have endless Amounts of paid supporters and believe Me these are not all of these people who Do this kind of work are all backed by Organized crime and by governmental Agencies to mislead the public and to Fill pockets of criminals which are Directly connected into these all these Orgone practitioners out there are Basically uh not all but uh the ones I've investigated a lot of them are Criminal satanists and they don't even Hide the fact

And they're all a bunch of losers on top Of it and they all die young and it goes On and on so we have all this so you're Gonna believe that because that's what They write there and they have uh as it Was uh put on Don cross they don't want To list all the cancer healings they had From their crappy little zappers Invented by Clark who died at 72 or 3 from cancer Who wrote the books the cure for all Cancers and had these zappers out there That basically there's no proof that Those work at all now does that make all The research terrible no but it Certainly doesn't prove the Effectiveness of it and I doubt zappers Would be around if they really worked They would be outlawed And certainly Oregon which is really a Mishmash of garbage not at all based on What actually Wilhelm Wright put Together with layers of accumulating Material and accumulating material from Lot from the irradiated Zone we live in Full of pollution and toxins none of This makes any sense and the Simplicity Of this stuff uh that every stooge that Can basically open his eyes in the Morning and can clean the Poo out of his Pants that is left there from the night Before Um can make this stuff with using toxic Resins that kill you and then gas into

Your environment Ah it's the dream of Oregon With a cream topping and the cherry on Top All produced by sadness Come and get it baby but on the website It said it did this Thor and I get this All the time particularly from what Appears to be you know a good meaning People but their level of uh Understanding of the world and yeah They're so needy they and they're so Disillusioned what Society wants to give Them or gives them that they cling on to Every little freaking weirdo out there That wants to fill his pocket with money Or in many cases are just plain Delusional I found the secret I'm Special love me honor me do all this Stuff even if there's no money in it Well it's not only money driven but a Lot of these Health people are making a Fortune From stuff that really doesn't work And they're certainly not selling these Things for rock bottom prices the stuff That was put out and still being put out For Don Croft I find to be outrageously Expensive and it's just nothing more Than toxic junk of Goo put in there to Make it look pretty but I'm making all The of course they have to make claims How would you sell this crap and then Some of their delusional Nut Job of uh

People that they work with of course Fill up their little websites with a Bunch of bogus uh testimonials which may Again they're most likely all this kind Of stuff and Um And the industry in general I'm not sure What's happening with that particular Place but in general these people have a Large contingent of criminal uh people That have been pouring money into these Scam of Oregon for over 25 years now So all of this is uh one of the major uh Concerns out there are you to believe This if this stuff is so good if it Works like they say it works Well where's the results from it where Are the people of course you know again We get into the Catch-22 you can't go Around making claims uh because of the Fact that there really is no proof Anecdotal proof that Joe Blow from Mississippi Or you know uh bill spagango from New Jersey uh yeah I used it and now I'm 100 Well you can't go back Yeah we have no idea whether these People are bought and paid for part of a Larger criminal conspiracy or in general Just delusional I mean if we are to Believe uh the placebo effect which Common schmientists say is so potent we Can't really believe anything and Basically you can believe in a face

Painted on a golf ball Tell the person it's a golf ball from God See the face on there it's a smiley face But it's more than that It's got smiley face and you hold this And it cures you the problem is this Does work I don't believe it works to The extent they claim it does because That's medical science is compound it Used to be that your thinking your brain Your energy was totally completely Useless I got into arguments with Doctors like that right up into the 80s They laughed at you now it's a fact that Oh yeah This is all part of the humans doing it And we got proof The usual flip-flopping uh con artist Game you get from Medical Science I mean I don't know how anybody of credibility Can be in medical science is there a Possible way to do it not to mention to A lot of the extent it's even not the Doctor's fault politicians want to tell You what to do as a doctor Whoa that's pretty scary Politicians Hillbilly Jim from Arkansas I know what's cure and stuff and you Know all you really need is a Jesus Juice With a little Ever Clear you feel good In no time so the whole idea is that These are the kind of things that you

Actually run into with these things but You certainly can't believe things to a Lot of people who are going to make These kind of particularly pseudo and Even direct Health claims or they're Going to be saying that you get free Energy that this is a great healer that You're gonna spin your water like a cop Because Waters naturally like that is it Does everybody drink stream water and This is what takes care of what well It's not true at all people hardly ever Drink that kind of water and you can Drink out of a stream and you'll find Out you die from it because they're full Of pollutions it's happened to many Hikers particularly in places like India And so forth where they oh look at the Running stream it should be fine up the Stream there people are pooing and Pissing in there and they got very sick And some almost died kind of like Risking your life when you eat sushi oh Me and raw fish full of love go for you Oh we know me great summer we murdered Lots of civilians we know So the whole idea is you have all these Things are put together that you need to Wake up for now it's certainly Interesting to do your research now I Like I've really given up to looking What other people have I have all the Answers that I personally need that need Great development

But it's always interesting to see what Other people are up to sometimes they Can trigger thoughts in you and of Course that's how wisdom is gained well Gee I never thought about that and then You say well I'll put my little twist on It take an interesting idea put my Twist On it and all of a sudden you got Something that really works well and That's how all of life works there's no Single scientist that has ever come up With anything That is quite interesting how people Tend to take credit for you or they name Other people but things like the Discovery of black holes which are Called dark stars at one time go back Hundreds of years where somebody has Thought about that idea and then picked Up by a crippled dude who was so Confused all his life he never knew Anything uh there are black stars or no Blacks uh black holes of course white Would be called black holes Well I think that's fitting for science It really is a dark pit it's a hole and It's a stinky hole when you get into the Physics of all that nonsense and the Boobs that teach them And that goes on and on Einstein didn't Do anything he rewrote papers that were Written God knows how many literally Might be even hundreds of years before Uh his rewriting of it to explain it

Because none of the fifth could Uh what in those olives on I don't have Time to read this you know well you're a Physicist yeah I have a degree Spend a lot of time talking about Nothing that works But you know I can't miss the last Episode of Zorro he saved some guys at a Train robbery whoo So the whole idea is these are the kind Of nonsense you run into by these Bubalicious uh physicists that are Really stuck in a mentality lower than The snails Belly button so the whole idea is we Really have to understand what's Happening here so and of course let's Not just pick on the governmental boobs Who think they know everything let's get All the other con men that think they Know everything as well and really have Nothing to show for it So I'm trying to remember of the uh I Went to a um I've talked about this a Little bit before I think it was called K or something but those then they had This 20-minute film showing the Swiss Scientists of course yeah Get let's blow into that little horn With the little pants and let's drink Beer and eat crap sausage and we are Just Geniuses yeah Swiss you know the Bankers of the Nazis and the scum So the whole idea is let's make sure

That we understand what's going on there But their shoulders little scientists And his white little cold oh I'm a Genius and this stuff cures everything And they went into this whole thing It came to be that it was basically just Potassium and they did of course give a Refund for it and I myself and a couple Of other people took this I think we Even got two bottles after all I'm a Fair person Mr Dr Thor he's a fair dude And we drank all this stuff and tried it Guess what And I said I think we did it twice and They oh well they play the old well We'll give you a refund but you know you Got to be pretty stupid and dumb because This doesn't work for you you're kind of An idiot this is what they they tell you So we tried it and it didn't work and I Brought the bottles back oh you're the First wine Docker store to bring this Back everybody loves it Oh Well I ain't everybody I've reached the level of gnosis I know What is crap and you put people with Stupid little films of guys in white Coats that live up in trees in the Little mountains hiding from the rest of The world and of course The Geniuses wow he knows better than my Doctor to her I'm the idiot after all I Took it I spent the money on it it did

Nothing but that's my fault I'm an idiot It can't work on an idiot can't it now These guys know did you see that white Coat did you get that accent These are geniuses oh man How can you argue with it it doesn't Work Now it either works or it doesn't it's Kind of as simple as that so you got to Work with that through it so as I said There are variations of anything of Everything if you're working in Metaphysical subtle energy physics Fields of success and love and influence These are tough these are tough because Everybody is quite different but there Is still a great uh percentage of Success there to some degree Everybody gets success now if you think You're going to turn somebody into a Robot who you can control or you're Going to win the lottery because you're Using Money drawing oil or a success Amulet well you're just stupid it just Doesn't work like that but a lot of People will tell you that there are People still selling the winning lotto Numbers What Well if you want to help people win the Lotto and give that money to charity I don't quite understand that so these Are things that people do I asked a guy Well why would you buy them well they

Want to help people Dr door they just Want to help people Well there's lots of ways to help people And it's usually not giving you 10 Million dollars so you can buy And booze with it and drugs and dope and You want to get a 50 uh a um a Gold-plated car or a toilet seat a solid Gold yeah that's the kind of help I want To give to people Foreign So all that's nonsense so you have to be Look at things well that's interesting How do we prove this work do they have a Working model that you can see performed Now there was some guy I don't know 10 15 years ago that was going around Claiming this stuff and it turned out to Be a big bunch of cons but the bottom Line is they're a working model is there Some sort of a credible truth and it's Hard to see that in the film so if Somebody hooks up a generator that puts Out energy well I'm not sure seeing it On film does much or even in per in Person there could be all sorts of Things does it work or does it not you Have to find out yourself but do you Want to invest twenty thousand dollars In a machine that does that Some Which is not proven and you don't know Well you certainly could say to get your Money back guarantee but try and collect

That from these guys as well if you can Ever follow find them again Now there's a problem here everybody Should be open-minded and should be a Show me person yeah I don't uh you know I don't care how it works I don't care What powers it I don't care what it's Made of does it work period I'm not Going to try and figure it out and Second guess uh you know I'm an engineer Can't fix my own car don't really know Nothing But I know that your stuff is crap Because I was taught engineering school How to turn a wrench and that's all Based in the engineering law So the whole idea is that these are the Kind of nonsense you run into so you Have to be very skeptical and you know Doing a certain amount of endless Research is not really productive in any Fashion research is fascinating almost Like a bit of a little heroine What's around the next corner is that The secret Is that really what you've been looking For and I did this myself for a while I Knew several people that were in Endless Research and when they were put to the Wall about it he said well yeah that's Just what I do I just research Well I said that's ridiculous that's Just your cop-out that's not the point The point of research is to find

Solutions to particular problems uh so The whole idea is that Um it is a addiction because around Every quarter and then you're looking For then it boils down to yeah I'm Looking for the answer that's simple Easy and doesn't cost much because That's what really comes down to you're Not going to spend years researching or Building a device or tweaking it to get It work for you no it has to be easy Basically Flawless to make and then it Has to be low cost because you're not Going to put a lot of money into it That's really a caveat to everything and That may not be the case at all and There's very few ultimate solutions to Everything that's not what this reality Is about you're not going to flip a Switch in all your life problems you're Not going to have the secret to making Millions it's all a big giant conspiracy And rig system that is there to service The few Elite that's the way it goes and Maybe you can touch into this and of Course you can improve your own little Life you can figure out little things Maybe you'll figure out a little system That assists you and who knows winning Horse races yeah well I figured it out a Little and of course I've been making Good money at it you can say that or Maybe you find a way to do this or that But the bottom line is there's been very

Little proof and you really can't find Any kind of videos in many places That'll even show fraudulent free energy Type machines producing Energies Some of this is out there and we just Don't know how good it is because you Know filming a meter showing an output Of electrical energy doesn't really mean Much of anything And what is based in all that does it Work do you have working models what is That all about but you know this is part Of the process of everything But you certainly can't believe people You have to be proven to you personally Especially when it comes to something That either works or not does a free Energy machine work or not it's spinning Water is so great for you well drink That spun water what does it do for you Oh I've done it it does absolutely Nothing and I'm sick and tired of this Thing about water being so important in Your body you know these stupid cellular Bodies 90 whatever it is water Well your body isn't that your body is Mostly a whole bunch of other things and The liquids that are in you aren't water Pure water they're mixed with blood and Everything else is mixed with a whole Bunch of chemical structures and of Course water is important but it's not Like pure water is running through your System uh it's a combination of a whole

Bunch of chemicals As you drink a lot of pure water it will Kill you Because your body can't handle all that The other thing is is that you have to Understand the fact that Um that's part of the mixture So Um of what's in your body so you have to Engage all that but the bottom line is What do these people have where have They been and as you said the free Energy people have been around for 50 60 Years and they've produced absolutely Nothing it's a bunch of uh here's a How-to book here's this here's that they Really have nothing to show for anything Except the fact that the most of them Can be traced to dubious criminal Backgrounds and working for intelligence Agencies and actually losers they have No credit whatsoever and they're not Interested in putting up any really Serious efforts They go around to a bunch of these Conventions they make a bunch of money On a weekend selling their crap books And videos and it never comes to any Fruition at all I mean these things Generally never work after all we have Free energy it's called a hydrogen Generator and pretty much anybody with Any kind of mechanical skills can build One of these

So you can build a hydrogen generator Run your house run your car run Everybody else it's all out there and It's totally ignored Zero point man it's zero point now it's Zero like you baby you're a zero and you Always will be you're a con artist You're a controlled governmental agent To suppress any free energy that comes Out there And of course as I said if you've got Anything that really works in a healing Area most likely it's not going to be Able to be offered whatever it is and People sneak stuff around for this or That they sell it as different items it Becomes all of these things that aren't Quite Um tricky but how well do they work well All this stuff kind of works and kind of Situations we just own them So Um And what is it and what is it about how Much does it cost well the MMS which is An oxygenating uh I think it's sodium Chloride chloride whatever it is I'm not Sure exactly what it is uh that's been Put out there's basically pool shock and You get a certain percentage of pool Shock you mix that with water and you've Got MMS And of course you're not supposed to Take this because it's a toxic it's an

Oxygenator like hydrogen peroxide and Everything else excuse me that's been Going around So this is all very classical and very Typical of all the things that's Happening out there so we have to keep That in mind of exactly what's going on There And be well versed in what these things Are and they sell these things for like 30 40 dollars a bottle and it costs them Probably 10 cents To make the fluid the bottle itself Probably is 40 50 cents so they're Probably true the whole package Including the label and the seals and Everything else probably a dollar or Less And they're selling these right so They're not doing anything to help Mankind they're making a fortune off of It So certainly there are fair profits but I don't consider what is that uh 30 Times the cost as Fair profits So all this stuff is very very annoying And people are selling these models of Stuff anywhere from 22 for and I'm not Sure how many ounces but it's very small Bottles anywhere from about 20 to 55 Dollars a bottle for basically what is Pool shock And oxygenating things that kills

Bacteria And logically oxygenating your body and There is called there are books on this And have been for a long time oxygen Therapies is a famous One a very good Book and this is even a book that Describes how people with mental Illnesses were cured from the virals and Possibly even the parasite infections by Using strong oxygenation But we're not into cures people we're Living in the land of hell and we're Into torture murder and profits for a Select few The history of leaded the use of lead And let it fuels is really shocking how Corporations and even making lead Products of today are toxifying the Entire world And they got very rich from it and there Are great toxicities from lead and of Course heavy metals of all type are Plaguing the environmental your physical System And it's very difficult to get rid of So how does all that work What is the reality behind all this Stuff but if you're gonna believe the Hype of everybody that tells you these Things and you know a lot of these Products of course are extremely Expensive they spin the water things That can cost you three thousand dollars Which probably is made for less than 50

Bucks and again you know is this a fair Profit you know should you make should It cost you 50 bucks and you make 10 on It no Should you make five thousand no so What's the fair profit but you certainly Should make a fair profit there's a lot Of hidden expenses there's all the time And Engineering you put in like so many Products that I sell I mean uh the whole Idea is that you know I've spent years Developing this nobody paid my salary to Do it I didn't work for some University And was subsidized So I've spent tens of thousands of Dollars on things over many years doing Personal research so there are all these Hidden costs there but there is a happy Medium and if you're out there to try And make people feel better and this is A health issue well there isn't fair Profits you have to make sure that You're pricing things uh for the Betterment of mankind and that means you Have to cover your living expenses your Cost Etc and that is important and that May be a substantial fee but you have to Be careful when it goes past that That this becomes a uh a prophet gouging In the names of alternative healing Which is so typical Supplements have now risen to 20 30 40 50 a bottle easily especially if you Want something a little different that's

Supposed to be better And you're getting a tiny bit you know It's interesting when you look at the um The cost per ounce or what it would cost For a pound of something you're talking Five six hundred dollars a pound for What basically is a common herb So all these things you have to keep in Mind as well so are you going to buy the Hype on that that their herb is so much Better than the other one because They've done some process to it well how Do we test this We just don't know So the whole idea is don't fall fall for The snake excuse me the snake oil Salesman and they may be a very credible Looking person they may call themselves Doctors they may actually be medical Doctors do they have any credibility Well not really there are scientists From a top college MIT Cal Chad Harvard Yale Monkey Town USA the whole idea is That that doesn't give me any credit Whatsoever those people want just as Much money and are just as greedy as Everybody else they want their fancy Houses and their boats and Yachts and Their 300 000 cars like all the other Criminals out there So they have no credibility either and Ultimately what is credibility It works for you It doesn't matter if it works for

Everybody else or whoever they March up In front of you or maybe they're even Real this person did get this but of Course you're never gonna get uh very Much proof of that but let's say it did Well it worked for all these people it Doesn't work for you I don't care As far as I'm concerned that product is A piece of garbage it doesn't work for Me then it has no value and that's what It comes down to but don't fall for the Hype don't follow the nonsense don't Fall for what they're talking about this Produces energy this does that where is It where are the built working models And if you want to go out and make this Stuff yourself trying to build stuff Which is very difficult time consuming And costly to try and prove if these Plans work at them well I mean I guess That's up to you and your level of skill And everything else but it's very Difficult making lots of things and it Could be very costly and it's going to Take huge amount of time hundreds maybe Thousands of hours to finish something And get it working if it even works So don't fall for any of that stuff is It interesting yes Is it something maybe you can experiment With well maybe so You want to take the time maybe so you Have the time you got the money you got

The know-how well prove it Prove it it works and let's see it Plain and simple because I don't want to Hear your recommendation of this book That you think it works I built one in My cellar last July and I was powering Half with a shitty so the whole idea is I don't want to hear that nonsense let's Get some proof we are in a time of proof Make something work and let's see it Work now I talked about this many years Ago we need proof of all of this And we virtually have nothing and Unfortunately there is a catch-22 if you Start producing free energy machines uh You might as well just uh play Russian Roulette but don't take any bullets out Of the chamber just make sure it's full And then click clicking Because unfortunately your wife life is Worth nothing the same thing with Medical cures it's ran by the medical Mafia and the bottom line is that you're Not going to come up with any nobody Wants to hear anything Even if you're a legitimate lab even if You've come up with breakthroughs I saw This even in the recent pandemic Problems there was somebody in Australia Who came up with a a really good Antiviral that had great extra this was A laboratory these were doctors and Everything else they found a solution Flush

Blush So the whole idea is it just Flushed Away But we can't get on anybody's bandwagon I don't know if they had a credible Product or not but we can't get Anybody's bandwagon we have to see proof Of all this stuff and there always is a Lacking of this so don't fall into that Don't believe the ads don't believe Anything else I mean ultimately it has To work for you and there are some Things that are very provable if there Are plans for a free energy machine and They claim it works well then you should Build one two specifications and it Should work there is nothing bio Involved in this when you get involved In BIO stops you're taking chemicals You're taking drugs uh then things start To vary someone but even there there Should be a fair level of success when You get into medic uh metaphysical Energy subtle energy physics where this Is where things go all kind of goofy What's your background what's going on With it but here again you can produce Some pretty good results for the Majority of the people easily where They're getting great effects from it But we got to remember that as you go Down this scale the proofability factor Gets more and more difficult the Provability factor of a free energy

Machine is what 100 percent Simple as that does it produce that or That goes for any other machine the Whole idea of that if you get a machine That makes some sort of spinning water Well what is that doing for you if They're saying all this stuff and it's Such great water you want to feel Wonderful after you use it for a month Or two let's give it 90 days is that What happens I don't believe any of it so we all have To look at these things and figure out What's going on out there and the Different claims that are made and how This affects people or not and what is The bigger picture we can't believe Anybody we got people selling organ or Telling you complete fantasies and Selling you toxic stuff that kills you This is no joke including the inventors That die young and most of their Disciples so we run into all these Problems that we really have to be Careful of well that's not what the hype Said and websites filled with Testimonials I love it it makes me great Hello I'm sorry but uh the inventor of This has passed away And so is his wife and so is his friends Because it was so life-sustaining that Took him down yeah But don't worry you won't have the same Results so these are the kind of things

That you run into with all these factors That you have to be very very aware of Uh that is going on and uh don't become Gullible a plain and simple is that yeah Just like Um magicians who give you little Trickies that are done in front of you And Um are very sneaky that's the reason They make millions of dollars is because It's amazing but it's nothing more than A trick and you are totally convinced by It because they played with your mind And your vision and have tricked you It's all happening behind your back and You don't get it So we have to be careful with that some Everyone wake up everyone look at things Carefully uh look for credible products Test things as you can see if you can Get verifications from people I mean What is all this stuff Now there's so many free energy machines There's so many cures there's so much Everything and apparently nobody's using Them but there are plans that you can Buy And then they're not cheap done mostly By a lot of con artists and conspiracy People and out and out criminal types Who are selling you bogus plans that Have never achieved anything in 50 years So we have to be very careful of that But we also have to be careful and

Understand that there is a great Suppression of anything that really Works in the areas I've already Mentioned so hopefully that has informed You it has armed you it has given you Food for thought now you can go out into The world and look at things much Differently and in a higher better light Until next time