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By | April 16, 2020

In this step by step Basic Radionic Copying video guide, I take you through a simple process of copying a substance into a water remedy. This is an ideal introduction to radionic copying for new users with only a few simple steps using Spooky2 Radionics and the Spooky2 XM signal generator.

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In this video I will take you through
the most basic process of radionic Substance copying and imprinting a water
remedy I will cover more advanced Methods in other videos, now let's begin.
To begin you will need the spooky2 to XM Generator and the Spooky2 Radionics
instrument. You will also require a Substance you wish to copy in this
example I'll be using vitamin A capsules I recommend removing them from the
plastic bottle and placing in a glass Container for copying. You do not need
this many capsules this is just to make It easier to see on screen just one
capsule is more than enough In fact just one vitamin A molecule is
all that is required for the information You will need a water base to copy into
which you have prepared by restructuring To make the best possible remedy or at a
push and in the spirit of this basic radionic Copying video fresh plain water connect
the Spooky2 XM generator OUT1 to Radionics INPUT using the supplied BNC
cable connect the XM Generator USB cable To your PC and power on the generator. If you do not have a PC and the Spooky2
software you can manually program the Generator for this process with 7.83Hz Schumann frequency please see The linked video on how to do this with
the software open select the main radionics Preset from the preset menu select
radionics general, go to the control Tab, overwrite generator, and select the
XM generator – click start, this loads our Waveforms into the XM generator now this
will run continuously untill We stop it With the generator running
and connected to the radionic Instrument the blue LED will be lit to
indicate the frequency is being received Place your capsules on the input plate
and your pre-prepared water remedy on The output plate that is all there is to
it you can leave the dials set to zero For this basic copying process. Leave to
run for a minimum of twenty minutes you Can imprint in as little as three
seconds but we run for the inverse of The restructuring process of 20 minutes, the longer you leave it to imprint the Better this can be likened to pixel
definition the more pixels there are in An image the more data the image
contains the longer you imprint the Greater the information saturation once
the imprinting is completed you can Begin to use the remedy. That is all for
this basic radionic copying video thanks For watching