Berkana Labs Peggotty Radionics

By | September 6, 2017

Rodney Robinson from demonstrating Berkana Labs forthcoming Peggotty 2 Radionic instrument and covering information about Darrell Butcher's original.

Hello I'm Ronnie Robinson and I'm going To show you the peggotty board and Demonstrate its use this is Darrell Butchers design for his radionics Instrument is a virtual radionics Instrument called the Peggotty it's Composed of black-and-white perspex with A checkerboard pattern on the top and Various little pegs which are inserted Into the holes in the checker board There is a pin at the front balancing a Small metal cradle which contained it Spins around I don't know why that needs To be like that but that's how he Designed it and that takes the witness Sample now the rates for the Peggotty Are set by the position of the pegs and Here we have a rate already set on the Peggotty which the rate is for lumber Vertebrae and we have one zero eight Four and how those numbers are created Is that the starting from the back edge We have the rows of squares going naught 1 2 3 4 5 then 5 6 7 8 9 10 so you can See we have naught 1 and then a 0 and Then we work away through this way if You get a 5 the 5 is located to the left Hand side of the double line like that Rather than going that side so that's How the rate is set I'll tell you a Little bit about the way the samples are Prepared for this hair sample is used And you take a small hair sample place It on a strip of card so that the edges

Of the hair / Trude over the edge of the Card like that and use just some Sellotape around the base to secure the Base of the hairs around the card that Card is then balanced carefully onto the Little cradle like this And there we go we just leave that to do Its job now this is the new innovation From burkina labs and this is the Peggotty made by adam wall doc as you Can see it's a rather elegant a very Elegant unit looks very attractive very Very light this is also a powered Peggotty so as well as just using it Passively in this way you can attach it To a frequency generator if you wish to But that is purely optional the pegs are Placed here these are the pegs rather Nicer looking than the ones on the Darryl butcher which are just basically Noticeboard pin pegs these are nicely Made pegs they have a lovely tactile Feel to them and as you can see the Difference being here is that the cradle Is a gold golden coloured metallic disc Where the sample is placed on the the Rates are set the same starting from the Back edge we have the 10 naught one two Three four five six seven eight nine ten And we work away this way with the rate So the first digit is set on this row The second on this row the third on this Row just in the same way as the original Darrel butcher's Peggotty is set so I'm

Going to just set a rate now and show You how that's that's done I'm going to Use the rate for a metatarsal joint Which is seven five three three so we Take the pegs and we count one not one Two three four five six seven not one Two three four five not one two Three not one two three well of course You can use compensating rates as well By just taking these digits from 10 so 7 Will become 3 and so forth along the Along the rate in that way how I prepare The sample is I've just basically done The same whereas the has the one the for The the the butcher design but I've just Basically used two circular stickers and Still left the hair protruding out of The edge in that way and then just place The witness sample on to the gold disc In that way and you just leave the board To do its work now I'm not going to say Too much about the rife system the Spooky to drive system but if you have It This can be sorry that's the wrong lead This can be led the frequencies for this These are hertz in frequencies not Really like frequencies but that can be Added by attaching the frequency don't Generator which will then pulse any ride Frequencies through the the peggotty you See it going by the little blue LED Which you can see glowing in bit just Between the two the surface plate and

The base plate of of birkin elapsed Peggotty and that will flash according To the frequency that you're putting Through it from the generator that's a Completely optional extra you don't have To do it but that is how easy the Peggotty is to to use just by basically Placing pegs in according to the rate It's not a diagnostic instrument you Need to know the rate you're going to Use first and you just basically set the Rates and leave the unit to do its work I think that's just about everything That I can say about the Peggotty Than traditionally its use was for Painful musculoskeletal disorders but in Fact we're already getting some very Good feedback with the Berkeley labs Peggotty for using in a much wider range Of problems using rates for vitamins for Example and for other beneficial Remedies that can be broadcast to the to The witness sample and to the patient so There we have it the burkina labs Peggotty board