Chi Energy Disc – Empowered By a Master!

By | November 28, 2022

A rare tool empowered with energy you can feel! This is made and charged bu a Chi Master of the highest level. MUST SEE!
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Welcome everyone Here's a fascinating and Powerful tool This is a solid piece of copper pure Copper Practitioner Chi energy disc I just Happened to run into this from a uh Organization that is uh chi energy Practitioners and have been Masters There and they teach courses and other Things which um I will let you know About in a future video and of course Um we'll provide some of this stuff to All Access members and Um Patreon members but this is a beautiful Little disc it's a heavy you can see how Thick it is it's a real chunk of actual Copper it's got a qi energy symbol on it You know these sigils are very powerful And what they've done is know what They've put uh their symbol over it well That's a multi-wave oscillator antenna So those people know what they're doing To incorporate that these are custom Made and only made by these Practitioners and they are loaded with Good energy I mean these are fantastic Things to uh wear I usually have this on A chain around my neck if I have a Problem or a pain or something I place This right on top of it I mean it's just Fantastic tool rarely do you find Anything that has this kind of potent Power to it out there most stuff is

Mediocre in terms of what's out there But let's take a look here I'm going to Use my favorite pendulum the plastic Stick ball And we're going to then put it over here And let's see the kind of energy this Has and you'll see when something is Packed with energy what kind of response You start getting look at that going to Uh positive energy and look at that spin On that look at the kind of spin you're Getting it's a huge energy spin uh which Means this is just packed with positive Wonderful energy clockwise spin look at That just get stronger and stronger this Is just a wonderful tool I'm so happy I Found this and they seem to be making This available uh to a few select people And I'm gonna be reselling these myself So check these out you need to get one Of these These are fantastic uh you can Put these on radionic machines and your Radionic boxes Um you can put them on end plates you Can put your Um energy cells on them to charge them Up with even more energy Um this is just one of those things that Just a wonderful amplifier without the Electricity you know we don't need Electricity we we have Cosmic energies That are out there you just have to know How to access them electricity Electromagnetic spectrum is for boobs

Yeah I'm a physicist I believe in the Electromagnetic I also believe in comic Book gods and at McDonald's is good for You okay Yes of course thanks for that Mr boob So the whole idea is that um this kind Of amazing tools are rarely available Grab it while you can Um these people are not going to make That many of them uh because of kovitz They stop making them now that's up and Running uh these take approximately four To six weeks uh to empower and make but It is just a wonderful tool and I hate To tell you this people it's reasonably Priced oh is that possible Dr Thor yes It is dumb guy and you can grab these While you can so get them this is a Great gift for people your family Etc Your children I mean everybody should Have something like this and it's priced So you can so jump on this now enjoy the Power and uh it's always nice to find Really potent product these people know What they're doing this is empowered by A Chi Master of over 35 five years a Teacher an instructor who's been Connected to a particular energy stream Very rare people great opportunity grab It while they're still around